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Thereafter: College

Chapter Two- Sober

Letty's alarm rang through the small dorm room. With her eyes still shut, Letty reached around on the floor for the wailing device. When her hands finally reached around the small device, she finally cracked an eye. She shot up in the small bed when she saw the time.

"Dom, you snoozed my alarm. Again!" She rolled over his naked body to get off the bed and stumbled around looking for her clothes.

"MybadLet," he mumbled as sleep rolled off him.

She rolled her eyes at him as she strapped on her bra. He grinned appreciatively. Dom's new single room was doing wonders for their sex life.

She leaned over and pecked him on the lips, "I gotta go, I have an exam later."

Letty was back on the road ten minutes later. She was exhausted and gravely under prepared for her exam.

That's how they had gotten into that mess. It was her turn to drive down to see him. She had complained about not being ready for her exam and he suggested they 'study'. She had major flashbacks of the night before.

The couple were on the floor in Dom's dorm room. Letty sat crossed legged with her laptop cradled in her lap; Dom sat with his legs opened in a V. He had his laptop between his legs and he was typing away furiously at his final paper for a class.

This was his last semester, and her second semester, as usual she was catching up to him. This time, she didn't think space and time could separate them. They talked about moving to Arizona until Letty finished university. Him, Letty and Mia could rent a two bedroom, it was all very idealistic in her head. She knew the odds were against her and it wouldn't exactly work out that perfect but even if he had to move back to L.A, they would make it work.

She looked up from her laptop and stared at him for a moment. The anxiety was gone. He was hers completely. Think back on her fourteen-year-old self, pining after him, seemed like another life.

Her leg began to cramp up and she outstretched it to relieve the tightness, touching the flat of Dom's foot made him look up from his paper.

"What?" she said when he had been staring for too long.

"It's just hard to focus with you trying to seduce me," he said, looking at where the feet touched.

Letty laughed. "I'm just minding my business perv."

"You're playing footsie," he flexed his foot against hers.

Laughing, she pulled back her leg from his but he grasped before she could retract it all the way.

She yelped as he gently dragged her closer to him on the floor.

"Dom," she protested. He let go of her leg but now that she was closer to him, he put her laptop next to her head and climbed over her.

His face was mischievous as ever as he hovered over her.

"Stay put while I eat you for dinner."

What was she to do, she of course did as she was told.

Letty tripped over a box of books on the way into the apartment. She and Mia were now using the living room as secondary storage. They were already outgrowing the space. They were thinking a lot about moving but they were not in any position to move so she just kicked it out the way when Mia popped up from behind the kitchen counter, in her towel. Letty clutched her chest as the shock wore off.

"Geez Mia, what were you doing behind there?"

"Letty, I thought you were at Dom's"

Letty was already suspicious but Mia confirmed her guilt, looking like she had been caught red-handed. With what, Letty didn't know.

"I was," Letty said, moving into the living room.

Mia was sweating beams at this point.

"What's going on?" Letty said,

"Don't freak out," Mia begged. Brian, hiding his junk with a throw pillow came up from behind couch.

Letty was so shocked she had to lean against the closest wall. She didn't trust the couches as whatever she had interrupted was not being done in Mia's bedroom.

Letty closed her eyes and turned around so that Brian could make a dash toward Mia's bedroom.

"You're fucking Brian?" Letty sighed.

"Dating," Mia tried with a contrived smile.

"Monica's ex? Mia?"

Mia crossed the room to Letty. "I know, I know. It's messy it's bad, it's really bad but-"

"You love him,"

Mia digressed. "Exactly."

"I know you. You wouldn't do anything so crazy unless you did."

Mia ran to hug Letty. "So you won't tell Mon?"

Letty sighed. "I won't but she's going to find out soon, you two are gonna get caught."

Mia sighed. "I know, I'm going to tell her…soon."

"Tell me how it happened later? I'm gonna grab a shower and head to campus to get some last-minute cramming in."

Dom was leaving his class when he flipped open out his phone and called Letty. He was on his way to the dorm's lobby to try and finish as much assignments as possible before the weekend. He wanted to drive home for the weekend which would only be possible if he lightened his work load.

"How was your exam?" Dom said, once she had picked up.

"Not bad but could have been better."

"I sincerely apologize if I distracted you."

There was a pause, "Feel free to distract me anytime." Letty laughed, "I beg of you."

Dom chuckled, he felt his chest lift a little higher.

"So, I was thinking about driving down home this weekend. You wanna join?"

She didn't consider long before answering, "Yeah, that's perfect. Mimi has been begging me to drive down and come see her."

"You want to see if Mia wants to come along?"

A beat, "Umm, I think Mia's is going to busy."

"Just me and my girl, not a bad plan."

"I can blow off my Friday class, we can leave early Friday morning. Make the most out of the weekend." she said.

"Works for me. I'll pick you up then."

Dom was always pleased at the notion of spending time with Letty alone. The distance had not been easy but they were both dedicated to making it work. Letty would drive to see him two weekends in a row then it would be his turn. There were gap weekends when one of the two was too busy to make the trek but besides that, they had a well-oiled machine going. They had been alternating and it had been working for a few months. He knew once finals begun, they would be seeing less of each other so he knew he had to act now before midterms week next week.

He swung the glass doors of the lobby open and took a seat by the window on a high table with two other chairs.

He had gotten in an hour and a half of uninterrupted work when Gisele and Vegh came in through the doors laughing. Vegh got beckoned over by a blonde from across the room around the same time Gisele spotted him in the corner.

"Well look at you, so studious. Putting the rest of us to shame."

Dom laughed. "It's my last semester, gotta make it count." he said.

"Well, when you're finished studying. Vegh is throwing a party next week. Like a cool down before midterms."

"Isn't that counterproductive?"

Gisele rolled her eyes. "You're saying you're going to miss what might be your last huge college party before you abandoned us?"

"Of course not, I'm gonna be there," Dom said. Especially now that Gisele put that idea in his head. He had been so focused on passing all his classes he didn't realize he was leaving this amazing experience behind.

"You should invite Letty, you can't keep hiding her from us you know."

Dom laughed. "I will, she'll be there."

Gisele smiled. "Great, we're going around inviting people so I'll leave you to your studying." She spun on her heals and went to chat with Vegh and her friend. He truly hoped that life would make them cross paths. Something about a friendship forged under the heat of assignments and final exams made it indelible and lifelong.

Letty sauntered to the back of the class where her boys had saved her a seat between them. Sean sat to her left and Jah to her right.

Sean was sucking down on Twizzlers and Jah was listening to music with one earphone in. They both perked up when they saw her.

"There she is," Jah said.

Letty punched his arm in a friendly greeting as she sat down.

"How'd that exam go?" Sean said, though it was muffled as he didn't want to let go of his Twizzlers.

"Not bad, but I will need to crush that final year project to sail above a C."

"You'll be lucky to get a C," Sean said.

Jah rolled his eyes. "Letty isn't a delinquent like you. She actually has expectations."

Letty laughed. "Calm down boys, it's not that serious." She leaned back in her chair. "I just wished I had studied more."

"I thought you did," Jah said. "You busted out of here and said you were going to study."

Letty laughed nervously. She scratched the back of her head.

"I did—well I was…"

"Well which is it?"

"I studied at Dom's and got…distracted." She finally said. Jah and Sean seemed to get the picture instantly and nodded their heads in unison.

"The tantric sex had her distracted," Sean said. Letty tried to shush him, making Jah laugh. The spectacle was so much, Miss Bower glared at them as she entered the class.

Friday morning Letty piled into Dom's car with two big bags. Dom watched her load and then laughed as she strapped herself into the front seat.

"It's a weekend Letty, not a two-week vacation. I think you've been friends with my sister for too long."

"Letty pushed at his shoulder as he drove around the fountain and out of the apartment complex.

"I brought snacks for the road, or would you prefer to starve?" she teased.

Dom tilted his head in quiet resolve.

They talked most of the ride. How they missed home but at the same time loved living alone. Dom's plans after finishing school. He was planning to get a letter of completion and start looking for jobs in Arizona immediately.

Dom talked about wanting to give back to his dad for all that he had done for him and Mia. Letty listened, beaming on the inside that she had fallen in love with a man of integrity.

The last two hours of the drive Letty took over the driving to give Dom a break. They fell silent, tired of talking and just relaxed. Dom of course had his hand resting on her thigh. It was like his head got sore unless he was touching her.

When they got to East L.A, Letty drove to her home and said goodbye to Dom.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" he said, inches from her face. He was reluctant to let go and in the dead of night, with just the headlights on them, it was easy for him to imagine it were only them in the world. He leaned down to claim her lips when Letty's front door swung open, making their heads shoot up.

"That's enough Toretto, don't you take up enough of her time?"

Letty laughed and pecked Dom on his cheek before rushing to the door. She hugged her mom and waved Dom off.

When Dom got home, his dad had already retired for the night. Dom was pretty beat himself so he retired to his old room, he would surprise his dad in the morning.

He woke the next morning with a pillow slamming against his head.

His father's graying beard was over him. "How the hell are you,"

Dom sat up and hugged the old man.

"You couldn't say you were coming, would have made up the old bed."

Dom shrugged, "Nah I wanted to surprise you." Dom said.

"Wash up and come down for breakfast." Samuel said.

Dom did as he was told and washed up, threw on old clothes he had left behind and hurried downstairs. His dad wasn't in the kitchen so he checked outside where he had made a morning spread on the veranda.

Samuel was sipping his black coffee over a half-eaten piece of toast. Dom sat opposite him and put his feet on the adjacent chair. He took in the morning of his old neighborhood. Not too long ago he had been in that drive way tinkering with his car or chatting up girls as they walked by. It felt like a lifetime ago, like university had aged him.

"How was the ride down?" he said.

Dom sipped his juice before saying, "not too bad, some traffic but nothing that kept us more than hour."

Samuel put his coffee down. "Us?"

Dom nodded, "Letty and me."

Samuel smirked before hiding his mouth with his coffee cup.

"You two sure took your time."

Dom couldn't disagree. He wondered if they had gotten together from jump if they would have lasted? He figured, everything had happened in perfect timing. He did intend to make up for lost time though.

Dom said, "That we did," to which Samuel laughed.

"How's school?"

Dom shrugged, "It's good. I'll be done in a few months." Dom buttered a piece of toast and scarfed down the triangle. "How's business?"

Samuel's bravado fell. "Not the best honestly. It's a lot of work, for an old man."

"You haven't given what I said any thought? Hiring some help?"

Samuel grimaced at the thought. "I wouldn't know who to hire, you never know who you can trust, you know. Besides, I've always wanted to keep the business in the family."

Dom's chewing stopped. It wasn't lost on him how the conversation felt like he was talking to a peer and not a father. It also wasn't lost on him what his dad was implying. He had never wanted to take over the hardware, he would much rather use tools to fix cars but looking at the man who had given him everything his entire life, he could not deny him anything. Even if that meant his plans with Letty would be altered a bit.

"Arite pop, when I finish up in school, I'll come home and help run the shop." Dom said, the look on his father's face made it worth it.

Samuel nodded, "I'd really appreciate that." Samuel held up his coffee mug and Dom touched his glass of juice against it.

He and Letty would make it work. They would have to.

"I have poker with the guys tonight so what do you say we bring out the grill later today for an early dinner?"

Sounded perfect to Dom.

Letty had always known Samuel had approved of her as Mia's friend. She had not known he approved of her as Dom's partner until he insisted she come over for barbecue. She dragged Mimi along because her mother was going through some serious empty nest syndrome and didn't want to leave her alone for the Toretto men.

Mimi was currently mixing the potato salad, Samuel was at the grill with Letty, making jokes at the expense of Dom.

"Taste this Dominic." Mimi scooped a spoonful of her salad and fed it to Dom.

"It's perfect Mimi." he said, she smiled approvingly.

"Don't encourage her Dom, her ego is already inflated." Letty said. Dom laughed and crossed the yard to her where he kissed her forehead

"Aww," Samuel and Mimi cooed, mockingly.

"You know, you guys are so funny," Dom said.

They laughed. Dinner was served an hour later. Lemonade had been poured, salad plated and chicken sat in a heap on the table.

The conversation was easy, the parents talked about how having an empty house felt. Mimi insinuated that she knew that Samuel had a female guest to keep him company sometimes, to which he blushed profusely. Dom was proud, his dad had game after all these years.

"You know, I have to say," Samuel wiped the side of his mouth with a napkin. "I'm pleased with you two. You're good for each other."

Letty blushed, she felt her heart swell in her chest. She had not realized what their parents blessing would do to her. They were finally in the right space.

"Dom, you look at my daughter with so much love in your eyes. I know you will protect her with everything you have. What more can I want more for my child?"

Letty blushed under all the attention of course she and Dom had never exchanged the L word but it was known. At least on her end.

"To Letty and Dominic," Mimi toasted. They all knocked their classes against each other.

"Who knows Mimi, in a few years we might have a wedding to plan," Samuel said.

"Whoa whoa,'" Letty covered her face hiding her cheeks.

"Might very well be," Dom said. Letty blushed.

Mimi flashed her an approving smile.

Samuel left for his game though he felt terrible about leaving them to clean up. Even Mimi ditched Dom and Letty to go dancing because 'she had a life too".

Dom and Letty cleaned out the grill together. They were packing up the picnic table when Letty said, "This was nice huh,"

Dom nodded. "It was, our parents are…"

Letty laughed, "Something else huh,"

"This was such a good weekend, I don't want to go back tomorrow." She pouted, leaning against him.

"The weekend is not over yet, I have a surprise for you," he said. Letty's interest was piqued. They finished packing away and jumped in Dom's car.

He took them to the beach, it was their place.

"Where are you taking me?" she said, they weren't going swimming. He led her to an abandoned life guard tower. The small wooden structure was so close to the shore, they heard the waves beating against the stilts it stood on. There was a sunroof, either on purpose or blown off by wind, Letty didn't know.

Dom had somehow set up a blankets and candles. Letty was stunned, she had never seen this romantic side to Dom. She almost wanted to cry.

"This is so…"

He hugged her from behind and kissed her neck.

"You like it?" he said.

She turned in his arms and kissed his lips. "I love it."

They laid on their backs staring up at the moon as the sea provided a calming background noise. They barely talked, just being in that moment together, spoke volumes. Dom wanted to tell Letty about his plans with the hardware after finishing up at New Mexico State. He felt secure in what they had that she would understand, but not tonight. He didn't want anything to ruin that moment.

Letty shifted her weight so she was laying half on his side.

"I think you did all this to get laid." She skirted her fingers under his t-shirt, tickling his stomach. He clenched under her and gripped her hand before looking her dead in the eye. He kissed her then, hard and passionate.

Their lips moved together, tongues entwined and the heat in the small tower escalated. They went from zero to a hundred, panting and moaning as they undressed each other. Dom was eager, almost ripping her underwear to sink his fingers beneath her wet folds. She hissed, moaning, her head tilted back. He kissed up the curve her breast before taking a nipple into his mouth. Her moans grew louder as his fingers kept slipping in and out of her while his tongue flicked over the buds of her nipples over and over again.

Before she came undone by his fingers, he pulled out of her and she wasted no time reaching for his growing shaft to line his member up with her opening. They rarely had sex in that position, but Dom was adamant that he looked her in the eyes as he entered her. When he did, he saw so much well up in her eyes, love, lust and something else.

They kept the strokes shallow, wanting to prolong the moment for longer tonight. He grew weary of it and lifted her knees so she was properly impaled on his length, it felt so good he buried his face in her warm neck and muttered, "I fucking love you Letty,"

She was breathless and didn't let up on her grinding so much so Dom didn't think she heard him. He needed her urgently, and forgot about it for the moment as he met her hips thrust for thrust.

When they exploded, their sweaty bodies collapsed, still entwined.

"I love you too." she said in his ear. Dom smiled to himself, probably the most content he had ever been.

Vegh's party was a complete rager. Letty didn't know why, maybe the impending doom of midterms had everyone trying to drink their anxiety away. Regardless, she was having an amazing time. Playing beer pong with Jah and Sean who tagged along. Not that anybody noticed the crashers, the guest house was breeching over a hundred people.

Mia was somewhere with Cara on the dense dance floor and Dom was outside with Han and Gisele. She had been to college parties but this one was top five. Kids were diving from the second-floor veranda into the pool. Some were smoking outside, at least they had that much curtesy.

Vegh found Letty and pulled her away from the table, Sean and Jah protested.

"You're Dom's girl, right?"

Letty nodded.

"You're way to pretty for him, you know that?" Letty laughed. "So, I know this is random, but what's the deal with your friend?" She pointed behind Letty to Sean and Jah.

"Which one?" she said. She hoped it was Jah because Sean's girl Neela could be scary under the right circumstances.

Luckily, she pointed to Jah.

"That's Jah, he's cool. Totally single." Vegh grinned watching him. "I could introduce you."

Vegh nodded. She followed Letty to the guys, still yelling over the music she said, "Jah, this Vegh, Dom's friend." Vegh batted those pretty eyelashes at Jah and the two winded up partners for round three of beer pong.

Sean and Jah teased her as Letty wiped out in beer pong. She was extremely drunk so her coordination could not be counted on.

She staggered outside in search of Dom. She finally found him on the phone, his face was grim. She knew something terrible had happened.

She rushed to his side, as fast as her drunk feet could carry her.

"Dom, what is it?"

The phone fell to the floor. "My dad—he's dead."

Letty felt like the world was being tilted around and flipped upside down. She sobered immediately.