Days before...

He walked the Path for some time. It had been weeks, or months, since he had seen any sign of civilization. Not that he didn't mind. Honestly, living in the cities was basically a good way to drown yourself in a cesspool of vices. Aside from the usual prostitutes, gangs, and cutpurses, the ones you'd have to be careful were those hid behind the brass and the cloth. Especially if you had the sigil of the Black Sun. Which is why the wanderer was doing his best to avoid any attention.

He trusted the wrong man to make promises. And he fell for it.

Letho of Gulet. Witcher of the School of the Viper. The Kingslayer. Now Nilfgaard's Most Wanted. The past couple of weeks have really begun to tire him out. Mercenaries, bounty hunters, and Nilfgaard agents have been a thorn on his side for some time. But the Witcher wasn't going to let any of them get a reward on his head. He covered his tracks, lead them to dead ends, killed anyone that got too close, and certainly set up some traps to spook them off from getting near him.

"Never tread on a viper, unless you're willing to sleep in the dirt beneath." A master once told him.

Letho lamented at the forgotten memories. He remembered the days when Witchers were numerous. No matter what school they were from, Letho would always considered them his brothers. Now, there are so few of them left in this world. The only ones he knew that are still alive are of the School of the Wolf. There, was his friend Geralt, and his two brethrens; Eskel and Lambert. Last time he heard, Geralt had gotten a new estate in Toussaint. He occasionally ran into him from time to time. He had even given Letho some mandrake moonshine from another friend of his. And an invitation from him to visit his new homestead. But as much as he would love to, Emhyr still put a contract on his head.

"Should've known better to trust that man." He grumbled to himself. "So damn naive to believe he'd keep his words. Might as well cut my own damn head off to finish his dirty work."

After having killed the remaining kings of the Northern Kingdoms save for King Radovid the V, which Geralt did himself, Letho thought the Emperor would honor his deal in giving a new home for Witchers. How ironic was it to know Letho got double-crossed, while Geralt ended up succeeding his plan via proxy as Corvo Bianco was now the new Kaer Morhen for Witchers. The Viper admit that he was proud of his friend's new status.

Still, he had other things to focus on. Like finding shelter before the sun sets. Looking to his surroundings, he was travelling east. Or was it Southeast? Those questions mentally frustrated him. For all he knew, it was some rocky road that lead up a mountain. Still, better to feel safe than be complaining.

Hours later...

Letho found a nice spacious cave to stay in for now. There were no monsters living in the area which meant he was safe for the time being. Dropping his carry-on bag, Letho set up some homemade traps to make sure no one entered his temporary refuge. Warming himself on the fire, he cooked some small critters above it. Mostly lizards. Munching them while downing with water from his flask, which were collected from a small body of water inside his home, the Viper finished his day and slept by the fire.

"Another day of running. Can't wait." He muttered, before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.

The next morning...

Letho had a pretty good sleep. Waking up to find the fire had gone out, he got up and stretched. It was the first time he had ever felt relaxed since... well, ever. Seeing that it was time to get moving again, the Viper began disabling some of the traps that he had secured by the entrance. The one thing he didn't noticed was an old scripture written on a wall that he didn't noticed when planting a bomb next to it.

"Elven, it looks like." He noted. "Eh, it's probably nothing. Place's been eroded for some time."

He carefully disabled one by one before finally packing his belongings and getting on the move.


Letho couldn't really believe his own eyes. What was supposed to be barren rocky terrain from the day before, he was met with green hills and flatlands. The air was quite a breeze and the sun was brighter than what he remembered. This was a strange phenomena. Although, now that he thought about it, he probably should've thought the scripture belong to an old elven ruin. Which he had just slept in. And probably teleported him to somewhere else. That gave Letho quite a headache.

"Great, not only was I naive in cutting a deal with Emhyr, now I've grown sloppy with my senses. Godsdammit all." He grumbled again. Still, if he was teleported to somewhere else, then it is more than likely he was no longer being tracked down again. Then again, there was theoff chance that could've been in Nilfgaard. Or maybe Toussaint. Regardless, he had to move. Fast.

He was walking along the road to parts unknown. Letho honestly didn't have any clue where his next destination was. Of course, walking the Path meant you had to go places to places. Killing monsters and all. Yet, the trek hadn't been interrupted. Not a single sight of necrophages had been spotted. Nor were there any bandits dumb enough to charge at him. So far, his day had relatively been peaceful. The Viper certainly enjoyed it, despite the back of his mind nagging him to be on the look out. Still, not complaining much.

An hour later...

It was noon now. Day was still bright, but he could see some humans far off from a distance. He prepared for the worst, of course, so he pulled his vest's hood to obscure his face. One of the downsides of being a Witcher was the animosity from Humans, despite killing monsters for them. He can somewhat understand why most humans hated him. It was no secret that the process of creating more Witchers was the result of gathering children and orphans and putting them through the Trials of the Grasses, the Dreams, and the Mountains. Problem was, only three out of ten were able to make it pass the first Trial. The rest died in agony. Letho felt rather fortunate to have surpassed them, though. It may have been brutal, but at the very least, he was alive through it all. It's just that he kind of wished the mutations didn't bulk him up so much. It was rather hard to find any clothing to fit over him without tearing. It also still didn't help that his two swords were clearly visible from his back. But he had to make due.

Walking towards them, Letho noticed two men struggling with a cart with one wheel fallen out of it, just a few miles far from the settlement. The Viper could've just walked passed him and ignored the cart along the way, remaining inconspicious as possible. On the other hand, he could atleast lend a hand despite the risks it posed. Feeling friendly, he chose the latter.

He slowly approached the two men, one with golden hair trying to push with all his strength, while the other, a brown-haired older man with a thick moustache, tried to get the wheel in. Not noticing him, he decided to drop his bag and aid them by lifting up the cart a bit.

"Nicely done, boy." The wheel man said, not noticing the Witcher next to him as he looked to his lifting partner. "Didn't think you had all that strength."

"But that was-wo-WOAH! Behind you!" The boy got spooked as he turned to see the Witcher behind the older man. His partner noticed and jumped back from Letho as he looked behind him to see the Witcher standing so ominously with his hood on. He practically dwarfed these two as they reeled back away from him. All three didn't move a muscle, before the older man spoke up.

"Uhhhhh can we help you, sir?" Asked the man, looking worried about what Letho was about to do.

"Nothing really, just saw you two struggling with your cart, so I figured I help." Letho answered. While his voice didn't really dissuade both men from tensing up, atleast he voiced his intentions to relax them somewhat.

"Oh. Well, we appreciate the help you've given us." The man again responded. "Where you headin' stranger?"

"Nowhere, I think. Hard to tell, but since I saw you two having some trouble, I figured why not lend a hand before asking for some directions." Letho answered. The boy got closer and whispered something into the older man's ear.

"I don't trust this guy. For all we know, he could be a bandit or something! Look at all of them swords and knives on him!" He whispered, being rather anxious as he noticed Letho's swords on his back and the knives on his chest. The Witcher could hear it all, though he seemed more genuinely confused by the boy's ignorance rather than being accused of being a bandit. Had it never occurred to this boy that he was talking to a Witcher? Something that was well-known in the Continent? Ignorant or not, Letho did his best to calm both men down.

"I can assure you, son, these swords are only meant for two things. One is for bad men. The other is for monsters."

Both men lit up at the mention of monsters. "Monsters, you say? Oh, you must be an adventurer!"

Letho was taken aback by the term. "Adventurer? What's that?"

"You're... not an adventurer? As in someone who's gone out to help people with their monster problems?" Asked the boy, perplexed by someone who hasn't been an adventure. Atleast, officially.

Letho could only do so much as shake his head. "Afraid I don't know what you're talking about, but I can assure you that killing monsters is my trade."

Both men paused and looked at each other in confusion. "Well, even if you aren't, we're grateful for the help. By the way, I'm Farmer, and this is Stablehand."

Letho blinked. Was this man being serious? That was his name? And the boy's?

"Er, pardon my ignorance, but those aren't names. Those are just titles of your occupations."

"Ah." The older man said, now realizing Letho's confusion. "I guess you're new around here, eh? Very well, I'll explain. In these lands, we usually address ourselves by the titles we perform. We do have names, but it's considered taboo to speak it in public. They're usually personal and we only say our names if we're with family or loved ones."

Letho seemed confused as this lead him to another question. "Okay but what if, say, I was looking for a friend by his title "Cook", but I end up getting twelve more Cooks? Sounds kinda redundant, if ya ask me."

Farmer laughed a bit. "Indeed. I wouldn't blame you if you lose track of a friend with the same name as the others. But rest assured, we have ways of getting around them. And depending on whether or not you became an adventurer, you can just change it to something else. Anyways, what brings you to our lands? I can see you're looking for work as an adventurer."

Letho scratched his head a bit as he answered Farmer's answer. "Truth be told, I got lost on the Path. I'm really not exactly sure where I am to begin with."

"Lost, eh?" Farmer noted. "Can't blame you. I can see your lack of knowledge of our lands. Rather recent, it seems." He then scratched his chin, thinking of a plan. "Tell you what? How about you stay in my residence. We have a guest room for the occasional visitors. I'll let my family know."

Letho was surprised. At best, most people would just pay him after a hunt and leave. At worst, they'd spit in his face and kick him out of most taverns. But this was the first time he was given a place to rest. Even for something as minor as help fix up a cart.

"I'm... rather surprised that you would give me a resting place. Most would just run in terror because of my appearance."

"Well, you did help us. Can't say I'm rather scared of ya anymore, but you did do the right thing. So let's call this even. You helped me, and I help you. Deal?" Farmer raised his hand for a handshake. The Witcher hesitated to shake it. He thought of how Emhyr screwed him over once the Northern Kingdoms were undergoing a Succession Crisis. But this Farmer was no Emhyr. He was just a simple man doing simple work. In a matter of seconds, Letho shaked his hand.

"It's a deal."

"Fantastic!" Farmer exclaimed, then looked to his partner. "Stablehand, get the cart ready, we're leaving now!"

Stablehand nodded and immediately prepared the cart as ordered. Just then, a question popped up.

"Oh, by the way, what's your name?" Asked Farmer.

Letho pondered for a bit. Usually, he'd just go by his full name. But since the lands he was in did not follow the same practices like the Continent, he'd just stuck to the most simple title he's known for.

"Witcher. Of the Viper. But Witcher will do just fine."

"Witcher? Huh. Funny name, if I'm gonna be honest. No offense, of course." Farmer scratched his head. "But then again, we have all sorts of strange travellers. Anyways, hop on board. My village is not far from here."

"Thanks, Farmer." Letho thanked, grabbing his bag before doing as he was told. Rest of the travel was spent looking at the scenery and the occasional small talk.

20 minutes later...

"We're here!" Farmer announced, stopping the horses. Letho got off the wagon to view the village. It was... well, normal as any other village. Of course, there were some differences. As soon as he got off, he noticed some of the villagers eyeing at him. Although, rather than one of suspicion, he was met with curiosity. He could hear their murmuring about his two swords, and whispering about being an adventurer. That word seemed to occupy his mind a lot. From what information he could gather from small talks, it was basically someone who had taken up arms to hunt down monsters, not unilke Witchers. What was unusual, though, was that ANYONE was allowed to become an adventurer if they got the skills and swords. That was foolhardy, at best, and dangerous, at worst. That's why Witchers like him were sent off for that purpose: kill monsters. They were made and designed to do just that. So hearing regular humans take in the trade as a profession was rather shocking (save for some exceptions, like the Reavers of Skellige or Eyck of Denesle, of course). On the other hand, the way both men described the work sounded more akin to mercenaries. So a hybrid organization, perhaps? It looks like it, considering the nature of this land's customs.

As he pondered, Stablehand tapped him on the shoulder, which turned out to be a pretty bad idea to do. In the blink of an eye, the boy found himself kissing the dirt as the Viper grappled him to the ground and pulled out one of his knives.

"Owowowowowowwhatthehellareyoudoing?!" Stablehand cried. Letho realized who it was and immediately pulled the boy back up, sheathing back his knife, and patting the dust off his clothing. Onlookers just watched in shock by the Witcher's reflexes. Farmer especially looked on in bewilderment.

"Apologies. Been on the Path for so long, I've grown accustomed to being ambushed by monsters and bandits. No hard feelings?"

Stablehand sighed, if a little shaken, and forced a smile. "N-no worries. I should have never touched you. I can see why you're so well-armed. Can't complain much."

Farmer looked relieved while the rest of the village went doing about their business. "Your land must be that bad, huh? That usually never happens around here. Except for the occasional monster quests."

"Had to be sharp." Letho answered, tersely. The bluntness gave both me goosebumps.

"Well, you don't have to worry about that stuff around. You're in safe hands. Follow me. We've already unpacked the cart. Time you met my family. Stablehand, you can go." Farmer said.

"Yes sir!" Stablehand left to his home, as did Farmer, followed by Letho.

It was a rather short walk. Farmer's house wasn't too far from the wagon, but it did save Letho the energy. Building was simplistic. A two-story home, well-crafted. They entered the man's house.

"Honey, I'm home!" Announced Farmer, which was followed by two girls jumping into his arms. One, a younger blonde roughly around 10 with a bowtie that tied up her hair. The other, a dirty-blonde who seemed to have reached the age of adulthood with a single braid.

"DADDY!" The younger one exclaimed, excitedly as she embraced her father like he was gone for a year.

"It's good to see you again, papa!" The older one said, before gasping as she noticed Letho from behind the man. "W-w-who is that man?"

"Oh, don't worry." Farmer assured. "He helped me on the road. Wagon broke down and helped me fix it up again."

Before she could speak, a third voice came in.

"Sweetie, how was th-EEK!" A woman with chestnut-brown hair shrieked as she dropped some plates on the floor. She covered her mouth in fright as she saw the Witcher standing at the doorway. He was practically a monster with the sun's rays behind his back. Farmer took note of it and calmed her down.

"Relax, hon! He's a friend, he won't do us harm!" He said, though it didn't really do much. He then introduced his family to Letho.

"Everybody, this is Witcher. He helped me repair the wagon on the way back." He welcomed, before looking to Letho. "And this, Witcher, is my family. This is my wife, Farmer's Wife. And these two are my daughters. Oldest is Herbalist and the youngest is Farmer's Daughter."

"Ok, now those are just too much." Letho irritably thought to himself. "Farmer and Herbalist? I get it. Farmer's Wife and Farmer's Daughter? Now those are just stupid. What's next? Farmer Jr.? Gods, these people."

"It's a pleasure to meet you all." Letho greeted, before bowing rather awkwardly. The older members seemed mildly surprise and a little amused by the gesture, while the youngest just giggled.

"O-oh, he's quite the gentleman, dear." Farmer's Wife noted, though rather worried about the weapons he had on him.

"Yeah. He's a bit strange, dad, but I kinda like him." Herbalist added, looking a little curious by the man's muscular biceps.

"He's big! Do you give piggypacks?!" Farmer's Daughter asked enthusiastically.

"Depends on how much coin you got on you." Letho replied jokingly with a faint smile. Although, with the hood obscuring his face and voice being so monotone, it was really hard to tell whether it was a joke or not for the rest of the family.

"Y-you're joking, right?" Farmer asked, clearly worried about Letho's intentions.

"I am. Piggybacks are free." Letho answered, which did not really ease them except for Farmer's Daughter. It was rather creepy in the way he spoke.

"Oh. Heh. Err..." Farmer said, doing his best to be calm as possible. "Anyways, we should see to your room. Hon, kids; he's going to be our guest for a bit."

"O-oh! Right! Well, I'm just about to make dinner! We're having roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and beef broth tonight." The wife announced as she picked up the broken plates on the floor. "Herbalist, you think you could gather some herbs for us at the market? Thanks."

"I will, mother." Herbalist said, before going outside to get what was needed. "Bye dad, bye Witcher. I'l back soon."

"Alright, Herbalist." Farmer said. "Farmer's Daughter, you think you could help your mother?"

The little girl nodded before running off to help her mother. "Bye, Mr. Witcher!"

Letho waved his hand as Farmer turned to him. "Alright. To your room, then."

The room was well-kept. Neither big nor small; just the right amount of space. There was a window facing west which revealed the main entrance to the village. There was a bed with finely furnished wood. The mattress was quite soft, though a bit too comfortable for Letho's taste. He slept on hard surfaces for a long time, so this was his first to have a bed. Not that it mattered to him. Close to the foot of the bed was a chest to keep his belongings. Overall, Letho was alright about the room.

"So?" Asked Farmer. "What do you think?"

"Feels... strange to be living in a bedroom. Forgive me, but I'm rather used to sleeping on rocks during my travels. This is a first time for me, to be honest."

"No worries, Master Witcher. I can see you've been on the road for a long, long time." Farmer replied, totally understanding Letho's predicament. "Anyways, dinner will be ready in the evening. Anything you need during your stay?"

"In fact, I do. Do you happen to have any bounty boards in this village? Might help some folks for a bit of coin."

"I'm afraid not, Master Witcher, we place most of our bounties at the Adventurer's Guild in Frontier Town. It's quite far, but you can quickly get there by horse. Although, I insist you stay here. For a bit, atleast. You seem like the kind of person deserving of a break."

"Hmm..." Letho really wanted to turn down his offer. For him, it felt odd to be back in civilization by a man who was willing to offer him a warm bed after meeting for only a couple of hours. However, he didn't seem to sense any danger. The man seemed like an honest fellow. And it would be rather rude to turn down the man's hospitality. Letho was no savage; he knew how to behave. Just not the decadent type. Eventually, he relented. "Very well then. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to stay for a bit."

The man seemed glad by the Witcher's decision. "Thank you, Witcher. I'll leave you to your business."

The Witcher unpacked his bag and did his usual.

"Let's see. Witcher potions, bombs, some decoctions, good moonshine, and a hefty pouch of coin. Yeah, sounds about right."

Satisfied, the Witcher proceeded to unholster his swords.

To many soldiers who've owned a sword, many would tell you that it would be impractical to unsheathe over one's shoulder (although, carrying over it is acceptable). But for Witchers, who are known to carry two swords, their scabbards were specifically designed to be both carried and unsheathed over the shoulder in mind.

Invented by an eccentric Oxenfurt Academic only known as Shad, who had a pension for studying dragons and being a sword enthusiast; he created a design that, unlike a regular scabbard where it overall covered the sword down to the hilt and drawn from the hip, allowed one to draw from the back. It had an opening on one side that allowed them to draw without being encumbered compared to a regular scabbard. Near the opening, there was a wide portion that stretched further a bit that allowed one to guide their sword when sheathing. Inside, there were magnets in the lining that prevented swords from getting loose. Though, pulling it out would take some practice because of the magnets and the general placement of the backsabbards. At the bottom of the scabbard, there was also a small opening that allowed one to drain water excesses during rainy days, but most would just use a cloak to cover them for protections. Another thing to note, the linings would be soaked with oil that kept the sword from being corroded or rusted, which made it rather convenient. And considering that witchers carry two swords, a second scabbard would be implemented at the bottom, although, with a diagonal opening to draw the second sword due to it being beneath the first scabbard. A final note, it was collapsable and foldable when not in use. Not many humans are entirely convinced by the unorthodox design, but to many Witchers, it was convenient and made the unsheathing much more intimidating for everyone to look at. Though, the last time Shad was ever heard from, was when he went on an excursion to interview a Golden Dragon. No one has heard from him since.

Folding his swords, Letho had placed all his belongings into the chest. He kept his knives on, though, in case of possible threats.


Letho was honestly impressed by the Farmer's Wife's cooking. Not that he hadn't had this meal before, but it looked rather mouthwatering to the eyes. It glistened quite well under candlelight. Even tasted just as good as it looked. Coupled with some rather good ale, this seems like a king's feast. Although, this dampened down a bit when he saw that the family kept staring at him with this funny look on their faces.

"Damn my mutations." He thought, before speaking up to compliment the wife's cooking to distract their uncomfortness. "Compliment's to your cooking, Mrs. Farmer. It's a dinner fit for royalty."

"Thank you, Master Witcher..." Farmer's Wife started, with a curious look. "But would you be so kind as to take off your hood? It's rather... strange to see you keep it on since coming to our home."

"Sorry, ma'am. It just so happens that I... have a condition that tends to scare people away. It's the reason why I keep the hood on."

"Oh, I see. I'm terribly sorry to ask. But..." F.W. paused to think of some gentle words to say. "It would seem inappropriate of you to leave it on during dinner. We won't judge you, of course." Farmer silently gave a "really, sweetie?" look to his wife, to which she replied with a shrug. Their kids were rather curious of what he looked like underneath.

Letho didn't seem rather willing about pulling back his hood. But he supposed it wouldn't hurt due to their kindness.

"Very well. If you insist."

The Witcher pulled it down to reveal his face. Everyone was shocked to see it. Especially his eyes.

"Y-your eyes..." Herbalist fumbled, shocked by his appearance. "They're golden. And cat-like."

"Those are something. I can see why you kept them hidden." Farmer noted, rather surprised by them.

"Are you part-cat?!" F.D. asked, excitedly. Everyone just looked at her with some embarrassment. F.W. really wanted to chastise the girl. Although, Letho didn't mind it. He just faintly smiled.

"Yes. In fact, I am." He answered, to which the little girl gasped in amazement.

"My, Master Witcher. They're rather... beautiful to look at. Apologies for being insistent on revealing yourself. I had no idea what your condition was until you showed them." Said F.W., who looked ashamed for forcing the Witcher to reveal himself.

"It's nothing, ma'am. It's not often that I get a room to stay in for the night. Most folks would just give me dirty looks and try to scare me off because of my appearance."

"Was that why you didn't want to stay in our guest room?" Farmer asked, finally seeing the Witcher's reluctance about staying. "You never voiced it, but you do have that sort of look. The kind of "been on the run" look."

His family was surprised by this. But Letho silently nodded. "Indeed. From where I'm from, folks like me are considered 'pariahs' among humans. We're what you call 'mutants'. Changed and evolved into something else, entirely. Witchers. And we were made for one purpose only: killing monsters. Unlike your 'adventurers', folks would rely on us Witchers to hunt down the local boogeyman from attacking their homes and stealing their children away in the night. And we were damn good at our jobs."

"Are there any more of you out there?" F.W. asked. Letho sighed in melancholy.

"Not anymore, I'm afraid. Once there were many of us. We were an order who protected humanity from the nightmares that lurked in the darkness. If a monster needed slaying, we came to their rescue. But now? There are so few of us left. On rare occasions, I happened to cross paths with other Schools. The only one that still exists to my knowledge is the School of the Wolf."

"School? Wolf? Are you saying there's more than one type of Witcher?" Herbalist asked, intrigued by the notion of other Witchers, as did the rest of her family.

"Indeed. There are a total of seven Witcher schools. Wolf, Cat, Bear, Griffin, Manticore, Crane, and Viper. I am of the School of the Viper." Letho answered, and soon showed his pendant to the rest of the family. They all looked at it in detail of its beauty, memorizing its pattern before he placed it back on his neck.

"So... what happened to them?" The little girl asked. Letho couldn't let her listen to what he was about to say. "I'm afraid this is the part where I can't discuss it with the rest of your family here."

Farmer understood his words. "Sweetie, please go upstairs. We'll let you know when to come down."

"Ok." His daughter replied, doing as she was told. The rest of the family continued to listen.

"As I was saying; as we got better at killing monsters, their numbers began to drop. And as the numbers dropped, people no longer lived in fear. And since they no longer feared monsters... well, they found us, instead."

The family felt the dread in his voice. It wasn't something their guest enjoyed telling. The way he told it was painful for him; not a single moment spoke of good memories. They weren't listening to a fairy tale. There were listening to the end of a long bygone era.

"Purges, pogroms, genocide. They all caved us in. The very same people who the Witchers saved countless times, turned their backs on us as we died by their hands. After all the lives we've saved, after all the good deeds we've done for them; they threw us to the Winds of Destiny like gutter trash."

The family could see the despair in his face. They felt so much pain and regret. It was practically potent within him.

"It got so bad that I ended up taking desperate measures to save my people. My brothers. My family. But at the cost of walking right into damnation."

"What did you do?" Farmer asked, fearing of Letho's answer.

"What any other desperate fool would do; I sold my soul to the Devil."

His face darkened, as did the room, as soon as he said it. The family, no doubt, could picture the amount of horrible things he had done. The many unsavory things. Bloodshed, torture, backstabbing. Anything. Letho continued on without pause.

"I made a deal with a man of the Black Sun. In exchange for doing... things for him, he would grant me a new home. A place where all Witchers could gather and collect themselves in dire times. A sanctuary, if you will. But like all humans, he turned against his own word. Threw me under the carriage, and branded me a monster. I was so angry. Not because of the man's betrayal. But because I completely fell for such an obvious lie. I was truly blinded by some made-up fantasy, that I never stopped to read the fine print. It was too good to be true."

The Viper took a deep breath as he recollected himself. Farmer and his family felt pity for him. Whatever deed he had done, it was definitely horrible. But the reasons behind those deeds ultimately made him a tragic figure. Whatever it was, they only saw a troubled man looking for atonement. One who believes he was forever damned for his mistakes. But with enough potential to do good again.

He just needed the help.

"Do you... do you ever feel guilty? About what you did?" Farmer's Wife asked softly. She wanted to hug the man. Tell him to let go all of the pain. Wash away the darkness in his heart. And right his wrongs in the present. But that was his decision to make.

"No. Not at all. Witchers like me can't feel emotions like you humans." Farmer's Wife winced at the words. She feared it as such.

"I-I see. Then perha-" Farmer's Wife couldn't finish as the Witcher raised his hand.

"I wasn't finished, ma'am. I'm not saying that I don't regret my actions. Witchers are devoid of emotions, yes, but not acknowledgement. I don't feel guilty about what I've done. But I just know that I AM guilty of them. Different words, same deal."

Silence crowded the room. The three stared at the Witcher for a long time as he looked down on his plate and closed his eyes. "For the first time in my life, you are the first people to have shown me actual kindness. And I'm grateful for that. Forgive my blabberings. Not many people get to know my story before pulling a blade against my throat. Especially when it comes to the darker parts. I do not know what spurred me to do so... but it is good to lift it out of my chest."

Farmer's Wife gave her hand and rested on the Witcher's hand. "And we are glad to know that you told us your story. Thank you, Master Witcher." She said, smiling. He was caught unaware by her gesture, but did nothing to remove. Although, he did have one more thing to say.

"It's Letho."

"Excuse me?" Farmer's Wife was taken by surprise by the name, as did everyone.

"My name is Letho. Letho of Gulet. And I am one of the last Witchers to walk the earth before Destiny catches up to me."

The rest of the family looked on in surprise to hear his true name. But none protest against it. They see that it was his way of showing his gratefulness. They decided to continue back to eating again. Farmer called his youngest daughter back again, although the Witcher suspected that she was listening to their conversation the whole time. The rest of the evening was spent on dinner conversations and being curious about the Witcher's job. He was alright with being asked about his role, though, he did make sure not to mention the more gruesome aspects. Especially about the creation of Witchers and his role as Kingslayer. But he made it cryptic enough to give them a different interpretation than what he said. Half-truths and all. In exchange, he got to know the family a bit more. The eldest daughter, Herbalist (as her name implied), was undergoing studies to become one. She isn't officially one yet, but she has studied enough to make antidotes to cure most poisons, and had them kept them within cupboards. Letho figured her to be quite useful and even thought to help her by giving some tips and advice he knew during his trades. Herbalist took note of them and thanked him. After that, dinner was over, and everyone was satisfied with their meal.

Letho couldn't sleep. Bed felt too soft for his liking. Time has passed since he slept on one before. Still, it was a generous offer given to him by Farmer thanks to his help. The Witcher stood up from his bed, he didn't feel that much tired due to the good sleep from last night. He looked to his window. It was night and the town was quiet and everyone had gone to bed.

Just as he looked, he heard faint footsteps approaching. Someone was waiting by the door. It was closed, but he could tell that they were standing behind it. Quickly, he pulled out one of his knives and approached the door. Slowly opening it, he saw that it was just the Farmer's youngest daughter holding some cookies.

"Mr. Witch... Witchman?" She asked in a whisper. "Why are you up so late? And how did you know I was here?"

Seeing the girl was curious, he kneeled on one knee and decided to answer away. "I could ask the same for you. But to answer away, I got the ears of a cat to hear your footsteps."

The girl simply smiled. "It must be cool to have them."

"It sure is. What brings you to disturb a Witcher's sleep? Your parents might not be happy to see you awake."

The girl hesitated, before raising a cookie to him. "It's for you."

He smiled at the offering and gently took it off her hand. "How kind of you. Back to my question, why are you awake at this time, I wonder?"

She stayed silent before responding to his question. "... I heard about the talk you had with mommy, daddy, and Big Sis when I went upstairs. You're not a monster. You may have weird eyes, but you helped my daddy. So why do people hate you?"

Letho wasn't sure how to answer the little girl, but did his best. *sigh* "I figured you were listening. Truth be told, it's not a question I can answer so easily. But I guess people are afraid of things... that are different to them. Things they don't understand. That's why they don't like my kind. They believe that if they could hurt us, then they could feel safe when they sleep at their homes. But really, all it does is hurt themselves. Without us, monsters would overrun their homes and eat them. But there's nothing I could do to stop them. I just learn to live with it."

She looked at him sadly, not fully understanding the complicated problems humans had for Witchers. Letho couldn't blame her. Children had a more simple view compared to adults. He found them better compared to adults. Close second being monsters.

"Well... you're not a monster. Those people don't see the good in what you do. In my eyes, you're helping people who need it the most. That's why I gave you that cookie. As a thank you."

Letho simply gave a small smile at her generosity. "Much appreciated for your offer. You should go back to bed before your folks wake up. Don't want them to catch you sneaking around."

She nodded and then quietly walked back to her room. Letho closed the door behind him, and took a bite out of his cookie. It was good.

It was morning, and Farmer had just stepped out of his house to begin chopping wood in his yard. As he took a few steps out, he noticed the Witcher kneeling on the grasss. It was a peculiar sight. As he approached, the Witcher greeted him without so much as opening his eyes.

"Morning." Farmer was caught by surprise, but not by much. He greeted back.

"Good morning, Witcher. Whatcha doing out here?" Farmer asked, curious of his guest's intent.

"Meditating. Just trying to clear my mind off of things. Couldn't sleep last night. Bed was too soft for my comfort. No offense."

Farmer found his way of speaking to be... strange. It's always kept to a monotone voice. Never raised or lowered when needed. And his expressions seem limited. Condition, perhaps? Still, he got used to his mannerisms and didn't seem to mind it much.

"Well, sorry if I interrupted you. I was just about to cut some wood, and sell it to the village."

"If that's the case", Letho was now standing, "perhaps I should help out."

"Oh, that won't be necess-"

"Please. The least I could is to offer my hand in regards for giving me a place to stay. Besides, my muscles aren't just for showing."

Farmer looked at the Witcher's arms, which were quite bulky even for other farmhands, now that he thought about it. Trying his best to not offend him, Farmer decided to let him do some work.

"Well... I don't see why not. Sure, I could use some help. Just follow me."

Farmer was impressed with the Witcher, all day. He wasn't kidding about his muscles not being just for show. Letho swung his axe with such precision and speed, that it only perhaps took less than an hour before all the wood he had gathered was gone. They were now at the market to sell. There was enough coin to last another week, thanks to Letho. They decided to stop by his daughter, Herbalist, as she was practicing her skills with her teacher. They spoke some and the Witcher stepped to give some sage words about his trades, especially how to counteract the more deadlier poisons. It was rather unusual to expert knowledge about them, but the less said, the better. Afterwards, they parted ways; Farmer and Witcher going home, while Herbalist continued her studies. Overall, it wasn't that much eventful, except for the occasional stares from the crowd as they eyed on the Witcher.

At dinner, the Witcher told much more of his stories about the other Witchers. About what his school was and what the other Witcher schools were. However, there was one that stuck out that seem to have made the Witcher smile. The story of a friend of his. Another Witcher named Geralt of Rivia, the White Wolf.

His stories were rather popular in the Witcher's lands, no thanks to a bard known as Jaskier, or Dandelion as he's known. Letho, who was not known being the most expressive person, did his all to tell the tales of the White Wolf's saga, and it was rather unique. He told about how he fought against a race of malevolent entities called the Wild Hunt. About how the Wolf died and came back to a mythical realm known as Avalon. About how he tried to save the love of his life from the Red Riders by exchanging his own for hers. How he came back to the world again but with amnesia thanks to his adopted daughter. And how he returned to fight the Wild Hunt, once more with his friends. Herbalist and Farmer's Daughter were especially in awe as the Witcher told his tale, with Farmer and his wife taking a backseat enjoying the stories. Letho, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy speaking highly of him.

When asked of his whereabouts, Letho said that he was now residing somwhere south of his lands called Toussaint. He described the place as something one would read in a fairytale, and that Geralt was now retired with his beloved turned wife in his own villa, while their daughter had now been on the Path as a Witcher. The only thing resembling a gift or memento was a bottle of moonshine Letho had brought with him on his travels, only for times when he felt happy. Farmer and his wife drank some of it and were admittedly almost knocked out by its effects. He mentioned that the contents were made from mandrake, which caught Herbalist by surprise as she had learned that it was a highly poisonous, though the Witcher reassured them that the alcohol was safe to drink thanks to another friend of Geralt's, who was an expert on herbs and had removed and purified the poisononous elements. With the night growing darker, everyone went to bed. Daughter was growing restless after hearing Letho's story of the White Wolf, hoping to one day marry a handsome Witcher like him. The Witcher smiled but said she might have a hard time having kids with one due to their impotency. She didn't understand what that meant but the rest of the family were really shocked and tried to make excuses to stop her from getting too curious. Farmer's Wife, especially, was giving a rather grim scowl at the Witcher, who did nothing to hide his laughter in his breath. The others, meanwhile, enjoyed his tales, but were now growing exhausted due to the moonshine. It was a rather enjoyable night.

Letho woke up. He felt better compared to yesterday. He had gotten used to the softness of the bed. He found the moonshine to be helpful last night. However, he was planning to leave today to find work as well. He had already packed his belongings and holstered his swords. Also on him were bombs, some potions, and a few decoctions. He thought about leaving under their notice, but seeing the kindness they've shown to him, Letho decided announce his departing to them on amicable terms. The family was still downstairs enjoying breakfast. He was glad for their hospitality.

"Leaving so soon?" A voice behind his back. It was of Farmer's. He was standing by the door, looking rather downcasted to see Letho leave to parts unknown.

"I'm afraid so. How's your head? Moonshine should've knocked you out for about a week or so."

Farmer rubbed his temple and groaned but laughed as Letho asked it in jest. "I gotta admit, that's some really powerful stuff. You got some good friends. Perhaps you should tell them to send more to us if you ever stop by."

"I will." Letho smirked. "Unfortunately, this is where we part ways. I want to thank you for inviting me into your home. In spite of the small time we had together, I am grateful of you and your family to give a Witcher kindness. Not many have done that before in my lifetime."

"I'm glad to know of that." Farmer said with a sad smile. *sigh* "In the meantime, why don't you stay in for breakfast for a bit? My wife just cooked some sausages and eggs. And then, we say our goodbyes afterward."

Letho silently nodded. Farmer walked out of the room to see to his family, leaving the door ajar. The Witcher decided stay in the room for a bit. He decided to look into his bag again. He pulled out his coin purse and took five coins out of it and set it aside on a table. As he did, a bloodcurdingly scream echoed that house. Quickly, the Witcher dropped his bag and ran out of his room, waisting no time as he descended downstairs.

There, he witnessed pure malice in the body of five small green monsters as they invaded the Farmer's home. Farmer was down on the ground with arrows protruding in his body the entrance with two of them standing before him with a knife ready to plunge into him. In the far corner, his family had their clothes shredded and torn into pieces by three monsters that entered the window. They were crying in fear as the monster looked onto them with depravity in mine. Without hesitation, the Witcher threw out one of his throwing knives into the monster almost within reach of killing the downed man. The knife hit its target perfectly as it died screaming in agony, causing its brethren to look in shock as a pissed-off Witcher began throwing his knee into another standing over Farmer as its head was smashed in and splattered its brain into a wall. Grabbing his butcher knives, he swung them with ease as two more began lunging, easily cutting off their heads. The last tried to ran in fear but was too late as the Viper lunged and plunged his blades into its stomach, and tearing its guts out as he violently pulled his blades out of it. It landed on the floor, choking on its own blood, before watching its last moments as the Witcher landed his boot on top of its head; brain matter now washing the floorboards.

His threats eliminated, Letho sheathed his knives and quickly walked over to the women out of worry.

"Are any of you alright?" Letho asked. The women quickly nodded, too panicked by the experience. Seeing his answers, the witcher then quickly went over to see Farmer. He was wounded, two arrows were protruding in him. One shot him the shoulder, while the other was plunged into his gut.

"Wife. I need something to staunch the bleeding. I have to pull out the arrows." Farmer's Wife did as she was told. Ripping out some of the cloth from her own and rag sitting nearby, she prepared as Letho began removing the arrows off her husband.

Quickly and carefully, Letho took out the arrows with precision. He noticed the smell on each tip. They were poisoned. He covered the blood first before looking at Herbalist.

"Herbalist, I need you to get the antidote out of the cupboards. Fast." Herbalist quickly jump back on her feet as she went to get the antidote. Quickly scrounging, she took one out. It was full of green liquid. Hurrying to her father, she poured it down his throat as she gently lifted his head up. He swallowed it and gave out disgusted noise.

"Tastes like shit." He muttered. Letho could do nothing but smile.

"Better safe than sorry." The Viper spoke before looking to his family. "I need you three to barricade the place. Under no circumstances will you leave until I return, you understand."

"Be careful, there could be more of those goblins." Farmer's Wife said to Witcher before he left outside to see the remaining threats.

"It's an Ultimatum" - The Witcher (2020) OST

Letho witnessed true terror. He had seen bandits razed villages and killed its people before, and monsters such a ghouls and wraith terrorize folk out of hunger and curses. But never did he think the worst of the two would combine in the most hideous things ever.

Goblins. The little green-skinned bastards were running around the village; murdering and raping folk to their hearts content. Taking out his silver sword in his right, casting Quen, and then pulling out one of his knives in his left; Letho did what Witchers do best: kill.

The Witcher quickly took out three of the ugly bastards as they stood over a defenseless woman stripped of her clothes. He skewered two with his sword, one of them screaming to its death, and plunging his knife into the third. The death cry alerted the others, and fifteen more of them coupled with two bigger and brutish of their cousins came towards the screams. All they saw was the Witcher; eyes staring at them with cold hatred and seething fury, wretching out the goblins stuck on his sword and running towards them with vicious intent. Seven came towards with equal intent, but all were struck down as they were slice to pieces as a tornado of speed, silver and butcher cutlery were used against them. The eighth was impaled with the knife and used as a living shield before two brethrens behind nocked some arrows to hit the Viper. One landed deep in the goblin's head, killing it instantly; the other simply bounced off of Letho harmlessly as the Quen sign was still active. Tossing his knife embedded in the goblin, the Witcher took out two of his throwing knives and landed them on the goblin archers with perfection.

Five more of the smaller ones began to running towards, still confident in their numbers. Now having a free hand; Letho soon casted Igni, spewing fire as the remaining goblins that were within closing distance realized too late as they were engulfed in flames. They screamed as the fire scorched and cooked their flesh. A large goblin came running towards him, ignoring the flames. The Viper simply used his sword and let the speed of the goblin come crashing as its head was now impaled by the silver sword. It's brother followed to attack. Letho let go of his sword and ran towards his attacker. The goblin swung at him with his right, but the Viper slid underneath at the right moment, and then grabbed his waist and proceeded to perform a suplex with all his strength. Knocked out, Letho quickly grabbed a knife and plunged it into the goblin's head through its ear. With the final goblin dead, the Witcher scanned his surroundings of the carnage. Some of the village huts were in flames. There were bodies of slain men that were unfortunate to have crossed paths with these monsters. He saw a couple of villagers coming out of their homes. Some were fine, others saw the men and quickly rushed towards them. All they could do was weep as they realized that they were long gone. He saw Stablehand, alive, rushed to what was presumably his mother that Letho had rescued from before. She was weeping in his arms as he embraced her. But the Witcher had already seen plenty of villages unfortunate enough to be the targets of monsters. He had just never seen such carnage made out of wicked sin. It was a bitter victory, like all things. Or so he had hoped.

"WITCHER!" He looked out to see Herbalist running towards in a panic. He prepared for the worst.

"What happened?"

"M-my si-sister! They took her! W-we told her to stay in her room, but we heard her scream! She's nowhere to be seen! The goblins came into her room through the window!"

Letho's eyes widened, but gritted his teeth. He quickly grabbed his knives and silver sword and ran towards the house. Herbalist followed but the Witcher sped towards her home before she could take a few steps in.

He kicked down the door to Farmer's Daughter's room. His kicked shattered what remained of it. He scanned the room. There were claw marks on the window. A dark puddle was stained on the floor; it reeked of urine. The girl pissed herself out of fear. It was disgusting to take whiff out of it, but it was also a necessary evil as he now had her scent. The upsides of being a Witcher allowed him to investigate possible leads during monster contracts through tracking via deductions, footprints or scents. However, he never had much pity for the unlucky ones that become food for beasts. But Farmer's Daughter was different. And she was about to go through something else. And it was WORSE than just food.

"Please find her, Witcher..." Farmer's Wife pleaded as she stood behind the doorway. "Find our daughter... before she..." She could not finish before she broke down in tears.

"I will. Stay here. This is my profession. Killing monsters are of my specialty. Just look out for your husband."

Taking out his Werewolf Decoction, he ingested it one gulp. It tasted horrible in his mouth, but it took effect. Now he just needed to go after the bastards and save her. Bursting into adrenaline, he jumped out of the window and landed in a roll on the ground, and continued to follow the scent.

Vermintide 2 Main Theme - 1:10-3:57

Letho was running with all of his might. Because of the decoction, he did not feel fatigued or tired out as ran through the forest. The scent led him to a small cave entrance guarded by two of the grotesque beasts. They spotted him but he didn't care the least as he took out his butcher knife in his right hand. Plunged it into the first goblin through the skull while he grabbed his goblin buddy by his throat, disarming him as he struggled in the Witcher's hand. He let the goblin scream for his comrades before cracking his neck in satisfaction.

"I'm coming for you, kid. And I'm gutting these sons of bitches." He declared before ingesting Cat and Golden Oriole in one go. His face began to cover in black veins but it did not concern him. Casting Quen and pulling out his second knife, he ran without caring for his own safety.

His eyes dilated as they quickly adjusted to the darkness thanks to Cat, and soon, the entire cave became clear as daytime. The Witcher kept running and saw the goblins in multitude, and proceeded to slice through them with ease. Heads, guts, and limbs flew around as he rendered the goblins useless in his tornado of death. Those who struck him were pushed back as the Quen protected him during the duration of his onslaught. The attacks stopped and the Witcher continued tracking through the caves as he followed the girl's scent. He ran, but as soon as he got close, there was something else in the air. It did not just reek of blood, it reeked of something... worse. Casting Quen again, the Witcher hurried. Entering, he then saw an opening that lit somewhat as he got closer. Entering, he saw more of them in one large area of the cave. Only seven of them, with another hulking bastard. One of them, had a glowing staff and was sitting on a chair of sort. Farmer's Daughter was among them, with a mix of fear and relief in her eyes as she saw the Witcher... along with five other women.

They were all broken. The light in their eyes faded long ago. Spirits gone from their bodies as the goblins continuously used them for unspeakable acts. The Witcher was angry. No, furious. His mutations did not allow him to feel emotions. But it didn't now. Now, his rage was palpable. He let out an animalistic roar. Something he hadn't done in years. And these goblins.

These monsters.



Letho ran towards the closest bastard and rammed a knife from his right hand under its jaw. He slashed two more as they jumped him from behind with his left. He didn't notice a fist from the brute coming behind him, but the Quen saved Letho from most of the impact. It still hurt like hell but it certainly pissed the Viper off. He returned with a vicious meaty left hook to the brute so hard, its jaw literally shattered from the inside. As he did, the Goblin in the chair prepared to attack as his staff now glowed brighter than usual. Instinctively, he proceeded to drop his right knife still embedded with a goblin in it, grabbed the large goblin by the throat, and used it as a living shield and proceeded to explode as the goblin's magic made contact and painted the walls red. Letho did not waste the moment and made a mad dash and ran a knife into its head. Three stood in shock in terror as the Witcher now approached them, with silver in hand. One tried to fight back, but he was cut down in an instant. Second-to-last tried to run away but Letho soon threw a knife into the back. It remained alive but was screaming. Letho was saving him for last. The last one fell on its back, begging, ams was impaled through the mouth in an instant. The Viper let go of the sword and proceeded to walk towards the crawling fiend. He paused for a few moments as he stood over it, and proceeded to smash his boot in it repeatedly. Each stomp harder than the last. Each stomp full of hatred. Never did Letho feel so much hatred for monsters. At best, they were intelligent like humans. At worst, they attacked humans either out of fear or hunger.

But the goblins? He NOW held a special hatred for them. They were the monsters that humans feared. The boogeymen that haunted in the darkness. They. were. EVIL.

Letho stopped after about twenty stomps, and took a deep breath. Its head was nothing but brain matter and blood and bone fragments by now. The Cat was no longer in effect and his eyes adjusted, though, still seeing enough due to the torches on the walls. He soon walked over to the the girl and the other women, before hearing whimpers and cries. It was coming from the wall from where he killed the goblin mage. It was an entrance boarded up from his view. Slowly, he grabbed a torch and then walked toward boarded up wall. Casting Aard, the boards broke easily and he now saw smaller goblins. They were dimunitive and fragile looking. But the Witcher deduced something in his mind. The goblins' first instinct was to go for the women. The men died, and yet they spared the woman. The women were all naked when he entered. He didn't need to make a conclusion. He knew what happened.

They were raped. And were used to produced more of their offspring. Angered filled him once more. And as a Witcher he knew what to do. Taking out Dancing Fire and lighting the tip with Igni, he threw into the centre of the hatchling, and took cover behind one of the walls. As soon as he did, the bomb burst and fire covered the room as the sound of the welps began screeching as they were engulfed in flames. They were now music to the Witcher's ears. His business finished, he continued walking towards the girls.

Farmer's Daughter was crying as she sat on the floor; her clothes still torn from the goblins. The Witcher approached her first. He knelt down and comfort her, placing his hand on her head. The girl shuddered and saw the Witcher, whose face was now full of black veins. He looked at her with a sad smile.

"You okay, kid?" He asked softly as he could.

"You... your face." She responded.

"I know, kid. That's why they call me a monster for a reason."

"They... they tried to hurt me. They were gonna do bad things. Bad things like touching... touching..." F.D. broke down again. Letho could only hug her to calm her.

"Shhhhh kid. They're gone now. They're gone." Letho's emotion subsided. He no longer felt angry anymore. But he wanted to cry. Cry for her as her sorrows stained his vest. Letho looked to the other women, and while he could hear their heartbeats, he knew they were goners. He could put them out of their misery, but he knew the girl would be upset if he did. Thinking of alternatives, the Witcher decided to just go for Axii. He pulled himself away from the girl.

"Sweetie, I need to get these other women outta here. We're going home now." The girl stopped crying and nodded in understanding.

"C-can I... can I have a piggyback." She asked. The Witcher silently nodded with a small smile. "Sure. Once we get them outside, then you can have a piggyback all the way back."

She smiled. "Thank you... Mister Witchman. You really are a hero."

The village was now recovering. Because of Letho's aid, the people were thankful of the Witcher to the point that he was hailed as a selfless hero. The Witcher didn't care for praises. Letho had just returned with Farmer's Daughter and five other women that been held captive as the Goblin's... breeders. The girl reunited with her family. It would've been joyous moment were it not for the fact that Farmer was now in bed, covered in bandages as he was currently undergoing recovery due to the arrows pining him. He was rather lucky, as some of the men in the village weren't. Stablehand's grandfather died when he was with his mother, protecting her from the goblin raid. And there were many others just like him. But the women had it worse, being in captivity for some time had turned them hollow. In the end, the village was saved... at the cost of being forever scarred.

Oats in the Water - Ben Howard, onwards to the end of this chapter.

Letho decided to visit Farmer one more time. He walked into his room. His family sitting beside him. They all looked to him and silently nodded.

"How is he?" He asked, to which Herbalist responded. "He's doing fine. He's no longer bleeding, and the antidote took effect. For now, he won't be able to work for awhile. Stablehand said he'll get a healer from Frontier Town."

"I've been told. How's the girl? Is she doing okay?"

"She's sleeping in her Herbalist's room." Farmer's Wife spoke up, looking to the Witcher in sorrow. "Thank you for rescuing her, Witcher. This family owes a debt to you."

"That won't be necessary. It's what us Witchers do." He said. "Forgive me, but I need to speak with Farmer."

Both women nodded, and allowed him to kneel beside Farmer. Letho took a good look at the man. He was in pain, but in good condition.

"You're looking better now." He said with a small smile. Farmer looked to him with a smile as well.

"Spare me the comfort. Why you here? Didn't you say you were gonna leave today?"

The Witcher could only take a deep breathe before answering. "I wanted to visit some good folk one more time. To part ways on good terms. You have been the most generous hosts I've met in a long time. But the Path calls and, as a Witcher, I cannot forsake my Destiny. I'm heading to Frontier Town. Stablehand and the women are waiting for me outside. Packed my things. I'm here to pay my final respects. So thank you again."

"Your we-welcome." Farmer replied, weakly because of his condition. Letho nodded, stood up and bowed to Farmer's Wife and Herbalist once more, who in-turn, did the same. Only a few steps he walked did Farmer spoke up.

"W-witcher... L-Letho." He said, speaking the Viper's name for the first time, and trying to get up. His family looked surprised but quickly helped him before he hurt himself. Letho stood still and waited for the man to speak.

"If you ever... stop by... you're always welcome to this family."

The Witcher remained silent, and looked to his shoulder, to the Farmer's family one more time, and nodded in respect.

He walked his way down and outside of the house. As he was about to get close to Stablehand's cart, a voice hollered him from behind.

"MISTER WITCHMAN!" He looked behind to see Farmer's Daughter running towards him and hugging him.

"Please don't go!" She cried, with tears running down her face. "Please don't leave me! Who's going to protect me when the monsters come to the village again? I don't want them to take mommy, daddy and big sis..."

The Witcher knelt before her and gave her small smile. "I know it's hard for me to do something like this to you. I can't blame ya for thinking that. But you should be brave. Your family needs you to be strong. The people of this world need me, but your family needs you.

The Witcher slowly reached down to one of his throwing knives and gave it to her, to which she brightened a bit. "Here, take this. Keep it under your pillow. Whisper into it and tell it 'protect me, Witcher' three times. But be careful, it's sharp, so wrap it in cloth. Ya understand?"

She nodded as she took the knife off his hand, still saddened by his leaving. As he stood up again, she quickly hugged him. He placed a hand on her shoulder. Farmer's Wife and Herbalist slowly approached the two, and slowly embraced them together.

"We'll miss you..." Farmer's Wife whispered softly. They all said their final goodbyes as the Witcher climbed aboard the wagon.

"Time we head off to Frontier Town, Stablehand." He said, as the boy nodded and moved the horses. The wagon moved and the people waved goodbye to the Witcher one more time. Eventually, the Wagon disappeared into the distance, along with Letho in it.

"My condolences to your grandfather, Stablehand."

"Thank you, Witcher. And thank you for protecting my mother. And the town. We couldn't have done it without your help."

The Witcher nodded in silence. And the rest of the journey was met with sound of nature. Letho kept to his thoughts. He was now finally on the Path again. He wished this land was vastly different compared to his, he thought. But it was no different. Those goblins made him wake up to a new land of horror. But if he was to know these infestations, and the new world, he'd have to find help in Frontier Town. Help from the Adventurer's Guild. Because this world was not meant to be protected by errant knights and shining heroes of old. If these monsters existed, so did other monsters. More terrible than the last.

This world didn't need heroes.

It needed professionals.

It needed a WITCHER.

The End... of Chapter 2

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! HOTDAMN! Was this long but awesome to write! I hope you all enjoyed and feeling squishy with them feels! I sure have. Thanks for the read, guys! I'm honestly glad all of you enjoyed the first chapter! I'll admit I didn't think it would have such positive reception! Anyways, before we end this conclusion, I'd like to spit out some trivias for certain scenes.

1. The "titles for names" explanation is directly taken from Deathtrooper written by ErrorPleaseReload, which I had read from the awesome, most GLOOOOORIOUS Goblin Slayer/Conan the Barbarian crossover story done by Super Comrade, The Stranded Barbarian.

2. For those wondering the design of the back scabbard Letho used was actually inspired by the scabbard as discussed by Shadiversity on YT in regards to the impracticality of unsheathing the sword from the shoulder. Which by the way, makes me want to start slaying more dragons.

3. Any long time Witcher fans out there know that the song used near the end of this chapter will recognise it as the same song used for the Launch Trailer of Witcher 3, which had just recently celebrated its Five-Year Anniversery, not long ago.

4. This entire story is actually inspired by a thread online where it spoke of a scenario in which Geralt had been sent to Goblin Slayer's World. Which is cool in concept, were it not for the fact that NO ONE ACTUALLY THOUGHT TO WRITE THIS CROSSOVER! YOU HAVE A LITERAL GOLDMINE AND NONE OF YOU BOTHERED TO WRITE IT?! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! *ahem* Sorry, got carried away. Anyways. So not only am I the first to write such a story (not that I mean to brag about (MMMMHMMMM!(just kidding))), I also might be the one to get others to follow in this direction. Which sounds pretty rad! Hopefully, someone might add in their own Witchers. I've seen plenty of Female Witchers on Twitter, so why not fanfiction then!

Anyways, that's all for now! Hope you enjoyed this piece! More will come in the coming weeks or months! Thank you and I hope you enjoyed!

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