We had successfully boarded the destroyer which I tell you is nothing like I've seen before. it had these sleek metal walls and corridors around every corner, and it had rooms for living quarters for the clones and us. I looked out of the main room with the controls for the ship and saw the black and yet star filled emptiness of space yet those stars are so far apart. Then another ship jolted out of Hyper space and a smaller ship, but still pretty big. Flew directly at us and burned a hole into the wall we were next to. The alarm went off. I pulled out riptide. "we have company." Said a guy with a ignited lightsaber "who are you?" I asked "Anakin." "My name is Percy Jackson" the droids poured into our ship as more ships were deployed from our ship and their ship the clones started firing at the droids and getting picked off. But some of the droids took out the clones too. Anakin and myself sliced up a few of the droids an I blocked a few lasers and sent them into the chest of the droids while Anakin sent a droids head toppling, then as we thought we defeated most of the droids a black droid with a shorter face and the head shaped more human like. "we got commandos on us."

the commando droid pulled out a sword and Anakin tried to sweep off it's legs with his lightsaber but the commando droid jumped and kicked Anakin in the face and he hit the ground hard. "I'm gonna feel that in the morning." He mumbled. The droid struck at me but I blocked it and sent a side strike at him but the droid blocked and rolled and sent an upward strike towards me and I dodged. Rolled to the side of the droid and disarmed the droid by hitting at the swords hilt and cutting of the droids hands then cutting off the droids head, sending the droid to the ground. But, as I was doing that more commandos showed up and then Annebeth, Clarissa, Obi Wan, and Nico, arrived with their weapons out.

Everyone charged. Obi Wan sliced through one of them. Annebeth used her bronze dagger to fight one of them she was trading strikes and blocks and she dodged a swing from the commando and she connected blades with the commando and slid her blade down the commando and stabbed the droid in the chest and kicked it down. The commando droid fell to the ground. " Nico and Clarissa disarmed the commando droid and stabbed it. As we closed up the hole made by the Separatists. "stupid commando droids." "they're called droids? I just call them robots." Said Nico. "This is our opportunity to land in their landing zone, so let's get down to business" Annebeth said "to defeat the huns."