How To Get Knocked Up(Minus the Knocking)

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It was early morning in Bright Moon, as Adora stood looking up at the sky. Etheria saved, no more Horde, and surrounded by her friends... Yeah Adora was feeling pretty good, even after two years she still felt a massive weight off her shoulders. Of course she had someone to thank for that in these past two years, looking down briefly at the ring on her finger.

"Hey Adora." A more than familiar voice called to her as she smiled. She turned and saw Catra walking up, her hair grown out once more.

"Good morning." Adora said as Catra hugged her from behind, grasping her hands as Adora saw the same ring on the magicat's finger as she wore.

"So what's the plan for today?" Catra asked, nuzzling into Adora's neck, purring slightly.

"Entrapta wanted us to drop by to see something she's made." The blond said as the magicat couldn't help but huff a bit.

"Oh great, more technobabble from Mrs. Hordak, can you just tell them I'm..." Catra began, but Adora turned around to face her abruptly.

"Going? Don't need to, you'll be there." Adora said, pecking her wife on the cheek as she headed to get Swift Wind.

"I'm going under protest!" Catra shouted after Adora.

"Still means going babe!" Adora said as she disappeared down the hallway.

Hordak opened the door to his and Entrapta's humble home. It was really just a small sectioned off bit of former Fright Zone territory, but since this was originally Scorpia's family's kingdom, she was the new ruler and graciously allowed them a rent free home. After all, Entrapta was a friend, and throwing out a friend and her new husband was just unseemly for a queen... And well Scorpia didn't have a mean bone in her exo-skeleton.

"Welcome, Entrapta's..." Hordak began as a small rumble shook the house a bit.

"... Almost done with a current experiment. She'll be right..." Another larger rumble, one that Hordak sighed at.

"... Just sit down, and keep a cushion ready in case the ceiling comes down... Again." The former lord of the Fright Zone said as Adora and Catra looked at each other.

"Again?" Catra said, looking kind of... Worried, as she darted over to the couch and grabbed a cushion, putting it over her head.

"Oh come on Catra it's not... " Adora said, but was soon cut off as a steady rumble began shaking the house terribly, causing her to rush over to where Catra was, huddling close as she grabbed her own cushion. Hordak however, couldn't hide his smirk as he saw She-Ra herself, and Catra scared. Old habits died hard he supposed. Suddenly the shaking stopped, as Entrapta came up from her basement lab.

"Oh you're here! I got a surprise for you both!" The purple haired genius said as Adora and Catra still were too afraid to remove the cushions from their heads.

"... Was that what the shaking was about?" Adora asked as Entrapta looked confused for a second, then snorted out a laugh.

"Oh that? That was just me testing my earthquake machine, I've taken a real interest in seismology recently." Entrapta said as if it was the most normal thing ever.

"Earthquake machine..." Catra repeated, as she cast a horrified glance at Adora who mirrored her own expression. Hordak walked over and put his arm around her, casually picking up a chair that had fallen over.

"Yes, it's why I've bolted most of the furniture to the floor, so it doesn't get rearranged every other hour." Hordak said as Entrapta bounded over on her hair over to their two, very much terrified, guests.

"So you guys do or don't want children?" The resident tech genius asked as the two wives looked at each other, still reeling from... The insanity of whatever just happened.

"... Well uh... Maybe at some point." Adora said first, finding her bearings more quickly.

"Yeah uh, we're just enjoying being with each other right now." Catra said, calming herself down and looking at Adora, wrapping her tail around her wife's waist and holding her hand. Both out of love... And for a bit more feeling of stability given the threat of a possible house collapse.

"Ooooh... Probably should've asked that question before I made the surprise." Entrapta said as she looked rather embarrassed.

"Oh you made something for us if we had a kid? Well that's fine, I mean we can just hold onto it until..." Adora began as Entrapta looked... Even more embarrassed.

"Perhaps you better just show them dear." Hordak said as Entrapta went downstairs... And came back up with a makeshift stroller... And inside it was... A baby. A baby looking around, as bright eyed and innocent as any baby before it. Shimmering blue eyes and a little patch of blond hair on its head. Adora and Catra... Were in utter shock.

"I kinda... Cloned Adora... Surprise?" Entrapta said as Adora got up and went over to the baby, stunned... Catra however, got over the shock a lot quicker.

"What do you mean you cloned Adora?!" Catra hissed out, glaring at Entrapta, Hordak glaring down at her for the tone. Catra raked her claws through her hair and seethed.

"I mean, what?! You can't do one thing normal?! You can't..." The magicat ranted as Adora, just kept staring at the infant in the stroller.

"Enough! I will not have you insult my wife!" Hordak snapped at Catra, as she glared up at him

"Well I didn't want MY wife cloned, but look what happened there!" Catra said, staring Hordak down. However all this commotion the baby began to cry, and Adora almost instinctively picked it up. The infant's crying causing the other three in the room to look over, breaking the tension... If just a little.

"Shhh, it's alright baby girl." Adora said, almost like it was somehow second nature.

"Male actually, I wasn't sure which you'd prefer, so I flipped a coin. I tried to factor in the variables of being transgender, or non-binary, but that seemed a tad... Too involved when dealing with an actual living creature." Entrapta said as Catra glared at her.

"Gee, you don't say." The magicat said as Adora finally quieted the infant down. She looked at Entrapta and Hordak.

"Can you give us a few minutes... Alone?" Adora said as Hordak nodded cordially and Entrapta just smiled nervously, following her husband out of the room. Catra, scowled at the floor however, feeling honestly mortified by what had transpired.

"Catra... Catra look at me." Adora said as Catra looked... And saw Adora with the baby.

"... Adora, I..." The magicat began, but found herself at a loss for words.

"You don't want a..." Adora began, as Catra quickly came closer and put her arm around Adora.

"I did! I-I do! Just... Like we told them at... Some point." Catra said as she looked down at the infant in Adora's arms and her heart skipped a beat... She was transfixed on the baby boy, same as Adora.

"I have a feeling that, at some point... Is going to have to be now." Adora said as Catra sighed.

"Not like we can give him back... I mean we probably could but..." Both of them looked at the home of the pair of scientists.

"Yeah no, there's no way that's happening." Adora said, as Catra nodded.

"So... Guess he needs a name. How about Adam?" Adora said as Catra shook her head.

"I dunno... I was thinking something more... Dashing, or daring or..." Catra began, but was still trying to think. Adora however had an idea.

"Daring... Daring... How about, Dare?" Adora asked as Catra laughed a little smiling.

"Dare... I love it." The magicat said as Entrapta and Hordak peaked their heads in.

"I think it's time we get this little guy home..." Adora said as she looked over at Entrapta.

"... Thank you. Just... Promise you won't do anything like this without express permission in the future." Adora said as Entrapta bounded up.

"Oh I promise! Just glad you're not angry." The genius said as Adora laughed a little.

"Surprised, shocked, and kind of scared but... Angry? No... I don't think I can be angry about this." Adora said as she and Catra headed to the door.

"I however am annoyed." Catra said, pausing and looking at Entrapta dead seriously.

"If you do anything involving my wife, without my knowledge... Be ready for what comes next." Catra said, flashing her claws.

"Right! Won't happen again!" Entrapta proclaimed as Hordak walked over and shut the door behind them.

"Well that went well!" Entrapta said as Hordak just chuckled.

"Well as expected I suppose."

"Bow and Glimmer won't be back for a day or so... Which means we get to keep him our little secret until then... Just the three of us. A family..." Adora said as she smiled at her... Their... New son, laying with him in her arms, Catra at her side, in their shared bed.

"Yeah..." Catra said as she suddenly realized something.

"... Do you know how to take care of a baby?" She asked her wife.

"... No?" Adora replied as she too realized the same, important thing. Both of them... twenty two years old... And suddenly thrown into parenting... With no clue.

"... This is... Gonna be interesting." Adora said, smiling, though less of a warm smile now and more of a coping mechanism smile.

"Yeah, we're... We're gonna get through this... And if we don't we kill Entrapta and make it look like an accident." Catra said as she felt her heart race once more.

"Yep." Adora said taking deeper breathes as the infant in her arms just slept without a care in the world.

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The name Dare comes from the unproduced He-Man sequel series, He-Ro, Son of He-Man. The plot was to be Prince Adam, now King Adam, finding a lost boy in the wilds of Eternia named Dare and raising him as a son who inherits the Power Sword. Dare would have eventually been reveled to be the son of Adora, Adam's twin sister.