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? - City of Vale...

In an elegant attic located in the city of Vale, our dear hooded man, next to a table with a chessboard with randomly scattered white pieces, was sitting on an armchair in front of a huge window, intent on observing the night horizon illuminated by the city lights. The lights in the room were currently off.

Holding a chess piece in his hands, a white king to be exact, the man watched the city of Vale from the attic window. "Have you decided to reach the truth, Noctis? Then let's see how-" Shifting his attention to the board to his right, the man put the white king on the board. "-you'll amaze me"

Chapter 7: Reach to the truth

Weiss would admit that she was happy to be on the same team as Ignis. Sure, she was well-aware that she was working with both of their partners too, but for some reason, the blonde was the one that Weiss was especially happy to have with her.

Currently her, Ruby, Noctis and Ignis were walking towards the CCT in central Vale, ready to play their role in the operation to stop Roman Torchwick and the White Fang. The minute that they had gotten close to the transmit tower, Ruby had not stopped gawking and fawning over the thing, acting like it was the coolest thing she had ever seen.

"Woah!" Ruby grinned as she rushed to get closer to the transmit tower. "I forgot how big the transmit tower looks so close!"

"Well, Lucis' old communications towers were so big too" Ignis commented.

"If you think this is impressive, you should see the one in Atlas." Weiss said

"That was the first one, right," Ruby recalled.

"Correct. Atlas developed the cross-continental transmit system," Weiss began to recite. "To allow the four kingdoms to communicate with each other. It was their gift to the world after the great war"

"Ooooh look at me, my name is Weiss. I know facts. I'm rich" Ruby teased, making her voice sound rather proper in an attempt at imitating her friend.

"Pffft-AHAHAH!" Noctis laughed as he squeezed his stomach. Ignis sighed and shook his head. "Childrens, I have to look after some children, as always"

"Don't be a pest!" Weiss snapped and, looked right at Ruby, she said. "Besides, the only reason we're here is because you like the tower so much! We could've just as easily made a call from the library."

"Well, she's got a point" Noctis and Ignis said simultaneously.

"I know we could've done that, but it's so cool!" Ruby smiled to her friend.

After about ten minutes, the four arrived in front of the CCT entrance, Weiss and Ignis, as per plan, entered the tower while Noctis and Ruby instead, remained outside waiting.

While she waited, Ruby had started walking in circles, until she stopped and looked at Noctis. "Hey Noct, wanna do a photo?"

"A photo? Sure thing" Noctis smiled as he pulled out his Scroll. Activating the camera, Noctis and Ruby were about to get into position for the photo when a female figure accidentally slammed her shoulder against Noctis' shoulder.

The collision ended up causing Noctis to lose his grip on his Scroll, and they all watched as the otherworldly device skipped across the ground like a stone across water. Just when the Prince was about to chase after his Scroll though, it finally landed at someone's feet, and said person immediately picked it up.

For a minute, Noctis was worried that the person might not see them and end up taking it to the nearest place with a lost-and-found, but he soon breathed a sigh of relief when his Scroll's rescuer stood up straight again and held it out to him. At least he was sighing in relief, until they realized who it was that was returning his gummi device to him.

"You dropped this!" Penny said to the duo as she held out Noct's Scroll for him to take back, apparently not realizing who she was talking to, or how surprised they were to see her.


? - City of Vale…

"Mh ... let's see" Looking at the board, the hooded man rubbed his chin with his right hand thoughtfully and then took the white rook.

"Let's see how you are doing Prompto Argentum...last remaining creation of the Niflheim Empire" And then the man placed the chess piece on the board.

Junior's club, with Prompto, Yang, Sun and Neptune…

In another part of town, Yang's bike had just come to a screeching halt in the shady part of Vale, and right outside a very familiar location. It was actually rather impressive to her that the place was able to open up again so soon after the way she had been forced to demolish it, but she was not here for any of the fun that this club could offer; she was here on business.

Sure, that was her reason for being here last time, but that was of a more personal nature, and this was likely to be more fruitful too.

"Come on. My friend's right in here" Yang told her three passengers as she shook her head to free up her mane of hair after getting her helmet off.

"Okay, before we go in, I've gotta ask: is this guy an actual friend, or should we expect people to point to weapons at us?" Prompto questioned. It was not entirely playful either, because just about half of the clubs that Yang visited had led to that very scenario.

Apparently, Yang had trashed quite a few clubs/bars while in pursuit of what had led her to this particular club. That, or because some idiot had damaged her hair in some form or fashion.

"Oh, loosen up, Prompto. Besides, it's not like these guys would actually be able to do anything to us if they tried," Yang brushed off.

"That's not an answer to my question!" Prompto pointed out.

Sun, getting off the bike, noticed that Neptune was still sitting on the sidecar of Yang's bike with a dazed expression on his face, no doubt from the shock of Yang's driving. "Com'on Nep, time to shine!"

Hearing that was certainly encouragement enough for Neptune to shake off his dazed state and follow after them. "So, how exactly are we doing this? Like a good-cop, bad-cop thing?" He asked.

"Mmm, I think at this point it would be more like good-cop, bad-cop, rookie-cop and worse-cop" Yang corrected. She then looked Neptune over a second time before then amended, "Actually, that doesn't feel as intimidating. Let's make that bad-cop, worse-cop, rookie-cop and good-cop."

"Hey!" Neptune almost wined, mainly because Yang had pointed to him each time she had said rookie-cop.

"Relax dude, I think she was joking" Prompto giggled nervously. "I hope so…" His humor ended up vanishing though when he saw how the bouncer took one look at Yang and then rushed to lock the door while shouting for someone to barricade the entrance to the club proper. "...Yep. We're gonna have weapons pointed at us in a minute."

"Like I said, lighten up~" Yang remarked, and the next thing the boys knew, she had kicked the front entrance open. Even though the next door was so big, and obviously reinforced, Yang and her friends could still somehow hear the guys all frantically shouting on the other side, but the blonde did not pay it too much mind.

She was too busy reading one of her gauntlets to fire, and when it did, the door ended up being blasted open, allowing her to make an explosive entrance while strutting into the room. "Guess who's back~?" Yang called out to the room at large, grinning a little more at hearing one of her favorite songs playing over the speakers.

Apparently these people remembered her quite well, because literally every thug in the room was quick to draw their guns and not only pointed them at her, but practically shoved them in her face, out of fear if nothing else. This did not bother Yang at all; it just made her a little happier knowing that these guys were scared of her to this point.

In fact, her smile only fell when the music started cutting out and skipping rapidly, making her glare at the DJ in the music booth until the man in question finally just brought the music to a total stop.

When Prompto stepped forward so that he could be seen by all, he glanced at all the guns pointed at them and found that he could only say one thing. "I'll ask it again, Yang: is this guy an actual friend, or should we expect people to point weapons at us?"

"Yeah, any chance you could define 'friend' for me?'" Neptune requested, clearly much more uneasy about all the guns than the other two were.

"Stop, stop! Nobody be stupid and shoot!" Someone ordered, and stepping forward was the man in charge of the club himself, decked out in the same attire he wore when Yang had blasted him out of a window not too long ago, and looking none the worse for wear.

Clearing his throat after making it to the front he looked to Yang and said, "Blondie! You're back again. Why?" His fear became a bit more apparent as he rapidly asked, "Please tell me that the reason won't get my business destroyed again."

"Only if your little boys here don't try and start another fight with me, Junior," Yang easily replied, not making any promises one way or the other. "Besides, you still owe me a drink, as a start."

"And beyond that…" Junior prompted as Yang marched forward.

"I may need to pick your head about a few other things I'm…concerned with," Yang admitted, having to pause as she carefully chose her words near the end. She then glanced back at Prompto and Sun, then she added, "Oh, by the way, you should know that if we don't get any answers, my blondies headed friends over there are likely to get mad a lot sooner than me, and his temper can be quite fiery."

"Who, us? O-Oh, I mean: Yeah, emphasis on the 'fire'!" Prompto and Sun tried growling in intimidation.

Junior watched Prompto and Sun, thinking if Yang was bluffing when he introduced him. When he saw Prompto summon his handgun from the Armiger and Sun show his weapon, he quickly got the idea, and gulped with a nod to show he understood before waving for the three to follow him to the bar, sending his men a glare to say that he wanted the mess cleaned up, and like that, the three were left alone. "So…what is it you want?" Junior asked once he was behind the bar again.

"Anything you've got on Roman Torchwick," Yang stated, getting straight to the point.

"Is that all? You can watch the news for anything on that guy," Junior scoffed as he picked up a glass to polish.

"Not if we want to know about things like regular meeting places or possible hideouts," Yang clarified. "Besides, I know that you hired out some of your thugs to him not that long ago, and I'm guessing that it wasn't the first or last time either, something I'm sure that the police would love to hear about."

Hearing that, Junior set down the glass he was polishing with a heavy sigh, not willing to take a chance on the possibility that the girl might be bluffing, and said, "Sorry Blondie, can't help you."

A minute later he had to back away in order to keep his beard from getting shot by Prompto as he suddenly aimed in his direction. "Oh I'm sorry. Did you want to rephrase that?" He questioned.

"H-Hey, calm down, you crazy cowboy and crazy monk!" Junior pleaded, only for the weapons Prompto and Sun were holding. "Uh, I mean Crazy Cowboy and Crazy Monk, sir! What I meant was that I can't help you because I don't know."

"Um, no need of 'sir'- "Sun and Prompto were watching Junior with a confused look, but Yang placed a hand on Prompto's shoulder, signaling then to back off, and once they had, she said. "I can't say for certain if I'll be able to control him for long, so you might want to explain fast as to how you couldn't know about that."

"Because I haven't talked to him since the night you first came in here," Junior quickly answered. "He paid up front, I lent him my men, and none of them ever came back."

'Pretty sure I have a good idea why,' Yang thought to herself, knowing that some of those men were likely the ones that Ruby had beat up on the night that she met Ozpin and got her early acceptance into Beacon.

They were all startled out of their thoughts when Neptune suddenly cut in. "So where did they go?" He asked

Everyone just looked at the blue-haired boy like he was an idiot, and if you were to ask Junior, it was with good reason. "What kind of stupid question is that? They never came back" The club owner repeated, shutting Neptune down in an instant. He then looked back to Yang. "Who is this guy?"

Neptune sighed as Prompto walked over to Junior and pulled an object out of his pocket that made the owner of the club pale. "Wait, that badge is-"

"Yeah, it's real. Before I can make a simple call, I better drop the bag "

"Look, I already told you everything that I know! Torchwick hired my boys and I guess he wasn't happy with them!" Junior insisted. He then turned to glare at some of the guys that were cleaning up the mess Yang's entrance had made and shouted, "Which is something I can relate to!"

"Junior, your name right? Anyway, I'm starting to lose my patience, so answer me!" Prompto growled, scaring Junior a little more.

Yang had to admit, she was impressed with Prompto's acting skills because he was even making her think for a second that he was ready to punch Junior. She quickly focused back on Junior though, and said, "You might want to think of something you can give us, or really anything."

Junior scrambled around in his mind for something that could hopefully satisfy these crazy teens, until he finally struck what he could only assume was gold. "Look, Torchwick had been hiring my guys for a lot of robberies even before that night you first came in, but there was actually one time that he did come back in, and it was only to say that he wasn't going to be doing business with me anymore," Junior quickly admitted.

"Why?" Yang asked.

"Said he found someone better, and the next thing I know, introduced me to a dude with a white hood. When I asked him about that guy, he just said he was the better option and left, after hiring other my guys "Junior revealed.

"A guy with a white hood?" Sun murmured, recognizing the person.

"He revealed his name to you?" Prompto asked

Junior tried to remember if Roman or the hooded dude himself had shown up, but then shook his head. "I'm sorry, but that guy never showed up. He just said he was a "distant friend of the Royal Family", if I remember correctly "

Looking over to Prompto, Yang saw the firegun user give her a silent nod in response to her silent question, and that was all the reason she needed to look back at Junior. "Thanks. You've been a bigger help than you know. C'mon boys."

While Neptune and Sun immediately followed after Yang, Prompto stayed where he was for a few seconds, staring Junior down before he said. "Sorry for that, but we really needed that information." Suddenly, Prompto wrote his number on a nearby piece of paper while he continued talking. "A favor: If you have any information about the mysterious hooded man, send it to me at this number, 'kay?"

Junior nodded and picked up the piece of paper the number was on while Prompto followed his friends.

"So…did we get everything we need?" Neptune asked once they were all out of earshot.

"Well, we got everything we can," Yang stated, obviously disappointed that it was so little, until she recalled one piece of information that could possibly help a little bit. "So, any chance that hooded guy he mentioned was the same from that day?"

"Yep" Prompto admitted. "It's the same hooded guy who seemed to know Noct very well"

"And is it strong?" Neptune asked.

"I don't know" Prompto admitted. "Surely he is really skilled"

"Well, either way, at least this didn't end up being a complete waste of time," Sun remarked. "I just hope the others are having better luck than we are."

The others had to agree with that sentiment. It was not like any of the others were in any danger of being attacked at any second, right?

Back to Noctis and Ruby...

"Penny?!" Ruby and Noctis both exclaimed.

"Uhh…" Penny gasped, having just realized who they were, but for some reason, she looked a little nervous about this fact.

"Where have you been?" Ruby asked, not giving Penny any time to really answer her. "We haven't seen you since that day!"

"She's right, did something happen?" Noct questioned, only to get an answer that he was not expecting.

"S-sorry. I think you're confused," Penny stuttered. Before any of the others could call her out on her strange comment, Penny suddenly hiccupped, causing Noct's Scroll to go flying out of her hands and into his.

"Whoa! Careful Penny!" Noctis cautioned as nicely as possible, but the girl just seemed to grow more skittish.

"Are you okay?" Ruby asked.

"Uuuuuuh, I've got to go!" Penny quickly replied, not really answering Noctis' question, and she then spun around and began practically running away from the four.

"Okay, that was a little weird even for her," He commented, just as confused as Ruby was. "What the hell happened to her?"

"I don't know," Ruby shrugged. "But I'm going to find out."

"You mean we're going to find out" Noctis corrected.

It had not taken Noctis and Ruby very long to catch up with their fleeing friend, but even when they did, Penny seemed like she was determined to put some distance between her and the two of them, for all the good that it did.

The girl only stopped when Ruby finally ran around in front of her, with the Prince blocking her from the other side.

"Penny, where have you been?" Ruby panted, a little surprised that she had to run so much in order to catch up with her.

"Yeah, it's been weeks since we last saw you, or even heard anything. We've been really worried." Noct informed the girl right after.

Penny did not seem like she was paying any attention to the two, but instead just glanced around like she was keeping a lookout for something. "There seems to be a misunderstanding." When she did turn to the two again, this was the only thing she said.

"What?" Ruby and Noctis both exclaimed as Penny started to walk away again.

"Penny, is everything okay?" Ruby called out, but the girl did not stop. That was not going to deter Ruby Rose, as she showed when she slid down the rail of the stairs that they were all standing on to get in front of her again. "Penny! Please stop!"

"Come on, Penny. We can help you if you need us" Noctis added. That, coupled with Ruby's earlier plea finally got Penny to stop trying to leave them, but she did not seem like she was very happy about it. Not to say that she was mad, but from where the Prince was standing, she actually looked a little sad, and maybe a bit ashamed.

"Noct's right" Ruby said, not really noticing Penny's change in mood. "Those guys we fought at the docks, we think they're up to something big. Something bad! We need you to tell us what happened to you that night. Please. As a friend."

When she heard that, Penny finally conceded defeat, or at least that was what Noctis assumed, given the way she had sighed almost right after Ruby had finished her brief explanation of what was going on.

Not that it mattered too much to him, Noct was just glad to see that their friend was finally not acting like she did not know them for whatever reason, but he did grow a little more concerned when she nervously glanced about again for some unseen thing. His worries only grew a little more when Penny drew closer to him and Ruby and whispered, "It isn't safe to talk here."

One quick look between them, told Noctis and Ruby that they were both a little more worried about Penny after they heard that, but they still agreed to go somewhere else to continue their conversation with her.

A few different thoughts were now running through their heads now, though; trying to puzzle together the reason why Penny could not talk to them without being in a specific spot. Did the bad guys get to her somehow, or was she being tracked by someone dangerous? The more they thought about it, the more it seemed to Ruby and Noctis that their investigation had just gotten a bit more complicated.

In an area of the city, with Blake and Gladio ...

Somewhere across town from where Yang's team was, Blake was checking over the various signs that they needed to locate in order to find the location for the White Fang's latest faction meeting.

The two slash marks on a wall were just one clue, but in order to be absolutely sure, she had to look over at where the entrance most likely was, and sure enough, there were a few Faunus being allowed into a random, otherwise unused warehouse.

"This is it" Blake informed her teammate as she pulled out a Grimm mask. "Prepare for the start of the operation. I'll be there first"

Observing the warehouse, Gladio was thinking about his infiltration. Besides himself, he was also worrying about any possible issues surrounding Blake's role. Shaking his head, the Shield of the King tried to change his thoughts, not wanting to get distracted.

"Sure thing" He said, until he noticed the mask Blake was holding. Sighing, Gladio asks. "It's that?"

"Yes. The masks aren't meant to hide who we are; they're a symbol," Blake replied, nostalgia and sadness in her voice. "Humanity wanted to make monsters out of us, so we chose to don the faces of monsters."

"You know White Fang can stop now. Lucis will always be there to help you." Gladio gave Blake an ear communicator and, after the Faunus accepted the communicator, he patted her on her shoulder. "Good luck, Blake" Gladio said and then headed for the back of the warehouse.

"Same here, Gladio" Blake said with a slight smile as she donned both the headset and the mask and entered.

After entering, Blake followed a corridor to her left only to be stopped by a White Fang guard who, seeing Blake's mask, ushered her into the meeting point, full of members of the White Fang intent on observing another member intent on speaking. Blake, having found somewhere quite secluded, began to hear the speech.

"Thank you all for coming out tonight," The White Fang member currently on stage began, seeing that everyone had arrived. "For those of you who are joining us for the first time, allow me to introduce a very special comrade of ours. I can assure you, he is the key to obtaining what we have fought so long for."

It was at that very moment that Roman Torchwick himself appeared on stage, not looking the least bit concerned with all the booing, jeering, and angry outbursts that had followed his arrival. If anything, it seemed like he was actually reveling in it as he practically danced across the stage.

"Thank you, thank you! Please, hold your applause," Roman shouted in an attempt to be heard over everyone.

"What is this?! Some kind of joke?!" Someone in the crowd demanded.

"Why's a human here?!" Another one protested.

"I'm glad you asked, dearie," Roman smirked in reply, signaling for quiet. Surprisingly, he seemed to get it, and he then proceeded on with his pitch. "Now I'll be the first to admit, humans are the WORST! Case in point!" He remarked, waving to himself at that last remark.

"So I understand why you would love to see us all locked away, or better yet, killed, but before the claws come out, I would like to mention the fact that you and I ALL have a common enemy."

While Roman was speaking, from the rafters above the roof, Gladio was avoiding falling and not only making an embarrassing figure, but even ruining the plan. Keeping one hand on the beam fixed to the ceiling and staying on his knees, Gladio was keeping his balance, but admitted he was surprised when Torchwick took the stage.

"Our greatest threats are the ones in control, the people pulling the strings, ALL the dirty rotten humans that run our kingdoms! The government! The military! The schools! Hell, even Lucis is to blame for your lot in life, and they're all pests that need to be dealt with! Fortunately, I'm the best exterminator around." He had to pause here for a moment so that he could quickly add on, "No offense to any rodents in the room."

'Screw you, Roman...' Gladio thought.

When Roman snapped his fingers, the curtain dropped to reveal a massive mech suit that was armed to the teeth. Seeing this huge death machine, Gladio gritted his teeth, the wound inflicted by Niflheim was still present in the hearts of all the inhabitants of Lucis. "Impossible! A paladin?! Damn it, 'the hell you're doing, General Ironwood?!"

"How in the world did he get that?!" Blake asked, just as worried about it but also a bit angry at how Torchwick just kept appearing to have access to resources he should not have.

"As some of you may have heard, this right here is the Atlesian Paladin, Atlas's newest line of defense against all the scary things in the world," Roman proudly revealed. "And thanks to my employers, we've managed to snag a few before they, uh, hit the shelves. Now, many of your brothers have already moved down to our new operation in the south east. If you'd rather stay within the city, that's fine, but if you're truly ready to fight for what you believe in…This is the arsenal I can provide you," Roman finally concluded, and from the sound of the cheers, it seemed like all of these Faunus were more than ready to sign up for the operation he had mentioned.

None of that mattered at this point, as hearing that Roman had set up shop in the south east was the final piece of information that the two undercover heroes needed to feel that they had heard enough. Gladio, placing a finger on his right ear, activated the communicator. ["I think we don't need any more information, right Blake?"]

"Definitely," Blake confirmed

Too bad for them, it was actually at that moment that the new recruits were asked to step forward, and since she was right in the middle of that crowd, Blake had no choice but to be pulled along with the flow or risk being caught. She did her best to not get pulled all the way up, but there was only so much she could do before they found herself at the stage and from there, it was only a matter of time before Roman noticed and recognized Blake.

["Blake, I'm coming-"]

"Quiet! I'm thinking," Blake insisted as she surveyed the entire room. In that moment, she saw a certain small girl with pink and brown hair next to him. 'Wait...that girl is…'

Oddly enough, it was actually Neo who looked in their direction first, and something about the way her eyes seemed to fixate on her and sent a few shivers up Blake's spine. Shivers that she had not been able to suppress before Torchwick looked in their direction again.

["Blake, think a little faster or I'm coming!"]

Hearing Gladio's warning actually gave Blake an idea at last on how they could get out of this situation, and after another quick scan of the room, she managed to locate a junction box on the wall. Still, she had to be sure of a few things before she made her move, and looked to her two friends who were not actual Faunus. "Gladio, remember that lesson we had in Oobleck's class last semester?" She asked.

["Because we had few lessons, right?"] Gladio said sarcastically.

Blake mentally smacked herself for a second, but pressed on with her questioning. "You know, the one about the advantage the Faunus had in the Battle of Fort Castle?"

["Oh yeah. Faunus have enhanced senses, but the most common of which being the ability to see in the dark, and that's our ticket out of here!"] Gladio said as he drew a fire flask from the Armiger and threw it at the junction box. When Gladio's flask struck its mark, all the lights in the building went right out, driving everyone into a panic, while Roman tried shouting for someone to stop their group.

Blake paid it little mind though and then directed them to their exit point.

"Blake! The window!" Gladio yelled as he jumped, landing on top of two grunts that got knocked out and then ran over to Blake.

"On it!" Blake shouted in response.

Shortly after, the two had crashed through the nearest window and onto the street, where they all broke out into a hard sprint. For a moment, it seemed like they would manage to get away without any further complications, but that was before the mech suit they had seen on the stage came crashing out of the building to chase after them.

It was at that very moment that Gladio cursed a little for not getting the Regalia as he reached the rooftops with Blake, and then continued to keep pace with the Cat Faunus as they hopped over the line of roofs in an attempt to lose their massive pursuer.

Even with all the advantages they had in keeping ahead of the mech, it was still not enough to shake it off, and they knew that the person inside was likely to start using any or all of the weapons on that thing at any moment to get them, which would definitely lead to someone getting hurt.

All this and more was reason enough for Gladio to comment. "Ah! Just like the training with Nyx!"

"The drunken Kingsglaive, right?" Blake replied as she attempted to grab her Scroll and call the rest of her team and Gladio's team.

? - City of Vale...

With a sigh, the man placed the queen and the white king in the center of the board.

"It seems that I will have to take the field in the name ... of the True King"

To be continued...

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