How To Get Knocked Up(Minus the Knocking)

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Catra was absolutely livid, right now. All tiredness she had was replaced with pure rage. She knew that Adora was new to this, heck so was she, but she was marginally sure that they would be able to keep the baby in their sight for longer than a day before someone walked off with him! Looking around the crowded market place, she was having no luck spotting Spinnerella Taking a moment to breathe she, got her bearings more.

"Okay, okay, okay, calm down Catra... There's got to be a good reason..." She began to say to herself, attempting to think clearer... As her blue and yellow eyes spied Spinnerella coming out of a toy shop, dangling a stuffed bear over Dare who giggled.

"A good reason that hussy has my baby!" Catra seethed as she began to lunge as fast as she could at Spinnerella... Who was blissfully unaware as she turned and went inside another store, Catra flying past and tackling an innocent bystander to the ground.

"Sorry!" Catra hastily apologized as she got up and ran inside the store. She instantly saw Spinnerella looking at baby clothes and...

"YOU'RE NOT STEALING MY BABY!" Catra shouted as the air controlling princess turned, just in time... To see a manic magicat lunging straight at her.

"Glad that's done." Adora said, stretching a bit. After a solid five hours of work, the guard postings were officially done. With a stretch and a groan, Adora got up from her seat and sighed as she noticed the clock on the wall.

"Shoot, it's after lunch. Better go and wake Catra, she's always cranky when she misses lunch." Adora said, grabbing her copy of the guard posting schedule.

"Yeah, lunch sounds good, I know Spinny must be getting hungry about now. Hey, next time can you leave the kid at home? No offense, he's adorable, but Spinny always gets so distracted around kids." Netossa said as they exited her office. Adora chuckled a little and nodded.

"Sure, second we can tell Glimmer and Bow we'll have two always at the ready sitters, I promise." Adora said as they entered the living room.

"Spinny! We're done, and Adora's got to go, so play... Time's.. Over?" The silver haired princess said, but noticed a distinct lack of her wife in their home. Granted their home was far from small, so it was likely she had simply gone to another room, as Netossa went to the staircase and called upstairs.

"Spinny, come on Adora's got to go! You can play with the baby when we..." Netossa was however cut off when Adora tapped her shoulder, showing her something in her hand.

"She left a note" Adora said as Netossa took the note from her hand and began to read it.

"It's such a nice day outside, I thought little Dare would like a day out while you and Adora worked, should be back by the time you're done, love you!"

Adora groaned at the note. A day out... With people being able to see Dare... Clearly Spinnerella hadn't heard her ask them to keep Dare a secret for now. Netossa just signed as she looked at Adora with nothing but sympathy.

"I'm sorry, like I said she gets distracted with..." Netossa began as Adora just packed her things and began to head out.

"Well she's not back yet, so maybe I can catch her on the way." Adora said as Netossa followed her out the door.

"Yeah, she's probably caught up at the market. She does love to talk when she goes shopping." Netossa said as they headed for the market.

As the two got near the market they heard quite a commotion going on, seeing a crowd of people and... A blown out store front window.

5 Minutes Earlier

Catra had lunged at Spinnerella who, on reflex, spun and blew a gust of wind directly at her which sent her flying out the window of the store and smacking into a street lamp outside.

"CATRA! I'M SO SORRY!" Spinnerella said she realized what she had just done, rushing over with Dare's stroller in tow. Dazed, Catra just looked up and had one thing to say

"Gimme... Baby... Mine..." Catra said as she passed out, a combination of still being rather tired and the none too gentle hit into the street lamp. At this Spinnerella realized Catra had no way of knowing, how she got Dare... And suddenly rememebred something she had heard Adora say.

"Can you guys not let anyone know, by the way? I wanted to surprise Glimmer and Bow..."

The words echoed in her mind as a crowd had formed to see what all the noise was about. As she propped Catra up and tapping her face repeatedly trying to wake her, and make sure she wasn't concussed, she heard Dare begin crying.

"Oooh this is bad, this is so bad! Oh 'Tossa's going to kill me! Adora's going to kill me! Ooooh, wake up Catra!"


"CATRA!" Adora said running up, looking down at her wife, and seeing her wife down on the ground, Spinnerella still tapping Catra's face.

"Adora I'm so sorry! I don't know what..." Spinnerella was cut off as Adora reached down and picked up Catra who thankfully woke up at that moment.

"Dare... where's..." Catra asked, rubbing her head as she hissed at how sore it was. Adora kissed her head as she looked over at Dare crying. Putting Catra on her feet, but still holding on to her to steady her, she walked over over to the stroller.

"He's right here..." Adora said using her free hand to caress his head, which seemed to sooth his crying as he began whimpering more than anything. Catra, despite her dazed state, smiled and rubbed his head as well. Netossa walked up and put her hand on her taller wife's shoulder.

"'Tossa I'm sorry! I didn't..." Spinnerella was about to have a nervous breakdown it seemed, but Netossa planted a small kiss on her lips.

"Shhh, it's alright... Well not alright... But let's just remember to ask permission before we take someone else's kid out, okay?" Netossa said as she hugged her wife. At this point Sea Hawk walked up, covering his right eye.

"Catra there you are! I must say, your skills are getting rusty, that man wasn't getting mugged! And... I don't think he ever will be, not with a right hook like that..." He said, as he removed his hand to rub his now blackened eye.

"Not now, Sea Hawk, we've got to..." Adora began, but was cut off when she heard an all too familiar voice ring out.

"Adora?! What's going on?!" The voice said as Adora turned and saw Glimmer rushing up, Bow not far behind.

"Uh..." Adora said as she looked down at Dare, at Catra still barely conscious in her arms, Sea Hawk's black eye, and Netossa comforting Spinnerella who was still having a borderline panic attack.

"Uh... So Entrapta made a clone of me and well... Meet our son Dare... Surprise?" Adora said with the most awkward smile in the history of smiles as Glimmer and Bow... Just... Stared in utter confusion.

"Someone's paying for this window right?" The store owner said as he looked at the damage done.

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