Liza woke to the sound of the baby crying. Groaning, Liza stumbled out of bed and threw on some closes before hobbling down the stairs to the kitchen. There she saw Milly feeding the baby… and Ephraim making coffee.

"Good morning," she mumbled as she plopped down at the kitchen table.

"Sorry that she woke you," Milly apologized as she fed her fussing daughter.

"It's alright," Liza replied.

"Here you go honey," Ephraim softly said as he placed a cup of coffee in front of her and planted a kiss on her head.

"Thank you," Liza sighed as she generously spooned sugar into the coffee. "What are you doing up Ephraim?"

"Woke up to the call of nature," Ephraim replied. "As I was heading back when I heard my niece cry. Thought I would come in and help Milly out."

"It was sweet of him," Milly said as she handed Liza the baby so Milly could start making breakfast.

"Do you always get up this early?" Liza asked.

"No, that would be Ben," Ephraim muttered. "Because as he puts it, 'Work needs to be done as soon as possible.' I don't know how much work he can get done without a cup of coffee".

"Sounds like Dorcas," Liza giggled. Dorcas wasn't a pleasant person in the morning until her third cup of coffee.

"No wonder Ben fell for her," Ephraim chuckled. "And speak of the devil." As if on cue, Ben stomped into the house.

"Coffee," he growled. Ephraim poured Ben a cup who drowned it right away. After getting a second cup, Ben started to enjoy his cup.

"I'm surprised my little one didn't wake up any of the other girls," Milly wondered as they heard someone coming down the stairs.

"Is that coffee?" a tired voice called out. Ben immediately poured another cup of coffee and added two spoonsful of sugar. Dorcas lurched down the stairs and plopped down in a chair.

"Here," Ben grunted. Dorcas took a sip and her whole body relaxed.

"Thank you darling," Dorcas sighed. Milly took the baby from Liza as Dorcas and Ben started helping with breakfast. Ephraim then tapped Liza on the shoulder and motioned her to follow him outside.

"I want to show you something," he whispered as he led Liza out onto the front porch. "Take a look."

"Oh wow!" Liza gasped. The sun was rising, and its light was spreading across the farm. Birds began to sing and the Pontipee's old rooster, Jake, was coming out of his coop to greet inform the rest of the farm that the day had started. Near the meadow, a couple of deer trotted by the forest line. "It's so beautiful."

"Yes, it is," Ephraim agreed as he took a drink. "This is my favorite time of day. You truly appreciate this place at this time of the day. I used to think there was nothing better than to enjoy a cup of coffee as I enjoy the view."

"And now?" Liza asked.

"I think enjoying it with you is better," Ephraim explained as he wrapped his arm around Liza.

"I can get used to this," she sighed as she snuggled up next to her man.

"I hope so," Ephraim replied, kissing her forehead. "We should get back inside and help them with breakfast."

"Yes, but in a few minutes," Liza suggested as she sipped her coffee. "Let's just enjoy this."

"Whatever you say," Ephraim replied as the two stared off into the sunrise.