Sorry to disappoint you all that this isn't a new chapter, but the short version of it is that I have been struggling with the next chapter to the point that it gave me severe writer's block. In an attempt to remain grounded in rationality and avoid situations that play out as a "because I said so", I have been struggling to write the next chapter specifically. I have a lot of scraps and drafts for chapters 6-8, but they are far from the standard of quality I expect from my writing. To break that block and rediscover my writing spark, I have been working primarily on an unposted BSG[AU]/ME cross over to reset my head so to speak. It has been much easier for me to write as, with a slight tweak of AU, the main characters of the series essentially become background characters allowing for much greater flexibility and a lack of need to get into a character not my own's head. I may post it, either if there is any serious interest or if I make sufficient progress on it, but I desperately want to avoid leaving people hanging with two stories. As it is right now, my head is just not in a space where I can really get into his head and Thrawn correctly, and he is a character with a particular manner that needs to be written correctly. I also need to review what I have written and posted to ensure internal consistency, while also accepting that I everything written is set in stone history for the future of the story. That is more or less it, thank you for taking the time to read this.

TLDR: Bad writers block on chapter 6 caused a poor quality chapter which triggered writer's block. Am now working on a BSG[AU]/ME story to reset my head, possibly to be posted if I get far enough along or there is interest. Sorry to disappoint that this isn't a new chapter, I appreciate the positive feedback more than you all possibly know.