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Chapter 2 : Horrible Misunderstandings

"I'm sorry!"

Maple was becoming troubled by Louise who kept apologizing to her. She always said that it was fine and she can stop doing that but Louise was very stubborn and was still giving apologies in her way.

It was to the point that Maple forgot about flying around the school with Syrup. Now Syrup was just standing there and looking around. Cutely of course!

From Louise's perspective, she felt guilty about taking a young noble out of her house and binding her as her familiar. The girl doesn't know anything and she took advantaged of that innocence.

Her mother said that she should be responsible to the things she did wrong. That's why she wanted to insist on giving her apologies on the girl and let the girl understand that what Louise did is wrong.

The girl's family might be looking for their daughter that she accidentally summoned. Louise will need to look for her family first and then give a formal apology to them. Of course, Louise will take all the blame. She can't involve the whole Valliere house to her own blunder.

Which of course it was all her misunderstandings.

Maple don't know what to do to stop Louise from repeatedly apologizing to her. She can't see any prompt for a quest or even some hint that will let her progress on the dialogue. Which there is nothing at all because Louise wasn't an NPC but a real person.

It took a lot of time until the both of them finally got fed up on doing whatever. Though Maple is not really that angry, she is just getting bored of staying in this place and wanted to go anywhere else.

Louise though finally notices that she didn't manage to let Maple understand her side so she was slightly irritated. She just curb that irritation down because she doesn't want to lash out on a young noble that she thinks she abducted.

Maple was just planning to finally ignore Louise and walk around the area to look around when Louise suddenly speak.

"Okay... first of all, why don't you stay with me for now"

This is the only thing Louise can think that she can do to Maple.

Maple was against that idea though...

"I'm sorry but I am fine. I need to go out and see the whole surroundings" that's what she said while scratching the back of her head.

While Maple thinks Louise is an NPC, she have a habit of talking to everyone. Even to NPCs. So even if it looks weird for the other players of NWO, it was pretty normal for her to reply even for the NPC's random dialogue.

"Then let me accompany you. It would be inappropriate if I let a young lady like you to roam around without a guide"

Because Louise is unaware of this fact so she talks to Maple normally.

"Well... if you say so..." Maple said before turning around and walking away.

Louise also walks along with her. Syrup also walks along with them just behind them.

Louise was silent as she looks at Maple who is having an energetic mood on the scenery as she walks around. It took sometime until they got to the Vestri Court that Louise finally can't take it any longer and started to initiate a topic.

"So... I still didn't know who are you"

Maple then notices that Louise is still besides her and felt somewhat guilty that she ignored her while she was roaming around. It almost slips in her mind because she was used to NPCs leaving her along after awhile (excluding the Escort Quest ones).

"I am sorry. I was pretty excited at the scenery. This looks new than the other place that I encountered" Maple said as she continues to walk slowly.

"Is that so... then, what is your name?" Louise asks while aligning her speed to Maple's steps.

"I am Maple"

"... Your family name?"

"... Hm, I am just Maple though?"

Because Maple still thinks that Louise is an NPC so she just gave her in-game name. It was her friend Sally that taught her to not use their real names inside the game because it breaks most player's immersion of the game. It's basically an unwritten rule to the game. And NPCs on a virtual game won't acknowledge the player's real name and will just continue the dialogue after player uses their in-game name.

Louise made a horrible misunderstanding again though.

So she doesn't have a family name. But she can't be a commoner because she have a turtle familiar. The only thing I can think of is, she is an illegitimate child and she was forbidden to use her family name. I see, so that's why she said she is technically not a noble. She can't claim to be a noble because she was forbidden to do so!

This changes Louise perspective of Maple again though it is still in the wrong direction.

While uncommon, it was known that some nobles have illegitimate child or children to some commoner or their servants and they will forbid that child to use their family name. Though if they can use magic, even if they are restricted to use their family name, they still need to summon their familiars because it was a sacred rite to basically every mages living in Halkeginia.

So now Louise thinks that Maple is not really someone who she tricked to become her familiar but a girl who was willing to become her familiar because she wasn't officially a noble, making it somewhat legal to do it.

With this thought, Louise felt that the burden she is thinking awhile ago was finally gone and she mentally sighs in relief.

Still, this girl is still a noble even if an illegitimate one so she can't really become overbearing with her.

"I see... you don't regret becoming my Familiar right?"

Louise asks timidly while hoping that Maple doesn't say anything negative to her.

"Hm? Sure..." Maple absentmindedly replied, not really understanding her question.

"I see..."

After a long silence between the both of them, they got to the girl's dormitory.

"Okay... let's go back to my room. The day is nearing to it's end and we need to wake up early tomorrow"

Louise said before turning to the girl's dormitory and walking towards there.

"Now that I think about it, I need to log out now" Maple just notices that the skies is becoming orangey because sun nearing it's setting.

"What are you doing? Let's go!" Louise asks as she turned around and look at Maple in confusion.

Maple just ignored her and called on her menus she an log out.

"Ah re?~"

And then she tilted her head in confusion as she saw that the log out button on her menu is missing.

"Uhmm... Force log out!" Maple tried the emergency log out in case her menu glitches.

Nothing also happened.

"Hey, what are you doing!?" Louise became impatient and walks back to Maple's side again.

"Oh no! I can't log out!" Then Maple panics.

This also startled Louise as she saw her familiar suddenly flailing her arms in panic. She can't understand what is Maple talking about at all.

"... Right! I should call Sally!" Maple said before opening her friend list.

Only to see that it was empty.

"Awawawa" Maple panics more.

"Hey! You are scaring me! What is wrong with you!?" Louise asks as she holds Maple's shoulders and tried to shake her to take her attention.

She utterly fails because she can't even move Maple at all and in fact, she was the one who almost falls on her butt as her grip was taken out forcefully because Maple kept flailing around in panic.

"Guh... she is surprisingly strong" Louise said while feeling amazed.

"Aha! I see!" Then Maple suddenly stops panicking as she made a realization. "I just need to wait for the developers to take me out of here. Or maybe Risa to take my VR headset in my head"

She uses her naive optimism to calm herself, hoping that she will be forcefully log out if the GMs or her friend in real life or maybe her mother takes off her VR device out of her head.

With that in mind, she finally manages to calm down.

"... Hey, are you alright?"

That was finally then when she notice Louise who was looking at her while she was hesitantly closing in on her.

"... Yes, so what are we talking about?"

With Maple thinking that she will be forcefully logging out soon, she decided to indulge in this new place first.

"... Okay, I don't know what happened but anyway, let's go back on my room"

Louise said while feeling somewhat tired. She was becoming confused at her new familiar.

"Great!" Maple said with a wide smile before walking along with Louise.

Of course she doesn't forget to take Syrup back in her ring before going along with Louise.

Louise was curious what's with the ring but she shelved that thought for later because she was becoming more tired from just experiencing many emotions with her new familiar at the start of her being summoned by her.

She wants to rest now and think about this tomorrow.

Thus, this ends their first day as the master and familiar.

**End of Chapter 2**


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