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Once Aerith and Minako were outside the police station, Minako asked "How do you know me?"

"I will be best to wait until we get to my home to explain it" said Aerith.

"Since it will be easier to show you how then tell you how" she added.

"Ok" said Minako nodding her head.

Once they arrived at Aerith's house, Minako's eyes widen at the size of it.

"This is your house" exclaimed Minako!

"Yes" said Aerith nodding her head.

"I am the heir to three old and rich families" she explained.

"When I moved here, I bought a house large enough for all of us to live in and a backyard big enough to train in" she said.

"I guess there are barriers around it to stop people from seeing what is going on" said Minako.

"There are" said Aerith.

They both went inside and Aerith called for one of her house elves.

"Jinxy" called Aerith.

A house elf wearing a maid outfit appeared with a pop.

"What do you need of Jinxy" asked Jinxy?

"Please bring some refreshments to the living room" said Aerith.

"Right away" said Jinxy disappearing with a pop.

"What was that" asked Minako?

"That was a house elf" said Aerith.

"All the old families have them" she explained

"Are they slaves" asked Minako?

"No" said Aerith shaking her head.

"They have symbiotic relationship with the family they serve" she explained.

"We give them the magic they need, and they do all the household chores" she continued.

"Actually, my family's elves are taken care better than most since most just wear pillowcases" she continued.

"The only way to free them is to purposely give them clothes which is the same as firing them" she finished.

"Ok" said Minako with relief.

Aerith led Minako to the living room where they both sat down in cushy chairs. Snacks and drinks appeared on the table.

"I didn't see them" said Minako.

"They like to do that" said Aerith.

"How do you know me" asked Minako?

"Like I said, it is easier to show you" said Aerith.

Aerith closed her eyes as her hair grew shorter and she changed from a young girl to a young boy. He then opened his eyes showing they were now green.

"HARRY" shouted Minako tackling Harry in a hug.

"It's good to see you again too, Minako" said Harry returning it.

"I see you are still wearing a ribbon like the one I gave you" he said.

"Of course," said Minako.

"I saved the one that you gave me and been wearing others just like it" she said.

"Was magic the reason your aunt and uncle didn't like you" she asked?

"Yes" said Harry.

"My aunt was jealous of my mother for having magic and she didn't" he explained.

"As they grew up, that jealousy grew into hatred which was transferred to me when I arrived on their doorstep" he finished.

"How did your parents die" asked Minako?

"They were killed by a Dark Lord, and he was somehow destroyed when he tried to kill me leaving me with that scar" explained Harry.

Minako looked at Harry in the eye before pulling up his shirt and looking down it.

"I thought you were wearing a bra" said Minako.

"MINAKO" shouted Harry pushing her off him.

She landed on the floor with a 'oof'.

"My clothes are charmed to changed when I do for people like you" huffed Harry glaring at Minako.

Minako just smiled innocently as she got up and got back into her seat.

"What happen to your scar" asked Minako?

"It was destroyed at the same time my memories were released," said Harry.

"How could magic venom destroy your scar" asked Minako?

"Wouldn't it make it worse" she added.

"My scar actually had a shard of that Dark Lord's soul in it" explained Harry.

"He has split his soul into at least three pieces, two of which have already been destroyed" he finished.

"I want the rest of my memories released just like you" said Minako.

"No" said Harry shaking his head.

"I only survived because of Fawkes" he said.

There was a burst of fire as Fawkes appeared.

"You called" said Fawkes in Martian.

See her opportunity, Minako said "I want all my memories back like Harry."

"Of course," said Fawkes in Martian.

He disappeared in a burst of fire and came back holding a basilisk fang in his talons.

"I can't believe we are doing this" groaned Harry.

"Let's go do this in your room" he said getting up.

"My room" said Minako confused.

"I said I got a house big enough for all of us," said Harry.

He changed into Aerith and went up the stairs with Minako and Fawkes following behind her. They went up to the next floor to a hallway with rooms going down both ways. They went left and saw five rooms each with their symbol on the doors. Minako smirked when she saw the symbol of Mars on the double doors leading to the master bedroom.

"You took the master bedroom" said Minako smirking.

"Of course, I did" huffed Aerith.

"It is my house" she added.

They went thought the door with the symbol of Venus on it and came into a room done in different shades of orange. There was a queen size bed against the wall with nightstands on either side of it with lamps on them. Across from the bed was a walk-in closet.

"Wow" said Minako looking around in awe.

"You can change it however you want" said Aerith.

"Just call for Blinky and she will help you" she said.

"Ok" said Minako nodding her head.

"How are we going to do this" she asked?

"You are going to lie down on the bed, and I will stab you in the arm with the Basilisk fang injecting you with its venom" explained Aerith.

"Once all your memories are unblocked, Fawkes will cry into your wound neutralizing the venom and healing you" she continued.

"This will be extremely painful, and you will pass out, but you should have all your memoires when you wake up" she finished.

Minako nodded her head and got onto the bed.

"This is really comfy" said Minako bouncing up and down.

She then lied down on the bed as Aerith picked up the Basilisk fang.

"Ready" asked Aerith?

"Yes" said Minako closing her eyes.

Aerith stabbed the Basilisk fang into Minako's arm. Minako writhe around in pain before she went still. A few moments later Fawkes cried into the wound healing it. Aerith brough over a chair and sat down to wait as Fawkes left.

Aphrodite groaned as she woke up. Her eyes widen as she finished going though all her memories.

"Those damn, backstabbing traitors" shouted Aphrodite shooting up in bed.

"We should have never trusted them" she growled.

"Welcome back Dite" said Aerith smiling.

Aphrodite smiled before her eyes narrowed as she realized that how she died was different than how she remembered before.

"I think we have a problem," said Aphrodite.

"What is it" asked Aerith?

"I remembered differently how I died before," said Aphrodite.

"What do you mean" asked Aerith?

"Before I all remembered is being attacked from behind but now…" began Aphrodite.

"You remember being stabbed in the back by them" growled Aerith.

"Yes" said Aphrodite nodding her head sadly.

"You know there is really only one that could have done this" said Aerith.

"That is what I am afraid of," said Aphrodite.

"Why do this" she asked?

"I don't know since I got all my memories all at once" said Aerith.

"How long do we have to wait for the others to show up" asked Aphrodite?

"Two years" said Aerith.

"Great" sighed Aphrodite falling back onto her pillow.

"How do you feel Dite" asked Aerith?

"I feel a dull pain everywhere," said Aphrodite.

"I always knew you were strong Aerith, but to continue fighting though that" she said.

"I didn't do much" said Aerith blushing.

"I got stabbed thrusting my sword though the Basilisk's mouth" she explained.

"I just pulled the fang out of my arm and stabbed it into the diary Fawkes dropped next to me" she finished.

"Diary" said Aphrodite confused.

"Remember when I said that at least two pieces were destroyed" said Aerith.

"One of them was in the diary," said Aphrodite.

"Yes" said Aerith nodding her head.

"The more you wrote in it, the more it took you over" she explained.

"I was trying to rescue the person it took over when all that happened" she finished.

She then got up and put the chair back.

"I think it would be best to stay here for the night" said Aerith.

"Call for Blinky if you need anything" she said.

"Ok" said Aphrodite.

"I will call my parents and tell them I am spending the night at a friend's house" she said.

"Can we go to a magic zoo tomorrow" she asked?

"There is no magic zoo" said Aerith.

"Any reserves" asked Aphrodite?

"Only for dragons" said Aerith.

"No unicorns" said Aphrodite sadly.

"I know where we can find some" said Aerith.

"We can go see them tomorrow" she said.

"Ok" said Aphrodite smiling.

The next morning Aphrodite came down the stairs yawning.

"Good morning" said Aerith seeing her.

"How are you feeling" she asked?

"Much better" said Aphrodite smiling.

While they were eating breakfast, Aphrodite said "There was something that I forgot to ask you about yesterday."

"What is it" asked Aerith?

"How did you change like that" asked Aphrodite?

"Because you were too busy staring down my shirt" huffed Aerith.

"I was just curious" said Aphrodite innocently.

Aerith sighed before she explained "I can change my body to look however I want."

She then changed to look like Aphrodite and their friends. She then changed into male versions of them.

"I did not need to see that" said Aphrodite shuddering.

"Not curious anymore" asked Aerith smiling?

Aphrodite just glared at Aerith for that.

"If you are done eating, then let's go" said Aerith getting up.

"Ok" said Aphrodite getting up.

"How are we getting there" she asked?

"Like this" said Aerith.

She then changed into a phoenix.

"You can change into a phoenix as well" exclaimed Aphrodite.

"Can you change into any other animal" she asked?

The phoenix shook its head as it changed back into Aerith.

"You can only change into one animal, and you don't get to pick the animal" explained Aerith.

"The animal you change into is supposed to be a representation of yourself" she continued.

"I guess my power and my ancestor's abilities change it" she finished.

"It suits you" said Aphrodite smiling.

Aerith smiled as she changed back into a phoenix. Aphrodite grabbed onto her, and they disappeared in a burst of fire. They appeared in a dark forest as Aerith changed back.

"Where are we" asked Aphrodite whispering?

"The Scottish Highlands" whispered Aerith.

Following a white glow, they found a unicorn grazing.

"Wow" said Aphrodite in awe.

"Its so beautiful" she said.

She then saw a gold pony walk up to it.

"Is that a baby unicorn" gasped Aphrodite?

"Yes" said Aerith nodding her head.

"They lose the color and gain the horn as they grow up" she explained.

Hearing multiple hoofbeats, Aerith said "Let's go."

She changed into a phoenix and Aphrodite grabbed on as they disappeared in a burst of fire. They reappeared on a rocky outcropping as Aerith changed back.

"Where are we now" asked Aphrodite?

"We are in a dragon reserve in Romania" said Aerith.

Aphrodite looked around and saw different breeds of dragons.

"There are different breeds of dragons" exclaimed Aphrodite?

"Yes" said Aerith nodding her head.

"There are ten known breeds" she said.

"Wow" said Aphrodite in awe.

Seeing a dragon getting near them, Aerith said "Time to go."

She changed in a phoenix and Aphrodite grabbed on as they disappeared in a burst of fire. They reappeared in her house in Japan as she changed back.

"Thank you for that" said Aphrodite hugging Aerith.

"You're welcome" said Aerith returning it.

"I'm glad that you enjoyed it" she said smiling.