Darkness spirals down from the sky into the mist between Heaven and Hell. There is an area that exists only in one's dreams. Light flickers above, but barely dissipates into the darkness. Demons that were thought to only reside in Hell, linger here entering those of Earth's minds.

First, we have Deb, a feminine figure. She is dressed in a black overcoat, hiding her figure. Her hands and wrists peek out of the cloak's sleeves. One hand is slender in pale, the other pudgy and red. Her nails are blue, broken, and bloody. Deb's hair is a tangled mess, exploding from her scalp, dull and colorless. Her eyes are pitch black, one has a stream of constant tears, the other motionless, staring into the abyss of someone's mind. She usually attacks mortals after sadness or grief engulfs their mind, but other times she just appears behind an unexpecting person creeping into their life. Deb is manipulative often convincing one not to tell someone she has managed to find a way inside their head. She often leads her fellow demons to someone, erasing their happiness, self-esteem, and deteriorating their motivation. She feeds off emptiness and despair. Deb is seductive and hard to escape. Sometimes it feels like you escaped her grasp, but suddenly she reappears.

Next, comes the triplets, Ana, Mia, and Ed. They sometimes travel together, sometimes apart, often dragging other demons into someone's mind with them. Ana is a skeletal figure, with long boney fingers, protruding collar bones, and a sunken stomach. Her eye's are dark, bottomless pits, black bags trace across her face. Her hair is long is straggly; it often falls out leaving hints of her presence within someone. She feeds off starvation, poor body image, and low self-esteem. She loves being cold and enjoys darkness. Ana brings disgust with her, social isolation, and worthlessness. She may attack someone with too much pressure looming over them in a black cloud and sneaks through the webs of social media. Other times she drives for competition and always encourages someone to reach impossible standards. All the triplets are deadly, and Ana attacks with a fierce blow, addicting, and penetrating to one's thoughts. Mia can come along side Ana or by herself. She loves pain and suffering, She's a tricky figure, appearing in different forms. Sometimes overweight, sometimes in a similar form of Ana, all forms dangerous and hard to escape. Her hands are always swollen and red, ripped away with acid. She has a peculiar smell coming from her mouth and residing on her hands. Mia's face is swollen; her vocal cords damaged and destroyed. Her eyes are bloodshot with blood vessels appearing on the sides. Blood is dripping off her nose, while her hands are always shaking. Ed the last of the triplets comes in many forms, haunting a wide variety of people. Some he forces starvation, some purging, other restrictions, all the forms he strives off control. Ed will take over someone's life, filling there every thought with what they should consume or how they appear to others. Ed can appear normal, heavier, and even rail thin. Often Ed attaches himself to people without them every realizing they have a problem or being convinced Ed isn't there. He is hard to shake and can come with Ana or Mia. Ed infects the most people out of the triplets, but he is often the least spoke about. The triplets strive to induce misery, suffering, and even death.

Cat is a dark creature of a demon. The creature is rarely seen, covered up, and secretive. Shaped like an orange cat-like creature, on the outside the demon looks fine, however deep inside it is a dark beast. Blood drips off of its fangs and claws. Cat is hard to understand, but when it is inside someone's head, it's one of the only things they will think about. Cat will creep up on people easily often associating itself with other demons of the Dark Place. It's attacks are harmful, but addictive. It feeds off of pain and suffering, but strangely sometimes brings comfort and pleasure. Sometimes deadly, but always leaves its mark. Once cat touches you, its marks often stay with you forever as a constant reminder as its presence. It's a clever demon; small attacks can drive a person into despair and a constant vicious cycle. Cat is a constant "companion," looks good on the outside, but leaves deeps scars inside and out.

One of the most frequent visitors from the Dark Place is Max. Max is a slender figure; he is always shaking, nail beds bleeding, hair frazzled and unkept, skin pale, and eyes full of terror. He feeds off of fear and worry. Max runs into someone's mind, often out of nowhere. His fingers run through someone's brain in an erratic behavior, causing fear and panic, without explanation. He causes nervous movements, irrational thoughts, and causes doubt and destruction. He often doesn't travel alone, but he can sometimes. Max follows you wherever you go whispering lies into your ears, telling you everyone hates you; you hate yourself, and you are a failure. He sometimes will grab someone's chest making it impossible for them to breathe. He rides alongside insomnia, fear, and worry. Max is obsessive and follows someone wherever they go.

Obsession, fear, paranoia is what Olive brings to someone's mind. She likes repetitive behavior and makes you believe there will be consequences if you don't play by her rules. She is a small feminine figure, hair falling out from her hands ringing through, it her hands are red and bloody from constantly rubbing them or even washing them, her outfit is always perfect, she doesn't settle for anything else than perfection. She appears behind someone, whispering new tasks for them to do. "You must wash your hand for one minute, three times, or you Dad will die." "You must wear two layers, or you will fail that test." "You must only eat white foods, or you will experience intense pain." "Did you lock that door?" "Did you kiss your little sister goodbye?" "What could happen if you didn't?" "What if you not locking the door lead to her death?" "Check the door again, it might have come undone." She ruins your productivity, your social life, and even taking care of yourself. You always have to play her game, or else you don't know what she will do. Her repetition is addictive, and a person is fearful of her wrath. She can come by herself or jointed with one of her fellow demons. Olive will constantly be whispering in your ear and hard to escape her grasp in fear of her punishments.

Skip appears in a multitude of forms; the ability for them is to show themselves as different figures. They attack individuals by appearing to only one person, talking to them, telling them rules to follow by, however no one else can see Skip. Skip has awful intentions from preventing someone to be productive, to harassing them into low self-esteem and worth, giving them instructions on how to live their lives, or even telling someone to do a horrible deed. Skip is hard to escape coming into the back of a person's mind, whispering ideas and thoughts to them. They can ruin someone's life being so loud in their ear; they cannot listen to anyone or anything else. The voices of Skip haunt them during the awake hours, making their presence know. Skip is not quiet and makes sure an individual knows they are there.

The Add demons are a multitude of different dark beings. One thing they have in common they are seductive and damaging. The encourage harmful behavior such as alcohol, self-harm, drugs, porn, and even nicotine. A lot of people attacked by an Add demon; do not even believe a demon has corrupted their mind. However, their friends and family watch as someone falls in the clutches of an Add demon, unable to escape, no matter how hard they try. The Add demons require constant attention, wanting someone to drop everything to commit the behavior they feed off. They rely on obsession and dark thoughts; they ruin someone's life, making themselves all someone can think about.

Sue is the mother of all the dark place demons; she comes in alongside all of her children into someone's mind. She is manipulative and feeds of low self-esteem, pain, and suffering. She leads people to their end, dragging them into the dark place. Sue makes people feel like there is no other option, no hope, and no comfort. She tricks people in believe no one cares about them, and the world would be a better place without them. She should be avoided at all cost; if Sue enters your head you have to reach out for help.

Some people believe the Dark Place, doesn't exist, that people just make up seeing the demons inside your hear. But believe me, the demons are real and hard to escape on your own. The demons hate family and friends, but they are the greatest enemy to fight the demons. If you feel a demon inside of you, reach out to get help to fight them off. The demons are deceptive and more common visitors to Earth than you might no. You don't have to fight them off alone. Although the Dark Place might fell dark and looming, even there you can see the faint light indicating there is always hope.