What A Girl Wants

(The Haunted Mansion, and all its characters, except Megan, are owned by the Disney Corporation. This is a work of fan fiction.)

"Celeste gazed out of the window through the rivulets of rain, into the sleepy graveyard below. 'I don't know what more I can do,' she breathed quietly . 'I'm at my wits end. The ghost floated closer, smoothing one hand over her shoulder, and sealing her other hand in a tender caress. 'Whatever happens, I will be here,' he promised. 'You'll never have to be alone. Suddenly overcome, she wound her arms around his shoulders, and caught his mouth in a tender, deep kiss. Then, embarrassed by her forwardness, she started to draw back, but found she couldn't. He had encircled her waist with both arms, and was holding her fast. He gazed deeply into her beautiful sable eyes, the eyes he loved to lose himself in. He pulled her firmly to himself, and lowered his lips to hers. He had had a taste of her..now he was ready to feast.'"

"Then what happened?" asked Gus.

""Then...nothing..that's all she's written, " said Phineas, scanning the computer screen.

"Well, what came before? There's got to be a 'before', " said Ezra.

Phineas scrolled up, then down . "Nothing. There's nothing." he replied.

"Well, obviously, it's about me," Ezra grinned. "She just changed little details so I wouldn't get embarrassed."

"Ezra, this is obviously a generic ghost story.. it could be about anybody," said Phineas.

"Anyone like me," Gus smiled.

"Leaning over to kiss her? Doesn't say anything about him standing on a bunch of soapboxes," shot Ezra. "No..it's definitely about me."

"What are you guys doing?"

They turned to see Megan standing in the doorway with a laundry basket on her hip.

Phineas quickly shut off the computer. "Just looking for recipies," he smiled.