This story will be rated M when I post the first real chapter for it. This will be sometime after I finally finish Ichigo Awakens and can focus on this series. There will be no bashing of Issei or Rias. Issei will become stronger and wiser than in canon over the course of the story.

Issei's harem as of now will be Rias, Asia, Akeno, Koneko, and Irina so don't ask for Ichigo getting any of those girls. More may be added later.

A hard fought battle

He knelt in prayer for whatever remained of the master that taught him years ago, silently thanking the old man while the third sword on his hip radiated a calming warmth.

"Ichigo!" Kyoraku called out, wearing the Squad 1 Haori with Ukitake in a more plain kimono. "It's time." The hybrid silently rose before turning to join the former captains.

A victory well earned.

"Everyone! The third Captain Commander of the Gotei!" Kyoraku announced as Ichigo donned the Squad 1 Haori, saluting the assembly of Shinigami, Arrancar, and Quincy in attendance with them returning the gesture.

"I swear to you all, I will use everything I can to ensure a bright tomorrow for Soul Society and the Living World!" The crowd cheered.

A new challenge

"We've been detecting an unusual rise of activity in the Kuoh region." Akon reported in person while Ichigo went over the mound of papers on his desk.

"Something going on in Devil territory?" Ichigo asked while continuing his work. "Anything we need to be concerned with?"

Peace doesn't last

"That old man never intervened because he was too weak!" A pale angel with ten black wings laughs. "And now you?! A far more foolish brat of a Soul Reaper is actually their new leader?! That's almost too funny! I fear no retribution from a dead god and Shinigami are just we-" He was cut off when a giant hand flattened him into the ground.

"I'm sorry," Ichigo started as he flashed over to the fallen angel, "I'm afraid I can't hear you over your wings breaking." The hybrid immediately grabbed onto one of the angel's wings, crushing the bones in his hand and slowly tearing the limb off. "What was that you were saying about my teacher?"

The struggle never ends

"I'm going to make this clear to you right now Sirzechs, I don't give a damn about sides with these factions. If anyone threatens the balance of Souls, dragging humans into THEIR FIGHTS, I will find a way to kill them." The orange haired Soul Reaper promised the crimson haired demon, holding a blade to the Maou's throat.

"I understand Kurosaki. But please, be the mediator for peace." The demon said with a calm smile.

"You are without a doubt the most perverted idiot I have ever met." Ichigo said to a panting teen with a red gauntlet on his arm. "But you've got a good heart. Devil or not, you'll be changing the whole world for the better Issei." The teen smiled and fell on butt.

"At some point, I really thought we could just kick back and relax." The hybrid said to his cousin as the two sat on a couch drinking beer.

"That certainly would be ideal. But also, not us." Uryu returned with a tired sigh. "Can't trust those 'higher ups' in the Alliance to keep the peace. They've long since missed that chance."

"Guess I can cut loose now." The Soutaicho said with a smile, grabbing the burning hilt of his third blade while the army of devils charged at him. "Reduce all creation to ash, Kagutsuchi."

"How about a game Ophis? I make one move, if it's effective then you surrender to me." Ichigo proposed to the child form of the Infinity Dragon.

"And if you lose?"

"You can do whatever you want." The dragon smiled.

"Very well. Hit me with your best shot."

DxD: Death and Dragons

"Please train me." The Sekiryutei begged of the Soul Reaper leader.

"My training will be difficult but you already knew that."



"I want a wonderful busty harem like yours master! I will work myself to death to make you proud!" Issei valiantly declared. Ichigo just stared at him before punching his head into the dirt.

"Horny dumbass."