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Luffy's the Pirate King, they have been married for a couple of months by now.

The crown Jewels

The dawn of the world had come, this, was a New era, a place where the crew of the Pirate King was free to roam the seas in search of new and great adventures… a place that was so bast, interesting and wild they could navigate for years and still find new islands to chart, new lands to discover.

With a new world government at the head of the World, the newly formed Republic of United Countries was still in its infancy, the reformed Navy, still weak after the Great War that changed eras…

So Pirates, inspired by a new Pirate King, kept setting sail on the hunt for riches, fame… and power ...some… thinking they could get a ticket to the top, by simply defeating the recently crowned Monkey D Luffy

And so this story begins on a normal day for the StrawHat crew where some fools Pirates Luffy didn't even bother to learn their name decided to head on and attack them in a frontal, bold attack right smack in the middle of the day. They sailed a four masted ship fitted to the top with cannons and had a big a crew of three hundred men fuelled with booze and a lot of dumb courage.

On such occasions, the Pirate King was just happy to have some fun… but, for the crew's disappointment… said fun didn't last nearly enough to sweat...

Luffy didn't use conquerors, he punched and kicked and laughed, and the enemies as they were sent flying. The captain? Luffy won't even remember his name, he gave a grand speech while waving an elegant saber on the air... only to be defeated by a single punch a moment later.

Zoro could have split their ship in half but settled into cutting their masts, while Sanji kicked anyone in his path.

The fun was so short-lived for the monster trio, that Zoro and Sanji's argument about how many each of them had defeated lasted more than the actual fight itself.

Oh but there was one member on the Pirate King's crew that was j happy these fools decided to attack that day! Nami the recently crowned queen had found their secret stash of treasure and had happily tossed a bag of treasure over her shoulder as she ransacked their ship.

And so, no matter how easy victory had come, a Pirate crew just had to have a big party after a battle, especially after acquiring a large booty.

And so they had a big feast, they sang, danced and drank well past midnight, until there was no more food and Sanji was out cold sprawled on his back on the middle of deck, until Zoro grimaced when he glanced inside a nearby barrel and found the empty bottom inside…

Even Brook was winding down just playing slow violin ballads just as Chopper started to snore with his face on a plate of half eaten cake…

Robin got up and excused herself wishing everyone good night as her gaze fell on Zoro whom for some reason looked away from her… she smirked as she walked away….

There was only a sole piece of meat on the bone left in the big plate at the center of the low dinner table, Luffy, already almost (but never quite) full, took it and got up,

Luffy wasn't tired yet, but his nakama seemed to be out for the night… except one… he sighed…

Was she STILL at it? At least she should have joined the party… annoyed, he walked towards the room he shared with his brand-new Queen, a beautiful suite had had a king-sized bed at the center with an oak headboard with the sign of the jolly roger of the crew engraved on it, there was a large white closet on one wall, a dresser full of feminine things and a red, velvet sofa on a corner…
A collection of their wanted posters hung proudly on one of the walls.

He wore a red silky unbuttoned red shirt that was held only by the gold sash around his waist, dark short pants and his straw hat… His simple attire however, did nothing to hide his strong frame, as his powerful noticeable pecs and abs were there obvious for the world to see.

He irrupted inside the room and was set into telling her off for not joining the party but stopped when his eyes fell upon her frame..

She was clad in a matching piece of white lace underwear kneeling next to her personal chest, a tiara on her head, pearls dangling from her neck, a ridiculous amount of gold bracelets on her arms as her face shone with utter happiness as she gazed at a big ruby ring she was trying at that moment...

She glowed in happiness and whatever he was going to say… he forgot..

The navigator hummed to herself as she appraised the quality of that day's loot, deciding which jewels deserved to stay in her personal collection, and which ones would go to the ship's vault.

"Don't eat on the bed" Nami warned without losing her smile as she decided against keeping the huge red ring and tried a blue zephyr one...

"tchz...bossy…" Luffy uttered rolling his eyes as he walked towards the corner sofa and sat lazily on it, one leg dangling above the armrest as his back rested on it…

He started to slowly chew on the meat as he silently gazed at Nami…

"Did you say something?" Nami asked

"Nup" the years having wisened up him a bit.

Nami sighed happily and turned to face him,

"Uff… most of it was low-quality junk but… look Luffy! They must have stolen or found treasure from an old ancient kingdom or something! Look at this tiara, isn't it pretty?"

She said pointing at the beautiful tiara shaped like half a circlet with jewels twinkling in the light as she moved.

"How do I look?" she asked with a smile.

"Like a queen", he replied without hesitation... Nami smiled and even blushed with her hand on her cheek.

"Oh you do know how to praise a girl now and then…"

He smirked, "You would look like a queen with or without the stupid crown… " he assured and took another bite of his meat…

"You married me after all" he said with a confident smirk

She reciprocated the smile, her eyes shining as she stood up, she took a big, ornate masculine crown she had been appraising earlier and approached her partner with a sexy stride on her hips…

It was a vision who would have caught the attention of any sane straight male with a pulse…

Luffy held her gaze as his right hand dangled on the side of the sofa, still holding the piece of meat on the bone who once had occupied his entire attention… not any more…

She leaned to him, and with a mischievous smile, placed the heavy crown on his head…

"Hmm… you might not need it… but… I like how it looks" she said as she leaned over to his ear, her red lips whispering

"Pirate King…"

He smirked, his ego boosted to the limit as the woman climbed on top of him and sat with her legs astride him as her arms circled his shoulders.

"I wish you would leave that stupid piece of meat" she almost demanded, narrowing her eyes..

"Yeah as soon as you take off your gold" he replied, boldly.

"Dont dream about it!" they both chanted at the same time, and then started to laugh…. Apparently, perfect for each other, both super selfish pirates… deserving of the title of King and Queen, without a doubt.

Nami smirked and leaned in going for his neck, where she started half kissing, half nibbling as she challenged herself to make him drop the stick of meat…

He relaxed leaning on the back rest sighing happily as she continued on his shoulder just underneath his shirt as she kissed, nibbled and even nipped on his skin… a soft sigh escaping her lips…

He was enjoying every second of it, and wasn't so surprised about her mood… as he often got lucky when the crew got a big booty….

Suddenly impatient she leaned back only to kiss him head on and he answered with the same intensity, suddenly a battle of wills as she deepened the kiss and her soft wet tongue wrestled with his... . she moaned in his mouth when his left hand pressed her back making her core grind against him…

As much as Nami tried to ignore it, she still aware of his right arm still dangling lazily on the side of the sofa, still holding the piece of meat on the bone…

She pulled back, eyes unfocused, lips wet and swollen… she smirked evilly at him as her hands disappeared below his red shirt and her mouth went on for a second assault on his neck… traveling quickly to his collarbone…

His left hand went to her nape and he tried to lean on her for another kiss but she ignored his effort and her lips continued on to his chest… where her hands traced the strong pecs for a moment only to quickly disappear to lower regions…

Her mouth continued to make a path south as she navigated through his chest until she decided to slide between his legs, kneeling on the floor as his silk golden sash flew a moment later, his head rolled back and he bit his lip while his left hand buried on her nape.

Zipper quickly unmade, she was greedy that day and wasted no time as she engulfed him on her mouth… which made him grind his teeth as a sudden crazy current of pleasure rocked his body.

She groaned in pleasure, empowered and bold as she tested what could get a better reaction out of him… she tried sliding her tongue through his length which made him hiss…only to engulf him on her warm mouth a moment later… which made him tense and squirm a little.

She pulled back and smirked, her right hand clutching his length and still leaving enough for her to go for it and slide him in filing her mouth… she was the one to groan then…

"Nami…" he whispered, eyes closed tight and head tilted back… he was sure she was enjoying it too, as she moaned softly with her ministrations.

He relaxed when she started a somewhat predictable rhythm and his right hand moved almost on his own… as he took a bite of his meat….

Left hand still on her nape as she gave him pleasure….

That was such a good life… he sighed in happiness..

Nami pulled her mouth away as her eyebrow twitched… "Do you really have to eat while I do this?"

"Shishishishi" he laughed shamelessly, taking another bite of meat…

Challenged, she engulfed everything that she could, doing it so suddenly and violently that she groaned when she felt him reach the back of her throat, her eyes almost rolling back …

He gasped and trembled, his right fist clenching on the piece of bone as he clutched his eyes shut and groaned holding the wave of pleasure, as he didn't want things to end too soon.

As her head bobbed up and down on him, he muttered… "Nami… feels.. So good"

Proud of herself, she took her time to slide him out her mouth, and he could feel her hot breath on his member as she took a breath…

He gazed at her silently for a moment, appreciating the vision she made with that crown, her red cheeks, eyes hazy with desire as she breathed heavily…

"Luffy~" she seemed to plead… searching his gaze…

Message took, in a swift movement he bit the last chunk of meat and tossed the bone over his shoulder and before she knew it he had scooped her up from the waist and tossed her on the bed, where she landed sprawled on her back with a soft plop on the cloud island mattress..

He jumped on top of her, the heavy crown he had donned flew rolling from the bed to the floor where it made a metallic sound that nobody in that room cared about… he captured her mouth and kissed her wildly, while she tugged at his red shirt which he helped toss away also losing his pants as well.

Leaving her mouth, his impatient lips ran down her neck to her chest, where he stopped and fumbled with that mystery "unclaspable" bra that she helped remove, however he lingered too briefly there for her disappointment… only to continue quickly to her most needy place… for her relief…

"Luffy~" she pleaded when he stopped at the line of her small triangular lacy panties ,,, his gaze went up and found her eyes… and he suddenly had the most evil look that sent a shiver down her back..

"You told me not to eat in bed" he said, teasing..

She got up on her elbows giving him an incredulous look, "Luffy!" she complained, but he laughed

"Ahahahaha, I don't have to follow your orders"

"Oh you dont ...dont yo…...oh….ahhhhh" and whatever she was going to say was forgotten as her panties flew and her back plopped down on the mattress once more… she abandoned herself on the wet electricity cursing from her core as his tongue wandered from down on her center all the way up to her sensitive bud.

The pleasure pooled on her lower belly with each lapping, her hands clutched the soft silky covers when his hands cupped her hips to arch her deeper in his mouth, pleasure so maddening that her feet started to slide up and down the bed as she tried to hold the stream of sensations coursing through her frame.

Never to question his own actions much, he did whatever felt right for him and her, and he allowed pure instinct ( and a sense of love for her of course) guide him through his task.

As much as she loved the things he was doing to her… she suddenly felt the impending urge to feel him inside of her, it was so maddening she started to mutter his name and squirm under him.

Feeling she was acting strange he pulled away from her and she took the chance to slide back from him and sit on the bed, her breath was heavy, hair disheveled, her tiara crooked and her bare chest glistened with pearls and gold necklaces adorning her beautiful naked figure.

"Hey! I wasn't finished" he protested, sitting up, the way he wiped his mouth with his thumb as if he had just had a feast sent a shiver down her spine...

" I can't wait anymore" she blurted jumping towards him, he caught her in his arms and they fell on the bed with Luffy on his back… she leaned over him, kissed him fiercely and without further adieu pushed down and buried him as deeply as she could inside of her.

The kiss broke as she arched her back and moaned his name…


His hands clutched her hips and guided her as she rode him in a swaying rhythm as she savored on the feeling of his powerful, firm and hot member inside of her as it slipped in and out… while him at each trust, felt the warm soft and slick walls of her core wrapping every inch of him squeezing incredible flashes of electricity that ran through his back enveloping his brain in hot white pleasure.

However it wasn't enough, she leaned over him and kissed him desperately, so sensitive that the feeling of his tongue running on her lips almost sent her over the edge, she pulled back slightly and pleaded…


He rolled them both on the bed, her tiara flew off as he coiled an elastic arm around her waist, placing her in the perfect angle… he buried himself as deep as he could, making her arch her back, hold his frame for dear life and open her eyes wide as her core was pushed from within.

He used his left forearm to keep balance as he trusted again and again in her, his forehead resting on her shoulder, her cries of love, passion and pleasure directly on his ear, fueling the fire coursing through his body.

Totally at the mercy of the man on top of her, she abandoned herself in the feeling, the only conscious act she could muster was holding him tight with her arms as her legs dangled on his sides, and with each sway the woman could feel the perfect firm length sliding wetly but firmly and hot in and out of her, over and over and faster until….

"Luffy!" she screamed as her back arched slightly, her body tensing and trying to curl up, yet, unable as he held her in place… he buried himself one more time and stood still while her eyes unfocused in ecstasy her legs trembling and jerking as the torrent of pleasure shook her body… he groaned when he felt her warm wetness and her internal spasms clutching his manhood…

He rested his head on her shoulder as waves of feeling assaulted his mind, when they were like that sometimes his observation skills went crazy and he could literally feel an invasion of feelings coming out of her…

He held, stopping the wave of sensations before the white overflow of pleasure ended their fun all too soon…. Because as a pirate.. he didn't settle for little, oh no, this, was too fun and enjoyable and he wouldn't let it end, not yet.

The arm surrounding her uncurled as she took heavy breaths… her eyes still unfocused and gazing up to the ceiling… her senses tingling and when Luffy moved to cuddle her on his arms a small moan came out her lips as she felt his manhood sliding out…

She nuzzled her head on the crook of his neck and sighed in happiness…

"I love you…" she whispered… he smiled and his arm pushed her against his chest, he kissed the top of her head… and answered back. "I love you too"

She moved a little to get more comfortable, but one of the necklaces had a sharp metal piece that poked him on the ribs…

"Hey Nami take out these things they are annoying" he complained

"Like you could talk!" she replied without anger in her voice, because she didn't forget that as much as she tried he wouldn't give up his meat… (not that she cared much, she accepted him for what he was, fully)

Nami suddenly remembered she used to have a cute tiara on her head … her free hand reached around the bed and when she didn't find it she incorporated and glanced around… she spotted it at the other side of the bed and turned her back on him to retrieve it….

She was about to place the jewel on her head when she felt Luffy grabbing her from her hips and pull her across the bed … he was standing next to it.

"Hey!" she complained, he grinned at her and his arm stretched again to retrieve his hat which had been forgotten on the other side of the room… with a swift movement he placed it on top of her head.

"This one looks better on you"

Still on her knees, with him clutching her hips, she glanced over her shoulder and met his gaze and smiled, touched… and then her eyes widened suddenly when she felt him slide inside her once more…

Her back arched, her chest rising in the air as her breast swayed with the motion, moonlight coming from the port-hole window reflecting on the necklaces and her sun kissed figure...

They were perfect together, two young lovers, powerful and attractive, him with manly muscles in each plane a testament of his hidden strength as his sweaty hair plastered on his forehead grunting softly with each motion… strange though it was, these bedroom fights left him much more satisfied, tired and happy than a skirmish with a bunch of pathetic pirates that couldn't put up a half-decent fight...

In contrast to his muscles, Nami was pure feminine curves and soft creamy planes… a perfect image of femininity with her long hair swaying along her, her mouth agape, soft moans of pleasure as she was taken to levels of satisfaction she never thought possible… each inch inside her totally and utterly filled and making her feel oh so complete.

He could feel it, she was close again and he was tempted to abandon himself on the feeling…

"Luffy…" bit her lower lip and wishing for sweet release almost begged, "Please…"

And so he pushed deeply into her and held her hips firmly as she rode her wild and powerful orgasm, her vision went white, her hands trembled …

He groaned and his head went back, eyes closed tight as he rode a wave of pleasure…

But as the upper half of her body fell on the bed totally spent… he smirked in satisfaction

For a moment she lost awareness of her surroundings, as everything was dark below the hat and her body trembled as if she had run a marathon….Her breath heavy when she finally intended to move she felt it… between her legs… he still was half buried inside of her...as hard as a rock … Nami gasped, turning around with wide eyes…


First he asked, "Are you okay Nami?"

When she nodded, he smirked evilly… "alright then"

The woman swallowed when she noticed his smirk and the impatient erection looming in front of her…

Suddenly feeling the need to hold her, he reached out and drew her to him, lifting the woman in his arms with ease, her arms and legs wrapped around him

She went for a kiss and this time, it was sweet, just lips brushing softly and then a touch of tongue… they cocked their heads as their mouths opened and all hell broke loose when Nami lapped her tongue on his… he groaned, adjusted her on his arms and buried himself on her once again.

They couldn't coordinate kisses with all the rest going on anymore so she buried her face on the crook of his neck as he held her, as he rocked her up and down… she felt weightless, small and vulnerable being in his arms like that.., and she loved every second of it…

Finding the friction wasn't enough he walked a couple of steps towards the wooden wall supporting her on it while burying himself deep within her once again.

She moaned as she held him , arms around his neck holding him tightly, pleasure building up she suddenly noticed him grunting in effort... however Nami was surprised when he suddenly stopped, his forehead resting on her shoulder as he clutched his eyes shut as if he was making an effort about something...


Breathing heavily he took a moment until he admitted, "I don't want... to hurt you"

""Hurt me?" She repeated ,,, but she couldn't understand.. His body asked him to bury her in the wall to push as hard as he could and take her with all his strength…

Understanding his predicament, she grabbed his chin and made him hold her gaze.

"Don't take me so light I'm your queen, I can handle everything you want to give me" she said

With a defiant look she said… "Go crazy"

He growled as he cupped her buttocks and his forehead crashed on the wall behind Nami, a crack appearing on it as he pushed so powerfully the woman gasped and opened her eyes wide as absolute, ridiculous primitive bliss coursed through her body.

The wall crumbled and cracked with each thrust, he growled and sweated as steam came out his nose while the only thing she managed to do was scream her throat dry.

It was a good thing Franky made that room soundproof…

She was lost in a world of rapture and the only things she knew was the pleasure pulsating through her core and the man taking her like a beast… and suddenly grunting in her shoulder he trembled as she felt him going even harder inside her.. He sank one final, violent time and she screamed clutching him with all her might… it was too much when she felt his body tense and release inside of her… a sudden warm feeling exploding in her womb that made her shudder and abandon herself in pleasure once again.

Luffy felt a savage surge of pleasurable tension overflow his every sense, running from his manhood through every fiber of his body and invading his brain with such a powerful surge that his vision went white, growling wildly into her shoulder, he trembled until he had no more energy….

Suddenly feeling weak… he barely managed to kneel with Nami still wrapped around him… he trembled as his strength was gone, his legs feeling like jelly as he slid to the floor.

Nami was just breathing heavily on his shoulder and he felt he had just battled with an Admiral…

His breath heavy as he held her, still connected, nothing needed to be said at that time and after enjoying a comfortable moment of silence and absolute happiness Nami returned to reality when she felt a cool draft coming inside the room.

"Ne Luffy, let's hop to bed…" she said, shaking his shoulder. ..

But.. his head lulled limply to his side as a loud snore rumbled his frame…"nggg" he muttered and then.. He fell back to the floor as his stretched arms still held her as he snored heavily.

She sighed, tried to stand up… but couldn't as his arms were still around her frame… her legs still stranding him…. Tired beyond comprehension she decided to lay on top of him and sleep when suddenly a small chill ran through her.

Still asleep, his arm stretched out and brought a blanket from the bed, covering them both, smiling, she settled happily over him, her head resting on the hollow of his neck…

Half asleep, she reached up and kissed his chin lightly,

"I love you…"

In his sleep, he mumbled…. "Shishishishi, me too…."

Next day came and after breakfast Nami called Franky to her bedroom,

"Like I told you earlier Franky I need you to repair our room please… I'm not paying tho" she said

Franky muttered "Stingy" but peeked inside the room to see what all the fuss was about…

His jaw fell open… he raised his dark eyeglasses and blinked as his breath caught on his throat

There, on the wall, a spot where the wood was cracked and sunk in the hourglass shape of a woman,.

His eyes widened as it dawned to him what had happened,

"SUPER PERVERTS! NIIICE!" he said, giving Nami the thumbs up…

Luffy was chasing Usopp in the mast area, trying to steal some snacks from him… and Nami just looked away as if there was nothing wrong and she didn't know how that damage came about.

However after a moment Franky recovered and snapped


At his outburst, everyone seemed to appear on that door, everyone (sans Robin) peeking comically inside, one head on top of the other…

Sanji's eyes widened, his cigarette fell dramatically in slow motion from his mouth… it bounced twice over the deck as the cook turned in rage towards his captain and demanded

"That's NOT the way you treat a lady!" he shouted suddenly turning on fire and floating in the air like a flying demon….

Luffy nonchalantly dodged his attacks while still trying to steal food from Ussop and keep his hat on his head…

Usopp, Zoro and Brook gave his captain a thumbs up.

Nami just shook her head and leaned on the portside railing, next to Robin, and complained

"Why do they have to be so loud this early?"

"Fufufu" her laugh and her smile Robin's only answer

Sanji kept ranting, and stopping on the middle of the grass deck sobbed dramatically

"My Poor little Nami-swannnn"

Luffy turned to him and picked his nose with his pinky finger,

"Huh, what are you talking about Sanji! Nami likes it rough"

Nami slapped her face in exasperation while Sanji's world cracked like a thousand mirrors… he fell on all fours… while the rest….




"Luffy!" Nami snapped approaching him with resolute steps and a scowl on her face that made everyone recoil in panic and sent Chopper hiding behind the mast (the wrong way)

"What have I told you about going around talking about our sex life?"

"Don't do it" he answered promptly, "But Nami, Sanji was saying that…"

he tried to defend himself because Sanji was wrong there was no way he would do something Nami didn't like and…

The woman grabbed his chin, pressing his mouth together, his rubbery lips looking quite funny like fish lips, however silenced, he still held her gaze…

The others stood silent, tension in the air, nobody wanting to make her angrier… but.. To everyone's surprise the woman just released his mouth, gave him a swift peck on the lips and said..

"Well, if you know, then don't do it" she turned around and with a sexy sway on her hips walked away towards the storage area..

"I'll be counting the rest of the loot" she said glancing at him over her shoulder, winking

Luffy smiled brightly, arms suddenly behind his head and said "~Lucky~"

In a second Sanji grabbed his shirt and shook him,

"You don't know how much I hate you sometimes Luffy!" and with a flying kick the chaos ensued once more

Pandemonium went on for a while longer… another day of adventures for the strongest, craziest crew in the world…


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