Everything was going fine. We were sitting on the dining table of cabin 3 with Grover the satyr, it was peaceful at last after the Titan war and Grover was telling me that he prefers tin to towels "tin is like more flavorful than towels but I feel that towels have good texture." Yep satyrs are weird. "umm... that's good." I said not knowing how to respond.

Then an alien ship several times larger than the Empire state building, and had a pointed nose with a fish like tail. i was mad and thought i just fought a war against my grandfather and his brothers! and alien ship shows up! out of the blue. The bottom having cannons built on it and a bunch of way smaller ships started pouring out of it. "Holy tin cans!" grover screamed panic burst out quickly and the camps defences were sprung up. People started to armor up and Grover ran into the forest.

Annebeth ran up to me, she looked a mixture of confused, afraid, and anger. "What's going on?!" I asked "I don't know percy!" she shouted as she said that the main alien ship started to land and as such a pool of white robots with long faces and strange looking alien guns "don't attack yet! Annebeth yelled but the robots had other plans. one of the smaller ships shot lasers at one of the catapults and it exploded some demigods caught in it. And the catapults had been fired and destroyed a few of the ships.

The Apollo kids ran up as the droids started firing lasers at us and a few demigods were hit and fell to the ground some Apollo kids went and picked them up and took them to the medical center as the Apollo kids rained arrows down taking down quite a lot of these robots, I was surprised so much I was speechless and Annebeth whispered in my ear "percy I need you to distract them so we can rush them and take them out" "surrender and pledge your allegiance to the Separatists." the voice was deep and very loud and sounded like it was taped on a bad quality tape recorder, I looked up to see a robot that was bigger and had metal plates all around his body like their was something it was protecting and I knew this was my chance.

A few campers screamed "heck no!" Clarissa La Ru said "as if!" I jumped up and ran up to the big robot and it laughed and it's wired arms split into four separate arms and had these cylinders in it's hands "you are a bold one, you will die at the hands of general grievous!" The cylinders in general grievous's hands ignited into laser swords the color of green and blue. "wow! that's so cool where did you get them." "From the dead bodies of the jedi!" He charged me trying to pin me down with his laser swords and I barely dodged, he swung and blocked. surprisingly riptide did not get sliced through like I thought at the time but steamed. He was very powerful and fast and he would've killed me if I had not bathed in the river Styx. Grievous's laser sword hit me but only felt hot and bounced off me. "Impossible! what are yo-" before he could finish I charged at him and swung but he was fast and blocked and kicked me and I was sent flying into another camper. "Kill them! he is mine!"

Grover came running back with about 50 satyrs and 20 nymphs, and the satyrs started playing a song about trees, I was relieved to see them and the robots stopped moving and one said "why are they playing music?" "Shouldn't they be fighting?" but they didn't see the roots of trees come up and rip them apart. I started forming a hurricane around them destroying and sendingsendinga. "This is not over yet! What is your name! "Percy Jackson"