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Darkness greeted him.

Iorveth laid still. Yet, he felt as if his body did not reach the ground beneath him. Only emptiness. He felt light and drifted afloat like he was in the air. He could not move, for what was the point of it?

Just then, he felt something touch his back. Hands, were they? It mattered not. He tried to open his one remaining eye, only for it to be met with sunlight and shades of green as they obscured his vision. The elf could not discern where he was, except for being in a forest. Or so he believes.

He tried to survey his surroundings, but was unable to do so. He did, however, feel as though he was being lifted. He was being carried, he thinks. He could not see who it was, though, his rescuer was green. And a woman. Iorveth felt like he was dead and was sent to the afterlife. Yet, instead, he felt some sort of pain on his body, but more of a soreness of sorts. He was carried for about a couple of minutes under his hazy observation, as he soon was placed on the ground. Soon, more people circled around him, yet, the sun blocked his vision and the group around were nothing but dark blobs hiding behind their own shadows.

There was movement going and on, and then he felt his mouth opened. He did not resist, and no sooner, did these strangers brought something to his mouth. Water. The sweetness of it had made him feel as though he had been dying of thirst for the past couple of days in hot weather. Yet, the liquid did something to him. He was beginning to see things. Of creatures with green skin not unlike the woman. But they were small and weak creatures; vicious in their nature. Malevolent. He saw the malice in their eyes. He could hear screams and cries of several unknown voices. It was all too deafening. He saw fire and ash surrounding him. Yet, the one constance were those monsters. They had grown large in numbers. A tide of green flow through the surroundings with hatred and disgust. Iorveth saw only naught but terror. However, one voice came and stood out above others.

"This land flows naught milk and honey. Only blood. Blood you will shed with theirs. By your hand."

Iorveth's last moments were that of a greenskin plunging a knife into his one eye. He jumped back up from the ground, having awoken from his sleep. His heart was beating faster and was nearly agitated. He soon felt relieved of the passing dream, before looking to his surroundings. The sun was breaking the horizon at dawn. Only a few from his party had stirred awake from their sleep.

Save for the Witcher.

"You all right?" Letho asked, eyeing the elf with bemusement at his panicking look. "Heart sounded like it was about to explode. Had a nightmare?"

"None of your business." Iorveth dismissed. "I'm awake now, that's all that matters."

Letho raised an eyebrow. "Alright. Suit yourself. Don't have to wake you up, at least."

"How's morale?"

"Not much. Shaman, Priest, and Goblin Slayer are awake. The rest are asleep. Overall, not bad."

"Then let's not waste enough time." Iorveth soon gently shook Archer awake, who woke up groggily as all the alcohol went out of her system. Letho, meanwhile, smacked warrior on the forehead.

"OW!" Warrior yelped, which startled the rest of the group to wake up.

"It's dawn." Letho stated. "Get going."

Later. Arrival at the ruin...

"What do you see, Archer?" Iorveth awaited for the elf's report. The party awaited behind bushes in the distance.

"Two goblin guards and a wolf. Looks like they got a guard dog with them. Strange, shouldn't they be cowardly creatures? Heard they prefer to hide."

"If they did, they would've eaten the wolf as well." Goblin Slayer added in. "Goblins usually just hide and wait until their populations grow bigger. This nest, however, seems to have plenty of resources. Whatever's leading them knows how to manage morale."

"Means we got ourselves a big score. Good, I'm itching for a fight." Letho was thirsty for goblin blood. Despite the low rewards and high maintenance costs, it had become very satisfying to pop their heads like grapes. Iorveth still did not understand both hunters. Witcher, he understood. But Goblin Slayer? He was still a curiosity.

"Regardless, I believe this is where we take out the guards. Archer, you're with me."

"Don't have to order me." Both elves prepped themselves and took out their bows. Iorveth picked off some grass and threw them into the air.

"Wind's strong, but it's no issue." Iorveth determined.

"I'll take the guards out. You can deal with the wolf."

"Cocky, aren't we?" Archer smirked in response.

"You betcha." Soon, both elves nocked their arrows and pulled back. A few moments later, the arrows were released. They had went out off their mark at a mere glance, but with the wind pressing towards direction, the arrows had managed to hit their target. Archer's hit the guards, while Iorveth's landed into the wolf in a split-second. All three laid dead, soon after.

"How'd you like them apples~?" Archer spoke in pride and jest.

"Preferably stuffed in a pie as filling. Then powdered with cinnamon and spices." Iorveth snarked back.

"My, what a splendid display." Lizard Priest looked impressed. "Was that some sort of magic you used?"

"Incorrect, Priest. Only experience and training is all it takes to do such." Iorveth corrected.

"You three done talking? You already killed two birds with one stone." Letho interrupted. "We got goblins to kill."

The massive party soon head straight towards the ruin entrance, with no other goblin in sight.

"Let's head in now an-" High Elf Archer was ready to enter first before she witnessed Goblin Slayer violently stabbing a goblin corpse with a knife. Her party was shocked as well.

"W-what are you doing?!" Archer exclaimed in disgust.

"Soaking up the blood to mask our scents. Goblins have an excellent sense of smell. They're especially fond of girls and elves."

Archer was speechless. Dwarf and Lizard looked slightly disgusted, while Iorveth was momentarily shocked before grasping the Slayer's thinking. Somewhat.

"Y-you can't be serious? I'm not doing that!"

"You get used to it." The porcelains said in unison. All of them with dead expressions in their eyes. She tried to back away and escape, only for Letho grab her from behind.

"Hold still. It won't take long." Archer was struggling and squirming around under the Witcher's grip in desperation as Goblin Slayer reached towards her with the blood-soaked rag.

"N-No! Wait! You can't- ugh EWWW!" Dwarf, Lizard, and Iorveth looked on in a mix of disgust; amusement, and pity.

"Normally, I'd tease her but..." Dwarf Shaman said with sympathy. "Even I find that hard to watch."

"It matters not." Iorveth interjected. "I have a feeling that he knows what he's doing."

Letho soon let go and Archer was now caked in the foul blood, taking the cloth away from Goblin Slayer's hand and passing it to Iorveth.

"Your turn." He handed towards the elf, who looked at with suspicion, before yanking it off the witcher's hands.

"It better be useful." Iorveth said just as he scrubbed it into his clothes. Following after, much soaking went.


Iorveth found his blood-soaked camouflage to be... irritating, to put it. While, it was not the worst thing he's done, the smell of it was repugnant and foul. It made the war-torn, corpse-ridden battlefields smell like a royal garden. Still, he had to take it into consideration if this was to remain undetected. He knew little of what these goblins, yet, the strange dream had him feeling unnerved by them. Whatever they were, he had a feeling that they could pose a danger to the Continent. That, and the strange helmed mercenary was the only person to have advance knowledge on the creatures. But for the moment, he concentrated on other issues. Like High Elf Archer's constant moans.

"Waaaah! So gross!" She whined, which was with a dismissive response.

"Crybaby." Letho was met with a glare by the elf. He ignored her in return. She soon began stomping ahead of the party.

"Don't think I'll ever forget this!"

"Uhuh." Silence then followed. Occasionally, there was small talk between members.

Fighter & Warrior

"Wow. I didn't think we could be in a old ruin before, Fighter." Warrior said to Fighter.

"Seriously?" Fighter looked with a raised eyebrow. "We've been to an elven fortress, remember?"

"Yeah, but we never got to be inside it. Mostly, we just stood guard. Not that I'm complaining much, but still, it's strange to see this stuff with my own eyes." Fighter rolled her eyes.

Wizard, Priestess & Lizard Priest

"Any idea what these wall paintings represent?" Wizard asked to Priestess, curious of the interior of ruins.

"There was supposedly a battle near here during the age of the Gods. More likely man-made."

"A home to soldiers, once. Now, a resting den for goblins. Truly cruel irony." Lizard Priest added in, causing the two to jump.

"Oh, apologies! I have been intrigued by these wall paintings as well, so pardon my presence."

"I-It's alright." Priestess assured.

Dwarf Shaman & High Elf Archer

"You alright, Long Ears?" Dwarf Shaman asked as he walked towards her.

"I'm covered in goblin blood. What am I even supposed to say? Good?" Archer said in a dismissive and rhetoric way.

"Just checking, that's all." Shaman assured. "Don't take it personal. I'm sure those two have good reasons to do what they do."

"Yeah. Goblin Slayer, I get. But the Witcher..." Archer sounded more quieter. "I don't know about him."

"I get it. He's rough, be he most likely means well."

"I hope you're right..." Soon, their conversation ended. Unbeknownst to them, Letho was listening to the two without them noticing.

Lizard Priest & Iorveth

"I'm curious, Sir Scoia'tael..." Lizard Priest looked to Iorveth.


"You say you fight for nonhumans, but what other beings besides dwarves, gnomes, elves, and halfling that exist? I'm curious as to know what other species that could co-exist in your lands." Iorveth rubbed his chin.

"Well, there are some out there that could blend in. Though, they are a rarities, these days. Dopplers and Dragons are few examples."

"Dragons, I can understand, but Dopplers? What are they?"

"In simple terms, their names are abbreviations of the word 'doppleganger'. They can shift and morph their appearance to any living being to suit their environment. Unfortunately, they aren't many dopplers that exist. Those that do are in hiding."

"And Dragons? What about them? They sound like something worthy to speak."

"Oh, highly." Iorveth said with some pride. "They're like dopplers in that they can shapeshift into other beings such as humans. However, like their namesakes, their true forms are truly wondrous. Rumor has it there had been a golden dragon. It's still out there."

Lizard Priest smiled him. "Hmm, a fascinating description! But they too are rare, yes?"

"Sadly, yes..." Iorveth with a sorrowful look. "You already know where this is going. Besides, I have a question to ask: why are you so curious? Seems there's something else in mind."

"Correct, Sir Scoia'tael. I wish to inquire about the possibilities of the existence of Lizardmen in your world."

"Hmm. That reminds me of the Vran. Come to think of it, they would be quite similar to your kind."

"That's fortunate. Though, I presume they are rare as well?"

"Unfortunately, yes."

"Humans, correct?"

'Elves, actually." Lizard Priest looked shocked.

"Don't get the wrong idea, we didn't commit genocide." Iorveth assured. "We were on friendly terms with them when we first settled. It just so happens that a disease from my people had wiped most of them out without even a fight... coupled with some conflicts from before." Iorveth said, hesitantly. "But now, only a handful live in human settlements in the Blue Mountains."

"Less fortunate, but fortunate enough." Lizard Priest digested, though, a little displeased.

"Indeed. I have another question as well, why the strange naming laws? Where I'm from, many would give out their names rather than titles."

"Oh yes, you are new here. That fight with the demons took away all our thoughts. To simply put, the Country considers names as sacred. To say it in public is considered taboo. Privacy, if you will. The only ones allowed to speak your name are families and/or loved ones. Strange, I know."

"Hmm. Indeed, but I can see how easy it is be confidential. Though, I believe it'll be difficult for couriers to find the correct person to hand out delivery."

"There are ways of getting around it." Lizard Priest said, cryptically.

Letho was getting tired of the constant walking and turning. It was getting disorienting to go from one hall to another. Maddening if he went alone. Fortunately, it was rather convenient to have company. Goblin Slayer, especially, since he wasn't too talkative and had enough experience to actually handle on his own without help. That said, it would be odd for a witcher to have aid. Of course, such times call for certain measures.

High Elf Archer suddenly signalled the party to stop in their tracks. She crouched down and inspected a concrete panel.

"An alarm?" Goblin Slayer presumed.

"Yeah." Archer answered. "Floor panel looks new. Less used compared to the others. Be careful with this one."

"Understood. But something's not right." Goblin Slayer's words got the party's attention.

"What do you mean?" Iorveth asked, becoming cautious of what was happening next.

"There's no sign of totems around here. That usually marks the possibility of a shaman."

"Means something's big is leading them." Letho assessed in Slayer's stead. "Good we don't have to fight mages. Thing is, we got ourselves a bigger problem. Whoever placed this trap really knows how to be prepared. Those guards were merely the first line of defense. Though, 'defense' is too much of a stretch."

"So what? They got a goblin champion here?" Warrior said, being a little fearful.

"Possible." Slayer answered. "Be prepared if that's the case."

"If I may ask, how exactly do you deal with these goblins?" Iorveth asked. Lizard Priest was behind the elf, seemingly intrigued as well.

"Plenty of ways. Smoked them out, set them on fire, drowned them with a river. A lot but none of them would work in here." Iorveth had a look of surprise, though, no less impressed by such feats.

"Well, don't you worry about it. Got the right tools for the job." Letho played around a bomb in front of the group. It was a cylindrical tub full of blue liquid none of the group recognized. Well, everyone but Wizard.

"Is that what I think it is?" Wizard questioned, showing concerns at the bomb the Witcher was holding.

"Yeah. But I won't be using it just yet."

"Like Demavend?" Iorveth asked.

"Like Demavend."

The party were initially confused by the name. Though, they continued trekking, only stopping when the passage began splitting into two ways.

"Seems we're at a crossroads." Iorveth pointed out.

"W-Which path should we take?" Priestess asked. Dwarf Shaman walked pass the group, and inspected the floor.

"Hmm... their main hideout is on the left."

"How do you know?" Archer asked.

"Simple. The wear on the floor has been used up more than the right side. Us dwarves are specialized in not only metals and alcohols, but also stone as well."

"In that case..." Goblin Slayer went to the path on the right, much to some of the part's confusion. "We'll go this way."

"Why is that?" Iorveth questioned. "Wouldn't it be better to go left?"

"You'll understand." Goblin Slayer replied. "If we don't, then we're too late."

For every answer he had recieved, Iorveth only had more questions each time. He looked to the witcher with mild confusion.

"Take his word. You'll see what he means."

Letho soon followed behind the slayer.

The party had soon stopped their tracks as they approached a door. Letho was the first to notice the foul odor that emanated from within. A smell of blood and fecal matter caused his senses to almost go haywire. But like every quest he had partaken in, he assumed the worst.

"W-What is that smell?!" Archer complained, troubled by the overwhelming, unpleasant stench. Everyone had covered their noses in order to breathe in other less terrible

"Get ready. And breathe through your nose. This will happened a lot." As Letho finished his words, Goblin Slayer soon kicked down the door. The odor soon became more overwhelming and made it unbearable for many, save for Letho, Iorveth, and Slayer.

"W-What is this place?! Archer asked, trying to bear the smell of the room's contents.

"It's a goblin's waste heap." Goblin Slayer replied. He continued walking, holding his torch to light the room. What the party saw next, was a horrible sight that only the most hardened of them could fathom. Across the room was the sight of a female elf, chained to the wall. Half her body was inflicted with ghastly wounds, burn marks, cuts, and pustules that were beginning to form. The sight of her, completely shocked the nonhumans. Even Iorveth himself was flooded with anger and disgust by the sight of the body.

"This... this is their doing?" Iorveth asked, rage intensifying as he witnessed the woman's terrible state.

"Yeah. This is the result of being captured by them. And there will be more of them like her." Letho calmly explained. In spite of their differences, the Witcher shared the elf's hatred for them. This will be the first of many instances of goblin captivity for Iorveth. The dreams had foretold these. The threat these goblins posed gave Iorveth proof that they had to be put down. His thoughts were broken when he heard a voice. Her voice. Weak, fragile, but alive.

"K-K...Kill." Everyone snapped. Some were shocked and felt their bodies froze from the croaking sound she had made. Others prayed to their gods above them.

"By the Forebears..."

"She still breathes!"

"W-we have to save her!"

"Somebody get a healing potion!"

"I'll use a miracle!"

"P-Please... kill..." She weakly pleaded. Out of all the cries and pleading, only two stood out of the group.


"I'll cover you."

The group looked with shock and horror as the two stoic adventurers complied with the elf's wishes. In an instant, Goblin Slayer seemingly dashed towards the elf, while Letho pulled out a throwing knife. Iorveth was about to stop them, until he noticed something in the dark. In an instant, he realized they weren't killing the girl out of mercy, they were going for something else.

"KILL THIS THING!" Was all the elf could say as its captor appeared in the light. A goblin. It remained quiet in the dark and tried to use its supposed advantages to try and ambush Goblin Slayer. Its plan failed as Letho's knife lodged deep within its throat, before being cut down by the slayer's sword. It fell down easily, without fanfare.

"We will." Goblin Slayer replied, kicking the corpse away from his sword. "It's what we came for."

The rest of the party soon rushed towards the elf. Iorveth and Archer were the first and soon unchained the elf from the wall. The exited the room and properly placed her on the clean floor.

"Be careful. She may be breathing, but her wounds are grievous." Iorveth assessed. "Any of you have medical skills?"

"I have minor healing!" Priestess stepped in and kneeling to the elf. She began chanting and the elf's body glowed with magic. The miracle did little to provide improvement, but it did enough to seal the wounds. Warrior soon pulled out a blanket to provide his aid.

"Thank you, weddin." He thanked the boy. He covered the female elf, afterwards.

"Her wounds are sealed, but she'll need proper treatment. My miracle could only do this much." Priestess said. Soon, Lizard Priest stepped in as well.

"Then allow me to provide aid." He announced. "Everyone, stand back."

The party did as told, and watched the lizardman perform his ritual. First, he had taken out teeth from out of his pockets. And then began speaking the words.

"O horns and claws of our father, iguanodon, thy limbs be legs to walk upon this earth."

The teeth soon began shifting and forming together into that of a skeletal construct. It stood tall and was shaped into that of a lizardman. It surprised everyone as it stood up.

"My dragontooth warrior." "A blessing gifted to me by my forebears. It should be able to reach the Elven Forest with ease." He announced. Wizard walked up to Lizard Priest.

"I've written a letter. Take this." She said as she handed the letter to him. "It will explain everything and it will definitely clear up any miscommunication."

"This will suffice." Lizard Priest said. "Go, warrior."

The dragontooth warrior followed his instructions and ran towards the exit; its commands made clear. Just then, High Elf Archer emptied her stomach's contents.

"HUUUUUURRRRRRRGHHHHH!" She vomited on the floor, and soon broke down.

"W-What is this?" She muttered. "I-I don't... I don't understand..."

"What's not to understand?" Letho retorted, not showing any sympathy for the high elf's first hand experience. He soon approached the kneeling elf. "The fact that we found a sister of yours, trapped and captured by those green bastards? The fact that she was raped and tortured beyond cruel limits? Or the fact that you were expecting this trip to be easy and happy? What is there that you don't understand?"

That statement was met with a shooting glare from both Archer and Iorveth, and concerning looks from the rest.

"Back away, Letho." Iorveth stood between the two, not wanting to start an infighting within the group. "Give her some breathing space. Leave now, or I will force my hand and settle this, here and now."

The two stared each other down. Both were ready to throw down their gloves and start throwing fists at one another. It went for about ten seconds, before Letho pulled away.

"Make sure she doesn't fuck this whole quest up, Iorveth." Just like that, Letho removed himself and went elsewhere. Iorveth looked to Archer, tears streaming down her face.

"Get up." Iorveth harshly said. "Crying here won't do much. We have a mission to complete."

Archer slowly stood up, wiping the tears away as she did.

"I'll be alright." She said. Goblin Slayer came out of the room, perusing it beforehand. He brought a bag that belonged to the elf.

"It was the scout's belongings." He announced. "She had a map in her rucksack. The gallery is to the left. You were right, Shaman."

Dwarf looked surprised by the acknowledgement. "What? Didn't believe me?"

"I did. Just needed to be sure." Goblin Slayer threw the bag towards Archer. Iorveth grabbed the bag, instinctively, as it flew towards them. "It's yours."

"Much appreciated, dh'oine."

"Well? What the hell are we standing here for? Move." Letho announced, now taking the lead and walking forward. He signalled the rest and soon departed.

High Elf Archer's emotions were beginning to boil. The Witcher's words were disheartening and she resented him for his careless behavior. One day, she'll show him just who he's talking to.


The trip in the ruins became more accessible and easy to traverse through thanks to the map found in Elf Scout's belongings. Besides sneaking up on the occasional goblin patrol and avoid traps, the path was easier than expected.

Or at least, that's what Priestess had hoped for.

Seeing the Witcher pick fights with not one but two of the party members was disheartening to watch. Granted, it was expected to see members not get along with one another, Witcher really knew how to get into people's nerves. This was especially obvious with the elf known as Scoia'tael. Both he and the Witcher didn't seem to see eye-to-eye with one another. It would've been disastrous if they had come to blows were it not for the rest holding them back. Rather fortunate, she thought. However, she had to be cautious about it.

As for Archer, she could see how dark

They have been descending deep into the ruin for some time and she decided to speak up

"G-Goblin Slayer? Witcher? Could we perhaps take a rest? We're getting close to the gallery but now's our best chance to prepare ourselves."

Both men slowed down their paces, and looked back at her. Her heart was beating real fast, and felt as if she had accidentally stepped on their toes. The witcher looked to Goblin Slayer.

"Should we?" Letho asked. Goblin Slayer stayed silent for a moment.

"...Very well." He responded, much to Priestess' relief. "How many spells do you have left?"

"Only two. I used Minor Heal from before."

"For myself, three more." Lizard Priest said in turn. "However, since my dragontooth requires catalysts, I'm only down to one more warrior."

"I still have three from before." Wizard said, lastly. "I don't need to prepare, but my feet do feel sore."

"Same." Warrior whined, taking off his helmet. "It's good to at least rest for a bit. It's getting really hot under this all this armor. Not to say it isn't beneficial, of course!"

Priestess was amused to see Warrior squirm a bit every time he complained in front of Witcher. He had not need to since Witcher allowed the resting in the first place. Or any resting from other times. It was nice to see him lighten up once in a while. Fighter was giving an eye roll at her friend's ignorance, while the rest chuckled at the boy.

However, she saw both elves were in a different area, with Archer crouching in a corner and Scoia'tael comforting her. She took out a canteen filled with water and slowly approached the two. Scoia'tael was the first to notice her approaching; his one eye looking back at her. She had to admit, it was pretty scary to see him up close. His cold expression only emphasized that feeling.

"Ah, the girl who defended the vatt'ghern from my blade." He said, causing the girl to stumble a bit. "What is it you want?"

"I-I just wanted to give a canteen of water, sir!" She then handed him the canteen in a sheepish manner. "W-Would you like a drink?"

"Be at ease, weddin." He assured, taking the canteen off her hands. "I understand you were only being naive around Letho. I can't blame you."

She was displeased to hear those words. "I-I understand you and Witcher aren't on the best terms, but I can assure you that he's done a lot for my group. I won't change your mind, but please do not fight for the sake of the party."

"I won't. I promise." Iorveth took a gulp from the canteen before passing it to Archer. "Here, drink."

"T-Thanks." She said. However, this moment was soured when a certain helmed adventurer decided to ruin it.

"Don't overfill your stomach. You'll slow down the blood flow through your body." Goblin Slayer pointed out, much to Priestess' dismay and the elves' annoyances.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you not to eavesdrop on people's conversations, dh'oine? It's considered impolite for a lot people." Iorveth said in his signature passive aggressiveness.

"He has a point. No need to act strong and tough. We need people who don't end up dragging us down with their hangups. I'd rather we avoid having casualties in our party. Or minimise it, at least." Letho remarked. "Besides, if you wanna come; come. If not, go back home. Simple as that."

Letho's words caused a lot of shock and anger. Archer, especially was not thrilled to her it.

"Don't be stupid. I'm a ranger. If I go back, who's gonna scout out for traps?"

"Me, if you decided to leave." Letho replied.

"Witcher!" Priestess yelped in shock. But it was too late.

That was the last straw for Archer, and she shot back and marched straight towards the Witcher. Letho expected this to happen and stood back up as well. The party saw this and were ready to break up the fight.

"Leave? Me?!" She spat. Dwarf Shaman tried to calm her down.

"Long Ears, wait! I'm sure there's a wa-"

"NO! I'm not listening to this crap that comes out of this bastard! Who the hell do you think you are?! To tell me that I'm NOT strong enough to handle myself?!"

"Someone who didn't waste two thousand years being coddled up and be so damn naive about the world outside her home."

"YOU'RE GOOD AS DEAD!" Archer lunged at him but was soon restrained by Lizard Priest from causing more problems.

"Enough, Archer! This will not do us any good!" The lizardman was holding her back.

"Why should be the one being held back?! He's the one who started it!"

"And you're the one can't control her own emotions."

"Letho..." Iorveth was closed to snapping at the Witcher due to his antagonism. Letho, however, did not take away his eyes from Archer.

"You sit down and shut up, Iorveth. This is between me and her." Letho said, before doing something unexpected. "Lizard Priest, you can release her.. I can handle this, myself."

The party was surprised by those words. Lizard Priest was conflicted to release her, but conceeded; hoping he made the right decision.

"So what? You're suddenly a saint or something just because you made everyone's head turn? It's not gonna work on me!"

"No, but I sure as hell wanna make a point straight..." Letho slowly walked towards, several members tensed up and on edge as he walked. He completely dwarfed Archer in size as he got closer.

"When you're in this party, don't expect things to be clean. You think that elf was the only one to be at the hands of goblins? Think again. There will be more like her out there, somewhere. Forced to a life time enduring the same torture that she received. Rape, assault, and giving birth to those monsters like rabbits. With no one to save them; no one to comfort them. They'll continue doing this until they expire, and those same little bastards will repeat that cycle, again and again. And it's not the first I've seen it happened before. Not from monsters."

Archer's anger was dwindling and shrinking. The witcher knew how to be harsh. But he also knew how he saw the world in his experience.

"I've seen fathers and husbands get cut down over small bread. Mothers and daughters raped against their will. Children becoming orphans in times of war. The world is not a playground; it's a damn warzone."

He leaned closely to her face.

"But there's a silver-lining to it all. You can either get angry and die while trying to drag everyone down to your level. Or temper that rage and give it to the ones who deserve it the most. Show them that you're not helpless; you're in control."

He stepped away, giving Archer room to breathe. "Don't get angry at me. Focused that rage unto them."

Archer stood silent. She was speechless through it all. He had put back all the senses into her and made her realize the truth. The state that poor girl was in. The torture she endured. It was a cruel fate undeserved. And the goblins will soon meet her wrath.

"M-My home..." Her hands clenched into fists. "It's not far from here."

"Then you know what we'll do next. Good." Letho said. "I think we've rested enough."

"We do?" Goblin Slayer asked.

"Yes, we do."

"I see."

Letho walked away, gathering his belongings and headed towards the gallery. Goblin Slayer soon followed. The rest of the group were stunned at what they saw.

"I didn't expect such insights come from Snake-Eyes." Dwarf Shaman said. Iorveth soon spoke up.

"Indeed. But he's right, you know..." Iorveth added in. "Emotions like that will cost us more."

Iorveth soon left and followed behind the two. The rest look to each other before heading onward.

The Gallery

The party had finally arrived to the Gallery that the goblins were nesting in. Letho looked down and several of them sleeping in stupor. The moonlight from above allowed him to see the exact details of the ground below. Goblin Slayer, Archer, and Iorveth looked over to where the Witcher was staring.

"They're all in a stupor. Practically easy pickings for us."

"There's so many of them..." Archer noted.

"Most likely fifty of them." Goblin Slayer assessed. "Not an issue, though."

"You sound as if you're confident of your abilities. What are you planning?" Iorveth questioned.

"I do. But I'll let him do it first." Goblin Slayer pointed his finger to Letho, who did nothing but grin as he pulled out a liquid container like before.

"Glad to finally be of use. Got sick of waiting around." He held up the strange object in his hand in front of the group.

"About time I laid out my cards."

The goblin awoke from his sleep, having the urge to piss at a nearby corner. The night before was rowdy but entertaining. He and the others needed some relief for once. The drinking, the meat, and the music was what they all needed.

But most especially entertaining was that elf.

It had been some time they had fun with a girl, and it was what the boys needed for awhile. Thing is, she was hard to deal, so it was no surprise that he and the others decided to play "sport" with her. Oh, how she screamed and wriggled around as they played with her. They were music to his ears. Ashamed they had to do it; those breasts were particularly appetizing in the eyes. He would rather play with them then throw her into that dank room by her lonesome.

He reached the corner and unwrapped his cloth to piss. That was another relief, so make that four reliefs. He finished and walked back to his spot. But soon as he did, something caught his eye.


Above him, a blue glow lit the sky was descending down to the nest. The goblin was confused but curious at what had fallen from the sky. It crashed to the floor and blue mist began to permeate and expand in its landing. The goblin soon realized there was trouble and tried to wake up his brethren.



But it was too late, a loud boom echoed the nest, and a sudden rush of ice and snow enveloped everything within its range. The last thing thr goblin felt was the cold touch of frost covering it from head to toe and, soon, only saw darkness.

Letho always admired the bombs he had crafted and used for special occasions. It made moments like this to be convenient and utterly splendid to see them do their work. Of course, he'd have to cast Quen beforehand so as to avoid being a casualty of his own designs. Luckily, the height of his position provided more than enough to safely conduct his routine work.

He signalled his party, who had taken cover as a precaution of the bomb's blast radius. The party stood back up.

"It's over now. Time we moved."

The entire party began descending down the stairs and walked to centre of the nest. Or at least what remained of it. All around, they saw the frozen remains of the goblins, who laid petrified their sleeping positions as they had before, save for one goblin that stood upwards and looked as it were defending itself.

"Seems we had an early riser." Iorveth pointed out.

"Not anymore." Letho pushed the petrified goblin with one hand, shattering into a thousand pieces as it crashed through the floor. The group surveyed their surroundings. Some having noticeable concerning looks on them.

"Eesh, I know you're a tough fella, Snake-Eyes. But I never thought you would carry such dangerous arsenal." Dwarf Shaman said, eyeing at a goblin corpse sleeping with a weapon in a curled up position.

"Indeed, you seem to have hidden talents. Talents that seem excessive to a degree." Lizard Priest added in.

"It's so chilly in here. Feels like I stepped in a cold cellar on a hot summer day." Warrior spoke up, suddenly noticing that Fighter and High Elf Archer were shaking and jittering their teeth due to the sudden temperature drop in the nest.

"BRRRRRR! Everything's so cold!" Archer whined. "Don't you have anything that doesn't involve explosions or being cold?!"

Even after all that talk from the Witcher, she recovered surprisingly well.

"Nope." Letho dismissed. "Just bombs and potions meant for me. Besides, I saved you all the effort in killing them."

"For once, I can agree." Iorveth answered. The witcher decided to approach a hall on the other end of the nest. As he took a few steps in, his medallion began humming. It soon started trembling fast and more wilder. It was going haywire. Letho sensed great danger was approaching. Iorveth took notice of the Witcher's sudden stillness.

"What's wrong?" Iorveth questioned, pulling out his bow and nocking an arrow in. The party behind them looked at the two and prepared for what was about to happen.

"Something's coming. And it's big." For the first time since the attack on Farm Village, Letho took out his silver sword. He quickly downed several of his potions, preparing himself for the upcoming battle. Each dose caused his face to grow black veins all over; eyes sunken and face going beyond pale. It hurt him to drink several of them at a time. Iorveth's party saw the Witcher's face turn into what was reminiscent of a skull. Blood from his nose fell to the ground and it burned the ground beneath him. They now understood what he meant and they all prepared themselves. Goblin Slayer and the porcelains armed themselves as well. Everyone stood behind the Witcher and the Scoia'tael; awaiting for the coming threat.

Samael Boss Theme - Darksiders 2 OST

"So you're the ones who made that ruckus? I was wondering if my army was causing a racket."



Large footsteps began approaching. Each step shook the earth beneath the party. The porcelains save Priestess looked as if they were ready to flee, but kept their ground even as the footsteps made them struggle to take in position. Iorveth's party was ready and began preparing their spells to combat what's coming. Archer followed Iorveth's action and prepared her bow.

"No matter. They were beyond useless. Couldn't even do something as simple as guard duty. Pathetic, really. But you took away my army. So I'll relish that feeling by getting rid of you, filth."

In the darkness of the halls, came a behemoth of a demon. Its height dwarfed everyone in the nest, including Lizard Priest. His dark reddish skin and snow white hair combined with tense sinuous muscles flexing like steel wire. In his left hand, he carried an oversized steel club that could possibly carry the distance between it and the party. He was no mere goblin. Neither champion nor lord. No, something far more terrible.

"A d'yaebl..."

"No. Ogre." The words of the Witcher made it clear that they were fighting a far worse threat that none could imagine.

"Oh... So not a goblin, then...?" The rest of the party save for Iorveth and Letho looked at the helmed adventurer with flabbergasted looks and exasperation. Letho smirked while Iorveth just looked disappointed and unimpressed by the adventurer's habit of sticking to his namesake.

"Y-You're serious?! That's an ogre!" Archer exclaimed.

"Is that so?"

"Nah, just the boss. Prepare yourselves."

"I see."

"We are all doomed..." Iorveth murmured to himself. The ogre was completely infuriated by the comparison.

"You dare insult me?! One of the chosen generals of the Demon King?! The mightiest of which that gained his favor?! I will show you my power that I'm no mere goblin!"

The demon raised his right arm and began chanting.


Soon, a ball of fire emerged from his hand. It was getting bigger and the party realized what the demon was casting.

"A fireball! And it's getting huge!" Dwarf Shaman said in terror.

"Scatter!" Archer scrambled to avoid the fireball.

"We can't! It'll kill us before we even escape!" Wizard protested.

"Then what do we do?!" Warrior panicked.

"I don't know!"

"We have to do something!"


Before the ogre could finish the incantation, Iorveth shot an arrow straight into one of its eye.


The ogre lost control of his power and misfired as the ball of flame struck the side of the gallery above. Priestess quickly casted protection spell around her comrades just chanted it.

"PROTECTION!" The group narrowly avoided death just as the falling debris began to crash around them. Only Letho and Iorveth were outside of the protective sphere, but the witcher made good use of his Quen shield bubble. The falling debris soon stopped, and Priestess' spell soon dissipated. She then became exhausted due to the damage that was done on the shield.

"Priestess!" Fighter exclaimed as she went beside her. Wizard handed her friend a mana potion to Priestess.

"You did good. Thanks." Goblin Slayer applauded in his own way. Letho and Iorveth came out of the rubble; with not a single scratch on them.

"You guys all right?" Wizard asked.

"We're good. But we still got a problem." Letho replied, focusing all his attention on the

It clutched its face, and attempted to dig out the arrow from its eye socket.

"By the way, good aim." Letho applauded the scoia'tael. "And quick thinking."

"I believe this is a witcher's work now. I'll provide fire support. Make sure you put it down for good."

"Say no more." Letho soon switched out his silver sword for steel. While it was better to use the silver sword to fight against supernatural creatures such as the ogre, its club made the Witcher retrace his steps. He would have to rely on brute strength and high durability to counter the demon's attacks. He began calling out to the others.

"Goblin Slayer! Lizard Priest! You're with me! The rest of you stay back and provide fire support! We're gonna flank him."

"Sound strategy, sir Witcher!" Lizard Priest soon summoned another Dragontooth Warrior, while Goblin Slayer readied his sword.

"O sickle wings of the velociraptor. Rip and tear! Fly and hunt!"

All four dashed towards the ogre with murderous intent, soon after.

"Insolent fools! You shall know my wra-GAAAH!"

An arrow landed straight into the ogre's other eye. Courtesy of High Elf Archer's aim. Followed by a barrage of magic spells from casters accompanying arrow projectiles from both elves.



The ogre was not only blinded by arrows lodged in its eyes, it was now flooded by a torrent of magi from different directions. The frontliners wasted no time and closed the distance on the demon. The ogre heard the footsteps approaching, however, and swung his club at his attackers; sweeping from the left. Thankfully, all of them narrowly avoided the attack in no small part for its blindness. Letho was the first to reach the Ogre and ducked between its legs, but not before casting Yrden beneath its feet. The ogre felt its movement slowed down and was now helpless as the attackers began slashing and cutting his flesh on his heels.

It was unfortunate... for them, as any damage they unleashed proved futile as the ogre's wounds healed instantaneously on the go. Still, with Yrden in effect, there's not much that the ogre could do.

"His skin impervious to our blades!" Lizard Priest called out. Letho proved him wrong, of course.

"Not all of it." He chopped off the hand that held the club; rendering the ogre devoid of a weapon. The ogre howled in pain, having lost its weapon.

"Grrrrr, you think this will stop me from killing you?! You are merely delaying the inevitable!"

In a shocking feat of strength, the ogre managed to free himself from the Yrden, despite the powerful magic holding him in place. The ogre's next course of action was to lash out at the one who had chopped off his hand. He took a swipe with his right hand, doing his hardest to catch the Witcher. However, with both of his eyes blinded, all he could ever feel was the air. In reality, the Witcher ducked before the monster could swipe at him. Goblin Slayer and Lizard Priest stayed back, all the while backing up Letho.

"Shit." He muttered. He took another swing, but the ogre managed to somehow stop the blade. The sword had lodged itself in to the forearm of it and Letho soon lost his grip of blade. The Witcher pulled back from the ogre's range.

"Guess it's time for silver, then." Letho pulled out his silver sword; no longer in worry of the damage it'll sustain against the ogre's club. He took a mighty swing at it. The blind ogre expected the attack based on his hearing and tried to block it. Only this time, instead of a stinging sensation from the steel sword, he felt of horrendous amount of excruciating pain envelop as the cut on his forearm burned hot by silver.

"GRAAAAHHH, WHAT DID YOU DO?!" The ogre lashed out in anger.

"Nothing. Just had an extra sword. Silver." Letho replied. He then signalled the attackers to follow his lead. Goblin Slayer and Lizard Priest continued flanking the ogre all while distancing themselves. The volleys from Iorveth's group only enraged it more.

"ENOUGH!" The ogre suddenly stomped his foot onto the ground, causing the earth to shake powerful enough to cause the rangers and caster to lose their balance as they prepared another volley. One arrow struck Goblin Slayer by the shoulder in complete accident. The painful grunt he had made after allowed the ogre to predict his next attack, and swung again. He grinned when he felt the insect meet his fist, causing him to launch into the air. Goblin Slayer landed straight into one of the pillars that support the gallery.

"GOBLIN SLAYER-SAMA!" Priestess cried out. Eyes looked to the direction to where Goblin Slayer had landed. Warrior and Fighter ran towards the adventurer, while the rest tried to hold their positions.

"We'll take care of him!" Iorveth called out to Letho. "You deal with the d'yaebl!"

Letho nodded. His anger was now focused on the ogre as it used the distraction to pluck the arrows out of his eyes. It managed to get one open and finally saw the Witcher bullrushing him with a swing. The ogre successfully stepped back, evading what could have been the killing blow. He grabbed one of the rubble beneath and proceeded to whack the witcher to the side. Letho saw it and hastily casted Quen before he was knocked away. He flung against a wall; the wind knocked out of him. Had he not casted the shield, he would've been squashed like a fly.

The ogre had to now deal with two more frontline warriors. The priest and his skeletal minion were all that's left against him. He immediately grabbed his club from the floor; his left hand still clinging on to it. He attached the hand back to the stump before going on the defense. He was still blinded in one eye. He just needed the right moment to get rid of these fools and then he'll be good in no time.

"Once I'm restored, I'll defile your corpses and collect your skulls as trophies! Starting with the little girls!"

The declaration made the younger adventurers tremble. But Iorveth and his party stood their ground pressed onward.

"DO NOT LET HIM SWAY WITH THREATS! FIGHT ON! FIGHT ON!" Iorveth commanded. The party pushed themselves to the limit.



Wizard's spell caused the ogre to stagger as her spell landed in his face. Meanwhile, Fighter and Warrior dragged Goblin Slayer back to safety, with Priestess in tow.

"W-What happened...?" Goblin Slayer asked in his dazed state.

"You got knocked out in the fight!" Warrior answered.

"We dragged you back safely. Witcher and the others are still fighting the ogre." Fighter explained, before getting out a healing and stamina potion. "Here. Take this."

Goblin Slayer drank its content. "Much better."

"What do we do now?" Warrior asked, awaiting his orders.

"Where is my bag?" Goblin Slayer looked around himself and checked for his satchel. Fighter returned with his belongings.

"Here, it was off from a few feet away from you. What do you need?" Goblin Slayer soon pulled out the magical artifact he had been carrying yesterday.

"The magic scroll?" Priestess blinked in surprise. "But the others-!"

"I'm not using it just yet." Goblin Slayer interrupted. "Need to get the others outta the way."

"But how?!" Warrior asked.

"Witcher. And he needs our help."

Letho stood himself back up. The hit practically caused him to tire out. Were it not for the potions and Quen, he would've been dead awhile ago. However, his blood was boiling as his target was in sight. The bastard was tough, and it seems he now regained all of his former strength judging from his reformed hand and club. It was too distracted from the skirmish with Lizard Priest and his golem. The witcher took the opportunity to sneak up on the ogre as he unsheathed his remaining silver sword to his back and pulled out a knife and a bomb. He quickly dashed towards the highest debris and climbed up. As the ogre was busy trying to swat the lizardman, Letho leaped from his position and landed on the back of the demon.

The ogre suddenly realized too late that he had been distracted and was now being grappled by the brute who chopped off his hand from before. Letho stabbed his remaining eye, causing it to scream in pain as it was now blinded. Again. Letho soon threw the bomb down its mouth and jumped out as it exploded from within. He landed in front of the party. The bomb, however, did not kill the ogre as the witcher intended. It soon belched out fire from its mouth.

"HehehehehahaHAHAHAHA! Did you really think that would kill me? It will take more than just a simple bomb to eradicate me!"

His laughter caused the party to shudder in fear. It pulled out both Letho's knife and Archer's arrow out of his eye sockets. They reformed quickly and he had now regained his vision.

"Sir Witcher! Your sword!" Lizard Priest called out as he handed Letho his steel sword.

"Thanks, but I think this where I'll be handling this on my own. All of you stand back."

"What?! Are you insane?!" You ca-!" High Elf Archer wanted to protest, but was stopped by Iorveth.

"This is his fight." Iorveth said. "We did our roles. Let him do his."

Letho soon walked away from the rest and approached the ogre.

"Oh? So you dare approach me? Instead of fleeing, you've decided to meet your end? Who are you in the eyes of a dark shepherd?"

"A witcher." Letho continued. "A hunter of monsters. And you'll be nothing more than a trophy put on display when I kill you."

The ogre snorted. He was deeply insulted by the Witcher's taunts. He raised his club and put it over his shoulder.

"Is that so? After displaying a glimpse of my power, you continue to INSULT me? You do NOT fathom the extent of which my true power resides. You will taste it soon..."

"Magic? You're gonna rely only on magic for this fight? What a coward. So damn afraid that someone like me is that much of a threat? Some big talker you are."

The ogre furrowed his brow, enraged by the insult.


The ogre slammed his club to the ground; shaking the earth once more.

Herald of Gargos - Killer Instinct Season 2 OST

"Good. I was getting tired of talking." Letho soon propelled himself towards the ogre. The demon swung as he did before. And like always, the Witcher ducked under and slashed at the ogre again. It was useless to keep cutting at him as he regenerated, but Letho focused on the huge club. He needed to get rid of it. Blocking it would be the last thing he wanted to do. The strength of those swings would naturally break his sword like a twig branch. He needed to keep evading; avoiding his swings until his opponent either tired out or a sign of weakness exposed itself.

The ogre tried to land a vicious backhand at the Witcher, but Letho managed to avoid being hit. He continued to slash at him; serving to anger the demon more. His swings became more wild and ferocious. To any inexperienced fighter, this would've been a terrifying juggernaut one should always escape from.

But to Letho, it was a mere child's temper tantrum.


"Tsk, sore loser." Letho grinned with an air of confidence as he performed another pirouette. A big gash soon dug deep within the ogre. The demon roared. Letho kept dancing and dodging around the ogre. For how long? Who knows. So long as fortune shined upon him.

"We should be helping him." Archer suggested, watching in awe at the sight of the Witcher's movement. She had never seen such a burly man evade with such grace not unlike the elven lily dancers from her home. He dodged the ogre's strikes with fluidity and precision. And when he attacked, he struck true; causing actual pain for the ogre. Her party watched with great interest, not moving a finger as the duel continued.

"There's nothing we can do that the vatt'ghern hasn't already." Iorveth responded in return.

"I can see why your world only needs witchers, One-Eye." Dwarf Shaman noted. "His movement and technique suit well for fighting large monsters."

"Indeed, his style of fighting reminds of my relatives. Serpentine and fluid. But when on the attack, he strikes hard."

"As I said before; when you face a witcher in battle, pray to any god that exists." Iorveth stated, scratching his chin. "Though, this ogre may have to create his own..."

"Hah! Always the jester, One-Eye!" Dwarf Shaman snorted. Archer suddenly picked up movement from behind, and looked to see Goblin Slayer being carried by the rest of the Porcelains.

"Goblin Slayer-sama!" Wizard exclaimed.

"I'm fine." Goblin Slayer assured. "Where's Witcher?"

"Dueling with the Ogre at the moment." Iorveth answered.

"W-What?!" Warrior exasperated. "Then why are you guys still doing here and standing?!"

"Not much we can do, lad." Dwarf Shaman replied. "Besides, Snake-Eyes is doing pretty well without our help."

Porcelains looked at the fight and saw what the dwarf meant. They saw Letho move in such speed that even the strongest high-ranked adventurers would find troublesome.

"Whoa! Witcher-sama's really showing that ogre who's boss!" Warrior said with excitement.

"But he needs our help!" Priestess exclaimed. Iorveth raised a hand to prevent further protest.

"I'm afraid there's not much help we could offer. Only stay on the sidelines."

"I have a plan." Goblin Slayer suggested. Iorveth looked at him with interest.

"I'm listening..."

Letho grunted as he dodged another strike. He was biting off more than he could chew. Rather than wait for the right moment to exploit his movements as had planned, the fighting was becoming more and more difficult to hold. The ogre's speed was matching up to Letho's. He was beginning to chastise himself for being so slow. He dodged another attack, though he could feel the cold hard surface of the club touch his nose.

"Come on, Letho! Go with the flow!" He said to himself internally.

"I'LL CATCH YOU, YOU HEAR ME! YOUR LUCK WILL SOON END!" The ogre roared. Letho needed to end this. Fast. Quickly, he slowed down his movement; acting sluggishly as if he had tired. The ogre took noticed and grinned maliciously.

"So you've finally tired yourself now? Excellent! I'll shall end this once and for all!"

Opportunity had arrived. The ogre made an overhead swing and proceeded to slam it on top of the Witcher. As he did, time slowed down around him. Letho proceeded to pirouette again, just inches as he narrowly avoided the crushing blow of the ogre's club. This took the ogre by surprise, but it was too late. In an instant, Letho casted Aard on the club as it almost slammed towards the ground, knocking it out of the ogre's hand. A look of shock on its face was all it took before Letho plunged his steel sword the demon's chest.

Victory was in Letho's favour.

Unfortunately, the ogre wasn't finished just yet. He slammed down Letho's shoulder with its fist, causing the Witcher to lose his grip on the sword. He then grappled the Witcher with one hand. He smiled as he he began slowly crushing the Witcher in his grip. He pulled the Witcher's sword and casted aside.

"Hehehe... you were a difficult one. Haven't had such a challenge for a long awhile. I'll savor this moment by taking your skull as a necklace."

Just as the ogre continued to monologue, arrows began striking at him in annoyance. He raised one hand to deflect them from touch his face like before.

"Must you pester me with such useless weapons?! They won't stop me from killing you!"

"No. But they are good as distraction." Iorveth replied.

"What?" Just then, something stabbed him through the throat. He was choking as blood poured inside his throat. He lost his grip on the Witcher and flung him aside as began shaking off who ever was on his back. Letho saw it was Warrior that plunged his sword into the ogre's neck; holding on for dear life. The ogre struggled as he tried to remove the sword off his throat.

"What are you doing, boy?! Let go of the damn sword!" Letho barked just as he stood up. Warrior was unable to listen as he was too focused on holding.

"THIS WAS A BAD IDEEEEAAAA!" Warrior screamed at the top of his lungs. He soon lost his grip and flew into a pile of rubble. Luckily, he had his helmet and thick gambeson to cushion the fall. He still felt bruises all over him, though. The ogre finally freed the sword from his throat; crushing and shattering it in his clutches. He coughed up the blood and finally breathed in the air around him. He was now enraged and proceeded to end the battle.


As he did from the start, he began chanting his most powerful. A ball of flame appeared and began to enlarge itself as the ogre begun the incantation.


"He's starting again!"

"Everyone break for it!"

"Witcher-sama!" Letho looked to see who had called out his name. He spotted Fighter dashing towards him at unimaginable speeds, with the magic scroll in hand.

"Here! Face it towards the ogre! NOW!" Fighter yelled as she handed the Witcher the scroll. Letho felt the power within it. His medallion hummed and vibrated violently as he gripped the scroll in his hand.


Without hesitation, the Witcher unwrapped the scroll and aimed it towards the ogre. He braced the strength of what was to come.


"Too slow." No sooner did the power within surged with a powerful burst. Whatever spell the ogre had, it was soon cut short as the fireball soon dissipated as the ogre fell down. A blast of the magic scroll's power had cut the ogre to ribbons; bisecting him from the waist below. The blast soon stopped, and with it, the scroll disintegrated; it's purpose now fulfilled. Letho stood up and relaxed himself.

The fight was over. The magic scroll did its work and silence had filled the entire gallery.

He opened his eyes once more and looked upon the result of the magic. In the air, he smelled of something off but familiar. Briny and moist.

*sniff* "Saltwater?"

"I had the gate scroll's destination set to the bottom of the ocean." Goblin Slayer replied. Letho saw the adventurer approached towards the ogre, albeit, exhausted and struggling to stand on his own two feet. His armor had massive dents. No doubt from the massive blow of the club. He staggered and fell on one knee. Iorveth walked up and helped the adventurer up on his feet.

"Thank you."

"No need. It worked out well." Iorveth replied.

"Warrior!" Fighter cried out, grabbing Lerho's attention. "Where are you?!"

"I'm here!" Warrior pulled out from the rubble. "I'm okay!"

Fighter dashed towards him. Again, at incredible speeds Letho had not seen before.

"When did she become so fast?"

"Because of me." Wizard replied as she approached the Witcher. Letho looked with a raised eyebrow. "I used a spell to further enhance Fighter's speed. It's only temporary, though. She'll be back to normal speeds in a minute."

Letho looked back at the two kids. He saw Fighter punching him in the shoulder, causing him to yelp in surprise.

"I-Idiot..." Fighter said, before embracing Warrior with a hug. "You're alive..."

Letho had to admit. It was a touching scene. But he shook his head and focused on the ogre lying on a small makeshift pool. His lower half completely gone; coupled with missing right thumb and left hand.

"W-What... have you... done to ME?!"

"I already told you: I linked the gate scroll to the bottom of the ocean."

"B-Bottom... of the ocean...?" The ogre looked at the adventurer with complete loss.

"I was intending to use it to drown out the goblin nest." Goblin Slayer explained. "But this will do."

"Y-You... would use... such a thing... to kill... mere... GOBLINS?!"

"Doesn't matter. Goblins are a bigger threat than you. Whatever your name was."

"Don't you... DARE... forget MY NAME!"

"He's yours, Witcher." Goblin Slayer said to Letho. A silent nod was all he received. Letho began walking towards what remained of the still breathing ogre.

"W-What... What are you going to do...?"

Letho pulled out his silver sword, and stared down at the now frightened ogre with his yellow eyes.

"What a Witcher does best..." Letho proceeded to raise the sword over his head.

"Killing monsters."

The ogre screamed in desperation before the silver sword chopped through his neck; cutting the jugular in the process. The witcher continued to hack through the base before stopping in four strokes. The ogre's head was now free from its shoulder. Letho soon dragged the head with a hook and puncture through cheek of its mouth. The party looked in disgust and intrigue as the Witcher dragged it back.

"W-What are you going to do with it?" High Elf Archer asked, looking at the head in complete horror.

"Simple. I intend to bring it back to the Guild and get a bonus. Big bastard like him should bring in a lot of fortune, our way."

"That's not necessary." Dwarf Shaman dismissed.

"Doesn't matter. My kill. I do whatever I want if it means getting my reward."

"Hmm, always the opportunist as ever, Letho." Iorveth remarked. "Matters not. I believe someone needs to further explore down the hall. Lizard Priest, think you could carry Goblin Slayer?"

"I wouldn't mind it, Sir Scoia'tael." Lizard Priest replied. Iorveth soon allowed to carry the adventurer towards the Lizardman. The whole party had come out unscathed from the whole fight. Besides bruises and exhaustion, no one had died.

"Archer, think you could accompany me?"

"Sure thing, Scoia'tael!" Archer and Scoia'tael ventured inside.

"You can go up ahead, everyone." Iorveth advised. "We'll take it from here."

"You sure about that?" Letho asked. "No monsters need to be slain?"

"Tsk. I'm no witcher, Letho, but I can handle this." Iorveth scoffed. Letho shrugged.

"Fine. See you back at the caravan."

"We won't be gone for long." Iorveth assured. "We'll rendezvous back."

"Good luck."

"Wait! Witcher!" Letho looked to see Fighter return with his belongings. "Your sword and knife."

"Thanks." Letho took them back and placed in their original spots. He then went through his pouch and took out White Honey. "Much better. Let's move."


Iorveth and Archer searched around the recently deceased ogre's "belongings", which basically consisted of unidentifiable bones from possibly humans and animals, and the smell of urine that filled the air.

"Did you find anything valuable? I wanna get outta here now! This place stinks!" Archer whined. Iorveth ignored her plea.

"Nothing yet, but it's better to find anything useful." Iorveth responded as he scrounge through a pile of bones. Archer shoot a glare at his direction, who was seemingly unaware of it as he investigated. "Besides, I had thought you would be used to the smell by now. The smell of urine does wonders when it comes to cleaning clothes. Or so I hear."

"Pffft. As if I'm gonna pee on my own clothes... pee cleaning clothes. Heh." Archer giggled. "Besides, where diddya hear this stuff, anyway?"

"From a dh'oine. They make up some of the strangest things on the go."

She rolled her eyes and continued the search. Eventually she found something that could be useful.

"Hey, I found something!" She alerted.

"What did you find?"

"Some sort of... crystal?" Archer eyed the object in her hand. She couldn't make of what it is. Iorveth saw it with curiosity and familiarity. The object in question was blue crystal shaped into a diamond.

"That can't be..." He muttered.

"That can't be what?" Archer asked. She saw the elf looked as if he stumbled into a secret passage.

"I-It's nothing." He dismissed.

"You sure? You look like you seen a ghost or something."

"No, I'm fine." He denied. "Though, it does remind me of something. Perhaps we shall bring it with us. I'll have to inquire with someone to identify it."

"Okay. Catch!" She threw the crystal towards Iorveth, who caught the object with precision. "It's yours for the taking.

"Thanks. Though I would've appreciated that you didn't do it in the near future."

"Pffft. Such a sourpuss. I'm just being playful." She scoffed. Iorveth scowled.

"And this so happens to be rather valuable."

"Whatever. Can we go now? There's nothing here and I wanna get out of here!" She complained.

"Alright, alright, we'll leave." Iorveth conceded. Archer jumped in joy and hopped towards the exit, while the scoia'tael shook his head in annoyance.

*sigh* "Weddin."

"I heard that!" Archer snapped back. Iorveth followed her after, albeit, in a walking pace.

Unbeknownst to the duo, a figure watched in the shadows with great interest. He smirked at the success of both strangers from the other world. He had made quite an investment in picking them when they were supplanted here.

Well, one of them at least. One had been taken. But it mattered not, for it was only a game.

"Hmmh, seems it wasn't such a waste, after all. A wise investment, I should say. Although, only hers was able to get his reward. A shame mine didn't. *sigh* At the very least he's happy. Still, a success of many to come. More winnings means more players to pick. But don't worry, you'll see a glimpse of it, soon enough. After all, I have all the Time that I need."

And so, I walked away; whistling to my favourite tune.


Daybreak had come, and the two elves awaited for the adventurers sent to destroy the nest near the Forest. It had been almost noon and the day was getting shorter. Just yesterday, their scout was rescued and carried off by the party's golem. A rescue party was sent in to meet at the temple in haste.

Fortunately, their ears picked up movement. They prepared to give their thanks.

"Greetings! Thank you for saving ou-GAH!"

What they are greeted with was a burly man with cat eyes carrying the head of a monster in one hand.

"Dealt with the goblin nest. Ogre was leading them. Both have been taken care of." The witcher said, tersely. He soon walked passed the two. Their face were that of dumbstruck wonder and horror. Soon, several more adventurers exited the cave. A dwarf greeted the two.

"Don't worry about Snake-Eyes." Dwarf assured. "We had a pretty eventful night."

"O-Oh! Well, we thank you for rescuing our scout and destroying the nest! I take it none were harmed?"

"Only a few bruises and dirty clothes. But that's it."

"Do not forget about our two elven compatriots." Lizard Priest reminded.

"Oh! That as well. They stayed behind to find anything valuable. Said they'll be back."

"Excellent! Then perhaps we shall help them as well."

"No need." A voice chimed in. From the entrance, stood two elves. One was familiar in the Forest; the other, an inexplicably unknown elf. He had forgone the long hair and fair skin. Instead, it was a scarred and rugged individual that with only one eye covered by a rag over his head. In fact, he stood out well when placed among their people.

"Ceàdmill." Iorveth greeted. The language perplexed the elves, but the elf ignored it.

"The entire place has been thoroughly searched. There's not much to be found. Only riddled with bones and feces." Iorveth explained.

"Ah! Still, we'll be taking the ruin out of your hands." The elf said.

"Va fail." Iorveth walked passed them before the elves could even ask who he was.

"Don't worry. He's from faraway place." Archer said, before she too walked towards the caravan. The elves looked on; still utterly confused at what just happened.

The Road Back...

Letho sat back and relaxed himself on the caravan. He and his compatriots sat in a wagon big enough for everyone to sit and rest in. As the trek back to Frontier Town continued, he daydreamed of his new success. With proof, he could finally reach his dream status. While he could've picked gold or even platinum, he found silver to be the appropriate rank. He had done enough research and lessons from Guild Girl when he had his breaks. Having done his homework, silver was right for him. It was enough for him to actually take bounties that were not just lucrative, but also provided him enough of a challenge. At the same time, he didn't have to worry about slaying dark gods and demon kings in that rank. Especially demon kings. He at least didn't have to worry about his guilty conscience nagging at him. He blissfully smiled at the thought of achieving his goal. With the head beside him, now covered in a burlap sack, he was now going up the ranks in no time.

"You seem happy, Snake-Eyes." Letho opened his eyes; recognizing Dwarf Shaman's voice.

"Heh. Damn right, I am." He answered. "With the ogre's head, I could actually get myself an upgrade. Finally caught a big break, for once."

"Aye, you did more than just fought an ogre, you just killed one of the most demon generals of the Demon King himself! And survived!"

"Indeed. If you were an actual serpent, my Forebears above would be proud of this achievement." Lizard Priest and Dwarf Shaman applauded at the Witcher's combat skills in the duel.

"You do forget that others have come to your rescue when that thing had you in its reach." Iorveth pointed out, directing his eye towards Archer, Goblin Slayer and the Porcelains.

"I had it under control."

"Of course, you did. Getting almost strangled to death and almost having your head explode was you're plan all along. Could've thought it better myself." Iorveth clapped in his hands in a slow manner; simply to mock the witcher.

"Hmm..." Letho groaned. But quickly turned his attention to Goblin Slayer.

"How's he? Is he alright?" He asked.

"He's breathing fine." Priestess answered. "Despite the massive blow, the health potion was more than enough for him to be stable. For now, he's resting."

"I'm still awake." Goblin Slayer answered, causing the porcelains to get spooked.

"Eesh! You ever gonna stop playing dead?!" Wizard snapped.

"But I wasn't."

"Well, it's rather creepy of you to be so quiet."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. It's like you're eavesdropping on people without them noticing. Just talk occasionally, at least."

"I was thinking the same!" Archer jumped in, agreeing with Wizard's suggestion.

"I see. I'll do my best."

"And please say more than one or two words! It's annoying!" Archer complained.

"I think that's enough suggestions for him for today." Letho calmly spoke to prevent further complaints. "Goblin Slayer, get some rest."

"Okay." Goblin Slayer then tilted his head back. The rest looked at him, wondering if he was actually asleep. They waited for about a minute, before they resumed conversing with each other.

"Well, I think it's safe to say that Beard-Cutter's asleep now." Dwarf Shaman noted.

"Hope so." Letho agreed. "Anyways, did you find anything useful in that ogre's lair, Iorveth?"

"Not much." Iorveth answered, before pulling out the blue crystal out of his pocket. "All we ever found was this lying in the room."

Letho eyed at the crystal. "Is that what I think it is?"

"Possibly." Iorveth shrugged. "I still have no clue what it is. I'll have to find someone who could decipher this."

"Say, One-Eye, perhaps you could speak with a mage. The Guild has several of them back in town." Dwarf suggested.

"I would've casted 'Identify' but I used up all my spell slots." Wizard added, slightly faltered. "That, and I'm completely under leveled to do such."

"Thanks for the advise." Iorveth said. Letho looked to Warrior, who had his over Fighter's shoulder.

"You did a real stupid move, back there."

"W-What?" Warrior was taken aback.

"Back at the fight. Damn suicidal, I'll have to say..." Letho looked at Warrior straight in the eyes with a stern face, before relaxing as he took a deep breath. *sigh* "But you did a good job at it."

The boy looked at the Witcher in stunned silence. Witcher actually thanking him? He finally did something good for once!

"T-Thank you, Master Witcher!" Warrior said.

"Don't call me 'Master'. It's weird. Witcher will do just fine."

"R-Right. Sorry." Warrior apologized.

"Never seen you grown soft before." Iorveth smirked.

"Kids need to learn how to survive. Besides Continent's full of sharp-minded orphans and bastards, out there. Country kids should do the same."

"I suppose." Iorveth said in agreement. "By the way, it seems I have forgotten to share a treat with you all from the campfire."

"Weren't you empty-handed when we first met?" Archer asked.

"I was, but I have a treat not in the sense it will fill up your stomachs." Iorveth soon pulled out his flute from his coat. He washed the tip with fresh water from the caravan's supplies and wiped it clean before playing the musical instrument.

Iorveth's Flute Song - Witcher 2

The party were soon entranced by the song Iorveth played. After the battle with the ogre, it was comforting to hear it and the party relaxed. Soon, much of the trip stayed silent in bliss. Nothing eventful, but it was all they needed.

Arrival at Frontier Town

"Alright, folks! We've arrived!" The driver announced. "All of you can step out now."

The party came out of the wagon and stretched themselves. It was afternoon at this time, and the welcoming view of the town had finally greeted them.

"Ahhh, finally!" Fighter said, stretching her back. "We're home again!"

"Yeah, and I'm starving as well!" Warrior added. His stomach was grumbling after a tiresome quest. "I wonder what they're having at the Guild? Looking forward for some pork chops!"

"I wonder if they're serving anything special today." Wizard said.

"Well, I hope they got something for us elves. Ain't that right, Scoia'tael?" Archer playfully elbowed her one-eyed elf companion by the shoulder.

"I do eat meat, by the way." Iorveth replied. Archer pouted. "What?"

"Tsk. Nothing." She denied. "It's so uncoming of an elf to be a carnivore, that's all!"

Iorveth rolled his eye. "I can eat vegetarian as well..."

"Sure." Archer grmubled. Dwarf Shaman chuckled.

"Hah! It seems you kids have grown quite the appetite!" Dwarf Shaman pointed out. "After what happened, all of you deserve to quench your thirst and hunger!"

"I concur. I too desire for something to savor..." Lizard Priest added.

"Does it involve cheese melted on top on savory meat?" Iorveth predicted. Lizard Priest slamming his tail was his response.

"SWEET NECTAAAAR~!" Lizard Priest cried out in excitement. A couple of pedestrians were startled by the lizard man's excitement.

"Well, first we gotta send in a report." Letho dragged out the head out of the wagon.

"I'll handle it." Goblin Slayer said, being one of the last two to jump off. The other being Priestess carrying him out. Letho, however, raised his hand before the adventurer could do anything.

"Nope. Allow me. Think it's time you took a break." Letho declined Goblin Slayer's advances. "Besides, you're in no condition to do anything."

"I see."

"Yes, you see." Letho said in jest; playfully mocking Goblin Slayer's verbal tic. "Anyways, let's head inside."

The party soon walked towards the building of the Adventurer's Guild. However, about midway through, Letho heard a loud commotion coming from within. Two voices clashing at each other. There was a fight going on inside.

"Is something wrong, Witcher-sama?" Priestess asked in concern.

"Stick close behind me. I'm hearing a fight." Everyone braced themselves as the Witcher hastened his pace.

Adventurer's Guild


"I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING, YOU PRICK! ALL I SAID ANOTHER ONE OF YOU CAME HERE WITH THE SAME NAME AT THIS GUILD!" A second retorted. Letho recognized that it was Spearman's voice, and saw him being restrained by several adventurers. Up to and including Witch, Heavy Warrior, Female Knight, and Martial Artist holding him down.

"Spearman, cut it out! We're in the Guild! No fighting indoors! You know the rules!" Heavy Warrior exclaimed as he pulled back Spearman from stirring up another fight.

"SCREW THAT! THAT BASTARD'S THE ONE WHO STARTED THIS!" Spearman yelled in anger, giving it all in his strength to break off from his friends' embraces.

"THAT'S IT! THE GLOVES ARE OFF! I'M SHOVING THAT SPEAR UP YOUR ASS!" The unknown individual was soon restrained by a companion of his by the collar.

"Gaetan! That's enough! You've caused enough trouble for the day! We are only here to register! Do NOT cause any further incidents!" The third said, in an attempt to defuse the situation. His voice was oddly young as witchers were no longer able to create more of their own. Behind the two, Guild Girl tried to settle things in a futile attempt.

However, Letho wasn't shocked by the volatile verbal exchange between the two men so much as shocked as these two strangers carried two swords on their backs. The biggest standouts that identified them as witchers. The first one, now identified as Gaetan, was similar to Letho in that they shared the same appearance, with noticeable differences. For one, he was far slimmer and and his features were much rounder compared to Letho's sharp but robust looks. Secondly, his outfit looked a lot like Letho's original outfit when he was sleeveless back then. It was a dark olive green vest with some noticeable tan brown accents in certain areas of the pants and gauntlets.

The second individual, on the other hand, was much harder to identify due to the wide-brimmed that covered isr features. Down to and including his hair. He wore similar clothing like his fellow witcher's outfit, save for a dark blue half-sleeved coat. Just as he continued to observe these individuals, Iorveth walked passed him and took control of the situation.

"WHAT THE HELL'S GOING ON HERE?!" Iorveth yelled. Everyone in the building soon stopped and looked to who called out. Even the aggravated witcher had calmed as Iorveth's voice manage to compel him to stop.

"What's going on?! This piece of shit insulted me, that's what!" The witcher answered. Letho could see Spearman fuming with anger at the name-calling.

"SAYS THE ASSWIPE WHO STARTED IT!" Spearman spat back, which ended continuing the fight again, causing the angry witcher to lunge at the adventurer had his fellow companion not pull him back. Iorveth had enough of this feud.


The Scoia'tael's declaration was enough to put the two down. Though, the witcher was more than ready to start again.

"Oh yeah? Wanna fight me as well? Draw your sword, elf! And we'll settle it, one-on-one!"

Gaetan looked ready to draw blood as Letho observed his twitching hand. Iorveth was more than happy to oblige to such a challenge. Just then, the other witcher stepped in between the two to explain their reasonings.

"Forgive my brother's tantrums, Aen Seidhe." He started; holding a stern expression whilst having a soothing voice. "We have only arrived here, not long ago. We had journeyed from a long and arduous Path. We only sought for food and shelter, that is all. We shall leave in peace."

Letho could see his face now. He would've been called "youthful" were it not for the sunken eyes and scar that had marred over his nose bridge. However, what truly worried him was the medallion. The symbol of the most notorious witcher school to exist in the Continent.

The School of the Cat.

Letho soon stepped in, immediately.

"No need for that." Letho said. "You just arrived, so stay. Lunch's on me."

Letho took out the head of the ogre and place it in front of Guild Girl's counter. The girl gasped at the sight of it.

"How much for an ogre?" He asked. Guild Girl blinked. She looked at the head. Then to Letho. Then back to the head again.

"W-Wait right here." She soon scurried off and grabbed another clerk inside.

"She'll be back." He assured. The young witcher in question looked at the ogre's head with morbid fascination. Soon, Guild Girl and the clerk came out with large bags of gold and began piling them up on the counter.

"Th-That's 20,000 gold! For slaying an ogre!" She said. This caused the entire building to go in an uproar. They soon began crowding in a frenzy.

"T-Twenty thousand?!"

"You killed an ogre by yourself?!"

"No way!"

"How did you manage it?!"

"J-Join our team!"

The amount of people swarming in caused the porcelains to panic, and Iorveth's party to immediately create a barrier between their group and the crowd.


"We're gonna be trampled to death!" - Fighter

"I always wanted to be cheered by the crowd but not like this! - Warrior

"Hey! Back off! There's no need to be pushy!" - High Elf Archer

"Settle down, folks! There's plenty of time to negotiate with Snake-Eyes!" - Dwarf Shaman

"Piss off, you bloede dh'oines!" - Iorveth

The witchers and Goblin Slayer were the only ones completely unphased by the swarm no thanks to the human makeshift that struggled against the crowd. Though, Letho wondered if it was a good idea to cast a Quen shield as an extra precaution. Lizard Priest stepped in and did the most rational and safest solution that could calm the crowd.


The crowd stood silent and quickly backed off and dispersed.

*Ahem* "Forgive my outburst, friends. This was the only way that I could think of to calm the crowd." Lizard Priest apologized.

"No worries, Scaly. Thanks." Letho said, before focusing his attention on the two witchers. "Sorry about that. Seems my reputation has increased in a massive scale."

"Increased?" Gaetan scoffed just as he stepped in. "You kidding? That's 'Geralt of Rivia' levels of fame. Folks're are gonna love you, I'm certain."

"Regardless of your distaste, Gaetan, we still owe this witcher our thanks."

"No need. I'm more than happy to welcome fellow witchers. Even if they are of the Cat."

"Oh yeah?" Gaetan raised an eyebrow. "Is there a problem with Cats that you have in particular?"

"Gaetan..." The young witcher looked at Gaetan with a scolding look.

"Piped down. I wanna here what he has to say." Gaetan continued. Letho could see this particular Cat was not at all convinced by the Viper's hospitality. So he decided to just be himself to get him to relax.

"To the Continent, freaks of nature. To other schools, bad batches. To me... just fellow brothers trying to get by."

Gaetan was taken aback by the sudden pleasantries. His brother seemed to have nodded in approval, however.

"My, my." The younger witcher said. "See, Gaetan? You could at least be as polite as him. Makes all of our problems go away."

Gaetan rolled his eyes at being lectured. The young witcher soon eyed back at the ogre's head.

"Hmm... I've never seen such a creature before. Did you kill this on your own?"

"Not quite." He replied, before looking back at his party. "I had some help on the Path."

The young witcher looked over at what he meant and saw a colorful cast of strange oddities and young children.

"Odd choice to see another witcher have children accompany him. Unless you've decided to create more witchers, of course. Though, this tall reptilian creature has piqued my interest."

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance, sir." Lizard Priest soon bowed. The witcher blinked in surprise, though, touched by the gesture.

"As do you, good sir." He took off his hat and did the Nilfgaardian bow. What shocked Letho the most, however, was the one feature he did not expect. It was ginger hair stylized in a "crown-like" braid. Which immediately lead Letho to one final conclusion.


"A witcher, I am." She answered. She placed her hat back on her head. "Forgive us. It seems we did not properly introduce ourselves."

She then cleared her throat, straightened her back and folded her arms in the back.

*Ahem* "My name is Sphinx, and this is my brother, Gaetan. We are the Witchers of the Cat."

To be continued...

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