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The Crown Jewels
Chapter 2

Although the beautiful Strawhat navigator had matured quite a bit over the year, blooming into a beautiful woman that had developed a sort of immunity to her crew's antics… her brand new husband always found creative ways to irk her…

And… Nami was certain she had to be right in this dispute… because well, yes, she knew they were filthy rich, the most wealthy pirates in the world without a doubt… but that wasn't an excuse to throw money away as if it was nothing!

Why yes! the party had been epic, a memorable island-wide feast that lasted three days and 3 nights in a row… and yeah she had to admit it had been a lot of fun, that with the circus act, and the big stages and musical numbers, the endless amount of food and drink and the fireworks…

Yeah she knew it was an epic party but… according to her


On Sunny's vault, there was a level scale painted on one of the walls, and the gold was generally as high as Nami's thighs, she could dive, roll and practically swim on it if she so desired… but… to her horror...

After the party, the scale had gone down a level… A LEVEL , which meant ONE… BILLION… BERRIES…IN A PARTY! ONE, PARTY…

When she saw it, she lost strength on her legs and almost fainted, and yes, she did give Luffy a good beating for it, but she didn't feel any better afterwards...

Two days had gone by from that fatidic day, and on bed, Luffy could very well be sleeping with an ice cube, since she would roll away from him and pretty much ignore his presence… and during the day, she glanced at him reproachfully, hoofing in random intervals.

As it's not like the most excellent king helped matters any by saying totally unnecessary stuff such as…

Nami we still have a ton of money left!

Are you STILL angry about that? You are so stingy!

Nami! Cut it out with that face…

It was the first, "serious" fight they had (so to speak) since they married… and at first Luffy was angry she was still angry about such nonsense (and both are hard headed) but after a couple of days… well… he was feeling miserable. Truth is, he had become used to Nami's attentions and her usually sweet demeanor when they were alone. He missed it.

That afternoon, Luffy was leaning on the port railing, upper body hanging down like a broken melted rubber rag doll… he looked miserable.

Usopp sighed and stepped next to him…

"So … Nami's still angry…" he stated

"Usopp I've already told her I'm sorry, but she is still mad at me" he complained, almost whimpering… the sniper sighed and scratched his goatee.

."Well Luffy… I'm sorry to tell you this, but man, when you say Sorry, it comes of as if you don't feel sorry at all"

Luffy frowned and then stood up as he yelled, "BECAUSE I'M NOT SORRY! THE PARTY WAS GREAT, RIGHT USSOP?!"

"YEAH!" Usopp cheered giving his captain a high five, he put an arm around Luffy's shoulder and then raised his right fist as he said


"THE FIREWORKS!" Chopper said suddenly joining in

"ALL THAT YUMMY FOOD!" Luffy added almost drooling.. The trio started to dance the can-can with Chopper in his brain point hanging between Luffy and Usopp.

"Yohohoho. Another party?" Brook asked, curious about all the fuss.

Franky as well, approached the rest of his crewmates and asked

"Another party so soon? I don't know Mugiwara, isn't the sis still SUPER angry about all the money we spent?"

Luffy stopped dancing and frowned, his hands on his waist and with a firm and secure voice said.

"Well I don't care anymore, the party was great and pirates should have parties, and as the King of Pirates that means my parties have to be the best of all pirate parties!" He finished up proud of himself and nodding.

"OF COURSE CAPTAIN!" Chopper shouted jumping up

"WELL SAID CAPTAIN!" Ussop chorused as well



"I CARE!" A voice thundered above deck and their gazes flew to the woman standing on the upper deck by the staircase, her presence so imposing Usopp could swear he heard lightning and thunder…

They all took a step back, Chopper trembling furiously and hiding behind Usopp's leg (in the wrong way…)

"Na-mi" Luffy muttered, "I've already told you that we still have plenty of money" He was already tired of having the same old conversation over and over.

She descended the stairs slowly an elegant gait as she modeled her dark orange summer dress, it was short at the front and hung below her knees at the back. It had a low neckline and it was tied behind her neck, fine jewelry sparkled on her ears, neck and wrists…

She made a b line to the group… as her crewmates started to scurry away… while Luffy just stood standing there, holding her gaze… so innocent, so stupid and so… so freaking brave…

A drop of sweat rolled down Usopp's forehead… it traveled slowly all its length down his nose… the shooter swallowed at the tension in the air… the drop of sweat fell sparkling to the ground…

Without hesitation, Luffy met his wife's gaze as she stood in front of him

"SINCE WHEN MONEY DOESN'T MATTER?!" she shouted with shark teeth… it made Luffy's hair and hat fly back as if he were facing a squall of air… She put her hands on her hips, a serious, blank expression on her face, as if expecting him to apologize.

Luffy took his hat and patted imaginary dust from it, "Well Nami, it doesn't , we still have plenty and I'm tired of discussing this with you, the treasure isn't just yours, it's all of the crew's and everyone agreed to spend it at the party" he explained in a calm manner.

Nami's eyes widened in shock at his eloquent and mature argument, and above all, his tone left it clear he was speaking as the captain leaving no room for further discussion… worst of all. It was the truth…

She narrowed her eyes, crossed her arms and said… "You said you were sorry"

The others scurried away… leaving Luffy alone in this -hand to hand-

"Well yeah that's true Nami" he started as he put his hat on firmly, "I'm sorry you are so stingy" he finished…

A chorus of audibles uhhh was heard from somewhere, and for some reason Brook dropped a mic that made an audible squeaky noise… her eyes widened in shock, frowning, she grabbed Luffy's cheek, stretching it, a fine wedding ring reflecting the sun on her finger.


It was the same argument over and over and Luffy was fed up, and before she could hit him or do anything else, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away, not with much strength but with enough firmness as to make her release his cheek, it snapped in place.

"Nami, its over, I'm done discussing this with you" he said as he held her gaze without hesitation.

"Luffy!" she growled angrily

"NAMI!" he answered just as intensely, both with sudden fire on their eyes as they faced each other and growled.


They shouted at the same time, and then she turned away and raised her chin.

"Don't bother going to the room tonight" she said coldly

"That's fine to me! I won't have to take a bath! Bleeh" he shouted pulling down his eyelid and sticking his tongue at her back..

The woman clenched her fist, growled, and walked away with furious steps.

After an awkward silence.. Usopp patted Luffy on his back and said, "Sorry"

The captain just stood there, serious and looking at her retreating back… she surely was going to the navigation room, her dominion.

"Luffy?" Usopp asked when he wouldn't say anything..

"I'm hungry" was the only answer…

Usopp sighed when he saw his captain walking away to the galley..


Hours later, Nami stopped by the kitchen where she asked Sanji to bring her dinner to the navigation room, as, according to her, she had a lot of delayed work to do.

Sanji sighed, "Nami-swan, are you sure you don't want me to beat that idiot up? I hate that he makes you go through all this stress! I mean, yeah the party was great but… You deserve all the money in the world " he said gallantly as he worked behind the counter, a cigarette in his mouth.

"Thanks Sanji-kun but no, I'll make that idiot understand somehow"

Sanji sighed, and then couldn't help to say, "Off course Nami-swan! A beautiful angel like you can be as stingy and greedy as she wants!"

Nami's mouth opened in surprise… she knew Sanji intended a compliment, and yet it sounded kinda bad…. she sighed and before stepping out the room she mentioned

"Just bring me dinner after seven Sanji-kun, thanks"

"Of course Nami-swan" he said, frowning a bit when she stepped out…

Luffy downplayed everything of course, he didn't even make any comment when Nami didn't show up to dinner with the rest of the crew, and afterwards he said it will be super fun to sleep back with the guys-

And yes, at first it was a lot of fun, as between the jokes, all the farting and the screaming he was almost rolling in laughter having a good time with his nakama….

But then the snoring started... One by one everyone fell asleep and the room went quiet… so then he turned over and over… suddenly his old bunk bed felt super small and uncomfortable… nothing like the big and luxurious king sized bed fitted with a cloud island mattress and silk sheets…

And how come he felt lonely… even surrounded by all his nakama…?

He stared silently at the ceiling, and was uncomfortable until sleep finally took him.

Nami was wearing a very beautiful white silk nightgown and was quite happy, sitting in bed with her back lying on big pillows while reading a book she had meant to finish for months..

Glasses perched on her nose, a dim light on her bedside table and beautiful peaceful silence…

She sighed as she turned another page as she completed yet another chapter, today, nobody would be pestering her, asking her to leave the book and …

come cuddle...or interrupting her with tickles or…

She shook her head and carried on reading, silence and peace were she was set on enjoying her alone time.

After a while though… the silence was maddening… the room felt so empty and lifeless…. She put down the book and turned the light off… she settled inside the covers intending to sleep…

But couldn't…

She turned over a thousand times, and she felt the bed suddenly so huge and cold… she inadvertently took a big pillow and hugged it to her chest… the waves crashing on the hull of the Sunny, the wood cracking, usually normal, comforting sounds, kept startling her awake… she shivered a little as she curled up on her blankets...

Hours went by… until finally, without realizing how or when, she fell asleep.

Next morning Nami had to put on more makeup than usual trying to hide dark circles around her eyes… having calmed down a bit, she decided to go to the galley and have breakfast…

When she stepped in, she realized how late it was, as everyone seemed to be half through breakfast , the crew was chatting and eating like usual.

They wished her good morning as she took her usual place at Luffy's right… and when she sat he muttered Good Morning between bites of his food and she just nodded awkwardly to him.

Sanji of course, started his morning compliments routine, as he told her how beautiful she was that morning as he deposited a plate in front of her, the table went noisy as usual as everyone chatted…

When Luffy finished eating, he took a deep breath in satisfaction and said

"Yosh! That was delicious Sanji!" he turned and regarded the navigator as if nothing had happened.

"Nami, how long until the next island?" he asked business-like.

She froze for a second… then her eyebrows furrowed as she pondered her next course of actions, evidently, he was waiting for things to blow away on their own-...and well… she didn't want that, she wished for Luffy to be more conscious about the crew's budget and realize they couldn't just blow away a billion berries in just one party...

No, it was not that she was stingy! She was just looking out for everyone's finances and future well being! (also she was stingy)

When she realized he was still expecting an answer she replied short and to the point.

"If the wind continues at the same speed , we have two days left of sailing to our next destination Captain. Franky, set course northwest, the rest go to your posts" she ordered.

The crew nodded and soon enough the ship came alive after Luffy's shout of "LETS GOO!"

Later that morning, Robin found the navigator leaning against the starboard railing, a thoughtful look on her face.

"You look tired… bad night?" the brunette asked gently.

"No..." was Nami's quick reply.

Robin, with a gentle, yet firm tone of voice, said, "How long are you planning on giving Luffy the cold shower? I know the boys went overboard with the expenses… but you have to admit the party was memorable."

As always, the archaeologist had an eloquent argument on her side.

Nami frowned and regarded her with a sidelong glance "Who named you Luffy's attorney?"

Robin just sighed, "I just don't like to see either of you being sad"... the woman admitted

Feigning outrage, the navigator lifted her chin, "Psh, Sad? Who's sad, definitely not me. And certainly not Luffy, just look at him over there playing with Chopper and Usopp as if nothing was wrong" she said.

The brunette regarded her with her deep blue eyes, and said, " Are you sure about that Nami? You are wearing heavier makeup than usual today…"

Nami sighed and put her hands on her hips, "Nothing ever escapes you, does it?"

Robin smiled knowingly and said, "Well… I hope you two fix things soon, Nami" and then, with a poof of petals, she disappeared… which surprised Nami for a second until she looked up and saw the woman on the other side of the deck on her lawn chair, reading.

And so the day went by with the couple's interactions to a minimum, but Luffy, who wasn't spiteful (with the people he loves at least) at some point in the afternoon dared approaching her, as she was reading on her chair.

Nami was startled out of her thoughts when Luffy landed behind her and said

"Hey Nami, you think the next island is gonna be fun?"

Her nose wrinkled as her eyes kept on the page she was reading, annoyed he was just acting as if everything was normal between them

"I don't know, but i guess even if it isn't you will find a way to have fun. Maybe splurging more money" she said dryly without taking her eyes off the book.

"Naaamiiii…" Luffy squealed, annoyed, "Don't be mad anymore" he complained with a grimace…

She put her book down and with a irked tone of voice, said, "Are you planning to apologize?"

He grinded his teeth, "I've already told you I don't have to apologize Nami"

She shrugged, turned the page and said, "As you wish" and carried on reading as if he wasn't there.

"FINE" he answered dryly and turned away, he knew if he tried to speak with her any further they would start arguing again, and he's had enough of that.

At that moment, Zoro passed by Luffy and said curtly, "Thsk, there you are, you wanted to marry the devil and now you are paying the consequences, I feel for you, captain" he said as he placed a hand on Luffy's shoulder, offering sympathy.

"AWH DAMN WITCH!" Zoro growled when Nami's book hit him smack in the head.

Swordsman and navigator started to argue and Luffy took the chance to bolt out of there… went to the kitchen and sat at the bar, throwing his upper half on top of it…

Sanji was washing dishes and was almost done when he noticed his captain

"Luffy, I'm not even finished cleaning after lunch so you either help me or get out…" he began….

But he noticed his captain was resting his head on the bar while running his finger on the counter, making invisible drawings on the superficie… looking miserable.

"Ne Sanji… gimme some meat…"

The blonde sighed and went to the fridge, taking out a meat skewer he had reserved as a snack for Luffy.

"Here you go" he delivered with a smile..

"Thank you Sanji!"

Off course Luffy's mood lifted as soon as he took a bite, Sanji went back to his plates and when he was happy with his spotless kitchen… turned around and noticed Luffy was still leaning on the bar… the place had been so silent he thought Luffy had left a while ago.

But there he was, pouting

Frowning, the blonde said,. "Luffy, I'm not giving you any more snacks, wait for dinner"

And out of the blue Luffy asked,... "Ne.. Sanji, how do I get Nami to forgive me?"

Sanji sighed and leaned on the bar next to his captain, poking him on the forehead with a finger

"First of all, I should kick your ass for making my sweet Nami-swan so stressed"

"But Sanji! The party was awesome!" Luffy complained, almost angry at Sanji

"I know idiot, but when it comes to a woman such as Nami-swan, you have to just forgive and forget everything, if only to see her smile"

Luffy just grimaced implying he didn't quite agree.

"Hey! Do you want me to help you or not!" the blonde snapped, annoyed… After three attempts he managed to lit a cigarette and took a deep drag, resting his elbow on the counter.

"Sanji, I don't want Nami to be angry anymore… but I'm not gonna apologize to her either" the captain said very seriously.

"Selfish as always huh"


Sanji took another puff of his smoke and exhaled slowly "Well, why don't you do something nice for her, give her some flowers"

"That is dumb Sanji, she only likes gold and mikan, its Robin who likes the flowers"

Sanji's eyebrow trembled, a bit annoyed his romantic idea had been dismissed

"Well then, next island take her on a date… ~ohh a nice candle night dinner at a fancy place!" he said daydreaming about such a dinner with such navigator…

Luffy just looked annoyed, "All she's gonna do is complain that I eat too much and she has to pay a big tab of food and it will be worse… "

Sanji scratched his hair, and then with a big, dreamy smile said, "Oh I know, have her come out on deck at night! Below the moon and ask Brook to play you guys something nice! How romantic, a serenade below moonlight…"

Luffy rolled his eyes, "Sanji we've done that a plenty of times but I think if I ask her now she'll kick my ass"

Sanji sighed… yeah he had seen them a couple of times sitting on the upper railing at the aft of the ship above the navigation room, it was a nice, private place

The cook ran his hand through his hair, ideas runnin out…

Standing up and looking somewhat annoyed, Luffy complained, "Sanji! You always go on and on about how you know a lot about girls but your ideas are pretty dumb"

"Hey! You damn gomu I'm not the one having girl issues, and I do have many girlfriends" he said smirking, Luffy rolled his eyes as Sanji poked his forehead with a finger "Besides, you should know what she likes, you married her"

"Just think Luffy, women like surprises and unexpected details, just think about something she would like so much she forgets she's mad at you"

Extrangely a good advice coming from the cook

"Hmm" Luffy mumbled, crossing his arms, suddenly his face turned red as he tilted his head, hand went to his chin as he closed his eyes… he started to sweat as he poked his temple with a finger as he groaned in concentration…

Sanji's eyes widened in surprise

"Easy there Luffy! You will melt your brain you shitty gomu!"

Suddenly Luffy slapped the counter and shouted

"Yosh! I know I know! Ehh thank you Sanji!" and without any further explanation he ran off like crazy, bolting through the door..

Sanji sighed… a bittersweet smile on his face…

Nami had married an idiot… but it was an idiot who obviously loved her very much and cared a lot for her happiness…

The captain ran out the kitchen and rocketed himself to the observatory,

Zoro, concentrating on his weight lifting training, was not expecting to have his captain's face suddenly squashed against one of the windows

"OI ZORO!" said captain cried startling Zoro who dropped his dumbbell almost crushing his foot..

"Idiot! What are you doing there!" he snapped with sharp teeth as he opened up the window for Luffy

"Can't you come in through the hatch like a normal person?"

"Shishishishi, Sorry Zoro I was in a hurry..:"

"So what is it now.."

"Nothing bad I just have an idea so Nami isn't mad at me anymore!" he said with a bright smile

Zoro shrugged, "Well, I actually prefer to deal with that demon when she is pacified… so, good luck with that captain"

"Shishishi Zoro I need a favor…."

Zoro was surprised to hear about the plan, but agreed to help Luffy since it didn't involve dealing with Nami.

The day carried on normally, with Luffy in good spirits… the change was so stark that Usopp couldn't help but ask.

"EHh Luffy, you look in such a good mood. fixed things with the missus ehh"

"What missus?" Luffy asked arching an eyebrow.

"YOUR missus Luffy, Nami" Usopp stated the obvious, and Luffy just grinned

"Nop, but I have such a cool idea" he said snickering to himself.

"What! Are you going to buy her some candy?" Chopper asked approaching the pair

"Nup, Sanji told me to take her out on date, so that's what I'm gonna do"

"Ohh" Chopper said looking slightly confused…

"A date where Luffy, we are in the middle of nowhere" Usopp said.

"You will see Usopp, it will be fun!" he said sharing the plan with his two crewmates… they gasped in surprise.

Just at that moment, Nami passed by the upper railing and noticed the trio snickering… she rolled her eyes and snorted, making Chopper hide behind Usopp..

But Luffy just smiled confidently at her, he knew himself victorious, and Nami, misinterpreting his attitude, raised her chin and left.

Luck's always on Luffy's side it seems… and sooner than Zoro would've anticipated, just before sunset, he spotted something over the horizon, and announced over the main speaker.

"Oi captain! The thing you were looking for!"

Luffy's eyes lit up and he ran to the bow of the ship trying to spot the thing he was looking for… a bright smile appeared on his face when effectively, there was an enemy Ship approaching…

Probably just another crew of the many that regularly attacked them in their quest to overthrow the Pirate King.

"Ok Luffy but if you're gonna do this, you have to do it with style" Usopp said pulling his friend by the arm and taking him to his room.

Shortly after Nami came down from the navigation room and was now on the main deck, she was wearing a simple attire, blue shorts and a yellow top, her hair in a high ponytail.

The navigator noticed everyone acting mysterious and the big ominous ship over the distance approaching at full speed.

"Enemies?" she asked

"Most likely, soon they'll be at shooting range" Robin said, "But, If I were you, I would go change into something nice, for the occasion"

"Huh?" Nami asked, cocking her head. Robin just smiled as she does, with that look that says she knows something you don't.

"Yoosh!" Luffy's enthusiastic voice thundered on deck as he emerged from his room, followed by Usopp… Nami's eyes widened…

He was wearing a beautiful aqua green fur cape that hung elegantly from his shoulders, his chiseled, muscled torso was bare except for a thick gold chain with a skull that hung from his neck, black pants with a golden sash tied at his waist and of course the strawhat on his head.

He did look like a quite elegant and wealthy pirate captain.

In a flash he snapped next to Nami who raised an eyebrow at his appearance… ignoring her reaction he said

"Nami, what are you doing standing there, go change, we are going on a date" he announced

"What?" she asked, of course very confused and still angry she started, "Wait a minute we still have issues to…."

Luffy stretched his arm and surrounded her twice, pulling her quickly against his chest… she yelped

"Nami we are going on a pirate date. Shishishishi"

"Pirate date?" She asked, confused

"Yeah, Sanji said that girls like dating and to do something you like, so I thought, Nami likes gold, adventure and stealing…"

He turned and pointed to the enemy ship, an evil smirk on his face

"Lets plunder that pirate ship Nami, just you and I, it'll be so fun!"

Nami's mouth opened in surprise… she knew Luffy well… for him to go on all this trouble just for her… even making a plan… well… lets say she was moved…

She stood there frozen for a moment and then her face lit up and she shouted from the bottom of her heart

"I HOPE THEY HAVE TONS OF GOLD!" she screeched happily "I'll go change!" she said leaving a cloud of dust as she left to her room.

The others smiled knowingly and Luffy was looking quite proud and pleased with himself...

She came out shortly in an aquamarine bikini top. white short shorts and a golden chain on her neck, a cape matching Luffy's hung from her shoulders, high dark green boots completed the assembly, making her look elegant, yet powerful.

By this time, the enemy ship was close and they started a flurry of cannonballs… which the crew repealed without issues…

"Have fun" Robin said with a smile as Luffy's left arm surrounded Nami's waist… he stretched his right arm all the way to the other ship and they rocketed with a quick snap, Nami yelping a little.

The enemy ship was quite imposing, three times larger than Sunny, Black sails and an emblem of a skull being split in half by an axe.

Upon landing in a surprisingly gentle manner, Luffy lowered Nami and he smirked at the enemy crew who regarded the pair with looks of fear or rage…

The enemy captain stepped up, he was a mountain of a man, twice the size of Luffy and just a mass of muscles, his skin was tanned and his muscled torso was bare, only wearing leather pants and booths… His chin was strong and square, with a thick short beard with prominent eyebrows, his long black hair, waved behind his back

The crew, had similar styles with every fighter holding an axe of some sort, Nami realized it was something of a theme.

"STRAWHAT!" the big muscled captain roared "I've been waiting for this moment! I'll defeat you and get the One Piece!" his voice was deep and behind him, his numerous crew howled in support.

Luffy smirked, turned to Nami and said

"Nami sit over there on the railing while I kick their asses"

She smiled, hopped on the polished banister and crossed her legs… she inspected her nails as she said

"Have fun, but don't get too tired" she said winking at him.

"Hey! Don't turn your back at me so casually!" the other captain said as he charged at Luffy


Luffy arched an eyebrow, … "Ehh why ax hand, your hands are normal?" he asked nonchalantly as the other man charged with rage.

"FOR THIS!" was the answer as the guy's right hand turned into a giant and heavy ax…


At his roar, his ax hand arched violently towards Luffy.

"How Cool!" was Luffy's simple answer and then…

The sharp edge of the ax impacted square dab in the middle of Luffy's forehead which turned black as Luffy smirked

The enemy captain howled in pain as he retreated his hand and doubled in agony

"What the hell! I even used haki!" he said, shook…in the last couple of years he had splitted more skulls that he cared to count! He was so powerful! How come!

"Well, that would be if your will was bigger than mine" Luffy said matter of factly, and then he made a fist, the enemy captain gasped in surprise and took a step back, pointing at Nami,


His crew moved immediately and Luffy was instantly enraged, "HEY, DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" he snapped with a wave of haki, which caused every man near Nami to collapse with foam on their mouth while the deck below them cracked at the intensity of his blast.

"Leave Nami out of this, we are on a date" he explained

The woman winked at the enemies and stuck her tongue them.

Darious was flabbergasted, "Strawhat! I have trained hard, fought a thousand of battles, got treasoned, killed and bled for this moment! And you aren't even taking it seriously YOU BASTARD

"What are you saying, I'm taking it seriously! Its just that you see Nami was angry we spent a bunch of money on a party and Sanji said I should do something nice for her so she would forgive me" he explained unnesearly.

Nami smiled while the remaining men on deck nodded effusively while commenting amongst each other

"I would work hard as well for a sweetcheeks like that to forgive me"

"Yeah, I would gladly be her slave"

"Who could have a woman like that! I'm so jealous!"

"STOP THAT IDIOTS! ATTACK!" the captain shouted

Luffy smirked and began dishing punches left and right, droves of enemies jumping at him as he punched everyone sending them flying…. Nami knew he wasn't even bothering using special techniques or attacks, bones crunching as he laughed giving them a good old ass kicking.

The woman was entertained for a while and she suddenly said, "Luffy~ I'm going to find their treasure room" she said jumping off the railing and going straight for a door that led to the bowels of the ship. "Have fun but don't take long" she said, winking.

"Yeah I'll go right away Nami" he replied and turned to face his enemies,

"Well, who else wants their ass kicked?"

She smiled as she found a stair leading down a corridor which suddenly lit up as Nami cleaned enemies with a powerful electric blast. Quickly dealing with the crewmen below deck.

Sounds of the fight going on the upper deck rattled the whole ship, and her heart thundered excitedly thinking about what kind of treasure she would find! Granted, compared to her crew they were nothing, but Nami guessed they were powerful enough to have some riches with them.

Turning a corner she found a pantry… she was going to pass by it but… well… Luffy was trying so hard to do something nice for her… she went inside and took a big sac, and started to toss inside dried meat, beef jerky and all kind of food she could find

Her face lit up when she opened a locked cupboard and found a bottle of expensive, quality brand rum.

Suddenly a low crash rattled the entire ship and she almost fell, having to lean against the wall of the corridor… several screams were heard and then… silence.

She was sure Luffy had finished up the enemy captain.

She kept looking around as she searched for the treasure room.

Outside, Luffy sighed when his opponent wouldn't move anymore… so much for AX fisted Darious then… poor guy embedded on his own ship's mast, totally knockout. The stronger members of that crew had tried to help their captain, but they simply couldn't do anything against the strongest man in the world.

For the Pirate King tho, it was a nice warm up.

"Hey Nami! I'm done!" he shouted going through a different door than the one she had used earlier, he followed a corridor downstairs.. And the few pirates he encountered cowered away in fear and fainted without him even having to use haki. Luffy ignored them and carried on exploring several corridors, getting lost in bowels of the huge ship

Finally just at the end of a corridor he found a big iron vault door and, as it was so different from the rest of the doors he had seen, he decided to kick it open…

He blasted it with a powerful punch, denting it and snapping the thick iron lock open.

"Yosh!" he exclaimed when a room full of gold was revealed in front of him, on the walls, old, expensive looking oil paintings hung giving the room a nice decoration, while barrels with ornate weapons sat in a corner. There was a desk with a small scale and some gold stacked on top it.

He turned back to the corridor and shouted, "oi NAMI!"

And down the corridor her voice answered back, "LUFFY!"

And then she appeared turning the corner, a big sac of something over her shoulder


The two shouted excitedly at the same time, smiling they met halfway across the corridor, with Luffy picking up the bag of goods from her.

"Where's the gold!" she snapped quickly, he pointed to his back as he tossed the bag over his shoulder.

The woman squealed in excitement as soon as she stepped into the treasure room, and launched herself towards the money.

"Ohh yeahhh , treasure!" she said kneeling in the gold and burying her hands on the coins as she laughed... Luffy just smiled, pleased and happy to see her so excited.

He took his cape off, tossing it on the floor and opened the sac of food, grinning when he found plenty of food, which of course he started to eat immediately.

The room, illuminated with oil lamps hanging from the walls, was a little stuffy so she also dropped her cloak next to Luffy's and knelt over it as she started to count money…

"Luffy we have to look for more sacks so we can carry all this stuff" she said as she calculated how much they had to pick.

"Calm down Nami, all the enemies are knocked out, besides I'm here and I'll protect you- Here, drink" he said, passing the bottle of rum to her, which he first uncorked with his teeth.

Nami smiled and gave it a hearty gulp as Luffy laid down next to her, setting his back on a gold pile as he relaxed, chewing a big chunk of meat that for him, was delicious.

Nami nodded and visibly relaxed, looking around with a smile, she commented happily

"Hmm… there must be at least four hundred million here…" she took another sip from the rum bottle… and then said with false anger, "But that doesn't cover the cost of the party huh"

"Wahahahah" Luffy laughed and then smirked evilly at her, "Well then Nami, seems we will have to steal more ships"

Her face lit up, falling in love all over again she leaned against his chest., "That sounds great captain" she purred.

Luffy smiled placing his free arm around her… and when he finished his piece of meat, he took the rum bottle and gave it a chug… they looked so comfortable, just nested there on their puffy luxurious capes and surrounded by gold ,

Luffy stretched his arm and took another piece of meat from the bag, took a bite from it and then, suddenly offered, "You want some Nami?"

She gasped a little in surprise… knew how rare and special it was for him to make such an offer… and… even if she wasn't that hungry, well… he was being nice and she was in a conciliatory mood, so she nodded..

She took a bite… it was a little bit greasy, but salty and tasty, her lips were covered with a glistening layer of oil that gleamed on the warm light of the room…

His eyes fixed on her lips… they looked so inviting … he finished the rest of the meat with a gulp and then his thumb brushed over Nami's lip, "Shishshi Nami you have a bit of…"

But he couldn't finish the phrase as she captured his thumb with her mouth and sucked on it with purpose… running her tongue over the entire length of the digit…

His eyes widened…

"Yeah there was some left on your hand too.." she whispered huskily. In a second he jumped on top of her, kissing her and running his tongue over her lips, savoring the combination of his favorite food on the woman he loved…

A deep moan escaped from her mouth as her hands traveled across his strong frame… it drove her crazy knowing how much power was hidden just below her fingers… Always so anxious he started to pull at her shorts and Nami rushed to help him get off her clothes… otherwise he would probably destroy them…

Seconds after, his gold sash was flying and his zipper was down… they kept kissing anxiously as Luffy curled an arm on her right leg… both desperate and yearning the contact after being apart the last couple of days.

And without further adieu as they kissed and hugged he buried deep between her legs… she broke the kiss as her back arched and she moaned deep and long as he trusted firmly, in a slow, steady rhythm…

She writhed under him as they held each other buried there in the middle of their love nest surrounded by gold… her eyes closed thigh and her mouth expelling constant moans of satisfaction that encouraged him with each thrust…

"Nami…" he whispered resting his forehead on her shoulder, savoring the moment and just happy to be with her, having missed her more than he realized… while on her part she totally surrendered to him, clutching his hips with her legs and holding him tight around the neck with her arms…overwhelmed by feelings she gasped his name as her body trembled with pleasure, her insides trembling.

He groaned, enjoying the feel of her coming on him as her body tensed and trembled and after moaning his name.. she sighed happily, relaxing...

"Wow...that was nice…" she said as she caught her breath,

"Yeah it was hahaha" Luffy said with a smile, pulling apart from her and laying on his side allowing her to catch her breath… he took another chug from the rum bottle and offered it to her

"Here, recover energy, this is not over yet" he threatened..

Her eyes widened like a deer caught in headlights, "Luffy!" she gasped.

"Hahahah Nami we should have Pirate dates more often, shishishi"

"You are the worst" she said jokingly with a smile

He smirked at her, "Yup, that's why I'm the Pirate King" he stated and with a predatory look, he jumped on top of her again…

"Kyaaaa" she yelped…

Back on the Sunny, Usopp was studying the enemy ship with binoculars, but all he could see was a lot of destruction and at least a hundred of knocked out pirates.

"Strawhat is hoarding all the fun" Franky complained

Zoro, very serious, arms crossed said, "It was either that, or have the witch going around screeching like a banshee, what do you prefer?"

"THAT! THAT!" everyone but Robin and Sanji yelled quickly…

Round two and the couple had ended up with Nami standing up supporting her weight on the desk while the king, hat on his head, buried in her from behind in quick, sharp thrusts that caused her to arch her back and shout and moan for him.

As the table below her groaned she rasped..: "wait Luffy… you are gonna break the table…

Outside the room,. At the hallway, some enemies had woken up and had been drawn by the concert in OH major going on inside that room…

The men gulped and started to sweat, bloody noses as they imagined what was happening inside that room…

A tall man dressed in a silky shirt with long flowy brown hair and a sharp face approached the commotion, he was missing some teeth and had a black eye… he was that crew's vice-captain and somehow had managed to regain consciousness…

"What are you idiots doing standing there! JUST GO IN, Strawhat will have his guard off!" he said.

The men nodded, rallied by their vice-captain, emboldened by the thought they could defeat Luffy and share the beautiful queen amongst them as loot.. . fed by those wicked thoughts they raised their weapons in the air and were going to kick the door open when…

Inside the room, having broken the desk, Luffy had no choice but to drive his wife against the wall… her back on the wall, legs wrapped around his hips as she moaned like crazy enjoying every second until he suddenly stopped…

"Luffy?" she asked..

"Enemies…" he growled looking over his shoulder at the door.

A slight expression of fear flashed across her face as Nami felt very vulnerable.. But he, still holding her in place, shouted at the door.


He released a violent gust of haki that tensed his entire body and got to the enemies outside the room… who foamed at the mouth and fainted…

He huffed angrily, blowing steam out his nose, and when he was sure the danger had passed, he turned his gaze to Nami.

"Ne Nami, they are gone"

Her forehead rested on his shoulder… her eyes were unfocused..

"Nami!" he snapped, shaking her slightly… a silly laugh escaped her lips as if she was lost in another word.

Scared, he patted her face abruptly


"DONT HIT ME IT HURTS!" she roared coming to her senses, she grabbed his face making his rubber features pucker against her pressure….

This was funny because they were arguing while she was still pinned against the wall, with him buried between her legs.

"Well you weren't answering me Nami" he complained.

She took a hard breath and managed to regain her senses… "Luffy what did you do just now? Was that haki?" she asked…

"Yup, why?"

"Because… " she said with an evil smirk.."That felt freaking good! DO THAT AGAIN!" she demanded while gripping his chin and looking at him in the eye with fire on her eyes.

"But… but Nami…"

"NOW LUFFY!" She ordered shaking her hips.

At first, he was surprised but then… he smirked as he took the challenge..

"You better be prepared Nami" he threatened…

Her eyes widened as the wall cracked...Nami's screams were increasing in intensity and suddenly, he picked her up and chose to move them back to their capes, where he set her down on her back.

Kneeling in front of her he took her hips and drove inside her once more…a perfect angle that allowed him to fully plunge into her, making her cry out at every lunge.

The image they both pained was more than erotic, with him still with the hat, his thick gold chain on his sweaty and well-toned bare chest wearing only his pants that where unbuckled just so.. And the woman below him naked except her dark green boots and a fine gold necklace on her neck…

Her ample breast swung at the motion.. she bit her lips while she rode wave after wave of pleasure, she suddenly reached out and took his hand, pulling him to her… having a sudden need to hug and kiss him…

Leaning on her they kissed as he resumed his pace…

He hugged her tight, cradling her head against his chest, desperate to absorb every feeling, her scent of mikans, her taste, her touch, and the way she moaned his name…

Her tongue tangled with his, while her hands slid down his back, nails leaving marks of love and passion.

He groaned, gritting his teeth against the avalanche of sensations as he braced her firmly, increasing his pace, fire coursing through his blood, pushing him forward, blocking everything but Nami.

She cried out his name, her entire body convulsing as she held him for dear life, a wave of feeling so strong that sent him over the edge groaning her name as he trembled on her arms...

He finally collapsed on top of her, both panting and breathing heavily as they basked on the feeling …

After a while Nami managed to compose herself a little…

"Wow-" she whispered in awe… totally overwhelmed by sensations, every inch of her body tingled with soft waves of satisfaction and spread through her whole frame...she felt exhausted… and no wonder why… after orgasm number five she hadn't bothered to count anymore…

Suddenly she was aware of his weight on top of her…

"Luffy?" she asked because his face was hiding on the crook of her neck and he wouldn't move… he didn't answer so she shook him,


"Ngg…" he muttered, he managed to move lazily, settling on her side… tongue sticking out and his eyes white.. He looked as if he battled a yonkou.

"Luffy! What is wrong with you!"

"Haki-.. " he muttered… "I .. need… a few… min...utes.." and then he passed out.

She opened her eyes in surprise… this was not the time!... she tried to keep herself calm thinking the enemies were still passed out…

She sighed and still very tired she settled by his side, snuggling in him

"I love you… idiot"

He mumbled something incoherent that did sound like meat… she smiled… closed her eyes and nodded off without realizing.

A couple of minutes later she was startled awake by some noise at the door… they were coming back… scared, she shook Luffy's arm

"Luffy! Wake up, the enemies are back again!"

He was still out cold and nervous she tried to stand up, but her legs felt like jelly… and if she dared admit it, she was a little sore (although her fault for asking for it) she scrambled around looking for her clothes.. Took her ultimate clima tact and sent bubbles under the door…

Outside the enemies said

"What is that?"



And then, a high pitched scream as the mob was charred on the other side of the door "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!"

Nami, still sitting next to her unconscious partner, sighed in relief… She calculated the time Luffy needed to get his haki back was about to be done… so she opened the bag of food she had found and managed to find a little bit of beef jerky,.she hoped it was enough.

"Luffy! Meat!" she said

"Eehh! WHERE?!" he snapped up like a spring… face looking half knocked out still, but conscious enough to grab the meat that Nami offered and finish it up in a gulp.

"Luffy, let's get out of here, the enemies are waking up"

He nodded groggily as she picked up a sack and still kneeling down (she couldn't stand up) started to toss all the gold she could inside.

"Luffy! It's was very irresponsible on your part falling asleep on an enemy territory like that" she huffed.

"What!" he said as he adjusted his clothes and got up, "it's your fault Nami! You kept yelling at me, use haki! Do it harder!"

She turned red and her hands covered her face…whispering …"Don't say it like that"

"Wahahahaha" Luffy cackled as he helped her gather more gold

He grinned at her face "Nami now you get all red now but a moment ago you were askin…"

"LUFFY!" she said, swatting his arm playfully.

He hugged her bluntly and out of nowhere.. Her eyes widened in surprise…

"What is it with you?" she asked with a smile

"Nothing, I'm just glad you are not mad at me anymore" he said grinning.

Nami smiled, moved.. but then feigned annoyance as she swatted her hair back, "Well, your majesty, as long as my treasure vault is kept at a reasonable level, and that means, we recover what we spend, then there is no problem"

"You mean our vault.. Nami" he said furrowing his eyebrows.


He hugged her tight, and she had to look up to meet his gaze…

"Stingy" he said, smiling… she wrinkled her nose but then he kissed her quickly, roughly and playfully, surprising her with the action.

He released her, a big smile on his face… "You wouldn't be Nami if you weren't… besides… I guess a Pirate Queen has to be the most stingy and greedy woman on all seas, right?"

Smiling she put her hands on her hips, nose going up, "Of course"

They laughed together and finished up gathering the gold and fixing their clothes… but

It turned out that Nami couldn't stand up and walk, she was totally exhausted, so he tossed a giant bag of gold over his shoulder and picked her up bridal style kicking the door open and sending it flying, comically crushing the enemies behind it as he did so.

And when they emerged on deck…

A round of applause awaited them as the enemy crew parted in two to let them pass…they were just all the fodder as the captain and other important members were still out cold.

Nami turned red as those pirates commented

"I've never heard a woman scream so much"

"The pirate king is a man amongst men!"

"Let me be your vassal!" Someone whimpered, throwing himself to the ground in front of the couple and pressing his forehead onto the deck.

"I wish I could have such a fine woman…" someone muttered

"SHUT UP OR I'LL ROAST YOU ALL!" Nami yelled while still on Luffy's arms…

Luffy just laughed boisterously loud and without an ounce of shame said

"Thanks for the gold and the food!"

A random pirate stepped up and said, "No-don't mention it… it's our pleasure! Come by to visit again!" he said, others nodded behind him, perhaps being affected by Luffy's strong conqueror's haki…

And, as Nami yelped in surprise, Luffy rocketed them both back to Sunny where the rest of the crew was waiting for them… he tossed the giant bag of gold on deck..

"Woah! What a good loot!" Usopp exclaimed when the bag opened and revealed a ton of gold and jewels.

Luffy lowered Nami who was still clinging to him feeling a little dizzy and tired… but looking very happy.

"How much do you think it is Nami?" Chopper asked excitedly

"About four hundred million!" she replied

"Did you guys had fun?" Robin asked with a hand on her chin and her ever knowing smile

With a big smile Luffy replied, "Yeah! Nami found a bunch of meat so I ate a lot and then we had a bunch of sex.. I'm SO tired, ehh Sanji is dinner ready yet? Nami left me very exhausted!"

But Sanji was no more.. He was a god level being floating on the sky glowing with fury as his hair turned blue

"I'll KILL YOU WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY NAMI SWAN!" he screamed with shark teeth

"Luffy stop talking about private stuff!" Nami complained, making a fist and clenching her teeth.

"SANJI DON'T BE ANGRY!" Luffy began while dodging a kick, "YOU TOLD ME TO TAKE NAMI ON A DATE!"



As the cook chased the captain, their doctor tried to intercede for Luffy,

"Sanj! It isn't Luffy's fault, Nami's ovulating and she is releasing a ton of pheromones… which… reminds me… Nami did you take your prescription, right? You two are copulating a lot lately"

Franky and Brook leaned their faces next to Chopper, as they were curious about any other perverted detail.

"CHOPPER STOP TALKING ABOUT THAT STUFF!" Usopp complained with shark teeth…

As Sanji chased Luffy around and Nami sighed in defeat, the archeologist just laughed in her own unique way

"Fu fu fu fu…"

Nami sighed and turned to Chopper, "Yeah Chopper I always take the contraceptive just as prescribed"

Robin, hand on her chin and grinning told her, "I don't know Nami perhaps it would be fun having little captains running around deck, ne?"

Nami turned red and screamed


A month later…

"I AM WHAT!" the same woman would scream as her doctor gave her the test results… but that nakamas… as you well know, is a story for another day

To be continued….

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