D. Grey-Man

~General Cross's Daughter~

Chapter 1 – Meeting Father

It was another boring day for me since I was told to stay hidden most of the time since mother didn't like me being around people since strange things kept happening around me. Things would move when I got upset so she kept me away plus it didn't help that I had silver wolf ears and a tail which had me wondering if I was truly wanted. When I turned six years old I was out and about the town on the roofs until I heard a bell go off which was key for me to return home that mother wanted to see me. So when I got in there I looked at her but I made sure not show emotion's until I heard something to the right of me and looked over confused since I couldn't really see anything there. However when someone walked in I got scared since I could feel the murder coming off of him and knew he was going to kill us just before it exploded from its skin. When nothing happened I looked up to see a tall man with long red hair just like mine, except mine had silver streaks on the top of my head which stopped just above the top of my ear, with the bottom of hair looking like silver tips. I also had red eyes with slits in them so I kinda look like I had a cat's eye, I was wearing a long t-shirt and pants with shoes but somehow I recognized the man in front of me. He turned around to look down at me, he had a mask over one of his eyes with what looked a wire under the other one which I could see was red. He was wearing this long black coat with gold trim on it and boots as well as wearing white gloves and he was smoking something I just stared up at him. The next thing I know is that he moved his hand, so thinking I was going to get hit I closed my eyes only to open them to look at him confused since he was petting my head instead.

Mother: "Like I said she's your daughter Cross."

Cross: "I'll take her with me since it seems she can't control her magic."

Mother: "I named her Kira."

Cross: "Alright, go and get your things Kira."

Kira: "Why?"

Cross: "You're going traveling with me."

Mother: "Don't worry Kira he's your father, now go pack."

Kira: "Yes mother."

I said as I took off to my room knowing mother didn't really care about me but was happy that I was going with father who I was apparently his identical copy except for the fact that I was a girl while he was a boy. Once I had everything packed I headed back to moms room to see them still talking so I sighed before going in and over to them looking like I wasn't ready to leave.

Mother: "Don't worry sweetie, your father can help you much more than I can, you get both your magic and innocence capability from him though you'll get your looks from me. Even when were apart I'll still love you, but right now I can't help you only your father can."

Kira: "Ok."

Cross: "Let's go."

I nodded as mother kinda dragged me to her in a hug while father started walking away she kissed me before she let go off me almost as if she thought she would never see me again. I kept trying to get closer to dad with no luck and I was getting mad at him since he wasn't listening to me at all as I ran after him but I wasn't out of breath from all my journey's on the rooftops.

Kira: "Wait up father!"

That seemed to make him stop as he looked behind at me while I looked up at him a little ticked off already knowing it was going to be both hard and fun being with father during his travels.

Kira: "I didn't know what else to call you."

Cross: "Its fine brat, you are my daughter after all, sorry I'm not used to having someone with me yet."

Kira: "Well get used to it papa, were are we going now?"

Cross: "To one of my supporters I need to gather information."

Kira: "You can't do it here?"

Cross: "No there's no Order around here."

Kira: "What's the Order?"

Cross: "It's my employer, the people who make us wear this crest on our uniform's, they pay for everything we do while were out in the field hunting the same monster's as the one who came out of the man earlier."

Kira: "I see, but how?"

Cross: "Through innocence, mine is a gun named Judgement along with Grave of Maria and they are equip types, while yours brat is a parasite type since your born with it although I don't see a mark as to wear it is though."

Kira: "Mark?"

Cross: "Yes a green cross."

Kira: "I've never seen anything like that."

Cross: "Then it must have attached itself to your inner organs."

Kira: "Organs?"

Cross: "Yes like your heart, lungs, or stomach."

Kira: "Those are organs?"

Cross: "Seems I have much to teach you."

Kira: "Sorry, I always got upset when I couldn't figure things out… it scared my teacher's away so mom stopped bringing them in."

Cross: "It's your magic going crazy since no ones' taught you how to control it, which well do along our journey so you can be able to go without much hassle."

Kira: "Thanks daddy!"

He nodded as we continued down the road a ways before coming to a town which had me smiling since I'd never been out of my home before but I caught the scent of something that smelled like oil coming at us and immediately covered my nose.

Cross: "What's wrong."

Kira: "They stink… it smells like oil…"

Cross: "Your smelling the blood of the akuma brat, you'll have to get used to it since you'll be fighting them soon."

I groaned making him laugh as he destroyed the akuma before we got into town just as night came to us and I yawned stretching while dad just smiled and picked me up making me squeal.

Cross: "Go ahead and sleep little brat you did good on walking this far without stopping."

I yawned again before laying down on his chest before falling asleep against him completely tired, I woke up again when I heard yelling and sat up in dad's arms rubbing my eyes.

Kira: "Daddy what's going on?"

Cross: "Lily calm down, you've woken her up."

Lily: "Huh? Whoops my bad little girl… wow you weren't kidding there's no way she's not your daughter."

I tilted my head sleepily which made dad smile at me before pulling me back to his chest before I feel asleep again I woke up again to the sun hitting my face so I sat up and looked around. I was in plush bed that was like the ones mother slept in and I started rubbing the sleep from my eyes wondering where I was since I hadn't been here last night I'd been with daddy.

Kira: "Daddy?"

I looked around the room trying to find him I even opened the door to look and listen down the hall but I didn't hear him so I went back into the room and started crying thinking he'd left me. It wasn't long after when the door opened up again so I looked up to see him standing there with a tray and my eyes widened before I literally tackled him still crying. He barely managed to keep hold of the tray sighing before he started patting my back trying to calm me down while I kept a strong grip on him.

Lily: "I guess she didn't like not finding you with her."

Cross: "I guess not, I'll remember that, here."

He handed her the tray before he got me to let go of him so he could pick me up better and brought me closer to him and I started to calm down against him knowing I hadn't been left behind.

Cross: "Don't worry brat you won't be losing me that quickly."

Kira: "Really?"

Cross: "Yep, I've got to train you first remember?"

I smiled nodding before he told me to go sit down so I did and he placed the tray down infront of me which I realized was full of food so I looked at dad and when he nodded I started eating it. When I was done it was taken away then dad started questioning how I took a bath so I told him it was with a bucket and water so he had Lily show me how to have a proper bath. So I was dragged from the room and into a different room that had mirrors and bins which I looked at confused before she started taking off my cloths making me jump. Then she lead me to the a big tub of water but I kept trying to get away from her until she picked me up and dove in then she brought us up to the surface. I shook my head making her laugh as the water hit her in the face which had me looking at her confused before she started showing me how to have a proper bath which included a lot of rubbing and scrubbing. By the time we got out I was yawning again making her giggle before I looked confused at one of the articles of clothing she pulled out making her smile as she held it out to me.

Lily: "All girls wear these under the cloths, there called underwear you'll learn more about them later."

I nodded as she showed me how to put them on along with what she called a dress and flats then she took me back to dad making me smile as I ran to him and he smiled at me before taking something he called a brush to my hair. Since I normally used a comb but dad didn't like that to much so I was left with letting him brush it while I played with his golem who was named Timcampy but I called him Tim.

Cross: "Lily get her teacher's for writing and reading."

She nodded and left while dad had me meditate to help calm myself down as well as to help me get better control on my magic and we kept that up until the teacher's arrived.

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