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Chapter 3 : Magic, Gold

[Skill (Charm Resistance "Small") upgraded to (Charm Resistance "Medium")]
[Skill (Mind Control Resistance "Small") upgraded to (Mind Control Resistance "Medium")]
[Skill (Soul Resistance "Small") upgraded to (Soul Resistance "Medium"]
[Skill acquired (Void Resistance "Small")]


She woke up and find herself in an unfamiliar ceiling.

"Where am I?"

Her muddled mind tries to process it, before immediately sitting up in a start as she recalls about yesterday.

Oh right, I am still inside the game. I wonder what's happening and why they are not plugging me off?

She felt disappointed realizing where she is, though she quickly shakes her head and try to cheer herself up.

Well, it might be like that event where the time inside is accelerated. I'll have to wait for the time they realize I am stuck here and take my helmet out. For now, I'll try and explore this new map while waiting for it.

Maple, ever the optimist, have decided on her game plan and is just going to leave the bed when she heard a cute groan on her side. Looking at it, she saw the pinkette sleeping peacefully in her sleepwear.

She recalls about what happens yesterday before she slept.

Before the night approaches, Louise have asked for a maid to take off the haystack put in her room. Maple didn't know what it is used for but she decided not to ask and let her be. After that, Louise told her that she can sleep besides her.

It seems like she have ordered a new bed, though it seems like it'll take until tomorrow night because they'll have to order it outside the walls of this school.

Before sleeping, Louise, without really minding it, unclothed herself and ask for a maid to take care of her laundry. After that, she took care dressing herself in her sleepwear. Then she asks if it's possible for Maple to wake her up early.

Maple doesn't really thought much about it. She still sees her as an NPC so she didn't want to sleep besides her and wanted to explore the world.

Though she changes her mind after a prompt suddenly appeared in her vision. It is a quest prompt.

[Wake Your Master Up In The Morning]

Description : As her familiar, you are obligated to tend to her needs. Your first task as a familiar is to wake her up in time before her classes.

Time Limit : 12 Hours

100,000 Gold
1,000 EXP
Increase Affection with Louise

Decrease Affection with Louise

She didn't know what's with the affection thing, but if it's a quest then she will surely do it.

So she decided to stay up here and wait for the daytime to approach. Though she remembers that NWO follows the real time on the outside, so that would take a lot of time.

So she slept along with her, with a small hope that maybe she will be log out forcefully by the game.

It didn't happen of course, but she still have a quest that needs to be done so she quickly gets to it.

"I think I know just how to wake her up!"

And because she thinks this is still a game so her ways is... a bit out of this world.

On the hallways to the cafeteria, Louise is stomping her foot while Maple is following along with an apologetic smile.

"I didn't meant to scare you."

"That's still uncalled for!"

Louise can't help but yell that, and much to her irritation, Maple just shrugs it off with a scratch of her head and an awkward smile.

It has been a good dream too. She has been dreaming of acquiring a dragon as her familiar and becoming a legend in the kingdom. All of it was ruined after a giant face of a cute turtle crushes her familiar with it's foot.

Who wakes a person up with a giant turtle!?

Still feeling mad at the way she was woken up, she decided to just stomp her way to the cafeteria without turning her back. Maple is just following along.

As they got to the cafeteria, Maple can't help but gasp in wonder at the sight of the large room. There are a column of wide tables and a set of elaborately decorated chairs. There are also lines of sculpted statues on the side which looks so realistic she won't be surprised if if moves.

She follows Louise until she got to her sit. She also takes a seat besides her. Louise turns to her with a confused look, though she didn't say much and just goes back to looking at her table.

"So what are we doing here?" Maple asked.

"Isn't it obvious. We're going to eat!"

Louise didn't really like to talk to her, but hearing her honest curiosity makes her compelled to respond. She still says it while showing that she is mad, though it sounds like she is just pouting.

Maple felt it was too cute, but didn't comment on it too much as she nodded to her reply.

The other students have also come and taken their seat, though it seems like someone have an issue to her taking a seat as one person got closer to her.

"Hey you! Why are you sitting on a noble's chair!?"

She turns to him and saw a chubby blonde guy pointing at her with a look that seems affronted at her presence. She pointed at herself in confusion.

"Yes, you! Get out of there!"


It seems like Louise can't just let it go as she stood up and face the fat guy.


"Stop shouting at her. Your just ruining my day!"

The fat guy snorts. "Are you really saying that?" He said before continuing. "Can't you see? Your familiar is sitting on a chair that is clearly meant for us nobles, and you are allowing her for it? Are you trying to mock the nobility?"

Louise opens her mouth before stopping. She bit her lips for a bit before turning her gaze at Maple. Maple is just looking at them without knowing what they are talking about.

The others seems to have heard the commotion, though they seem to be eager to watch more as they just look at them in amusement.

It seems like there are others who are also giving a stink eye to Maple, likely because they thought of her as a highly decorated commoner. She might be a retainer of some nobility, but she is a commoner.

Teenage nobles like them don't like to be compared to a commoner. It's just a matter of their ego.

Louise knows she is losing her ground. She knows it is wrong, but she knows something that they didn't.

She have a familiar, for Brimir's sake!

She didn't want to say it because that would be tantamount to revealing that she has just binded a noble to become her familiar. She might be an illegitimate noble, but she is still a noble who can use magic, so just the knowledge alone is dangerous.

It will stain a name on the Valliere, and that would all land into her. She will be look in contempt when knowledge her true nature has been revealed.

I can't let them!

She tries to glance at Maple pleadingly, not wanting to force her. She has seen her as an equal, not knowing why she thinks so. She didn't want to lose the trust of the first person that symbolizes her success.

She wanted to give her a hint by just her gaze alone, and hope that Maple will somehow understand her meaning.

Maple thought differently, though her plan aligns to Louise's wishes.

I feel so unwelcomed here.

With that thought, she stands up and looks at Louise.

"Ah... I'll be going around outside for a bit."

She have felt the hostile gazes of the people on her surroundings, so she decided to bail out. Louise thought she understood what she was going for as she sighs in relief.

Then that relief turns into horror as the fat guy decided that it is still not enough.

"Stop it! Your not going to leave here without showing some recompense!"

Maple stops and then glances at the fat guy. "What do you mean?" She asks in curiosity.

"Right! What are you trying to make her do? She has acceded to your demands!" Louise also followed up, while a sinking feeling in her stomach lurks up.

The fat guy's eyes turns malicious. "Why of course, I am talking about the insult that she thrown at us! You can't just wash it off by leaving like that!"

Of course, it would be like that!

Now, more than ever, that Louise felt cursing the pride of these young nobles. They might have some mind on their empty skull, but they are still moving with their own overinflated ego.

They will always seek some fun out of the suffering of the commoners. It has been common on the noble society, and it will always happen wherever she goes.

The fat guy, Malicorne, eyed the armor that Maple is wearing.

"If you can pay for your transgressions, then we will forgive you!"

The other nobles perks up at that demand and they eyed Maple, and her wonderful outfit. The outfit alone could cost quite a fortune, and they wanted to take it because of the artistry of the set.

"Right! You must give us something to forgive you!" Another noble says.

"That's right!"

"Yes. You can't expect us to let you go like that, commoner!"

And the others follows up with their greed clouding their eyes.

"That's absurd!" Louise tries to defend her familiar.

"Shut up!" Malicorne spat back before turning to her with a narrowed stare. "Or are you telling us that you will take the burden of her mockery?"

The others turns to her, now looking more amused than ever. Louise bit her lips, her shoulders slumping as all the eyes turns to her.

She knows that he is just scaring her. That he is just turning her away so they can take advantage of her familiar. She knows it, but she also knows that if she didn't put her foot down, then they will make sure to go along with their threat.

She can't even complain because they can make a claim that Maple is mocking the nobility, and nobility in this world is absolute. No commoner can leave unscathed when they are discovered doing so.

Unless she revealed that she have a familiar, but that will cause a different kind of problem to her.

All of this whirling inside her mind, feeling conflicted at which side she should part with when Maple steps forward with a relaxed attitude.


The nobles turns back to Maple, looking at her in anticipation. Thinking that she will surrender her possessions to them when she raised her hands.

And then gold coins suddenly materializes on the air. The coins falling on the floor with a lot of clinks.


All the students looks on in silence, trying to process just what happens. And then, they let out a single response...


Maple just looks at them with a curious tilt of her head, unsure what is so surprising at throwing 1,000 gold coins on the air.

**End of Chapter 3**


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