"Wake up."

As he heard the two words, John opened his eyes and examined his surroundings. He is back on his flat and he's sitting on his chair.

"About time you woke up, John," Sherlock took a seat on his chair as well.


"How did you woke up here, John? Simple, I brought you here from your therapist's house via taxi. After I saw you unconscious, that is."

John rubbed his eyes, and then he recalled the memory of his therapist shooting him just as he is about to leave her house. This is right after he found out the truth that not only she is one person, but also three persons. She is also Culverton Smith's 'daughter' and the woman he flirted on the bus.


Eurus Holmes...

"Sherlock, that woman, she's..." he started.

"My sister, I know. I read her note," Sherlock pulls out the letter that has the words 'Miss me?'. "She's Culverton Smith's 'daughter', your second psychiatrist, and the woman you cheated with Mary. They're all the same person: Eurus."

"She... She shot me!" John realized as he touched his chest, but he looks fine.

"Don't worry, you're fine. She shot you with a tranquilizer when you tried to leave her house which is now abandoned," Sherlock reassured him.

"It looks like Mycroft has some explaining to do."

"Yeah, that sounds like it."

Sherlock took a drink of tea as he contemplated with the revelation, and then he comes up with an idea. An awful idea to expose the truth.

"Rather than telling him what we know of, let's spell it out for him through an experiment," he suggested as he stands up from his chair.

"An experiment?" John looks confused as he stands up from his chair as well.

"Yes, an experiment. We should get a clown and a short man."

Author's Note: Just to solve the cliffhanger in season 4, episode 2.