"I feel ridiculous."

"Toph-san, you don't know how they look."

"Don't care, they feel ridiculous."

Shopping in a crowded mall wasn't everyone's cup of tea, especially not Toph Beifong's. To be fair, she had never been to a mall, but she figured she wouldn't like it. But it could be at least tolerable with friends.

If it weren't for the stupid-ass sunglasses on her face.

"Why do I even need them?" She complained as she felt around with her cane. "It's not like I can see through them!"

"Like your Mom said, it's so others know you're blind while we're on carpet floors." Momo answered.

"What, and the cane doesn't give it away? Pff." With that, she yanked the shades off her head and threw them at a trash can.

And missed. By four feet.

"Sigh, fine. But I'm making you a new pair for when I bring you back." Momo said, exasperated as she fetched the broken glasses from the floor.

Toph groaned. She walked over to the large wall in the shopping center to get a proper feel of the place. Kiyashi sure was a big place, full of food courts, vendors, and larger clothing stores. Though she couldn't tell if their other classmates were here yet, her hearing was still exceptional. They'll find them soon.

She smiled as Momo gushed over the various clothing shops as they walked on. Unlike Toph, Momo lived to explore and buy new clothes and interesting items from all over. And with her financial freedom, doing so was a breeze for her. Toph had asked her once why she doesn't just make her own stuff, which resulted in a long-winded lecture on basic economics and inflation. Talk about a snoozefest.

"You know, this pink dress would look great on yo-"

"Nope. Don't even try, Sugar Queen." They had this conversation before.

"Hold on! I'm just saying-"

"I don't do dresses!"

"C'mon, I've seen you pull off the most gorgeous dresses at formal dinners!" Momo argued.

"Those things? They feel like death traps!" Toph countered. "Couldn't get the damn thing off…"

"Well, you're going to need a dress for I-Island you know."


"You know I'm not, Toph."

"…shit…fucking…fine!" She finally relented, letting the taller girl drag her into the store. "But not the pink one."

"But…you don't…"

"I know I don't know what pink is, but I get the gist ok? Just anything else…"

"Hey," Momo stopped her friend. "Is there something bothering you? You didn't call the other night."

Toph turned her head, hiding her expression. "…sorry. Just…just a disagreement with a friend."

Momo grew concerned. "Did anything happen?"

"I uh…sorta gave my I-Island tickets away." Toph admitted.

"WHAT? Cough, what?" Momo corrected. "Those are expensive, Toph! Who on earth…"

"Before you freak out, they were the tickets I won through the Sports Festival, not the ones Mom got me." Toph explained. "Just extra tickets, don't tell Mina though."

The girls drew straws the other day for the plus two going with Momo, which turned out to be Jirou and Uraraka. 'Weird luck for her there.' Toph thought.

"Well, alright. But if not Mina or Hagakure, who'd you give them to?"

"Well, they could only go to the second place winner…" Toph scratched her head sheepishly as Momo connected the dots.

"WHAT? Cough, um, why Toph-san?" Momo corrected again.

"Well…I can't just give away Mom's tickets and he was the only option for them to go to after me. Simple as that."

Momo was surprised. "And he took them?"

"Mmm, not exactly," Toph felt around for a fabric she liked. "Isn't my costume green? Why not that?"

"Hmm, my dress is green though and I kinda want to wear that for the party." Momo said as she rummaged through the racks. "I'm actually bringing a few dresses and haven't decided really, but I think I'll go with the green. I could get you something darker…"

"Hmm." Toph grunted. She didn't really care about the color, just texture and how it fits. Can't be restrictive and she has to be able to use her quirk. "Lets just move on, we'll get something later. Gotta meet up with the others after all."

"Ah! Of course!" They quickly left for the main shopping area to find their class. "I still can't believe Aizawa lied to us again, can you? About the Summer Training Camp?"

"Eh," Toph shrugged as they walked on. "I kinda can. Seems like something he would do after all. What I can't see is him letting them off easy."

"From what I understand, he won't. This is going to be harder than summer school for the five of them." Momo referred to the ones who failed the exam a couple weeks prior. "Still, it's supposed to be really tough from what I've heard from our upperclassmen."

"Seriously? From how Mina sounded on the phone, it was as if it was a summer camp." Toph wondered.

"Not from what I understand, though I could be wrong…oh there they are!" Toph let Momo guide her forward to their class. Most everyone was here save a few. "Hello everyone!"

"Hi guys!" Mina waved ecstatically! "We were just figuring out what everyone was gonna do!" A few people had already gone their separate ways, including Shoji, Tokoyami, and Sato, who headed for the camping department, and Aoyoma, who dramatically sauntered elsewhere. "You're headed to I-Island too, right, Bei?"

"Yep, I probably just need some basic stuff. And whatever I need for the summer trai-"


Toph tilted her head. "You ok, Sugar Queen?"

"Mmm! Mmhmm! Ashido, come here…" Momo leaned in to whisper something to the pink-skinned girl.

"GASP! OH MY GOD YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I'VE WAITED!" she squealed. Toph was confused for all of two seconds.


"Too late, Bei! Toru! Get over here! We have work to do!"


"Well that was weird…" Midoriya, meanwhile, was clueless as to why Uraraka sprinted off yelling 'bug spray'. "She didn't mean me, did she? No, she probably just really needs bug spray…" He kept walking, looking for the fitness stores. "Seems like everyone went their separate ways."

Truth of the matter was, he had a great deal on his mind. His conversation with All Might had been playing on repeat for a while now. This power, the power he had been granted, was made to defeat a great evil. An evil that All Might once defeated but might have returned. It was a lot to think about. He had promised to fight the evil with All Might, should the need ever arise. Hopefully, based on what he now knows about All for One, it will never come to that.

But it didn't really matter. He decided long ago that he wanted to be hero. And to protect everyone he could. Being a hero had risks, and he accepted them. Regardless of the adversary.

But now wasn't the time to think that way. He poked his head inside a small store, lots of spandex, running shoes, and… 'Score! New weights!' He thought as he practically skipped into the shop. He tried out the 20 kg weights, testing a few curls.

"These could be good, maybe if I save up I can afford a barbell or two…"

"Oi, Deku!"

"Eeep!" He nearly dropped the heavy weight as Bakugo appeared. He, Kaminari, and Kirishima (only Kirishima really) were checking out the latest workout clothes when Midoriya walked in. "Hey Midoriya!" Kirishima waved, far friendlier than his explosive friend.

"The hell you doin' here, bastard?" Bakugo growled, earning a shudder from the greenette.

"Oh! I…um…I actually…er…you know what? I'm kinda hungry soitsgoodtoseeyoubothokbye!" With a backwards speedwalk out the door, he was gone.

"Hmph! Still no fuckin' backbone…" Katsuki muttered. Kirishima only frowned as Kaminari wandered around, randomly flexing at tall mirrors. Why Bakugo hated Midoriya so much was an unknown to most of the class, but Eijiro was rather fond of his manly spirit! Still though, a man shouldn't get in the way of another man's weight gains, right?

"Listen Bakugo, he looked like he just wanted to get some weights-"

"Shut up weird-hair, stay out of it." Bakugo grumbled.

"Dude, it's not very manly to stop a man from shopping for weights!"

"Oi! I wasn't stopping that shithead! I don't even know why I'm here dammit…" This was odd to the redheaded boy. Bakugo was a lot of things, but this was kinda new. He looked, for lack of a better term, subdued. Depressed?

"Hey Bakugo."


"You remember what you told me the other day? After the Midterm?"

Bakugo scratched his neck. "…that you're an idiot?"

"No the other part."


After the Midterm Exam…

"…c'mon Shitty Hair." Bakugo walked right up to Kirishima, dragged him to his feet, and walked him out, leaving the rest of the class in awe.

The unusually calm boy heard some commentary to his sudden outburst of kindness and understanding, but frankly, he didn't care right now. Although, it did sound like he'd have to remind them who the fuck he is later. Not now though.

Not now.

Kirishima vaguely noticed that Bakugo had dragged him out of the room and onto the curb of the parking lot. No screaming, shouting, or other signs of rage. Very odd.

"Oi." Kirishima finally looked up. Red eyes pierced through his own with scrutiny.

"You're an idiot."

Kirishima hung his head again. 'Yeah, knew that already dude. Thanks.'

"You really think this will be your last fight?" Bakugo continued. "Your last loss? Or disappointment?" He leaned forward, resting his battered arms on his knees. "Cause it's not. It's only the beginning. Hate to break it to you, but you're gonna fail a lot of times before you start to get it right."

"…really not helping man."

"But you don't stop." Katsuki turned the conversation around. "You never fucking stop, got it? If anything, you're a stubborn bastard. You failed today, so what!? Spit that failure in the face and keep walking got it?" Kirishima was wide-eyed at the speech.

"That's kinda deep, dude…you get hit in the head there?"


"Hahahaa! Ok, ok…got it!" Kirishima laughed. The storm clouds in his mind started to clear up, showing his failure in a new light. 'He's right, I can't let this get me down! Crimson Riot said something similar right?'

'Wait a second…'

"Bakugo…are you…" Kirishima let out a devilish grin. "…a hero geek?"

"Wha…WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN BY THAT, SHITBAG?" Bakugo screamed, back to his old self. Kirishima was also back to his old self, and was cry-laughing shamelessly.

"That's…hahahaha…that's an All Might speech! Not word for word but…"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Bakugo exploded. The truth was, he had no idea had to "comfort" anyone. But if All Might could do it, on TV no less, then so could he right? So, he borrowed some words. "JUST FUCKING…" he took a breath, turning back to the monitor room "just don't let this stop you. You're one of the only wannabes that can keep up with me so…try harder dammit."

Kirishima took in his words (which weren't from an All Might interview by the way) and grinned. "You got it! And Bakugo!"

"God fuckin'…what shitty hair."

"Thanks. For everything. If you ever need help, I'll be there for you ok?"

Bakugo stared at him like he was crazy. "Why?"

"Because! We're bros! I got your back and you got mine, right?"

Bakugo nearly just kept walking. Nearly.

"…yeah, sure. If, and only if, I need help."


Present day…

"You, my good friend," Kirishima clapped his bro on the shoulder "need help. Seriously." Bakugo opened his mouth to protest. "Ah ah ah! Nope! You need help my dude, though with what: I'm not entirely sure. Care to share?" he offered, picking up a 30 kg as he spoke. Bakugo was gonna leave, but…his own curiosity stopped him. Maybe Kirishima, as clueless as the guy was, could help with his problem.

Not to be one-upped, he grabbed a 35 kg and sat down with the red head, both doing some curls. "Fine, Shitty-hair. Here's the deal…"

"Hey guys! Can I try that?" Kaminari pointed at a 30 kg weight. Both boys dropped sweat as they looked at Denki's frame.

"…bro, uh…why don't you try the 15? Start with that?"


"So?" Mina purred. "What do you think?"

"Urg…tight." Toph managed to utter. This dress, while visually appealing to everyone else, was far to constricting in all the wrong places. "Please, anything but this one."

"Fiiiiine…" Mina helped her out of the outfit while the other girls scoured for new ideas. Every once in a while, someone brought in a new garment for the poor girl to be stuffed into. And each girl's preferences was made clear with each selection. Mina tended to find more wild and revealing clothing while Jirou found more dark and modest styles. Uraraka, who Momo had found absolutely flustered in the camping section, leaned towards cute, yet affordable styles while Momo blatantly ignored all price tags and found the most elegant gowns money could buy.

All in all, none of their tastes fit what Toph had in her mind's "eye". However, it was a six to one majority that she not go in "jorts and a t-shirt", much to Beifong's ire. Eventually, they congregated outside the dressing room.

"Ok guys," Mina threw the 12th failed outfit into the pile. "We need a different strategy if we're gonna dress our girl. Ideas?"

"Green really is her color ribbit," Asui supplemented "but a darker tone like Jirou's would suit her better."

"A compromise?" Hagakure suggested, pulling out a simple black gown. "Maybe stick this with that head piece she wears?"

"Hmm, maybe…" Mina pulled out a couple more garments. "Maybe this with that or that with this…Momo? Any thoughts?"

"OI!" Toph shouted from the dressing room. "Can I have any thoughts in the matter?"

"No way, Ms. Jorts!" Mina called back. "Anyway, Momo? Thoughts?"

"Well, for shoes she'll need something without soles so she can get around, so something like these flats will be best…" Momo dug through the many different shoes they had collected. "As for clothes, anything too constricting won't last."

"Why's that?" Mina asked.

Yaoyorozu gave her a dry look. "Because she'll rip it to shreds."

"ONE TIME!" Toph shouted again. "IT WAS ONE TIME, YAOMOMO!"

The six of them leaned away from the door. 'We've got our work cut out for us' they all thought.


"So good to see you again…Izuku Midoriya."

Ashy grey digits gripped the boy's neck unbeknownst to the crowd of civilians around them, one finger raised as to not activate the deadly Decay quirk.


Midoriya was frozen in place, being held by the throat by his worst enemy. Shigaraki had his arm draped over the boy and was dressed casually, as if they were old friends. No one took notice of the two apparent buddies. Though they were anything but.

"Here's what's gonna happen, kid. You and I are going to have a little chat."

"…a chat?" Midoriya questioned, eyeing Shigaraki closely.

"Yep, just a friendly chat between mortal enemies. Fun, huh? And no funny movements, or I'll just slip my last finger and reduce you to dust."

"Go…go ahead and do it." Midoriya challenged, with as firm a voice as he could muster. "As soon as you do, you'll be discovered and caught by the heroes. You'll be taken in for what you've done."

"An interesting idea, with a small flaw. Midoriya, right? Look around, would you?" The mall's passerby still noticed nothing, unaware that a cold-blooded killer was in their midst. "How many of these innocent sheep do you think I can dust after I kill you? Five? A dozen? Fifty? Maybe more before I'm caught. That is, if I'm caught."

Midoriya gulped uncomfortably. Checkmate.

"Now, I'm rather tired. Let's sit for a bit. I got questions."


"And that's the sort of shit I'm dealing with here." Bakugo finished. He and his new work out buddy had moved on from curls, to shoulder lifts, to triceps, squats, and benching through the course of Bakugo's explanation. Kaminari tried to keep up, he really did, but laid defeated a few feet away. Kirishima had been silent as they worked, listening between the various curses and gripes about Midoriya, Beifong, and…that's pretty much it.

"So the bitch shoves the tickets in my face, bolts to her fucking limo, and dips! What kind of bullshit is that? It's obviously some kind of trick, but the tickets are too good to waste. I'm not an idiot you know." Bakugo continued ranting while benching two 45 kg barbells, with Kirishima spotting. Kirishima cocked an eyebrow. "Wait, so she gave you tickets to I-Island?"

"Yeah! What the fuck, right?" Bakugo grunted. "What kinda dumbass does she take me for?"

Kirishima pressed his palms together and took a looooooong breath, which he usually doesn't have to do, but alas.

'Holy crap. And we thought Toph was blind' he thought. As Bakugo finished his set, he sat down and placed a hand on his shoulder.


"What'd I say about the touching me Weird Ha-"

"It sounds like she just wants you to be there." Kirishima suggested. Bakugo narrowed his eyes at him.

"Did she tell you to say that?" he demanded. Kirishima shook his head no, causing Bakugo to grunt irritably. Kirishima stretched his arms comfortably, letting his buddy think. After a few moments, he finally spoke up.

"Let's say…hypothetically…I were to use the tickets-" Bakugo stopped Kirishima before he could speak. "Shut it, I'm not done yet. If I were to go, and I'm not saying I would, it would be on my terms. Not Beifong's or anyone elses. And the only reason I'm going-would go, is because I want to. Does that seem reasonable?"

Kirishima shrugged. "I mean, if that's what it means to you, sure! You can go for any reason you want."

"Hmm…" Bakugo leaned back, popping his spine from their work out. "But who would I even take with me? The ticket lets me take an extra…" He kept stretching out, not immediately noticing Kirishima until he looked over. The biggest puppy-eyes he ever saw were looking right back at him.

"Ugh, fine. You're my plus one."

"AW YEAH! I mean, thanks bro!" Kirishima recovered.

"Oh shut up." Bakugo rolled his eyes as he stood up. "You even picked out a shirt yet?"

"Oh, I bought it while you were doing arm raises." He lifted up a small shopping bag. "Guess you were distracted" he laughed.

"Not a fuckin' chance. So what now?"

"Now, lets find Midoriya!" he said cheerfully. Bakugo's eyes bulged at the thought.

"Why the FUCK would we do that!"

"Because he wanted to buy workout gear! C'mon, it's important to him!"

"Wait, are we leaving now?" Kaminari perked up. "Midoriya what now?"

"Like I fucking care! Screw this!" Bakugo turned to leave.

"What?" Kirishima faked shock "You might not be able to beat him if he works out?"



"You seem like an All-Might fanboy, you know." Shigaraki muttered. The two were sat down near a fountain as Midoriya did his best not to trigger the villain's rampage. The comment shook Izuku's core.

"W-why's that?"

"You're kidding, right?" Shigaraki almost laughed. "A kid your age, plus that impressive 'smash' against Nomu, I can tell you look up to the bastard. Just like the rest of them."

"The rest…the rest of who?"

"Them." The villain nodded to the passing shoppers. "Society. Average people minding their own business. Weak, pathetic people who only care about their own lives. People who rely on these 'heroes' to protect them. It's sickening." Midoriya shifted uncomfortably, causing Shigaraki to tighten his grip. "Ah ah ah, I still have that question for you, brat. Unless you want those sheep to die."

Midoriya grimaced. He was turned away from where he came, no way to signal to the others or escape.

"What's your question?" 'Please, someone get over here!' he thought desperately.

"Why Stain?"


Shigaraki glared into space. "We unleash Nomu all over Hosu and he gets all the attention. Why? What does he have that I don't? What do you think, kid?"

"Why…why ask me?"

"Eh, you piss me off. And you obviously looooove heroes so much, enough to join them anyway. So what does Stain have that I don't?"

Midoriya, despite his fear, was baffled. 'Gotta buy time somehow. If he needs some kind of answer, that could be enough time for someone to notice and capture him. Or satisfy his question and he lets me go, but that doesn't seem likely. As for the answer…'

"…Stain…is relatable." Midoriya muttered.

"What?" Shigaraki questioned.

All Might's successor continued, carefully spacing out a long winded explanation. "He's…you know, relatable. Not that I agree with his methods!" he clarified. "But he has a mission. A drive, a purpose, you know? His methods were despicable and he deserves what he got. But his ideology was sound. There are heroes who make mistakes, and false heroes who don't have protecting people as their number one goal, he was right about that."

And he was. There are numerous articles detailing poor judgement of a Pro Hero, or a Pro taking a bribe to let a crime or two go. But…

"…there are also heroes like All Might. Or Ingenium, or Eraserhead, who are what a hero should be!" Midoriya looked up at his enemy, regardless of the death grip around his throat. "And one day, I'll fight alongside them! And become the greatest hero, who saves everyone! And we will stop you."

Shigaraki's finger twitched ever so slightly, brushing the tip across Midoriya's neck. Midoriya froze at the action. 'This is it' he thought. 'This is how I die.'

"Well now. That was an interesting answer." A second finger left his grip. "Thank you, Midoriya. I think I know what the problem is. What society's problem really is."

Midoriya's green eyes met red as Shigaraki spread his chapped mouth into a terrifying grin.

"All Might!"


Meanwhile, back at the dressing room…

A white frilly dress floated in the air in front of the door. "I still think this will look amazing on her! Toph, please try it!" Hagakure mock-cried, to no avail.

Toph rolled her eyes on the other side of the door, having already dressed into her usual clothes. "Told you guys, I'm trying anything else on!"

"Toph, whatever we have now will have to be the dress for I-Island!" Momo reminded. "And we want to make sure you like it!"

"Yeah!" Mina agreed. "You may end up dancing your feet off you know! Might as well look good doing it!"

"And as I've said before! I don't dance and never…will…" Toph slowed down, feeling something strange. 'Midoriya.'

"Oh come on! Don't be like that, Bei!"

"Shut up." She uttered.

"Just one more dress, please?"

"Quiet! All of you!" she shouted. With the room silent, she placed both feet and her hand on the cold tile. Though most of the mall had some kind of non-bendable surface, they still had a stone foundation. And about a quarter mile away, a certain someone was sitting on a marble fountain with a heartrate that screamed panic.

And he wasn't alone. She bent down, putting her ear on the tile. She listened…

"…f course! All Might's th—blem! Always has be-"

'I know that voice!' The tile cracked as she bounded up. 'Can't worry about damages right now.'

"Toph?" Momo knocked on the door. "Is everything alright?"


They whipped their heads towards the sound. Toph had barreled through the dressing room walls and was booking it towards the Mall's center!

"TOPH WAIT!" Momo cried, sprinting after her. "You can't-"

"MIDORIYA'S IN TROUBLE! I'M SAVING HIM!" she roared, ploughing through the crowds without regard for her own safety. Or anyone else's for that matter. It wasn't long till a Mall Cop tried to halt her rampage. "Stop right there miss! That's unregistered quirk use!" He placed his body in front of her!


A pillar of concrete launched her over his head as she continued, Land Skimming was she ran!

"What the hell-" He looked back when the others sprinted right past him, after the small girl.

"Midoriya?" Ashido yelled. "Is she sure?"

"No time!" Momo yelled back. "She would resort to this unless it was serious! Let's go!"

"Where's Deku?" Uraraka cried after Toph. "What kind of trouble?"

"FOUNTAIN IN THE MALL'S CENTER, NO TIME TO EXPLAIN!" Toph yelled. She was getting closer, despite being totally blind on the laminate floors. She almost crashed into a perfume stand before an amphibian tongue corrected her course.

"Thanks, Tsu!" Toph waved in Asui's general direction, who was leaping faster than most could run. "When we get there, grab Midoriya! Get him away from him no matter what!"

"From who, ribbit?"

"Not sure, someone from the USJ! Hurry!" Toph didn't remember the names of their attackers, but she'd never forget a voice.

Especially that voice.

"I see him!" Asui had her eyes on the green mop of hair from her higher position. "Someone's got him by the neck!"

Toph smelled roses next to her. "Uraraka! Grab me and point at Midoriya!"

"What? OK!" Uraraka put her hand on her shoulder and picked out the boy. "Right there!" she pointed.

In the time it took her to point, Toph had removed the one clay brace she kept with her at all times and hardened the hell out of it. 'Here goes nothing!'


"I truly never thought of it that way! Conviction, eh? Well I have plenty, they'll see." Shigaraki rambled. Midoriya, who had been slowly escaping his grip, started to charge up. 'I bought as much time as I could. No choice now but to fig-"


A black rock shattered on the back of the villains head! Shigaraki slumped forward in pain, loosening his grip.

'WHAT? But-'

"Ribbit!" A long tongue wrapped around him, pulling him away from his captor. Enraged, Shigaraki looked behind him, spotting the offender. "YOU!" He dashed forward, whipping his hand out to turn her to dust.

"AAAAAAHHHH!" Acid splashed across his arm, melting his sleeve into the limb. Mina was right on time, deterring the villain before he reached their blind friend.

"Get away from Bei, jerkwad!" she shouted, pooling more acid in her hands. Uraraka ran to check on Midoriya while Momo formed a metal staff to defend her best friend. Hagakure and Jirou were still on their way, running as fast as they could.

"Tch, not yet Kurogiri," he grunted into his earpiece. The crowd had noticed the commotion and flew into a panic. "I can handle these cu-"



A searing explosion knocked him to his face, breaking his nose. Bakugo, Kirishima, and Kaminari had arrived, surrounding the criminal.

"WOO!" Kaminari cheered. "HE NEED SOME MILK!"

"Don't get comfortable!" Kirishima warned. "He could still…"


Purple mist enveloped the villain in an instant, sweeping him away from their sight.

"…do that" he finished.


His wounds stung as Kurogiri placed fresh gauze on Tomura's back, which was red and bloody from the blond one's attack. He had also wrapped his arms from an apparent acid-based attack and stitched a large cut on the back of his head. His nose was an easy fix at least.

"Tomura, you shouldn't take such risks. These injuries are the proof."

"Save it…" he grunted, wincing from the touch of alcohol on his back. He was glaring at the ground, furious at his loss. And yet…he was at peace. Which was quite unusual.

"Did you at least find the answers you were looking for?"

"Yeah…and I think I get it…Sensei…" he looked up at the tv screen. On the other side, a malicious grin widened.


The entire Kiyashi Ward Shopping Center was put on lockdown as the authorities searched for the dangerous villain. But as per the U.A. students' reports, Shigaraki had been warped away by what looked to be Kurogiri's quirk. Bakugo, Ashido, Asui, and Beifong were pardoned for their public use of quirks as their efforts, along with Midoriya's, had likely saved dozens of lives that day. Personally, Bakugo was just glad he got a hit in, though no one could have expected that encounter. EMTs checked him out half an hour ago, focusing on the once captive hero-in-training.

'Why single Deku out though? Did he just seem like an easy target?'

He hated to admit it to himself, but that idea wasn't likely. The sombitch surely knew Deku's capabilities from the USJ and the Sports Festival, along with the rest of their class. Maybe because the dumbass was alone. Yeah, that's probably it.

"You worried about him?"

"Pff, as if." He answered. Toph rolled her eyes (for the millionth time) at his attitude. Toph herself was fine, just a couple scratches from crashing through the dressing room.



"…thanks for being here."



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To D3lph0xL0v3r

Glad you enjoyed! I personally love Abbott and Castello and other classic comedy skits. The more easter eggs I can fit in, the better I say!

Education is also a lot better than in Avatar, and also more commonplace. Just Modern Culture at work.

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To Taryth

Thanks for the catch! I'll double-check to be sure.

To TheRedSpider

Thanks so much! I would've liked to put more hints near the beginning, but I don't like rewriting something after I've posted if I can help it.

Glad you enjoyed!

To theguyinblue

Thank you! And yes, Azula had been shown to control blue fire and lightning. A dual quirk, much like someone else we know…

Yeah, I'm no good at writing romance and I understand your gripes. Thanks for the input!

To curry-llama

Glad you like it!

To amerdism

Toph is on the path to become extremely powerful and a force to be reckoned with. She just needs more time to grow that power. The disorder has a lot to do with it, and will be important later. Glad you enjoyed!

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Perhaps, but I would want them to have a story purpose if I put them in, not just for cameo's sake. But maybe, I haven't really decided yet.

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Perhaps ;)…

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Thank you!

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Glad you loved it!

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Oh shit indeed!

An unexpected ship, I know! I'm just glad it works out as well as it does.

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Good advice, thanks. For your first point, I'll try to make it more clear when someone is thinking/who is thinking. Mostly by "he thought, she was thinking", etc. Secondly, it is a Toph centric story. But it's also a MHA story, and therefore she is bound to get involved in the main plot. I'll try and make it more streamlined though. As for the cursing, idk it just feels right for her.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Thank you! Writing gets tough after a while, I must admit.