A plot bunny has presented itself to me, tempting me with the fact that no one has seemed to make a fic of a similar plot in this fandom. I really cannot join this seamlessly to canon, though from what I gathered upon further thinking that's rarely what people worry about on fanfiction anyway. So, here goes nothing.

I had planned this to be a one-shot, but I decided that I would want to see how the readers would react, if they decide to review. I also would like to hear some feedback that could alter the story's path in a better direction. Such is the magic of an ongoing WIP, isn't it?

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A moment passed when Pit wasn't quite sure where he was or when. Then he became slowly aware of what he was lying on, and what position he was in. Then a few moments later he became aware of the bindings on his hands and something covering his eyes.

Pit started awake, only just then snapping back to full alertness, and blinked his eyes open to see where he was. But instead of seeing any new view, his open eyes saw pitch-black as if he never opened them to begin with. Right then Pit knew that something was very wrong. He was blindfolded, to begin with.

Where was he? Who took him here?

Alright then, rather than losing his mind on the spot, he'd better take note of his surroundings without the aid of his usually-available sight.

The ground below him was cold and stony. He could smell a familiar smell of rot and decimation in the air. Since his hands were bound but his legs were free, he decided to walk around cautiously, holding his hands in front of him as a walking stick. Just a few steps from his starting point, he met a wall. He felt the texture of the wall along his fingers intently. It sparked a distant memory along with the smell, and now he was certain that he knew this place.

The Underworld...how'd I get here?

Walking for a moment longer, Pit could gather that he was in some sort of a small alcove, with an opening about as wide as Cragalanche's outstretched arms. Feeling unusually tired just from walking around, Pit collapsed back on the ground. It was probably because he was lying on a cold ground for a long time, so he'd get better.

He knew that it was risky to try and grope his way out of wherever he was, Underworld or not. Since this was the Underworld, there would doubtlessly be monsters walking around the dungeons, and if he got out there he'd be deep-fried. But he couldn't just stand there and wait until...whatever happens! Who captured him? What was he doing before this? His memory was fuzzy and he couldn't come up with anything. Where was his bow, anyway? If he had it, he could cut his ropes and get the blindfold off of him.

With a sigh, he pulled his knees to his chest to try to sort out his mind. He touched his head to feel if his laurel crown was still there. It wasn't. Pit sighed again. No communication with Lady Palutena then.

"Pit! Pit! Are you there?! Pit!"

Wait...is that voice...? Could it be?

"Pit! Pit! If you hear me, answer me!"

Pit's eyes widened behind the blindfold. It wasn't his mind playing tricks, was it? Somewhere out there in the distance, Pittoo was here! He was looking for him!

"Pittoo!" Pit began to call back. "Pittoo! I'm here!"

"Pit?" the voice started to notice him. "Pit! Where are you?"

"Pittoo! I'm right here! Help me!"

The shouts stopped then. There were the sounds of running steps over rustling dried leaves, slowly getting closer and closer. Metal sandals jumped on a thick dry tree root, causing it to creak, and a few more steps and he had arrived at the alcove by his side.

"Pit, there you are! Dammit...what did they do to you?"

Pit turned his head to the source of the voice. Thank god someone came! He didn't think about contacting Lady Palutena -which was weird in itself- but Pittoo could explain what's going on, right? His chance of escaping suddenly jumped to a high interval with his twin's arrival. "I don't know. All I know is that I've been captured, tied up and blindfolded. Pittoo, do you know what happened? Where is this place?"

Pittoo sounded out of breath. "No, though I might know more than you. Palutena sent me to get you. She said you disappeared one day on a mission. You're now in an Underworld base. Now..." he breathed in deep and exhaled loudly. "What else did they do to you? Did they attack you?"

Pit shook his head. "I don't know. I'm not feeling anything. What else do you see?"

Pittoo's hands took hold of his shoulders and turned him this way and that way, as Pittoo examined his body's condition.

"Hmm...Nothing that I could find," concluded Pittoo as he leaned back. "That's odd. Why would they carry you all the way here and just leave you here as captive, without laying a hand on you themselves?"

Pit's brows furrowed, visible above the blindfold. "Do you think they...or whoever it was..."

Pittoo heaved out a sigh. "Yeah, yeah. It might have all been a trap. But I don't think they would go that far, though, not with their master long dead."

"Yeah. But it's still a possibility," Pit commented. He wriggled against his binds. "Hey, so, would you mind helping me with these?"

"Oh. Right." Pittoo's Silver Bow sliced through the ropes on Pit's wrists with ease. Shink!

Waving around his arms and opening and closing his hands, Pit breathed out a sigh of relief. "Thanks." He motioned to his head. "Now the blindfold, please."

This time, Pittoo didn't budge. "I don't think it would work. That looks like it got stuck on you."

Pit's eyebrows raised, him trying to imagine what it would look like. "Oh, man..." Now that he thought about it, the way it felt... He brought up a hand to feel the blindfold. Where he expected something like a cloth material, he instead felt something more solid and..."Oh, man..." It felt like dried sludge from a swamp sticking to the skin of his eyes, for lack of a better term.

"Yep. It looks like dried sludge."

"How-how am I gonna get it off?" asked Pit, trying to chip the thing off of his eyes - to no avail. Whatever it was really was stuck on him! How would he go back to Skyworld? How could he fight like this? Would he be blind for all eternity?!

"Relax, Pit, relax!" Pittoo grabbed both of his shoulders, grounding him back to present. "It's probably something Palutena can help you with. Either way, we should try and make our way back to the surface for now."

"All right," said Pit after calming down. He inclined his head upwards. "I hope Lady Palutena can fix this. We're gonna give her a call, or are we gonna take the scenic road up ahead?"

"We're going to have to take the long road. Palutena can't reach us down here."


Dark Pit walked to the threshold of the alcove, peeking outside to check on the situation. He then returned to Pit. "Obviously there are monsters out there, so you should lay low," he said. "You're weaponless so you can't fight even if you have your eyesight. Just follow me, listen to my directions, and don't get separated. No leeroy jenkins. Understood?"

Pit nodded to the voice in front of him.

"Good. I don't want to find out if you'll respawn after dying without a connection with Palutena the hard way. "

Pit nodded again. Fair enough, with all that 'two sides of the same coin' business. He dies, and his dark twin dies... But come to think of it, would he really die for real if Lady Palutena couldn't get to him? Not that they could test that out.

Dark Pit grabbed hold of Pit's hand, securing the grip tightly. "Don't let go unless I say so. Jump when I say jump, there will be chasms on the way."

Pit just nodded again.

"Are you ready? Let's go, then."

They set off on their way, Dark Pit leading him by the hand with his other hand gripping his Silver Bow. With his instruction Pit stepped over the dry tree root, stumbling a little. Leaves crunched under their foot before they seemingly vanished, replaced by the familiar scrape against the granite floor. All was quiet except for the steady sound of their feet, and there was no sound of a monster anywhere.

"Hey...I've just thought this, but if this is the Underworld base then why are there trees around here?"

"This is a new base, as far as I can tell. That might have been the leftovers they didn't bother burning down."

"And why are there trees underground?"

"Your guess is as good as mine."

Pittoo suddenly stopped. "Huh?-Hyaghh!" A burst of light came alive in the edges of Pit's vision. The death cry of a monoeye followed soon after. "Just a small fry..." he heard Pittoo mutter. The hand gripping his hand continued pulling him along, herding him like a blind sheep.

"Man, I really feel like a damsel in distress in an escort mission..." Pit bemoaned.

Dark Pit stopped yet again. This time it was to groan loudly.

"What? What is it?"

"You don't realize it?... We. Are holding. Hands." He shuddered to the tips of his toes, blanching. "The...fangirls...are going to have a field day with this..."

Well, this was awkward. Then Pit smiled a chipper little smile in spite of the situation. "People are definitely going to talk, am I right?"

Dark Pit's face as he glanced back would have cracked out a laugh if Pit had seen it. "Really? That series?" He got the reference, it seemed.

"I'm not sure what's wrong, my dear Watson - I mean, John," replied Pit in a bad imitation of a deep voice.

Dark Pit shook his head. As if the circumstances weren't weird enough. "Just...let's just get out of here."

While they walked, a seed of cause of worry planted itself in Dark Pit's mind and made itself known. He did a little mental calculation on the way. It took me at least one hour to get inside this hellhole alone. I flew half the way until my connection with Palutena got cut off, and I trekked the other half on foot. How much longer will it take now that I have a blind Pit in tow?

The caverns were a long, branching sequence of paths, paved with rocky ground some miles beneath the earth surface. Everywhere they go would be riddled with thorny spikes, gaping gaps, slippery slopes and prowling underworld monsters. ...What a terrible place to have an escort mission in.