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Making his way back home, there was something in the air. Minato could feel that Miya could feel that, Tsukiumi could feel that, Karasuba could feel that.

"Something isn't right. It's way too fucking quiet." Karasuba muttered as her hand was ready to pull out her nodachi.

Miya and Tsukiumi were scanning the air for any incoming threats.

The silence was shattered by Minato's phone going off. The Ashikabi answered the call and almost regretted picking it up.

"Hello, hello, Minato-kun. You gave me a nasty surprise this week." There was no way that he couldn't recognize the voice. Despite the cheery, upbeat words, the malice was feasible in the few words that the CEO of MBI had spoken.

"What do you want, Minaka?"

There had been an audible scoff and Minato just turned the phone into speaker modus.

"Well, as it's your fault that the glorious game that I had planned, got cut in half." Minato wisely kept the words that he thought about the Sekirei Plan.

"I decided to amp it up a bit for you. While the Sekirei of the South and the West were accomplished, I believe you were the main instigator."

Standing still in the middle of the city, especially with his Sekirei on edge, wasn't the best course of action. Minato began to walk while his Sekirei circled around him. Karasuba was behind him while Miya walked in front of him. Tsukiumi was right next to him. Her Water Powers would make a shield or could take out threats from further away.

It was the best way to deal with threats. None of them had forgotten the monsters they saw when the refugees left the cities.

"We are the Players. We are not Pawns you can move around. We are in charge."

Minato shot back to him and the Game Master scoffed on hearing those words.

"Well, I believe that punishment is in order. Especially for you and your Sekirei. As you have taken out the scary Karasuba, I have decided to make a little game for you. I believe you have seen what I have created. Those creations are numerous and varied. What you are going to play, is what I have called "The Night of the Horror Inn." Pretty cool name?"

Minato could hear the internal groans from his Sekirei and he was about to let out his own. But he couldn't miss it.

"It's very simple. Survive the night and your transgression against my glorious Game is forgiven. What could be easier? There'll be many monsters to face for my entertainment. Do not disappoint. Because if you fall, this Game will become a slump. I'll await your call, Minato."

With those ominous words, the Game Master hung up. Turning to Miya, the Pillar had already received the message. Scooping up her Ashikabi in bridal carry, she turned to her Flock Sisters.

"You heard the lunatic. We needed to be home an hour ago." With that said, the Sekirei opened their wings and flew back to the Inn. Minato knew better than to call Matsu. Knowing his brain Sekirei, she would already have alarms installed and those had to be blaring.

Scene skip

When the four arrived at the Inn, they landed in the garden. Luckily for them, Minato found his entire Flock, plus his sister, her Sekirei, and Kagari waiting.

Matsu was the first to report, which confirmed the attack from the lunatic.

"We have incoming, Minato. Kazehana-tan and Homura-tan were already seeing something shambling our way."

The Ashikabi sighed, feeling far too tired to deal with this mess but unfortunately, sleep would be a luxury if he lived through this.

"Minaka called. It seems that he's pissed at our little stunt. Don't know what he has planned but assume that it won't be our previous foes."

The fifteen Sekirei groaned with Yukari as they knew, this wouldn't end well.

"I don't have an idea what that guy has planned but we can assume the worst. I have thought of a plan. We are going to make him regret, picking a fight with us." Minato looked over at his group, counting what they were up against.

"Can I count on your four to help me out?" Yukari walked up in front of him and the strong look on her face made him glad that she was his ally.

"We are yours to command, Nii-chan." The Ashikabi nodded to his sister and Homura cracked his knuckles.

"I will listen to you, Minato."

The oldest Sahashi began to make a plan.

"So far, there are no foes coming in our direction. We are going to make small groups to take care of this. Matsu, do you have something of a communicator to make us talk to each other?"

The Brain Sekirei smirked and ran right up to her room.

"I'll take that as yes. Yahan, come here." The dark-skinned Sekirei stood in front of her Ashikabi. With a kiss on the lips, her wings sprouted out and she growled in the kiss. Musubi covered the eyes of Kusano and a few others were sizzling with jealousy.

"Creep in your shadows when Matsu gets back with communicators. I don't doubt her abilities but knowing Minaka, he'll have ways to foil Matsu. Two pairs of eyes are better than one."

"I would be affronted by your words, Mina-tan." Matsu came back with small earpieces that she handed out to every member of the Inn "But I know you don't mean any maliciousness with it. You are right. That lunatic is going to give us hell."

The second that Minato got an earpiece, he pressed a kiss on her lips and the wings came out, like Yahan. The belly dancer smirked and slipped in the shadows.

"I know my job, Ashikabi. I won't let you down." Minato let Matsu go and despite the severity of the situation, she smiled back at him.

"Matsu, go behind your computers. I want to know every enemy that makes its move to the Inn. He picked the game, we are playing it out on our terms." Matsu nodded and ran over to her room.

Minato turned to the remaining Sekirei. Quick thinking began to play out.

"Right now, everything around the Inn is a danger zone. No one is going to enter it alone. There are fifteen Sekirei I have for this but I have my ideas."

Minato took a branch and with a crude drawing on the floor, the Inn became visible.

"Think of the Inn as our inner circle. We can't let anything come through. Kusano, I want you and Shiina to stay around the Inn. Your powers can be used to seal the building. Shiina, you can regulate what she makes too much. Stay in the garden."

Kusano's wish for the kiss came quickly and Yukari wasn't shy to shower her Sekirei to with some love as well.

"I want you two to stay in our vicinity."

Minato's head swiveled to Tsukiumi, Kagari, and Akitsu.

"Water, fire, and ice. Unless our foe comes by air, we'll make it difficult for them." Minato drew out an outer circle. He made a small cut on the circle.

"I want you three to go out and let your powers run wild. Those 180 degrees are your working terrain. Don't lose sight of each other. Kagari, you're acting as chief of the two. You'd be the one, most level-headed for this. There'll be foes and you can engage them but please keep aware of the foes. If they break through, they'll be intercepted by others."

None of the three protested against the words of Minato. They knew they couldn't afford that.

As the other girls, Tsukiumi and Akitsu received a kiss. Ice and blue shined through the night. Kagari felt something stir in him as he watched those two birds.

"Keep in contact with Matsu and Yahan. Now get to it." They took off and Minato made a silent prayer for the three.

The Ashikabi looked at the Thunder Twins.

"I want you girls to watch over the other 180. Same order as the three. And don't worry, I have a team for you to come along with. Yume, Musubi. I want you girls to fight in close range. That's fine, Yukari." The younger Sahashi nodded and wrapped her arms around Musubi who loved the kiss. Yume was faster than Hikari and Hibiki.

The Thunder Twins had to wait until the Sekirei of Fate was done.

"I am leading this little group, Ashikabi." Minato was happy that he could install leaders in his Flock

"Bring everyone back, Yume. And if they break through, let them. I got two more groups."

Uzume could see who was left and there was no way she would fight with Karasuba or Miya.

"Oh, I will fight with nee-san, Ashikabi. I feel that would be for the best." Minato knew that she was sharper than she let on.

"I was just about to ask, Uzume-chan. I would prefer that you do. It would make it easier." Drawing a circle between the outer ring and the Inn, Minato made a small cross.

"Kazehana, you have the same circle as Kagari. I feel that you would do well on having the elemental types all together. You two have more different powers and fight on that."

Minato was about to kiss them when he heard the news from Yahan.

"Ashikabi, I can see something coming our way. It's like a jelly on the ground." Minato cursed inwardly. His prediction was right and he was grateful that Yahan was there to see that.

"Do you see Kagari's group?"

"It's from the other side. I heard your plan. Assume that Minaka got tapped into our comms." Matsu spoke through the intercom which made grimace even more.

"Whatever he is sending our way, I doubt it's smart enough to make decisions or change course." Minato would ask later if Matsu could see their monster.

"Oh and Kagari's group got themselves already in a scrap with the same blob. Akitsu's powers are useless against the slime."

Minato would later make adjustments.

"I doubt that slimes are the bigger worries. First, send in the grunts, and later send in the best. Well, too bad for him that I have quality over quantity." Yume didn't wait until she got the order. She moved off with Musubi and the Thunder Twins.

Kazehana could feel her blood starting to go wild and her lust for battle shined through.

The kiss showed that same hunger and it was Minato's turn to growl in the kiss.

"Go ahead, nee-san, I'll catch up." Uzume's kiss was playful and warm. The two busty beauties took off and Minato knew he didn't have to worry about them. They would wreck whatever came their way.

Miya and Karasuba had already gotten their swords out and looked like they were ready to make waves.

"You two work well together, my first Sekirei. If you have a system to work out, then for the monsters you'll face there. Kill everything that comes through from Yume's end."

Miya was the first to kiss Minato and she was ready to give their foes one hell of a fight.

"Hold yourself back, Miya. I want to keep the houses intact." Letting the Pillar go, he looked over to Karasuba.

"The same goes for you, Kara-chan. I want to have the place, standing."

The voice from Matsu was the first.

"Yahan-tan hasn't picked it up yet but the Thunder Twins just let me know there is something humanoid coming our way. Visual now and it appears to be some sort of zombie. I advised Musubi-tan and Yume-tan to stay out of their way. They're unarmed."

Minato could feel the bloodlust coming through from Miya and Karasuba and it didn't scare him. No, it excited him.

He wondered about his allies if they would be safe. Shaking his head, he would call them later. They were big boys. They could take care of themselves.

Besides, Minaka said it himself. The one that he wanted to teach a lesson was Minato and his Flock.

When the two single digits left, Minato was alone with Yukari, with Kusano and Shiina in the garden.

"Kusano, I want you to seal in the house with the plants. Nothing can enter the Inn, is that understood?"

The little blonde nodded and the roots sealed in the house. Better to overdo it than anything could come through.

"Shiina, I want you to decay everything around the house. The walls, the forest, the trees, all of it. I believe that we'll see our foes."

Shiina didn't protest and Minato's mouth dropped open when he saw the sheer scale of Shiina's powers.

'I'm happy you are friendly, Shiina.' He thought as he watched in amazement.

"What happens if we have foes breaking through?" Shiina asked as he looked at Minato.

"You're our last defense, Shiina. With what you just showed me, I doubt there is anything that you can't stop. But that would be the worst case. I have faith in my Sekirei."

Scene skip

That faith wouldn't be misplaced.

"Homura, Akitsu, out of the way." Tsukiumi unleashed her Water Snakes at something akin to a mix of man and lizard. The slithering and hissing Water Snakes bit through their foes and Akitsu was quick to follow up with her own freezing.

Homura was looking around and when he couldn't see anything coming their way, his hands reached to the intercom.

"Matsu, Yahan. Anything to report?"

The first one to reply was Yahan. "I'm at the other side, Homura. So far, I see that the Thunder Twins are frying some lizard freaks. Hold on, Miya, Karasuba! On your left side." The Pillar and Dog of MBI followed the quick direction.

"Give me two minutes, Homura. I'll be right there."

Matsu was second to follow up.

"You're a lifesaver, Ya-tan. I will switch with you. Good as I am, I can't see all. Homura-tan, I can see some shambling coming in your direction. Light them up."

The Flame Sekirei would nearly think it was too easy but he wisely kept his mouth shut. There was no way this night was over.

Minaka would have an ace up his sleeve and the male Sekirei wouldn't dare to think about what it would or could be.

He would have to rely on his friends.

After this, he would need to do some serious soul-searching on the idea of Minato becoming his Ashikabi.

Scene skip

Kazehana had wished that she could fight with the other three elemental Sekirei but it was best to keep their distance. Fighting too close would prove dangerous and it seemed they didn't have trouble taking care of their foes.

The older Sekirei could see that they had power to spare and they made up for their inexperience by working together.

There were zombies that slipped through the cracks which she and Uzume made short work of.

"I really wonder what that lunatic was thinking."

Uzume's voice was the reason for the sanity that Kazehana so desperately needed. Once, she loved Minaka. Once, she would do anything for him.

But now, that love had soured and the memories were tainted. She watched the shambling creatures and realized they were once humans.

MBI couldn't clone humans or they were nowhere near this level. They had to be unfortunate souls who found themselves on the wrong end of Minaka's eccentricities.

Kazehana felt that the least she could do was to make their ending quick and clean. Send their souls to the next realm, if that existed or at the least end their suffering.

"Kazehana. Uzume." An ice-cold hand gripped their hearts. Their heads turned to see their Ashikabi. He was in bad shape, his clothes were torn and blood dripped down from his wounds.

"It's bad. The house is overrun. The others are." There was a sob coming from the man they loved so much.

Uzume wanted to come down from their spot and comfort him. But Kazehana felt it wasn't right. Something was off. This wasn't Minato.

Still, what she saw in front of her, looked like Minato. It could have been Minato. But the Sekirei didn't live this long by being stupid.

"Yukari-chan, do you hear me?"

"Kazehana, yeah. I copy. Is something bad?"

Softly, Kazehana spoke to the sister.

"Yukari-chan, is Minato around?" The five seconds were one of the longest that Kazehana had ever experienced.

"He's right here. He didn't leave my side since you were told to fight."

Letting out a deep breath, Kazehana felt an unbridled fury boil in her body, her eyes narrowing to slits as she watched the imposter.

"I'll be right back, Yukari-chan."

The windflower unleashed a Spring Storm, smashing Minato right into the wall, breaking every bone in the body.

"Kazehana, have you lost it?! What are you?"

Sekirei Number Three shook her head.

"That's not Minato, Uzume-chan. He's still at the Inn. If he was wounded, we would hear it from Matsu. Plus, Yukari-chan confirmed it. Minato is still where we left him."

Uzume turned to see how the Minato in front of them, broke down and fell on the ground.

The Veiled Sekirei could see the eyes of the thing in front of them. The eyes weren't human.

"Nee-san, let me."

Making incredibly sharp ends of her cloth, Uzume tore through the monster and ripped the imposter to pieces.

"Everyone, Uzume-chan and I encountered an imposter. If you see anyone that isn't at your location that isn't supposed to be there, tread with care."

Matsu realized how much more difficult their job just had become. If shapeshifters had entered the mix, she couldn't be able to differentiate between foe and friend.

"How did you? Never mind, thank you for the message, Kazehana." Minato spoke to her.

"Everyone, stick with your group, don't let the other out of your sight, not even for an instance."

It was a plan that would make it much more difficult to fight but Minato knew that his girls would be up for the task.

It was a small scale of conflict.

"Duly noted, Ashikabi. I would let you know that me and Miya have made short work off the zombies."

That meant that Yume and Musubi were also busy fighting.

"We got something else. Small, green creatures. Horned ears and some weapons on them."

Minato heard the voice of Yume.

"Yume, how many are we talking about?"

"About forty but don't worry, they are weak, me and Musubi."

Cutting her off, Minato shouted at her.

"Be on your guard. Don't get overrun. The numbers make up for their weakness. You are facing goblins."

Matsu had gotten cameras out.

"Yes, Mina-tan is right. You are facing those things. And if I believe some sources, they are nasty, little things. Hikari, Hibiki. How does it look?"

Hibiki took a haggard breath before answering.

"We are trying all we can but we have the same monsters trying to break through. We kill three and one gets through."

It was more impressive than Minato dared to admit but still, if they were having difficulties, it was why he had others like Yume and Musubi to take care of their second perimeter.

"If you get in trouble, don't be afraid to call others in to help you out. I much rather have you overdoing it now instead of losing any of you."

The words just hung in the air until Minato heard another noise. The inhuman screech made Kusano cower and cover her ears while every adult around the Inn felt the hair on their back, standing up.

"What the hell is that?"

It sounded like a horse neigh but much, much deeper.

"That must be our little friend," Karasuba's sardonic quip made Minato breathe out an uneasy laugh.

"I don't know what it is but I call it reverse centaur. It has the body of a man but the upper part is of a horse. Oh, and it's oozing all over the place."

Matsu's eyes were on it.

"I think that some ideas of Minaka were stuck in his head when he was in the Philippines. That is a Tikbalang. A monster from the."

Miya cut off Matsu's monologue. This wasn't the time for some trivia which showed Matsu's intellect;

"Whatever it is, it's not a joy to deal with. Karasuba and I are slicing through it but no matter what we do, it appears to heal itself."

Minato wished he could see what they were doing but another part was glad that he didn't have to see that damned monster.

"There has to be a weak point. Or a limit to its healing. When we are dealing with something that doesn't die after a mortal wound, amp up the damage output."

For the two, that was their Ashikabi telling them to go wild for a change.

"Duly noted. Let's show this Tika, whatever it is, what we are made of." Karasuba made the earth rumble and Minato thanked his lucky stars that he managed to convert her to their side.

He just wondered what sort of nasty surprises they would face in this situation. Best not to think about that, when they were here.

Scene skip

Akitsu began to feel some fatigue in dealing with the slime and other cannon fodder that was sent their way.

Not to the point that it was beginning to affect them but to the point that she wished that this night would be over.

Unfortunately, it appeared that they weren't out of the woods just yet. With another wave from Tsukiumi, they were pushing back against the zombies as they were named by Matsu while Kagari set the lizardmen alight.

"There is no ending to them." Tsukiumi lamented which made Homura smirk. He began to smirk on that comment.

"Tired, already? I can't believe you can keep up with Minato." Tsukiumi's fury escalated as she amped up her output and sent a scathing glare to the Flame Sekirei.

"Silence thy mouth. Don't speak of that."

Akitsu couldn't hold back the laugh on her end and turned the entire street into an ice skating range. It showed how impressive their powers really were.

"Kazehana, how does it look at your end?" The leader asked his colleague. A tornado from in the middle showed what the Wind Flower was capable of.

"You are holding back more monsters, Homura. Thank you for that. I do hope that we are not getting more of these bastards."

The male Sekirei didn't answer to that. It was easy to get distracted if you were focused on one task. Plus, whatever the other monsters were, they were a sneaky bunch.

"Anything special you encountered? After that shapeshifter?"

There was no doubt that he jinxed them but it was better to ask.

"Not to my knowledge. Still, I think that" The inhuman screech that roared above them, took Homura's attention away from the conversation.

In front of the three elemental-type Sekirei, they saw a human figure. It had long, filthy claws, and unkept hair, and the eyes burned like the brightest stars. But there was no intelligence to be read in those. It was another creation but Tsukiumi, Akitsu, and Homura realized that it was a cut above the other monsters they had seen.

That appeared to be clear when the said screecher tore off its lower body, with guts and other entrails splattering everywhere and popping out a set of wings.

"What the?"

Despite its nature, it appeared that the newcomer wasn't interested in any of the Sekirei and so it flew above them.

"Kazehana, incoming. Flying, whatever something is coming your way!" Homura shouted which made every person around the place shudder. Kazehana barely had time to react when she turned her head to find the warning coming, just a second too late.

Whatever the creature was, it just grabbed Sekirei Number Three and threw her against the wall.

"Nee-san!" Uzume turned to find her partner being smacked down.

The creature descended on the hapless Sekirei, its claws, tongue, and tail, causing some major damage to Kazehana who tried to find it off but she couldn't raise her arms to even summon the wind.

She could feel how the tongue sucked on her body. The smell that permeated the air was blood. Her blood.

The Veiled Sekirei didn't make any illusions. If that thing could take down Kazehana, she didn't stand a snowball chance in hell to take it down.

But she couldn't let Kazehana be killed.

So summoning her cloth, Uzume wrapped it around the animal and with all her power, Uzume managed to throw it away from Kazehana. Getting in between their foe and her wounded sister, was an asinine thing to do but she was standing.

The same couldn't be said about Kazehana.

Fortunately for them, the creature roared at them but it took off. Unfortunately, it flew in the direction of the house.

"Minato. You have incoming! Some winged freak! It hurt nee-san! I can't, I don't!"

She was panicking and when people panicked, they didn't make the right rational choices.

"Uzume, calm down! Kazehana is wounded. Pick her up and carry her back to the Inn. We'll take care of her there. And if we have some monster, I still have a defense left."

Minato calmly spoke but he certainly didn't feel like that. Uzume's desperate shout had given him to shout for Shiina to get on the roof. Yukari had given him another kiss, for good measure. It was about ten seconds later that they heard another screech.

"Okay, Matsu. What the hell am I looking at?"

"That's a Manananggal. Basically, a Philippian Vampire. Dangerous creatures." Shiina stared the monster down unafraid. He didn't have to fear whatever came his way and for once, he could let his powers run wild.

Yukari knelt down and watched how the Manananggal raced down and grabbed Shiina.

The Sekirei of Death didn't worry about it. His shy nature would not hide his heart to protect his Ashikabi and those he deemed important.

"Death Wings." He simply spoke those words and by touching the Manananggal, the vampire fell apart by that.

There were more and more scarier things than the monsters they faced and Minato watched how Shiina flew back down.

The eldest Sahashi smiled back at his brother-in-law.

"I'm happy you are a friend, Shiina." The boy just nodded back to Minato. Right at that point, Uzume landed with Kazehana.

"Minato, I am so sorry, if I had paid, I would have. Nee-san is." Uzume was freaking out which made the Ashikabi grab her head.

"Uzume-chan, things happen. I don't blame you."

"I'm not dead yet." A voice croaked and Minato watched Kazehana who coughed. There were multiple wounds, the one he worried most about, was the one right at her throat.

"Kusano, come here!" The youngest Sekirei skipped over and Minato began to feel they couldn't cover her eyes from the horrors they would face.

"I want you to focus your powers on her. Like with the plants." Minato was desperate. He could see that a hospital trip would take too long and there was no one else who could do something for her.

Kusano blinked and looked from her Ashikabi to Kazehana and back.

"You can make plants. You can heal things. Do the same with her." The blonde nodded and placed her hands on the face of Kazehana.

Focusing, Kusano let her powers come out. Engulfing Kazehana with green light, the wounds seemed to heal and all the damage disappeared. Kusano was about to collapse and Minato caught her.

"Nii-chan, how did you?"

"A pure gamble, I won't deny that. I didn't know another way." Kazehana could sit up and she felt the bone-crushing hug from Uzume who sobbed in her chest.

"Well, that was a dangerous gamble, Ashikabi-kun. What if it didn't work?"

Minato shook his head. "We can't think like that. We need to take precautions. And I fear you ladies have to go back."

Uzume and Kazehana groaned but found that the shambling noises indicated that some monsters got past the others.

A mix of zombies, goblins and slime was making their way to them. Uzume was about to veer up but a cold hand landed on her shoulder.

"Allow me," Shiina spoke and no one denied him. Making his way to the horde, he flew up and their heads turned as he landed right in the middle. The unfortunate zombie, on whom he landed, was the first one to fall away.

A circle of death spread over the horde and they fell away into nothing but ash.

Kazehana, Uzume, Minato, and Yukari shivered as they watched what Shiina did. His eyes turned to the group.

He expected them to cower in fear but instead found relief.

"I stand with the first statement. We are lucky you are friendly." Minato spoke the words again. Kneeling down, he pressed his lips on Kazehana as the first one. The light encapsulated her and she felt her wings grow again.

Uzume had found the message and when arousal, mixed with her powers, grew, the busty brunette was ready to go for another match.

"Keep it up, ladies. The night is passing by."

Yahan came out of the shadows and she looked over at her Ashikabi.

"Do you mind if you can kiss me as well? I am running out of juice." Minato wouldn't deny her the request.

When the lips disconnected, he looked over at the brown-skinned Sekirei.

"Anything to report, Yahan?"

"The Thunder Twins are getting tired. Even with the help from 8 and 88, they feel like collapsing. There is one giant slime and they try all they can but the monster isn't slowing down. Miya and Karasuba are still on that freak. No matter what they do, they aren't doing much on it."

That didn't sound good. Minato began to think about a plan and he calculated who he could miss.

"Homura, how are things at your end?"

The Flame Sekirei had heard the news from Minato's end.

"We are holding up pretty good here. Do you want me to send someone your way?"

The Ashikabi was all too happy that he didn't have to ask.

"If you can miss, Akitsu, send her to me. Uzume and Kazehana will come to reinforce you." His tone left no room for argument so the two ladies nodded and took off.

"Do not, I repeat, do not let anything through. Collateral damage be damned." He looked over to Shiina who stumbled back.

"You can't pull off such a move again?"

The Sekirei of Death shook his head.

"Not in the next ten minutes, Minato. Even with a Norito. I am sorry." The Ashikabi waved it away.

"You have done plenty. We can." His head looked over at Akitsu who landed in front of him. For now, his mouth had another business to attend.

The Ashikabi's kiss was quick but passionate and even an Ice Queen like Akitsu blushed on the interaction.

"Matsu, how does it look for Hikari and Hibiki?"

"They are getting pushed back. Akitsu-tan would be a big help."

The Ice Sekirei had gotten the message and flew off in the direction of the lighting.

"Hikari, Hibiki. When Akitsu is there, you girls can fall back to the Inn. I believe you can use a power-up. Akitsu, freeze that damned thing."

The Yuki-Ona couldn't miss her target. It was a giant blob of jelly which made her cringe when she watched it.

It was the worst foe for the Thunder Twins to face. She didn't have to think about where to start her attack. Musubi and Yume were struggling to get out of the jelly.

"Ice Erosion!" It would have been lethal for a human but Yume and Musubi found the chill to be the part where they could break out.

"Thank you, Akitsu-san!" Musubi shouted as she watched in amazement as the blob froze over. Yume was impressed by the skill of Number 7.

Hikari and Hibiki were grateful but also ticked off. They had been frying that bastard for minutes and nothing did the trick. Akitsu went over and made one icicle of their foe.

"Musubi, to you, the honors." With a bow, Musubi readied herself. The single punch made the slime shatter. A beautiful and cathartic sight.

"We'll fall back now you are here," Hikari said while she and her sister took off. The slithering noises made the remaining Sekirei groan as another batch of lizard man was making their way to them.

"How long will this take?" Yume readied herself as Musubi was pumped for another fight.

"A night of horror," Akitsu answered and when she grabbed the phone that she stuck between her tits, there was a sigh.

"It's two am already. Four more before sunrise."

Yume hoped that her Ashikabi wouldn't mind that they slept the entire day when this night was over. It was beginning to wear on them.

Scene skip

"I have a plan. Just a few more minutes, Miya." If Minaka had more monsters like these, who could withstand his strongest Sekirei, Minato had to make more plans.

Or be thankful that he had gotten more than a dozen Sekirei. Hikari and Hibiki were hungry enough to pounce on Minato and between kisses, Minato felt his head spinning. The wings lit up the sky and when both had gotten their fill, they glared at their Ashikabi.

"You owe us for this."

"I owe you all and I promise to make it up to you. And I hate to ask but I need you girls to help Miya and Karasuba. Their foe can heal from any physical attack. I wonder what their foe will do when he gets fried by you."

Hikari and Hibiki didn't bother to question the orders. It was for the best when they would help out Miya. The Pillar was the only one standing against their foe. She was defending Karasuba whose sword had been broken and got slammed into the ground.

"Miya! Grab Karasuba and get out of the way!" Hibiki shouted as the hands of the twins joined.

"God's Song!"

Yume wasn't the only Single Number who would find herself impressed by her younger sisters. That Tikbalang got fried and the sadistic side of Miya enjoyed its death throes as Hikari and Hibiki fried that monster.

It fell down with a thud, making the earth rumble.

Miya scooped up Karasuba and she smiled back at them.

"I am beyond grateful you two showed up when you did. That monster proved more difficult than I was prepared for."

Hibiki found that the gratitude of Miya Asama was a welcome present.

"I think our Ashikabi can give you some energy. Hurry back, Miya. Me and my sister will hold watch here for a bit."

The debt towards the Thunder Twins kept on growing and Miya would make sure that they would be well compensated for their help.

"Thank you, girls."

The Pillar didn't have to run far with Karasuba but she would hurry nonetheless. The noises came from behind the twins and they found a shambling horde. Closer up, the rotting corpses made their skin crawl.

The way they moved and looked, was completely like the horror movies they heard MBI scientists tell about. There were gaping wounds, teeth missing, and rotting skin.

"Zombies, can't live with them" Hikari felt crackling energy

"Can't kill them." Hibiki felt her own bloodlust rising.

"But by God, we'll try." The twins chorused as their lighting fried those moving corpses.

They wouldn't fall. Not to this fodder

Scene skip

Miya didn't think of calling her Ashikabi if he would approve of this move. Karasuba didn't have her sword left and she was running on fumes.

That Tikbalang proved to be more dangerous than she believed. Next time, if Minaka threw them something, she couldn't defeat, she would ask for assistance from others.

The pairings her Ashikabi had chosen were logical and as much as it hurt Miya to admit it, she and Karasuba worked well together.

But next time, both she and Karasuba would need an elemental type. The Thunder Twins were nowhere her power level yet, with one blast, they killed the foe that Miya struggled on and it took out Karasuba.

Passing by the Inn, they would need to rebuild all the things that were destroyed.

"Miya." The voice of her Ashikabi sounded like the sweetest thing she heard all night.

"Hello, Minato." The Pillar knelt down and placed Karasuba on the ground.

"She's fine, just banged up." Ignoring the snicker from Yukari, Miya continued to talk.

"She'll need a kiss and I'll fetch her a new sword." Realizing her own blade was seriously chipped away, she would need another replacement.

"And so do I. I feel you want us back in the fray." Minato hadn't wasted any time as he kissed Karasuba, which made the Black Sekirei open her eyes and rejoin in the banter.

"It'll take more than a bad experiment to take me out, Miya."

Karasuba was in better shape than Karasuba was, something Minato was grateful for. Kusano was still out like a light and Shiina didn't look like he was ready for another fight.

But unfortunately, the precautions they had taken, sealing in the house, was now proving to be their undoing.

"Minato," Miya didn't have to fully speak the request before Minato figured it out.

"Cut it down if you can, Miya. It's better you go back out to fight."

The Ashikabi replied as he enjoyed the sight of Miya's swordplay.

"Then toss it my way, sister. We got guests."

Guests in the form of goblins whose laughter was demented and that was putting it in the mildest form possible.

Karasuba had gotten on her feet and without even turning around, she grabbed the sword that Miya threw her way.

"Ashikabi," the way Karasuba spoke, made Minato shiver in all the right ways.

"Tear them to pieces, Karasuba."

When Karasuba ran over to the goblins, Minato reminded himself to get information from Matsu and Yahan.

"Matsu, anything urgent going on?"

There was a dry chuckle from the Brain Sekirei.

"Almost thought you forgot about me. The situation is a lot better than I had guessed before, Mina-tan. Our elemental sisters are holding the line. I believe that we only had three big monsters coming our way. They only have to deal with the lesser monsters so to speak."

Minato let out a breath he didn't know that he was holding in.

"Let me know if that situation changes. Yahan, how does it look at Yume's end?"

That delightful purr reminded Minato of a cat.

"Same as Matsu. Just the rabble to take care of. Akitsu is a beast. She works well with the two Eights. As for the Thunder Twins, they have zombies coming their way. Those things are proving more difficult. They are out of harm's way but there are more coming our way."

Miya had gotten out of the house and Karasuba was joining the Pillar as she gratefully took another sword.

"Then it'll be up to us to finish the rest."

Checking his watch, Minato began to hope for sunrise. Two more hours left.

"I would prefer that yes."

There were more pairs who were fighting through the night. About Homura, he couldn't help him but Tsukiumi had been fighting for a while without a second kiss. So were Yume and Musubi.

"Hikari, Hibiki. New assignment. When Miya and Karasuba are back. Go help Akitsu. Yume, and Musubi, fall back to the Inn. You two can use another power-up."

Matsu chuckled about that new idea.

"Smart thinking, Mina-tan. Might I suggest that you send the two to help out Homura and let Tsukiumi fall back? She wouldn't admit it but there is no harm in an extra bit of loving for her."

Minato was happy that he got Matsu to help him with thinking about that.

"I'll use your words, smart thinking, Matsu."

Miya wasn't offended that Minato was thinking ahead. He was holding up better than she would have guessed.

"Let's go, Karasuba."

The Black Sekirei would be damn sure she got her pound of flesh when this was all over.

Scene skip

Yume and Musubi were all too happy for another kiss as there were more and more of the lizardmen had come their way but Miya and Karasuba had taken over for that duty.

Just like the other creatures, they made up for their weakness by sheer numbers. It was like getting swarmed by insects.

The Sekirei of Fate wanted another kiss, even after her wings had come out. Musubi had tackled Yukari to the ground and the violent making out made Minato blush.

If they weren't in the middle of a war, her brother would say that it was a pleasant image to see a busty brunette shoving her tongue down his sister's throat.

When it was finally done, the two pairings of Sekirei went in the opposite direction from which they came.

Tsukiumi could use another kiss when she got back.

"How much longer, Minato?"

The Ashikabi wanted the answer to that question as well.

"He said, night. I hope it ends by sunrise. I'm getting tired." Yukari's yawn signaled she was right with her brother on the remark.

"Ag," she yawned again, stifling her next lines "Agreed, Nii-chan. I wanna crawl into my bed and drag Musubi-chan and Shiina with it. And do some fun stuff, next night."

Minato really didn't want to picture what his little sister would do with his Sekirei although he agreed that he wanted the same.

"You and me both, Yukari. Although, I just wonder about something." Pausing for a moment, the eldest Sahashi looked at the first ray of orange.

"Why don't we hear a thing from our mum?" Yukari blinked and her mind began to process those words, despite the fatigue. Her brother was right.

Their mother would have stepped in, especially after the bridge and all the other stuff. Minato's mind was brought back to what he did with his mother.

Oh, he didn't want to think about that. And if he left morality out of the whole equation, Takami wouldn't be out from that sort of thing, even if it had been a while.

'There has to be at least fourteen hours since I saw her. No way mum is still recovering from that.'

"You know what? I'll give her a call." Yukari had her phone out and began to dial the number. Some would hate to be called four in the morning but both siblings believed that their mother would forgive them.

Well, for calling early. Not for the whole thing of not calling their attack. Minato kept his breath in, waiting for the voice of their mother to come through.

But nothing came through.

"She doesn't answer." The horrible pit in their stomachs only grew but there was not much that either sibling could do at that point. The night wasn't over yet and there was no telling if there would be more monsters coming their way.

"Tsukiumi and Homura coming your way. Yume and Musubi got their hands on some goblins. I can tell they are having fun in tearing those bastards to pieces."

Well, it was good they enjoyed themselves. Joy kept someone awake, better than fear at least.

"Matsu, how does it look, aside from that? Yahan, want to hear your voice as well?"

The Brain Sekirei spoke before the Sekirei of Shadow.

"I'm looking at the elemental types. So far, Kazehana and Uzume are happy with the backup. They are moping up what is left of the goblins and zombies but it appears there aren't more coming our way."

That was the best news he heard all night.

"Keep up the perimeter, girls. Yahan, let me how things are on the other side?"

Before he could receive an answer, Yahan came barreling through the shadows.

"Yahan, what the?"

There was a shiver and it looked like she had seen one of the worst nightmares that any could imagine.

"Can't, sorry, Ashikabi-sama. Can't. Shadows. Can't control it. Not normal. Must be Minaka. They." Wrapping her in a tight hug, he could feel her heartbeat going into overdrive. This wasn't normal and the Ashikabi guessed that their foe used a dirty trick.

"Ssh, it's okay. It's okay, it's fine. If you say it's too dangerous, then it is. The big monsters have been taken out."

With her big brother occupied, Yukari took over duties. He could order her Sekirei so the little sister found that she could do the same with his Sekirei.

"Girls, listen up. Yahan is freaking out over here. She just got the worst of something. Nii-chan is calming her down. I'm taking over duties"

There was no protest so Yukari continued to talk. Her brother wasn't the only genius.

"Akitsu, fall back to the Inn, Tsukiumi and Homura will join you here."

She waited until she heard from the three before she continued to talk.

"Thank thee, Yukari." Tsukiumi answered for her and her partner.

"On my way now, Yukari." She was relieved that Akitsu checked in

"Miya, you and Karasuba are going to help the twins. I doubt that our foe will throw something else at us."

The Pillar addressed her sister-in-law. "That'll be fine, Yukari. Thank you."

At least, she didn't have to deal with Karasuba.

"Kazehana, you are holding the line with Uzume. Musubi and Yume will reinforce you." The Wind Flower knew she had good reasons to like that girl.

"Thank you, Yukari-chan."

The younger Ashikabi watched Minato rocking Yahan, whispering sweet nothings in her ear, hoping to calm her down.

One eye went to her and he nodded at her.

"Thanks, Yukari."

On cue, Akitsu, Homura, and Tsukiumi found themselves at the Inn. The Waterdere and Fire Sekirei looked incredibly winded while Akitsu just raised an eyebrow at the show that she was witnessing. Yahan always seemed so composed.

"Just a moment, Tsukiumi. As soon as." The words were cut off as a giant blob shot out of the sewers. A giant slime monster, one that must have escaped attention and used the underground to find its way to the Inn.

"Oh, fuck!" Minato rolled out of the way, with Yahan in his grasp. Shiina grabbed Yukari and his deathly grip made dust from the slime.

Unfortunately, for Akitsu, Homura, and Tsukiumi, their battles had taken their toll on them. They couldn't avoid the capture from the monster and they were pulled right into the gooey exterior.

"Shit!" Homura cursed

"Damn thee!" Tsukiumi hated that dirty feeling

"Annoying." Even in this situation, Akitsu didn't show too much emotion.

"Girls!" Minato's eyes bugled out of his skull as he watched the slime and its effects.

The clothes from the three were melted, right off them and the only thing they had left, was just their naked bodies for show.

A mutual embarrassment spread over the three.


"Husband, don't look!"


Yukari didn't know what she had to think.

She was, on one hand, affronted and disgusted by the monster and what its slime did to clothes. On the other hand, she was sure that she couldn't see the naked bodies of Akitsu, Tsukiumi, and Homura anytime soon so she was saving the images on a personal mind bank.

Minato watched how the slime pushed the bodies around. The legs of the girls were spread as the slime pressed onto their pussies while it jerked the cock of Homura.

The high pitch in the Flame Sekirei "Gross!" could only be done if something was entering the ass of a man.

Or was there something else?

Not the right time to think about that.

Twisting the bodies around, the slime was grabbing the faces of Tsukiumi and Akitsu. The faces were turned and lips were pushed against each other.

With their mouths kissing and their tits pressed against each other, Tsukiumi and Akitsu moaned, especially with how their entire bodies were being assaulted.

In any other circumstances, Minato would have loved to see Tsukiumi and Akitsu making out. Preferably if he was making them moan by shoving his cock in their cunts and not some gross slime monster that was doing this to them.

Homura was even pressed closer to them.

"No, no, no, not like this! You cannot!" His screams were unanswered as Tsukiumi's blonde mop was turned in his direction.

The first kiss of Homura ever was his rival and it showed that neither of the two enjoyed the kiss despite Tsukiumi's obvious skill and expertise on the kissing and the way the slime moved his jaws and lips around.

Minato wondered briefly why he only felt embarrassment for the two, not disgust or arousal as a man would usually feel when she was kissing…

Wait, wrong time again.

Shiina tapped on his shoulder and the attention from the show shifted to the Death Sekirei.

"Minato, do you want me to do something about this?"

The blushing Ashikabi looked back at him and wondered how the guy could stay this composed. Must be because he was banging his sister.

"You can guarantee that your powers won't hurt Tsukiumi, Homura and

Shiina nodded again and Minato found that the slime had its fun for too long.

It wasn't nice when someone touched toys that weren't his to play with. The slime was so preoccupied with its obvious enjoyment that it didn't notice the Sekirei of Death getting near it.

"Decay." The powers that Shiina commanded made the Slime dissolve, causing the three Sekirei to drop on the ground, naked, embarrassed, and covered with juices.

Tsukiumi couldn't look in Minato's direction, a sentiment shared with Homura who also looked away. Yukari wiped away her bloody nose as she found the kissing and the sight of the two women and one man to be very arousing and stimulating.

If she was still single, those two minutes would be something she would think back on when she fingered herself.

Akitsu also covered her body up with her arms and the blushing was even more defined on her end.

"As Ashikabi, all of us in the garden will agree that we will never talk about this violation again. Any objections?"

"No!" The chorus of four women and two men echoed through the garden. Minato would also make it clear to Matsu that this event would never be relayed.

"You three can take a bath. I didn't hear anything urgent so I." Minato found his phone ringing. It wouldn't come from any of his Sekirei so that narrowed it down to a few others.

"Go take a bath, you three." That was something none would disagree with and Minato would talk Miya out of maiming Homura as it was in Minato's stead the Sekirei of Flames was now bathing with two of Minato's Sekirei.

"Hello, hello, Minato-kun. I have to say congrats and thank you. You have survived through the night. All is forgiven on your latest transgression, you naughty, little shit and I thank you for taking care of the rejects." Minato found that he was too tired to argue with the Game Master.

"You are saying there won't be more monsters coming our direction?"

The CEO of MBI let out his bombastic laughs as he listened to Minato's words. Truly, an amazing Ashikabi.

"No, I am many things but not a liar. You lived through this night and the show was all too entertaining. Especially that slime."

"Spread the video of my Sekirei and I'll let Miya, Karasuba, and my mother destroy you." That audible gulp shut Minaka up.

"Fine, fine, spoilsport. Now, the sun is rising. I bid you goodnight and I believe that you will let your Sekirei enjoy the night. I bid you a good rest."

Minato began to wonder if it wouldn't just be better to let someone kill Minaka. It would save so many others the trouble.

"I suggest we call the others back, with this being over." Yukari was just as annoyed as her older brother who shook his head.

"Let's wait ten minutes. Then I want you to knock on the bathroom to hear if my Sekirei are bathing. They have been embarrassed enough."

Scratching her cheek, Yukari followed the logic of her older brother.

"Can't argue with that, Nii-chan." A yawn escaped from both their mouths as they wanted nothing more than to crash in a bed and later have fun times with their Sekirei.

Minato also found that he could take a breath and listen to his allies.

It was getting to six in the morning, about the time that most were awake.

The first he called was Nishi. It only took two rings before the Sekirei of the West took the call.


"Morning, Sanada. Minato here."

It only took a moment before his counterpart responded.

"Aniki, good morning. How is it hanging?" Minato was glad that Sanada was in good spirits. It proved that he had a good night.

"I need to see you, Nishi. Let's set up a meeting, tomorrow around noon. Place we met before?"

His subordinate gulped when he heard that.

"Aight can do, aniki. It must be damn serious." Minato would tell him at that place what their problems were.

"You can say that again. Thank you, Sanada."

When the eldest Sahashi called Hayato, it was the usual voicemail. Well, early morning and all. The voicemail was short.

"Hayato, I need to see you in two days. Place we met Sanada. You'll get an hour later."

Then Minato called in his Sekirei.

"Everyone, the fruitcake called. Our fight is over. I say you all come home and we go to sleep."

He didn't hear anything from his Flock but it only took two minutes before they all came home.

Miya and Karasuba both walked back in and even though they had fought, they hadn't lost their pride. Yume carried Musubi back in a bridal carry as the girl was dead asleep. Uzume was supported by Kazehana, Yahan had fallen asleep next to Kusano, and Hikari and Hibiki were leaning on each other.

"Where are Akitsu, Tsukiumi and Homura?" Miya remarked as she didn't find them. Yukari came back outside.

"Already inside. They fought a slime monster and got dirty, right before you arrived." A white lie but Minato didn't find a reason to get mad at his younger sister.

She wasn't lying about the slime monster.

"Given that I didn't hear from you about new encounters and that they were out of the fight, I let them take a bath. Now, I suggest we just close the Inn, take a bath, get clean, and get some sleep. We'll just have to."

Out came Homura, already dressed in more comfortable clothing, like a shirt and trousers while drying his hair.

Minato couldn't deny that the white-haired Sekirei had great sex appeal. Fuck, why was he thinking like that?

"I already got out. Thank you for that, Sahashi. I believe you all."

A galloping horde of wildebeests was nothing compared to the Flock of Minato Sahashi as they raced to the bathroom. Miya had been so kind to grab Kusano along and pull her for a nice washing.

The Flame Sekirei looked over the Ashikabi and walked over to him.

"Thank you for keeping quiet. Now, if you could excuse me, I am going to take a nap as well." Minato nodded back to him.

"Thank you for the help. I think it'd be a lot more difficult without you around." The Flame Sekirei had to admit. Minato was one hell of an Ashikabi.

"Now, I'm going to crawl into my own room and hope that I can forget the violation I have been in." More didn't need to be said and Minato watched how he left

Shiina yawned as he felt fatigue hitting him as well. But that open mouth gave Yukari the perfect opportunity to start kissing him and shoving her tongue down his throat.

Minato turned away as he had seen enough things that made him question what camp he really played for.

He would later thank his Sekirei for their incredible help and the fact they made it through. Plus, if he was honest, he was all in for another bout of good fun.

It would be nothing but appropriate to commit incredibly inappropriate and immoral acts to his lovers.

'We are not that easy to take down.'

But crashing down on the ground, Minato began to think.

The last 48 hours had been nothing but a complete menace to him.

From the escape on the bridge to the whole debacle with his mother to keep his Sekirei happy to this night.

And he only got about four hours of sleep.

The adrenaline wore off from his body and it hit his body like a sledgehammer and like a junkie who dropped from his high, Minato found that it had been a few crazy days.

Sending a message to his two lieutenants, he would ask them for a meeting within a couple more days. None of his Sekirei would be up for moving around.

Then there was one for his mother.

'If you read this, mum, I have been up for more than twenty-four hours and on just four hours of sleep. We had a horrific night. I'd like to talk to you but for now, let me rest.'

The only thing that Minato could hope for, was that his Sekirei wouldn't mind that he'd fuck them silly two days from that point instead of tomorrow.

There would be no way that he would get his cock up, let alone for eleven women who wanted a roll in the hay.

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