AN: Alrighty everybody, how you doing today? After getting a bit bored during the quarantine I decided to bring out a new notebook and start planning out another story. This is where this thing comes in. Overall I remember when I was young I used to watch Supernatural.

Back then at least it didn't have as much of a following and with that a lot of the stuff that really turned me off from the fandom. When I look at the Supernatural section today I can't find any stories that I'd actually read or even enjoy so I thought I'd give it a shot and make one myself. It's mostly filled with a bunch of fics that either I will never read (incest/BL or any of the other outlandish crap) or just not up to snuff in the English department. I've only ever seen one in the crossover sections that I've actually enjoyed beyond, "Oh hey, that's a cool concept."

This story, well mostly, is going to try and go back to the roots of what attracted me to the show back when I was a kid. The main thing for me was the cool monsters and learning about the lore of different mythologies. I thought it was badass, but then I came back to it again as a teenager and saw the fandom...let's just say I rethought that. In the long run I kind of have a plan for where I want this to go, but I'm going to write a few chapters before I lock in the storyline.

Other than that though, let's just jump into it!




-Setting/Line Skip-

Oh, wait also in dialogue I use ellipses to notify a pause when someone's talking.

A Trip Gone Wrong

"You see anything?" asked a male voice. It came out a bit tired, almost like the speaker was somewhere they didn't want to be. Just across from the speaker another much older male replied.

"Not yet Jamie. Just wait and we'll get something; either that or we can go check the traps," said Charles with his eyes out looking into the forest which surrounded them. The older man was wearing blue jeans and a plaid shirt. Within his gnarled hands was an old hunting rifle, chambered in 7.62.

The boy he was talking to was his son. A rather impatient teenager who was just on the cusp of really beginning his life. The young adult was seventeen and had long brown hair that fell just beneath his shoulders. Like his father he was dressed in more warm clothing and carrying a similar weapon within his hands.

The older man, Jamie's father, had decided to take his son out to one of the forests near their town. After gathering up some camping gear and packing it up into the car the two-headed off towards Yellow Wood County, hoping to bag a few deer.

From what Charles knew at least, the forest was some old Indian reserve. He had bought some land on it when he was younger as it opened up to the public with the natives seemingly gone.

Quietly shuffling around within their blind Charles let out a low sigh. The two had been out all morning with no luck at all. There were a few tracks and some droppings about but neither of the two were able to spot a single deer let alone kill one.

Slowly bringing his hand down towards the blinds curtain covering its only exit the man suggested, "We should just go check em already, hopefully we got something. Beats sitting out on here in the dark at least."

Earlier that day, Charles had set up some shall we say not too legal traps. The man used a spool of steel wire then tied the ends of it with a hangman's knot. After looping the wire back through the noose he hung them up from the trees about at the height of his head.

The homemade snare wouldn't be easily seen by any of the white-tailed deer they were hunting, and if they were lucky, the deer would strangle themselves on the wire before they got there.

The younger of the pair knew it was illegal, but didn't much care.

It was how he grew up after all. Homemade snares and beartraps were something he had a lot of experience with. In his early life Jamie's mother was nowhere to be seen, leaving the boy with a father who had little to no money and nothing more than a cabin to his name. Back then at least, they hunted to eat.

Now they did it for sport.

The lightly trodden trail narrowed up a bit as Charles and his son pushed through the brush to where they set the traps. The area of the forest they were in was lesser-traveled with the only path leading back to civilization being a small interstate near their camp.

Not many people would take the time to really go out there hunters or not. They'd get lost down in some forgotten holler never to return.

Charles was in the lead with his single-shot hunting rifle roughly being carried in a rifle man's hold. Slowly it was slung off the man's shoulder as he commented, "What the hell?"

Out in front of the two, it looked like a small hurricane blew through. The smaller trees that littered the area were bent and broken with small pieces of timber littering the ground. The traps that were hanging from them were much the same, with one small exception.

Just as confused as his father, Jamie brought his eyes down towards the ground and spotted something that stood out. Staring at what appeared to be an imprint of a bare human foot the teenager thought What would make that?

The only trap that survived the woods disaster was a single trap. Laying near a broken tree the device's wire was stretched out leading to a small pile of brush. Leaking out from just below it was what seemed to be blood.

Charles rushed forward while keeping his rifle in his hand. One of the long-dead trees making up the brush pile gave out a low creaky groan as he roughly kicked it to the side. Surprising the both of them, laying just beneath was what they'd come to hunt.

A dead and battered cadaver of a white-tailed doe was haphazardly planted on the ground. It's corpse looked fresh, with still drying blood coating its brown fur. From what the two could see, the injury that killed it was some type of large bite near the front of the animal's neck.

Their trap had worked, but not in a way either of the two might have expected. Charles leaned down, giving a small glance at the wound, before muttering: "A bear? This far North?"

For the man, it was the only thing that could make sense. What else would kill with a bite like that? The wound took a virtual pound of flesh out of the deer's neck; If he were to look even closer he'd see some of the bone had been cleaved through.

Jamie still a bit disinterested scratched at his head. The boy couldn't understand why his father wanted to continue coming out in this place. The forest, the woods, they reminded him about everything the boy hated in his early life.

The place reminded him of the countless nights of being alone with their cabin. Of days spent with a growing hunger in his belly, slowly eating away at his soul. Of days filled with pain and strife as his father forced him to learn how to hunt. Of his deadbeat mom, leaving him at the cabin door a few days after he was born.

Jamie liked living in the city better; it felt like he belonged there. The boy liked it better when everything around him wasn't just an accident waiting to happen. Life in Edinburgh was just so much easier; sure Jamie had to deal with other people but that was better than having to worry about whether or not he was going to eat that night.

But compared to all that hate, all of that bitter anger there was something Jamie loved more, his father.

The man had raised him on his own, doing everything he could to make sure Jamie had some semblance of a childhood. The young hunter could remember the day when his father had come back home with a smile on his face, ranting and raving about how he finally had saved up enough money selling meat to get him into school.

At the time he didn't really understand why his father was so happy about it, but as the years went by that changed.

Jamie's father looked down at the corpse with a grisly look before saying, "Hey son, can you go back to camp and grab my kit? You know the one with the pliers n whatnot?"

Charles's voice came out with a slight drawl to it that seemed to surface whenever the man was nervous. His blue eyes were darting back and forth at the mess around them filled with a bit of fear. The older man knew what would happen if he left this mess here.

Game Wardens were known to travel about and by the fact that he owned this plot of land, Charles would be blamed for anything found on it. Something illegal like his traps would normally be just a slap on the wrist, a small fine maybe, but with all the crap like this?

It could end up being worse, a lot worse. At best it would be a couple of thousand dollars down the drain; at worst it could end up with one of them in jail. Charles wouldn't even take the chance. (1)

Jamie quickly nodded his head before running off, following the trail made by the deer back to their camp. Once more the forest opened up into a small clearing, about a quarter of a mile away from the interstate running around the forests leftmost edge.

The teenager's azure eyes were drawn wide at the sight of their camp or rather what was left of it.

When the two first arrived they made a small little outcropping within a clearing. Two small tents were put up with a ring of rocks just in front of them to mark out a fire pit, one containing their gear and the other used for shelter. His father had also felled some small dead trees for firewood, piling it up on the camp's leftmost side.

What Jamie's eyes came across was another massacre, much like the one he had just left.

Their rather small camp was in ruins. The two tents were nowhere to be seen with small scraps and broken poles spread along the ground, mixing in with the forest floor. The old smoldering campfire was out with some of the rocks and ashes spread about mixing in with the mess. All around small trees and pieces of brush were haphazardly thrown throughout the clearing, broken wood mixed in with thick ash. It looked like something set fire to the place.

The seventeen-year-old's mouth hung wide as he quietly walked into the remains of their camp. His leather boots were stained gray with ash as he approached where the tents once stood, still in disbelief.

Finally breaking out of his stupor, Jamie noticed something eerily familiar along the ground. Large, far apart, humanlike footprints were spread all throughout his camp. A little bit of anger frothed in his chest as Jamie thought Who in the hell would do this?

Slowly the boy wrapped his rifle around his chest, letting it hang off his back. The gun had a small leather strap which tightly hugged his chest as the wooden gun rubbed along his spine. Like a lot of his things the strap was homemade, but the strap would do its job.

Not seeing any of their camping supplies, Jamie began to worry. Trying his best to keep an eye out for whatever could have destroyed the camp, he fiddled around in his pocket slowly bringing out a single round for his rifle.

Living in the backwoods for many years had given Jamie a few strange habits. One of them in particular was that he liked to play with something in his offhand when stressed; it calmed him.

Usually that thing would be a single rifle or shotgun round with which he would spin it around from finger to finger, slowly rotating it as he did so. If Jamie couldn't do that then he would compulsively rip off a twig from a small bush or tree then snap it in one hand as he walked. (2)

His friends in Edinburgh called it weird, but for the teenager it was his normal.

Cold brass met the young hunter's fingertips as he continued to search through the ruins hoping to find some of their things. After a minute or two of drawing his eyes around the clearing, Jamie thought Whatever this thing was, it was smart. What type of animal would just take our camping gear, let alone burn through all our stuff?

The eerily human-like prints circled around a bit before leading out into the forest back towards where Jamie came. It was worrying to say the least, whoever was out here was willing to go so far for no reason at all. With a repressed sigh the teenager turned back around as the forest around him went completely silent.

The constant sound of drilling woodpeckers, lonely songbirds, and waking crickets came to a halt as he reached the clearing's edge. In the distance a loud bang was heard. Jamie's eyes shot out into the woods as he exclaimed, "Dad!"

Expecting some type of response, Jamie waited for a few seconds to no avail. Another quick gunshot was heard before a loud scream. The young hunter's heart started to quickly beat as he sprinted through the brush, heading towards the noise.

His father's voice droned out any of Jamie's thoughts as it continued to let out pained cries before suddenly going silent. It only took half a minute for the seventeen-year-old to reach the area at which they laid their traps.

A coppery smell hit his nose as Jamie walked forward tightly gripping the rifle in his hand. Blue eyes rapidly scanned the clearing, looking for any sight of Jamie's Dad. The forest around him was filled with a pregnant silence.

The silence was broken by loud bone-curdling crunches.

Just a short distance away, the young hunter caught sight of what appeared to be his father's red plaid shirt. With his heart hammering the boy looked over at the small piece of red and white cloth dangling from a nearby tree.

The gun in his hands was shaking, as a mixture of fear and adrenaline pumped through Jamie's veins. His mind was racing, trying to rationalize what happened. Charles would be fine; he would come walking through the darkened tree line in just a few seconds with his rifle in hand. He'd give Jamie a light smile before the two would head off back towards the interstate and back to town. In denial the boy edged further into the trapped clearing.

The crunching noise stopped as Jamie stopped in the middle of the small field. Loud sucking sounds met the terrified hunter's ears as he hurriedly aimed his rifle at its source. A suddenly pale finger pulled metal before another loud bang rung out within the forest.

Breaking through the night's quickly growing black was the muzzle-flash of Jamie's hunting rifle. The boy's ears rung slightly as smoke began to waft from his weapon's tip. Out in the darkened undergrowth something came flying back at him.

Something wet and soft struck Jamie's chest.

Leaving one hand on the gun's butt, he reached down touching at his now wet shirt. Squinting a bit in the low light the young hunter gasped as reddened fingers met his eyes. It was blood, bright red and full of life, just not his own.

Looking down with fear painting his face, Jamie finally saw what hit him.

A hand, it was old and gnarled with small gray hairs, cut off just below the wrist with bloody chunks of meat hanging off the bone above it. The boy could see teeth marks hungrily beaten into the bone while at the top there was a large stream of marrow, leaking to the ground below.

Coming from where he shot was a few bounding footsteps followed by a blood-curdling scream.

The noise hit Jamie's ears like nails on a chalkboard. The tone was so bestial, so inhuman that it sparked a fear in the teenager he never knew he had. The feeling was only matched by the building dread at just who's hand it was at his feet.

A single one of the boy's feet moved back as whatever it was hiding within the woods emerged revealing part of its body.

The first thing he noticed was the beast's arms, long and sickly like that of a dying man. They were hunched over its body as the humanoid creature barreled towards him on all fours. A distinct smell of feces and carrion hit the boy's nose as it neared closer.

The loud screeching came to a stop as Jamie felt the world turn upside down with him going with it.

The ground came to meet him as gravity took effect. The monster had slammed into him, throwing Jamie through the air and to the clearing' other side. Quickly looking down at his gun the boy could see it bent with parts of the wood and metal being broken or shredded to pieces.

Well better the gun than him at least.

Blearily from on the darkened forest floor, Jamie finally got a full view of whatever it was that attacked him.

The inhuman beast's entire body was much like it's arms, thin and lanky yet filled with some type of hidden power. It looked like some type of devolved version of a human with a mix of scarred facial feature's and long pointed ears. The thing's mouth was filled with long jagged teeth while waiting just at the end of its arms were rugged claws, just barely digging into the earth.

Slowly pushing himself off the ground, Jamie could see the things mouth moving, slowly bringing itself up and down in a circular motion. Loud crunching noises echoed out within the clearing before the beast spat out something to the side.

More fear built up in Jamie's chest, as well as a surprising amount of anger, at the site of shredded plaid in front of him, covered in slobber and blood. The thing's head turned to the side before it gave a patronizing smirk; it was enjoying this. Slowly it spit out another piece of inorganic matter, what looked to be leather. A small harrowing thought ran through the boy's mind.

I-It's sapient? thought Jamie as another loud crack rushed out into the night.

The young hunter's fight or flight response seemed to kick in as the two stared each other down. What was there for him to do but run? His rifle was broken in his hands, and Jamie severely doubted his fists would do much, no matter how much he wanted to. Hell, he doubted that a single shot would be able to put the monster down.

Roughly shoving down the beginning of his vindictive thoughts, Jamie reoriented himself, thinking of a way to survive. The best thing for him to would be to run. But to where? Back to camp?

The memory of the ash-filled waste was brought to his mind as the creature in front of him slowly picked up Charles's limb. The loud suckling from before resumed as it brought the hand up high, dripping marrow down into its maw. Just as quickly as it started, the beast stopped roughly biting into one of the fingers like a chocolate bar. It began to nibble at the pointer finger, taking each joint in with a drooling smile. For every notch inserted, the beast only became more and more ravenous.

Queasiness lit up Jamie's stomach as the hand's pointer finger completely disappeared, each sickening pop or crunch making him want to flee even more. Surprising the boy, the monster didn't seem to much care about him. It was more worried about the found directly in front of it, savoring his father's hand like some long lost delicacy. If he were to be more watchful, Jamie would notice the beast carefully watching him, just out of the corner of its eyes.

Making up his mind, Jamie ran off with his heart hammering away in his chest. A low growl sounded out behind him as the creature finished of its snack with a small huff. It almost sounded annoyed at the interruption, as it quickly swallowed the limb whole. Behind him he could hear something pound into the dirt as the monster gave chase.

"Hey, wait!" called out the voice of Charles sounding almost worried.

Jamie's heart sunk at the noise, the very possibility that his father might be alive. Then the scene of the man-eating creature savoring his father's corpse came to mind. Dropping his broken rifle Jamie continued to run sprinting away in the night, passing by the ruins of his and his father's camp. It was too good to be true.

Goddammit! What the hell is that thing? Thought the young hunter as he reached the other side of the camp's clearing with the monster a close distance behind him. The beast's wild footsteps were a constant reminder of the boy's ever closer doom, slowly eating away at his resolve.

Bounding past trees, hope grew within his heart as his scared blue eyes came upon something in the distance.

A light, small and yellow came through the trees, like a beacon of hope pushing him to run even farther. It looked similar enough to be a car, by the speed it was traveling it had to be. With a smile born from apprehensive optimism planted firmly on his face, the boy broke through the tree line and out onto the road.

A roughly made asphalt path was in front of him, following along the forest's edge with empty cow pastures on its other side. Coming downwind were the same yellow lights, quickly approaching. The creature was still behind him not slowing down for a single second.

Jamie could feel himself tiring as he ran loudly shouting and yelling for help, just barely keeping pace with the monster. It seemed to have a large amount of stamina, easily able to keep up with him even at the young hunter's brisk pace.

The monster didn't even stop its sprint at the sight at the oncoming semi just a couple hundred feet away.

-Within the Semi-truck-

Down the road an older man blearily looked on at the road in front of him. He was around thirty-five years old with a breathable hat just barely blocking out his early baldness. Just barely making him decent was a bare of hole-ridden blue jeans and a wife-beater, both looking to be about a size too small.

The trucker, Henry, had been driving all throughout the day and half of last night. He'd just dropped off one of his deliveries to the local Walmart in Edinburgh, a small town just a few miles away. After hastily deciding to drive through the night the man went off quickly loading himself and a hot cup of coffee into the front of his rig.

Going out of the town went just fine for Henry. The only thing that really gave him any trouble was a bit of traffic crossing the town main bridge, crossing the river of the town. There was some type of parade going on with the mayor revealing some new building.

Henry thought it all was a load of hog shit.

After getting through the mayor's entourage and meandering a bit at a light, he finally got out into the interstate. About halfway through I-65's main road, Henry noticed something weird.

Running out of the forest's edge was a teenager, covered in pine needles and dirt. He frantically waved his hands, screaming and pointing towards the woods as he continued to sprint down the street straight at him. A little bit slowed on his reaction time, Henry slammed on the brakes, swerving slightly as he came to stop.

Feeling his entire vehicle jostle as he hit, what Henry assumed to be the boy, the man cursed, "Son of a bitch!"

The trucker could already see the headlines now, "Local teen steamrolled on the interstate!" or "A Caffeine induced fiasco!"

Roughly putting the semi-truck into park, the man pulled open his side door then stepped onto the asphalt below. A little bit of fear pushed itself into Henry's heart as he came around the vehicle's side, expecting the worst.

Bringing the man's early-onset heart disease a few years closer was a disturbing scream it ripped into his eardrums like broken glass. The tone didn't sound human, let alone like some animal. Metal tore as whatever made the noise quickly bounded off back towards the forest, fleeing from the light.

Just out of reach of the truck's headlights was the same teenager from before, heavily breathing with his face down towards the ground. Looking over Henry could see him holding his palms up away from the ground like they were hurt.

Rushing over as fast as his stubby legs would take him, the trucker asked, "Hey kid, are you alright?"

The boy's panting came to an end as he pushed himself off the ground, trying his best not to touch his left palm. Holding back a curse Jamie shakily replied, "Y-Yes. Thank you, much."

Adrenaline slowly started to fade from the teenager's system as the trucker pulled himself around to see what he had hit. The semi's front bumper had a large indent, pushing iron wrought metal backward into the vehicle itself. To Henry, it seemed like he had a deer.

"Kid, what're you doing out here? Better yet, why are you running out on the interstate?" inquired the trucker still amazed that he didn't hit the boy. Jamie obviously appeared to be in some type of distress but even seeing that Henry didn't know what to do.

An almost cold feeling came up within the boy's stomach as his fear fled to be replaced by something he couldn't quite place. The slow-burning fire began to cool into a small ball of heavy lead before slowly freezing over, filling his stomach with frost. It didn't feel like the quick burst of anger from before; the colder feeling was one Jamie had never really experienced before.

"Hunting. We...I was out hunting with my Dad. There was a-" he stopped mid-sentence trying to find the words. "-Something out there. killed him."

The word killed came out with no small bit of venom. That same cold pit within Jamie's stomach stowed itself further down, freezing him completely. He felt cold, empty even at the very thought that Charles was no longer with him. The most important person in his life gone, just like that.

Adding the fact that Jamie just ran made it ten times worse.

Henry looked over at the bitter mask barely holding itself onto Jamie's face. That kind of look didn't sit right on a boy so young. He didn't look much like a child anymore; if the trucker were to be honest with himself the young hunter looked dead.

"Look kid, I-I don't know what to say here..." began the trucker while nervously looking at the front of his indented truck. Slowly scratching the back of his head, Henry decided on a course of action.

Hoping to at least get him away from the woods the trucker said, "How about this? I can drive ya to town if you want. Hell, I'll even bring you to the police station. You can um...get a search party to go out an get em."

The frosty look started to melt a bit before settling back into place. That emptiness would stick with him for a long while yet. A little apprehensive Jamie brought his head around with a small nod. Henry waved one of his large hands toward the rig behind him before saying, "Well get in I guess."

Trying to keep his thoughts off what just happened the young hunter complied.

AN: Well that's going to be a wrap for chapter one folks! For right now I'm going to be throwing this chapter up as a test run. It's not going to be a one-shot, but I'm still a bit on the fence about some things story-wise. For right now I have enough planned out to do the first little arc and we'll see where it goes from there.

Go ahead and tell me what you guys thought. This, by itself at least, is more of an introductory chapter that sets up the main character and some of his motivations. Oh yeah, props to you if you can guess what the monster is. I'll just say it's a classic in the Supernatural-verse.

Let's move onto the annotations for now, ladies and gentlemen.

(1) The fines for stuff like this can be a whole hell of a lot worse. I looked into it a bit and you can get prison time and thousands upon thousands of dollars fined depending on the exact type of trap you use because it is not considered a "fair chance" for the animal to escape. It mostly depends on the state though as some are more or less strict.

(2) I'm trying to add more little things like this to my characters to make them more memorable. It might not seem like much but a small flaw or character quirk, in my experience at least, can really elevate the memorability of a character. It also makes them seem more lifelike as long as it's believable. Whenever I make a character I always start out with some type of conflict then add a flaw. It gives them something to do and to strive for at the beginning which you can then develop into the main plotline later. It also helps to make them memorable as a main character or even a side character.

You can look at one of my other characters Liam who's main conflict and flaw really play into each other. I'm reaching the point now where that same flaw has pushed him onto the main plotline.

Only two annotations for you all today. I usually have 3-4 in my writing, explaining the lore behind something or just pointing out references for fun. Right now I don't know when I'm planning to start the next chapter of this, but it will probably be after A Different Kind of God's next chapter so expect to see me again on Sunday or Monday. You can check my profile for chapter updates.

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