Harry Potter was riding on the back of Firenze though the Forbidden Forest when they were stopped by other centaurs.

"You have a human on your back like a common mule" shouted Bane

"Have you no shame" he exclaimed

"Are you blind Bane" shouted Firenze

"Can you not see who this is" he shouted

Bane took a closer look before his eyes widen and backed away.

"Run swiftly Firenze" exclaimed Bane

"Nothing can happen before the Awakening or we are all doomed" he said

"I know that" snapped Firenze

Firenze ran to the edge of the Forbidden Forest and stopped allowing Harry to get off.

"This is where I leave you Harry Potter" said Firenze

"What was that about" asked Harry

"You will find out when the time is right" said Firenze

"May Mars protect you" he said walking away

About a year later, Harry groaned as he woke in the Chamber of Secrets. His eyes widen as a lifetime of new memories went through his mind.

"I remember everything now" thought Harry

"The centaurs must have recognized who I was" he thought

"Maybe they could tell me where to find the others" he thought

"Are you alright Princess" asked Fawkes in Martian

"Yes" said Harry

"Did you do this" he asked

"Yes" said Fawkes in Martian nodding his head

"I wanted to destroy the soul shard in you and free your memories and power" he said in Martian

"Soul shard" exclaimed Harry

"Yes" said Fawkes in Martian nodding his head

"Your enemy has shattered his soul into pieces" he explained in Martian

"Two of them have been destroyed" he finished in Martian pointing at the diary and Harry's forehead

"That means I have to find all the rest of them before killing him" said Harry

"Unfortunately, it took longer than I thought to destroy the soul shard, so I was only able to free your memories" said Fawkes in Martian

"That's ok" said Harry

"I wouldn't be able to use my power like this anyways" he said looking at himself

"Something must have gone wrong with the reincarnation" thought Harry

"Take that, it will help you" said Fawkes in Martian pointing at the Sword of Gryffindor

Harry got up and walked over to the sword and picked it up. He heard groaning as he saw Ginny starting to wake up. He willed the sword to disappear and it did after letting go of it.

A few days later Harry woke up and new knowledge settled into his mind.

"Wow, all of Godric Gryffindor's knowledge is now mine" thought Harry

"The Animagus transformations will be really useful" he thought

He also realized that he could be a Metamorphmagus.

"This could fix my power issue" thought Harry

He froze his bed hangings so no one would bother him. He then closed his eyes and focused on how he looked before. His hair started growing longer until it reached his waist. He then changed from a young boy to a young girl. She opened her eyes showing they changed from emerald green to purple. She conjured a mirror and looked at herself.

"It worked" thought Aerith happily

She tried to access her power but found it still locked away.

"Damn" thought Aerith

"At least I can use my power now when it is unlocked" she thought

"Now I need to ask the centaurs if they now where the others are" she thought

That night, Harry snuck into the forbidden forest and changed into her former self once in it. She grumbled as she had to adjust her clothes.

"I will have to get really good with transfiguration or hope there is a spell that can change my clothes when I do" thought Aerith

She only walked a little farther before the centaurs came up to her.

"What are you doing back in our territory" asked Bane

"I was hoping you can tell me where I could find the others" asked Aerith

"How have you awakened before the awakening" exclaimed Bane

"Basilisk venom and Phoenix tears" said Aerith

"But I only have access to my memoires not my power" she added

"Head to the center of the rising sun, you will find them there" said Firenze

"I need to go to Tokyo, Japan then" thought Aerith

"Thank you" said Aerith bowing her head

"Could you tell me when the others will awaken" she asked

"I will happen within two revolutions" said Firenze

"Two years then" thought Aerith

"I thank you for all your help" said Aerith bowing

"May Mars protect you princess" said Firenze

Once the school year was over, Harry snuck into a corner of Platform 9 ¾ and changed into a phoenix and flamed away. He appeared in an alley of Diagon Alley in a flash of fire and changed back. He then made his way to Gringotts.

"If Fawkes and the centaurs recognized me, then the goblins should too" thought Harry

He walked into Gringotts and stood in a line. Once it was his turn, a goblin sneered at him asking "What do you want?"

"I need to speak to a manager" said Harry in Lunarian

The goblin's eyes widen at that.

"Of course," stuttered the goblin

Harry was quickly led back to an account manager.

"Greetings Heir Potter" said Ripfang

"How can I not sense your power if you have awakened" he asked

"Basilisk venom and Phoenix tears released my memoires" said Harry

"I see" said Ripfang

"You knew who I was as well" asked Harry

"Yes" said Ripfang nodding his head

"We thought it best to wait for you to approach us before saying anything" he said

"Make sense" said Harry

"Since I was reborn as a boy" he added

"How may we assist you" asked Ripfang

"The centaurs told me that the others are in Tokyo, Japan and I will be moving there" said Harry

"I would like to know if I can access my vault there" he asked

"You can access any of your vaults at any Gringotts branch" said Ripfang

"Figures that I have more than one" grumbled Harry

"I take it I have been using the trust vault" he asked

"That is correct" said Ripfang

"Can you tell me what other vaults I have access to" asked Harry

Ripfang took out some parchment and a knife and put them before Harry.

"Please place a few drops of blood on the parchment and we can see what you set to inherit" said Ripfang

Harry pricked him finger on the knife and allowed a few drops of blood to fall on the parchment before healing his finger. Words started appearing on the parchment giving both his names, parents, and saying he was the heir to the Potter, Black, and Peverell families. At the bottom it listed Princess of Mars, Sailor Mars.

"Interesting" said Ripfang reading the parchment

"I expected the Peverell family since they married into the Potters long ago but not the Blacks" he said

He took out the Black family file and looked through it.

"It appears that the current Lord Black named you his heir before being sent to Azkaban" said Ripfang

"Is there anyway someone could contest it" asked Harry

"The only one that could, would be Draco Malfoy" said Ripfang

"But there is more Black blood in the Potters than the Malfoys so you would win" he said

"That is good" said Harry

"Is it possible to lock down the vaults from this branch" he asked

"We can make it so only you will have access from this branch" said Ripfang

"Make it so" said Harry

After receiving his rings, which combined into one when all were put on, he exchanged for some money and went shopping. Aerith bought all the clothes and everything else that she needed.

The next day she waited until nighttime before changing into a phoenix and flaming away. She appeared in Tokyo's magical alley in a burst of fire and changed back. She then made her way to Gringotts. She waited in line until it was her turn.

"What is it" asked the goblin

"I need to speak to a manager" said Aerith in Lunarian

"Of course," said the goblin

She was led into the back into one of the offices. The manager's eyes widen when she walked in.

"What is the matter" asked Aerith sitting down

Toothnail took out a file and took out a picture before handing it to Aerith. She took it and her eyes widen when she saw it was a picture of a baby looking just like her.

"Who was this" asked Aerith

"That was Rei Hino" said Toothnail

"She died a few months after she was born" he explained

"I see" said Aerith

"I take it she died at the end of July for no reason" she asked

"That is correct" said Toothnail

"She was the one I was supposed to be reborn as" said Aerith

"What about her family" she asked

"Her mother died soon after she was born, and her father disappeared after she died" explained Toothnail

"But her grandfather is still alive" he said

"Can you set up a meeting with him" asked Aerith

"I would like to honor her memory" she said

"Of course," said Toothnail

A few days later the fireplace at Hikawa Shrine roared to life as Toothnail stepped out.

"Greetings Toothnail" said Hiroshi

"What did you want to talk to me about" he asked

"There is someone I want you to meet first" said Toothnail

The fireplace roared to life again as Aerith stepped out.