We open with:

Night - Crashdown Café. Inside.

The place is closed. Outside it's raining heavily; raindrops hit hard on the Café windows. Inside the building, the only lights on are dim spotlights on the counters behind the bar table. On top of each of the tables and on the bar there are some decorative candles lit inside jars.

Ophelia is alone inside the Cafe, dressed in the same clothes as the last time we saw her; a jean, black converse sneakers and a V neckline shirt of the same color. In her right hand she holds a cleaning cloth.

She walks to one of the booths next to and picks up a dirty plate and some silverware, which seem to have been from her dinner. While holding these items with her left hand, with her right she begins to clean crumbs from the table.

From outside we can hear the wind, raindrops and tree branches hitting the windows.

Unexpectedly, Ophelia's attitude and posture changes radically. She drops the plate and silverware, which fall noisily, but without breaking, on the table. She squeezes the cloth tightly in her hand. Her body, before leaning over the table, sits up and on her face we notice an empty expression.

She turns her face towards the door of the Cafe with speed. On the other side of the glass we only see the raindrops.

We start listening to:

Music: "Break my broken heart", Winona Oak.

Ophelia walks away from the booth, walking slowly towards the entrance door of the Café. In her right hand she continues to squeeze the cloth tightly.

As she gets closer to the door, on the other side of the glass we notice that a dark silhouette begins to appear.

Ophelia reaches the door and stands in front of it, looking through the glass. She raises her left hand, slowly placing an open palm on the glass. She presses each of her fingers on the glass.

From the other side of the glass we see the young dark-haired man we have seen at the military base. He is standing on the other side of the door, staring inside, vehemently at Ophelia. He is wearing the same clothes we saw him in last time; the black pajama style set. His clothes are dirty and wet from the rain.

The young man raises his right hand and places his palm on the glass, at the same height as Ophelia's palm, imitating her gesture.

She looks at him with interest, he with longing.

OPHELIA (whispering): Who are you?

The young man continues looking at her, without answering. Finally, he closes his eyes and lowers his face.

We hear a beep sound and the image becomes blurry, changing to:

Day - Trailer park.

The scene is similar to the one we have already seen in the previous episode.

Ophelia is lying on the desert floor. All around her we find chaos and destruction. She opens her eyes and looks around her desperately. A silhouette appears in front of her, leaning over her body.

In the previous episode we could not see who it was. Here we finally see, as the silhouette leans over Ophelia's body and takes her arm, that it is the same young man.

He takes her arm with his right hand and places his left on it. A white light glows under his hand.

We return to:

Night - Crashdown Café.

The young man looks up at Ophelia, who looks at him in amazement. She quickly lowers her hand, off from the glass.

OPHELIA: You healed me?

The young man on the other side of the door starts to nod but unexpectedly turns his face and body to look behind him, when we hear the sound of something falling in the distance.

The young man turns his gaze back to Ophelia, this time with a desperate expression.

OPHELIA: What happened?

The young man looks behind him again and disappears from the scene, running away down the street.

Ophelia begins to unlock the door, struggling with anxiety.

OPHELIA: No! Don't go!

She struggles with the door locks for a few seconds, until finally opening the doors wide. On the other side, there is no one there. Ophelia takes a few steps outside, keeping herself under the roof of the Café and looks around expectantly.

She is alone. The rain falls on the street, pattering strong on the asphalt.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Night - Roswell. Entrance of W Hotel.

It is raining and the sky is completely covered with clouds. We see and hear thunder and lightning in the sky. Both the street and the hotel entrance are deserted as the thunder storm hits the city.

Isabel's car approaches the front door and parks, with the passenger side next to the sidewalk. The hotel door swings open and a bellboy comes out, trotting to the car and holding an umbrella over his head.

The car doors open and William and Isabel get out from it, he on the passenger side and she on the driver's side. The bellboy jogs towards her, circling the car, and covering her with the umbrella, so she doesn't get wet.

BUTTONS: Good evening, Miss Evans.

Isabel hands him the keys and closes the car door.

ISABEL: Good evening.

William quickly closes the passenger door and walks away to the hotel's entrance door, his hands in his pockets and his head lowered, avoiding the rain as much as he can.

Isabel begins to walk around the car. The bellboy, surprised, follows her with the umbrella in hand.

BELLBOY: Do you want me to walk you to the door, Miss Evans?

Isabel stops and makes a gesture with her hand, as if dismissing him.

William has taken refuge under the small roof right above the hotel's double front doors.

ISABEL (to the bellboy): It's alright.

She staks walking again, reaching the back of the car. The bellboy still follows her, insisting on covering her with the umbrella and getting himself wet in the process.

Isabel stops once more, next to the sidewalk and in front of the car and smiles at him.

ISABEL: It's okay, I don't need the umbrella.

The bellboy looks at her without understanding. Isabel raises her left hand and places it on the boy's shoulder. She smiles at him, insisting with her eyes.

The bellboy looks at her confused for a few seconds, while he thinks about what to do. Finally, he smiles weakly at Isabel and nods his head. He slowly moves the umbrella away from Isabel, who starts getting wet from the rain. The young man walks away toward the driver's door of the car.

As the bellboy enters the Porsche and turns it on, Isabel watches him, standing on the street. As the car pulls away, she takes a deep breath, closes her eyes, and lifts her face up to the sky, letting the rain soak her.

William looks at her intriguingly by the hotel door.

WILLIAM (aloud): Isabel! (Isabel doesn't flinch, she continues standing with her eyes closed and her face up to the sky) What are you doing?

Isabel raises her hands to her face. She rubs it and then brings her hands up to her hair, rubbing the raindrops through her face and hair. She still doesn't answer William so begins to worry. Isabel lowers her hands and opens her eyes, staring at him, her face unmoved. William looks at her for a moment, doubting what to do, and finally comes out of the shelter of the roof and walks towards her. He takes her by the hands.

WILLIAM: Are you all right? What's wrong?

ISABEL: You never told me what your power is.

William looks at her strangely.


ISABEL: Do you have a distinctive power? (William laughs) Just as I can roam people's dreams and Tess can control minds… do you have any special power?

William nods while still laughing softly.

WILLIAM: Yes, Isabel, I have a unique power.

ISABEL (intrigued): What is it?

William looks around as he rubs the raindrops that bother his eyes.

WILLIAM: Do you want to have this conversation here? Right now … in the middle of the street and the rain?

Isabel nods, dead serious. William sighs and smiles at her. He places his hands on Isabel's wrists and begins to gently climb his hands up her arms. He caresses her shoulders until he reaches Isabel's neck, where he rests his hands. Throughout that moment, Isabel trembles slightly; we don't know whether from the cold or from the sensation of Willian's hands on her body.

Isabel closes her eyes and sighs.

ISABEL (whispering): Show me.

William lowers his face to Isabel, laying his forehead against hers. He looks at her intensely. She opens her eyes and watches him. He smiles at her in a mischievous grin.

WILLIAM: Better fasten your seatbelt ...

The scene ends and we cut to:

Uncertain time. Black screen.

We hear the sounds of different medical machines; the "beep-beep" of a cardiac reader, an artificial respirator; someone respirating in and out.

We begin to see a light that grows, slowly. The image appears to be seen through the eyes of someone who is waking up slowly.

A blurred silhouette appears, approaching the scene. It is a woman dressed in a white medical gown; but what we notice the most is the light shining on her long red hair.

Someone complains.

The woman approaches and leans over the person. When she speaks, she does so with a strong Irish accent.

WOMAN: It's okay, it's okay...

The person's eyes are finally wide open. The person begins to fidget, looking around. We notice that we are in a medical room inside a military base; the walls here are white instead of gray, except for one that is made of glass and shows us the hallway on the other side.

The image focuses more and more each second. The woman who just appeared leans over the bed. The person begins to choke, losing the ability to breathe.

WOMAN: Easy. Let me help you.

The woman removes the artificial respirator from the patient; the patient takes a deep breath of air and begins to cough.

The woman, who appears to be a medical soldier, wearing a camouflage uniform under her white medical coat, leaves the artificial respirator over one of the machines next to the bed.

The camera position changes, and finally we see who the person on the bed is.

Alex Whitman sits up on the bed with much difficulty, continuing to cough from the respirator and the tubes he had down his throat. His physical appearance is quite poor; He looks weak and with little energy, in addition to having several bruises on his face and cuts on his arms.

The female doctor smiles weakly at him. She stretches her hands to take him by the shoulders but Alex rejects her, moving away from her with a sudden movement of his body.

DOCTOR: Everything is fine, Alex.

Alex looks around the room, trying to understand where he is and what is going on. Only he and the doctor are in the room. He sets his gaze on her and observes her suspiciously.

ALEX (raspy, having trouble speaking): Who are you? Where am I?

DOCTOR: You had an accident. (Alex looks down at his body; looks at the cuts on his arms) You and some other soldiers were flying over the desert and had an accident.

Alex looks up in fear.

ALEX: What kind of accident?

The doctor bites her lip and thinks, but doesn't answer his question. She looks nervous

ALEX: Who are you? (He notices the uniform underneath her medical clothes) You're from the army.

DOCTOR (nodding): Commander Brianna O'Callaghan.

Alex continues to look at her suspiciously; he waits a few seconds, expecting the doctor to continue talking.

BRIANNA: You're at Fort Bragg Hospital.

ALEX (shocked): In North Carolina?

Brianna nods.

ALEX: How did I get here? (He looks down at his body, he sees the cuts and blows) I don't remember anything. (Looks up at Brianna) Did you say I was in an accident? (Brianna nods) When was this?

BRIANNA: Five days ago. (Alex looks at her in surprise) You've been unconscious since they brought you from New Mexico.

Alex takes a few seconds to think.

ALEX: My plane crashed? (Brianna nods again) How?

Brianna pauses before answering.

BRIANNA: That is what we are trying to understand.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Day - Michael's house. Inside.

We're inside one of the guest rooms of the house. The room is illuminated by the sun that enters through the double door that leads to a small balcony; the curtains are drawn open and we see the day shining through the glass. Any remainder of last night's storm has dissipated.

The room is smaller than Michael's but maintains a similar decoration. On the king size bed Max sleeps half naked and curled up between the sheets, dressed only in a black boxer.

The door to the room opens and Liz walks inside, carrying a glass of water and a small bottle of aspirin pills in her hands. Her hair is disheveled, tied in an unkempt bun, and she is wearing the same clothes as the night before.

She closes the door behind her, trying to make as little noise as possible, but Max seems to hear her and squirms on the bed with his eyes closed, making a small complaining sound.

Liz walks toward him, circling the bed, until she stands next to the nightstand.

Max slowly opens his eyes and covers them, trying to escape from the light that enters through the balcony doors, dazzling him.

Liz giggles weakly as she sets the glass of water and the pills on the nightstand.

Max complains as he settles on the bed, trying to sit up. He puts his hands to his face covering his eyes, fleeing from the light.

LIZ: How do you feel?

Max makes a complaining sound again and removes his hands from his face, but keeps his eyes closed.

MAX: Horrible.

Liz laughs and points to the items she has just left on the nightstand.

LIZ: I brought you some Aspirin… (Max opens his eyes slightly and looks at where Liz is pointing) I figured that after last night's show you were going to need it.

Max nods slightly.

MAX: I'm never drinking again.

Liz laughs as Max sits on the edge of the bed.

Max stretches his hand toward the nightstand, taking the Aspirin bottle. With the gesture, Max's sheet slides off his body, falling over the side of the bed and revealing his almost naked body. Liz looks at him with interest as she sits down on the bed next to him, at a safe distance so as not to touch him.

Max opens the bottle, picks up two pills and puts them in his mouth. He then drinks the full glass of water in one go.

After, he takes a deep breath, places both hands on his knees, turning his face toward Liz.

MAX: I'm so sorry. I didn't want you to see me in that state.

Liz looks at him for a moment, thinking.

LIZ: You don't have anything to apologize for. I'd like to say that I understand how you're feeling right now... (pauses and shrugs) but I really don't. (She settles on the bed, lifting her legs off the floor and sitting Indian style) Your whole world collapsed overnight.

Max nods as he looks at her, saddened.

MAX: I would have followed you. (He pauses for some seconds, in which he looks at her intensely) That day in the desert…

LIZ: Max… I don't need you to explain anything to me.

Max moves closer to her.

MAX: But I do. (He places his hand on Liz's knee) I need you to know that everything would have been very different if not for Nasedo's lie. I would have followed you ... I wanted to follow you. Anywhere you've gone, Liz ... I would have been with you.

Liz places her hand over his and gives it a gentle squeeze. She smiles sadly at him.

LIZ: I know.

MAX: I would never have been with Tess… I wouldn't have let you go to Florida, to escape from everything. I would have chosen so many different things for my life. I would have chosen my life.

Liz doesn't know what to answer, so she strokes his hand lovingly.

They both look at each other in silence for a few seconds.

MAX: Thank you.

LIZ: Because of the aspirin? (She makes a gesture of disinterest) It's nothing. I also made some breakfast if you want, because Michael and Maria went out.

Max brings his hand to Liz's forearm and caresses it.

MAX: No… I mean for last night. And also this morning. For everything ... For listening to me and not judging me. (He slowly moves his hand from Liz's arm to her face, caressing her body gently. Liz shudders as she keeps her gaze fixed on Max's eyes) For being you. All this time.

Liz blushes. She wants to speak but cannot find the words, being affected by what Max has just said to her.

Max looks her up and down, leering eyes.

MAX: I want to kiss you right now… (Liz looks down, a bit embarrassed. Max removes his hand from Liz's face) I'm dying to. But I think I need a good shower first, I must stink of alcohol.

Liz laughs and looks up into his eyes again.

LIZ: I need gallons of coffee. Sleeping on the floor hasn't been entirely pleasant.

Max gets up from the bed.

MAX: I don't think I'll ever stop apologizing for last night.

They both laugh.

LIZ: Awesome first date, huh?

MAX: Maybe you'll let me make it up to you?

Liz also gets up from the bed and starts walking towards the bedroom door.

LIZ (with a mischievous smile on her face): Let's see how this one ends first.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Day - Roswell Shopping Street.

It is early in the morning and the shops are just opening up to the public. Jordan's thrift store is closed, with the lights off, the window blinds closed, and the "Closed" sign on the front door.

Jordan comes down the street, walking calmly towards her place. She is wearing a loose, long-sleeved brown knee-length dress with sandals of the same color. On her head she wears a hat matching with the ensemble.

She stops in front of the door of the premises and opens her purse, looking for the keys to the store. She takes them out of the purse and is about to place them inside one of the three locks of the wooden door, when she stops suddenly. She looks at the door with a confused expression on her face. She exams it from top to bottom and pushes the door with the hand where she's still holding the keys.

The door opens without resistance.

Jordan stands in the doorway, staring inside the store. The sound of the bell is heard as the door opens.

Jordan waits a moment before entering the premises, puting the keys inside her purse. She closes the door behind her and takes her purse off her shoulder, looking at the place with concern.

She walks through the shelves until she reaches the counter, where she places the purse. She walks around looking at different parts of the store, but everything seems to be in order, until she looks at the changing area.

There, everything is messy. Clothes and various items on the shelves are scrambled, or thrown on the floor. Jordan is scared at noticing this.

Suddenly, a noise is heard in one of the changing rooms. Jordan is startled.

JORDAN: Who's there ?!

Jordan waits a few seconds but no one answers. She walks around the counter, until she reaches the other side, and flips the switches on the wall, turning on the lights in the store.

We hear a new noise; it appears to be a knock on one of the changing room doors.

Jordan begins to walk very slowly towards the changing rooms. The lights of the store begin to flicker. Jordan looks up at the ceiling in surprise. As she watches the light flicker, the door of the changing room swings open and a figure comes out, running towards the back of the store.


She runs to where the person has just disappeared to. She turns right after the changing rooms into a small hallway that leads to the storage room door; it is closing slowly, as a sign that the person has passed by.

Jordan opens the door and enters the storage room; the place is full of shelves with boxes of different sizes on them and on the floor. Jordan holds the door open, from which light enters the room.

In front of her, in the dark and between the boxes and shelves, we see the silhouette, standing in front of her.

Jordan stands under the threshold, staring at the person. Despite the strange situation, she remains calm.

JORDAN: Who are you?

We hear the person breathe quickly; they seem scared. After a moment, the person takes a step forward. The light coming from the hall illuminates his face.

We see the young alien who has interacted with both Alex and Ophelia.

Jordan is amazed to see him. She raises her hand to her mouth in surprise. She watches him for a moment.

JORDAN: I- (stops) I know you.

The young man looks at her puzzled, he doesn't seem to know her.

JORDAN: I… (raises her left hand to the wall, she seems a little excited) Oh, can I turn on the light? I can't believe you're here, in my store!

The young man nods slowly, without answering verbally, while continuing his puzzled expression at Jordan's reaction.

Jordan turns on the light, which illuminates the scene. She pants.

JORDAN: Oh no!

We find the young man wearing only a jean, which he seems to have stolen from the store. His feet and torso are bare and on his chest we can see several scars; some of simple injuries and others, much bigger, that seem to be from various operations. The scars are all over his chest and belly.

JORDAN (in an affected voice): What happened? Who did this to you?

The young man does not answer. Jordan looks at the various marks on his body and we start to notice tears in her eyes.

JORDAN: How-? (She stops and stares into his eyes) Why do you look so young?

The young man raises his arm, to show him the tattoo on his wrist where we read "X-G47". Jordan reads it out loud and nods her head slightly, in understanding.

JORDAN: They caught you.

The young man nods. Several tears leak from Jordan's eyes.

JORDAN: This was never the plan.

The young man opens his mouth to say something but at the same moment we hear the sound of the doorbell, indicating that someone has entered the store. The young man opens his eyes in shock, and looks around desperately.

Jordan points to one of the shelves.

JORDAN: There is an emergency exit behind that shelf. (The young man nods in appreciation) Take whatever you need. (She turns to walk away towards the tiny hallway but stops, turning to look at him one last time) But don't go far. (Raises her right hand and smiles slightly) You may not recognize me now, but I am your friend, and I am here to help you.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Day - Maria's house. Exterior.

Music: "Demons", Boyce Avenue.

Michael and Maria are outside her house, on the sidewalk. On the street we see Maria's wrecked red Jetta, parked behind Michael's truck. In his hand, Michael holds a rope, and approaches the space between the two vehicles. Maria looks sadly at the car.

MICHAEL (as he works putting the rope on his truck): Are you sure you don't want to come with me?

Maria nods.

MARIA: I don't want to see how they dismantle the last thing I had from my mother.

Michael sits up and turns his body toward Maria, before placing the other end of the rope on the Jetta.

MICHAEL: You still have the house.

Maria takes a look at the house behind her and sighs sadly.

MARIA: Too many memories with Kyle.

Michael frowns but doesn't respond to the comment. Maria takes two steps toward him, realizing what she just said, but Michael reaches down to tie the rope on the Jetta.

MARIA: Michael…

Michael finishes tying the rope but doesn't sit up, squatting in front of the car and looking at the pavement. Maria takes one more step towards him and stands on the sidewalk.


Michael finally looks up at her. She smiles at him and stretches her hand out for him to take it.

MARIA: Come here.

Michael takes Maria's hand and stands up, standing in front of her. As Maria is on the sidewalk and he is on the pavement, she is almost at level with his face. Michael takes her by the waist and draws her to him. She places her chin on his chest and looks up, smiling at him. Michael keeps his eyes fixed on the house, frowning.

MICHAEL: I hate that he took that away from you.

Maria sighs and lowers her head, kissing his sternum.

MARIA: I know.

MICHAEL (angrily): I want to m-

Maria silences him by placing her thumb over his mouth and her hand on his chin. It forces him to lower his face and look at her.

MARIA: I don't need you to save me, spaceboy. (She pauses and they both look intently at each other) I know you feel guilty that you haven't been here the past few years, but I don't blame you. And I don't need you to be my knight in shining armor… I just need you.

Michael increases the hug, grabbing Maria from behind. He kisses her chin and she closes her eyes, enjoying it.

MICHAEL: Call me when you're done working and I'll pick you up.

Maria lifts her face and gives him a quick kiss on the lips.

MARIA: Maybe we can do something special tonight?

Michael watches her for a moment. He runs a lock of hair from her face, gently tucking it behind her ear.

MICHAEL: We need to find a place for Max to live. Away from us. And soon.

Maria laughs as she lets go of Michael's arms.

She walks away from Michael towards her house, walking backwards as she smiles at him with amusement.

MARIA: I'll see you later, spaceboy.

Michael bows his head and chest in reverence and walks away toward the driver's door of his truck. He climbs into it and turns it on, pushing the Jetta away down the street while Maria watches him a few inches from the front door.

The music ends.

We cut to:

Day - Maria's house. Inside.

Maria enters the house through the living room door. She closes it behind her and looks around, sighing. The room looks very similar to the last time we saw it; all furniture and decorations are in place. The only difference is a stack of organizing boxes on the living room table and on the floor next to it.

Maria walks over to the table and picks up one of the boxes, which is empty, moving it to the coffee table near the bookshelf. She sets the box on the coffee table and opens it. She stands in front of the bookshelf and begins to pick up the books, looking at the covers one by one. Most of the books she puts inside the box, but a few she places in a pile on the floor.


Maria gets scared by the unexpected voice and drops the book she is holding, which falls to the floor with a loud noise. She looks up to where the voice came from, and we see Kyle standing in the doorway that separates the living room from the kitchen. He is leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest.

MARIA (surprised): What the hell are you doing here?

Kyle reaches his right hand into the front pocket of his pants and takes a set of keys out of it. He staggers them making noise in front of him.

KYLE: I still have keys to the house.

Maria looks at him intensely, she seems to have a look of hatred on her face.

MARIA: You can return them now.

She reaches her hand out to Kyle, who is far enough away to be able to reach her for the keys without having to take several steps toward her. However, neither of them moves.

MARIA: Why are you still here? Why are all your things still in my house? I asked you to take them out days ago.

Kyle takes a few seconds to answer. Maria gets tired of having her arm stretched out towards him and drops it, dejected.

KYLE: I still haven't found a definitive place to live. (Shrugs) I thought since you were living with Michael now, you weren't going to care if I stayed here.

MARIA: I am not living with Michael, it's only temporary. I was just giving you space and time so you could move somewhere else.

Maria crosses her arms and watches him for a moment. Finally, she drops her arms to the side of her body, in surrender.

MARIA: Fine (snorts). Let me know when you're not home so I can collect my things.

Maria begins to walk away towards the front door. Kyle takes a step into the living room.

KYLE: Wait.

Maria stops, but doesn't turn to look at him.

KYLE: Can we talk?

Maria turns around quickly, an expression of utter bewilderment on her face.

MARIA (cutting): What do you want to talk about?

Kyle was about to take another step toward her but stopped at noticing Maria's tone of voice.

KYLE (lowers her voice): About us…

Maria approaches him.

MARIA: There is no "us", Kyle. Not since the day you decided to wreck my mom's car and Michael's face.

KYLE: So that's it? After years of knowing each other and being together?

MARIA (perplexed): It's all your fault! I wanted to remain friends… (pauses) but what you did is too much.

Kyle shrugs again.

KYLE: Why stay friends?

MARIA: Because I care about you! (Pauses) Because before everything ... you were my friend.

KYLE (angrily): I can't just be your friend.

Maria closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. When she opens her eyes, the anger is gone from her face.

MARIA: They are not the enemy, Kyle. This is not a war ... I really hope you can change your mind.

Maria turns around and starts to walk away, but stops short when Kyle speaks.

KYLE: What makes you think he won't do the same thing again?

Maria, with her back on him, doesn't respond.

KYLE: He's already left you once... and he'll do it again. (He pauses) I am the only constant thing in your life, Maria… the only one who has always been by your side.

Maria takes a deep breath and proceeds toward the front door of the house, away from Kyle. She puts her hand on the doorknob and opens the door.

KYLE (angry): He will break your heart again. You fool yourself if you think this time it will be different.

She is unfazed by his words. She leaves the house and closes the door behind her.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Night - Alley.

We are in a dark and narrowed alley. The walls are from a dark brick, between red and black, and only one flickering light illuminates the scene. The alley leads to a door at the back, next to a garbage can, but it is not extremely dirty. Beyond that, the place is empty.

It is heavily raining and sounds of cars can be heard in the distance.

A light in the middle of the alley begins to flash, fully illuminating the scene, until it is extinguished almost as quickly as it appeared.

Isabel and William appear on the scene, embracing each other and wearing the same clothes as in the last scene we saw them.

Isabel has her face hidden in William's chest with her eyes tightly closed. William begins to breathe heavily, while slowly separating himself from her. Isabel opens her eyes and looks around completely surprised.

ISABEL: Where are we?

She takes a step toward the street and the beginning of the alley, where we can see people and cars through the rain. Isabel smiles. William staggers to the wall behind him, reaching for support with his right hand as he catches his breath. Isabel doesn't realize that.

ISABEL: Oh… is this your power? You can teleport anywhere you like?

Isabel is about to take another step toward the beginning of the alley when she hears William fall to the floor, hitting a bottle in the process.

She turns around quickly and the expression on her face changes instantly, from utter surprise mixed with happiness to concern. She runs to William and crouches beside him, brushing the strands of wet hair from his face to get a better look.

ISABEL: What is it?

William closes his eyes; there is an expression of pain on his face. He brings his right hand to his chest, at heart level. Isabel places her hands on William's shoulders.

ISABEL: What's happening? You're scaring me.

William slowly begins to breathe easier, calming his breath and body. Slowly, he begins to smile.

WILLIAM (whispers): I'm fine.

Isabel looks at him worried. She places her hands on William's right hand, which is on his chest.

ISABEL: You don't look good.

William slowly opens his eyes and looks at her.

WILLIAM: It's just a side effect of my power.

Isabel looks at him incredulously.

ISABEL: I don't like it.

William smiles at her, his body already calm.

WILLIAM: It's worth it just to see the expression on your face.

Isabel looks at him without understanding. William starts to stand up, pushing himself off the wall. Isabel helps him by taking him by the elbows. When they are both standing, William nods down the street.

WILLIAM: Come on, let me show you what I can do.

Isabel puts her left arm around William's waist for him to lean on her. They walk slowly towards the entrance of the alley. As they get closer, the sounds of the street get louder and clearer.

They stop at the entrance to the alley. Isabel looks around in amazement.

Down the street we see a black car pass by, the typical model of English taxi cars. William leans against the wall and looks at her, a satisfied expression on his face. Isabel observes the signs on the street, the cars and the few people who walk down the sidewalk in the rain.

The alley leads to a narrow street full of shops, most of them closed, which ends in a roundabout with a fountain. It is illuminated by several luminous screens that show different advertisements.

ISABEL: Oh, God… Is it true? (Stares at William) Are we in-?

WILLIAM (interrupting, nods): London, baby.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Day - Jordan's store.

Jordan walks away down the hallway that leads to the storage room, back to the store. We see tears on her face as she approaches the dressing rooms and main area of the store, responding to the sound of the door bell.

When she reaches the changing rooms, she reaches down to grab a few pieces of clothing from the floor and picks them up. With her free hand, she wipes the tears from her face.

Footsteps are heard in the store, from an apparent customer.

JORDAN: Just a minute! (She stands up and hugs the clothes to her chest) I'll be right with you.

TESS (worried): Are you okay? (Jordan is startled to hear and see Tess in front of her and drops the clothes from her hands, which fall to the floor. Tess looks at the clutter around her with surprise) What happened here? Did someone break in to steal?

Jordan tries to compose herself.

JORDAN (trying to smile): Oh no, nothing like that. (She makes a gesture with her hand) I'm just cleaning the place a bit.

Tess watches her suspiciously. She looks back to the mess next to her and then to Jordan, who quickly wipes the tears from her eyes. Tess notices the gesture and is about to say something but Jordan smiles slightly at her and walks away to the counter. She stands behind it and slaps her hands on the wood, trying to distract Tess.

JORDAN: So, how can I help you?

Tess watches her for a few seconds, without answering, while she thinks about what she is going to say. Jordan, noticing the silence, slowly lets her smile disappear from her face. She looks concerned now.

JORDAN: Is everything okay?

Tess nods slightly, but doesn't answer verbally. She takes two steps to the counter and stops, staring at Jordan's neck where her tattoo peeks out.

TESS: I need to ask you something, (she pauses and Jordan stares at her intrigued. She takes another step toward the counter) and I need you to answer me truthfully.

Jordan stiffens. She swallows hard, taking some courage before answering.

JORDAN: Tell me.

Tess takes the last steps towards the counter and stands in front of it, also placing her hands on the wood.

TESS: The tattoo on your neck ... (Jordan instantly raises her left hand to hrt neck, covering the drawing) is not from here, right?

Jordan thinks for a few seconds. Finally, she drops her hand while laughing softly.

JORDAN: I think I haven't done a good job at hiding it, have I?

Tess laughs while shaking her head.

TESS: You are the scientist William told us about. (Jordan nods, confirming Tess' suspicions) You helped us get these bodies and send us to Earth.

JORDAN: Yes, I did.

TESS: And you can help us recover our memories of Antar.

JORDAN: Yes, I can do that also.

Tess takes a deep breath before continuing to speak.

TESS: And you came to Earth because you also lost someone ... who could be here.

Jordan purses her lips, not daring to reply verbally. Tess stares at her.

TESS: Did you find that person?

Jordan slowly slides her hands towards Tess and stops a few inches before their fingers touch.

Jordan slowly shakes her head.

JORDAN: Not yet.

The expression on Tess' face changes to surprise mixed with sadness.

TESS: I can help you with that… if you help me first.

Jordan looks at her with intrigue.

JORDAN: What do you need?

TESS: Do you know anything about a purple orb?

Jordan retracts her hands with a sudden grave expression on her face.

JORDAN: Yeah… why? Do you know where it is?

TESS: Yes.

JORDAN (surprised): Where? I thought it was gone forever.

TESS: If you tell me what it does, I'll tell you where to find it.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Day - Inside Michael's house. Stairs.

It is daytime, the light enters the large window at the end of the staircase, where the corridor to the rooms on the upper floor is. Liz puts her hand on the staircase's railing and prepares to descend downstairs.

She goes down two steps and stops suddenly. She lifts her face to the left, looking towards the door of one of the rooms, which is half-open. She takes three deep breaths, lets a broad smile escape her mouth , and goes back up the two steps she had just descended.

Down the corridor, she walks towards the door she has looked at, opening it and entering the room. It's the room where Max sleeps, which we have seen in the previous scene, and although it is in the same condition as before, it is now empty. Max is not on the bed where we last saw him.

Liz walks towards a second door, and as she approaches, we begin to hear, louder and louder, the sound of a shower.

We start listening to:
"Velvet rope", Rita Ora.

Liz places her hand on the door handle and opens the door.

We cut to:

Day - Bathroom.

The bathroom is quite spacious but without windows, and continues with the tonality and decoration of the house, in stone, wood and desert colors. The shower is on, and inside it we see Max, bathing himself. The shower consists of a cubicle on the wall opposite the door, with a wooden plank floor and separated from the bathroom by two frosted glass doors, which manages to cover from the middle of Max's body to just before his knees.

Max stops washing his hair when he hears the sound of the bathroom door closing, looking at the source of the noise, between scared and surprised.

Liz has closed the door behind her and takes a few steps towards the shower, looking intently into Max's eyes. He watches her closely, as Liz reaches for the hem of her shirt and pulls it up over her body, pulling it off and letting it fall to the floor.

Max lowers his arms at his sides, surprised and intrigued by what Liz is doing.

Liz takes off her jeans, pulling it down her hips and legs until she also leaves it on the floor next to her shirt. She walks over to the shower glass doors as she takes off her bra and panties.

She slides the glass panel farthest from the faucet, enters the shower, and closes the panel. She stands in front of Max, takes a deep breath, exhales, and looks into his eyes expectantly.

Max watches her in shock, trying to focus his eyes on Liz's face so they don't fall on her naked body.

MAX: What- what are you doing?

Liz gives a nervous laugh and shrugs.

She reaches out with her left hand and takes Max's right wrist, raising his hand and slowly bringing it to her chest. She places Max's palm at the level of her heart and rests her hand on his, holding it in place.

MAX: Liz…

Liz closes her eyes.

LIZ: I want you to feel me, Max. I want you to see everything inside of me. (She opens her eyes and looks at him intently) I have spent years writing and writing about my life in my journal ... but I think it is time I finally started living it.

Max looks at Liz in the eyes, then looks down at his hand placed on her chest. Liz nods her head, giving him permission. Max closes his eyes, concentrating on his power. Liz mimics him, closing her eyes as well.

Max leans his body a few inches towards Liz, while using his power to see Liz's thoughts and memories; Beneath the palm of his hand we see the distinctive light of his power. She also imitates that movement, approaching him, until they are both close; body touching body. Max lowers his face to Liz, while she raises hers. They glue their foreheads against each other and open their eyes after a few seconds. They look at each other longingly. Their breathing is affected by what they just did.

Liz smiles and so does he. A smile of absolute happiness.

MAX: That was-

LIZ (cutting him off): Incredible.

Max nods as he brings his hands to Liz's waist, trapping her in his arms.

MAX (in an affected voice): Liz… You don't know how many times I've dreamed of this.

Liz laughs and pushes Max toward the opposite wall of the shower, both of them getting wet from the falling water.

MAX: If we do this… I'm never letting you go.

LIZ: I'm counting on it.

Max smiles, draws her to his body with force and begins to kiss her on the lips, first gently and as the kiss progresses, each second with more and more fervor. Liz brings her hands to Max's neck, drawing him to her and responding to Max's kisses and caresses.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Uncertain hour. Hospital room.

We are back in the room where Alex is at the Military Hospital. Brianna, the doctor, stands in front of him, closely observing his vital signs on the monitors by the bed.

BRIANNA: How do you feel?

ALEX: I don't know, okay I guess? (Looks at Brianna) How do people usually feel after being in a coma for five days?

Brianna laughs and picks up the medical chart from the bed.

BRIANNA: Well, everything looks good from my side.

ALEX: When can I return to my position?

Brianna quickly looks up from the chart, where she was writing. She looks at Alex seriously, with concern.

BRIANNA: Alex… (she stops, Alex looks at her with interest, waiting for her to answer his question).

ALEX: I have to go to Roswell ASAP.

Brianna swallows hard, thinking of what to say. She looks at the door to the room that's open, making sure no one is near and would hear them. She moves a few inches closer to Alex.

BRIANNA: They're not going to let you go, Alex.

ALEX (puzzled): What do you mean?

Brianna casts a quick glance toward the door again. She lowers her voice.

BRIANNA: You were in an accident involving three planes, an alien, and various members of the military. The alien escaped and you are the only survivor ...

Alex nods slowly looking at her with fear on his face.

BRIANNA: You understand what that means, right?

Alex nods again. Brianna hugs the medical chart to her body with her left arm and takes Alex's hand with her right hand and shakes it. She looks at him sadly.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Day - Jordan's Store.

Jordan and Tess are in the same position as the previous scene.

TESS: If you tell me what it does, I'll tell you where to find it.

Jordan looks at her for a few seconds, thinking. She bites her lips in doubt.

JORDAN: Do you have it with you?

TESS: Not yet, but I know where it is and how to get it without raising any suspicions.

JORDAN: Where is it?

TESS: First, you have to tell me what it is.

Jordan takes a few seconds to think.

JORDAN: It is the reason you were sent to Earth. (Tess looks at her, surprised) The same reason so many have died back in the Antar constellation… (pauses) and the same reason all those new ships arrived days ago.

TESS: What…?

JORDAN: It contains a prophecy.

Tess gasps.

TESS: Do you know what it says?

Jordan shakes his head.

JORDAN: I never heard it. Not even Ki- (corrects himself) William heard it.

Tess looks down, thinking.

TESS: All these years… (she looks up at Jordan again) That orb came on the ship with us.

JORDAN (nodding): Your protector brought it.

TESS: Was he looking to destroy it? Or did he want to protect it from someone?

JORDAN: I don't know. (Takes Tess's hands in hers and leans toward her) But we have to get it back… before it falls into the wrong hands.

TESS (nodding): Then you're coming with us.

The scene ends and cut to:

Editing of different scenes while we listen to:

Music: "Someone to you", BANNERS.

William and Isabel walk through Covent Garden observing the different shops and food stands.

Both of them sitting outside the market, under a blue umbrella, eating an English breakfast with coffee with milk.

Inside the National Portrait Gallery observing the statue of Victoria and Albert. They are both standing silently observing it. Isabel drops her right hand next to her body, brushing against William's leg. He takes her hand and smiles. Both of them smile but don't take their eyes off the statue.

The two of them walk through the Parliament area, pointing to the Big Ben and having fun with the red phone booths.

At dusk, on top of a ship sailing the Thames, sipping English tea on the deck while chatting, laughing and looking at the most famous sights in the city.

Finally, it is night. We are in the South Kensington area of London. William and Isabel walk down the sidewalk, laughing. In the street there is a single person walking a small dog on the opposite side. It looks like a residential and quiet area, with late-model cars parked along the sidewalk.

Isabel slows down, stopping in front of one of the white houses, traditional in the area, with a large door black. It looks excellently cared for, with plants at the entrance and a small balcony on the first floor. All interior lights are off.

The music stops.

William stops in his tracks too, a few steps further, and turns to face Isabel. She looks at the door of the house and smiles.

ISABEL: This will be my house starting tomorrow.

William looks up at the house and whistles.

WILLIAM: Wow, it's beautiful.

She climbs the two steps leading to the door, turns her face to William, and smirks.

ISABEL: Do you want to see it?

William looks at her in surprise.

WILLIAM: Do you have the keys?

Isabel raises her right hand and waves it.

ISABEL (smiles): I have something better. (William laughs).

We cut to:

Interior of the house. The light is turned on and we are in the kitchen. It is not very large but still has a double counter, with the central counter serving as a breakfast area at the same time. Isabel walks to a mini wine cellar on the wall, next to the cupboard, while William sits in one of the high chairs.

WILLIAM: The house looks amazing, Isabel, congratulations.

Isabel opens the cellar and takes out a wine. She turns around to show the bottle to William, smiling.

ISABEL: Let's toast to that.

WILLIAM (surprised): I didn't think you would've provisions already.

Isabel looks for two glasses and the corkscrew to open the wine.

ISABEL: My assistant bought some things… mostly groceries and a bed.

WILLIAM: You have an assistant?

Isabel nods, turning her back to him, as she pours the wine into both glasses.

WILLIAM: A princess both in Antar and on Earth.

Isabel takes the wine glasses, turns around and leans on the central counter. She sets one of the glasses in front of William as she looks at him scolding. William takes the glass and laughs slightly.

WILLIAM: It was a joke. (He stretches out his hand and takes Isabel's left hand) You deserve everything you dream of.

Isabel takes a sip of wine and looks around the kitchen. She sighs.

ISABEL: What were your plans?

WILLIAM: For today? (Takes a sip of wine) Just dazzling you with my powers and walking around this beautiful city.

Isabel rests her glass of wine on the counter and stares at him.

ISABEL: Your real plans. (Pauses) You finally found me, after so many years… (takes another sip of her wine and stares at him) Now what's next?

William rises from the chair and walks around the counter, walking over to Isabel, staring at her, a determined expression on his face.

Isabel accommodates herself, leaning the left side of her body on the counter, to face him. William stops in front of Isabel, mere inches from her body. He watches her and smiles weakly.

WILLIAM: I lost everything in the war; my family, my friends… (he raises his left hand and places it on her right elbow) I lost you. (He runs his hand up Isabel's arm) And now that I have you back, I want to protect you ... wherever you decide to be.

Isabel smiles.

ISABEL: So you don't want to go back?

William slowly shakes his head.

WILLIAM: I have nothing waiting for me back there. If I can make a new life with you, here, on Earth ... if you accept me back on your side ... that's more than I could ever ask for.

William places his hand on Isabel's neck and caresses her. She closes her eyes and leans her face into his hand, smiling blissfully.

ISABEL: I want to stay here with you, too.

She opens her eyes and looks at him longingly. William slowly approaches her and kisses her sweetly on the lips.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Night - Desert.

Music: "Viento", Gianluca Vacchi.

We are in an area of the desert near Shiprock Rock where an electronic party has been mounted with a couple of stages and several food trucks and concession stands.

There are three stages of different sizes where there are different DJs; among them we see people dancing, moving along, eating food and drinking. A few feet from the entrance there is a huge space that mounts as a parking lot. From the stages and between different spaces, lasers of different colors illuminate the sky and people. We also see various screens that show drawings in geometric themes.

We cut to:

Parking lot.

Tess, Maria, Michael, Liz and Max walk between the cars, having just parked. The men are simply dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, but the women are a bit more fixed up. Maria and Tess are wearing high waisted jean shorts with a top, while Liz is wearing a short red jumpsuit.

Michael looks at the entrance to the party with disdain.

MICHAEL: I don't understand why we need to do this today.

TESS (leading the group): Because we are too close to the Military Base and the trailer park that caught on fire. This (points to the party) is the perfect setting to look around without anyone noticing something weird.

Michael continues to look at the party with the same expression on his face. Maria hugs him around the waist and smiles at him.

MARIA (to Michael): Besides, we deserve to have a little fun.

MICHAEL (looking down at Maria): You call this fun?

Maria, Liz, and Max burst out laughing.

The five of them make it to the front door where a security team scans their bracelets, allowing them to enter the party.

The music is getting louder as they enter the grounds, so they must raise their voices when speaking. The five of them stand next to a hydration station, observing the people around them.

MAX: Where did Jordan say she would find you?

Tess looks at the time on the watch on her left wrist.

TESS: I don't know… she said she would meet us here in half an hour. The best thing is to stay near the door so we can spot her coming in.

MICHAEL (exasperated): I have to put up with half an hour of this? (He takes Maria by the hand and starts walking towards the food cart area) I'm going to get a drink.

MARIA: You know that at these parties they only serve water, right?

Michael lets out a cry of exasperation and Maria laughs. They both walk away among the people.

Max, Liz and Tess look at each other nervously. Tess looks down at her wrist again, checking the time again to avoid Max and Liz's gaze. They look at each other and laugh at the embarrassing situation.

Max leans over Liz and speaks into her ear.

MAX (whispering): You look beautiful tonight.

Liz blushes.

LIZ: Thank you.

Tess, clearly having heard the conversation, snorts.

TESS: I think I'm going to dance for a bit.

She quickly retreats to the opposite side to which Michael and Maria have gone, to one of the dance areas.

Max takes Liz's hand and caresses it.

MAX: Do you want to dance?

Liz smiles at him and begins to walk backwards, tugging on Max's arm, leading him towards the people dancing to one of the DJs music.

LIZ: Come on.

We cut to:

Night - Party.

Music: Continuation of the previous scene.

Michael and Maria are next to a bar, away from the stages, but where we can still hear the music. Each one is with an alcoholic drink in hand. Maria moves to the beat of the music while drinking what appears to be a Gin Tonic. Michael looks at the people with the same disdainful look as before, while tightly gripping his glass of whiskey.

MICHAEL (to Maria, keeping an eye on the people): I don't understand how you can enjoy this.

Maria presses her body to Michael's, while continuing to dance slightly. She wraps her arms around his waist.

MARIA: I don't enjoy this, I enjoy being with you.

Michael finally looks at her, and sighs dejectedly. He finishes his glass of whiskey in one go, sets it on the bar, and returns Maria's embrace. He looks down at her and bumps his forehead against hers. He closes his eyes and breathes in, steeling himself.

MICHAEL: Maria- (pauses) I-

MARIA: What the fuck?

Michael looks at Maria in total surprise that she cut him off with that expression, but Maria is looking to her left and not at him.

She takes a step away from Michael and he looks to where Maria is staring. A few steps away from them, we see Kyle appear among the crowd of people, seconded by two men, one of them the one who has attacked Michael at his home.

MICHAEL (exasperated): What is he doing here?

KYLE (to Maria, ignoring Michael): Hi, Maria.

Maria doesn't answer but looks at him with a challenging look on her face.

KYLE: Can we talk?

MARIA: Really? Again, Kyle? (Angry) No, we can't talk, I have nothing to say to you.

Kyle looks up at Michael.

KYLE: Maybe I can talk to you, then?

Michael exchanges glances between Maria and Kyle. Maria pleads him with her eyes. Finally, Michael responds.

MICHAEL: Fine... (pauses) but only to you.

Michael begins to walk away from the bar and the crowd of people, into the desert. Kyle looks at his thug friends, nods, and starts walking behind Michael, following him. His friends stay in their place.

MARIA: Michael! What the hell are you doing?!

Michael keeps walking away from the scene.

MICHAEL: I'll be fine, Maria.

Maria runs up to them screaming.

MARIA: Michael! Don't be stupid! (She tries to take him by the hand but he slips away) Michael!

The scene ends and we cut to:

Night - Party.

We are close to the main stage. People, dressed mostly in fluorescent clothing, dance to the music.

Tess walks among the people dancing, leading her way among them. People are too focused on music, alcohol, or substances to notice Tess.

She reaches the middle of the dancing area stage and looks around, searching for someone among the crowd.

We start listening to:

Music: "Anywhere", Rita Ora.

Suddenly the scene begins to move in slow motion; Among the people we see Jordan appear, dressed in an animal print skirt with a cut on the leg and a black T-shirt. She slowly makes her way through the people, in slow motion, walking towards Tess.

Tess notices her and smiles.

We cut to a flash of:

Antar - Party.

We see the same people who are dancing at the party in the desert but the scene has changed to a large ballroom and both Tess and Jordan are dressed in long white dresses. The people around hwe have also changed clothes, even though they are the same and continue dancing to the same music. They now wear lighter clothes, almost similar to the ones Tess and Jordan have on.

Tess walks among the people approaching Jordan, as the latter continues to walk towards her in slow motion. Both meet in the middle of the dancing floor, smiling.

Tess grabs Jordan by the neck and plants a kiss on her mouth, which Jordan responds with joy.

We cut back to:

Night - Party in the desert.

Tess continues to make her way towards Jordan, but suddenly the expression on her face changes to seriousness.

Finally, both girls come face to face, with no one to separate them. Tess watches Jordan determinedly.

JORDAN: You saw it, right?

Tess nods slowly.

JORDAN: Did you feel it too?

TESS: I've met you before.


Tess breathes in and out several times.

TESS: In Antar.

Jordan cuts the distance between her and Tess. She raises her hands and brings them to Tess's neck; places them there.

JORDAN: Yes, Ava.

Tess thinks for a few seconds, looking at Jordan in the eyes.

TESS: I'm who you were looking for.

JORDAN (nodding): Yes.

Tess closes her eyes.

TESS: How… (pauses) how is-?

She stops suddenly and looks to her right, trying to catch a glimpse of something beyond the crowd of people dancing.

JORDAN (worried): What happened?

Tess takes Jordan's hand and guides her, walking quickly away from the group of people.

TESS: Come on, they need our help.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Night - Desert.

We are in an area far from the music festival. We can still hear the music from afar and see the stage lights, but there is no party in this part.

The Shiprock Rocks can be seen from a distance.

We hear the sound of someone digging in the dirt.

The camera focuses on Nasedo who is eagerly digging with a silver shovel. On his face we notice fatigue and a few drops of perspiration.

Suddenly, we see a shadow behind him, a few meters away from him.

Nasedo stops and his body shakes with chills. He drives the shovel into the ground and slowly looks up.

We see the young alien appear, the same one who has healed Ophelia and has encountered Alex and Jordan. Nasedo stands with his back to him.

We start listening to:

Music: "Ain't no devil", Andrea Wasse.

NASEDO: Long time no see, Lucan.

The young man remains stoic.

Nasedo chuckles and turns around to look at him. He picks up the shovel and drives it back into the ground, harder.

NASEDO: You were always short on words. (He smiles at him. Lucan takes two steps closer to him) It's good to know that you haven't changed a bit.

Lucan looks down at the pit Nasedo was making and then looks up at Nasedo's face. Finally, he speaks.

LUCAN: You look old.

Nasedo laughs.

NASEDO: Time does that to you.

Lucan walks another two steps toward Nasedo.

LUCAN: And weak.

Nasedo's face changes expressions; suddenly, he seems to be afraid of the boy in front of him.

NASEDO: Look, I'm sorry ... (Lucan approaches the last steps until he is face to face with Naseo) I wanted to come back for you but when I did-

LUCAN (interrupting him, speaking furiously and raising his voice): It was too late? (Lightning bolts of electricity begin to shoot from his hands) You had time to hide your precious Ava ... to return for the King and the Princess, to hide their pods from the army… but never for me.

He raises his hands to Nasedo's neck and grabs him furiously. Lightning bolts of electricity begin to travel through Nasedo's body, wounding him.

LUCAN: I dreamed of this moment for years, dear protector. (He grins wickedly as Nasedo starts to gasp) You don't know the amount of things I learned in my years of captivity.

The electricity already covers Nasedo's entire body, who struggles to remove the young man's hands from his neck, and be able to breathe again. Lucan stops smiling suddenly and looks at Nasedo curiously, examining his expressions and how he moves and how his body deteriorates. Finally, he gets bored of waiting and turns his neck around to dislodge the vertebrae. Nasedo falls to the floor apparently lifeless and the bolts of electricity disappear from his body.

The young man squats next to Nasedo, on his right is the pit he was digging. Lucan looks at the pit and sighs. He raises his right hand and places it on top of it; a white light begins to sprout from his palm and the earth begins to move.

LUCAN: I guess it was more important to take care of this than me.

From the earth we see the purple orb that we have seen in Tess's vision; the same one that Nasedo had buried so long ago.

Lucan stops his power and takes the orb in his hand, examining it with interest but not knowing exactly what it is.

He looks at Nasedo again, who appears to have no vital signs. He places his left hand on the protector's body.

LUCAN: Goodbye, old friend.

Lucan uses his powers on Nasedo, who turns into a mound of dust.

Lucan smiles sadly.

He sits up and looks again at the orb in his hand. Suddenly, he lifts his face into the distance. Some sounds of people shouting in the distance come faintly towards him. Lucan sharpens his eyes to try to see what's going on.

The scene ends and we cut to:

Night - Desert.

Michael makes his way through the crowd, with Kyle and Maria in his wake. The sound of electronic music slowly fades into the distance. Michael walks away behind the food carts into the desert, where there are no people.

He finally reaches a place that seems far enough away, and stops and turns around, facing Kyle.

Kyle stops his walk a few steps in front of Michael. Maria runs up to them.

MARIA: Michael… (looks at him seriously. He glances at her) You don't need to play the hero.

Kyle spits out a sound between a laugh and a snort.

KYLE (glaring at Michael): He's no hero. (Spits at Michael) He's a freak… a killer.

Michael tries to control his anger with his breath but the anger is stronger than him and he hits Kyle in the face.

Maria lets out a cry of surprise.

She tries to get closer to the two of them but Kyle pushes her away hard and Maria falls to the ground. Michael walks over to her to make sure she's okay and helps her up.

Kyle wipes the blood from his lip, which has been cut by Michael's blow, and smiles.

KYLE: The boy has guts, after all.

Michael pushes Maria's body behind him, to protect her. He looks at Kyle defiantly.

MICHAEL: Now it's really a fair fight. (Raises his voice furiously) Come on! (Points to the space between him and Kyle) You and me. No friends to do your dirty work for you. (Raises both hands and shows his palms) No powers.

Maria takes Michael by the right arm. He turns his face and looks at her for a few seconds. His face changes expression at her pleading look. He looks at her sadly. She caresses his face and nods, making him understand that he needs to stop.

He turns his body towards Kyle, who breathes quickly and rolls up his sleeves in preparation for a fight.

Kyle notices Michael's change in attitude and looks at him wryly. He raises his arms next to his body and laughs.

KYLE: What? You're not going to let me reply to that punch? (Michael looks at him for a few seconds and finally, slowly, shakes his head) You're scared of me?

Michael lowers his face and takes a deep breath, trying to control himself against Kyle's taunts. Maria takes two steps away from them and takes Michael by the arm, trying to pull her towards him and follow her, away from the scene

MARIA (to Kyle, firm): No, he's just a better man than you.

Kyle rushes over to Michael, totally irate.

KYLE: He's not a man!

We start listening to:

Music: "The Wicked", Andrea Wasse.

He throws a punch at Michael, who takes him by surprise and ends up falling to the ground, releasing Maria in the process.

Kyle throws himself onto Michael's body, sitting on him, and begins to deliver blow after blow to his body and face. Michael defends himself with his arms as best he can.

TESS: What the hell is going on ?!

Tess, Max and Liz have arrived on the scene, running towards Maria and Michael, all three short of breath. Maria ignores the group that has just arrived and tries to grab Kyle by the shoulders to get him away from Michael, but he accidentally elbows her in the eye, while continuing to strike Michael with his punches.

Maria falls to the floor again. Liz runs towards her and takes her away from the two young men, to protect her. She crouches down beside her as Maria puts her hands to her right eye, the one Kyle has hit, covering it.

Suddenly, a strong beam of white light illuminates the scene from the right, blinding everyone's view and pushing Kyle away from Michael.

We hear the sound of Kyle's body falling several feet from them. Michael leans on his shoulders and looks where Kyle has fallen, dejected, surrendered, away from him.

The group looks at Kyle, who doesn't move.

The white light has disappeared.

Maria gets up off the ground with the help from Liz.

MARIA (looking at Kyle): What happened?

Michael gets up quickly from the ground; his face is again full of bumps and bruises. He keeps his eyes on Kyle.

MICHAEL: I didn't do that.

TESS: No, it wasn't you. (Look to her right, where the light was coming from). It was… (stops, not really understanding what happened).

Maria walks slowly towards Kyle, who still doesn't move. She staggers with fear.

MARIA: Is he…? (She stops, because she cannot finish the sentence).

We hear a few steps to the right of the group. They seem to crawl on the desert land.

Everyone turns their body and face towards the area where the noise is coming from.

Lucan appears walking slowly towards the group, his arm and right hand raised in front of him.

He stares at Michael.

LUCAN: Hi, brother.

The scene ends.

End of episode.