Summary: The portal malfunctioned and Danny has found himself in the world of Hell. A completely different dimension than the Ghost Zone, but he has to find his way back home before he gets sucked into this little world. Join Danny as he learns to make friends and enemies in the Hazbin Hotel. Rated M for language and some sexual innuendos, drugs and whatever else is bad.

Rated M: For inappropriate language, sexual innuendos, use of drugs, alcohol, and other stuff that people find sinful.

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom or Hazbin Hotel. Those characters belong to their proper creators.

Dedicated to Mademoiselle-Star2018 for her wonderful idea

Chapter 1: Portal Malfunction

Danny jolted awake, his body shivering and cold from his sweat. His hair was matted down on his head as he ran a hand through it. He sighed as he tried to slow his heart rate. He couldn't remember what he was dreaming about, but that seemed to be a good thing. Usually his dreams were nightmares, or more specifically memories.

Danny stretched and took off his covers. He only was wearing his long john pj pants as the cold air hit him hard. Danny gave off a slight shiver and looked to the clock. It was only five A.M in the morning, later than he usually woke up from a nightmare or dream. He cracked his neck and took a deep breath. He began his morning workout and stretches.

Once he was done and pumped, Danny walked out of his room into the bathroom. He quickly took a shower and did what he needed to do. He walked out of the bathroom refreshed and somewhat more awake than he had been the entire week. Battling ghosts nonstop had to take their toll on a person, but Danny adapted pretty well for the past two years.

"Danny! Breakfast!" He heard Jazz call from downstairs and sighed. He hoped that Jazz wouldn't pick up cooking again. Even if Danny loved her, Jazz could not cook for her life. Danny quickly got dressed and headed downstairs. Jazz smiled at him as she handed a plate with almost burnt waffles. Danny raised an eyebrow at the barely edible food as Jazz smiled nervously.

"What? I didn't burn it this time." Danny chuckled as he shook his head.

"I think tomorrow I'm going to cook." Danny said as he dug into his waffles and sighed. They had no flavor at all, but it felt good to have something in his normally empty stomach. "But you did a good job Jazz." Jazz beamed. "It has no flavor at all." She whacked him with the spatula she had.

"I tried okay?" Jazz defended herself making Danny snicker. "Don't make me hit you again." Danny rolled his eyes as he looked at the stairs that led down to the basement. Then Maddie and Jack Fenton walked up into the kitchen.

"Morning Jazzy!" Jack bellowed, making Danny flinch. His sensitive hearing had gotten a bit more sensitive over time. "Morning, Danny!" Danny nodded at his father. "I made a new invention! The Fenton Ghost Zapper-"

"Sorry, Dad. Gotta head to school." Danny cut off Jack before anything related to ghosts could zap him and possibly cause him more harm.

"Oh, okay. Bye, son." Maddie said as Danny nodded. Danny walked out the door and looked to the clear sky. Don't get him wrong. He loves his parents, it's just that his relationship with his parents became more distant since his ghost powers. He wanted to tell them, but he was more afraid of what they would do if they found out. Doesn't help with the GIW always on his fucking ass.

"Hey, Danny!" He looked up to see his two best friends, Sam Manson and Tucker Foley. Sam Manson was known as the resident Goth girl who was secretly really rich, but only Danny and Tucker knew that. Tucker Foley was known for his geekiness with technology, having some weird obsession with it. But Danny didn't mind. They were the best of friends and that mattered more to Danny than what others called them. Besides, he was known as the high school freak.

"Hey, guys." Danny hadn't even noticed that he was walking towards school, but that's what happens when your body is used to going on auto-pilot. Sam and Tucker exchanged nervous glances as Danny looked around.

"Did you study for Lancer's quiz?" Danny facepalmed. He had fallen asleep last night and hadn't gotten any work done at all.

"No...stupid ghost attacks kept me up last night." Sam sighed and Tucker frowned.

"Dude, remember you still have me and Sam to help you." Danny's core shifted at that advice. When Danny had visited Frostbite for just a little ice training, Frostbite had asked him what his obsession was. Danny didn't know how to answer since he was half-ghost he just assumed that he didn't have one. But then Frostbite had pointed out that Vladimir had an obsession with Danny's mother and him. Danny had taken that to heart and went to Clockwork.

Clockwork had let Danny find out eventually, but not without a few subtle hints here and there. Danny had a weird obsession with protecting the innocent. Not just his family and friends he was protective of, it was basically anyone who was in need of help. Danny had figured that's what kept propelling him to protect the town and fight any ghosts that tried to rule the world.

"Danny?" Tucker said snapping Danny out of his thoughts. "You okay?" Danny nodded with a shy smile.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. Um...I'll just wing Lancer's quiz." But this did nothing to soothe Sam's or Tucker's worries. They were worried for their friend who was slowly becoming more and more distant. The bell rang making the three of them split up to their separate classes until English. Danny walked into Mr. Falluca's class and took the farthest seat from the front, but the closest to the back door. It was just Danny's nerves about knowing the different exits.

Mr. Falluca began to teach the class and Danny's mind slowly blinked out of existence. He couldn't focus on the class as he had his own thoughts to take care of. I know, priorities right? Danny wondered if there were other dimensions like the Ghost Zone. Well, maybe not the same, but you know what he means. Maybe there was an alternate dimension where he was a girl and everyone else was their opposite gender. Would Dani's name be Danny and he would be the clone?

Suddenly a chill rode up his spine, snapping Danny back into reality. He looked down at his mouth and saw a blue wisp of cold air escape. Danny mentally groaned as he rose his hand. He knew that Mr. Falluca could see him out of the corner of his eye as he sighed.

"Yes, Mr. Fenton?" Mr. Falluca asked, but he already knew what Danny was going to ask.

"May I go to the restroom?" Mr. Falluca waved his hand dismissing Danny who stood up and was out the door. Danny looked around or anyone and once the coast the clear, he changed into his ghost form, Danny Phantom, though now he stuck more to Phantom. He flew into the air looking for the ghost who escaped from the zone.

"BEWARE!" Phantom took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. He was pissed. The fucking Box Ghost couldn't just give him one hour to himself without making a complete fool of himself. He flew towards the voice which was in a cardboard box factory. Why was there even one in Amity Park? Phantom, no pay attention. Ghost then back to school, a place where you're failing anyways.

"Boxy, couldn't you just give me one hour to myself? I mean, I'm half human. I still got school to worry about." Phantom said floating above the Box Ghost. Boxy turned to look at Phantom and wiggled his fingers.

"BEWARE! For I am the Box Ghost. Master of all things rectangular and square. Today Phantom, you shall face your doom!" Boxes behind Boxy began to float towards Phantom who just turned intangible and let the boxes float through him.

"I'm really not in the mood today, Boxy. Just get into the thermos and I'll shove you back into the Ghost Portal once I get home." Phantom unclipped the Fenton Thermos from his belt and pointed it at the Box Ghost. A blue light shot out and engulfed Boxy.

"NO! I WILL BE BACK!" Once Boxy was fully sucked into the thermos, Phantom placed the cap on and sighed.

"Annoying." Then his phone started ringing. He took it out and looked at the Caller ID, then he answered. "Jazz?"

"Danny?" Something in her voice lurched Phantom into a worried mess.

"Jazz? What's wrong? Are you okay?" There was a bit of static from Jazz's end which made Phantom worry even more.

"There's something wrong with the portal, Mom and Dad aren't home and I don't know what to do." Jazz sounded really spooked. Phantom looked in the direction of the school and nodded.

"I'm right on my way." He ended the call and flew into the air. As he flew towards FentonWorks, he made sure to text Sam and Tucker what was happening and to get his stuff. He phased into his house and down into the lab. There Jazz was standing in the middle of the lab biting her nail. He knew Jazz only did that when she was really nervous.

"Jazz?" She jumped and turned around pointing an ecto-blaster at his face. She had gotten better with her reflexes since she found out and Phantom smiled. "Good reflexes." Jazz took a deep breath and lowered her gun.

"Thanks, and sorry." Phantom shrugged off the apology and then looked at the portal. There was really a distinct change. The portal's usual green swirls had changed into red swirls. Little bits of electricity was sprouting out, but not hitting anything. Phantom frowned, maybe some ghost messed with it. Possibly Technus, but he knew better than to mess with one of the only two portals of the Zone. It was probably an unknown ghost.

"What do you think?" Phantom rubbed his chin and sighed.

"I don't know. I've never seen the portal act like this. I wonder where it leads." Phantom walked a bit closer to it, despite Jazz's protests. Then something inside him clicked. It was beckoning him, just to touch the portal and see what was on the other side.

"-anny? DANNY!" Phantom blinked as he turned to Jazz, but it was too late. His finger already touched the portal. He turned back to see that another hand grasped his and pulled him. He wasn't ready for the sudden pull and was yanked into the portal. Suddenly, he was falling.

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