We open with a blank screen. The sound of the sea; waves breaking on the shore, the sound of seagulls. Slowly an image begins to merge. On the screen, in white letters, we read "Tampa - Florida".

The scene is of a sunrise on an almost deserted beach. The sea is calm and breaks in small waves on the white sand. Near the shore there are a series of wooden houses, widely spaced from each other.

LIZ (voiceover): My name is Liz Parker.

The camera focuses on one of the one-story houses, painted light blue and white. The house has a wooden deck with a table and two chairs of the same material. Next to the railing, watching the sunrise, we see Liz Parker. She is dressed in a two-piece pajamas and is holding a cup of coffee in her hands. On one of the deck chairs, we see her open diary with a pen in the middle. The pages look old.

LIZ (VO): And I haven't written in this journal for too long.

We get closer to Liz and notice that she looks more adult; It's been a few years since we last saw her. On her face we see maturity and she has her longer hair tied in a ponytail.

LIZ (VO): What happened?

We see a "flashback" of a scene from "Destiny", in black and white. The royal four have finished listening to the message from Max and Isabel's mother and Liz looks at the scene sadly.

LIZ (VO): What made me stay away for so many years?

We continue in the flashback. Liz looks at Max with tears in her eyes.

LIZ: Bye, Max.

Liz turns around and leaves the cave, rapidly walking away from the scene.

We return to the present. Liz closes her eyes and a tear runs down her face.

LIZ (VO): What is making me come back?

The scene ends and we cut to:

Day - Tampa, Florida.

We are inside the house that we have seen in the previous scene, in the kitchen. On the screen we read "Two days before", in white letters. Liz is sitting at the dining room table in front of a Mac computer, quickly typing on it. In her mouth she has a pencil which she bites anxiously while looking askance at an open book next to her notebook. One of her legs is raised, with the foot resting on the chair.

A lady of about 55 years enters the kitchen-dining room area. She is wearing a purple tunic-style dress and loose gray hair. In her hand she carries some papers.

WOMAN: Good morning, sweetheart.

Liz looks up at the woman's voice and smiles. The pencil falls to the floor. The woman approaches the table and leaves a letter next to the notebook.

WOMAN: This came for you. (Begins to look at the rest of the papers in her hand) It amazes me that your generation still knows what postal mail is.

Liz bends down to pick up the pencil. The woman sits at the table opposite Liz and begins to open her correspondence. Liz sits up in the chair, pencil in hand, and looks at the envelope in front of her. Her face immediately turns into an expression between amazement and sadness. She drops the pencil again.

The woman stops her reading and looks at Liz.

WOMAN (concerned): Are you okay, honey?

Liz looks at the envelope without blinking.

LIZ (stuttering a little): Yes, aunty.

The woman looks at her for a few more seconds, worried. Liz slowly brings her hands closer to the envelope and opens it with trembling hands. So far we have not seen what is written in it. The camera focuses on Liz's face as she starts to breathe hard, she seems to be panicking. She fully opens the envelope and removes the paper inside. The camera finally shows what Liz received. She pulls the paper out completely and drops it on her computer.

The paper is beige, with light brown decorations on the sides. With calligraphy lettering in dark brown we read "We are getting married! And we want to spend the most important day of our lives with you. We want to see you on May 27th at St. Peter's Church, Roswell. Please RSVP! Max & Tess ".

The image begins to cloud. We hear the woman's voice asking for Liz, increasingly distant.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Day - Roswell, New Mexico.

Music: "I wanna be that guy", Matthew John Kurz.

We are on the sidewalk of one of the main streets of the city. It seems like a weekend, as the shops and cafes are open and a lot of people are walking by slowly, strolling by. It is a sunny and clear day. A black Porsche late model car pulls up alongside the sidewalk in the parking area. The driver's door opens and we see a woman get out of the car. She is wearing a couture suit jacket with white tailored pants. It is Isabel, who now has caramel-colored hair, with the ends worn to blond, and wears it in a perfectly combed ponytail. She takes some sunglasses from the car, her bag and closes the door.

She puts the bag over her shoulder and begins to walk down the sidewalk, her high heels making noise while hitting the ground. She stops suddenly in front of a billboard and slides her glasses to look at it.

The poster is from Victoria's Secret, promoting the televised annual parade. In the photo we see three models; The main one is Isabel, who is wearing a silver outfit with large wings of the same color. On the photo, in white spray, we see obscenities painted all over her body.

Isabel looks at it with disdain and grimaces. She adjusts her glasses to her face and continues her walk through the crowd.

We cut to:

Day - Roswell Street.

Music: Continuation of the previous scene.

We are on the sidewalk of the same street that we saw earlier. We are in front of a bohemian-style Café, which also functions as a bookstore. On the sidewalk there are several metal tables and chairs, all occupied. Max and Michael are sitting in one of them.

ISABEL: I've been at Roswell for 10 minutes and already want to leave.

Isabel stops in front of the boys' table, places her heavy bag and glasses on the table and sits in the only free chair.

MAX (chuckling): Hello to you too, sister. Nice to see you again!

Isabel grimaces at her brother and leans over Michael, whom he greets European style, with a kiss on each cheek.

MICHAEL: How was the flight?

ISABEL: I decided to drive instead..

MAX and MICHAEL (at the same time, surprised): Did you drive all the way from New York ?!

Isabel takes a menu from the table.

ISABEL: You don't think I'm capable? (Both men shake their heads, smiling with amusement. Isabel begins to look at the menu options) I actually came from Dallas, I was visiting Alex for a few days.

Michael and Max look at each other and exchange a surprised look. Isabel quickly scans the menu and then turns her body to look at the coffee place.

ISABEL: What is this place? (Returns her body to the table) When did Roswell become cool? (Max shrugs and takes another menu from the table) You never heard me say this, but I miss the Crashdown.

MICHAEL (smiling): Yes, Max, why didn't we go to the Crashdown?

Max looks at his sister and Michael with furious eyes, without answering, and looks at the menu again.

ISABEL (to Max): You know Mom invited her, right?

Max freezes.

MAX (without looking up from the menu, pretending not to understand): Who?

ISABEL: You know who. (Max finally looks up and seriously looks at his sister) Ever since we all left Roswell our parents and Liz's parents became best friends. They go to the movies together, have dinner parties and play board games, they go to the theater ... you know, empty nest and all that. (She crosses her arms over her chest) You would know about this if you deigned to call our mother even every while.

Max stares for a few seconds at his sister, thinking. Takes a deep breath.

MAX: She won't come. She is preparing for her exams for that scholarship at MIT.

MICHAEL (smiling): I thought you said you haven't talked to her in years ...

MAX: I don't. Maria must have told me. (Exasperated) Can we talk about something else, please?

Isabel takes her gaze to Michael and smiles.

ISABEL: Speaking of Maria…

Michael looks at her terrified. A waitress approaches the table.

WAITER: Good morning, have you decided what you want?

ISABEL (to Michael): You're saved, for now. (To the waitress) Do you have chai latte?

The scene ends and we cut to:

Tampa - Night.

Music: "Colourway", Novo Amor.

We are on the beach next to Liz's aunt's house. On the sand there are two deck chairs and a small fire in the middle. In one of the lounge chairs, we see Liz sitting with her feet on up hugging her knees. She is looking at the sea.

Her aunt approaches, dressed in the same clothes as in the morning, with two cups of red wine. She hands one to Liz and sits down on the free chair.

HELEN: So are you finally going to tell me what's wrong?

Liz brings the glass of wine to her mouth and takes a sip, evidently avoiding her aunt's question.

LIZ: Nothing happened.

HELEN: Come on, dear, I know you.

Liz sighs and looks at the sea again.

HELEN: When you decided to come to Florida to stay with me it seemed like a wonderful idea. You looked so sad ... so dull. Even your parents agreed that it was best if you finished high school here. (Pauses) But the years passed and passed ... And that sad expression never left your face.

Liz stares at her aunt.

HELEN: You haven't made friends, at least not like the ones you had in Roswell. And all the boyfriends you brought home, (pauses for wine and smiles) well, they've always left a lot to be desired, right?

Liz laughs.

HELEN: I love you, honey, but I feel like you haven't found what you were looking for here.

LIZ: You're right, I haven't found it. (Takes a sip of wine and stares at her) And I don't think I'll ever find it.

Helen looks at her niece sadly.

HELEN: Will you tell me, please, what really happened?

Liz takes a big sip of wine, braces herself, sighs, and looks seriously at her aunt. She places the wine glass on the sand and settles on the deck chair, resting her elbows on her knees.

LIZ: I ... (pauses) fell in love with a boy. Deeply. And I thought he had fallen in love, too.

Helen takes a sip of her wine. Liz does not continue her story so she presses on.

HELEN: So? What happened?

LIZ: And it turned out that he had another girlfriend.

HELEN (surprised): He cheated on you?

LIZ: No, it wasn't like that. (She takes her glass and takes another sip of the drink) We were together but ... it turns out that he had, (looks at the stars and sighs) a whole destiny, something totally different that did not involve me.

HELEN (nods, understanding): A fate involving this other girl, I imagine.

LIZ (nods, too): His wife, actually.

Helen looks at her in surprise, then thinks for a few seconds.

HELEN: I guess the letter you received was from him ...

Liz nods and takes another sip of her drink to give herself courage.

LIZ: I walked away from him and my entire life at Roswell because he was supposed to have this great destiny to fulfill. That great and incredible things were going to happen. So I came to Florida needing to get away, I could not bear the idea of what that destiny meant for me ... (She pauses and looks at the sky again, which is clear and we can see many stars shining) But months passed. Years went by.

HELEN (interested): And he never fulfilled that destiny?

Liz denies.

LIZ: Years passed, aunty, years... And everything remained the same.

HELEN: What was supposed to happen?

Liz looks down at her aunt and thinks for a few seconds.

LIZ: Things from another planet.

HELEN (laughing): Okay, I get it. I was your age once too, you know? I remember how it felt to love at such a young age. (Watches the small waves break on the sand) As if every day was the end of the world.

Liz sighs.

LIZ: He didn't come looking for me.

The two of them remain silent for a few seconds.

HELEN: Are you going back to Roswell?

Liz looks at the sea sadly.

HELEN: I don't know what you received in that letter, but from what I could trample it looked like a wedding invitation. (Liz looks at her aunt seriously) Maybe he's marrying that girl?

Liz looks down at the sand. The wine is finished in one go.

HELEN: If you want my humble opinion, I think you should go to that wedding. (Smiles) You must put on your best dress, get your hair done, make-up and show up as the beautiful and irresistible woman that you are (Liz laughs) and ruin his day.

LIZ: Why do you say that?

HELEN: Honey, as soon as that boy sees how you look today and everything you've accomplished, he's going to surrender at your feet again.

Liz gets up from the chair, laughing. She signalizes the house with her head.

LIZ: Come on, aunty, the food must be ready by now.

Her aunt finishes her glass of wine and also gets up from the deck chair.

HELEN: I'll be old, Liz, but I still think I make some good points.

They both smile, hold hands, and walk toward the house. The camera continues on the beach. When they both disappear across the deck of the house, we see in the distance in the sky, a light crash down on the sea. A sound of "splash" is heard in the distance and we notice that the light was an object that caused disruption in the water. We can hear the sound of a "beep" that starts repeating every second, while a light comes on under the water that turns on and off, accompanying the sound. The camera rotates, focusing on the house and the rest of the city. Their lights begin to go out one by one until the city is completely dark.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Night - Roswell. Evans family home.

We are in the living room of the Evans' house; the room looks similar to years ago and not much has changed in decor. The table is set for dinner, with elegant tableware. Phillip, Max and Isabel are already sitting, and there is an empty seat. The men are engaged in conversation as Isabel looks at her cell phone with interest.

Diane Evans enters the living room with a pot in her hands; smoke comes out of it and she wears kitchen gloves to carry it.

DIANE (to Isabel): Honey, can you put your cell phone down? (She places the saucepan in the middle of the table and takes off her gloves) We are about to have dinner.

ISABEL (without taking her eyes off the screen): One minute, I'm looking at photos of the new apartment.

Diane sits in the empty chair and looks at her in surprise.

PHILLIP (also surprised): Are you going to move out of your apartment?

Isabel places the cell phone face down on the table and looks at her parents.

ISABEL: I'm actually moving to a different city.

MAX: She is moving to London.

DIANE (to Max): You knew about this? For how long?

ISABEL: Oh, mom, it's not a big deal.

DIANE: But London it's so far away!

ISABEL (whispering): As if they ever came to New York to visit me ...

MAX (interrupting the awkward moment): Shall we eat? Mom, this smells delicious.

DIANE (smiling): Thank you, darling. (Takes a spoon and starts serving) Where's Tess tonight?

MAX: With her father.

ISABEL (grins mischievously): Max and Tess decided not to see each other for the entire week before the wedding. I think it is to increase sexual tension for the wedding night.

PHILLIP (choking on his drink): Isabel!

ISABEL: What? We are all adults here.

Max looks at Isabel with playful anger.

MAX: Speaking of my sex life... how's yours, sister? How is Alex?

DIANE: Oh guys, stop it. We don't need to talk about this while eating.

ISABEL (smiling): Alex is perfectly fine, thanks. Last night I made him scream like crazy.



ISABEL: But tomorrow he is leaving for a new mission in Syria.

Max looks at his sister sadly.

MAX: I didn't know they were going to reassign him so quickly.

Isabel shrugs and takes a sip of her drink.

ISABEL: We both know that ours is not a serious thing. Between my trips and his we barely see each other.

Diane reaches out and places her hand on her daughter's right shoulder and squeezes it lovingly.

ISABEL: So ... (takes the fork and pinches a piece of food) now that we have covered mine and Max's, can we talk about the sexual life of our parents?

Philip chokes back on his drink and Diane drops her fork onto the plate in surprise.

DIANE: Enough, this dinner is canceled.

Max and Isabel laugh.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Day - West Roswell High.

We are on the high school football field. A group of young people dressed in school football uniforms are training; some run around the field, others practice passing the ball and the last ones use their force hitting foam rubber blocks.

Among the group of 3 coaches, we see Kyle also dressed in sportswear, a light blue cap, carrying a form and a pen in his hands. He is talking standing next to the stands with his colleagues, while they watch the boys training.

In the distance, we see a female figure approaching from the school building. She is dressed in a dark blue color nurse outfit and carries a backpack slung over her shoulder, and a tupper in her hands. As she approaches Kyle and the coaches, we notice it's Maria.

MARIA: Hey, Kyle!

Kyle looks up from his papers and smiles at Maria.

KYLE: I'll be right back, boys.

The two men nod and Kyle walks away through the second tier, walking towards Maria. She approaches them and goes up to the first step. With one hand she covers the sun that hits his face. With the other, she pushes the tupper toward Kyle.

MARIA: You forgot your food in the fridge. (With serious expression and without emotion) I imagined you were not going to be happy when you realized it.

Kyle takes the tupper, leans his body, and kisses Maria on the cheek. She is a little annoyed with the gesture.

KYLE: Thank you, honey, you're always thinking of me.

MARIA (sharp): And in all the patients at the hospital.

Kyle looks at her for a few seconds; it seems that he is going to say something but then he shakes his head and regrets it.

KYLE: Do you want to stay to watch the training?

MARIA (annoyed): I can't, I'm on call today.

KYLE (nodding): Right.

They both look at each other for a few seconds without saying anything.

KYLE: I heard that Liz is back in town.

MARIA (surprised): What? Where did you hear that?

KYLE: One of the guys mentioned it a little while ago. They saw her on the Crashdown with her parents earlier today.

Maria frowns.

MARIA: Are you sure it was her? Liz wouldn't come back to Roswell without telling me ...

KYLE (nodding): It seems like she came for the wedding.

Maria looks at him in surprise for a few seconds. She looks away at the sports field, without looking at a particular point and sighs.

MARIA: Did they tell you anything else? Your friends?

Kyle raises an eyebrow and grimaces.

KYLE: Like what? (Maria looks at Kyle sharply) As if someone else returned to Roswell for the wedding?

Maria stares at him for a few seconds, without answering. Finally she bites her lip and adjusts her bag on her shoulder.

MARIA: I should go. Remember that I'm on call tonight so I won't sleep at home.

KYLE: Sure, honey.

Kyle approaches Maria again to kiss her, but this time he points to her mouth. She moves her face at the last moment and he kisses the corner of her lips.

Maria quickly turns around and walks away across the field.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Night - Roswell.

Music: "All in a day", The open sea.

We are in Liz's old house, above the Crashdown. The camera shows the room, which looks quite similar to the last few times we've seen it, with just a few things missing like photos, books, and her computer. The door is open, we see Liz enter the room while laughing. She leans against the door frame for a few seconds and speaks into the hallway.

LIZ: Thanks, mom! I'll see you tomorrow.

She turns, still smiling, and closes the door to the room behind her. She leans against the wood of the door and sighs, the expression on her face suddenly changing. We notice that on the bed there is an open suitcase, with clothes and accessories inside. Liz walks to the bed and stares at her suitcase for a few seconds. Then she takes her eyes to the window that opens onto the terrace. We read sadness on her face.

We see a flash of the scene of the first kiss between Max and Liz.

Max is on the street asking Liz "Can I go upstairs?"

Liz closes her eyes sadly.

LIZ (VO): What am I doing back in Roswell?

She sits on the bed.

We see a flashback of "Heat wave" from Max and Liz's first kiss. Liz saying "No, it's just the opposite"

LIZ (VO): What do I hope to gain from this trip?

She takes her journal from inside the suitcase and carries it to her chest.

Max in the flashback saying "If I don't go right now, things are gonna change."

LIZ (VO): Do I really want to see him again?

Liz in the flashback "Change how?".

Max raises his hand and touches Liz's hair. "I will have to touch your hair, because it is so soft. And I will have to tell you that no matter what we go through, this is all worth while for me because we are together. "

She holds the journal tightly and closes her eyes.

LIZ (VO): Do I want to get sucked back into his world?

Liz in the flashback asking Max "And then?"

Start crying.

Max in the flashback approaches Liz's face, "And then I would have to do this." They both kiss.

LIZ (VO): After all these years… Why didn't he come looking for me? Why is he marrying her?

The scene ends and we cut to:

Night - Roswell.

Music: "Wanted dead or alive", Bon Jovi.

We are in a bar in the city downtown. The place is decorated in "Wild West" style, with bright cowboy signs and rodeo pictures. The tables and booths are made of light wood. In one of the booths we see Michael and Max sitting. Both are dressed in casual clothing; T-shirts and jeans. Isabel approaches the table with three drinks in her hands and leaves them on it. She is dressed in a tight black dress and wears high heels.

ISABEL: This is the first and last time I pay for your drinks.

She runs her hands over Michael's and sits next to him.

ISABEL: After all, I am not the only one who is full of money in this family.

Max raises an eyebrow and Michael laughs, taking his drink.

MAX: How's the painting thing going?

ISABEL (laughing, gesturing quotation marks with her hands): The painting thing? Little brother, you should join our Skype calls. Michael has sold a painting for 1 million dollars.

MAX (raising his glass): Then we should toast to that, Mikey.

Michael raises his glass.

MICHAEL: Actually, my pen name has sold that painting. (The three collide their glasses) But the check comes to me.

The three laugh, raise their drinks and collide them.

MAX: Here's to it.

They carry their glasses to their mouths and drink from their drinks. Everyone is satisfied, except Michael who spits out the drink and seriously looks at Isabel.

MICHAEL: What is this crap?

Isabel laughs out loud.

ISABEL: I'm finally getting my revenge for that summer in New York.

Michael looks at Isabel with hatred, takes his glass and pushes her out of the box, so he can get up. Michael leaves the table with a drink in his hand.

MICHAEL: I'm going to get a real drink.

Max laughs and takes a sip of his drink. Isabel stares at him.

ISABEL: So ... are you going to tell me the truth about this wedding?

MAX: What do you mean?

Isabel stares at him again.

ISABEL: I'm your sister and I only found out you were getting married three weeks ago.

Max stares at his drink and moves the glass in his hand, stirring the liquid.

MAX (deep in thought): Do you think it's time for us to return to Roswell?

ISABEL (surprised): What?

MAX: I've been thinking-

ISABEL (interrupting him): Have you been thinking about this for months or did it just occur to you a few days ago?

Max stares at his sister but does not answer.

ISABEL (leans her body on the table): Max, I know that you are supposed to be this King ... and that you must protect us and rule us all, (sighs) but nothing has happened in the last six years. The orbs have been on all this time and no one answered our call ... Nasedo has been infiltrating the FBI all this time and we have not had a single threat. (She stretches out her right hand across the table and shakes his brother's hand) I know you feel responsible for us, but no one will come looking for us (shake his brother's hand again) neither now nor ever. It is time for us to assume our reality..

Max looks at his sister sadly.

ISABEL: Are you sure this is what you want to do? (Max does not answer. Isabel lowers her voice) If nobody is going to come to (gestures with quotes with his hands) "rescue us", you have no Destiny to fulfill. (Stretches her other hand towards his brother) Max, it's been six years. You are allowed to live your life now.

Max looks down at his drink, embarrassed. He takes his hands off his sister's.

MAX (without looking at her): That's what scares me the most.

ISABEL: Having lost six years of your life in something that you thought was real but is not? (Max nods) Do you love her? (Max looks up at his sister, but doesn't answer) Max, you are our King, but first you are my brother. You don't have to do something if your heart doesn't agree. (Shrugs) Look at me and Michael; From the moment we were told we should be together we did the complete opposite, and you have never said anything about it. Neither you nor Nasedo. Why do you think you should follow his directive?

Max opens his mouth to say something but doesn't finish putting together his idea.

ISABEL: We choose our own destiny.

Max stares at his sister. We see a Destiny flash where Liz says the same thing to Max. He nods to his sister, deep in thought.

Michael returns to the table, with a different drink in his hand. He sits next to Max and takes a sip of his drink.

MICHAEL: What are we talking about?

ISABEL: About you and me being a couple.

Michael makes a chill gesture on his body while showing a disgusted face. Isabel looks at her brother and raises her eyebrows.

ISABEL: I told you so.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Night - Fort Worth.

We are at the Fort Worth military base, in one of the buildings that house the bedrooms. It is all gray, with the walls stripped of decoration, except for an occasional small poster next to a bed. The beds are all singles, each with the same type of green or gray sheets and blankets. Next to each of the beds there is a small bedside table, with a lamp and some personal effects.

Almost all the beds are tended, except for one where we see a young man standing with his back to the camera. He is wearing a camouflage suit. The young man is putting some personal effects inside a bag of the same fabric as his clothes.

A second young man approaches the bed next to it, looks at him and smiles.

YOUNG: Whitman! Are you leaving again?

The boy turns around and we see that it is Alex. On his chest, on the left side, he has a small plaque where we read "Technical Sergeant - Whitman, A.". Alex smiles at the young man.

ALEX: Yes, Johnson. (Closes his bag) Syria again, (sighs) hoping this is the promotion campaign.

The young man raises his left fist and places it in front of Alex. He does the same with his right fist and they both clash their knuckles, smiling.

YOUNG: It will be so.

They both smile for a few seconds. Alex turns his back to him and is about to put the bag over his shoulder when he asks.

ALEX: Are you coming too?

The young man opens the drawer of his nightstand and starts looking for something.

YOUNG MAN: No, I got Florida this time.

Alex stops his arm halfway and turns his body to look at the young man.

ALEX (surprised): Florida? What does the Air Force want to do in Florida?

The young man stops and looks at Alex with concern.

YOUNG: Didn't you hear what happened there?

Alex denies. The young man looks behind his shoulder, making sure that no one else is in the room and can hear them.

YOUNG MAN (lowers his voice): I shouldn't be saying this to you ... (He pauses and laughs) But since you're my superior (shrugs and smiles, amused). They say that something fell from the sky into the sea off the coast of Tampa.

Alex raises an eyebrow, surprised but trying to sound as calm as possible.

ALEX: Tampa?

The young man nods.

YOUNG: They're sending a few of us to investigate. (Laughs) Sure it's an old satellite.

Alex thinks for a few seconds, looking at the ground.

ALEX: Do you know who else they called for this?

The young man responds by lifting his shoulders, as a sign of ignorance.

YOUNG: keep you updated if you want.

Alex watches him seriously.

ALEX: No, no need (smiles at him), I'm sure it is just an old satellite, like you said.

The young man smiles at him. The scene ends and we cut to:

A few seconds later. In the same room at the base in Fort Worth, Alex finds himself alone again. He carries the bag on his shoulder and is walking towards the door. In his hand he holds a cell phone where he writes. The camera focuses on the screen where we see a photo of Isabel on a beach in a swimsuit with her hair wet. Alex writes and sends a message that reads "911, call me immediately."

The scene ends and we cut to:

Night - Bar.

Music: Continuation of the previous scene.

We are in the same Roswell bar as in the previous scene. Isabel, Michael and Max are sitting in the same booth as before. Isabel's cell phone is resting on the table, with the screen facing up.

The three of them are laughing and singing a song.

Isabel's cell phone screen turns on and we read Alex's message "911, call me immediately."

The three aliens continue to laugh, drink alcohol and sing. No one notices the cell phone.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Night - Crashdown Café.

The place is closed, with all its external lights off except for the Café sign. On the door is a red sign that reads "Sorry, we are closed."

The camera focuses on the inside of the cafe, where we see Liz dressed in the typical alien-style waitress outfit we've seen so many other times. She is standing in front of the counter, holding the antenna band in her hands. She looks at it for a few seconds and finally laughs, shaking her head.

She leaves the headbands on the counter and approaches the jukebox, choosing a song.

We start listening to:

Music: "Mrs. Potter Lullaby ", Counting Crows.

She waits for the part she likes to start and starts dancing. At the same time she takes a yellow cloth and begins to clean the counter.

We hear the sound of the door chimes, indicating that the door has been opened.

LIZ (scrubbing the counter, not looking up): Sorry, we're closed.

MARIA: Please tell me that this is not the same uniform that we used to wear years ago.

Liz stuns upon hearing the voice and drops the rag from her hands. She looks up quickly to see where the voice came from, checking that it's from her friend. Maria is dressed in the same blue nurse outfit with which we saw on her previously.

MARIA: Because I would be very jealous if it were.

Liz runs out from behind the counter to Maria and hugs her tightly, a smile on her face.

LIZ: Maria!

Maria returns the hug but is not half as euphoric as Liz's expression.

Liz turns away from Maria and looks at her with glee.

MARIA: I heard you were back in Roswell, (pauses) thanks to Kyle.

Liz takes Maria by the shoulders.

LIZ: I know, I'm sorry.

Maria stares at her with a serious expression on her face.

MARIA: What was that? Why didn't you tell me you were coming back? (Sighs) Why didn't you reply to any of my messages?

Liz looks at her friend and sighs too. She looks to the side of a table and points to it.

LIZ: Let's sit down. (Smiles at him) I'll buy you a beer. (Maria raises an eyebrow, looking at her incredulously) And I promise I'll tell you everything.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Night - Roswell.

We are on an elegant street in the city. The city has changed over the years and now we see modern shops and restaurants. In one of the corners there is a hotel of the W chain, illuminated with its distinctive blue and a giant W sign on the door.

The car in which we saw Isabel previously in stops at the door next to the young man from the Valet Parking. The car door opens, Isabel gets off with a bag in her hand and gives the keys to the young man. He retires with the car to the hotel parking lot.

Isabel puts her purse over her shoulder and walks into the hotel. Some men in the bar turn to watch her as she walks by, smiling as they recognize her. Isabel walks quickly to the elevator. She presses the button for the 15th floor and waits.

The elevator makes the sound of closing the doors 3 times, but nothing happens. Isabel looks worried as there is no other person outside or inside the elevator. She presses the "close doors" button several times until they finally do.

The doors close and the elevator goes up to the 15th floor.

We cut to:

Night - Hotel W. Hall.

We hear the sound of the elevator and the doors open on the floor. Isabel comes out of the elevator with her bag open, while looking for something inside it. She walks slowly down the hall, which is empty. We hear the sound of bottles falling down the hall; Isabel stops quickly. She raises her head and turns her body, to see where the sound is coming from. The hall is empty.

Noticing that it probably was nothing, she turns her attention to her bag again as she resumes her walk to the room.

ISABEL: Damn, where is it?

Half of the hall lights go out and the same sound is heard again. Isabel drops her bag from fright and turns her body again.

She squints her eyes to try to see along the corridor. We hear the strange sound once more.

ISABEL (somewhat scared): Who's there? What happened to the lights?

We begin to hear the sound of slow breathing increasingly stronger. Isabel raises her right hand in defense, about to use her power.

ISABEL: Who are you?

The lights that were left on begin to flash rapidly. We see a black shadow approaching Isabel at rapid speed. The shadow pushes her and she falls to the ground with a thud.

All the lights in the hall turn on again. Isabel looks at both ends of the hallway scared, but there is no one there but her. Everything seems normal. She gets up off the floor, picks up her fallen bag and heads fearfully to her room.

Walking down the hall she passes by a mirror and stops for a few seconds, alarmed by something in the reflection. She raises her left arm and carefully observes it; There is a mark of a silver palm on her forearm, as if someone had squeezed it.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Night - Crashdown.

Music: Continuation of previous scene.

Liz and Maria are in the same clothes as in the previous scene, sitting in one of the boxes in the Café. On the table are four beer jugs; two empty and two open with liquid still inside. They are laughing and talking.

LIZ: I still can't believe you're dating my ex-boyfriend.

Maria laughs nervously.

MARIA: You dated him so long ago that it doesn't even count. (Shrugs) Besides, it wasn't even that serious.

LIZ: Please, I don't want to know any sexual details.

Maria waves a napkin at her and they both laugh. Liz takes a sip of her beer and looks seriously at her friend.

LIZ: You still haven't answered me.

MARIA (without looking at her, pretending to be ignorant): About what?

LIZ: If you're happy with him. (She leaves her beer on the table, stretches out her hands and takes Maria's. Squeezes them affectionately) Maria, (pauses) Are you happy?

Maria looks up and looks at her friend for a few seconds. She sighs deeply and when she is going to start speaking her words choke; eyes filled with tears. She avoids her friend's gaze and smiles sadly.

MARIA: I ... (takes a breath) I don't know? I think once, for sure at first I was ... or so I wanted to believe. Since you left ... since everybody else left and (wipes the tears from her face) my mother died I have felt so alone. And Kyle was (holds up her hands pointing to a fictional place next to Liz) there, and suddenly I wasn't so alone anymore.

LIZ: Amiga, (she takes Maria's hands in hers again) you can't base a relationship just because you don't want to feel alone.

MARIA: I know, believe me, I know. (Looks at her seriously) But you don't know what it's been like. Kyle and I were the only ones staying in Roswell. A door opened to a wonderful world full of adventure and mystery, and suddenly it was all over. They all left Liz, everyone left.

Liz nods, looking at her fondly, knowing who Maria is wanting to speak about with that last word.

MARIA: They went to live these exciting lives full of- (look for the word) of something other than this cursed and boring town. And they left us.

LIZ: You too could have left.

Maria looks at her seriously.

MARIA: You know that with my mother in that state I couldn't. (Sighs and wipes away tears again) I found a confidant in Kyle, when neither of us had anyone to turn to.

LIZ: You could have told me about your mother earlier.

MARIA: I tried. (Denies) Sorry, that's not right. I wanted to do it like a thousand times; I picked up the phone to do it but- (shrugs) every time we talked I felt like you were a million light-years away from me.

LIZ: I know. (Gets excited) I'm so sorry. I was wanting to block everything that connected me or tied to Max in some way, but you didn't deserve to be cut away also.

Maria nods.

MARIA: No, I didn't deserve that.

They both laugh with tears on their faces. They are okay.

MARIA (holding up her bottle): We should have done this a long time ago.

Liz drinks her beer too and smiles.

LIZ: I know.

Both collide their bottles, toasting.

LIZ: For admitting our mistakes.

MARIA: And for bad boyfriends.

They laugh again and both take a sip.

MARIA: Are we going to talk about the elephant in the room?

Liz stiffens; she wants to take another sip of beer to buy time with her answer but, realizing that the bottle is empty, she stands up to look for another one.

LIZ (walking to the fridge by the counter): I don't know what you're talking about.

Maria laughs out loud.

MARIA: Don't try to play it off. (Accommodates her body in the booth to face Liz) You wouldn't have come back to Roswell if you did not plan to go to the wedding.

Liz opens the fridge and takes another beer. She opens it and sits on the counter, leaning on her arms. She looks at his beer and starts tearing off the label.

LIZ: Can you believe I was just invited a few days ago?

Maria raises her eyebrows in amazement.

LIZ: I spoke with my mother, I know I was not on the list and when Diane Evans found out she sent me the invitation.

MARIA: So Max doesn't know anything?

Liz looks at her seriously and denies.

LIZ: Maybe he knows, maybe he doesn't. (Pauses) What do you think I should do?

Maria snorts, while she thinks.

MARIA (smiling): I think it would be wonderful if you showed up at his wedding. And I want to be in the front row to witness his reaction.

They both laugh.

LIZ: You are evil. Seriously, do you think I should go?

Maria gets up from the booth and walks towards her friend.

MARIA: I think you alone should make that decision. (Arrives at the box and settles in one of the high chairs) And I also think that if you came back after all these years, it is because you already have made your decision.

Liz nods and looks down at the beer. Starts scratching the tag again with her fingernails.

LIZ: I haven't seen him in years, Maria. Everything I ever felt should have already vanished from my body by now. (Looks up and stares at her friend) But how can I forget someone like Max Evans?

The scene ends and we cut to:

Night - Hotel Room.

We are in Isabel's room at the W Hotel. Max and Michael are dressed just like we saw them in the bar scene, but they look tired; it is deep into the night. Max is sitting in the chair by the table near the window, the curtains drawn. Michael stands in the middle of the room, with his back to the front door, and next to the bathroom door.

The bathroom door opens and Isabel comes out of it, dressed in a cream silk pajama set. She is startled to see Michael standing by the bathroom door, looking at her seriously.

ISABEL: Are you going to stay there all night?

MICHAEL (shrugs): You were the one who called us screaming and crying desperately.

Isabel closes her pajama shirt over her body and walks to the bed. She sits on it, placing her feet on her legs.

MAX (concerned): Isabel, we just want to make sure you're okay.

ISABEL (visibly upset): Of course I'm not okay, Max! Something came to me out of nowhere!

MAX: Something?

MICHAEL: Can you be more specific? For years we have had no contact with anyone from our race other than Nasedo. And he keeps sending us those reports of (gestures quotation marks with his fingers) "no news" from the FBI.

MAX: Isabel, (leans his body resting his arms on his legs) You have to explain exactly what happened to you.

Isabel looks at Michael and Max and closes her eyes, sighing. She puts her hands on the buttons of her pajamas and begins to undo them.

MICHAEL: Oh please stop!

Isabel opens her eyes to look at Michael in exasperation, as he turns around.

ISABEL: What the hell are you thinking ?! I'm not naked underneath this!

Isabel gets up from the bed and finishes unbuttoning. Michael turns his body to look at her and Max also stands up from the chair. Isabel takes off her pajama shirt; underneath she is wearing a purple sports bra. She twists her left arm and extends it in front of her, so that the men can see the silver palm mark, shining on her body.

Max and Michael quickly approach her, their eyes riveted on the mark.

MAX: What is that?

MICHAEL: Does it hurt?

ISABEL (denying): It didn't hurt, but it did scare me a lot.

MICHAEL(looks up): Do you think it's a message?

Max also looks at Isabel in the eyes, waiting for an answer.

ISABEL: I don't know. (Pauses) It could be a warning ... or a threat. (She takes her cell phone off the bed and unlocks it) As soon as I entered the room I found this message from Alex on my cell phone. (She shows the screen to both of them) I wanted to talk to him but it keeps going to his mailbox, he must have already left for Syria. (Looks seriously at the men) Alex knows that he should not send this to me if it is not a matter of life and death. (Takes a deep breath) I have a feeling that everything is connected.

Michael and Max look at each other seriously.

MAX: What do you think we should do?

MICHAEL: We must call Nasedo immediately. He will surely have explanations for all this, he always has.

Max nods, thinking.

MAX: Nasedo told us yesterday that due to some unforeseen circumstances he could not come to the wedding.

ISABEL: Should we tell Tess?

MAX: No. Let's wait to speak to Nadeso first. As soon as we have some clearer information we will let her know. She has enough on her mind with the wedding.

Michael rolls his eyes and Isabel stifles a laugh.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Day - Church.

The day is sunny and with a good temperature; we see quite a few people dressed for a wedding in suits or light dresses, in pastel or light tones. The church is quite large, made of white wood, with a staircase leading to the entrance. It is located in a residential area that seems quiet; in front there is a large square with trees, benches and some games for children.

People walk happily towards the church, talking to each other.

Liz and her parents walk to the church; she is wearing the following dress. Before crossing the street that leads them to the sidewalk of the church, Liz stops, hesitant.

LIZ: You guys come in, I think I'll go for a walk first.

Her parents stop a few steps in front of her and turn to look at her, surprised.

NANCY: Are you okay, honey?

LIZ (nods): Yes, I only need a few minutes, that's all.

Her mother watches her for a few seconds, thinking.

NANCY: Sure. (She approaches her daughter and hugs her tightly) Do you want us to save you a seat?

LIZ: No need, if I can't find you I'll see you at the reception.

JEFF: Are you sure?

Liz stretches out her right arm to squeeze her father's hand.

LIZ (smiles weakly): Seriously. I'll see you later.

NANCY: Just call us if you need anything.

Liz nods and her parents walk away to the church. Liz stares at the building and closes her eyes, with a clear expression of sadness. She sighs heavily, squeezes her envelope-type wallet in her hands, and crosses the street to the park, away from the people.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Day - Room.

We are inside a house that appears to be that of Tess and Nasedo. In the room we see Tess; she is wearing a whie wedding dress with a wreath of the same color on the head. Her hair is loose in loops and much longer than what we have seen previously. Tess looks at herself in the large standing mirror and runs her hands through the fabric of her dress. She inspires and expires and finally smiles.

The door opens and Isabel enters the room, with two glasses of champagne, one in each hand. She is wearing an Alexander McQueen black dress white flower drawings, and high heels that are also black.

ISABEL: I think you need this. (She approaches Tess and hands her one of the glasses) After all, you're marrying my brother.

Tess laughs and they both clash their glasses. Isabel watches her.

ISABEL: That dress is beautiful, Tess. (She takes a sip of champagne) It's not like you were marrying a King.

Tess takes her drink too while giving her a fierce look.

TESS (corking it): Isabel…

Isabel walks over to the bed and sits on it.

ISABEL: Okay, okay, I will behave. (Drains her glass and smiles) Just for today.

Tess laughs and looks at herself in the mirror again.

TESS: I can't believe this day has finally come.

ISABEL: You've dreamed of marrying Max your whole life, right?

Tess nods and turns to Isabel, to look at her as they speak.

ISABEL: It's what Nasedo has prepared you for.

TESS: It's not just that. I love him. (Pauses) And he loves me.

Isabel looks at her with narrowed eyes, while she thinks. It seems that she is going to say something but then she changes her mind.

TESS: But I'm still very nervous.


TESS: I can't believe Nasedo isn't coming. We've been planning this wedding for months, talking on the phone thousands of times about the date, and suddenly he can't come!

ISABEL: I'm sure he has his reasons. Pretty good reasons.

TESS (sad): Outside of this group, he's all the family I have.

Isabel gets up and walks to Tess.

ISABEL: You know he is risking his life by infiltrating the FBI. (Takes Tess's hands) I am sure that whatever has come up and is preventing him from attending your wedding is only to protect us.

TESS: You really think so?

ISABEL (smiles and squeezes her hands): I know.

Tess also smiles.

ISABEL: Who is going to accompany you to the altar?

Tess releases Isabel's hands and looks at herself in the mirror again.

TESS (sad): I don't know ... I never thought of a plan B, really.

Isabel squeezes Tess's shoulders, giving her support.

ISABEL: I will ask my father, he will surely be happy to do so.

Tess looks at her through the mirror and smiles at her.

TESS: Thanks. (Raises her hands to place them over Isabel's) I know we have never been very close, but I consider you my sister, Isabel.

ISABEL (with a forced smile): I also consider you my sister.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Day - Church.

We are inside the church. People are slowly entering the building and getting settled in their different seats. Maria is sitting in one of the rows closest to the atrium. She is wearing a long salmon-colored dress and her hair is tied in a bun. She looks at the gold watch on her bracelet and stands up, apologizing to a couple sitting next to her. She leaves the row of benches and walks away towards the entrance area of the church. She walks towards a woman dressed in a suit and wearing a hearing aid to her ear; she seems to be the "wedding planner".

MARIA: Excuse me, where are the toilets?

The woman points to a frame that opens into the dark stone wall and leads down a staircase.

MARIA: Really? The bathroom is underground?

The woman shrugs her shoulders.

WOMAN: Is that or wait until the reception.

Maria moves her left leg impatiently while looking at the stairs.

MARIA: What the hell.

She walks away to where the woman had pointed and goes down the stairs, holding onto the railing so as not to trip on her heels.

We cut to:

Day - Church bathroom.

Music: "Poison & wine", The Civil Wars.

We are in the church bathroom, which is located in the basement. It is quite spacious and has three cubicles, as well as the same number of sinks. A rectangular window at the top of the wall lets in natural light, while the bathroom is also lighted with artificial light.

The door opens and Maria enters the bathroom.

MARIA (indignant): Who the hell puts a bathroom in a basement?

She walks to the last sink and leaves her small bag on it, while looking in the mirror and adjusting a lock of hair that has escaped from its impeller.

The door opens again; Maria does not flinch and continues adjusting her hairstyle.


Maria recognizes the voice and quickly turns the body to the left to look at him. We see Michael dressed in a suit; He is wearing a blue jacket and pants suit with a white shirt. His hair has been brushed sideways, and black-framed Ray-Ban glasses hang from his jacket pocket.

Michael watches Maria full body.

MICHAEL: You look beautiful.

Maria gulps and stares at him, not saying a word. Michael smiles and takes three steps toward her.

MICHAEL: Aren't you going to say something?

Maria takes her clutch from the sink and lifts it in front of her body, creating distance between her and Michael.

MARIA: I- (stops, looking for the words) We haven't seen each other in years.

MICHAEL: I know. (He takes a step closer to Maria, she lowers her head to avoid looking at his face). Maria-

Maria lifts her purse to Michael's chest and hits him with it, while looking up to look at him coldly so he stops what he was going to say.

Suddenly, the sound of a gigantic explosion is heard outside the church. The lights blink and the room moves. Maria stumbles and Michael picks her up so she doesn't fall to the ground. The lights go out entirely and dust falls from the ceiling, where cracks have appeared. The room keeps moving and the doors of the cubicles open and close with force; one the stall doors falls to the ground.

The movement stops and Michael and Maria, covered in dust, look at each other with fear. The little light that enters the room is due to the rectangular window, since all the artificial lights are out

MARIA: What the hell was that?

The scene ends and we cut to:

Day - Park.

Music: "Starlight", Jai Wolf (feat. Mr. Gabriel)

We see Liz walking among the trees in the park in front of the church. It appears to be immediately after she has left her parents. She is walking slowly while looking at the green leaves. She stops next to one of the trees that has a large trunk and leans her body against it. She closes her eyes and inspires.

LIZ (VO): Today is the day. The most feared day of my life. The day I finally understand, once and for all, that everything Max has told me is a lie.

Liz opens her eyes and is surprised at something in front of her.

The camera shows Max in a black suit with a white rose in his buttonhole, matching the flower crown Tess was wearing. Max is a few feet away from Liz and looks at her in surprise, his hands inside his pants pockets. The sounds of the scene are cut off and we only hear Liz's breathing, inspiring loundly, and the scene music.

LIZ (sighing): Max ...

Max steps two steps closer to her.

MAX (confused): What are you doing here?

LIZ: Your mother invited me.

MAX: I- (stops his speech and walks one step closer to Liz) I didn't want to invite you.

Liz detaches herself from the tree trunk and adjusts her dress.

LIZ (angry): It's good to see you too.

She walks over to Max and brushes his arm, as she decides to walk away. Max grabs her tightly by the left arm, not letting her escape.

MAX: That is not what I meant.

Liz lifts her face and meets Max's gaze. Both are pretty close, looking into each other's eyes.

LIZ: What did you mean then?

MAX: That ... that I- (stops, takes a deep breath and releases Liz. She takes two steps away from him) I just can't believe you're here.

LIZ (angry): I can't believe you're marrying her.

Max looks at Liz in the eyes for a few seconds. We see sadness on his face.

MAX: You know why I am marrying Tess ...

LIZ: Because is it your (she raises her hands and makes a quotation mark with her hands) "destiny"? Because you're a king?

Max stares at her and doesn't respond. Liz begins to shake.

LIZ: Years have passed, Max, (emphasizing the words) years… and nothing has happened.

MAX: What did you want me to do? You left.

LIZ (angry): You should have followed me! Yes, I left, but that was only because you were supposed to have this great alien destiny to follow (Max approaches her with his right hand in his mouth, indicating to lower his voice). And the years passed and passed, and nothing happened! (Tears begin to fill her eyes) I waited… and waited.

Max reaches out to take Liz's hand but she refuses.

MAX. I ... sorry. I do not know what else to say.

LIZ (starts crying): Why didn't you come for me? If no alien ship was going to come and rescue you, if you didn't have to fulfill your destiny with Tess, why didn't you come for me?

Max searches for the words but nothing comes out. Suddenly a strong wind begins to rise in the park. The leaves on the ground begin to fly. The sound of a turbine in the distance begins to be heard, slowly approaching. Max instinctively approaches Liz and takes her in his arms. The sound of the turbine is getting closer until we see a large gray element in the sky, approaching at full speed.

Max covers Liz with his body and both of them fall to the grass when the element passes a few feet above from them and crashes into a house one block from the scene. We both hear and see a big crash. The shock wave moves the trees and all the elements in the park.

The lights around the area and alarms of the cars go on.

Max and Liz look at each other, scared.

The image fades to black. We see title credits for "Roswell" on the screen.