Spring had finally arrived at the Pontipee farm as well as the newest member of the Pontipee family. Ben's niece was now two weeks old, and Ben was getting used to being an uncle as well as dealing with the new chores that come with spring. Right now, Ben was enjoying a moment of rest after finishing his chores and just picking away at his guitar on top of a bale of hay.

"Why Ben darling, I didn't know you could play?" purred Dorcus Gailen as she snaked her arms around her neck from behind.

"Well, I know a few songs," Ben chuckled as Dorcus kissed his cheek.

"I must say I'm surprised," Dorcus said.

"What do you mean?" Ben asked. Dorcus chuckled.

"From what I've seen, your idea of a good way to relax is to make horseshoes," Dorcus pointed out, giggling. Ben laughed.

"Alright, fair enough, but that's because there's always something that needs to get done," Ben replied. "But I discovered how much I like playing the guitar a long time ago. I got this guitar when I was about 14, trading an older peddler that used to come around here a couple of fox pelts for it. Since then, I mostly play songs that I made up."

"Play me something," Dorcus purred. Ben smiled and began to play an old favorite of his father when his Da was in the army.

"I like to go skinning dippin', with bowl-legged women, and swim between their legs," Ben sang. Dorcus laugh and playfully smacked her lover.

"Benjamin Pontipee, you are horrible," Dorcus cried with mocked outrage as Ben started laughing. "Seriously, Ben darling, play me something you wrote." Ben thought for a moment and began to play something he made up. Dorcus closed her eyes and rested her chin on top of Ben's head as she enjoyed the song. As she listened, she found herself lost in her thoughts. Dorcus's father was in the navy when he met Dorcus's mother in Boston. After they got married, they headed out west, and Dorcus was born on the way to Oregon. Since then, Dorcus's family now owned a ranch with several workers, and her father became on the town council. Perhaps that was why Dorcus's parents hoped that she would marry Matthew Straihter, the mayor's son. It would have made a great political alliance, and Matthew was interested in Dorcus. However, Matthew was lazy who preferred to spend his days hanging out in the local saloon drinking or playing poker. He was so unlike Dorcus's Ben, who was a workhorse. If Ben was a workhorse, then Dorcus guessed that made Matthew a jackass. Dorcus's thoughts were interrupted by Ben finishing his song.

"What do you think?" Ben asked. Dorcus kissed him as an answer, making him laughed. "Could you be more specific."

"Beautiful darling," Dorcus replied. "However, doesn't it have any lyrics."

"Oh no," Ben chuckled. "I'm good at creating music but not with lyrics."

"Well, maybe I can help," Dorcus purred as she straddled Ben. Ben smiled and put his guitar down beside him.

"And how will you do that?" Ben asked as he wrapped his arms around Dorcus.

"By being an inspiration for you," Dorcus replied huskily. Dorcus leaned and kissed Ben passionately. Ben moaned and deepened the kiss. Dorcus gently pushed Ben to the ground, she moaned into his mouth as Ben's fingers snaked through her raven hair.

"Dorcus?! Where are you?" yelled Milly, interrupting Dorcus and Ben's passionate embrace.

"Oh, what the hell does she want?" Dorcus snapped. "God dammit, I swear she always needs me when we try to be alone together."

"You better find out what she wants," Ben sighed as he kissed her neck. Dorcus sighed and kissed Ben hard.

"You're right," she grumbled as she got and straighten out her dress. Ben also stood up and brushed himself off. Giving Ben one last kiss, Dorcus trotted off to Milly, swearing under her breath about being interrupted. Ben chuckled and returned to his guitar, deciding to come up with a new song for Dorcus.