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A/N: This is a one shot I wrote several years ago, that I eventually made into a longer story called The Night Out.

The idea was inspired by the movie "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" and the music video for Martin Solveig's song "The Night Out".

Warning: Rated T for language, alcohol use, & vague sexual activity.

"Dude, it's been eight months," Andre says sympathetically, patting Beck on the back.

Beck doesn't say anything in response, rather he keeps his head down, staring at his lap, feeling dejected.

He knows he only feels this way because he saw a picture of Tori with her new boyfriend on SplashFace. He was doing so well not thinking about her.

"Oh come on, what did you expect? We've talked about this. You guys go to colleges across the country from each other, you haven't even seen her since last year," Andre pauses before continuing, "Plus, she cheated on you with that..."

Andre never played the cheating card, but Beck was starting to kill his good mood. It's not like he hasn't had plenty of rebound sex since his break up with Tori. All Andre wants is for him and Beck to have a good time tonight before spring semester starts.

Beck's head snaps up at Andre's blunt statement. He's usually not that upfront. It works though and brings him back to the present. Thoroughly shutting down his pity party...especially since he knew Tori cheated on him with the guy in the photo.

Beck kept himself distracted these last eight months, making up for all of the hookups he could have had if he wasn't dating Tori his first two years of college. Part of him still loved Tori, but it dawned on him awhile ago that he feels more hollow than sad. As though he were acting out the part of the typical "scorned lover." He couldn't fully internalize the depression and hurt that would overcome this character.

He realizes he actually feels...okay. Instead of analyzing the situation further, he shakes it off and shrugs. And actually starts to smile.

Andre's face lights up, "Oh yeah. Let's go!"

Beck laughs and feeds off of Andre's energy, starting to get pumped. Andre runs out of his room to go fill up the mandatory flask they carried whenever they went out to save money on buying drinks.

Beck changes out of his sweatpants, runs his hand through his awesome hair (so he's been told), and is ready to go.

No way in hell were they attending a party on campus though (they were too mature for those), they're going to an exclusive club in the city...although the only thing that made it "exclusive" was the fact that they had to buy tickets online, and that there was a very limited amount available. So, it is (technically) exclusive...to those who have tickets.

He switches off the light in his small bedroom, grabs his wallet and keys and, sighing, saunters into Andre's room to turn off his light too. These 21 year old roommates were trying to lower their electric bill. They could barely afford the apartment already without the extra costs.

"Aaaall right man! I can tell you're ready! I can see it!" Andre exclaims, already standing by the door ready to leave.

"Yeah, yeah," Beck said nonchalantly. Andre could tell he's more excited than he seems.

"You have the tickets?" Beck asks Andre, who was practically out the door.

"Yep, all set."

Beck nods and the two head out.

"Hey, we can't forget, we're meeting Moose later for his birthday," Beck says as they walk down four flights of stairs.

"Oh yeaaah," Andre replies, laughing. Moose was known to throw some crazy parties.

This time Moose rented out one section of a bar that had a secluded lounge and karaoke section. Moose was also known to have quite the guest list. More importantly, Andre and Beck always got lucky at his parties.

"Time to score some chicks!" Beck says once they got outside. The two laugh and bump fists as they start their trek to the club.


"Jadey come on! I'm ready to party!" Cat exclaims from her seat in the cramped living room.

Jade rolls her eyes as Cat's inevitable giggle reaches her ears. She met Cat at the start of last year and, although Jade doesn't understand how it happened, the two girls quickly became best friends. They were inseparable all of sophomore year, so when they had the option of living off campus in an apartment for their junior year at Julliard, they decided to go for it.

Jade groans quietly, staring into the depths of her closet. What the hell should I wear?

After ripping her closet apart, Jade finally lands on a tight black dress with lace lining the deep v-neckline. Jade slips her feet into a pair of black patent leather heels.

She stares at herself in her full length mirror, admiring how Cat did her hair and makeup. Jade doesn't usually allow Cat to go near her with makeup, but she's definitely pleased with tonight's result. Her long black hair fell in fat curls and framed her face, and the smokey eye she applied made her blue eyes pop. Jade smirks at her reflection.

Throwing her phone into her small black bag and placing the long strap over her shoulder, Jade walks out of her room. Cat's eyes widen when she sees Jade's complete look.

"JADE! YOU LOOK SO PRETTY!" Cat cries as she runs over to Jade, hugging her. Jade pushes her off a second later.

"I know," Jade says. Reluctantly she adds, "Erm, you look good too."

Cat is one of the only people Jade has ever given compliments to, and it was due to the fact that Cat is pretty much Jade's only friend at school. She couldn't afford to lose her. She's also never had a friend as caring as Cat.

Plus, Cat does look good. With the top part of her red hair pulled back, the rest of her hair flowed in soft curls down her back. Her dress is dark pink and strapless with a sweetheart neckline, and a bustier design on top.

The two girls had a great impact on each other: Jade became slightly nicer (but only slightly) and Cat became a little less naive and a little more grown up (thus the bustier top).

"Okay, you have the tickets?" Cat asks, sounding anxious.

Jade opens her bag to check.

"Yep, let's go."

Cat laughs happily and follows Jade out, locking the door behind them.

The girls slide their coats on and step out into the cold January air.

After a ten minute cab ride they arrive at the new, flashy, club.

Jade scowls at the long line that stretched all the way down the block.

"No freaking way," Jade says under her breath. Grabbing Cat's arm, she pushes her way through to the front of the line, ignoring the people cursing at her for cutting.

"Hi, I'm Jade West," Jade says to the man at the front, collecting tickets and holding a clipboard. "My friend here has severe ADHD and cannot stand in long lines."

The bouncer's expression remains stoic, so Jade hands him a $50 bill and her two tickets. He nods slowly and gestured to the door next to him.

"Thank you kind sir!" Cat says, giggling uncontrollably as she and Jade rush inside the warm building.

The girls check their coats and enter the club. They could already hear the music making the floor vibrate beneath them.

Jade smiles brightly at her best friend as they link arms and head right to the bar. Just ignore the sticky, humid air, Jade thinks to herself...and the huge crowd of people on the dance floor…

"Isn't this exciting?! We haven't gone out in months," Cat says in an overenthusiastic tone, fluttering her eyelashes at Jade.

Jade huffs in response.

"Well, there's no karaoke, but the music doesn't sound too terrible..."

"Ah, I knew I could get ya to say something nice," Cat smiles triumphantly and punches Jade lightly on the arm.

"We're going to karaoke next weekend." Jade says flatly. She reluctantly agreed to come to this club this weekend because last weekend Jade took Cat to a place where you throw axes at a bullseye board. Needless to say, Jade owed her one.

"Kay," Cat replies.

Jade turns to the bartender and orders a vodka martini, while Cat asks for a fruity cocktail.

The girls drink slowly, taking in the atmosphere.

"...Time to dance?" Cat asks the minute they finish their drinks. Jade knows it's less of a question and more of a statement.

"Fine." Jade says.

"Yay!" Cat replies. Jade starts to smile as she and Cat walk to the dance floor. The music really was great, and with the price of the tickets, she might as well make the most of it.

After walking about 30 blocks and then waiting for a half hour out in the cold, Beck and Andre finally enter the club.

Once inside, the two guys make a beeline for the bar. They allow each other to buy two drinks, and then they can only use the flask for the rest of the night.

"Tequila on the rocks," Beck winks at Andre. "Might as well have some fun tonight."

Andre laughs and pats Beck on the back as he steps up to the bar to order.

Andre and Beck lean against the bar, taking everything in. It is a pretty big space with a large dance floor in the middle, and couches and circular tables lining the walls. After finishing their drinks, Andre pulls out the flask and takes a big gulp. Andre holds it out to Beck but he shakes his head, content with the tequila.

Andre puts it away and looks over at Beck, "I'm going to go dance, you coming?"

"Uhh in a bit," Beck answers, eying the hot blonde ordering a drink to his right. Andre chuckles and shakes his head before making his way to the mass of people dancing.

Andre dances through the crowd till a girl in a pink dress catches his eye. Hm, she looks cute... Andre thinks and heads over in the direction of the girl.

Back at the bar, Beck now has three girls all falling for his charm and complimenting his hair profusely. Beck only smirks, letting them fawn over him but not really paying attention. He surveys the dance floor, watching as more and more people join the mass.

A girl suddenly breaks out of the crowd, heading to the bar. Strutting with confidence, and still somewhat dancing, Beck smiles slightly as he tries to get a good look, but the blonde keeps obstructing his view.

He finally catches the girl's side profile, and can't look away. He sees her head draw back as she takes a shot, and then turn back towards the dance floor. Beck's slight smile doesn't leave his face as he sees her move her body to the music, and push through anybody in her way.

"Yo, Beck, look who I found!" Beck's eyes snap away from the dancing girl, whom he lost in the crowd, and turns his attention to Andre. By this point two out of the three girls left Beck's side, but the blonde remains clinging to his arm.


Beck gasps and smiles brightly, reaching down and hugging the redheaded girl he hasn't seen in a year and a half.

"Cat! What are you doing here?" Beck asks. Cat just squeals happily in response, excited to see her close friends.

"I'm here with my friend, Jade! I think I lost her in the crowd, though," Cat keeps an eye on her old friends and the crowd. Andre smiles down at the cute girl, he really misses his Hollywood Arts gang.

Before Andre or Beck can say anything, Cat giggles, pokes their stomachs and asks if they want to go dance. Beck was never comfortable dancing in public...except when he was dancing with Tori.

Andre takes a swig from his flask and then offers it to Beck. This time Beck takes a big gulp.

Cat giggles and grabs their wrists, pulling them to the crowd.

Andre frees his wrist and wraps his arm around Cat's shoulders as they make their way through people. Beck keeps his head down until someone bangs into him, causing him to lose Cat and Andre in the crowd. Beck shrugs to himself and continues to push further in.

Beck looks over the crowd to see one section that has a bit more space. He smiles as he recognizes the dancing girl from the bar in the center of the space. She's dancing wildly, keeping everyone out of her way, and looking sexy as hell. She keeps her eyes closed, tuning out everything around her. She causes a bit of a stir and Beck takes a glance at the guys around her, checking her out. He scoffs. They all look like tools, too wimpy to go up to her.

Smirking, Beck makes his way over to her, oozing confidence.

Right before he can get to her though, she ducks out, into the crowd and the space she previously occupied immediately fills in. Confused and a bit tipsy, Beck turns around to see her push through and go back to the bar. He follows suit.

This is unusual behavior for Beck Oliver. He doesn't chase after anyone. He simply lets the girls come to him. Easy.

Frowning in disgust, Jade wipes her arm with a napkin from the bar. Some old sweaty guy tried dancing with her. Disgusting.

How dare he touch me! Can't I dance however I want without some dude making a move...ugh...I hate clubs, Jade thinks as she orders another shot of tequila. She needs something to get her through tonight. Jade takes the shot the second the bartender puts it down, before they grab the lime and salt.

There are three key she wants from tonight: 1) to get an escape from the extreme amount of work and pressure she gets from Julliard; 2) the opportunity to dance in a space bigger than her apartment; 3) While she would never admit to anyone (maybe Cat, but not yet), she's actually looking for a guy. The fact that she hasn't been with a guy, in any physical or emotional way, for over a year now bothers her immensely. She shouldn't need a guy. Jade is her own woman...but the money she is spending on batteries for her vibrator is starting to stack up…

Basically, she wants to feel wanted. Except maybe not by anyone in this club.

Beck grins, finding the dancing girl leaning against the bar in the same spot he stood in earlier. He studies her for a second as she stares at the crowd, glaring at everyone.

His eyes trail up from her long legs to the black dress that hugged her body nicely. His eyes stay on her chest for a little longer, then move up to her face. Beck originally thought she was hot but realizes now that he is mistaken...

She's gorgeous, Beck smiles to himself and feels his legs carry him over to the bar.

Jade's eyes widen a bit as she takes in the guy next to her. Wow, that's one good-looking man. She quickly rolls her eyes though- she can practically feel his pretentious, douchebag attitude rolling off of him in waves of confidence, stemming from his ridiculous hair.

She hears him order water and scoffs inwardly, wimp. She debates ordering another shot just to one up the guy.

Beck takes a quick peek at the girl next to him, then goes right back to his water, thinking of what to say first.

He figures he should just start off with an introduction.

"Hey, I'm Beck," Beck says in a friendly voice to the dark haired girl next to him. Jade turns her head towards him and he throws her a crooked smile.

Jade looks him up and down, and, with a sarcastic smile, replies, "Hey, I'm leaving."

Beck laughs in shock at her blunt remark. Their eyes meet and he can tell she's trying not to smile. He also notices she makes no move to actually walk away.

"That's quite rude of you," Beck states as his smile turns into a smirk.

"So?" Jade asks in a strong voice, tilting her head.

Beck's intrigued by her attitude- it's not something he's used to seeing in a girl.

"I wanted to introduce myself and tell you that I think you are the hottest girl I have ever seen," Beck's smirk only grew as he said his classic opening line.

Leaning against the bar, Beck clasps his hands together and finds himself eager to hear her response. The girl rolls her eyes but Beck takes note that she hasn't walked away.

"Wow," Jade feigns amazement as she continues, "What happens now? Girls just jump on you? Tell me, Beck, what's your success rate with that cheesy line?"

Beck chuckles, then makes a mental note to expand his openers. For now, though, he studies the girl's face, and watches as her lips turn slightly upward, looking more amused by the second.

"Well, if you must know, it is not a line. I saw you dancing before and it's the truth." Beck inches towards her, then dramatically gestures to the rest of the club.

"Face it…you're the most attractive girl here." His voice shifts from playful to serious as he meets her big blue eyes. He can't seem to look away.

Jade rolls her eyes and stares at him in incredulity. She breaks away when her gaze drifts downward, toward his lips. He realizes flattery, even if it is true, is getting him nowhere, so he tries a different tactic. Sporting a smile Beck adds, "...Although, if I am being totally honest with you...that line usually does the trick."

"Ha! Knew it!" Jade's mouth turns up into a smile and Beck's eyes light up. Gorgeous is the only word that crosses his mind.

The girl composes herself quickly, then turns towards the bar. Reaching over him, Jade grabs his water and takes a sip.

Jade simply raises an eyebrow at Beck's shocked expression, challenging him to protest.

Her eyes are mischievous and exciting and her cheeks are a light pink, either from blushing or the alcohol. Beck hopes it's the former.

"That could be poisoned, you know."

"Nah, I saw you drinking it. I assume you wouldn't drug both of us," Jade shrugs. "Although that would make for an interesting night. Hey, are you drugging both of us?"

Beck disregards her question and offers her challenging look of his own.

"Ah, so you admit you were watching me?"

"I would never admit such a thing," Jade replies with a coy smile, putting his water down. Maybe it was the buzz from the alcohol, but her hand moves from the drink over to Beck's hand. Beck looks down as Jade begins playing with his fingers absentmindedly on the bar.

Making progress Beck thinks happily.

"I can't help but notice that you haven't walked away yet...which you could have done hours ago..."

Jade finds her body inching closer to Beck. "And?"

Beck moves his hand to her waist, pulling her even closer.

"Does this mean you can tell me your name?"

Jade pretends to think for a second.

"No," She looks up at him with a mischievous grin. "Isn't it more thrilling this way?"

This time neither of them look away when they lock eyes. Beck's fingers begin to lightly trace up and down from her ribs to her waist. Jade bites her lip as he counters her remark.

"Well, usually when I-"

Jade suddenly tunes him out when she catches something in her peripheral vision- the sweaty guy that groped her stumbling towards them.

Oh god no.

On instinct, Jade closes the gap between them, lifting her arms and wrapping them around his neck. She presses her lips to his in a stage kiss, hoping to throw this guy off, but groans when she pulls away and sees the man undeterred in his pursuit.

Surprised by the ambush, Beck follows her gaze to the drunk guy staring at her intently. Suddenly understanding the situation, Beck, ever the helpful gentleman, turns Jade's chin to look up at him. With a wink and sly smile he winds his arms tighter around her waist and turns their stage kiss into a deep, hungry kiss, finally satisfying the tension growing between them. Jade grins and responds with the same enthusiasm, pressing her body closer to his and pulling him down further with her arms around his neck.

Beck finds himself actually having fun with a girl for the first time...since Tori. Tori never enjoyed PDA, leaving any kissing or touching for the bedroom. But this girl has a certain energy around her that's exhilarating, and sexy.

His hands roam her body, moving from her waist to her hips. Jade feels them slowly work their way up her back. Beck pulls her hair lightly and she lets out a quiet moan. Beck smiles and begins to kiss down from her neck to her collarbone earning him another moan. Before he leaves a mark, Jade takes his face to bring him back to her lips.

He bites her lip and gently runs his tongue over the bite. Jade lets out yet another soft moan. and he grips her hips to pull her even closer against his body.

After months of no contact, this is what she's been waiting for...Until someone behind her accidentally elbows her in the back, flinging her into reality.

Jade stops and pulls away. Just as she moves to elbow the person back, she feels Beck loosen his grip, letting her go. Jade's surprise causes her to pause and her mouth to turn up into a small smile. The feeling of someone actually letting go when she pulls away sadly isn't something she's used to. Once again, Jade quickly wipes the smile from her face.

Beck plays along with her and pretends he didn't see it. Instead, he keeps one arm loosely around her waist, and lifts his head up to scan the crowd.

Jade takes this time to really get a good look at the kid she just kissed. Her eyes scan his tan skin and strong jawline.

He really is quite hot…

Apparently other girls agree, as Jade spots several girls looking at her and Beck, pouting with jealousy. She smiles deviously at them and begins running her hand up and down his arm.

"I think you're in the clear," Beck reports back, looking down at her with a triumphant smile.

"Good," Jade says, tilting her head to the side and looking up at him. With his eyes still on her, Jade takes a quick peek to see if the girls are still watching. If there's one thing Jade West lives for, it's winning.

Beck's smile turns into a smirk as he takes the hand he had on her waist and brings a finger to her chin again, lifting and turning her face back to him. Jade immediately went to meet his lips, but missed as Beck moved his mouth to kiss her cheek.

Beck's lips continue to trail slowly down her cheek to neck, then slowly back up. His lips finally land at the spot just below her ear. Beck's hand grips her waist harder and, with a mischievous smirk whispers, "Can you tell me your name now?"

Jade takes a shaky breath to compose herself, hating this stranger is having such an affect on her.

"We'll see."

With an indignant huff, Jade turns to the bar and without thinking twice, orders another shot of tequila.

"Put it on my tab," Beck says immediately, placing his hand lightly on her back. The female bartender smiles excitedly.

"Beck, right?" She asks.


"I'll be right on it."

Jade rolls her eyes and stops the bartender before she grabs the drink.

"He'll have a shot too. Same thing, and put it on my tab."

With less enthusiasm she asks for the name.

Without thinking, she replies, "Jade West."

"Got it."

Jade's eyes widen as she realizes her slip up. She turns towards Beck to see him leaning against the bar with his hands clasped, wearing a smug smile.

"Jade, huh?" He asks.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever." Jade mumbles, trying not to smile back.

"I like it," Beck gave her a full eye crinkling smile.

The bartender puts their drinks, salt and lime down. She rolls her eyes when Beck ignores her, and keeps his eyes solely on Jade.

The two tap the bar with their glasses and down the shot, neither of them using the lime and salt.

Beck puts his glass down and takes a breath.

"You're right," he says with a smirk. "It's a lot less thrilling knowing your name."

Jade laughs involuntarily then puts a hand to her mouth to try and hide it.

Beck gives her a playful smile, then starts to make a move to leave. "Guess I'll just be going then..."

Jade rolls her eyes and grabs his shirt to pull him back.

With a seductive smile, she looks up at him and kisses him hard on the mouth. Her lips travel down his jaw and to his neck. She lets her hand trail down his stomach, and then stop at the waistline of his jeans.

She bites his neck lightly, then moves up to whisper in his ear, "'Less thrilling' my ass." Her other hand gives a small, playful slap on his butt, then pushes away.

Jade smirks at his startled expression, "I'll be right back."

"Will you actually be coming back?" Beck asks. But Jade only kinks an eyebrow in response, then turns and saunters away. He chuckles and shakes his head, taking his phone out to check in with Andre.

Are you still with Cat? Tell her I'm sorry for ditching. By the bar- met this hot girl.

Jade squeezes through people until she finally spots the redhead sitting on the white couch that runs along the side of the club.

As she gets closer she notices Cat isn't alone. Not wanting to interrupt anything that may be going down, Jade starts to turn around.

"JADEY!" Jade flinches hearing Cat squeal her horrendous nickname. Jade sighs and turns around.

"I'm so happy you're here! Look! This is my best friend, Jade!" Cat says to the boy next to her, motioning wildly to Jade as she walks towards them.

Cat gestures with her hand to the guy who has his arm around her waist.

"And Jade, this is one of my friends from Hollywood Arts, Andre," Cat explains, giggling. Jade sees Andre study her for a second then stick his hand out eagerly.

"It's nice to meet you," he says politely. Jade only looks at his hand, then his face, and gives a tight smile. She doesn't shake hands. Ever.

Jade sits down next to the pair and replies stoically, "You too."

Cat smiles with excitement, "Yay! My friends are here!" She puts her arm around Jade to give her a hug.

"No!" Jade pushes her away immediately. Andre watches with shock, and a bit of anger. All Cat wanted to do is give the girl a hug! Seeing Cat smiling, seemingly unfazed, lessened his concern.

Jade leans closer to Cat to tell her quietly, "Listen, I just came over to make sure you're okay-

"I'm so happy! Are you having fun!?"

Jade smiles a little, "I met a hot guy at the bar-

"Ooh la la!" Cat says raising her eyebrows suggestively, and nudging Jade with her elbow.

"Whatever," Jade replies, rolling her eyes, but smiling nonetheless. "You're good?"


"Cool. Bye, Andy," Jade says, standing up and leaving the pair.

"Don't mind her, she just gets cranky," Cat says, looking at Andre.

"You're doing okay though?"

Cat grins, "I'm doing great! Hey, where's Beck?"

"He said he's at the bar, and that he met a girl."

"I hear he's been meeting lots of girls these days, huh?" Cat asks, then whispers, "Robbie told me."

Cat giggles and Andre just shook his head with a smile, moving his arm away from her waist. After several hours of pumping up Robbie's confidence, and then another hour of rehearsing lines with him and Beck, Robbie still flubbed on asking Cat out on a date.

"Yeah, Beck's definitely been busy. How about you, little red?" Andre taps Cat's nose, scooting away slightly so he could actually look at her.

Cat laughs and avoids the question, "Oh Andre!"

As Jade pushes her way through the crowd and back to Beck, she wonders what her next move should be. Should she take Beck back to her place? A one night stand isn't so bad, right? Plus it'd be on her turf, so it couldn't be considered that bad, right? She tries to weigh the pros and cons, but between the tequila and her year-long dry spell, her mind is already made up.

Beck keeps his eyes peeled to the crowd, still waiting for Jade.

"Heeey," a girl with shiny straight brown hair in a hot pink tube dress drawls, walking up to him.

"Um, hi," Beck replies uncomfortably.

The girl puts her hand on Beck's chest and says something he doesn't quite understand, but he gently takes her hand and places it on the bar.

Jade smiles as she walks towards Beck and the brunette.

She wraps her hands around Beck's arm, and, in a voice that sang with finality, tells the girl, "Bye!"

The girl makes a gross face then turns away and stumbles back to her friends.

Beck looks at Jade, "That was interesting." He eyes her hand still wrapped around his arm and raises an eyebrow at her. Jade smiles and starts running her hands up and down his arm again before getting straight to business.

"How would you feel if we move our little party," Jade gestures between herself and Beck, "back to my place?"

"Hmm," Beck ponders, "Are you a murderer?"

"Not tonight," She replies in a serious tone, but falters slightly at the end and gives a small smile.

Beck nods seriously in response, "Cool. Me too."

Surprising herself, Jade laughs. A real, actual laugh.. She hasn't fully laughed in...a long time. Then again, no guy has played along with her dark, sarcastic humor in a very long time.

Hearing her laugh causes Beck to smile happily, almost like a puppy.

Their area begins to get more and more crowded. He puts his hand on the small of her back to steady himself. "Let me just tell my friends."

"Alright, I'm getting my coat, meet me by the door." Beck nods and searches the crowd.

Finally finding Andre and Cat, Beck sees Cat laying down with her head on Andre's lap, appearing to be sleeping.

"Hey, man, how's it going?" Andre asks with a smile.

"Yeah...is Cat okay?" Beck asks, concerned. Andre chuckles and shakes his head, "She's fine. She only had one drink but said she was tired and laid her head on my lap. I'm taking her home in a moment."

Beck nods, "Well, alright. The girl at the bar just invited me to her place so…"

Andre shrugs and, without asking, takes the flask out of his pocket and hands it to Beck.

"Have fun, be safe," Andre says. Beck laughs and takes a sip.

"Always am," Beck replies, with a wink. "I'll connect with you later!"


Cat's phone, sitting on the clear table in front of them, dings and Andre looks at the screen.

"Hey, Cat," Andre says, running a hand through her hair. Cat opens her eyes and sits up. She drinks some of the water she brought with her in her bag.

"What's up?"

"Jade texted," Andre picked up her phone to hand to Cat.

Cat stares at the message.

Cat, taking byo from the bar to the apt. Incase I go missing, his name is Beck. Tall, dark, handsome ;) See u later.

"Omg! Andre!" Cat slaps his arm. "Look!" Cat replies immediately.

Cat Valentine: OMG!

Cat Valentine: Jade!

Cat Valentine: That's my friend Beck!

Cat Valentine: He's from Hollywood Arts!

After texting Cat, Jade put her phone back in her bag.

"Geez, took you long enough!"

"Sorry, babe. You ready?" Beck waits for Jade to nod. Before he can open the door for her she pushes it open herself.

Jade runs to the curb to hail a taxi.

The blast of cold air along with his alcohol-wired brain and the chance of getting with a pretty girl makes him feel quite...giddy.

"Hey, I bet I can get a cab before you!" Beck calls, running a little farther down the street from her, excitedly..

Jade rolls her eyes. "I bet you 20 bucks I'll win."

Beck laughs, happy she's playing along. "Deal, and I wouldn't be so sure of that..."

"Whatever, loser," Jade whispers under her breath as she unbuttons her coat and drapes it over her arm. She feels warm, anyway.

Jade smirks and starts jumping with her hand out to wave down a cab.

Beck sees a cab driving down the block, going straight towards him. Yes!

He turns around to celebrate his for-sure win, when he looks down the street. His falls slack. With the cut of the dress, her breasts were practically popping out of at every jump. Man I'm lucky Andre convinced me to come out tonight.

Beck, still staring at Jade, doesn't even notice the cab passing him and pulling right up next to Jade.

"Told ya I'd win," Jade says as she slides into the cab.

"It's not my fault you have boobs," Beck mumbles as he takes a seat next to her.

"Alright, where to?" the driver asks. Beck's face lights up.

After giving her the address, Jade glares at Beck, who was chuckling to himself.

"Oh shut up. My chest is admired by all humans," Jade declares, hitting his arm.

"Can't deny that," Beck says, staring at Jade's cleavage. Jade glares at him, but Beck can't wipe the amusement off his face.

Smirking, Jade whispers to herself, just loud enough for him to hear, "I'll just poison him when we get home anyways.."

Beck feels the alcohol take more of an effect, but decides to just go with it.

"If you poison me, then who will do this," Beck grabs her face with his hands and kisses her.

Jade takes a second to compose herself. Wow. Two for two on the dark humor.

She tries not to smile as she replies, "Well, that was just...terrible..and cheesy!"

Beck smiles widely at Jade's flushed cheeks while she turns and stares out the window.

He's feeling adventurous tonight and he's not sure if it's the girl smirking next to him or the fact that he hasn't felt this excited or alive since…

Beck shakes his head. Enough Tori talk.


The cab pulls up in front of Jade's building. Before Beck can do anything, Jade swipes her credit card to pay.

As they get out of the car, Jade suddenly feels a bit unsure of herself, and this whole one night stand deal. However, the feeling passes quickly when she feels Beck's arm snake around her waist and kiss her temple.

The elevator ride is awkward and tense. Both of them unsure of what to say.

Finally, Beck breaks the silence.

Looking over at the beautiful dark haired girl, he stupidly spouts out, "Jade's a hot name."

Jade raises an eyebrow then rolls her eyes as the elevator door opens.

"You should talk less, your face is prettier that way," Jade smiles to herself, leading them to her apartment.

Beck smirks and takes hold of her waist with both hands from behind and gently squeezes.

12:00 AM

Jade flicks on the light next to the door and Beck's eyes scan the expensive apartment.


Jade pulls away from his hands and drops her bag onto the table next to the lamp. Clearing her throat Jade announces, "I need water."

Beck agrees and follows her into the kitchen where she fills two cups of water. The pair clink glasses, both wearing small smiles.

Jade takes their glasses and places them in the sink. Still facing the sink, Beck grabs Jade's waist again to spin her around. He leans down to kiss her, then picks her up. Her legs wrap around his hips easily.

"Take us to my room," Jade orders. Beck kisses her one more time, then follows her command and carries her out.

Beck's eyes widen at the bright pink colors decorating the whole room.

"Whoa, pink?" Beck mutters under his breath, amused.

"Wrong room, idiot," Jade murmurs, kissing down his jaw line.

Something about the items in the room seems familiar but he's too preoccupied to investigate further.

Skipping over the bathroom, Beck finally finds the second bedroom, with walls and decorations in dark greys, blacks and reds.

"Did I get it right?" Beck asks, smiling as her nails lightly run up and down his neck.

"Yes...idiot," Jade whispers.

"Hey!" Beck calls out.

As retaliation he throws her down on the bed, and crawls to hover over her.

"No. Shoes off first," Jade glares at his boots. He raises his hands then pauses to throw off his shoes. She kicks her heels off and they move further onto the bed, with Beck on top. Jade quickly flips them over so she's on top, straddling him.

1:00 AM

Beck smiles victoriously between her thighs as Jade comes down from her fourth consecutive orgasm of the evening.

He's never been with a girl who he'd had to fight for dominance. He realizes he enjoys the challenge...or maybe he just enjoys the girl. He decides it's both.

He wipes his mouth, and kisses up Jade's body. He can't tear his eyes away from her- with her black hair splayed across the pillow and big bright eyes framed by thick lashes.

Beck can't believe anyone could be as gorgeous as the girl next to him. He lays on his side and props his head up with his hand.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Jade asks in an annoyed tone.

Are one night stands supposed to feel this personal? She feels like he's staring into her soul, a thought that makes her shutter internally.

Beck lets out a quiet laugh, "I just had sex with an incredibly hot girl, any guy would have the same expression."

Jade rolls her eyes at his ridiculousness but smiles as she leans up to kiss him.

Just as Beck closes his eyes to kiss her back he noticed the time on her alarm clock.

"Oh shoot!" Beck sits up, pulling away from Jade abruptly.

"What?" Jade asks as Beck runs his hand through his hair and then down his face. Insecurities race through Jade's mind before Beck speaks again.

"I promised my friend I'd go to this party he's having," Beck groans and stands up, putting his boxers on.

Jade feels angry that he would just up and leave. Although one night stands always leave, this just seems too soon.

"I'm going with you," Jade states, getting up and changing into a more casual outfit.

"Well, I wasn't going to go alone," Beck replies, raising his eyebrows. He glances over at Jade.

He bites his lip watching her change into a tight long sleeved green shirt and a short black lace skirt.

Jade smirks feeling his eyes on her. She bends down slowly to grab her tights and begins to roll them up her legs.

"Hey, mind if I help with that?" Beck practically runs over and kneels on the ground in front of her, not waiting for an answer.

Pushing her hands away, he starts rolling them up from her ankles, kissing her leg before each roll. He nips her right inner thigh and kisses the left one. He smirks as he feels her shutter.

"Okay, okay. Hands off, I've got the rest," Jade pushes his head and hands away.

"Turn around, this part isn't pretty." Beck does as he's told and Jade does the slight jump to fix the tights and get them to her hips.

She slips on a pair of short black boots with a chunky heel.

Beck turns around and, sees her completed outfit. It somehow reminds him of Tori...along with her spunky attitude…

"You know, I think you would get along well with my ex-girlfriend." Beck quickly covers his mouth, he did not mean to say those words out loud.

Jade scoffs and fixes her hair in the mirror. "Your ex-girlfriend? For some reason I highly doubt that."

Beck gives a crooked smile when Jade turns and looks at him expectantly with her eyebrow raised. All thoughts of Tori disappear immediately.

"You ready?" He asks.

"Don't I look ready?"

He chuckles and wraps his arms around her pulling her close and kissing her. After a moment the two make their way out of the apartment.

Beck suggests they walk to the party claiming it's not too far from them. Jade agrees and walks confidently through the cold air, close by his side.

"So, are you in college?" Beck asks.

"Why do you want to know?" Jade replies.

"Because, uh, I was just curious," Beck says, unsure of himself for some reason.

"I'm a senior in high school, idiot. How about you?" Jade answers, looking up at him innocently.

""What!" Beck exclaims, jumping away from her. Jade laughs loudly.

"Kidding! Geez, calm your chizz dude," Jade smirks while Beck looks at her skeptically.

"Yes, I'm in college," she continues, "I'm a junior at Julliard. What about you? What's your background?" Jade asks in return, hoping to turn the conversation around on him.

"Juilliard? That's cool. What are you studying?"

"Hey, I asked you a question first!"

"Oh, I go to NYU Tisch. I'm studying to be an actor," He states proudly. Jade nods and before she could ask him another question to keep him talking, he asks, " Julliard is a tough school. What's your major?"

"Well...my focus is on writing and acting, but I also love music." Jade replies, "Where'd you grow up?"

"I grew up in Los Angeles. How about you?"

Jade feels strangely comfortable telling this guy- practically a stranger- about her life. She takes a deep breath and pretends this comfortable feeling doesn't scare her.

"I grew up in New Jersey..but my dad, er, left us to go to LA,-

"Oh, I'm so sorry," Beck says sympathetically, looking over at Jade.

"It's rude to interrupt!" She snaps. "You're lucky I'm even telling you anything at all!" After a pause she continues. "Anyway, I wanted to move with him, but when that failed, my mom and I moved to New York to help me pursue an acting career."

They walk along silently for a bit before Jade asks quietly, "So, when did you and your girlfriend break up?"

Beck's surprised at how subdue her voice is now. He reaches for her hand, and Jade surprises herself as she grabs it immediately and intertwines his fingers with hers.

He smiles gently and answers in a teasing voice, "Why do you want to know?"

Jade rolls her eyes, "No reason." She feels her face burn pink, feeling mortified for even asking.

"Nevermind." Jade huffs and pulls her hand away.


After thirty minutes in the cold Jade can't take it.

"Beck, I'm going to beat you up and throw you in a ditch," Jade threatens, her teeth chattering.

"Look, I never said it was close-

"I believe you said: 'we can definitely walk around on this cold dark night to a mysterious party. It's not all that far'!"

"Ignoring that awful impression of me, the party is only half a block away!"

"Well...good. Because I'm freezing my ass off and I don't think I could successfully throw you in a ditch at the moment," Jade pulls her jacket tighter around her.

Beck rolls his eyes and grabs her arm, forcing them to jog the rest of the way.

2:00 AM

Beck and Jade pull off their coats and walk towards the lounge at the back of the bar. Although they're inside, Beck notices Jade still shivering.

She feels a warm arm wrap around her shoulders and pull her close. She gladly leans into Beck who is somehow warm.

By this point both of them are a little tired, the alcohol buzz wearing off.

"Beck! You made it!" a hot guy calls out, walking over to the pair.

"Yeah, man! I wouldn't miss it. Happy birthday!" Beck says once the guy meets them.

"Wow, Andre has had quite the makeover," Moose jokes, gesturing to Jade.

"Unfortunately Andre couldn't make it. This is, uh," Beck pauses not sure how to introduce her, "This is Jade, and Jade, this is my friend Moose." Moose looks at Jade up and down.

"Did you buy me a girl?" Moose asks looking at Beck, "Because that'd be a kickass bday pres-

"I have no problem punching your face right now," Jade threatens.

"N-no, no. Really, that's not necessary," Moose says quickly, throwing his hands up and laughing.

"Well, that's a great first meeting," Beck intervenes chuckling nervously after an awkward beat.

"Moose, we'll meet you at the lounge. We're going to get drinks first." Beck says, his arm still wrapped around Jade's shoulders.

"Alright. Sorry about that by the way," Moose says sincerely, but still winks at Jade before walking away.

"Whatever," Jade mumbles. She takes Beck's hand to drag him to the bar.


Forty minutes and two drinks later, Moose's party is running smoothly, although Jade hasn't stopped glaring at Moose.

"Jade! They have karaoke!" Beck says excitedly. She found a table in the corner and has not left it since, simply watching Beck make his rounds chatting with Moose's friends, which seem to be mostly girls.


"Well, didn't you say you were a singer? You should go up," Finally, after five annoying as heck minutes, Jade agrees to go.

Beck becomes instantly mesmerized when she begins to sing. She moves around sexily on the small stage, causing him to think back to their previous activities. Her dancing earns her looks from the few guys at the party, and glares from the girls.

"Dude, she is so hot," Moose says in a drunken slur, throwing an arm around his shoulder.

"You have no idea," Beck replies, keeping his eyes on her. Moose joins in his staring then pats his shoulder and walks away.

Beck can't help the devious grin on his face when she finishes the song and heads right to him, pulling his face to hers. She opens one eye slightly to see the girls glares turn to pouts..

Ha. Ha. Jade thinks as she grabs his hand and pulls them away.

"Man, I haven't heard that song since high school," Beck comments, releasing his hand to wrap his arm around her waist and kiss her temple.

"I like my throwbacks," Jade replies with a shrug.

"I have to go to the bathroom quickly, I'll be right back."

"Kay," Jade says. She watches him walk away then heads to the bar for some much needed water.

"Hey hot stuff," Moose grabs Jade's waist from behind. Jade's face scrunches and her anger boils to the surface immediately as she turns around and forcefully removes his hands from her waist.

"NO!" Jade gives him her death glare. "Never touch me."

Moose's stupid smile hasn't left his face. Jade knees him in the groin, grabs the water on the counter and storms away. Moose doubles over.

"What the fuck!" Moose cries.

"Hey-" Beck starts to say but pauses when he sees her face, "What's wrong?"

"We're leaving," Jade crosses her arms over her chest.

Beck is about to ask what happened but Jade gives him a glare and gestures for Beck to grab their stuff.

As they pass the bar on their way out Jade smiles when she sees Moose bent over in pain.

"Happy birthday Moose!" Jade calls out with fake enthusiasm. She throws Beck's arm over her shoulders as they leave the party.

"So, where to?" Beck asks once they're outside.

Jade thinks for a moment then, "I'm hungry. Let's go eat somewhere."

Beck grins and nods in agreement. The two start their trek through the city for a place still open.

3:25 AM

After twenty minutes of looking for restaurants, finding ones that are open, and subsequently Jade turning down all of them, Jade starts wearing down.

"Ugh Beck. I'm tired. Maybe we should just get a cab and go back to my place for foo-

Beck put a finger to Jade's lips to stop her from talking, getting a bit annoyed with her complaints.

"Do you want a piggy-back ride?" Beck asks, tipping his head down to meet her eyes.

Jade pulls his hand away from her lips and gives a cute smile. Beck kisses her lips then bends down so Jade can hop onto his back. Her legs wrap around his torso and her arms around his neck so she won't fall.

"..You know, we could just take a cab..." Jade says after a few seconds, feeling bad that Beck has to carry extra weight.

"What fun would that be? Plus, I have about $20 in my pocket, I can't afford a cab," Beck replies. Jade blanches, feeling guilty after he bought her a few drinks at the bar.

"I'd pay," Jade tries to get down, but Beck only holds onto her tighter.

"Please, like I'd let a girl pay for anything. I may have no money, but I do have some self respect," Beck scoffs.

Jade rolls her eyes, "I'll pretend I didn't hear that ridiculous comment considering we're in the 21st century." She smiles nonetheless and kisses Beck's cheek.

"But...thanks," Jade murmurs, kissing the top of his head.

"Hey! That place looks open, and not too sketchy!" Beck cries, jogging over to a diner at the end of the block.

Jade laughs, feeling like Beck is her own personal horse.

Beck bends over so Jade can jump down as they reach the small, not-too-shabby looking diner.

He puts his arm over her shoulders pulling her closer. Jade turns her head to smile up at him, then jumps in front so she can hold the door open for him.

The pair walk over to a table by the window and wait for someone to take their order.

The place is empty yet it takes a few minutes before a grouchy old man walks over to them.

"I'll have a Cesar salad and well-done fries," Jade tells him.

"I'll just have the side salad," Beck says and hands the waiter both of their menus so he can walk away.

"Really? I'm getting fries and a huge salad and you're just getting a side salad," Jade says "side salad" with disgust.

"What? I'm not that hungry," Beck replies. He hates not having money, but he has to have enough for Jade's meal.

"Whatever, weirdo," Jade sighs, knowing he wouldn't change his mind. She plays with the ends of her hair absentmindedly, making sure there are no split ends.

"You have a sick voice, by the way," Beck comments after a beat. Jade kinks her eyebrow, not sure if that was an insult or not.

"I-in a good way, of course," Beck quickly adds on.

Jade smirks, "I know. So, do you sing?"

"Kind of. My roommate Andre is an incredible singer and musician. I went to a performing arts high school in LA and the majority of my friends were incredible singers, so I never really stepped up."

"That's so..sad. Way to bring down the mood, kid" Jade says with an eye roll.

Then something occurs to her, "Wait, what school did you go to?"

"Hollywood Arts, why?"

"Woah. Do you know Cat Valentine?" Jade suddenly gets a burst of energy, most likely from being out of the cold, and getting a better look at Beck's face..who somehow keeps getting hotter as the night goes on.

A small smile graces Beck's lips at Jade's enthusiasm. Wow. She really is gorgeous...

She looks confused for a moment, so continues, "Giggling psychopath? Squeals anytime something is marginally exciting?"

Beck blinks, and laughs at her description, "Yeah! She's one of my best friends. How do you know her?"

"That's my roommate!"

"No way!"

"True chiz! I went to the club with her tonight."

"Hold on, so the bright pink room in your apartment was Cat's room?"


Beck laughs a little louder, "I knew that purple giraffe looked familiar!"

After a couple of minutes exchanging "it's a small world after all"-esque cliches, the two only smile at each other, neither one actually making a move to text Cat.

They're food arrives and they eat it quickly. Beck glances at his watch and sees that it's 3:50am. Sighing, not wanting the night to end, he reaches across the table and plays with Jade's hand.

The waiter from earlier approaches the table, even angrier than before.

"What are you two still doing here?! We closed twenty minutes ago!"

Beck chuckles and grabs Jade's hand to pull them out of the restaurant before the man could chase them out.

Both were breathless by the time they rounded the corner.

"Did you even pay!?" Jade asks, covering her mouth laughing.

His mouth turns up into an eye-crinkling smile, enjoying the sound.

"Nope!" Beck answers proudly, popping the "p". Jade grins mischievously, still chuckling.

Once she straightens up and stops laughing she sees Beck looking at her with a smile that makes her stomach drop. She pushes her hair behind her ear and looks away for a second to drop the smile from her face and put her hands on her hips.

"So what-

Beck interrupts her with a kiss. Her hands drop from her hips and wind around his back of his head, her fingers playing in his hair while his hand goes to the small of her back to pull her closer.

Their lips part and Beck leans his forehead against hers.

"Want to do something crazy?" Beck asks, leaning his forehead against hers.

"Yes! Will it hurt?" Jade asks, sounding almost too eager.

"Um...no, but we could be arrested...Will that suffice?"

"I'm in," Jade smiles deviously.

"Okay, well, first I have to go to my apartment to grab some stuff. It's a far walk so we can take the subway instead," Beck explains. Jade nods and places her hand in Beck's as they walk to the nearest subway. His lips turn up into a small smile, taking note that she initiated the hand-holding.

4:00 AM

Beck and Jade make it onto the subway right before the doors shut. They calm down immediately when they notice the only people in the subway car apart from them is a group of tourists with big suitcases, clearly coming from Penn Station.

The family looks shocked and Jade can't help but say, "What are you looking at?"

The two kids huddle closer to their parents, while the parents simply avert their eyes.

Sitting down, Beck's hand finds its place on Jade's knee and squeezes. Jade gasps and flicks his hand off.

Before he could really be offended, she lays her head on his shoulder.

"I really fucking hate subways," Jade murmurs quietly into his shoulder, in an ominous tone.

Beck smirks and kisses the top of her head.

"Sucha trooper," he mocks.

Jade lifts her head and stares at the boy next to her.

"Beck...are one night stands supposed to feel this...personal?" she looks at him skeptically. "You know, I only just met you a few hours ago..."

"Well...who said this has to be a one night stand?" He replies cheekily, standing up as the subway stops. Jade's whole body freezes. Woah there, bud.

She can't think of what to say next, her brain short wiring.

Beck tries not to panic that he may have gone too far. Ignoring the voice in his head that is screaming WHAT DID YOU JUST DO, he grabs Jade's hand and pulls her off the subway and up the stairs. The pair avoid eye contact the few short blocks to his apartment.


Upon reaching Beck's crappy building, Beck debates whether it's worth it or not for Jade to come upstairs and see his and Andre's horrendously messy apartment. He decides it'd be better if she stays in the lobby. He thinks it's best to pretend he never said anything, and slaps a smile on his face.

Kissing her cheek he tells her, "Give me three minutes, I just have to run up to my apartment and grab some things. Stay right here," Beck commands.

Jade bites her lip to stop her from making a snarky comment and deliberately doing the opposite...but looking into his warm eyes makes her want to stay.

"Okay," Jade replies in a quiet voice. Unable to help himself, Beck bends down to kiss her lips one more time before scurrying upstairs.


Beck stumbles over a pair of heels right by the front door of his apartment.

He freezes when he sees the silver stiletto shoes he knows a bit too well.

...What the fuck are Tori's shoes doing here?

Beck looks up and finds his ex-girlfriend asleep on his couch.

Of course she would come back just as he was getting over her. Don't things always work out like that?

He studies her.

Her hair sprawled out over the pillow. She looks the same as the last time he saw her. Like her normal pretty self. The typical pretty girl. His heart ached a bit, seeing her for the first time since the break up.

He chews on his lip. He does miss her. Maybe he should wake her up, find out why she's here…

His hand goes out to stroke her hair, until he shakes his head out of the strange stupor.

Instead, he glances at the door. Beck thinks back to the girl with the piercing blue eyes and a mischievous smile that's waiting for him downstairs.

Tori is pretty, but Jade, Beck smiles to himself. Jade is beautiful. And thrilling. And enticing...

Why would he wake up his ex-girlfriend, when he has a girl like Jade waiting downstairs?

It doesn't matter that he only met her tonight. All he knows is that he most certainly wants her.

With that thought, he rushes to his room and grabs the necessary items before running out the door to meet Jade in the lobby.


Jade paces looking at the wall covered in photographs from the creative NYU students that inhabit the building. One picture in particular struck her interest. Looking closer, she realizes it's a group of teens sitting on a table outside.

She inspects the people in it, and immediately recognizes Beck and Cat. Beck's arm was slung around a brunette's waist tightly. Stick thin and pretty. Jade's stomach tightens. She looks at Cat who was her normal happy self, sitting upon the lap of a nerdy looking boy with glasses holding a doll? Or maybe a puppet. The boy she saw Cat with at the club sat on the other side of the girl whom Beck had his arm around. He didn't look very happy. Jade didn't get a chance to study the photo further as Beck bounced down the stairs.

"Hey, sorry to keep you waiting," Beck smiles, wrapping his arm around Jade's shoulder and kissing her temple as he walks them out the door.

"It's fine, I guess. That's a cool picture you have up in there," Jade comments.

Beck grimaces, "Thanks." The day he took that picture he and Andre had been in a big argument; apparently Andre had developed a crush on Tori...the girl weirdly asleep on his couch...He shakes his head and decides to stay in the present, with Jade, for the rest of the night. (And that he does.)

"So, are you going to tell me where we're going or are you just walking us aimlessly through the city while you carry a backpack?" Jade asks in a sarcastic tone.

"We're taking a nap at Central Park," he answers, casually.

"Wow," Jade raises an eyebrow, "I'm impressed, Beck. You seemed like too much of a goody two shoes."

"Please," Beck scoffs, "I'm the biggest badass of them all."

Now it's her turn to scoff, "Oh, right, Mr. Artsy."

"Excuse me?" He replies incredulously.

"You heard me, ya wimp!" Jade teases.

"That's it!" Beck cries, "You're carrying the bag!"

Beck drops the backpack over Jade's head so that it lays askew across her body, making her look ridiculous.

"I won't harm you physically, but I can make you emotionally scarred for the rest of your life if you don't carry your own fucking back pack," Jade says in her threatening voice.

To her surprise, Beck laughs. He takes the bag off her and puts it back on, his hand taking hold of hers and intertwining their fingers.

"I'm surprised" Jade muses, "by this point most guys get scared off after hearing threats of violence or poison...you're not scared?" Jade asks.

"Nope," he answers proudly, grinning at her. Jade cocks her head to the side, nodding. Interesting.

The pair continue walking until they reach the subway.

4:50 am

Beck and Jade set up the blankets only ten minutes prior to 5:00 am.

Currently Jade is sitting up, wrapped in a blanket with Beck's arm around her.

A cool breeze picks up and Jade burrows herself more into Beck's body, who is also covered in a blanket.

Beck smiles down at the gesture and tightens his arm around her.

The fact that they could easily get caught and arrested at any moment kept them stimulated enough to stay awake.

"Hmm," Beck hums, "Wanna play a game?"

"Ugh, no," Jade says but Beck's eyes were bright and bore into hers with a pleading look. "Okay, fine." Jade rolls her eyes.

"Let's play twenty questions," Beck offers, biting his lip and waiting for Jade to give her approval.

"Alright, you go first."

"Okay...What are some things you absolutely hate?" Beck smirks. With her sarcastic, no-bullshit attitude, he has a feeling she's got a whole list of things to complain about.

"Quite creative, Beck." Jade rolls her eyes and begins to list, "Well, I hate the color yellow, coffee with more than two sugars, the ocean and ducks. Man, I hate ducks." Jade says, while Beck throws her a strange glance, "But those are only to name a few. Next question."


"How many boyfriends have you had?" Beck asks, this being his last question.

"Three or four," Jade shrugs, "Nothing special, just convenient."


"Why carry my school books when some dude can do it for me instead?"

Beck laughs at her logic as Jade yawns.

"Beck, I'm taking a nap."

"Good, that's what I intended for us to do here anyway," Beck smirks at her and she rolls her eyes. Beck leans back on his elbows and Jade rests her head in his lap.

After five minutes Jade falls asleep, or Beck assumes she is since she seems too calm to be awake.

He looks over her face, carefully brushing the hair away so he could really look at her, despite the minimal light provided by the moon.

He smiles at her smooth ivory skin, and runs his hands through her brushed back hair. Jade opens her eyes, and yet again, Beck is caught staring.

"Why do you keep looking at me like that?" Jade questions, her head still in his lap.

Beck's mouth turns up in a half smile as he replies in a cheesy voice, "Because you're beautiful."

Jade takes a second to process the compliment. Clearing her throat and looking away she responds, "Way to be upfront about it."

She rolls onto her side, so he won't see her lips turn up into a smile.

Beck chuckles and places a little kiss on her cheek before laying down. Jade moves up and wraps her arm around Beck's stomach, and falls asleep with her head resting on his chest.

He strokes her hair absentmindedly as he drifts off.


"Wait! Jim! I think I see people there!"

Beck's eyes crack open a bit at the sound, and sees a policeman about fifty feet away. Luckily, he and Jade are hidden behind trees and shrubbery.

"Jade, Jade! Wake up, babe," Beck sits up, forcing her to sit up as well.

Jade looks confused about where she is but it quickly comes back to her when she hears the sound of a walkie talkie.

"Is that the police!?" Jade asks urgently. She didn't actually want to get arrested, it was just the idea that intrigued her.

"Yeah, we gotta go," Beck immediately starts stuffing the blankets back into his backpack. Jade shivers. It's extremely cold out this morning.

"Here!" Beck tosses Jade his jacket so she can put it on over her clothes.

"Thanks," Jade mumbles.

They hear the policemen getting closer, and begin crawling behind another tree, and pausing for a minute until they can sneak away without being seen. Finally they exit the park.

Beck helps Jade up off the ground, and the two of them are thrust back into the real world. They take a moment to catch their breath.

The couple smile at each other, not sure what to do or say next.

Well, Jade always knows what she wants to do. So she composes herself and pretends to be unaffected by the events of last night.

"I'm tired as fuck. I am in dire need of a shower. My last name is West. Cat can tell you my number," Jade gives him a serious nod, then walks over to the curb to hail a cab.

"You're quite the catch, Beck," Jade says, turning her head around and throwing him a smirk.

Shocked by her quick getaway, Beck decides this is not how he wants the night to end.

He quickly runs up to grab her wrist. Pulling her to him, he kisses her roughly on the mouth.

Beck pulls away, kisses her cheek, then winks as he moves away as a cab pulls up next to her.

Now it is Jade who is stunned. Of course, she rolls her eyes at the dramatic kiss, but her smirk turns into a small smile. Guys are usually confused by her quick exits. Yet he seems unfazed. She makes a mental note of that when she debates whether or not to see him again.

"The last name's Oliver...and I will most definitely call," Beck smirks as he opens the taxi door for her.

Jade's face is a mix of emotions. Rather than let a full smile through, she simply raises an eyebrow as she gets in the cab.

Beck gives a small wave as she drives away. He doesn't realize he's holding his breath until he sighs. He raises his hand to reach the back of his neck. A smile graces his lips. He can't remember the last time he's felt so satisfied, yet still wanting more.

He pulls out his phone, not caring what time it was.

"Hey... Cat?...Yeah, I saw Tori there...No, tell her I'm not around...Now, what's your roommates number?"

Beck smiles shoving his hands into his pockets and makes his way to the nearest subway.

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