Hi-dilly-ho, guys! It's me, DevilsZack00 and I welcome you in this brand new direct Fanfiction, written and produced entirely by me: FINAL FANTASY XV: Journey In Remnant!

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Well, as I said in the last chapter of Bleach DxD, this fanfiction is a Fanfiction Crossover between RWBY and my favorite Final Fantasy (After Crisis Core FF7 and FF7 original / Remake), or Final Fantasy XV! For now the only official pairing that I have already decided on is Ruby x Noctis (If this ship has a name, please write it to me; -;), I don't know if instead I should change the relationship between Yang and Blake because, honestly, I love their love story (Although not 100% confirmed).

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Chapter 1: "A new World and a new Kingdom ..."

9 years ago, Kingdom of Lucis ...

"Dad, tell me a story!" The cheerful voice of the child draws the attention of the father who, placing his stick next to him and sitting on the chair next to his son's bed, smiled benevolently and stroked his head. "Okay Noct, what story would you like to hear?" His father asked with a slight smile while little Noct thought about it. "Tell me ... your favorite story!" Noct replied while he smiled at his father, who chuckled and then massaged the bearded chin "Okay then. My favorite story has always been our story". "Our history?" Noct asked, slightly tilting his head to the side, confused by what his father said, who smiled slightly. "The history of our people ... the history of our world" said the man as he inhaled slightly "It all started-"

- Billions of years ago, when our world, Eos, was born together with the Six Astrals, gods of incredible power, who descended on our world to protect it. One of them, Ifrit, decided to create something that the other Astrals had never thought: He created beings in the image and likeness of the Astrals themselves ... The humans. After creating us, Ifrit gave us his power: fire.

Unfortunately, after several million years, the Astrals fell into a long sleep across Eos, and while humans had to protect themselves from monsters and other power-hungry humans, one man decided to protect the world by using the Astral's last gift: The Crystal ... that man was Somnus Lucis Caelum, the first King and our ancestor. Humans, fascinated by his power and happy to have someone who could protect them, decided to swear eternal loyalty to our Kingdom ... all, except the Empire of Niflheim. An Empire that-oh ...

The man observed his son Noct who was lying in bed, completely asleep. Smiling at the sight of his sleeping son, the man slowly got up from his chair and, after gently stroking Noct's head and taking the stick, he left the room muttering in a low voice a "Goodnight, Noct" and, while he was going out, he succeeded to perceive a " 'night, Dad" from his son.

As he walked through the rooms of the Citadel, the man waved goodbye to the various servants and the various guards who worked there. A few minutes of walking and, after opening a door through the ring he wore to the ring finger of the right hand, the man arrived at his destination: It was a room of the Citadel which, the interior of which contained an immense bright blue night crystal, as big as a person. The man sighed slightly at the sight of the Crystal, and then walked towards it.

As soon as it was close enough, the light of the crystal increased, but this did not disturb the man who, on the contrary, put his right hand on the crystal, dramatically increasing the light produced by the crystal, so much light that the man had to close his eyes.

(Play "FF XV OST - Somnus")

"Regis Lucis Caelum, we finally managed to meet again" said a deep royal voice, ringing inside the ears of the man called Regis, who reopened his eyes, only to find himself in a different place: He was floating inside a borderless blue void bathed in soft light, the Beyond ... and he was not alone, given that in front of him there were two figures, an immense male almost 500 ft. tall and a female figure slightly lower than Regis. The huge male figure was wearing a draconic-looking metal armor, with a dragon's tail and a pair of wings made up of 15 swords on each side, and the figure itself wields one, while the face is covered with a mask. The female figure, instead, has short blonde hair held to the side with a clothespin. She wear a diamond-shaped band on the forehead. She has blue eyes and wears a long white dress and white gloves. She wears a gold necklace with three circular ornaments.

Regis looked at the man in armor first, then the woman. "Bahamut, Aera ... we haven't seen each other for a while now," Regis said as he greeted the two, who remained silent, although Aera smiled in greeting. Bahamut, the immense being in armor, observed King Regis with a neutral gaze, while his deep and royal voice rang out in the Beyond "King Regis, 4 months have passed since you decided to perform the decisive act: Leave Eos, leaving your old world to perish with the Starscourge. The question now is: Why?" While Bahamut asked the question, Aera took a step forward towards Regis" Is it because of the Prophecy?" Aera asked, letting Regis bow his gaze slightly, while the memories of that day came back to him ...

4 months before ...

Regis was in the room where the Crystal was kept and, while looking at it, Regis heard the door open and, when he turned around, he saw a man in his 30s years with short brown hair. He has blue eyes and wears a black jacket with a collar with skull-shaped buttons, and under the jacket, the man wears a black shirt with skull print and, to finish, his pants are black and black boots with red sole. "King Regis, are you crazy?! Do you want to sacrifice this world?!" The man shouted as he headed for Re Regis, who seemed much more fit and above all without a stick. "Cor, please ... this is the only possible choice," Regis said as he closed his eyes and exhaled, then reopened them and watched Cor, who still seemed angry. "The only?! King Regis, the Lucis Caelum are the monarchs of the Kingdom that protects Eos from darkness! Your choice will destroy the whole world! Please think again, your Majesty" Cor knelt down, begging his King, who sighed and bent to the same height as Cor. "Cor ... it's the only way to save people ... and Noctis"

Cor, hearing the name of the Prince, looked up and observed the King "King Regis ... what do you mean?" Cor asked as he saw Regis' face as he tried to hold back his tears. "The Prophecy ... Noctis is the King of the Kings ... and I don't want the Astrals to play with the life of our planet, the life of my son and all the children of Eos!" Regis gets up and turns to the Crystal, while Cor was still metabolizing everything in his head until he understood. "King Regis ... You ..." Cor murmured, until he bowed his head in sign of respect and loyalty, understanding what his King wanted to do "I, Cor Leonis, will do everything possible to help the population adapt to the new world!" Cor said, letting Regis smile slightly, who turned to Cor and put a hand on his shoulder on it. "Thanks ... my friend," Regis said, then returned to looking at the crystal and resting his left hand. "Adagium, you will be able to destroy the world, but you will not destroy people ... I hope the Gods can forgive me ... next stop: Remnant" Regis said as the crystal lit up, creating a dome of light that began to widen dramatically, incorporating not only the Royal Palace, but even the continents of Lucian and Accordian with all its inhabitants, while 13 sanctuaries and 5 mysterious figures began to head towards the new world ...

Regis sighed as he shook his head slightly, brushing those memories away, then returning to observe Bahamut and Aera. "What I did, I did for my people, for the world of Eos" Regis said as he slightly contracted the hand that held the stick "Adagium and the Starscourge were too powerful and I don't want people to perish waiting that the King of Kings arrives". Bahamut squeezed the hilt of the sword lightly "The Prophecy clearly said who the King of Kings is: Noctis Lucis Caelum-" Just before Bahamut could continue, Aera interrupted the Astral while observing Regis "You know that the Prophecy will not be eliminated, but only changed?" Aera asked towards Regis, who sighed "I know ... but I also know that this world is a new possibility for everyone ... for us alive ... for the dead ... and ... for Noctis" When it ended to speak, Regis observed Bahamut, ready for a possible judgment. The Astral watched Regis silently for a few seconds, then loosened his grip on the sword "So be it, Regis Lucis Caelum. If this is your choice, so be it ... but know that the Prophecy will adapt to your choice" Said Bahamut as he issued the "verdict" towards Regis, while Aera smiled slightly as he made a slight bow to Regis. "You have the Blessing of the Draconic Bahamut, King Regis Lucis Caelum. May the stars guide you on the path you have taken." Aera smiled at Regis as she began to fade into particles of light, the same thing as Bahamut. "Goodbye, King Regis. May the Crystal watch over your Kingdom" Said Bahamut and then disappeared along with Aera and the entire Beyond as Regis returned to the Real world.

(End "FF XV OST - Somnus")

The day after…

King Regis sat in the throne room while Cor was on his right and a man in his forties years with a shaved head and blue eyes wearing a black and golden uniform, the uniform of the members of the council of Lucis. Turning to his left, Regis observed the man "Clarus, you don't need to prepare yourself for a possible battle, we just have to talk to the ambassadors of this world." Regis said as he saw Clarus Amicitia, his shield, shake his head and respond "I'm still a shield, majesty." Closing his eyes, Regis sighed slightly, then reopened the eyes when he noticed the doors of the throne room open. As soon as the doors opened, Regis saw 3 male figures enter and his guests: The first man is a black-haired man in his thirties, with some gray areas, while his eyebrows are black. He also has a strip of silver metal over his right eyebrow which proves to be well dressed and clean, he wears a white overcoat, with a gray overcoat, a black sweater, a red tie and a white glove on his right hand. His sweatpants have the same color as the overcoat and are hidden in silver boots accented in gray; The second man, on the other hand, proves slightly older than the first man, his hair was brown and looked like a mane, while the chin is slightly bearded. This man has a tanned complexion with brown eyebrows and dark brown eyes. He wears a brown overcoat with a matching cape, which had cross emblems on each side. He also wears a white shirt under his coat, a western tie and a pocket watch. The man also wears dark brown trousers and elegant shoes; Finally, the third man looks like a middle-aged man with silver tousled hair and thin brown eyes. It has a clear complexion and clear facial features, also possessing black eyebrows. The man wears shaded glass glasses and a small cross-shaped brooch on the hood around his neck. His outfit mainly consists of an open black dress with a zip over a dark green buttoned vest and a green shirt. He also wears black shoes and dark green long pants.

King Regis looked at his guests first, then nodded to Clarus and Cor, suggesting that he didn't need protection. The two men, reluctantly, decided to leave the King and the three guests alone, then left the Throne Room. As soon as his two subjects and best friends left, King Regis returned to observe his guests, who bowed in greeting. "Raise your head, my guests. I am the 113th Monarch of the Kingdom of Lucis: Regis Lucis Caelum." Regis said that, with a slight smile on his face, he continued to observe the three men.

The first man who stood up was the last one who entered the room, the man dressed in dark green "King Regis, thanks for this meeting, I am deeply honoured. I'm Ozpin, Beacon's Headmaster, at Huntsman and Huntress Academy in Vale." Ozpin spoke in a respectful tone. As soon as Ozpin showed up, the second man, the dark-skinned one, also stood up to introduce himself "I am Leonardo Lionheart, Haven's Headmaster, at Huntsman and Huntress Academy in Mistral". When Leonardo introduced himself, it was the turn of the man dressed in white and gray, who stood up and put his hands behind his back "I am James Ironwood, General of the Kingdom of Atlas, as well as Headmaster of the Atlas Academy".

King Regis closed his eyes as he nodded slightly. When he opened it again, King Regis got up from the throne, took the stick with his left hand and started walking towards his three guests. When Regis arrived at the three of them, he nodded. "Gentlemen, if that's not a problem for you, let's discuss somewhere more-" Regis looked around the room and then smiled slightly "-luminous, okay? That throne is starting to get a little too uncomfortable for me." The King joked, a joke that made Ozpin and Leonardo smile slightly, but not James. Looking at James and Leo who didn't seem to be against, Ozpin observed King Regis "Okay then, it's not a problem for us."

"Perfect, then follow me, my guests," Regis said as he headed for the exit of the throne room, followed by Ozpin, Leo and James. The four walked through the various corridors of the Citadel and, while Regis was briefly describing the place, Ozpin and the others were amazed. Sure, their academies were incredible, but the Citadel was beautiful in comparison. While the four walked, they did not notice a certain Prince walking alone through the halls of the Citadel.

Meanwhile, in the airspace of Insomnia...

"Woah!" The cheerful and lively voices of two little girls rang out in the Bullhead, while a girl with blond hair and lilac eyes and a girl, slightly shorter than the first, with black hair with red tips and with silver eyes who wore a small red cloak were stuck to the Bullhead window, marveled at the aerial view of the city of Insomnia. "Yang, Ruby! Don't dirty the glass! " A male voice that tried to be severe diverted the two little girls from the landscape to frame the owner of the voice, a man with blond hair who has two small locks protruding from above and blue eyes. He has a small beard along his jaw while on the right arm there is a heart-shaped tattoo. His hair is blond, though less pale than the little girl. He wears brown cargo shorts with a dark brown belt, black shoes, a red bandana on the left arm and a brown leather vest on a tan dress shirt with the right sleeve cut off. On his left shoulder he wears a metal spaulder, a leather vambrace and a brown fingerless glove all over his right arm. "Sorry dad" said the girls as they bowed their heads down.

"Come on Tai, don't be hard on the girls," said another male voice that was in the Bullhead. The blond-haired man, named Taiyang Xiao Long, turned to the owner of the second entry: This man has spiky black hair that looks like feathers, dull red eyes and a light long beard along his jaw. Together with a red tattered cloak, she wears a gray dress shirt with a long tail, black dress pants and black dress shoes. The man also wears a ring on his right index finger, two more rings on his right ring finger and a necklace with a pendant in the shape of a crooked cross. This man was Qrow Brawnen.

"And you Qrow? You spoil them too much" Tai said in an annoyed tone as the two girls ran to hug Qrow, who smiled slightly and then messed Ruby's hair. "Thanks for taking us with you, Uncle Qrow!" Yang happily said, while Ruby smiled at Qrow, then pointed to something on the window "I can't wait to get off and go and explore that beautiful building!" Said the young Ruby Rose as she pointed to the Citadel. Qrow chuckled slightly. "Soon, kiddo, you can go with your father Tai and your sister Yang to see the City of Insomnia" he said as he stroked the hair of his niece. "Even that building?" Ruby asked while she was looking at his uncle as a puppy, who shook his head slightly and then observed Ruby and Yang. "Unfortunately no for that place. But Insomnia has one thing that Vale doesn't have. Do you want to know what? " He asked the two girls, who were intrigued "What?" They asked as Qrow chuckled slightly "You'll see him in a little while."

"Aaaaw ..." the two sisters sadly murmured, still intrigued by what Qrow said. They didn't have to wait long, however, as the Bullhead had started the landing procedure. After a few seconds, the Bullhead had landed and the doors were opened. The first to come out was Qrow, followed by Taiyang (who was carrying two suitcases: one of his and one with the things of his daughters) and his daughters. As soon as they got out, the two girls and Tai were amazed at the city, while Qrow smiled slightly as he put a hand in his pocket, taking out the flask with alcohol and then starting to take a few sips. "Sorry" A female voice drew the attention of Qrow, Tai, Yang and Ruby, who turned to the owner of the voice: It was a young woman with long brown hair loose in a bun and brown eyes. She wears a black leather jacket, a wraparound sleeveless body with a zipper that runs along the torso and an intersecting chain between the clavicle joined by a red precious stone, black pants and thigh high black boots. The belt around the waist holds a dagger. The woman also wears fingerless red leather gloves and arm warmers, as well as a cape with a red interior.

"Hey, little sweet" Qrow flirted nonchalantly as he headed for the woman, making Tai sigh. "I'm Qrow Brawnen and you-" Before Qrow could finish talking, the woman put a finger on Qrow's lips, then winked "I'm sorry, I'm off limits for you." The woman said and then turned to Tai and the two sisters "You are his family, aren't you?" Asked the woman as she walked over to Tai and held out her right hand. "I'm Crowe Altius, nice to meet you." Crowe introduced himself with a slight smile while Taiyang shook hands. "Me too. I am Taiyang Xiao Long while the two of them are-" Before Tai could say more, the two sisters smiled at Crowe. The first to speak was Yang "I am Yang! And instead she is- "Ruby beat her sister on time "I am Ruby! ". Crowe smiled at the two girls, then returned to observe Qrow and Tai. "Come on. I was hired by King Regis in person to take you to the hotel where you will reside" Said Crowe and then turned around and started walking away, followed closely by Tai, Qrow, Ruby and Yang.

As they walked through the beautiful streets of Insomnia, the three adults were conversing with each other while Yang was looking around. "So Crowe, what is it like to live here in Insomnia? And what is your job?" Tai asked as he walked. Crowe smiled slightly "Well, living here in Insomnia is fantastic. If today's meeting works, then Remnant's human and faunus population will also be able to live here. While my job ... well, I'm a Kingsglaive, a person who has sworn to defend the King and the Crown." Crowe explained as she continued walking and then observed Tai "Hey Tai, you know? Ruby is almost the same age as Prince Noctis." "Really?" Tai murmured as he turned to his daughters ... or rather, his daughter Yang ... "Wait-RUBY ?!" Tai shouted as he stopped in shock, a reaction shared by Crowe, Qrow and Yang.

"Ruby! Where are you?!" Tai shouted and, while looking around desperately, he saw Crowe pulling a very strange kind of Scroll from his pocket and put his ear next to it "I'm the Kingslave Altius, I have a problem" While Crowe was talking and the others had started looking, nobody noticed that little Ruby Rose was following a little fennec fox with pale blue fur with big ears, a small muzzle, brown eyes, a swollen tail and a horn made of ruby on his forehead towards the Citadel.

With Ruby...

"Hey, wait!" Ruby whined while chasing the little fox on the streets of Insomnia "Please, wait!" Ruby said again while, continuing to run, she finally had to stop to breathe. Looking up slightly, Ruby opened her eyes in amazement: She had arrived at the Citadel! Trying to go back before they found out, Ruby noticed that the fox was watching her, then turned around and ran inside the Citadel, as if he were calling her. Ruby didn't think twice and, with one last breath, went back to chasing the fox. Entering the Citadel, Ruby continued to chase the fox, until, as she turned left to chase the fox, Ruby did not notice a certain black-haired boy who had stopped to see the fox but, before the boy could do anything, it was too much late.


"Ouch! / Ouch! " The two children said in unison while, accidentally bumping into each other, they fell. "Ouchouchouch ..." Noctis murmured as he stood up rubbing his head. 'What was it?' He thought as he turned to what struck him: A little girl with black hair, long to the neck with red tips and wearing a dark red sleeveless sweatshirt with a cloak attached, a white top under the sweatshirt, a black skirt and black shoes. Noctis saw that the girl was still on the ground, intent on massaging her head too. "Are you OK?" Noctis asked as he held out his right hand to the girl, who looked up at Noctis, and then made a slight murmur while taking the hand of Noctis, who helped her get up. "Who ... who are you?" Ruby asked as she watched Noctis smile slightly. "My name is Noctis, but if you want you can simply call me Noct. You are?" This time it was Ruby's turn to answer "Oh, I'm Ruby Rose, nice to meet you!" Ruby smiled at Noctis, who quickly looked away, blushing slightly.

"You got lost?" Noctis asked while looking back at Ruby, who looked around "I ... oh my god, daddy will kill me! That fox wanted me to follow him ... "As she began to despair, Noctis was intrigued when Ruby said "fox". "Wait, I know how to do it" said Noctis, intriguing Ruby. Turning his back, Noctis made a slight whistle "Carbuncle!" Noctis said, calling his trusted protector and messenger, who suddenly appeared in front of the two children with a crystalline effect. As soon as he appeared, Noctis took him in his arms and then turned to Ruby and smiling "Are you talking about him?" Noctis asked, who immediately received a reply from Ruby "Here it is!" Ruby said as she approached Carbuncle and tried to stroke him with one hand. Carbuncle sniffed Ruby's hand slightly, then gently licked it "Hey, he likes you! It doesn't happen often" Noctis said as he watched the scene. "Aaaaw, it's too good!" Ruby smiled but, when she tried to hug Carbuncle, the little fox suddenly disappeared, with the same effect as it had appeared.

"But ... Hey! Noct, call him back here! " Ruby whined, but Noctis shook his head slightly. "When Carbuncle does this it means he's tired." The Prince explained as he watched Ruby sigh and then smile slightly. "Hey Noct, do we want to play together?" Ruby asked. "Together? Sure!" Noctis replied as he watched Ruby smile with joy. "Let's play a catcher! Follow me!" Ruby shouted as she started running, immediately chased by Noctis. "Hey, it's not worth it! Wait!"

Meanwhile, in a room in the Citadel ...

"Unacceptable!" James snorted as he slammed his left hand on the table, rising slightly "Atlas will never accept that The Kingdom of Lucis is officially annexed as the fifth Kingdom of Remnant, King Regis!". Regis sighed slightly with Ozpin while Leo was trying to calm things down "Please James, try to understand the weight of the choice that weighs on Regis. He had to sacrifice his old world to make his people survive" Leo observed that James did not he was completely calming down, but at least he had made up his composure "And what do you think we should do then? Not only do we have the White Fang problem, but we even have her! And who tells us that Lucis is actually a decoy-"

"Enough!" Ozpin barked, interrupting James, to then observe King Regis "Majesty, is it possible that any form of darkness may appear in the Kingdom of Lucis?". "No, the whole Kingdom is protected by the Magic of the Crystal, the last gift of the Astrals" replied Regis as he observed Ozpin. "Wait ... Magic? Like the one Ozpin told us about?" Leonardo asked while he was amazed at it ... like James and Ozpin. Regis looked at the three men and, with a sigh, looked up, looking at the ceiling full of windows. "The world of Eos was born together with six Gods of boundless power. These were the Astrals: Ifrit the God of Fire, Shiva the Ice Goddess, Titan the God of Earth, Ramuh the God of Lightning, Leviathan the Goddess of Water and finally Bahamut the God of War. For billions of years, the Astrals had protected Eos from all calamities until, one day, they disappeared from Eos but, before doing so, they left a gift ... the Crystal. An object born from Eos itself at the behest of the Six Astrals, and finally given to the first King of Lucis: Somnus Lucis Caelum. The magic power that the Crystal produces is almost immense, and only the Lucis Caelum together with the Crownguard and the Kingsgaives can use its powers. "

When Regis finished speaking, the three Headmasters looked at each other and then returned to observe the King. "Majesty" Ozpin began to speak "Vale accepts the Kingdom of Lucis as the Fifth Kingdom of Remnant". After Ozpin spoke, the second to speak was Leonardo "Mistral accepts the Kingdom of Lucis as the Fifth Kingdom of Remnant". Regis smiled at the two, then observed James who, after a long sigh, spoke "Atlas accepts ... the Kingdom of Lucis as the Fifth Kingdom of Remnant".

"Then it's official, the Kingdom of Lucis is deeply grateful to you" Regis said as he bowed his head slightly. "No need to do it, Majesty," said Ozpin, but before anyone could do anything, the door of the room was opened by a very young man, a young man with dark gray hair and blue eyes. The man wears the Kingsglaive uniform with a silver horn or a horn on the hood, purple ribbons on the back and blue-gray fur skins on the left sleeve. The man also has small and thin tattoos: He has a "crow foot" on the right cheek and a line and a point under the left eye. It also has marks on the ears, a line along the neck, a line along the middle finger of the left hand and another along the index finger on the right hand.

The man seemed to pant slightly as he watched the room. "Nyx, what's going on?" Regis asked as he turned to look at the Kingsglaive Nyx Ulric, who bowed slightly. "Majesty, Prince Noctis has disappeared from his rooms and it seems that a little girl named Ruby Rose has entered the Citadel" Nyx said to Regis, who got up from his chair and then turned to his guests. "I'm sorry to greet you like this, but I have to fulfill my duty as King" said Regis who tried to leave the room, but Ozpin's hand on his shoulder stopped him. "Don't worry Regis, we will help you" said Ozpin as he nodded positively to James and Leonardo.

Regis smiled slightly at the gesture, then turned to Nyx. "Nyx please help Ozpin and the other guests in the search for the intruder" Regis ordered to the Kingsglaive as he stood "What about you, Majesty?" Nyx asked, looking at Regis who smiled slightly "I'm going to find my son".

Returning to Noctis and Ruby...

"WOAH!" Ruby said in wonder from the Citadel's inner garden "It's so pretty!" She said as she dived to the ground among the flowers, making it rise like a red rose petal. Noctis smiled as he sits on the ground "Where are you from Ruby from? You don't look like a person born in Lucis" Noctis asked as he watched the young Ruby get up in a hurry "I was born in Patch!" Ruby replied.

"Patch? And what is it?" Noctis watched Ruby with a questioning look. "It's a beautiful island in the Kingdom of Vale! You have to come and visit it one day" Ruby said happily as she smiled at Noctis, who lowered his gaze slightly "I would like to do it ... but my father has not allowed me to leave the Citadel since we have been arrived here ... "Noctis sighed when he then felt a hand on his shoulder and, when he looked up, Noctis saw Ruby smile at him" He will allow you, I can feel it!"

"Ruby ... thank you" Noctis smiled again and the two returned to play and have fun, but they didn't know that at the entrance a certain King was observing the scene with a happy smile on his lips. As he continued to watch Ruby and Noctis play together, Regis heard a small group of people arrive. Turning to see them, Regis could see that Crowe had arrived with Tai, Qrow and Yang. "You have finally arrived" Regis joked as he saw Crowe bow immediately to the King "I am sorry for this unpleasant situation, King Regis".

"Wait, is he the King?!" Qrow said to then bow quickly, followed by Tao and Yang, although the latter was confused. Regis chuckled slightly as he waved his right hand. "Don't bow down, don't worry. Little Ruby is safe." When everyone got up, Tai watched first the King and then Noct and Ruby playing happily together in the garden. "I haven't seen Kinglet so happy for many months," murmured Crowe, intriguing everyone except Regis when they heard "Kinglet". "Oh, that's the nickname I gave the Prince," Crowe said as she smiled slightly.

"Well, if there are no problems then I can also leave" Regis said while watching Crowe and the Xiao Long / Brawnen family, who bowed one last time to Regis who smiled and then turned and left. "I hope Noctis and Ruby can play together again" murmured Regis as he walked through the Citadel rooms.

One week later…

Regis and Noctis were in front of the main steps of the Citadel, intent on greeting the Xiao Long / Brawnen / Rose family. While Yang, Tai and Qrow had entered the car given to him by Regis to return to the Bullhead which will take him back to Patch, Noctis and Ruby were still talking, trying to postpone the greeting. "So ... you go back to Patch, right?" Noctis murmured sadly while watching Ruby, who was clearly crying "Yes ... I'm sorry that we can no longer continue playing together" said Ruby, also sad "I wish I had more time ...". Regis watched the scene and then intruded into the conversation of the two children "I'm sorry to interrupt you, but I know a solution" He said, sparking a reaction of happiness between the two children "Really dad?" Noctis happily asked while Ruby wiped her tears.

Regis struck the tip of the stick on the ground three times, evoking Carbuncle with a crystalline effect. "Car! / Carbuncly!" The two children said as they observed the small Esper fox with a small brown book in the mouth. "Whenever you want to write a message, all you need to do is summon Carbuncle and, after writing the message, return it to Carbuncle. He will take it to its destination every time. Do you like it as an idea?" Regis asked, even though he already knew the answer. "OF COURSE!" Noctis and Ruby said in unison, who smiled.

"So, we'll meet again, Ruby," Noctis said while smiling at Ruby, who nodded and smiled "Sure Noctis! See you soon!" Ruby said and then ran to the car. When she got in, Ruby waved one last time to Noctis, who did the same.

After they said goodbye, the car drove off to the Bullhead, leaving the Citadel. Regis looked down at his son, thinking he needed support, but instead saw him smile and watch his father. "Father ... I want to train with Gladio today" Noctis said firmly, raising Regis' eyebrow. "And why?" The King asked as he watched his son "I want to be ... a Huntsman!"

Regis was silent for a few seconds, then slightly smiling "A Huntsman, huh?" Regis muttered in a low voice as he thought 'Maybe it would be a good decision to make him mature ... mature to be a King'. With a slight smile, Regis messed up his son's hair with his right hand "Okay Noct, if that's what you want then I call Gladio" Regis said, making Noctis smile who hugged his father "Thanks dad!"

"I don't need to thank Noctis, but now let's go." Regis said with a smile and then enter into the Citadel rooms with Noctis.

9 years later, present...

A luxurious black convertible car, the legendary Regalia, with three passengers and the driver was speeding through the wooded paths of Vale. "9 years have passed since the Kingdom of Lucis was accepted by the people of Remnant as the Fifth Kingdom of the Planet and this year is the first year in which the King of Lucis will head to the place where the Vytal Festival will take place this year: Vale. The current 113th monarch of the Kingdom: Regis Lucis Caelum, feels honored to participate as a guest of honor in such an important festival." Before the male reporter could continue to speak, a gloved right hand changed the radio frequency.

(Play "FF XV OST - Calling in the Rain")

"Hey, I was hearing what he was saying!" The gruff voice of a 17-year-old boy, muscular and almost 2 meters tall, seems to reproach the driver. The muscular guy wears black leather pants with a small side chain and an open black shirt with nothing but a pendant underneath. He has a small sleeve on his left arm and wears black shoes with a red sole. The buttons on his jacket even have skulls on them, his necklace has two gold skulls, and there is a small skull on the belt buckle and on the zipper label of his pants. The muscular boy has amber eyes, a long scar on his left eye, his long brown hair is shaved along the sides and while a large tattoo of a bird of prey that covers his entire back and extends along his arms embellished the rest.

"Gladio who cares about something beyond his muscles? It's amazing!" The little ringing voice of a boy behind him made the muscular boy by the name Gladiolus Amicitia turn, Gladio for his friends. "And you Prompto? Can you be interested in anything other than lazing around and taking pictures of the Chocobo?" Gladio joked while observing the boy who had mocked him at the beginning: This boy was shorter than Gladio (He was 173 cm tall) and was 16 years old. Although shorter than Gladio, a young man of medium height and slender build, whose face gives off the impression of a young punk, is still considerable. He has blue eyes, light freckles and short, rebellious blond hair. He wears two bands on his right arm, black gloves, a black shirt with a white motif and a black sleeveless vest with a dark red flannel shirt attached below. He wears dark pants with a faint leopard print. He wears black boots with red soles lined with white fur. The open black vest has various labels while the buttons on his jacket have skulls, he has a skull-shaped buckle and another skull on the tag of his pants.

"Hey! Chocobos are beautiful!" Said the blond boy. His name is Prompto Argentum, Prompto for friends. "And then if you keep treating me like this I'll start calling you Ignis 2.0!" He said while watching Gladio who laughed loudly and then turned to the driver "Did you hear Iggy? Give me the recipe for that steak now" Joked Gladio while watching the driver who gave a slight smile.

This boy is 17 years old, he is around 183 cm tall and wears an elegant shirt in a purple and black pattern with a black suit and shoes with a shiny red black sole. He wears shiny silver driving gloves. He wears glasses and has short, dirty blond hair gathered in the front of his hairline and green eyes. He also has numerous skull motifs in his suit, the most important being the skull print on the back of his shirt. It also has a skull on the belt buckle and a silver skull pendant, and the inner lining of the jacket is damask printed made of skulls.

"If you can prepare it without setting everything on fire like last time, then I will gladly give it to you," he said with a slight smile. This guy is Ignis Scientia, Iggy for friends. "Boom! Hit and sunk, haha!" A familiar voice to the three said as he started laughing with Prompto. Gladio sighed and turned to the owner of the voice: He is a boy around 16 years old. He is almost 176 cm tall with thick and dishevelled black hair and deep blue eyes, while the clothing is an entirely black suit, including a jacket short sleeves with side pockets and leopard-print interior, a metallic gray T-shirt and cargo pants cut below the knee. The dress is completed with lace-up boots with red soles and a fingerless motorcycle glove on the left hand. Finally, the shirt is studded with small skulls, and skull-shaped symbols are also present on the jacket pockets.

The boy was sitting not on the seat like a normal person, but he was sitting on top of the trunk with his left leg lying down and his right leg above the headrest. "Feel how strangely happy little Prince Noctis is today. Isn't it by chance that today he will see a certain Rose again?" Gladio said with a slight smile on his face, causing a chuckle from Ignis and a "Ooooh!" from Prompto. "Oh, shut up, Gladio," Noctis said dryly as he looked away, hiding his blush. Useless move, since the three guys in the car know Noctis as their pockets.

"Now he's hit and sunk" Gladio said as he got himself composed, causing a laugh from Prompto and Iggy. "Dude, he beat you, admit it" Said Prompto as he watched Noctis snort slightly and then smile slightly "Yeah, but at the next training I will break his bones" joked Noct as he watched Vale's forest landscape run past his eyes. "Hey Iggy-" Noctis started talking "-You could see what else they say on the radio?"

"And goodbye to a beautiful song" muttered Ignis as he changed the radio frequency as Gladio and Prompto chuckled.

(End "FF XV OST - Calling in The Rain")

As soon as Ignis finished changing frequency, the female voice of a journalist caught Noctis' attention. "After the clash with a Huntress 5 days ago, the police still have no clue as to where Roman Torchwick, the leader of a criminal gang specializing in theft of Dust, could have escaped. A witness says that the Torchwick gang was beaten by a young girl. with a red cloak and a giant scythe"

As soon as the service was over, Prompto and Gladio turned to Noctis with a huge smug face addressed to him, who lowered his head, blushing. "Well, it looks like our future Queen of Lucis can take care of herself" said Prompto, making Gladio laugh without a tomorrow, who, turning to Prompto, struck his fist with the Chocoboy. "Guys, I swear: When I am King, all of you will be fired" Noctis snapped, causing more laughter. "In your dreams Noct" Said Prompto with a smile on his face.

Iggy smiled slightly, then coughed slightly, drawing the attention of her friends "I would like to continue laughing, but I would like to warn you that we have almost reached our destination ... that it is even possible to see her from here" Ignis said while observing with his friends their destination in the distance. "Wow ..." was everyone's general thought. Sure, Insomnia and the Citadel were beautiful places, but their destination was amazing too ... Beacon Academy. "Do you believe it guys? A week ago we were in Insomnia ... and look now where we are" Said Prompto, amazed by what he was seeing. "Amen brother" Said Gladio, fully sharing Prompto's thought.

After a few minutes of silence, Ignis finally received a call on his Scroll and, after stopping the car, answered immediately. "Hello? ... ok, thank you," Ignis said as he turned off the Scroll and resumed driving. "Who was?" Prompto asked as he watched Ignis, who replied "It was Miss Goodwitch, she warned me that we can park in Beacon's internal parking lot, although she was still angry that we didn't use a Bullhead to get there like everyone else." "Man, Glynda had to stay with Cor again. At least she could smile more with him" Prompto snorted, making Gladio chuckle.

"If they had told me 6 years ago I would never have believed it. Cor "The Immortal" who falls in love with an ordinary mortal? Pure madness" Gladio said with a slight smile on his face. "Yeah, unfortunately they broke up" Prompto sighed slightly while Noctis yawned slightly.

After a few minutes spent again in silence, the Regalia eventually began to slow down as they arrived in front of the doors of the Beacon Academy. As they slowed down, the four friends could see that someone was waiting for him. It was a 43-year-old woman with light blond hair tied in a bun with a curl hanging from the right side of her face. Her eyes are bright green and she wears thin oval glasses. It has aqua-green pendant earrings that match the pendant pendant on its collar. She wears a white long-sleeved pleated top that has a large keyhole neckline and cuffs of the glove that flare increases on the wrist. The lower part of the body is covered by a high-waisted black pencil skirt with bronze buttons and black-brown stockings. Finally, she wears black boots with bronze heels and a purple cape inside and black outside. The cut of the cloak is stylized to end in flames and arrows, with a row of diamond-shaped bronze pearls on the back. Above this line of beads appears an emblem of a tiara. The woman was Glynda Goodwitch, professional Huntress, Beacon teacher and ex-wife of Cor Leonis.

As soon as the 4 recognized the woman, the Regalia stopped and the 4 got out of the car. Prompto, raising his arms, smiled at the woman "Glyynda!" Prompto said as he walked towards her "How long! How's life going?". Glynda, with arms crossed, observed the four boys with a stern look, and then sighed "You have arrived in time, the Bullheads are about to land. Take your things from the Regalia and head towards the Amphitheatre following the avenue, I will provide the car in the parking lot" Glynda said sternly.

The four sighed and, while Prompto, Gladio and Ignis began to take their things, Noctis walked towards the amphitheater following the avenue but, before he could continue walking, a fake cough of Glynda attracted his attention. "Anyway ... welcome to Beacon. I'm glad you're okay" Said the woman, making Noctis smile slightly. "Thank you Miss Glynda" He said and then started walking again.

A few minutes after…

(Play "FF XV OST- Valse of Fantastica")

As he walked on the avenue, Noctis moved his gaze to the horizon where the cliff was located with the docking area for the Bullheads, who had now landed, causing the students to get off. 'Have the Bullheads already landed? Then Ruby should have arrived! "Noctis thought while, increasing the speed of the walk, he remembered the last message received from Ruby ...

4 days ago…

The four friends were making a small camping in a Vale forest and, while Ignis was cooking and Prompto and Gladio were playing with their Scrolls, Noctis had moved slightly away from the group, venturing slightly into the forest. As he walked, a cute "Squè" rang in the forest, causing Noctis to stop walking, who turned around to see a familiar blue-haired fox with a brown notebook in his mouth, inside which there was also a small pen. "Carbuncle" Noctis said happily as he bent over to caress the Esper, who then let Noctis take the notebook and pen.

"Let's see a little bit-" Noctis opens the notebook and starts leafing through it to the most recent page, which bore a simple message: "Beacon's Academy, I'm coming!". Noctis spilled joy from all his pores when he read it and, taking the pen, began to write his answer: "See you soon."

After writing the message, Noctis put the pen between the pages and closed the notebook, then handed it to Carbuncle, who took it between his teeth. After stroking the Esper, Noctis smiled "Have a good trip Carbuncle" He said as he watched the Esper do another direction and then disappear.

With Noctis ...


Noctis was brought back to reality when he heard the explosion coming ... from the Beacon entrance. "What the hell?!" Noctis blurted out, who started to run towards the explosion, trying to understand what had happened. When he arrived, he saw only a tiny crater in the center of the avenue and, lying on the ground not far away, there was a girl who muttered something similar to "Welcome to Beacon ...".

The girl had fair skin with silver eyes and long black hair up to the neck with red tips. She wears a black long-sleeved dress with a high collar and red trim on the sleeves, above which there is a black cincher at the waist with red lacing on the front. The skirt of her dress has red trim and red lining. She also wears a pair of thick black socks and black combat boots with red laces, red edges around the top and red soles. Her dress is topped with a red cloak with a hood attached to the shoulders by cross-shaped pins and, finally, a silver rose-shaped symbol appears as a large silver buckle on her wide black belt, which hangs on the hips in a corner. Attached to her belt are a fanny pack and a row of bullets.

When Noctis saw the girl, he recognized her immediately. With a smile, Noctis approached her as he held out a hand. "Well, it seems that this is a very explosive welcome, Miss Rose" joked Noctis, managing to attract the attention of Ruby, who as soon as she saw Noctis jumped up from the ground and hugged him with a speed such as to seem a red spot made of only petals. "Noct! I've missed you so much! Did I miss you?" Ruby said as she continued to embrace Noctis, who smiled and returned the hug "Easy there, Rubes! I missed you too, and so much" Said Noctis as they both parted from the embrace, continuing to smile. "I have so many things to tell you, Noct! I beat a criminal, I built my own weapon- "Ruby started talking as she began to count the things she did with her fingers, making Noctis chuckle" How about telling me later? We have to go to the Amphitheatre, we are late I think" Noctis said while pointing to the Amphitheatre with a finger. "Oh-Yes, it's true! Here we go!" Ruby said as she headed for the Beacon Amphitheatre with Noctis.

(End "FF XV OST- Valse of Fantastica")

When the two entered the Amphitheater together, Ruby was immediately called by Yang who shouted "Ruby, over there!" while Noctis was called by Prompto who said "Noct! Here! ". The two friends found sighed slightly and looked at each other one last time. "Looks like my sister is calling me," Ruby said as she saw Noct make a similar expression. "Yeah, me too." As he spoke, Noctis turned to Prompto who was with Gladio and Ignis, then returned to look at Ruby. "See you later then" Noctis said goodbye to Ruby and then headed to his friends while Ruby went to his sister.

"You left me alone!" Ruby whimpered as she spoke to a grown up Yang Xiao Long: In fact, she is now a fair-skinned young teenage girl with lilac eyes and golden hair that fades into pale gold at the tip with a lanyard protruding up. She wears a tan jacket that bares her midriff, with golden brown piping and short, puffy sleeves with black cuffs that feature two gold buttons. Underneath this, she wears a low cut yellow crop top with her emblem on the left breast in black. She also wears a brown belt covered by a pleated brown piece of material reaching from hip to hip around the back of her waist, with her emblem emblazoned on the right-most pleat in gold. Underneath this is a long, white, asymmetrical piece of material reaching to her knee on the right side, as well as a pair of black mini-shorts. She wears a pair of brown, knee-high boots and orange over-the-knee socks, with the right sock pushed down just below the knee. A gray bandanna is tied around her left knee. An orange infinity scarf and black fingerless gloves complete her outfit.

"Sorry Rubes" Yang chuckled slightly as she saw her younger sister get angry but, when she moved his gaze slightly, she saw a certain Prince heading towards three boys who seemed to know the Prince very well. With a mischievous smile, Yang returned to observe her little sister "But I see that you managed to find a certain Prince, eh? When's the wedding?" Yang joked, watching her little sister turn red like her cloak. "Not-not fun, Yang!" Ruby snapped as she put on the hood of her cloak, hiding her red face: an action that made Yang laugh. "Stop laughing! You ditched me and I exploded! " Ruby complained while watching Yang "Are you ... sarcastic?" Asked the blonde girl. "Ugh, I wish! I tripped over some crabby girl's luggage! " Ruby began to complain, not noticing that a certain girl was behind her and was hearing her "And then she yelled at me! And then I sneezed! And then I exploded! And then she yelled again! And I felt really, really bad! And I just wanted her to stop yelling me! " As soon as she finished talking, Ruby jumped in fright when the girl behind her shouted a "You!".

She is a young girl of 17 years with pale skin with pale blue eyes and long white hair tied in a decentralized ponytail and pinned with a silver icicle-shaped tiara. A scar runs vertically down the left eye and face. She wears a strapless dress up to the thigh with a slight tinge of colour from white to pale blue on the hem. A small piece of black lace is located in the front of the neckline and the hem of the dress is scalloped and sewn to look like snowflakes, with layers of white tulle under the skirt. In addition to this, she wears a bell-sleeved bolero with the same colour shade as her dress from shoulder to wrist, lined in red and with a curled neck. She also wears a small apple pendant on a silver chain and thin rectangular silver earrings. Her boots are white, with a wedge heel and higher in the back than in the front. They have a small silver decoration on the top of the foot and are covered in red. A thin white band is tied around his waist with a baby carrier attached to his back. This girl was Weiss Schnee: Heiress of the Schnee Dust Company.

As soon as Weiss said "You!", Ruby jumped on Yang, who took her like a bride. "Oh God, it's happening again!" Ruby whined as she closed her eyes when Weiss resumed speaking "You're lucky we weren't blow off the side of the cliff!" The Schnee heiress said as she watched Ruby and Yang, who said "Oh my god, you really exploded" Yang left her sister Ruby, who got to her feet. "It was an accident!" Ruby started talking, but before she could say anything, Weiss handed him a flyer. "What's this?" She asked as Weiss started talking. "The Schnee Dust Company is not responsible for any injuries or damage sustained-" While Weiss spoke, Ruby heard only a long "Bla Bla Bla". Ruby looked away from Weiss as she murmured a "Uuuh ...". "You really want to start making things up to me?" Weiss observed Ruby, who immediately replied "Absolutely!". "Read this and don't ever speak to me again" Weiss left the flyer in Ruby's hands.

"Look, uh ... It sounds like you two got off on the wrong foot" Yang put a hand behind his head, then put it on his hips "Why don't you just start over and try to be friends, okay?". "Yeah! Great idea, sis! " Ruby smiled at what her sister said, then turned to Weiss and held out her hand "Hello Weiss, I'm Ruby! Want to hang out? We can go shopping for school supplies! ". Sarcastically, Weiss raised her hands and smiled "Yeah, and we can paint our nails, and try on clothes, and talk-" As she spoke, Weiss pointed to a familiar blond boy, elegantly dressed and wearing glasses from Insomnia "-about cute boys, like tall, blonde and with glasses". Ruby smiled innocently "Oh wow, really?" She asked while Weiss looked at her coldly. "No," said the heiress of the Schnee.

Meanwhile, Noctis was also undergoing the same treatment as Ruby, but this time it's triple. "Come on Noct, don't hide your face in front of your friends" Said Prompto as he punched Noctis lightly on the shoulder. "There is no shame in talking about the future Queen of our Kingdom," Gladio joked, starting to laugh slightly. "I think this period in Beacon will help you to be a good King ... and an excellent husband" Ignis adjusted his glasses with a finger while he smiled, making Gladio and Prompto laugh. "At the first sparring lesson ... I swear I will beat you in blood," Noctis said as he sighed, making his friends smile. "In your dreams, Highness" Said Gladio as he patted Noctis on the shoulder.

When they speak, Ozpin and Glynda went up on the stage of the Amphitheater and, after checking that the microphone was working, Ozpin began to speak. "I'll ... keep this brief" Ozpin informed everyone. "You have travelled here today in search of knowledge. To hone your craft and acquire new skills, and when you have finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people. But I look among you and all I see is wasted energy in need of purpose, direction. You assume knowledge will free you of this but your time at this school will prove that knowledge can only carry you so far." Ozpin then paused for a moment as his eyes wandered over the crowd for a minute "It is up to you to take the first step." With his piece said, Ozpin stepped aside and allowed Glynda to take the floor. "You will gather in the ballroom tonight. Tomorrow, your initiation begins. Be ready. You are dismissed."

As soon as Glynda finished speaking, she and Ozpin left the stage. "Wow ... they seemed ... kind of off" Prompto murmured while Ignis sighed "Prompto, I think that after years of work someone gets tired of making too charismatic speeches". "Yes, but there is a limit between the "Charisma" and the "Ping-Pong Table", no?" Gladio put his hand on his neck, starting to massage it. "Cor is much better in terms of charisma. Come on, let's go to the ballroom" Noctis said as he walked to the ballroom with his friends and other Beacon students.

Ballroom, a few hours later, in the evening ...

The entire ballroom was littered with sleeping bags, some of which were people who were already sleeping. Some people were still awake, of which four were the boys from Insomnia, who were sitting either on the sleeping bag or on the ground. The clothing of the four is lighter than their clothes, but they still wear black and with various skull-shaped emblems or emblems with the symbol of Lucis on their clothes.

(Play "FF XV OST - Relax and Reflect")

"Hey Big Boy, do you want to play King's Knight?" Prompto, with the Scroll in his hand, turned to Gladio and indicated an application on the device. "Sure, if you want to lose then let's do it right away" Gladio shrugged as he pulled out his Scroll and started the same application as Prompto, and then started playing against him. While they were playing, Ignis was sitting on the ground and writing something on a notebook. "Update the recipe book?" Noctis asked as he watched Ignis, who closed the notebook "I think Vale has many recipes to combine with Lucis' culinary recipes." "I can't wait to taste it" Said Noctis with a slight smile and then got up. "Where are you going Noct?" Ignis asked as he saw his friend get up. "I'm going to Ruby, keep an eye on our things, okay?" Noctis said and then left, making Ignis smile slightly, who greeted Noctis with a wave of his hand.

While looking for Ruby in the room, Noctis did not notice that Prompto was behind him. "Hey Noct!" Said Prompto while he put a hand on Noctis' shoulder, making him turn "Prompto? Weren't you losing against Gladio?" The Prince asked with a slight smile while observing his friend "Ahah, you are funny Noct" Prompto sighed and then smiled "Anyway, where are you going? At the bathroom? Or you go to find a certain rose" Prompto made a smug face as he watched Noctis blush slightly, who punched him on the shoulder "Oh shut up Prompto, you don't have to come too."

Prompto made a wounded expression while, with a crystal-like effect, a camera appeared in the blonde's right hand "I'm a photographer, remember? I want to photograph the best moments of our time in Beacon, and I think it's perfect to start with the photo of the legendary Ruby Rose, so much praised by you, Noct! " Prompto explained with a smile on his face, making Noctis sigh. "Okay, but don't embarrass me." Having said that, Noctis turned and went back to find Ruby, finding her on one side of the ballroom. Prompto smiled and, before returning to Noctis, murmured a "I can't promise it".

While the two friends went to Ruby, a young blond boy dressed in blue pyjamas all over his body with blue bunny slippers and a white bunny face on his chest while holding a sleeping bag in his hand. The boy noticed that there was some free space next to Noctis' group but, when he tried to position himself, he saw that Ignis was looking at him ... bewildered. "Oh sorry-" The blond boy began to speak while he saw Ignis' gaze "-Can I lie down here? There isn't much room. "The boy chuckled nervously. Ignis was silent for a few seconds, finally sighed "... End, but do not make much noise later, Mister ...?" Ignis raised an eyebrow at the boy who was lying down with his sleeping bag "Oh, the name's Jaune Arc. Short, sweet, roll off the tongue, ladies love it" Said the boy called Jaune smiling while Ignis looked at him with scepticism. "... Do they?" Ignis asked sceptically.

"They will! Well, I ... I hope they will." Jaune admitted as she glanced slightly, making Ignis sigh "Nice to meet you Jaune, my name is Ignis Scientia." While the two were talking, Gladio had got up from his sleeping bag and had gone to a corner of the room ...

Across the room, however, Ruby was lying on her sleeping bag and was dressed in her pajamas: Ruby's pajamas consist of a black tank top with a heart-shaped design with the details of a Beowolf on the chest and long white trousers decorated with pink roses. She also wears a black night mask decorated with red triangular eyes. The young girl was intent on writing a letter until then her sister Yang fell into her pajamas next to her: Yang wears an orange tank top with her emblem on the front in red and black boy's shorts. "It's like a big slumber party!" Yang said as she landed on the sleeping bag with a slight smile to her sister, who didn't take her eyes off the letter she was writing "I don't think Dad would approve of all the boys, thought". Yang winked and gave a provocative smile to her sister "I know I do" She said as she imitated a cat's purr when she saw various muscular guys without a shirt and then went back to observing Ruby "What's that?" Yang asked while looking at the letter. "A letter to the gang back at Signal" Ruby replied while looking at the letter first, then her sister "I promised to tell them all about Beacon and how things are going". "Aww, that's so cuuuute!" Yang smiled at her little sister, who threw a pillow towards her face, hitting her. "Shut up!" Ruby snorted as she glanced at her sister and then went on to talk "I didn't get to take my friends with me to school. It's weird not knowing anyone here. "

Before Yang could answer, a familiar voice surprised Ruby and Yang. "Hey, you hurt me if you don't consider me your friend." When the two sisters turned to the owner of the voice they saw Noctis who greeted them with a smile while he was accompanied by Prompto. "Hey Noct!" Ruby said as she stood up and returned Noctis' smile. Yang, however, got up and approached Noctis and Prompto, starting to go around the two. "Uuuh ... hello to you too Yang" said Noctis, while Prompto seemed to chuckle nervously "Uuh...hello?" Prompto said. After a few moments, Yang stopped and smiled at Noctis "Yes, you have the Yang seal of approval for officially dating Ruby." When they heard her, Noctis' and Ruby's faces blushed, making Prompto laugh, which attracted Yang's attention. "While you sweet heart ~? Who are you?" Yang asked as she watched Prompto smile and rest his right arm on Noctis' shoulder. "The name's Prompto Argentum, and I'm one of Noctis' best friends. "

Noctis smiled slightly while Yang instead seemed to look Prompto in a mischievous way "Nice to meet you sweet heart, I'm Yang Xiao Long: Ruby's older sister. Did Noctis talk about me and Ruby by any chance?". Prompto laughed slightly "He talks about you two every day, especially when the topic is Ruby" Said Prompto, making Ruby and Noctis blush, who punch him on the shoulder "Prompto!". Yang chuckled slightly and then turned to Ruby "There you go! Plus two friends! ". Ruby seemed slightly saddened "I'm pretty sure Weiss count as a 'negative friend'... back to one" Ruby said while Prompto immediately replied "Do you know Ruby? There's no such thing as 'negative friend'!" With a slight smile, Yang followed Prompto's reasoning "Exactly! You just made two friends and one enemy! ". As soon as she said it, Ruby quickly threw a second pillow in Yang's face, making Noctis and Prompto laugh, who stopped laughing when they saw their friend Gladio sitting in the corner of the room, intent on conversing with ... a girl?!

"For the Six Astrals ..." Noctis and Prompto said simultaneously, intriguing Yang and Ruby, with the latter asking "What?" as she followed their gaze towards Gladio ... and a familiar girl "That girl ...". Yang and Noctis turned to Ruby while Prompto took a picture with the Scroll, he could not risk that someone could see the flash of the camera. "You know her?" Noctis asked as he stood with his arms folded while observing Ruby "Not really ..." Ruby began to speak "She saw what happened this morning, but left before I could say anything ...". "What happened this morning?" Noctis and Prompto, who had taken the photo, asked. Ruby was about to say something but, before she could do it, Yang took her little sister's hand and began to drag it towards Gladio and the girl "Are you guys coming?" Yang asked as she walked away, making Noctis sigh while Prompto smiled slightly. "Shall we go Noct?" Prompto asked as he watched Noctis. "Yeah, come on," he said and then followed Yang dragging an embarrassed Ruby.

"Hell-oooooo ~~"

During the chat between Noctis, Ruby, Yang and Prompto ...

Gladio stood with his arms folded beside the bathroom entrance while he was waiting, although he didn't have to wait long when he saw her: She was a girl with a black bow on her head, a book in her hand and she is dressed in pajamas which consists of a black shirt, long sleeves, in yukata style with white edges on a purple shirt and a matching skirt. A black obi is wrapped around his waist and tied with a black and white rope. As soon as she was close enough, Gladio acted.

"Long time no see, Blake Belladonna" Gladio said as he spoke to the girl in black yukata called Blake, who jumped in fear and turned to Gladio, then widened her eyes. "Gladiolus ..." Blake murmured shocked as she observed Gladio "You ... how are you alive?" She asked, making Gladio chuckle, who touched the scar on the left side of his face. "Nobody can kill an Amicitia, remember it, and call me Gladio, okay?" With a slight smile, Gladio saw Blake who smiled slightly at the joke. "You and your jokes ... I'm sorry to attack you that day ..." Blake observed Gladio who shook his head and then smiled "Now we're here, you don't have to worry about the past anymore, ok?".

Blake hide the blush on her face as she sits on the ground and opens the book "Yeah ... thanks Gladio ... for being here" Blake smiled slightly at Gladio but, before he could say anything else, Yang's exuberant voice broke the moment: "Hell-oooooo ~~".

When the two turned to see Yang, Gladio's eyes widened when he saw Noctis and a Prompto who seemed to be holding what appeared to be one a Scroll in his hand - "PROMPTO ARGENTUM, YOU SHOULD RUN BEFORE I KILLS YOU!" Gladio roared as he loaded Prompto who made a "Uh oh" and then ran away, screaming a "I'm sooorryyyyyyyyy!". Noctis smiled amused, Ruby laughed, Blake sighed while Yang asked for a "Will he survive?". Noctis shrugged "I'm not sure ... anyway-" Noctis started talking as he turned to Blake "-A woman who distracts Gladio from his muscles, I'm surprised". Blake looked up from the book as he watched Noctis, yang and Ruby. "Wait ... aren't you ... that girl that exploded?" Blake asked while looking at Ruby, who smiled shyly and held out her hand which she withdrew almost immediately when she saw Blake who didn't squeeze her "Uhh, yeah! My name's Ruby, nut you can just call me ... crater ... "Ruby smiled nervously and then sighed" Actually, you can just call me Ruby "he said while Blake replied with an" Okay ". Noctis observed Ruby and then whispered "What are you doing?", Who immediately received a whispered response from Ruby "I don't know, help me!". With a sigh, Noctis observed Blake and then pointed to himself and Yang "I am Noctis but you can call me Noct while she is Yang, Ruby's older sister."

As soon as she heard the name "Noctis", Blake looked up and then observed the Prince "Noctis? Are you the 114th Prince and future King of Insomnia? " Blake asked as she watched Noctis, who chuckled nervously "Yes ... it's me." To change the subject quickly, Ruby looked at the book that Blake was reading "What's is about?". "Huh?" Blake looked up from the book once more as she watched Ruby, who specified the first question "Your book. Does it have a name? ". "Well-" Blake started talking as she watched the two sisters and Noctis "-It's about a man with two souls, each fighting for control his body". Yang approached Noctis, then whispered "That's ... really lovely". The Prince held back a smile as he replied, still whispering "This girl's a lost cause".

As the two whispered to each other, Ruby was continuing to speak to Blake, who was slowly shifting her attention to Ruby instead of the book. "I love books. Yang used to read to me every night before bed. Stories of heroes and monsters ... they're one of the reasons I want to be a Huntress ". Blake seemed to smile and reply "Why is that? Hoping you'll live happily ever after? ". "I'm hoping we all will. As a girl, I wanted to be just like those heroes in the books. Someone who fought for what was right, and who protected people who can't protect themselves" Said Ruby with a slight smile, while Blake instead returned monotonous. "That's very ambitious for a child. Unfortunately, the world isn't the same as a fairy tale. "

"Well, that's why we're here ..." Ruby smiled slightly again "To make it better". As she finished speaking, Ruby didn't notice Yang hugging her like a bear "Ohhh, I'm so proud of my baby sister!". Ruby yelped as she tried to free herself from Yang's grip "Cut it out!" She said then she starts a fight with her sister, making Noctis smile that he was observing the scene while he simply said "Ruby! Ruby!". "Well, Ruby, Yang, Noct ... it's a pleasure to-" Blake began to say, who was stopped by the arrival of a certain heiress in pajamas. "What in the world is going on over here?!" Weiss said as she stopped Ruby and Yang from the fight and Noctis from cheering on Ruby. Weiss had loose hair while wearing a faded blue nightgown with short sleeves and white trim and shows the Schnee crest on the upper right chest.

As soon as she saw that Ruby, Yang, Blake and Noctis looked at her, Weiss resumed speaking "Don't you realize some of us are trying to sleep?!". As soon as she said it, Yang and Noctis were about to say something, but Ruby silenced them almost immediately "Shh! Guys, she's right! People are trying to sleep! ". "Oh, now you're on my side!" Weiss snapped angry, while Ruby whined "I was always on your side!". Noctis stood in front of Ruby "What's your problem with Ruby? She only trying to be nice! " Noctis said while Yang made a "Yeah!" support. "She's a hazard to my health!" Weiss said as she stamped his foot on the ground. Before everyone could continue fighting, Blake sighed and, taking the candle next to him as well as the last thing that lit the room, blew on the flames, extinguishing them and throwing the ballroom into the shadows.

To be continued ...

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