Farah had now been at the Dumping Ground for 7 months now and she was really starting to settle in. It was difficult as expected but she was getting there. She spoke to everyone in the house though was still naturally quiet. She did still go through times when she didn't speak but these were becoming far and few between.

May-Li and Farah's relationship continued to flourish and she was the first person Farah went to if she was nervous or had had a bad day at school. Farah was still sharing a room with Jody and while Jody wasn't the easiest of roommates they still managed. Farah spent a lot of time with Tee and Carmen and the reality of them leaving within the next 5 months upset her.

Farah walked down the stairs. She just didn't feel great today. Her stomach was hurting and she just felt off. She walked into the kitchen and walked over to the kitchen counter.

"What's up with you today?" May-Li asked and she jus received a glare from Farah. Why was the woman picking on her when she literally hadn't done anything? They were all moaning in her all the time. Farah poured her cereal and got herself a seat at the table.

She was sat minding her own business as she ate her cereal when she heard a thump on the back of her head.

"Oi" Farah screamed and glared at Carmen who had accidently hid her on the head.

"God Farah, it was an accident" Carmen said "I'm sorry"

"Yeah right, you are miss perfect and no one every gets in your way" Farah muttered.

"What's rattled you cage today?" Carmen asked.

"Nothing, why are you so mean?" Farah asked as she slammed her bowl in the sink and stormed up to her bedroom. May-Li and Carmen glanced at each other.

"What's going on with her today?" Carmen asked and May-Li shrugged.

"It's probably just her age" May-Li said.

"I swear I wasn't that moody" Carmen said and May-Li laughed.

"I'm sure Mike would disagree" May-Li said, and Carmen laughed. She nodded; May-Li was probably correct.

"Do you want to maybe speak to Farah? She might relate better to you rather than an oldie like me" May-Li said, and Carmen laughed but agreed. She walked up the stairs and knocked on Farah's bedroom door.

As she opened the door, she noticed that Jody was also in the room while Farah was sat on her bed with her feet up reading a book.

"Jody, can I have a minute with Farah?" Carmen asked and Jody nodded.

"It's fine, I'm going down the stairs anyway" Jody stated as she left the room.

"Do you mind if I close the door?" Carmen asked and Farah shrugged her shoulders. She didn't care. She wasn't sure what the girl was doing her anyway.

"I can see that something is upsetting you today" Carmen stated, and Farah shrugged. She wasn't in the mood anymore.

"What's going on"? Carmen asked.

"I'm just annoyed that everyone thinks I'm in a bad mood" Farah said crossing her arms protectively.

"Do you think you'll in a bad mood?" Carmen asked and Farah shrugged letting two fat tears slip down her face.

"Hey, I don't want to upset you" Carmen said putting her hand on the younger girl's leg.

"I don't know. I don't know why I'm crying. I don't know why I was angry earlier. I just don't know" Farah said getting more upset.

"Hey" Carmen said pulling the girl into her arms.

"It's just because of your age. Do you understand what's going on?" Carmen asked and Farah shrugged.

"May-Li's spoken to me about at a couple of times" Farah admitted.

"Your hormones are just all over the place" Carmen explained.

"Does it get better?" Farah asked and Carmen nodded.

"Your body sorts itself out. It's really smart" Carmen said, and Farah nodded feeling a bit better.

"Feeling any better now?" Carmen asked and Farah nodded.

"Thank you for coming to speak to me" Farah said timidly.

"Don't worry about it. You can always speak to me" Carmen said as she gave the girl a hug.

"Oh that sounds like Mike is here. I'm leading my review, I've been asking and asking for him to give me my file" Carmen huffed as she quickly left the room and went hunting for Mike.

Mike was with May-Li having dropped stuff on the floor. Carmen asked for her file and Mike replied stating he knew he had to do it and would.

"Carmen, did you have a chance to speak to Farah?" May-Li asked.

"Yeah I did" Carmen said "She's just hormonal but I think she feels bad for snapping now"

May-Li nodded and made a mental note to check on the girl shortly. May-Li walked into the kitchen were the other children were doing some type of gambling game thing. It didn't appear to be going to well but she managed to convince them to hold an election for the children in care council between Tyler and Floss.

May-Li noticed that nearly all the other children were there and wanted to convince Farah to join in with them. She still felt that the girl spent far too much time alone in her room.

May-Li walked up the stairs and smiled when she saw the girl engrossed in her book. Carmen hadn't closed the door after she had left and Farah was so immersed in her book that she hadn't gotten up to close it.

"How are you feeling?" May-Li asked when the girl noticed her care worker.

"I'm better. I'm sorry about earlier" Farah said.

"It's no problem, Carmen said you were feeling better now" May-Li treaded carefully and Farah nodded.

"I do, but I have a bit of a sore stomach" She admitted.

"Oh do you? Where about?" May-Li asked. This was new for Farah. The whole time the girl had been here, she hadn't been ill once. Farah pointed to her abdomen.

"We'll keep an eye on it but it seems like cramp" May-Li said.

"What's cramp?" Farah asked instantly thinking of muscle cramp.

"It's something that most woman get before their period" May-Li explained.

"What? Does that mean I'm going to start my period now?" Farah asked.

"No sweetie, it's just another indication. Just keep a track on when you get the cramp and there might be a pattern" May-Li said putting her hand through the girl's long dark hair.

"Come join up down the stairs and we are having an election" May-Li said, and Farah laughed but agreed.

Most of the children got really involved in the election while Farah decided to hang back slightly. She enjoyed just watching the scene unfold. She watched for a while before joining them outside. She was nervous as to how Carmen would be with her after this morning, but the girl smiled and invited her to sit with them.

Farah enjoyed hanging out with Carmen as it made her feel older and more mature. The rest of the day continued and Farah could see how stressed Carmen was becoming. It only got worse when someone broke into Mike's car and stole important documents.

Mike explained how he was now being investigated and was stepping down during this time. Farah knew that something was up with Carmen. The girl was frustrated about something but then she changed to being upset. Farah narrowed her eyes wanting to help her friend.

They were all in the kitchen when Carmen walked through.

"So what's the plan Tyler?" Carmen asked and Tyler jumped.

"We need to get Mike back" She said and Tyler nodded. They dispersed into different rooms and Farah stayed with Carmen.

"Are you okay?" Farah asked "I can see something is off with you and not just because Mike is leaving"

"Fars, don't say anything but I was upset because it's my file. I said I'd pretend it didn't happen and it wasn't lost but Mike said not to. It's not right to lie" Carmen said and Farah nodded.

"Shall we watch something on the TV to help keep your mind off it?" Farah suggested and Carmen smiled.

"That sounds like a lovely idea" Carmen said pulling the younger girl into her side for a side hug. May-Li walked passed them and smiled. She was proud of their friendship.

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