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Started on 11/06/2020.

Ended on 14/06/2020.

Minato woke up with a light head. That yesterday he lost his virginity was one thing. In one explosive way. If he only got to live through the embarrassment of the fact that besides Miya, his dick got watched by two girls and one guy.

In the end, he needed some breakfast. He had slept alone in his room. Barely able to look Miya in the eyes after their embarrassment. Minato would like it if he wasn't caught with his pants down.


They ate outside because of the smell in the room. Minato got also introduced to the other tenants in the house.

And surprise, surprise. They were all Sekirei. Unwinged for that matter.

The first to introduce was the second in number. Matsu. Because the can of worms was already opened, she told Minato that she was into science and hacking.

The other girl's name was Uzume, Sekirei Number 10, aka the Veiled Sekirei. She had been quiet on her own powers and relationship.

The guy was Homura, Sekirei number 06. There was a fifth attendant but she hadn't been home for a while now. Minato had a good idea that he shouldn't be asking questions.

Especially since he had gotten looks from the girls plus Miya had been furiously blushing. Minato had gotten a relatively good idea that she was pretty strict and that she had gotten some revenge in some form. The only thing was that he had to pay up for that now as well because Miya had been teased.

The same had happened to him and Minato wasn't used to the huge amount of teasing that he had gotten from Matsu and Uzume. Especially not because Matsu dropped in his ear that Sekirei can be attracted to one single Ashikabi making the whole idea of a polygamous lifestyle possible.

Minato did not want to ask if Matsu was attracted to him or if she was joking. And he was not going to ask the same thing to Miya right now. The Lady had locked herself up in her room and despite insistent knocking of her Ashikabi, Minato couldn't bring himself in the room without her consent.

Because of that, Minato found himself out in the street, walking around. His university would only begin in a few weeks. He did however had to go out to get his books, schedules, and other stuff. Well, the sooner he got those, the better. And if he got back, maybe Minato and Miya could screw each other for a bit.

If she was back up for that. With his hands in his pockets, he could feel a presence around him. The back of his hair went upright and he could feel someone around him. By first instinct, he looked up and saw a grey-haired woman.

She had one smile although Minato could feel that it wasn't friendly on her face. She was wearing a black uniform with a top, miniskirt, and stockings. Over her shoulder, she was wearing a grey haori. A bit like Miya's pink one. On hers was a Sekirei Crest. The long light gray hair was tied up in a ponytail. The eyes were narrowed at him but Minato just stood back and crossed his arms.

"You're not coming down?" He asked while he looked at the woman who just raised an eyebrow. She did however follow his order and jumped down. Despite the flashy moves, Minato wasn't that impressed by her.

Despite the fact that every bone in his body was telling him he should be pissing his pants and run like the Devil was on his heels, Minato didn't do that and stared her down. No clue where he got the guts from but he wasn't complaining. Even if he did run, that woman would just kill him. Because he knew that the woman in front of him could do just that.

"Oh, so you're her new pet? Not what I really was expecting? I think she just took what she could get." The tone was pleasant and yet, Minato felt no warmth coming from her. The guy gritted his teeth when he heard that woman speaking.

"Pet? You are talking about Miya?" The woman in front of him smiled and bowed to him.

Minato's fist clenched.

"Yes, indeed her. But where are my manners? I am Karasuba, Sekirei Number 4. Pleased to meet you?"

"Minato Sahashi. And the feeling isn't mutual. So you know Miya?" The last name threw Miya for a loop. Blinking a few times, she looked at him.

"Sahashi?" With that, Minato jumped in.

"I think you know my mum." The gears in his brain began to work. He had to ask Miya about his mother and Minaka. She never talked about their father but now with a bit more, the realization of who made it possible that Takami could put him and Yukari on the planet couldn't be too many men. He doubted that Takehito would have done it otherwise, Miya might have had words.

"Yes, I know your mother. She and I don't get along." Minato grimaced. Not too many people did. His mother had issues once and he remembered one incident where that backfired into one explosive way.

How much he wished that he could keep that punk around.

"Not abnormal I'd say. She is quite spirited. But I don't think you're here for my mother. So, Karasuba-san? Why are you here?" She smiled at him.

"Well, me and your current Sekirei, Miya. Let's say we had something going." Unlike Miya who had a hard time talking about Takehito and whose face became sad when she told Minato about that name, Karasuba's face was full of hate and malice.

"You were with Takehito?" Minato asked the woman who just glared at him.

"You really are smart. Yes. Miya and I, we couldn't be in the same room. Thanks to Takehito, we could be in the same room without being at sword point But she let him die. So that is why I am not too much a fan of her. Unlike Miya who could live outside MBI, I was locked in. I'm not so much for human beings. So during that, I knew that she would live like a nun. But joyous of joy, she managed to wing herself an Ashikabi."

Minato crossed his arms and walked over to her. He didn't know where he got the courage from but somewhere, he felt his doormat days were over.

"Look, lady. That is all very well and good. What has that to do with me? If you and Miya wanna duke it out, I don't think I'd stop you. But you came after me. Why?" Without any warning, Karasuba wrapped her arms underneath his shirt. The power he could feel was incredible.

"I don't really get what you got yourself into, boy. You managed to wing Miya. That in itself shouldn't happen. An Ashikabi like you is very powerful." Grabbing her fist, she couldn't believe that he would stand up to her.

"I'm going to ask you one simple question. Are you reacting to me like Miya or do you just want to bother her?" Karasuba smiled at him, this time a warmer and softer smile. Taking his hand, she guided him to her underwear. Minato had been around Miya enough to know what that meant.

His fingers were soaked.

"I don't think you need to doubt my attraction to you. Minato-kun." With that, she pressed her lips onto Minato and long wings came out of her.

"This is the pledge of my blade, exterminate the sworn enemy of my Ashikabi!" She said and Minato let her go.

"I was feeling your pull. So yeah, I think I like you. Please treat me well, Minato-kun."

Meanwhile at MBI.

Minaka Hiroto sighed when he saw the notification. Karasuba had (been) winged by Minato Sahashi. The mad scientist sighed when he knew what was going to happen. The door flung open and in walked unbridled woman fury.

Takami Sahashi. Head researcher of MBI, women of his children, and his former lover. Despite how much she wanted to deny that, there was no stopping the fact that he was the donator of what gave life to Minato and Yukari.

One part of him told him that he should have been involved with the life of his son but that was shut down.

"Good morning, Takami-kun." He said civilized as she stomped over to his desk. Throwing away the expensive wooden furniture, Minaka rolled out the way.


Minaka shrugged on that part but there was no mad smile on his face. He was just calm looking at her.

Quite the opposite from their usual interaction.

"You could have told me that in a civilized tone without throwing away my desk. That will come from your pay."

Takami lifted him up by his shirt and punched him underneath. It was a good thing that he had taken enough drugs from his own shop. Otherwise, that would have hurt like the dickens. And broke his bones and damaged his organs.

"Who did Minato wing?"

Knowing that he couldn't speak if she strangled the idiot, she let him go a bit.

"He winged Miya." That was enough for Takami to drop Minaka and fall on the floor. She had an idea her son was an Ashikabi. She wanted him out of Tokyo or Shinto Teito when it would get crazy around this place.


"I have no idea. He just went and winged her. And." The dramatic pause wasn't cool in real life.

"He winged Karasuba as well." It did have an effect that made Minaka happy. Takami's eyes rolled to the back of her head and she collapsed. Minaka called the security to pick her up and carry her to the infirmary. He also gave them orders to restrain and sedate her.

If she was as high as a kite in the next week, the destruction of his company could be reduced to a reasonable degree. Minaka knew that Minato wouldn't stop winging Sekirei. Not in the slightest.

He had attracted the Pillar and the Black Sekirei. Many more would follow. From all Single Numbers, only Mutsu was already winged. Minaka would put money on the idea that Minato would be able to get more Single Numbered Sekirei than the other Ashikabi's.

If his son could wing Kazehana, she was off his hands.

With that, Minaka ordered a new desk.

He just hoped his song woudln't wing too many Sekirei before his mother woke up.

Back on the street.

Minato could definitely feel another Sekirei linked to him and saw Karasuba smiling at him.

"It looks like I got myself winged. Please take care of me, Minato-kun." He sighed. There was no use of crying over spilled milk. Minato had winged a second Sekirei.

"I hope that Matsu wasn't lying." Karasuba raised an eyebrow when he told her that.

"Matsu? You know her?" The former ronin nodded while he rubbed his neck. "Yeah, she lives at the same place as me. Izumono Inn. It's also the place where Miya is. Why?"

She shook her head with a grin. "It's nothing. It doesn't concern you. although I think both her and Miya will be very surprised. It's something she will have to tell you." Minato scratched his cheek while he grinned at her.

"Do I have to fear for my safety?" Karasuba shook her head while she skidded over to Minato while she gave him a hug. With a grin, she kissed him again and Karasuba let him go.

"Don't worry. Maybe Miya didn't tell you but when you take the eternal nap, we are right behind you." That eluded a gulp from Minato.

"It's our biology. And a safety net. But don't worry about it, Minato. I'll be gentle with you." Minato was sure that his problems were only starting. And with that, he went on his road.

"Where are you going?"

"I need to get my school stuff. And despite the fact I got one detour, I am not going home without them." Karasuba was about to protest but when Minato offered her his arm, the woman shook her head and walked along with him. Locking his arms in her body, Minato gulped.

He really did it this time.

The university was open and Minato went to get his books, schedules, and so on. Karasuba couldn't believe he was this pressed to get all the stuff. For what?

A worthless piece of paper.

But that was her Ashikabi. She would follow him. She didn't believe in all the bullshit of love and destiny and fate.

Karasuba did believe her species would survive by binding their lives to someone else. Minato didn't look like the right Ashikabi but her reaction to him was undoubtedly true so she went along. After he got everything, they walked home.

No one in their right mind said anything about Karasuba walking with Minato. Even Minato could feel the bloodlust oozing down from her. Yet, it was like something reigned that in.

In all his years, he would never guess that he was that something. At the Inn. Minato found that it was quiet.

In the living room, he found a note from Miya. She had gone out to visit a grave and get groceries. Both Uzume and Kagari had gone out as well and Matsu was in her room, looking stuff up on her computer. She didn't want to be disturbed.

Matsu had seen him coming back in. She had rigged the place. As soon the Wisdom Sekirei had seen of Karasuba, she raced to her room. For the first time in ages, she prayed that Miya would come home soon.

She was not prepared to deal with Karasuba. Why did Minato bring that monster here? It couldn't be that Minato had winged her, right? Right?

Minato shared a look with Karasuba who shrugged. She guessed that she could see Matsu later and gave her one greeting. A sadistic smirk washed over her face. That was going to be fun. Later though. Minato got the note that he had gotten his own room. They would sort out the details there but it was the place where Minato could get his studies and leave his stuff until they figured something out.

The Ashikabi had no clue on how that would work out with Karasuba. But she followed him along to his room. Karasuba had a good idea that he had fucked Miya so she was going to get a taste. The rules of the Inn could kiss her ass.

In fact, she wanted Minato to kiss hers.

Minato opened the room. It was a simple, six tatami floored room. It had a futon, a desk for studies, and a few closets to put his books and clothes down. Karasuba followed her Ashikabi inside.

"So Minato. Tell me about yourself." Turning his head, he found that Karasuba had taken up his futon while Minato took the chair.

"What's there to say? Oldest of two kids, father unknown. I got recently accepted in Todai. Gotta ask my mum about some stuff with the Sekirei. I winged Miya yesterday and got evicted from my home. Miya explained all things about her. She also took me in."

Karasuba smiled as he had kept all things brief and short. Just the way that she liked it.

"So you and Miya. You two fucked." A red hue set in while she chuckled. It was clear that Minato wasn't that used to women.

"We did." Karasuba whistled when she heard that. This guy might be a natural. There was a guess that he wasn't that used to women. And yet, if he managed to bed Miya, that was one surprise. Even before all things, she was a nun. Not used to love and so.

Karasuba was a bit more hedonistic in nature. She eyed Minato. He was a bit sleek, a bit of a scrawny build but he had a pretty face. She licked her lips. This was going to be fun.

"So how far did you go with Miya?" Minato gulped. He wasn't going to spill everything about Miya and what they did. But it was choosing between her later wrath and Karasuba's immediate one.

"All the way." Karasuba gave him a bigger grin. She got up, grabbed him by the shirt, and threw him on the futon. He gulped when she used the moves to get his shirt off. She could marvel at his body.

"Well, if you fucked Miya, I am not going to hold back either." Minato wondered if they really needed to fuck every time he winged a Sekirei. Not that he really complained. Karasuba undressed as well.

Minato gulped when he saw her body. Lean and fit, Karasuba had gone great lengths to have an awesome body. Compared to Miya, her tits weren't too big. Or they didn't fill out too well. Yet, he couldn't help but marvel at her body. She looked good. Her long hair was in a ponytail and she straddled her Ashikabi.

She kissed him again and when her tongue pressed on his teeth, he opened up and let her explore his mouth. He was dominated in every way possible that he could think of. Damn, this was hot. Minato went lightheaded and just laid his head back. When he laid on the floor, he could feel how her hands wandered over his body. He groaned and could feel how the strong hands went over his body.

Unlike with Miya, where they went back and forth, Karasuba dominated her Ashikabi's mouth. She wasn't going to let him choose how this would go.

Karasuba would fuck Minato seven ways into Sunday but only on her terms.

Karasuba followed her Ashikabi while she could feel the strain on his pants. Deciding she needed air, she let Minato go who blushed.

"So how you'd like that, Minato?" There wasn't much Minato could say so she forgave him for that. Unbuckling his belt, Karasuba pulled down his pants and underwear. She did gulp however when she saw Minato's dick.

"Oh, my." Karasuba didn't expect him to be this big. Sure, she was no stranger to sex. Unlike Miya who decided to live celibately after Takehito's untimely death, Karasuba had fucked half the staff of MBI.

And a whole lot of other men besides those guys.

Yet, none of them was Minato's size. "I don't think you need any warmup." With a look, she wasn't sure why Minato had flipped the script. "I hate to be a spoilsport but I'll need more."

Karasuba blinked when she heard her Ashikabi speak like that. No one had dared to use such tones. Not even Takami or Minaka.

Taking her hand, the wrist clenched in his hand, he stroked her up and down. Karasuba's eyes bugled when she saw the true glory of Minato. He was really the biggest she would ever take. But that was a challenge and she would never back down from one.

Stroking up and down, she could feel the girth, hardness, and heat from Minato. Luckily, she could feel his own fingers, preparing her and lubing her up. Minato made the mental note to get some supplies for the next time.

Karasuba just sighed when she looked at him. It looked like she picked a real winner. When she was sure, it was her turn to take the lead again. Throwing Minato on the bed, he could see how Karasuba mounted over him.

"Grit your teeth. This is gonna be hot." Slipping down, it was hot. And tight. She could feel how he went down on the body. His hands were taken by Karasuba and with one hand, she pinned her Ashikabi to the ground. The other one was used to feel him up.

When Karasuba was sure he wouldn't go back up, she arched her back as she could feel Minato from the base to her core. Damn, this guy was amazing. She was sure that Minato felt the same as he was laying down. He could feel how hot and warm she was. He kinda enjoyed that feeling.

The warmth, the tightness, the fact of how she felt. She was a beauty. Minato couldn't deny that. When Karasuba was sure, she just moved up and down. Rolling her hips, Minato followed her moves.

"Oh, man. It looks like you're not just for show." Karasuba said while she just looked at the moves of Minato.

She started slowly so she could enjoy the feeling of his body. Minato gritted his teeth when Karasuba rolled her hips again over him. His hands weren't going to lay still.

"Ah." Karasuba gulped when Minato's hand reached around and touched one place of her. She looked behind her and found that he was touching and massaging her behind.

"Naughty Minato. Who said you could touch my ass?" Her hands went to his but he smirked at her. "Everything is fair in love and war." That cocky grin. Minato was going to pay for that.

She decided that her Ashikabi had teased her enough. She began to move up the speed to the point that Minato couldn't follow her.

Minato couldn't believe how fast Karasuba was going. His hips wanted to move with her but it was impossible due to the speed. In and out, she had one fearsome pace that Minato couldn't keep up with.

He moaned while she was a beast in his bed.

The speed was Karasuba's undoing, however. Minato came in her and Karasuba could feel her Ashikabi filling her up. She grinned while Minato laid down.

"It looks like I won, Ashikabi-kun. You should practice a bit more." Karasuba however neglected two things.

One. Minato wasn't out for the count. Two. He was still buried in her pussy.

So without any ado, Minato grabbed her ass, stood up and Karasuba wasn't sure what happened. He stood up, she still skewered on his dick and it reached a bit further and in other places. She could feel the cold wall.

"I need practice? You should practice what you preach, Kara-chan." Minato told her as Karasuba had gained a new nickname. And she was smashed against the wall.

Not sure what happened next, it was Minato's turn to the take the pace. She did hook her legs around his waist. She didn't want to fall down while Minato fucked her.

"What do. Aahhhh! Minato!" She moaned as she felt the spear in her body.

Speed wasn't there but strength all the more. While she wasn't that unfamiliar to it, Minato was new for her. She could feel how strong and rough he was with her. Smashing his lips on hers, she could feel the warm kiss. A part of her soul was filled with warmth and somewhere she smiled in it.

She had gotten herself one winner.

Minato had done it before with Miya but this time, it was different. Not that abnormal given the fact that he was fucking another woman. The morality of his actions could take a hike. He had another idea in mind.

Fucking Karasuba into oblivion.

"Minato. Oh yeah!" She softly groaned when Minato was deeper inside her.

Karasuba first pushed on his face until she melted in the kiss and wrapped her hands around his messy hair. She kissed him back and the tongues touched. When he was done, a line of saliva was the only thing while Minato grinned at her.

Slowly, he used his strength while Karasuba tapped his shoulders. "Give me a second. Let me put my legs down."

He paused and placed her feet on the floor. Okay, if she wanted it like this, Minato wouldn't deny her the pleasure that they were both after. So when her feet were on the ground, he began to rut in her. Karasuba gritted her teeth as Minato hit one spot.

"Oh yes."

Either it was instinct or the fact that he knew where to hit but Minato began to softly work his way inside Karasuba. She wasn't sure how he could make it work like that. She began to feel how Minato was working her way up and she slowly began to inch his way deeper into her body. She sighed in content while Minato felt how her body slowly came on his.

The pace was strong and slow. Slowly, she moved back, and when her legs were wrapped around his body. His hands went back to her ass. What she lacked in a chest, she made up for having an amazing ass.

"Minato, you're. Nggh. This is. Ahn."

Minato smirked and grinned while Karasuba moved back and forth. Oh, this guy had some great potential and skill. On her request, he went faster and so far, the two had a great amount of pleasure that they both experienced. Karasuba just sighed Minato's name while she slowly came undone.

She could feel how much Minato enjoyed this as well. With one kiss, she winked at him and Minato dumped his load deep and warm in her.

Karasuba had come at the same time and she sighed. Minato placed her down, her legs shaking from the orgasm. She wasn't unfamiliar with the pleasures of the flesh but this time, it was something special.

Some rest would be nice now. But she could feel how Minato turned her around. Karasuba looked back at her Ashikabi.

"Eh, Minato-kun. What are you?" She was glad that no one heard her speak. She squeaked when he said that.

"Not enough. Not enough." Her eyes bulged out their sockets. Again, he wanted to do it again?

"Minato-kun. Please. Can you wait? I can't." Minato shut her arguments up by inserting his dick again in her pussy. It was still slick and wet while it showed the exercise of the afternoon. Karasuba could feel that Minato wasn't stopping just yet.

"Aaaaah, Minato! I can't. Not again."

With an animalistic grunt, Karasuba was forced on the tips of her toes when Minato took her hips and swung in and out her. The Black Sekirei gritted her teeth while she got done from behind. She could feel how Minato liked doing it like this.

While it felt great, it was also incredibly humiliating that Minato again wanted to do it with her. She wanted him to stop doing it like this. Minato wasn't having it. He would fuck Karasuba seven ways into Sunday and he'd be damned if he didn't.

"Too strong!" She wanted to protest but her nerves were on fire now. Minato wasn't going to stop.

One could call it payback as Minato took her hips and shoved it faster in. This time, she couldn't keep up. Minato just kept smashing in her, her defense was broken. The only way that Karasuba could keep standing was by putting her hands on the walls. She shouted his name, her throat getting hoarse from the feeling in her pussy.

"Minato, Minato, Minato, Minato!" Like a broken mantra, Karasuba kept repeating Minato's name while he continued to do her from behind. She couldn't help but moan even further. This was just awesome.

Despite the fact that this was embarrassing, it felt amazing. Minato was a natural at this. That or a fucking quick study.

He wasn't a quick shot though. Or he could keep doing it for a while because he had stamina or reserves beyond most men.

Minato felt that Karasuba shouted his name one loud time and she came while he pulled out. Karasuba collapsed while Minato looked at her. The woman was twitching, moaning, and soaking mess.

Minato knew she was dangerous. Some pride raced through his system. He had brought Karasuba down. Minato smiled and took her up. Despite her looks, Minato found she was light to carry. Bringing her up to the futon, the Ashikabi placed her down.

"Going again?"

"I think we both got our fill tonight. I'm good by the way." Minato kissed her forehead while he took some tissues to wipe off the juices. The gentle touch was small and yet she understood how much Minato cared about her. Despite the rough treatment, Minato's actions made it clear that he was caring a lot about her and that he treated her in a warm fashion.

Karasuba smiled but shook her head. "I'm not tired, Ashikabi." She pulled him closer and Minato landed next to her. Coiling around his body like a snake, Minato forced his body to relax. He booped her on the nose.

He would never guess that Karasuba could giggle.

He was going to take a nap. But someone had a different plan. Miya burst into his room. It looked like she was over her embarrassment. Smiling at Minato, she was sure that he liked the room.

"Minato-kun. How do you like the room?"

Somewhere, she had gotten around the idea that Minato might have gotten himself a new Sekirei. She wouldn't be a woman if she misunderstood the looks of Matsu and Uzume. With Uzume, a part of her understood the Veiled Sekirei very well. She hadn't gotten all the way with that girl.

Miya got a second chance with Minato. In her gentle heat, she would allow Uzume to find herself a new Ashikabi. Even if that was Minato.

The same would go for Kazehana when that woman would come home. A heartbreak was as painful as a lost love.

But she wouldn't expect Minato to lay next to Karasuba. In one second, her looks changed from a friendly face to a grimace.

"Karasuba. What are you doing here?" With a smirk, Karasuba sat up and smiled at Miya. Hugging Minato from behind, she winked at Miya.

"I was about to take a nap with my Ashikabi, Miya. It has been a while by the way." Miya shot one look to Minato who threw up his arms in defense.

"Look, she said that she reacted to me. So she winged herself on me." He hoped that Miya wouldn't kill him. Miya clenched her teeth when she heard that line.

"You winged yourself on him?" If he wasn't around Karasuba's body, he would shiver when he heard that line.

"As if I would choose an Ashikabi below my standing. MBI can change shit about it now. Besides, it's our Ashikabi now. I can understand why you chose him though." Miya was about to have a stroke when she looked at Karasuba who pecked her, she paused, their Ashikabi on the cheek.

"Young, virile, he got balls, figuratively and literally and fuck me. He knows how to treat a woman. He's the best I ever had." Miya glared at him while she got a huge red hue on her face.

"But don't worry about it, sister. I am sure that you know all about that." That did it. Karasuba was flung out the room and Miya went right after her. But before she did, she turned to her Ashikabi.

She shared a look with Minato. "I don't blame you for this, Minato-kun. You couldn't know. It's only that I wished I told you about her. When I am done, I'm going to talk with you for a bit." She raced right after Karasuba. Minato saw the fighting going in the garden as the two clashed.

The speed of the swords was unfollowable with the human eye.

"Phew, I am happy they are holding back" Minato turned around to see Matsu standing. She looked winded from the whole thing.

"You know her?" Nodding, Matsu hugged him. Ecstatic was one way to describe her.

"I know her, Mina-tan. Thank you. You winged Kara-tan. That means that no one from MBI will come after me. It's a long story." Minato crossed his arms while he glared at Matsu.

"Well, do me a favor and tell me the short version. Cause you aren't fighting. Who is she, really? And why is she after you?"

Matsu just relaxed when she looked at him. "Me, Miya-tan, and Kara-tan were all part of a team. We all went our separate ways. I stole something from MBI years ago. I hid here with Miya-tan. MBI wouldn't come after me. Then you came along, Mina-tan."

A perverted giggle escaped Matsu.

"You managed to wing both of them plus bed them. You're really strong for an Ashikabi." Minato's mouth dropped open. He looked to the scene. His mouth closed and jaw tightened when he saw the two fighting.

"Let me guess. You're reacting to me as well." Matsu smiled at him and this time, he relaxed. "Don't worry about it, Mina-tan. I can take a bit longer though. And I am not alone in this matter though. There are others." They looked at how the two swords struggled in the fight.

"Do I have to be worried?" Matsu shook her head. She knew what Miya and Karasuba could do. Blowing off some steam and in the end, they would work things out between them. There was no use on fighting about the fact both were winged.

It was also why she waited. She didn't want to be killed by them when Minato winged her.

But that was for later.

Uzume joined the two. "Midday you two. It looks like we got ourselves a new tenant." The look on her face made Minato shake his head. That wink made it even worse.

There were many stories to hear about the women in this place.

"Well, about that team. Were their others involved in it?" Minato asked his upcoming Sekirei. Suddenly, a wind blew in between Miya and Karasuba. The two stood back as they turned their heads.

"The two of you. I think that is enough." Everyone's mouth had fallen open as they looked to the source of the voice.

Minato because of the woman's appearance. The women because of who the newcomer was.

Long black purple hair tied up into a long ponytail, a fair face, and one body to kill for. The woman had one beautiful body. Minato had never seen tits the size of that woman. Her Chinese dress didn't hide too much of it and Minato could see how big they were. Her face was fair. The eyes of the woman were black and despite the situation, they were humorous.

"Well, look what the wind blew in. Good afternoon, Kazehana." Karasuba greeted the former teammate.

"Kazehana. What are you doing here?" With a smile, Kazehana took out a sake bottle and drank from it.

Minato had never seen one drink like that and he pointed a thumb to Matsu. "Eh?"

"That is Kazehana. Sekirei Number Three. A partner of me back when we were in service of MBI. I am surprised to see her back. She can also break the two up. Don't worry about the drinking. We are stronger species than human beings and the woman can drink." Minato guessed that Matsu hid the fact she was happy to see Kazehana again.

"Now, you two aren't tearing up Tokyo and it's not like you two to spare just because. So what happened?" Kazehana asked the two who put their swords away.

Karasuba shared a look with Miya. It was clear they wouldn't get this settled now.

"You want to tell her or would you prefer that I do it?" Karasuba wasn't a Sekirei but a mocking bird.

Miya just glared at her but she knew it was better to stop now. Walking to Kazehana, the woman came down and smiled at her.

"You wouldn't believe it, Kazehana. I got winged." Kazehana could only raise an eyebrow. That was news to her that the Pillar got herself winged.

"Well, Miya, good to know that you believe in the true power of love. What an amazing power that is." Miya just rolled her eyes. "Still, is that a reason to tear up the garden?"

"It is because I winged the same Ashikabi." Kazehana wanted to tell the three parties about irony but kept her mouth shut. She was a drunkard. She wasn't stupid or tired of living.

"You two share an Ashikabi? Who is the lucky fellow?" The two turned their heads and only then, Kazehana saw an unfamiliar face. She looked at Minato and could feel why she was drawn to the place.

The only one that she once called home.

What a nice surprise to come home to.

Miya motioned to Minato to come over. The Ashikabi sighed but walked over to his two Sekirei. Uzume and Matsu just looked at the four in the garden.

"Kazehana, this is Minato Sahashi. My, our Ashikabi" Miya introduced her new love to an old friend. Minato waved to the beautiful woman.

"And my Ashikabi as well." Kazehana could only look at Minato. His face, it was close to that guy.

"Sahashi? You mean that."

"Yeah, I'm Takami's son. Sorry, but I heard that a bit too many times now in the last few days. Pleased to meet you, Kazehana." He wanted to add the "san" to it but he felt a set of lips again.

Both Miya and Karasuba had their mouths dropped on the ground but purple wings came out of Kazehana who melted in the kiss of Minato. He himself couldn't help but enjoy the set of tits pressing on him.

She let him go and a thin line of saliva was connected as she smirked at him.

"Wind of my pledge, blow away the dark clouds that befall my Ashikabi! Happy to meet you, Minato-kun. It looks like you are the reason I blew back home. I'm Sekirei number Three. Yours forevermore." She winked at Minato and he could feel his heart racing.

Beneath him, he stirred and could feel his dick hardening.

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