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Summary: The portal malfunctioned and Danny has found himself in the world of Hell. A completely different dimension than the Ghost Zone, but he has to find his way back home before he gets sucked into this little world. Join Danny as he learns to make friends and enemies in the Hazbin Hotel. Rated M for language and some sexual innuendos, drugs and whatever else is bad.

Rated M: For inappropriate language, sexual innuendos, use of drugs, alcohol, and other stuff that people find sinful.

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom or Hazbin Hotel. Those characters belong to their proper creators.

Dedicated to Mademoiselle-Star2018 for her wonderful idea

"Regular talking"

"Demonic Voice"


Voice in the head

Chapter 8: Peaceful Negotiations.

His core throbbed. It was an uncomfortable feeling and he hated it. He wasn't the only ghost to feel this way. He knew Skulker felt this whenever he didn't hunt Phantom after a certain amount of time. Ember felt this whenever she wasn't playing music in front of an audience. Even Spectra felt this when she didn't keep up her appearance. Now thinking about it, he wondered if Clockwork ever felt this? He shook his head, now was not the time to think about that. He had to focus on what was at stake, Angel Dust.

He had arrived at the hotel not too long after his talk with Cherri Bomb and was now in his room pacing back and forth, like some kind of evil mastermind. He was processing everything he was told and trying so hard not to fucking rip out Valentino's fucking dick! Okay, he should not be thinking of doing things like that, he is a hero/menace, depending on what the public thought of him.

Phantom clenched and unclenched his fist multiple times. He just couldn't sit still, it was like he was plagued by ADHD. That wasn't a bad thing, he was just comparing to what he felt like to a well known disease... Right? Did he just offend anyone with ADHD? If he did, then Phantom gave a mental apology to all those who have it. Now back to his thoughts. He thought back to what Cherri had told him.

~Flashback (Courtesy of Clockwork)~

"I won't tell you the whole story, but I'll tell you what you need to know." Cherri said as Phantom nodded. "But you have to promise that you won't tell Angel a fucking word. Got it!" She held up a lit bomb in his face and Phantom paled.

"I get it! Just please but the damn bomb away!" Phantom pleaded as Cherri threw the bomb behind her, causing a huge explosion behind her. Debris flew everywhere and Cherri just ignored it.

"Well, when Angel came down to Hell, he was confused. Just like everyone. We didn't know where we were, but we knew that we were in Hell someway or another." Cherri began as Phantom listened with rapt attention. "Angel was alone. His family was already down here and treated him like shit, no different to how they treated him when they were alive. So Angel decided to go on his own. Problem is...you need money to get shit done around here." Phantom looked at the wall, covered in dripping alcohol.

"It's the same on Earth too. You need money to survive." Phantom added making Cherri nod.

"But his family didn't give him anything. No money, no food, no home. Angel was out on the streets barely surviving day by day. It was his own personal Hell." Cherri stopped for a minute and closed her eye. "Then he met Valentino. Valentino took Angel in and practically gave him everything he needed. Food, money, drugs... Everything you can dream for." Phantom thought back to his future self.

"It's like when you lose everything and so desperate to get what you need." Phantom licked his lips and bit his bottom lip. "It's intoxicating, addictive." Cherri rubbed her arms.

"But then, Angel started doing pornography. And I don't know how Angel felt, but he was doing it all for Valentino. And that piece of horse shit did some unforgivable things to Angel. It scarred him forever." Phantom closed his eyes and a picture of Him popped up. He quickly opened his eyes and took a deep breath.

"And nothing like that ever fades." Cherri turned to Phantom.

"I know that Angel might seem like an egotistical, stubborn, slutty piece of shit, but he's gone through so much. Everyone down here that came from the world of the living, has gone through shit that left us this way. Angel only acts like that because he's protecting himself. He has no one to protect him." Cherri said as she looked Phantom in the eyes. "When you came into Angel's life, unexpectedly, something changed within him. He may want to fuck you, but he does care about you." Phantom couldn't hold the stare she was giving him and looked down.

"What if...I can't live up to be a protector for Angel? I..." Phantom sighed and scratched the back of his neck. Cherri shrugged.

"Look, I don't know what you think of Angel and as his only friend, I just want Angel to be happy. He deserves this after a lifetime of suffering. Valentino hurt Angel so bad and I can't begin to describe the things he did to him. But Phantom...please promise me that you'll save him. You're the only he'll listen to." The amount of pleading in her voice really got to him. Angel Dust really suffered at this demon's hands and it just made him angry that someone would take advantage of him. He took a deep breath and stood up.

"I understand." He looked down at Cherri who was still sitting down. "Angel is lucky to have a friend like you." He gave her a small smile as she stood up.

"Don't get on mushy on me, Phantom. But thanks." Cherri gave him a toothy grin showing off all her sharp teeth. "And if you ever say a word about what I told you to anyone, your dick is gone." Phantom gulped and nodded quickly. That was a body part he would love to keep, thank you very much. Then Cherri did something unexpected, she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "See you around, Phantom." Then she quickly ran away, jumping onto the roof using one of her bombs.

But Phantom couldn't help but feel that his face was burning.

~End of Flashback~

What was he going to do? Angel Dust locked himself in his room and demon in the hotel was gunning to even help him. Sitting in your own suffering always took a toll on the person. He should know. He's done it for years. Fighting ghosts by himself. Sam, Tucker, and Jazz couldn't help. He wouldn't let them get hurt because of something he had the power to stop. But Angel was hurting himself.

No one truly understood Angel except for Cherri, but since he didn't know those two's full story, he couldn't compare them. He could feel the same things that Angel had gone through, but they were different experiences. Angel was like him. Hiding behind a persona, locking away their true feelings. Phantom felt an obligation to help Angel because maybe if he helped Angel, he could help himself.

Phantom took a deep breath and walked out of his room and down the hallway. There was a red door with a sign that had Angel's name on it. He knocked on the door and waited for an answer. There was nothing, but silence.

"Angel?" He softly asked, not to spook Angel more than necessary. With his advanced hearing, he could hear slight shuffling around, possibly on the bed. That immediately gave the assumption that Angel was in the room.

"I know you're in there, Angel. I understand what you're going through." Phantom placed his hand against the door. "I don't know what you've gone through, but I heard about Valentino. I don't know what Vox did to you, but I will do whatever it takes to help you. I may have not known you for long, but I'm your friend. Cherri cares about you and so does Charlie and Vaggie though she may seem to not like you." There was some more shuffling and then a thump.

"Angel, are you alright?" He asked for a response. Anything? There was a whimper and Phantom thought the worst. "Hold on, Angel." Phantom's eye flash green and his fist was coated in electric green. Then he swung his fist against the door, making a hole big enough for Phantom to crawl inside. Well, it may have been smarter to go intangible, but then they might have asked how he got through. He just needed to be sure that they didn't ask any questions.

"Angel?" He looked around found everything a mess. Clothes were thrown on the floor and makeup littered the floor. Even though he had known Angel for a day, Angel didn't see like that kind of demon to make a mess of everything he owned. "Angel?" He walked around the bed to see something moving in the sheets. It was way too small to be Angel and was squirming. Phantom reached down and removed the covers to see a pig?

"Oink?" It tilted his head so cutely making Phantom's heart throb.

"How the fuck are you so cute?" Phantom petted the pig on the head noticed the mysterious point on the end of its tail and some horns on its buttocks. "Oh, you're a demon pig." The pig oinked cutely once again as if agreeing to what he was saying. "Um...do you know where your owner is?" The pig turned around and trotted, Phantom thought it was the cutest thing ever, and stared at the open window. Phantom blinked for a minute before he realized, Angel ran away.

"Phantom? What are you going? Why is there a hole in the door?" Phantom jumped and turned around to see everyone, except Alastor. Everyone was trying to look through the hole trying to figure out what happened. He gulped and stood up as the demon pig nudged his leg. "What happened here?" Phantom turned around and he felt anger boil within him.

"I'm going to go save Angel." Phantom walked towards the open window, before Charlie ran in front of him, blocking his way.

"You can't just go and get Angel! Wherever he is!" Charlie explained as Phantom stared down at her.

"He's in danger. I can't just sit here and do nothing." Phantom argued as Vaggie walked next to Charlie.

"But you also can't just go against Valentino who is, may I remind you, one of the powerful demons in Hell!" Vaggie said trying to convince Phantom. Phantom huffed and crossed his arms.

"Then what do you expect me to do?" Phantom asked with an annoyed look. Charlie folded her arms around her back with a thoughtful smirk on her face. Vaggie facepalmed.

"Please don't say what I'm think you're going to say." Vaggie said as Charlie's smirk grew wider.

"We could go to Valentino and persuade him to give Angel back." Charlie suggested as Vaggie sighed. Phantom could understand, he was already getting a headache from his obsession not being fulfilled.

"Look. I know I'm sometimes optimistic, but I highly doubt that talking to Valentino will even listen to you, even if you're the princess of Hell." Phantom said making Charlie's smile dim a little.

"Well, you don't know until you try!" Charlie said with her smile newly brightened as Phantom looked at Vaggie shrugged.

"Best to go along with her when she gets like that." Vaggie said with a almost nonexistent smile. Phantom couldn't argue with that. Charlie's positive attitude could be a little intoxicating. Well a lot since he was a ghost and half of his kind feed of emotions, not that he did it a lot anyways.

"Alrighty then." Phantom smiled at Charlie who beamed. He placed his hand on the princess's head and tilted his head to the side. "We'll do it your way first, Charlie." He looked away and looked at Vaggie who shrugged. "But if he doesn't give Angel back, I'm using brute force." He didn't notice the light blush on Charlie's face as he took her hand off her head.

"You always play the hero, but have so much potential to become the villain." Kulpo said as Phantom frowned. HE appeared in his mind, but Phantom immediately pushed him away. He wasn't ever going to become the villain. Phantom looked down at his fist and clenched it. He made a promise and he would keep it till the end of his days.

"Shall we get moving?"

Charlie didn't know what she was going to do. She watched as demons and buildings passed by from the window of her car. Charlie was extremely nervous as she had met the Three Vs. Vox, Valentino, and Velvet. Each of them were bloodthirsty and wouldn't hesitate to end anyone that threatened their business. And Angel Dust was Valentino's business. She knew that it would come down to a fight between him and Phantom.

She looked up to see Phantom who sat across from her with his eyes closed. His silver hair was swaying to one side, but there was no wind at all in the car. She truly wondered if Phantom could take on Valentino. He had told some of his ghost hunting stories, but she didn't know how powerful the beings he fought.

The car slowed to a stop in front of the tall round building, the Porn Studios. The door opened as Razzle and Dazzle stood there looking at her. Her familiars that helped her through everything. Charlie gave them a soft smile and patted their heads.

"We're here." Charlie said as the others got out of the car. Nifty decided she still had to clean around the house, so she stayed behind. Husk just tagged along because of the impending fight.

"Porn Studios? Such an original name." Phantom said as Vaggie and Husk chuckled.

"Razzle. Dazzle. You two stay with the car." Charlie ordered as her familiars nodded and got back inside the car. Charlie took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. She was scared. Valentino was someone that she did not want to offend, but Phantom was determined to get back Angel Dust. And so was she. She would help Angel Dust through whatever he was going through. She turned to the group and gave them a big smile. "Let's go save, Angel!" Phantom patted her shoulder and walked past her. Her face heated up a bit and then she forced it down. She followed after Phantom with Vaggie next to her.

"It'll be alright, Charlie." Vaggie said making Charlie smile. Vaggie was always there to keep her sane and calm. Giving her advice that she never truly listened to.

"Thanks, Vaggie." They walked through the front door and it looked kind of busy. Demons were bustling everywhere and Phantom immediately walked up to the front desk. The demoness behind the counter looked up from her computer to see Phantom. Immediately a seductive smile laced the demoness's lips as she leaned forward to show off her assets.

"What can I do for you, handsome?" The demoness asked with a lick of her lips. Charlie narrowed her eyes at the demoness before Vaggie held her hand to calm her down.

"I'm here to see Angel Dust." Phantom said as the demoness frowned a bit, but then returned to her seductive self.

"Angel Dust is a bit...preoccupied right now. If you want attention-" She stood up and leaned forward. "I'm available." Phantom leaned back and took a deep breath.

"Is Valentino in then? I must speak with him. It's about business." Phantom said as the demoness sat back down with a frown on her face.

"Top floor." Phantom nodded his head and walked away towards the elevator with everyone behind him. The doors opened and they all walked inside.

"The nerve of that demoness!" Charlie exclaimed as soon as the doors closed. Phantom chuckled, but she could see him blushing. "You liked it!" Phantom chuckled and shrugged.

"I am male after all, plus I've never had someone so forward to me before that was female. Angel Dust does not count." Phantom explained with a slight smile on his face.

"Let's just get this fucking over with." The elevator pinged as the doors opened. Red smoke filled the room as moaning filled her ears. Charlie blushed a deep red as she followed behind Phantom. They walked around there was the moth demon, Valentino sitting on the couch watching a porno with two demonesses beside him. Angel Dust was no where to be found, but she stared at Valentino who smiled.

"Ah...I've been waiting for you, Princess." Valentino smiled as the demonesses next to him smiled maliciously.

"Valentino." Charlie said quickly. She did not want to be in the same room as this digusting demon.

"Hello, I am Phantom." Phantom said as Valentino's eyes shifted over to Phantom. Charlie looked over at him to see Phantom shaking, but he was standing tall. Could he not feel the amount of energy that Valentino was giving off.

"I've heard about you from Vox. Now I know the name of the demon that my dear Angel has been hanging out with." Valentino stood up ignoring the complaints of the two demons on the couch still.

"I've come to take Angel back where he belongs." Valentino narrowed his eyes and lowered his heart shaped glasses.

"Belongs?" Valentino chuckled. "I'm afraid I misunderstood you. He is already where he belongs. Why don't you tell them, Angel Cakes." Valentino turned around and Charlie looked over to see Angel Dust. But this wasn't the Angel Dust that she knew.

He was paler than normal and that look in his eyes was haunting. Something was terribly wrong with Angel Dust. And she did not like there this was going.

Footsteps echoed down the dark corridor as the figure passed by cells. Hands reached out towards the figures moaning and groaning with unintelligible words. The figure didn't even bother to look at the inhabitants until he stopped at the cell at the end of the corridor. Chains rattled as bright yellow eyes with silts as irises stared at the figure.

"I'm closer than ever to my plan, brother." The figure smirked evilly as he leaned towards the prisoner.

"I am not your brother!" The prisoner lashed out, but the chains effectively held back along with their own little surprise. "ARGH!" The chains glowed a faint white burning the prisoner's wrists.

"Don't be that way, brother. After all, you are my little baby brother. The favorite child." The figure said as he banged his fist against the metal beams of the cell. The sound reverberating throughout the prison. "Which is why I give you the newest toys we have." The prisoner narrowed his eyes at his older brother, glowing with hatred and anger.

"You will never get away with this. Someone will stop you." The Prisoner's older brother chuckled until it became loud laughter.

"Stop me? There is no one powerful enough to stop me, not those pesky descendants of yours. Not those pathetic humans. Not even the Angels. No one will stop me from achieving my goals." The figure turned around.

"That's where you're wrong." The figure stopped. "There will always be someone to stop you. And when they do, I will burn you-" The prisoner stopped talking as soon as a glowing sword was shoved into his mouth. It didn't burn him, but he could feel the heat.

"I'll watch everything you care about burn first, before I die." The sword was removed from the prisoner's mouth as the figure continued to walk away.

"What happened to you, Gabriel?" The figure continued to walk down the corridor and turned to look at the inhabitants of the cells.

"Archangel Gabriel." He turned to see an angel running towards him as Gabriel's face returned to his relaxing smile, expertly hiding away his true face. "We need you to check over everything for next Cleanse. The mind devices-" Gabriel held up a hand, effectively silencing the angel.

"We do not speak about that amongst the filth of Father's creations. Let us continue this outside." And with that Gabriel was gone. The prisoner took a deep breath and exhaled.

"Do not worry. I have chosen someone to help." The prisoner said as he looked at his hand. He was lucky that Gabriel didn't notice that his right hand was a bit burned. "I have sent him to those who will guide him on the right path. Good luck, little ghost." The prisoner's eyes briefly changed to an electric green then back to their original yellow.

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