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"How is this possible" shouted Hiroshi

"I am not really your granddaughter" said Aerith sadly

"I am who she was supposed to be reborn as" she said

"So that is why she died" said Hiroshi sadly

"Two of the same persons can't exist at once" he said

"Yes" said Aerith nodding her head

"Something went wrong with my reincarnation" she said

She changed into Harry.

"When I received my past life's memories and found out the others are here, I decided to move here to start a new life" said Harry

He then changed back into Aerith.

"Why would you want to forget who you are now" asked Hiroshi

"Because there is nothing left for Harry Potter" said Aerith

"My parents were killed a long time ago, my relatives hate me, and the people can revere me or hate me at the drop of a hat" she explained

"I have a lot more going for me as my past self when the others wake up" she finished

"Who are those others" asked Hiroshi

Toothnail explained who she really was and what will happen in the future.

"I see" said Hiroshi

"I do not want to replace your granddaughter, but I would like to honor her memory" said Aerith

"I will leave if you want me to" she said

"I will need time to think this over" said Hiroshi

"Of course," said Aerith

"Contact me when you have your decision" said Toothnail

"I will" said Hiroshi nodding his head

A week later Hiroshi contacted Toothnail saying he has had made his decision. Both Aerith and Hiroshi met with Toothnail in his office.

"What is your decision" asked Toothnail

"I will allow you to take on my granddaughter's name" said Hiroshi

"The Great Fire has said you are supposed to be Rei Hino" he said

"Thank you for this honor" said Aerith bowing her head

"I will not disgrace the name that you have given me" she said

"I will get started on the paperwork Lady Hino" said Toothnail

With help from her new grandfather, she used the knowledge transference spell to learn Japanese. She also found out how to contact the DMLE. In Japan, due to lack of space, the magical community uses the same buildings as the non-magical ones. You just have to subtlety prove you have magic to get access. She eventually was able to get a meeting with the captain.

She went to the police station and went inside to the receptionist.

"I am here for my meeting with Captain Todoka" said Rei flashing her heir ring

"Of course, ma'am" said the receptionist.

Rei was led into the back to the captain's office and was let inside.

"Welcome Lady Hino" said Todoka seeing her

"Thank you for meeting with me" said Rei bowing before sitting down

"What was the urgent issue you wanted to talk to me about" asked Todoka

Rei explained who she was reborn as, what happened in the past, and what will happen in two years.

"You believe this will happen in two years" asked Todoka

"Yes" said Rei nodding her head

"The goblins mentioned it as well" she said

"Very well" said Todoka

"Thank you for informing me of this" he said

"Could you tell me what the others look like" he asked

"Maybe we could find them ahead of time" he added

"Sure" said Rei

"But I am not sure if their reincarnations haven't been messed up like mine was" she added

She told him what the Princess, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter looked like. She also told him their personal quirks.

"Do you think Sailor V could be one" asked Todoka

"She is real" asked Rei

"Yes" said Todoka nodding his head

"We have had a few run ins with her" he said

"She is Venus then" said Rei

"Someone must have woken her up early" she said

"She must be acting as Sabé disguised like that" she said

"You are using a Star Wars reference" asked Todoka skeptically

"It fits" said Rei shrugging her shoulders

"They both looked a lot alike with the Princess just having silvery blonde hair" she explained

"If you say so" said Todoka

"If we ask her to come in, would you be able to talk to her" he asked

"Yes" said Rei nodding her head

"We will try to get into contact with her" said Todoka

He then took out some forms and handed them to Rei.

"Could you please fill those out" asked Todoka

"It will make it official that you are working as a consultant for us" he added

"Thank you for this" said Rei taking them

She filled them all out before handing them back. Todoka looked though them before filling them away.

"Let me see your phone and wand" said Todoka

Rei took out her new phone and wand and handed them over. Todoka took them and added a few numbers to her phone and removed the trace from her wand. He then handed them back to her.

"I have added the numbers you will need to contact me about incidents that happen" explained Todoka

"I have removed the Trace from your wand and made it so that Prior Incantato won't work on it" he continued

"Do what is necessary to protect Tokyo" he finished

"I will" said Rei determined

"You can use this to identify yourself to the Police and Aurors" said Todoka handing her a badge

"Thank you" said Rei taking it

"I will contact you once we have made contact with Sailor V" said Todoka

Rei nodded her head as she got up and left.

Sailor V just knocked out the latest criminal when the police came up to her.

"We would like to talk to you Sailor V" said the Auror

"I didn't do anything wrong" exclaimed Sailor V

"They are just unconscious" she said

"It is not about that" said the Auror

"Our captain would like to talk to you about the help you have been giving us" he said

"He would like to make it official by making you a consultant" said the second Auror

"Which would look great on your transcript" he added

"Ok" said Sailor V nodding her head

"When do you want me to come by" she asked

"Tomorrow afternoon" said the first Auror

"Ok, I will be there" said Sailor V

"You can come transformed to protect your identity" said the first Auror as they walked away

Sailor V's eyes widen at that.

"How do they know that" thought Sailor V shocked

The next day Sailor V went to the police station and went up to the receptionist.

"I am here for my meeting with the captain" said Sailor V

"Of course," said the receptionist

She was led into the back into the captain's office. She saw there was already a girl her age with long black hair in the office.

"Welcome Sailor V" said Todoka

"Thank you for meeting with me" he said

"Of course," said Sailor V

"May I ask who this is" she asked

"This is who you will be working with if you accept my proposal" said Todoka

"Hello Sabé" said Rei looking at Sailor V

Sailor V looked confused before her eyes widen.

"MARS" yelled Sailor V

"Yes" said Rei nodding her head

"Who woke you up" asked Sailor V

"I haven't awoken yet since my power is still locked away" said Rei

"My memories were unlocked after an unfortunate incident" she said

"How" asked Sailor V

"I was bitten by the deadliest magical snake in the world whose only cure is phoenix tears" explained Rei

"Magic is real" exclaimed Sailor V her eyes wide

"That is correct" said Todoka

"Most of the major countries have their own magical government" he explained

"I am head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement" he said

"The magic police talked to me then yesterday" asked Sailor V

"They are called Aurors, but yes" said Todoka

"That is how they knew I was transformed" thought Sailor V

"I take it there is a law saying people without it can't find out about it" said Sailor V

"Yes, it is called the Statue of Secrecy" said Todoka

"The exceptions are when someone with magic marries someone without it or a couple without magic give birth to a child with magic, and only immediate family members are allowed to know" he explained

"I guess my power counts as magic then" asked Sailor V

"It does" said Todoka

"I am a witch, a female magic user, and was told by the centaurs and goblins that our friends will wake up within two years and decided to get the Aurors on our side" explained Rei

"They're real" exclaimed Sailor V

"All mythological creatures are real" said Todoka

"I would really like to meet a unicorn" said Sailor V wistfully

"Maybe we could arrange something" said Rei smiling

"Do you want to work as a consultant for us" asked Todoka

"I do" said Sailor V nodding her head

"Please change back and fill out these forms" said Todoka taking out some forms

There was a flash of orange light as she changed back into Minako Aino.

"Minako" exclaimed Rei

"How do you know my name" asked Minako

"I have never met you before" she added

"I will explain it to you later" said Rei looking away embarrassed

"Please fill these out" said Todoka handing Minako the forms

Minako took the forms and filled them out before handing them back. Todoka took them and looked over them.

"Very good" said Todoka putting them away

"Please let me see your phone" he said

Minako took out her phone and gave it to him. He added a few numbers to it before giving it back.

"I have added a few numbers you will need" said Todoka

"Please call before you do something if possible" he said

"I will try" said Minako

He then took out a badge and gave it to her.

"Please continue to protect our city" said Todoka

"I will" said Minako taking it

"Lady Hino can explain everything else" said Todoka

"Ok" said Minako nodding her head

Rei and Minako got up and left the Captain's office.