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Chapter 1 : Summoning Maple

"Aaah~ what should I do next?"

Honjou Kaede, Maple in this game, asks that to no one as she looks at the ceiling of her guild.

She was just done going around the sixth stage. She was bored because Sally was not with her.

The sixth stage is the latest stage of the NWO (New World Online) that was implented after the fifth stage. It have a halloween theme going on it.

Basically, it was a haunted area. A place full of ghosts, haunted houses, a neverending night, bats, floating objects, and a lot of things that can be associated to horror.

And her friend was very weak to this kind of stage, thus leaving Maple and some of her guildmates in this floor.

Sally was just waiting for the next stage to be implemented so she can play again. She can't really stand anything that have something to do with horror.

Maple can play with her other guildmates but she doesn't feel going out and fighting for now. She was just playing this game to have fun and in this past days, all she did is just fight and fight and fight.

So she was looking for something new to do. Something novel for her that doesn't involve fighting. Preferably, some place that she didn't encounter before.

"My familiar that exists in another world"


Maple tilted her head as she suddenly heard a female voice calling into her.

"I call you from the bottom of my heart"

"What is that?"

Maple stands up and look around her.

She doesn't know where this voice is coming from.

"Aha!" Then Maple got a realization. "This might be a new event! Did I trigger it somehow?" She innocently asks that herself while waiting in anticipation what would happen next.

"Heed my call and appear by my side!"

After that heartfelt and deep speech, a glowing white portal suddenly appears in front of Maple.

"Wow! Is this where I should go?" Even as she asks herself that, she is already moving forward to that portal.

As she got near it, she didn't hesitate and hops on that portal. And after she entered the portal, it vanishes along with her.

She was never seen after that...

"Wow! This is amazing!"

In excitement, Maple yelled happily as she falls through the skies.

Even with this happening, Maple is not the fazed at all. This is because she thinks she is still in the game.

She saw that she falling to a walled palace. She doesn't know what's that place but she thinks this is just some part of an event.

Though she doesn't know what kind of event it is. Maple just think that this is fun so she didn't think about it anynore and just enjoyed the experience.

When she got near to the ground, she notices that there are a lot of people in cloaks surrounding the place where she will fall. Near the location she will land is some gurl with a noticeable feature of a pink curly hair.

After noticing that, she landed on the ground. Before she landed, an explosion occured somehow though it doesn't affect her at all.

She thought it's just something to do with this event so she just ignored what happens.

Louise fell into despair as she saw her summoning spell exploding. Once again her spell failed. It became an explosion again.

She didn't manage to prove herself to the others.

While feeling depressed about her results, her professor assessing this summoning rite, Colbert, casts a wind spell to take out the smoke surrounding the area.

Colbert is specialize in fire magic. But that doesn't mean he can't use other elements. It's also true to basically every mage in Halkeginia.

She heard some gasps from the side of her classmates and she was curious why so she looks at them. Seeing them staring at the place where she did the summoning, she turned to that direction.

"Wow... this is amazing, this palace is so big!~"

There on the place where her spell exploded is a girl who might be younger than her (she is more shorter than Louise). Though she have a weird foreign features that was pretty rare to Halkeginia, the girl seems to somehow can speak the Tristanian language.

What is more surprising though is her outfit. She was wearing a black set of armor with a rose motif on it's chest and some red lines on the other parts of her armor. There is also a short sword on her waist (it looks longer than a knife). And there is also a giant black shield she is carrying which is as tall as Louise.

"What... is she an adventurer?" Louise muttered with a curious expression.

"This is unheard of. Summoning a human in the familiar summoning spell" After Colbert muttered to himself, he realized that the ritual is still not done and he fakes a cough to take Louise's attention back. "Louise, finish the ritual" he said.

This took Louise and also the other students back on their mind. They are pretty surprised to see a young girl who can wear a full set of armor effortlessly.

As Louise let the words of her professor sinks in, she finally notices something wrong about this.

"Wait professor! She is just a child!"

The girl might also be a noble though Louise doesn't know. She was just basing her impression of the young girl with the quality of the armor she is wearing.

Colbert might also realize that the girl might be a noble somewhere cause he became worried before looking at the girl.

The young girl was still clamoring about how nice this place is and how big the Tristanian school is. She was looking around excitedly like a child going on a field trip.

Colbert finally decided to ask the girl if she was a noble or not. If the girl was a noble, it would become an international scandal. A student taking a young noble to her house and almost turned her into a familiar. The Tristain Academy of Magic will lose a lot of face and trust to the public if that happened. Some nobles might also take them down in fear of also summoning them.

This is unprecedented. This is the first time Colbert heard of someone summoming a human.

"Ahem... miss" he first took the girl's attention with a gentle tone.

The young girl seems to have finally finish looking around the place because she turns her attention to them before looking at Colbert. She have a bright smile on her face.


"Are you a noble miss?"

Colbert gulped as he asked that to the girl. He still doesn't know the young girl's name.

As Maple heard his question, she thought he was asking what is her job.

"No, I am a Shieldbearer?" So she answered with uncertainty.

She still thinks she is inside the game so she doesn't even think that they are asking about her social status. Also, she thinks this might be an NPC prompting her to start a new quest so she just goes along the flow.

"I see... sorry for asking this abruptly but since you are summoned by Miss Valliere, may I ask if you would accept becoming her familiar?"

Colbert sighed in relief after hearing Maple's response. Though he still cope to talk to her politely because even if the girl is not a noble, her outfit tells that she might be an important person somewhere.

He didn't ask if Maple knew about the ritual because for this world, the Familiar Summoning Rite is a common knowledge for anyone. So he goes straight to asking her if she wants to be binded by one of his student.

"Okay?" And Maple accepted because she thought this is the part where she will start the quest.

Seeing the young girl agreeing, Colbert finally felt relievee before looking at Louise.

"Ms. Valliere, you may continue on the ritual" He steps back after saying that.

Louise was feeling a lot of emotions now. She was excited that her spell finally succeeded. Though she was also feeling reluctant because the other person is a child. Also, that young girl might be pretty strong and well-known in her place based on her outfit. She was feeling hesitant if it was alright to make the girl her familiar.

Even if the girl admitted she is not a noble, her entire form says otherwise.

Maple just tilted her head as she looks at the pinkette who was hesitantly going closer to her.

The other students in the surroundings was looking down on Maple somewhat because they learned that she is a commoner. Though, they are hesitant to call on her to it because Maple might be a retainer of some higher noble.

No commoner can possibly outfit their men in high quality armor, much less a young girl. Even if these nobles all have the arrogance and ignorance they can have, they still have the common sense to not offend a retainer or servant of a powerful personage. Doing so would doom their family.

So they only look at Maple in contempt without saying anything. Some even saying in their mind that Louise will be in trouble when whoever the young girl serves learned about her being summoned as a familiar.

After hesitating for awhile, Louise finally got the courage to stand straight and turn her steps into confident ones.

What am I being scared of, this is the result of my first successful spell. She even complied to becoming my familiar. I should accept it wholeheartedly!

That was what Louise was thinking as she finally got besides Maple.

And then she chanted the words that will bind them together.

"Pentagon of the five elements, grant this person your blessing and make her my familiar"

She then leaned down a little and gives a quick kiss to Maple who became slightly shock at what she did.


Maple didn't expect that the girl in her front will suddenly kiss her out of nowhere. She gasps out in surprise.

Is this still part of the quest I will have?

That's what she thought as she looks at the Louise curiously.

The runes being engraved in her left hand was wholly ignored. Even though it's supposed to hurt, she doesn't feel it at all.

[Skill acquired (Gandalfr "God's Left Hand")]

[Skill acquired (Charm Resistance "Small")]

[Skill acquired (Mind Control Resistance "Small")]

[Skill acquired (Soul Resistance "Small)]

[Title acquired (Familiar of a Void Mage)]

[Title acquired (Gandalfr)]

Those prompts appeared on her vision as the runes was done being etched in her left hand.

She doesn't get what's the deal with this new quest.

"Now that you are my familiar, you will aid me in everything I need. Will that be alright?" Louise said that with a confident pose though she still felt somewhat uncomfortable about making the young girl her familiar.

She hopes the girl who might be a well-known person somewhere or a daughter of a knight somewhere didn't retract her statement and hate her.

Maple still felt it was weird that the quest prompt is not appearing though she just goes with the flow and nodded at Louise innocently.

"Now that was done, you all can go back to your rooms now" Colbert said after seeing that Louise is done with the ritual.

He didn't see the runes on Maple's left hand because of her gauntlet so he just let it be and go back along with the other students.

The students were somewhat unsatisfied because nothing interesting happened. The girl didn't throw an outburst and no one insulted Louise after she summoned the girl. Even if they are responsible nobles, they are still arrogant teenagers who is still looking for something fun to do so their dissatisfaction are evident in their face as they left.

Kirche, a woman who constantly insulted Louise, was surprisingly silent as she goes back without any look of dissatisfaction. Tabitha, her friend, was just following behind her.

"Okay my Familiar, let's go back to my room first... huh!?"

Louise was also just planning to go back to her room along with her new familiar. She was just thinking to take the hay she prepared out of the room and ask the dorm manager if she can put another bed to her room when she froze as she turns her attention back to her familiar.

On there is Maple who was now patting a slightly large green colored turtle.

Maple just felt like taking her pet out. She plans to tour the whole place by flying in the sky with Syrup (the name of her turtle).

She take Syrup out after the students are all out of sight and Louise have her back turned to her. It's really just a coincidence that Maple decided to take her pet out at this time.

"... What is that!?" Louise asks with a paling face as she felt a churn in her stomach.

"Him? He is Syrup, my friend!~" Maple answered innocently as she mentally ordered Syrup to enlarge.

The turtle suddenly became humongous. He became larger than a royal carriage the Louise recalled seeing on the capital.

Louise became as pale as a paper sheet as she heard Maple's response.

Her friend. Her friend is a turtle that can become large. Her large turtle is obviously not a normal pet. That's definitely a familiar. Her familiar. And if she have a familiar, that means she is a noble.

Louise's thought process goes through this while feeling a growing sense of horror.

And with that horror is a terrifying realization.

She just binded a noble to become her familiar. The girl might be more younger than her because she doesn't know that she was a noble at all. Maybe a sheltered girl in her house who doesn't know what's the distinction between commoners and nobles.

No matter the reason, the fact is she summoned a noble and binded her as her familiar.

There is only one thing Louise can say at that realization...


She screamed...

**End of Chapter 1**


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