Note: I used to write a Hunger Games AU with a friend back in tumblr. It happened but we didn't see it through the end. I recently just watched Hunger Games again and this scene came to mind. So, here it is. Enjoy! This is unbeta'd btw. We like to live dangerously in this world. This is a oneshot btw. I don't think I'll add anymore to this story.

The best course of action would be for Sasuke to reject any form of association with his tribute. The only label he would accept was 'Mentor', because that's what he really was. If not for the Games, then he would never get to meet this pink-haired, five-foot monstrosity before him. Maybe in some distant universe where the Games didn't exist, and he wasn't obligated to teach his district's current sacrifice, he would've accepted being friends.

But no.

Why form a friendship this period?

The other district's representatives were vicious this year, and he doubted Sakura had the same muscle and mettle as her opponents. With her stature and family background, the heaviest she could have carried were her medical books.

It was a shame; healers were a renowned occupation in their district.

Sasuke's ears started ringing when the DJ increased the speaker's volume. The dance floor was now filled with hordes of people already drunk off their ass, and it was still seven in the evening.

"Look at all these Capitol shits." A voice said to him. If Sasuke noticed the vitriol in its voice, he didn't let it show. Besides, they were Capitol shits. He turned his head to the source of the voice and was genuinely surprised to see that it was Sakura who said it. She was standing next to him, eyes forward as she looked at the dancing crowd with disdain.

She rarely addressed him outside of training and meetings, chalking it off to incompatibility of personalities, so what happened just now was a rare occurrence.

"They celebrate the slaughter of two dozen individuals. To them, we're no more than names without stories. A character in a TV show they get to change the channel once it's over. I hate it."

Sasuke raised an incredulous brow. "You say this to me." It wasn't a question.

"I saw how you look at them." She shrugged. "We're on the same boat. I know you don't like teaching me, don't worry, I don't hold it against you. I hate it too."

"Me teaching you?"

She shot him a look. "Of course, I didn't mean you. You're a great mentor, just not for the right reasons."

"Ah." He understood. He didn't like teaching a tribute who's most likely to die anyway.

A moment of silence stretched between the two, this time, more comfortably than ever before. It was a welcome silence compared to all the snarking she did to him whenever they were in the training room. Sakura was still watching the crowd with a permanent frown when Sasuke saw the Mentor from District 4 swagger inside the room, his tribute trailing not too far behind him.

"Heads up, District 4." He whispered next to her. How she managed to hear over the blaring music, he didn't know. Sakura snapped her head up and schooled her face into a neutral expression once she saw them.

Kisame and Suigetsu. Mentor and Tribute of District 4, the Fishing District.

To be fairly honest, Suigetsu unnerved her, more so than getting under her skin. There was something about him that just screamed unequivocal bloodlust and she's felt his gaze on her more than she could count. It was a chilling thought when these were the only things she knew about him.

"Steer clear of him. The moment you see him in the arena, I want you to flee as far as you can. Put some distance between him and make sure it stays that way."


"I'm serious."

"So am I. I don't fancy myself being shark food, okay? And he's been looking at me like I am."

Sasuke was silent as he mulled over this new information. Hopefully it was the shameless flirt in Suigetsu that was in action, not the bloodthirsty tribute he just warned her about. Sasuke chanced a look at Kisame; he wasn't looking at them. Good. More likely than not that this was an attraction thing and nothing more.

Still, he felt off.



"Let's go."

Sakura blinked and turned her attention to him, "Why? It's only," she looked at her watch, "7:30 PM"

"Sure, let's stay longer. Maybe they'll celebrate your pending murder less."

Oh, that was sobering.

Sakura's face fell for a short second, welcoming the harsh reality once more, and shook it off. She had no time for self-pity these days. It was all about training, meditation, and more training.

"Sure," she threw one last dirty look at the celebrating crowd, "let's go. I need to breathe. The air here is making me gag."

Sasuke huffed a silent laugh, earning him a surprised look from his tribute. Compelled by the night and his newfound understanding of this person, the young Uchiha held out his arm to Sakura for her to take.

The rosette didn't bother hiding her surprise, nor did she hold back in telling him.

"This is rare." She said. "You rarely laugh or smile – or show manners to me."

"We live in trying times."

"Oh. Ditto."