They proved their bonds.

"Welcome your new Phys Ed and Cooking teachers, Mrs. Tatsuki Kurosaki and Mrs. Orihime Kurosaki!" The principal told the students of Kuoh, introducing the two women.

"And you found nothing?" The crimson haired Rias asked of her old friend and student president.

"Nothing. They are completely legit." Sona Sitri responded. "Still, I don't know why the previous teachers left."

Faced fallen angels and nigh invincible demons.

"Sounds like you saw a Soul Reaper." Rias told her pawn when he reported finding a figure in black with a Katana talking to a man in white. "Normally they deal with souls that we leave alone and keep to their own business. It is strange that they're here in Kuoh though... probably a result of things getting a little hectic as of late."

But the world was much bigger.

The ten winged fallen angel was toying with them, brushing aside all their attacks and laughing. The Sekiryuutei felt his irritation and desperation grow, trying to find any way to beat Kokabiel. But then everything paused when a hole in space was split open, revealing an orange haired Soul Reaper with three blades and a white robe that read 1.

"Hello, my name is Ichigo Kurosaki, Soutaicho of the Court Guard Squad. And I'm here to end this fight."

"Here's the thing, if you actually want it then don't wait for him to come to you." Orihime told the young Gremory heiress. "Don't tease and tempt, but confront it and let your feelings out or you'll be waiting for too long and possibly miss your chance. Besides, that Issei is too timid to make the first move."

"A far more gentle soul would probably hold your hand and guide you through this process of dealing with this trauma you clearly have." Ichigo said to the Sekiryuutei. "I've neither the patience or care. The sooner you get over... whatever happened to you, the sooner you can grow as a person. Shatter, Kyoka Suigetsu." And Issei fell under the hypnotic power of the Zanpakuto.

"I love you." The pawn told his king. "And I don't mean your boobs or that I respect you. I love you, Rias Gremory. You saved me, opened up my world, and I can never thank you enough." The girl's face became as crimson as her hair. "But I'm not asking you out." Now Rias was shocked. "I can not and will not. Not so long as I'm your pawn. When I become a devil you can be proud of to have at your side, then I will ask you to do me the honor. So please, wait for me." Rias took a moment to compose herself before smiling.

"Don't take too long, my Issei." She said before kissing him on the cheek.

"If you don't act like your life is on the line, then you aren't training hard enough." Ichigo said as Issei forced himself to his feet, but was too slow and got kicked down the mountain side. "Anything less and I'm just wasting my time with you."

"How about I teach you, Diodora Astaroth, the real difference between a devil that was handed everything and a devil that went through Hell to get where he is?" The dragon rhetorically asked, wearing the gauntlet but not yet invoking his Balance Breaker even while bare fist was buried in the arrogant noble's gut. "Let's find out." He then punched Diodora's head through his throne.

DxD: Death and Dragons

"It's feeling! If you're a man, it has to be mixed bathing!" Azazel yells out as he threw Issei over the hot spring wall, only for the teen to disappear from sight before getting close.

"What happened?" The Sekiryuutei asked as Ichigo set him down, then got his head buried into the floor by Ichigo's fist.

"That's for dropping your guard dumbass." The Shinigami scolded the teen.

"Ichigo sure is a rough teacher." Azazel muttered before being sent flying into a wall by another of Ichigo's punches.

"That's for throwing him!" Ichigo then sighed as he finished washing up. "When did I get surrounded by perverts?"