Kairi's Unlucky

Kairi held her hand over the bowl of water. Her chakra was making it swirl around in a small gentle whirlpool. Compared to the Rasengan training this was so easy it was boring.

She was currently sitting in Naruto's apartment, just thinking. Hidan and Kakazu were dead, the Heartless activity decreased, and Kairi was not sure what to do now. At the moment Naruto had to heal his arm.

Kairi once again thought about the possibility of giving Naruto a Keyblade. She decided to push it aside, she still wasn't sure if this was her call to make.

Kairi pushed the bowl aside and slumped forward.

I need to focus on what comes next… but what is next.

The Akatsuki were now down two members, seven were left. Kairi had no idea where the remaining members were. Kairi knew they were after Jinchuriki. Naruto and by extension her. Kairi tried to talk to Tsunade about locating the other Jinchuriki, but the idea was shot down. Apparently, other lands were really secretive about their Jinchuriki, and weren't very trusting. The only option left was to wait. The Akatsuki was bound to come for her and Naruto eventually, but Kairi was not fond of waiting. Maybe she should use her time to plan.

She pulled out her gummiphone and opened her notes app.

Battle plan against Sasuke.

Kairi mentally went over what the others told her about Sasuke as she thought of counter measures. Sasuke used lightning and fire style. Kairi would need to use ice magic, but she was also trying to master her water style chakra, to counter his fire style. For lightning style, Kairi thought she should use her barrier. She could use barrier surge, but that wasn't something she could use often, it took up a lot of magic

Sasuke's sharingan let him analyze hand signs and decipher jutsu's. That wouldn't issue for Kairi, she could use her Keyblade to perform jutsu without hand signs now, but that wasn't the only thing. Sasuke could dodge and counter any attack he saw and according to everyone, Sasuke was a genius on the battlefield. Kairi would need to figure out how to stay in his blind spot and take him down before he could figure her fighting style out and beat her.

The thought made Kairi flop her head on her desk. She might had been smart, but she wasn't a battle genius. If only she had inherited her father's battle genius that made him Hokage, or mom's temper. Naruto seemed to have inherited it, their mom's vicious and undeniable strength. Kairi only had scraps

Kairi flopped on her back on the floor. Well, she needed to find Sasuke first before she could beat him up. Easier said than done, Naruto had been looking for him for years. And from what she heard; Kairi was going to have to go through Orochimaru to get him.

Orochimaru, huh? Now that I think about it, he used to be a member of the Akatsuki. Kabuto said that he betrayed them and left. I bet they weren't happy. Maybe they're after him too, maybe Orochimaru is also planning on taking them down. Maybe they'll all end up taking each other down…

Kairi released a small laugh. Who was she kidding? She was never that lucky. Speaking of being unlucky. Odds were that Kairi was going to run into Orochimaru eventually. That's just how it was, strong lights attracted all kinds of people, the good, the bad, the worse. The village couldn't protect Kairi forever. She was going to need to figure out how to fight Orochimaru. The only thing she knew about him was he was basically a mad scientist that abducted people for experiments. He used to be a Leaf Ninja, and he was very powerful, very accomplished, and according to Sakura, very creepy.

Kairi needed specifics! She'd ask Naruto.

She went to Ichiraku's where Naruto was currently with Sakura and Sai. Kairi wanted to start on her water style training, so she went home for a while. She went under the flaps.

"Hey guys can-…"

"Here comes the choo-choo," Kakashi was holding up noodles to Naruto, seemingly to feed him.

"What are you doing?" Kairi asked weirded out.


"We were deciding who should feed Naruto?" Sai answered like it was normal.

"Ninja's are so weird," Kairi muttered, "Why does Naruto need to be fed?"

"Because he can't eat with his left hand," Sakura said.

This world needs forks.

"Saw 'aw' big brother," Kairi was the next person to try to feed Naruto. Naruto just sighed, while he preferred Sakura, he didn't mind his cute sister feeding him. So he accepted the noodles from her.

"It's good to see you on your feet Sensei, usually you're in a hospital bed," Sakura told Kakashi, "Knock on wood huh."

Kakashi slumped, "So that's how they see me now. That hurts."

Kairi looked at Sakura confused as she fed Naruto some pork, "Why would he be in the hospital? Sure, the last fight was tough, but he didn't get any serious injuries."

"Thank you, Kairi," Kakashi said, "I didn't have to use my mangekyo sharingan, this time."

"Monkey sharingan?" Kairi asked. That caused Naruto and Sakura to laugh, causing Kairi to be embarrassed.

"Mangekyo Kairi," Kakashi repeated more slowly, "It's an advanced stage of the sharingan. It allows me to transport things."

"Like this?" Kairi summoned and dismissed her Keyblade.

"No, it's not that easy," Kakashi said, "I have to look at something for a while for it to get transported."

"Kakashi-Sensei used it on Deidera," Naruto explained, "he used it to rip off his arm."

"He did?" Now that Kairi thought about it, when she fought Deidera she noticed his arms were, multicolored. Kairi was fought him from a distance so she didn't get a closer look.

"Problem is, it uses too much chakra," Kakashi said, "It's not safe to use often."

The question left Kairi's mouth before she knew it, "Does Sasuke's sharingan have a Mangekyo stage."

The atmosphere got colder at Sasuke name.

"To the best of our knowledge, no," Kakashi answered. Kairi couldn't help but wonder how a sharingan could advance to that stage. Training?

Kairi would ask later. She came here for other reasons, "I wanted to ask you guys somethings," Kairi fed Naruto more noodles. Kakashi had just ordered a bowl of noodles himself.

"What did you want to ask?" Sakura wondered before taking a sip of her drink.

"What kind of powers does Orochimaru have, and how do I counter them?"

Naruto spat out the noodles, Sakura spat out her drink, and Kakashi started coughing. Kairi then realized that the ramen he just ordered was gone already. How did he eat so fast, Kairi never saw him take off his mask!

"Kairi…" Naruto coughed, "What would… why do you wanna know that?"

Kairi looked at Naruto confused, Kakashi's ramen was forgotten, wasn't it obvious, "So when I fight him, I'll have a chance to survive and win."

"Look Kairi," Sakura suddenly said, "It's not like it's decided that you'll be the one to fight him, we'll handle that."

"I said I was going to help you guys find Sasuke," Kairi said, "Won't that mean we'll have to go through Orochimaru to do that?"

"Like Sakura said," Naruto added, "We'll handle that, you don't have to-…"

"Orochimaru fights mostly with snakes," Sai interrupted, "They're his main summon. He can regurgitate his sword from his mouth."

"Gross," Kairi said.

"Sai!" Naruto turned on his teammate, "That's enough!"

"But she asked, and she's part of our team," Sai said.

"Yeah, come on Naruto, I need to know this."

"No, you don't," Naruto suddenly said, "Orochimaru is a twisted monster. He's dangerous!"

"So are every member of the Akatsuki," Kairi reminded, "You're fine with me fighting them."

"That's because I'll be with you, and they're targeting us. We have no choice but to fight them. Orochimaru doesn't care about you, it's best if you stay out of his sight," Naruto couldn't stand the thought of Orochimaru being near his sister. He already took Sasuke, who was like his brother. And Orochimaru was tough to kill. He survived the Nine-Tails cloak at four tails, he didn't want to know what he'd do to Kairi.

"Naruto that might be too late," Kairi said.

"Why would it be too late?" Sakura asked.

"Before coming here, I fought Kabuto," Kairi explained. That made everyone stiffen, "They were attacking this village. They used a landslide as a cover to abduct innocent people. I managed to stop them, but Kabuto got away."

"I did hear about that," Kakashi said.

"I used my Keyblade, my magic," Kairi said, "Pervy-Sage said Orochimaru was obsessed with things he found 'unique and interesting.' If my chakra chains aren't unique and interesting, my Keyblade and magic are. If he could, he might have me kidnapped so he could study me," The statement made Naruto go pale as Kairi continued, "What a freak. It makes me glad Namine isn't here yet. If he knew anything about her, her powers, her existence he'd probably want to study her too," that thought was just as bad. Before Naruto knew it his mind was filled with horrible thoughts of his sister's being strapped to tables and Orochimaru holding a blade ready to cut them open, "Namine isn't the only one. My friends Roxas and Xion are- ah…" Naruto was suddenly on Kairi. Holding her in a possessive hug. Sakura was suddenly holding her hand with a haunted expression.

Kairi looked worried; she wasn't trying to scare them. She never saw them act like this. Were they that scared of Orochimaru?

"Guys?" Kairi said with concern, they just tightened their hold, "Guys… Look I'm probably wrong. I've been here for a while; I've been out of the village quite a few times. If Orochimaru wanted to hurt me, he would have done it by now… I just want to be prepared. I haven't been lucky lately and I just don't want to be caught off guard." Kairi tried to laugh but they still held her.

Everything Kairi said, made sense. She was unique and so was her powers. If Orochimaru found out about her and her powers, and about Namine and how she was born… The thought was too horrible to imagine. They had seen Orochimaru use and sacrifice so many people, they didn't want to see that happen to Kairi. They were about to lose Sasuke to him, they didn't want to lose her too.

Kairi sighed her free hand reached up and rested on his arm, "Naruto, come on. Your arms hurt, let go. You need to eat."

Eventually, Naruto let go and sat back down. Sakura released Kairi's hand and she continued to feed him. Naruto was looking at his injured arm, contemplating his issues.

Kairi could be one of Orochimaru's targets and when Namine finally came, she could be one too. Naruto finally mastered Rasenshuriken, but he couldn't use it. Now he sat their injured as his sister fed him.

"Naruto," Kakashi pulled him from his thoughts, "There's no question you've gotten stronger," Naruto looked up at him, "You're my equal now, stronger even," everyone looked at Kakashi, "But as far as you've come, now this, the greater the jutsu, the greater the risk to yourself."

Naruto looked down cast again, "Yeah."

Kairi placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder. Once again, the thought of doing the inheritance ceremony crossed her mind.

"Naruto, that new jutsu of yours-…"

"Kakashi-Sensei," Naruto interrupted, he looked up smiling, "I know my limits better than anyone else, because I'm the one that's going to be Hokage someday right. I mean, come on if I'm stronger than you, then what's there to worry about?"

Naruto's smile made the mood much lighter. Kairi smiled before smirking, "Says the guy who's still a genin."

"Hey!" Naruto snapped, "At least I'm a ninja!"

"Keyblade wielders are cooler than ninjas," Kairi teased back then stuck out her tongue.

"No, they're not," Naruto bit back as Kairi laughed.

Soon they were done.

"Thanks for the ramen pops, Kakashi-Sensei will cover the bill."


"Thanks Sensei," Sakura said as she pulled Kairi along.

"Wait a minute," Kakashi wailed as he was left with the bill.

As they left, they were confronted with two Konohamaru's. Kairi learned his name at the funeral. Naruto looked serious.

"So Shadow Clones huh? Fine, come on then. Let's see just how far you've come."

"Okay, Naruto," the two Konohamaru's said, "It's on," in a poof of smoke, they turned into two naked women.

"Ah man! That's your new move?"

Sakura screamed in embarrassment. Kairi felt anger and irritation rise within her. She was tempted to-… No!

Kairi closed her eyes and mentally repeated, I will not snap, I will not snap, I will not snap.

The last thing that was needed was another form of the Sexy Jutsu. Even as Konohamaru was punched by his teammate into the fence, Kairi still maintained her mental mantra. She felt like this world was full of lunatics!

"Kairi," Kakashi addressed the red head.

Kairi raised a finger, "I need a minute," Kairi took in a few more breaths, when she knew, she wasn't going to snap and go dominatrix, she looked up at Kakashi, "Yes?"

"I need to talk to you in private."

"Okay…" Kairi followed the Jonin to a rooftop, "What do you want to talk about?"

"We're being assigned a mission," Kakashi said.

"Okay," Kairi said, "Why aren't the others here?" Kairi was referring to Naruto and the rest of team seven.

"Because it won't be with team seven, it will be with team eight," Kakashi explained.

Kairi looked at him confused, "Is this another Heartless extermination mission?"

"No, it's a search mission."

Kairi looked more confused, "I'm not saying I won't go but, there are plenty of sensory type ninjas in the village."

"None of them can sense darkness like you, and the target has great darkness in him indeed."

"Who is it?" Kairi asked.

"It's not confirmed," Kakashi said, "but we may have found Orochimaru's current hideout."

Kairi's eyes widened slightly, "Well, speak of the devil. Okay, so if we go and it is the hideout, then what?"

"We'll to confirm it first," Kakashi explained, "If it is the hideout Orochimaru is currently at, we'll return to the village and prepare an attack. If it's not and it belongs to his subordinate's then we'll capture them and bring them back for intel."

Kairi nodded, "Do you know when we leave."

"In a few days," Kakashi explained, "You can't tell Naruto."

Kairi looked down, "I don't like keeping secrets from him, and he's going wonder where I'll be going."

"Master Jiraya has that handled, he's going to take Naruto on a trip to help him recover," Kakashi said.

"Without his current student," Kairi felt a little mad, "How nice for him."

"Heh, well, if Naruto knows we have a possible location, he'll go looking for Sasuke, and he's not fully healed," Kakashi reminded.

Kairi looked down. Kairi knew that Sasuke was at whichever hideout Orochimaru was at. If Orochimaru was there, Sasuke was there!

Kairi could imagine seeing them. She imagined fighting them, making them pay for what they did to Naruto and her friends. She took in a breath. No, she was going to play it smart and do what Kakashi explained. If report back or gain intel. She just hoped she'd be part of the attack party.

She still wanted to make Sasuke pay.

She recalled the Chidori and Kakashi's lightning blade.

"You're the one who taught Sasuke the Chidori, right?" Kairi asked.

"I was," Kakashi nodded.

"Do you…" Kairi trailed off, "Nevermind. I'll get ready."

"Kairi," Kakashi said, "You need to understand. Orochimaru is dangerous. He killed the third Hokage."

That made Kairi look up at Hokage mountain. The nice old man, was killed by that monster?

"If you think I'll go running in on my own to take him down I won't," Kairi said looking back at Kakashi, "I'll play it smart this time, but we can't ignore the chance that we might fight him."

"You're right we can't," Kakashi said, "I wasn't talking about that."

"Huh?" Kairi asked.

"None of us believed Sasuke would ever go to Orochimaru. We didn't think his hatred for his brother rant that deep."

"He killed his parents and family," Kairi reminded, she recalled the masked man who killed her parents, "That's not exactly something you can forgive."

"I know, Orochimaru tapped into that pain and rage and used him. I saw him twice and… I froze twice."

Kairi looked at Kakashi more sympathetically. Orochimaru was that terrifying?

"Kairi, you understand that Naruto and Sakura care about you. Like they cared about Sasuke, when you made them think he would come after you, it terrified them. They don't want to lose you to Orochimaru as well."

"I wasn't trying to scare them," Kairi said, "I was being realistic. I just want to know what I'm up against."

"I know and you're right," Kakashi said, "Orochimaru would take interest in you and your power. He may already be interested."

"I'll never sacrifice the people I have now for power," Kairi said as she began to leave, "And besides, he hasn't tried anything. Maybe I'm just not on his radar."

Or he's waiting for the right moment, Kakashi thought.


Else where in a hidden location. Was Orochimaru's hideout.

"So, Hidan and Kakazu are dead?" Orochimaru mused the new information.

"Yes," Kabuto stirred the medicine, "It seems they were defeated by Naruto, his team, and his sister."


"We thought they might be able to take out some more of the Akatsuki, if we allowed them to live," Kabuto recalled, "Looks like we made a wise decision."

"Yes, not bad at all. I'm sure the Akatsuki never imagined in their worst nightmares losing two of their members, in one blow. It must be very disappointing for them," Orochimaru chuckled, "And as for Kairi…"

"Yes," Kabuto spoke, "She wiped out the monsters that have begun to appear suddenly. Almost overnight."

"Strange, they appeared so shortly after she reappeared," Orochimaru mused, "That's quite a coincidence."

"I'm certain you don't believe that," Kabuto said, "As I've explained, she has strange powers. Beyond that of any Uzumaki, but at the moment she's taken refuge with the Leaf. And from what I've heard, Naruto is quite fond of her, he won't let her go so easily."

"That's a shame," Orochimaru said, "I would like to have her as a guest in our humble home. I can't help but wonder, what secrets that little girl is hiding," where Kairi had been, turned her into something else. Something powerful, Orochimaru wanted to know, but he couldn't yet his current vessel was beginning to fail. He couldn't abduct Kairi now. However, "I think I would like to see her myself."

I was tempted to bring back Dominatrix Kairi into this chapter, but I decided not to.

But don't relax… she is coming.

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