"You know, Riku's changed," Kairi commented as she sat next to Sora on the dock, watching the sun set.

"What do you mean?" Sora asked.

"Well… Hmm…" It made sense to say that. Now she wasn't sure how to answer. Did Riku really change?

"You okay?" Sora asked.

Kairi then thought of a joke, "Sora, let's take the raft and go! Just the two of us!" Kairi exclaimed.


Kairi laughed at Sora's confused expression, "Just kidding," she clarified… Well she was mostly kidding. Sure, she wanted Riku with them, but Sora was… different.

"What's gotten into you?" Sora asked, "You're the one that changed Kairi."

"Maybe." The next day, they were going to set sail on that small raft. Kairi was excited, terrified, giddy, nervous. She somehow managed to hide it, but Sora might have noticed. Kairi didn't want to show Sora her uncertainty. He might want to wait for her sake. So she said the line she had been telling herself for days, "You know, I was a little afraid at first, but now I'm ready. No matter where I go, or what I see, I can always come back here. Right?"

"Yeah, of course," Sora confirmed.

"That's good," This island was her home. It wasn't her birth world, but this was where her family was, her school, her house, her favorite island to play on, where Sora lived with her. This was her home.

Especially if Sora was there. He was always there. He was the one who found her washed ashore on the beach that day. He was always there to make her smile… always.

"Sora, don't ever change."


Kairi stood up. Now or never, she was going to see the world. Despite what she just said, she was still scared, but with Sora by her side, she would be at ease, "I just can't wait, once we set sail. It'll be great."

Standing behind them, was Kairi, the present sixteen-year-old Kairi. She remembered this moment well. Better than she thought she would, maybe, it was the last moment she had with Sora before it all started. Before the other worlds, before the heartless, before the keyblades, before everything changed.

Kairi turned around and walked away. As she did, the island melted away into a black void, surrounded by windows, images, her memories.

Kairi was currently inside her heart. Searching her memories of Sora, trying to find a clue to where he could be.

She wondered looking at each window, how long had she been doing this? A day, a week, a month… a year? Kairi didn't know anymore. What she did know was, she was asleep. Her body lay motionless in Ansem's lab as he and his assistants searched her memories of Sora.

Kairi had discovered that the further she walked, the further back into her life her memories went. Even the ones she couldn't recall on her own. She managed to find the memories of her grandmother.

Kairi did remember her. The kind old woman who took care of her when she was very little. She remembered the story she told Kairi, the warm soup she made Kairi when she was sick.

It was confirmed on her visit back to Radiant Garden, that her grandmother… was no longer around. Kairi knew it was a long shot. She was old when she was little. Her time had to come eventually, but it still hurt. Kairi wasn't even sure, she had the chance to say goodbye.

She did find more memories about her grandma. She took Kairi to the park. She would help her sew clothes and bake cookies. She even found the memory of when Kairi first met Aqua. She saved her. Kairi knew she owed Aqua a 'thank you,' the next time she saw her.

However, Kairi noticed something. No matter how far back she went, even to toddler days, Kairi never saw her birth parents.

Kairi loved her adopted father on the islands. He gave her home and love. In her heart, he was her family. But that didn't mean, she didn't want to know her birth parents. Her grandma took care of her during her early years, so Kairi came to natural conclusion her birth parents were dead. How old was she when they died?

Kairi only tried to look for these answers, once in a while. She went into her memories to look for Sora. She reasoned that she needed to find someone who was missing, more than looking for some people who were already dead… Right?

Especially, since Sora's disappearance was her fault.

Right before he vanished; Sora told her that what he did, was a nature taboo, and by breaking it, he had to pay a price.

It was like Hollow Bastion all over again. Sora used the keyblade to free her heart, but when she opened her eyes, saw him falling, and when she ran out to catch him, he vanished. He turned into a Heartless, Kairi thankfully recognized him and changed him back.

This time, bringing him back was harder. Much harder.

Sora was out there, she knew it, felt it. She had to find him and bring him home. As Kairi walked she didn't notice, she went back further than she ever did. Passing the years, she learned how to walk and talk.

Only when she noticed the end of the path did she realized how far she walked. She didn't mean to go back that far. As she turned her sight caught onto one of the windows and she stopped and stared.

Every window had a… screen shot, of that moment in her life. She couldn't help but read what was in the window out loud, "Radiant Garden Orphanage?"

Confusion, swirled in Kairi; it made her walk forward and place a hand on the window in front of her, activating the memory.

Kairi now stood in front of the orphanage in question. It was nighttime. Radiant garden was asleep, all lights were off saving a few streetlamps. Kairi didn't pay any attention to it though, her eyes were transfixed on the Orphanage in front of her. Why was this in her memory?

A strange noise made Kairi turn and look behind her. Her eyes widened as a vortex, not a corridor of darkness, but some kind of portal, appeared. Stepping out of the portal, was someone wearing a dark coat. The same kind the organization wore.

He was holding, something, a basket. He walked towards the orphanage doorstep, passing through Kairi. This was an illusion, after all.

The person put the object down gently. He got up and went back through the portal. Vanishing, and leaving behind whatever was left on the doorstep.

Kairi took, small, unsteady steps towards the doorstep. As she got closer, she realized that, the object was a basket. Now she was close enough to look inside. Her eyes widened.

Inside the basket was a sleeping baby. Red fuzz covered her head and she was swaddled in a pink blanket. Tucked in the blanket was a note, with four words, "Her name is Kairi."

Kairi looked back at the spot where the portal was. Who was that? She looked back down at her baby self. Where was she before this?

She exited the memory, contemplating what she just saw. Someone wearing an organization coat had left her at an orphanage… someone took her to Radiant Garden! Was that Xehanort? No, he was training Ven at the time, and the figure was not a hunched over old man. Plus, Kairi was a baby; somehow, she doubted even Xehanort knew she was a princess of heart at that age.

The only way to know anything about what happened before, was…

Kairi looked to the window before that; the first window, her first memory.

The image… looked like the moon. But something was in front of it, long shadows of something was in front of the moon.

Kairi thought for a moment. She told herself she wouldn't dive into her past, yet here she was. Did she subconsciously come here? Kairi looked back down the path she came. She could go back Sora needed her.

She looked back at the window, but what if this did help Sora. If Kairi understood herself better, she could better help Sora. Right? Or was she just making excuses.

The man in the coat. He brought her to the orphanage, through a portal. That was too important to ignore. What if this was another plot by Xehanort? Kairi wasn't going to ignore it. She couldn't, but she also couldn't move.

Her first memory… She had no idea, what it was going to be. It terrified her.

She swallowed hard, "You're a keyblade wielder," she whispered to herself, "You can do this."

Finally, she moved. She could feel her heartbeat increase until it was pounding in her ears. She forced her shaking hand, to reach up, and touch the window.

Kairi found herself in a tunnel. Where was she?

A woman screams pierced the air, "IT HURTS, YA KNOW!"

Kairi looked towards the tunnel and ran towards the screams, someone was in pain. Kairi saw a light at the end of the tunnel, along with the screaming she heard… a crying baby.

She exited the tunnel and ran into a room.

"Hot water, quickly!" Another woman's voice called as a second baby started to cry.

"What?" Kairi asked as she looked at the scene. There were four people in the small room. There were no windows and Kairi just came through the only entrance. At the center of the room, was a woman lying on a table. Kairi assumed she was the one who was screaming. Standing over the woman was a man, with spikey blonde hair.

Kairi passed the other two people who were wearing scrubs to get a better look at the woman on the table. She was the one screaming after all. As Kairi got closer she noticed the long red hair hanging off the table, finally she got a look at the woman's face.

Her eyes were wide open, and her chest was slightly heaving as she breathed heavily. Kairi could see tears threatening to spill out of the woman's eyes.

"They're here," Kairi looked up at the man for the first time, shock and awe were on his face. Like he couldn't believe what was happening. The man smiled, as tears ran down his face as he listened to the babies crying. He wiped away the tears with his sleeve and smiled proudly, "Today, I'm a father."

Kairi's eyes widened greatly at what he just said.

Did he just say…

"Yes," the two women who had finished cleaning the two babies approached them, "You have a healthy daughter and son Minato."

The oldest woman said with a smile. She was holding both the babies. The man approached them, "Naruto, Kairi." He reached out to hold the babies.

He just said, "Kairi."

Kairi's eyes shot towards the two babies. One of them had blonde hair, and it looked like he had markings on his cheeks. They looked like cat whiskers. The other baby… was her. The same baby from the memory she saw previously.

"Hands off you," the old woman said, "Mother first, father second." If Kairi wasn't so shocked she probably would have laughed.

The old woman brought both babies near the woman with red hair. The red head looked exhausted, but she looked happy. So happy, it overshadowed her exhaustion as she looked at the babies with so much love.

"So, Naruto, Kairi," the woman whispered, "We finally meet." The woman lifted her shaking hands, clearly wanting to hold the babies.

"You can hold Kairi first she is your daughter," the old woman handed the red head Kairi, "We'll put Naruto down first and be back, don't worry there will be plenty of time later," the old woman took the baby boy Naruto away, comforting him as he continued to cry.

Kairi looked at the woman who was holding her. Kairi did know what this was, it was just taking her a while to believe it. This room… she was born here. This was the day she was born!

The man approached the woman with a loving warm smile. He reached and gently placed a hand on the woman's that held Kairi. Kairi looked between these two people. She looked at the woman, red hair, Kairi ran a finger through her own red hair. She looked at the man, blue eyes, Kairi blinked her own eyes.

These people… were…

"… My… Parents…"

Kairi could barely believe it. Her parents, her actual parent! She never thought she'd ever see them! Now she could see them and...

She looked back at the baby boy who was in the care of the doctor and nurse. If he was born with her, then, he was…

"I… I have a brother?" Kairi could barely contemplate it. She had a brother! A twin brother! She had more than just parents, she had as sibling, a family! This was her family!

Kairi had another family! It was so unreal, Kairi felt like, they shouldn't have ever existed, but they did. At some point in Kairi's life she had another family: A Mother, a Father, and a brother. There was so much to take in, so much to process. Kairi stopped believing she would ever learn about her past family and now here they were, in her memories!

"Kushina," Kairi looked back towards… her birth father. It still felt unreal. This was her birth father, comforting her birth mother, "Are you feeling alright now?"

"I'm okay," Kairi's… mother replied.

Kairi's father smiled happily, "Thank you."

It was clear, so clear. Kairi saw it, the way the looked at each other. The way they looked when they saw her and her… brother. The joy, the love… these people loved her, truly and deeply.

Kairi felt an ache in her chest. She also felt tears beginning to threaten her own eyes. She had two parents, that loved and wanted her. She had brother. She just didn't know… what she was supposed to think or feel. All she knew that this moment, her being born, brought these people so much happiness.

As Kairi absorbed the scene, she started to notice some things. Her mother's stomach was revealed, it had strange markings on it. The formed the shape of an eye. Kairi gave another look around the room. This didn't look like a hospital, why was Kairi and her brother born here?

"Alright," Kairi's father declared, "I realized what you just went through," his hand reached toward her mother's stomach, "But what we got to reseal the Nine-Tails."

Before Kairi could even question what the 'Nine-Tails' was. Two loud screams forced Kairi and her parents to look and see the doctor and nurse fall to the ground. Bleeding.

Lady Biwako, Taji!"

Kairi was horrified that the doctor who just delivered her was dead, but what drew her attention was her crying brother in the arms of the attacker.

"Fourth Hokage, Minato, step away from the Jinchuriki," his voice was deep, and as he held a hand over the blonde baby, Kairi could hear the seriousness in his threat, "Or this child dies in its first minute."

Kairi looked over the man. He wore a cloak, not the same black leather, silver zipper coat the organization wore, but it was still intimidating. What covered his face wasn't the shadow of his hood, but a mask; it's most stark feature, was a single eye hole, allowing the man's right eye to see.

Kairi's eyes went straight back to her brother, crying helplessly. Her baby self was also crying in her mother's arms.

Suddenly, Kairi's mother grunted in pain. Kairi looked to see markings crawling up her skin. Momentarily forgetting this was a memory, Kairi reached out to her. Only for her hand to pass through her shoulder.

"Kushina!" Her father cried out in worry.

"I said step away from the Jinchuriki," Kairi looked back at the man, who suddenly pulled out a knife and aimed it at Naruto, "Don't you care what happens to the brat?"

"What's a Jinchuriki?" Kairi couldn't help but ask even though no one could answer her.

"Wait a minute," her father panicked, "Just calm down."

"Speak for yourself," Kairi could hear the mask man sneer, "I'm as calm as can be," he said as he casually tossed the helpless baby into the air.

Kairi realized the masked man was about to jump into the air and use his knife to…

Kairi shot forward, summoning her keyblade, her instincts forcing her to act. To try and save her brother, however she remembered this was a memory when her keyblade just phased through. She looked up in horror as the man jumped. Intent to kill the baby.

"NARUTO!" Kairi heard her mother scream. Kairi almost screamed herself, until her father, just seemed to appear, caught his son and landed on the wall.

Kairi let out a sigh of relief as the masked man descended back to the ground, "Leave it to the Yellow Flash of the Leaf. But what about the next one."

Kairi looked back at her father and brother, the next one?

Something on Naruto's wrap began to flare, like a fuse on a bomb.

"MINATO," Kairi's mother screamed again, "NARUTO!" As her father jumped off the wall. He vanished. Kairi looked around, where'd he go?

Kairi heard her mother grunt again. She looked to see that her mother had forced herself off the bed and started to run with Kairi in her arms. However, a hand grabbed her red hair and yanked her back. Kairi was pulled from her arms. Kairi watched in horror as the masked man took her infant self, hostage.

There was some kind of vortex that flew around Kairi, then suddenly she and her baby self were in a different place. It was, a black void , filled with, blocks acting as platforms. Then suddenly, her mother appeared landing on a platform near her.

When she heard her daughter crying, Kushina looked up and looked around until she saw her infant daughter, "KAIRI!"

Her mother forced herself to run and jump, despite still being exhausted from childbirth. She reached the platform the baby was on and took her into her arms. She gently rocked the baby in her arms to calm her, "It's going to be okay Kairi. Your dad's going to rescue us. I know he got away. His teleportation jutsu is the best in our village."

Kairi didn't understand what the word 'jutsu' meant, but the word teleportation did give her some hope.

"It's why he's Hokage, ya know," Kushina continued, "He's strong, him and your brother are safe," her expression fell, "They have to be."

Kairi looked at this woman solemnly. This woman, who was her mother. Although Kairi wondered what her mother meant. What was a Hokage?

Suddenly, there was another vortex swirling around Kairi. Now she was standing in front of a lake. Several rock were rising from the water. On the lowest one, another small vortex appeared and when it vanished, Kairi's mother was standing on it.

Before she even had a moment to react. The markings on her body shot off her arms. Like chains they suspended her arm into the air as the wrapped around the rocks surrounding her. Kairi could only watch in horror as the woman who gave birth to her was helplessly trapped.

"Kairi," Kushina struggled as she looked up.

Kairi turned when she heard her baby-self cry. Standing in front of the lake was the masked man holding baby Kairi. He pulled out his knife and pointed it at the baby. That made Kushina stop struggling.

"She is beautiful," the man said smoothly, "It would be a shame if she got hurt."

"Alright," Kushina gasped, "What do you want?"

"I'm going to extract the Nine-Tails from you, and crush the leaf," the man answered.

Kairi didn't miss her mother's terrified expression, "No you can't."

"Minato's teleportation jutsu allows him to transport between locations marked with jutsu formula's," the man started to explain, "Those markings are incorporated into this sealing formula. That way, Minato can protect you at all times, but he's faraway now. The nine-tails seal has weakened due to childbirth, do you have any idea how long I've waited for this moment?"

Kairi just looked between the two confused. Seal? Nine-tails? Whatever was going on, Kairi only knew this. Her mother had something. Something that could be achieved after she gave birth to Kairi and her brother.

Seal, that was the key word. Her mother had a… seal. What seal? What for? Kairi looked at the markings on her mother's stomach. There was black circle, almost like a black hole that opened into her.

There was a shift in the air. Suddenly, Kushina was covered in a red… aura, for lack of a better word. It was boiling and bubbling like hot water. Her mother became stiff, unresponsive.

"Now, come on out," the mask man commanded, "Nine-Tails."

Energy came out of the black circle on Kushina's stomach. It grew and grew. Kairi almost went deaf from a loud roar. The energy shot into the sky, and finally, emerging from the energy was giant, orange, fox like monster, with nine, giant tails.

Kairi fell on her butt when she tried to look up. Her eyes were wide as saucers. What was this thing? Why was it in her mother?

As the creatures tails swirled around it, it stood beneath the moon, almost eclipsing it. Kairi recognized the scene, from her memory window. This was the moment!

"Let's go," the masked man started to walk away still holding baby Kairi, the giant monster started to follow.

"Wait," Kushina was collapsed on the rock she stood on, but still tried to move. Kairi stood up to look at her.

"You Uzumaki are just amazing," the masked man stopped for a moment, "You don't die right away after the tailed beast is extracted."

Kairi's head shot back at the man at that statement, die?

"Tell you what, you were the Nine-Tails jinchuriki. And it would be cruel to separate a mother from her daughter," like with her brother, the man tossed the baby Kairi into the air towards Kushina. Kushina tried to push herself up to catch Kairi, but her hands just slipped and she fell again, "I'll use him to send you both to the afterlife."

When baby Kairi was above Kushina, about to descend onto her mother. The Nine-tailed fox lifted it's giant claw, before slamming it down to crush them both.

Kairi watched the giant hand slammed into the lake. She looked at her hands; wait that couldn't have killed her. She was alive now.

Kairi looked up when she saw something appear on a tree. On top of a tree was Kairi's father, holding her mother and her baby self. Kairi released a sigh of relief.

"You really are as quick as a flash," the man said.

"Minato…" Kushina held Kairi securely to her, "Is Naruto…?"

"He's safe," Minato confirmed the unfinished question.

Kushina smiled, "Good."

Baby Kairi was crying from all the commotion.

"It's okay Kairi," Kushina cooed, "I told you… Your Dad would rescue us," Kushina looked back at Minato, "Minato… that man is with the Nine-Tails… They're going to attack the leaf… You have to stop them…"

Minato gave one last glance over his shoulder, shooting an angry look at the man. The next thing Kairi knew, she was standing in a small room.

"But… Why...?" Kairi quickly noticed her parents. Her father carried both of them to the bed where Naruto was sleeping. He placed Kushina on the bed carefully, before retrieving Kairi into his own arms.

He held the baby red head gently. He smiled when baby Kairi opened her eyes and reached out to grab his hair. He did flinch a little, but he kept smiling.

Kairi felt her chest ache again as he gave his baby daughter a hug. Then he placed her next to her brother, who her mother was holding, "Just be with Naruto and Kairi."

You don't die right away…

The man's words echoed in Kairi as she watched her mother cuddle her and Naruto.

"Minato…" Kushina said, "Thank you…"

Kairi turned and saw her father put on a coat and head band with a strange symbol on it.

"And good luck."

"I'll be back soon," was the last thing her father said before disappearing. He must have teleported away.

Kairi wanted to leave and find out what was going on, but she couldn't go through the walls. This was a memory. Kairi could only see what was happening around her baby self.

Kairi walked over to the bed that held her mother, brother, and baby self. Kairi looked at the woman who was holding her and Naruto like they were the most important things in the world.

"Mm…" Kairi never had a mother. She had a grandmother and dad.

"Ma…" Her adopted father gave her so much love, she never really felt she needed a mother.

"M-ma…" At least that's what she told herself.

"M… Mom…" Kairi finally said it, "I… have… I have so many questions. Questions I never even knew I had. I was happy, on the island. I had family, friends, a home. I wasn't born there, but I was happy. I knew, there was a possibility that… you were dead. I knew there was a possibility, I'd never leave the islands. I knew there was a possibility, I would never know you. I told myself that was fine. That it was better that way… but I think the truth was…" Kairi felt tears threatening to spill out her eyes, "I just didn't want to admit I didn't know who I was, or where I came from, or who my family was… I didn't want to be sad, so I forced myself to not think about it. I pushed all that down as far as I could, but in the back of my mind and in the deepest part of my heart," Kairi couldn't stop the tears that were falling, "I felt guilty! I felt guilty for not wanting to know you! I didn't know I had a mom or a dad. I didn't know I had a brother! And… and…" Kairi shook as her body shook with sobs, "I can't feel like this, because I need to find Sora…"

Suddenly, baby Kairi started to get fussy.

"Kairi…" Kushina said holding her daughter, "It's okay… Everything is going to be okay…" Kushina's loving words, did not make this easier. Kairi's knees gave way as she cried. Her mother loved her, cherished her, and she chose to not learn anything about her.


After hearing her father shout, the next thing Kairi knew, she was outside after a loud explosion. Kairi looked up to see her father holding her and the rest of her family. Behind them was the nine-tails.

Her father was breathing heavily, like he just ran a marathon, however the determined look on his face showed he wasn't resting anytime soon, "I must erect a barrier now."

Her mother looked up, "I can still do it," she grunted, "Minato." She gritted her teeth, a second later, glowing chains shot out of her back, dug into the ground, circled around them and the giant Nine-Tailed fox, before shooting out of the ground. Some of the chains really did form a barrier, while the rest wrapped around the fox, restraining it.

Kairi looked at her parents. What kind of powers did they have?

Kushina started coughing.

"Kushina?" Minato said worried, then the two babies started to cry. Kushina looked up at her children.

"Woke you up, huh? Sorry, Naruto, Kairi," Kushina apologized.


"I'll take the Nine-Tails with me… to my death," Kushina said, "Because that way, we can reduce the interval, between now and when he emerges again… It's all that I can manage now, with what little chakra I have left… But I'll be able to save all three of you…" Kushina gave her husband a smile, "So thank you… for everything you've done…"

Kairi looked at her mother. She was going to take this monster with her to her death… to save her family. Kairi reached out to her, only to remember this was a memory, so she stopped.

"Kushina…" Minato whispered solemnly, "You're the one… It was you that made me the fourth Hokage. You made me a man. And you made me the father of these children," he began to tremble, Kairi could see it. He felt helpless, his wife was dying and he couldn't save her, "… and yet I…"

"Oh Minato," Kushina smiled, not wanting her husband to have regrets, "Please don't give me that sad look… I… I'm happy, because you love me and once more, today is the birthday of our beautiful children… But most of all, if I were to imagine me alive, and our future, the four of us together as a family. I can't imagine as anything, but being anything truly, but happy."

Kairi trembled as she felt tears approaching her again. Her father was already crying.

"I guess if I have one regret," Kushina looked at her two babies, "I wish I could have seen Naruto and Kairi, all grown up. I wish I could have seen that."

"Kushina, there's no need for you to die. In order to kill the nine-tails," her father began to wipe away his tears, "Preserve what little chakra you have, for your reunion with the children."

Kairi and Kushina looked at Minato confused.

"I'm going to seal the rest of your chakra inside Kairi and Naruto. It will be part of an eight sign seal and a key seal. Then I'll take the nine-tails with me, since I'm not a jinchuriki, I'll have to use the reaper death seal."

Kairi felt more confused. What was he talking about? Kushina understood what was going on however, her faced morphed into worry, "You can't… If you cast that you'll-…"

"And there's one other thing," Minato interrupted, "I'm only going to seal half of the nine-tails. It's impossible to seal that much chakra, also, its strategically unwise. If you take the nine-tails with you, there will be no jinchuriki until he reemerges. This will upset the balance of power between tailed beasts. With the reaper death seal, we can at least seal away half of the nine-tails forever. And the other half of the nine-tails, I'll see it inside Naruto, with the eight sign seal, and to make sure an outside force can't extract it, I'll create a key seal and place that on Kairi. That way only Naruto can open it or Kairi can extract the nine-tails."

Kairi's eyes opened, what seal? She had a seal?

Kushina gasped.

"I know what you're going to say," Minato said at his wife terrified expression, "But remember what master Jiraya said about world upheaval, and also all of the calamities that would follow it. I've become convinced of three things today: first, that masked man who attacked you will bring catastrophe to the world, second the one who will stop him, are these children. These infants who's godfather is master Jiraya. Naruto will open up the future as a jinchuriki and Kairi will protect him from the same fate as you. When a jinchuriki loses their tailed beast, they die. Third, I met someone, he just confirmed something I already knew, Kairi is a light, a sacred light, one that will cast out the darkness. Somehow, I'm sure of it, they will be the ones to protect this world."

Minato gently set them down on the ground as Kushina began to protest. Kairi watched as her father weaved his hands into… signs, before proclaiming, "Reaper Death Seal!"

Kairi didn't see anything, but she felt a chill.

"Let's believe in them," Minato said, "After all, these children are our son and daughter. After I completed the seal, I'm going to seal your chakra inside Naruto and Kairi too. You won't have much time, but I want you to help Naruto control the nine-tails power as a jinchuriki, and be there for Kairi when she needs it."

"But they're our children, Minato," Kushina protested, "Which is exactly why I don't want them to bear such a heavy burdern!" Minato didn't respond, he did sympathize with Kushina's feelings, "And tell me," Kushina continued, "Why use the Reaper Death Seal? If it's just so I can meet our children when they're grown up, especially if it's just for a short time, then there's no need for you to die!" Kushina reasoned, confirming what Kairi feared, "I'd rather you stay with them and watch over them. I just don't understand why it has to be this way," Kushina cried, "Why should Naruto be sacrificed to maintain the balance of power among tailed beasts, for his nation, for his village? Why should Kairi be his jailor and possible executor? Why do you have to sacrifice yourself at all? Just for me please?" Kushina begged, thinking of her children, "If you're so insistent on maintaining the balance of power then store the other half of the Nine-Tails in Kairi and live!"

Kairi flinched at the thought of having that monster in her.

"If I do that, then we will have two jinchuriki's that will draw dangerous attention to the village. Even if we kept it a secret, one way or another they would find out. Kairi's seal will prevent a repeat of tonight, if a tailed beast is extracted from a jinchuriki then that jinchuriki will die. Also to forsake ones nation is exactly the same as forsaking one's own child. Your very own homeland was destroyed so you should know that. A harsh life, awaits without a land to call their home, besides our family, is Shinobi," shinobi, what's that? Kairi could not help but understand her father's words. She didn't remember the Heartless invasion that destroyed Radiant Garden, but she remembered the fear and uncertainty. She also remembered when the islands were attacked by the Heartless, and the anxious waiting she had to do when Sora went to restore their home,"Finally, even if I were to live, I could never be a substitute for you," he crouched down slightly to look Kushina in the eye better, "You won't have much time with them, but there is something only you can say, Kushina, something I just can't. That's a mother's role. I'm not doing this just for you, I'm doing it for Naruto and Kairi," Minato then crouched down to pick up Kairi and Naruto, "I would die for my son and daughter, it's my duty as their father."

This man, made Kairi think of her adopted father, he was the mayor of the islands. He also had a sense of duty. Kairi couldn't help but think they'd get along.

After he set them back down, Minato stood up, then something shot out of his chest, it looked like a long purple and black arm. It reached out and grabbed the nine-tails.

"Damn you, Fourth Hokage," the giant creature cursed. Kairi's eyes widened, that thing could talk?

"Now seal!" Minato shouted, the Nine-Tails released a roar as the arm yanked something out of him and pulled it into Minato. The hole in his shirt where the arm retracted, Kairi saw new markings appear on her father's stomach.

Chains rattling caused Kairi to look back at the nine-tails. It was smaller. It was still huge but smaller, nonetheless.

Minato slammed his hand on the ground and a small ritual alter appeared in a puff of smoke. The cushioned pedestal was big enough for both babies, "Alright, now for the eight-sign seal and key seal. I'm going to seal the rest of the nine-tails in Naruto."

He gently placed both infants on the cushioned pedestal surrounded by candles. Kushina tried to move, but she fell over coughing, Minato noticed and went to her side, "Kushina, are you okay?"

The Nine-Tails raised its claws and reached out towards Kairi and Naruto. It was smaller, so the chains weren't holding it anymore, they were too loose.

Kairi watched the claw fly towards her and Naruto. It felt like time was slowing down. Then time stopped completely as both her parents jumped in front of the claw. It impaled them both, but that didn't stop them from digging their heels into the ground and stopping the claw from reaching their two infant babies. Kushina grabbed the claw to keep it from going further. Their blood dripped off the claw and fell on both babies.

Kairi was frozen. Both hands were on her mouth, she felt tears running down her cheeks and over her hands. All she could do was stare at the scene of her parents impaled by the monster. Yet somehow, they were both still alive.

"I said I was their father…" Minato gasped, "Dying for them… is my duty…"

"Yes…" Kushina rasped, "but I'm their mother, it's mine too… I think this may be the first time… I lost an argument… I guess this proves, just how serious you are… about doing this…"

"I thank you, Kushina," Minato wiped the blood that was coming from his mouth and smeared it across his palm. Then his hands formed those signs again, "Summoning Jutsu."

In a puff of smoke a frog appeared, "Yaah! The Nine-Tails," the frog saw the giant monster and panicked, "And Lord Fourth too? What is going on here?"

"Garotora," Minato addressed, "I'll give you the sealing formula's back up key, when I'm done, take it to master Jiraya to store it."

The frog stretched up, revealing to be some kind of living scroll. Then Minato put the back up key on the frog's scroll before it vanished in another puff of smoke.

"And now we're safe," Minato said, "Kushina, I'm going to start the seals. I still want to put some of my chakra inside Naruto and Kairi… We won't see them for quite a while… so let's tell them what we want to say."

"Naruto… Kairi…" Kushina began, "Don't be picky eaters… just eat a lot so you can grow up big and strong… And make sure, you bath everyday and that you stay warm too… Also, don't stay up too late, get plenty of sleep… don't forget to make friends as well, you don't need a ton of them okay, just a few is fine. As long as they are ones you can really trust, and… Your mom wasn't very good at this, make sure you study hard, and learn your ninjutsu. Always remember… Everyone is good at somethings and not so good at others… so even if something doesn't go well, don't get depressed okay…? When you're at the academy, respect your teachers and the upper classmen… oh, now this is important, regarding the three prohibitions of the shinobi… Be extra careful about lending and borrowing money… take your pay, put it in a savings account. No alcohol, not until you're of age. Too much sake is bad for you so… practice moderation… and another prohibition is women… this one is mostly for Naruto, not you Kairi… remember I am one, so I don't know too much about it… Keep in mind, this world is made up of men and women so at some point Naruto, you'll notice girls and that's normal just be careful and don't fall for the bad ones, just go out there and find someone who's like me… Kairi, one day you'll start noticing boys… don't just start throwing yourself at them… not all boys are good like your father… so take your time and find someone who's like your father… who'll respect you as well as love you… Speaking of the prohibitions, you should be wary of Jiraya sensei, ya know… Naruto, you're a big brother… look out for your sister… Kairi, look out for your brother… keep him in line… Kairi, some people will down on you because you're a girl… don't let that stop you… I speak from experience when I say a girl can be plenty strong… Watch out for each other… be there for each other, because I'm sorry to say… life is full of hardships and there will be painful times ahead… just be true to yourselves… make sure to have dreams and confidence to make dreams come true…" tears began to run down Kushina's face, "Oh, Naruto, Kairi… There's so much… so much more…" Kushina wept as she realized she was running out of time, "there are so many things I wish I could pass on to you… so much more I want to tell you… I wish I could stay with you two longer… I love you both."

Kairi just stood there watching, still frozen, still just listening… it was all she could do.

She wanted to say something, anything! It felt wrong for her to stand there as her dying mother told her she loved her.

Kairi tried to speak, but when she opened her mouth. Nothing came out.

"Minato I'm sorry," Kushina said, "I used up your time."

"No," Minato shook his head, "It's alright," Minato leaned over to look over Kushina's shoulder at his children, "Naruto, Kairi… my words to you are… I guess your talkative mom, said it all…" Minato closed his eyes, "Eight sign seal… Key seal…"

There was a flash of light. The Nine-Tails turned into energy and swirled into Naruto's stomach. Two different seals appeared on the twins. Naruto's seal looked like the one that was on her father. Kairi's seal, was shaped, kind of… like a key.

Kairi looked at her parents. With the Nine-Tailsnow sealed. Nothing was holding them up, the began to fall over.

Kairi shot forward to catch them, "Mom, Dad!"

She reached forward to catch them and help them. They just phased through her.

I didn't mean for this to happen. It just happened.