Screen Title: #SamAndCatTimeRush


Main Cast

Jennette McCurdy as Sam Puckett

Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine

Guest Cast

Jim Pirri as Officer Vega

Special Guest Cast

Kendall Schmidt as Kendall Knight (Big Time Rush)

James Maslow as James Diamond (Big Time Rush)

Carlos PenaVega as Carlos Garcia (Big Time Rush

Logan Henderson as Logan Mitchell (Big Time Rush)

Villain Cast

Danielle Morrow as Nora Dershlit

Drew Roy as Griffin

Sophia Grace and Rosie as Gwen and Ruby

Absent Cast

Cameron Ocasio as Dice Corleone

(Big Time Rush is getting ready to plan their next concert)

"Kendall you posted the tickets online right?" James asked.

"Yeah." Kendall said.

"I hope we get a lot of people at our concert." Logan says.

"We always do. When's our next concert?" Carlos asked.

"Saturday at 8PM." Kendall says.

"What song are we performing?" James asked.

"Na Na Na." Carlos replied.

"Saturday better get here fast." Logan says.

(We cut to Apartment #22. Cat runs in happy)

"Sam! Sam! Sam! Sam!" Cat yells.

"Cat what's wrong? Is there a cop?" Sam asked.

"No. I got tickets." Cat says.

"Tickets to what?" Sam asked.

"Tickets to the next Big Time Rush concert." Cat said.

"Shut up." Sam says.

"I'm serious." Cat said.

"I love Big Time Rush." Sam said.

"Who doesn't?" Cat asked.

"Wait we're supposed to babysit Saturday." Sam said.

"We can have Nona take care of it." Cat says.

"I can't wait til Saturday." Sam says.

(Meanwhile Nora and Griffin are suddenly out of jail and are planning revenge)

"So Big Time Rush is performing a concert Saturday?" Nora says.

"Well we can't let that happen." Griffin said.

"How do we plan to stop it?" Nora asked.

"How about we kidnap the leader Kendall?" Griffin says.

"Excellent. Oh Gwen, Ruby this tea you made is delicious." Nora says.

"Thanks Nora." Gwen said.

"It's England tea." Ruby says.

"So it's simple. We kidnap Kendall and keep him hostage." Nora said.

"This will be fun." Griffin said.

(We now cut to Big Time Rush)

"I'm going to head out and get some food." Kendall said.

"Don't take too long." James says.

"I won't." Kendall said.

(Kendall is waking to the supermarket and sees Nora and the others in disguise)

"Oh man this thing is heavy." Nora says.

"Yeah if only we had someone helping us." Griffin said.

"Hey you can you help us out?" Gwen asked.

"Uh sure. What do you need help with?" Kendall asked.

"We're having trouble lifting this kayak into this car." Ruby said.

"Why don't you let the air out of it?" Kendall says.

"We spend half the day inflating it." Griffin said.

"Well it's not going to fit." Kendall said.

"Hey there's enough room in our car." Nora said.

"Check it out for yourself." Gwen says.

"Okay." Kendall says.

(He goes in the trunk)

"Uh there's not enough room in here." (Nora closes the trunk) "Hey?!" Kendall said.

"Psych." Nora said.

"Come on let me out. I have a concert to get ready to perform." Kendall says.

"Well that's just too bad." Gwen said.

"Next stop. Revenge." Ruby said.

(They drive off)

"Where's Kendall?" James asked.

"He's been gone for 3 hours." Logan said.

"Did he get kidnapped?" Carlos asked.

(A note slides down)

"It's a note. Kendall did get kidnapped." James said.

"Crap." Carlos said.

(Suddenly Sam and Cat show up knocking)

"Hello?" Carlos asked.

"Is Kendall here?" Cat asked.

"No. Who are you?" James asked.

"Sam and Cat. We're such big fans." Sam said.

"Did you kidnap Kendall?" Logan asked.

"No." Cat said.

"Well we got this note." Carlos said.

"Let me see that." Sam said.

(Sam sees the note and sees the names who kidnapped Kendall)

"Oh my god!" Sam yelled.

"What?" Cat asked.

"Nora, Griffin, Gwen and Ruby kidnapped him." Sam said.

"Wasn't Nora that psycho who kidnapped you, Carly, and Freddie?" James asked.

"Yes. Griffin is a bad boy who dated Carly and framed Cat into getting arrested." Sam said.

"And Gwen and Ruby are brit brats." Cat says.

"Why would they kidnap Kendall?" Carlos asked.

"I don't know. Maybe because they're psychos." Sam says.

"How are we going to find Kendall?" Cat asked.

"Relax little red. I put a tracking device on him." James said.

"Why?" Carlos asked.

"In case something happens to him. He is the leader." James said.

(They find his location)

"So where is he?" Logan asked.

"He's at an abandoned house 5 miles from here." James asked.

"Can we help?" Cat asked.

"I wanna beat their ass." Sam said.

"Sure." Carlos says.

"Yay. Sam and Cat teaming up with Big Time Rush." Cat said.

"I'm going to kick some asses." Sam says.

(Kendall is tied up in a chair)

"Hello Kendall. Are you having fun in there?" Griffin asked.

"Let me out!" Kendall yelled.

"Nope. We're not going to do that." Nora says.

"Why are you even doing this to me?" Kendall asked.

"Because we're psychos." Gwen says.

"It's what we do." Nora says.

"Gwen does your sister ever talk?" Griffin asked.

"I don't talk much." Ruby said.

"Well you maniacs can't keep me trapped forever." Kendall asked.

"You wanna bet bitch?" Nora says.

(They walk upstairs)

"I'm not kidding! LET ME OUT!" Kendall says.

(Meanwhile Sam, Cat, Carlos, James, and Logan are driving)

"I hope Kendall is okay." Carlos says.

"So we know about Griffin and Nora. But tell us about Gwen and Ruby." James said.

"The first time they came, they conned Cat and our friend Dice into losing her bike and his $500. Then they returned and tried to end my friendship with Cat." Sam said.

"They're maniacs." Cat says.

(They approach the location)

"We're here." Carlos said.

"Good." James said.

"Time to kick some ass." Sam says.

"I like you Sam." Logan said.

"I have a boyfriend." Sam says.

"Well Kendall it's been 5 hours so I don't think anyone is coming for you." Nora said.

"Think again." James said.

"James, Logan, Carlos?" Kendall said.

"SAM!" Nora said.

"Shut it slut." Sam says.

"I will not shut it whore." Nora said.


"Did she stutter bitch?" Griffin said.

"Yeah blondie." Gwen said.

"Don't you have a boyfriend to fuck?" Ruby asked.


"I like to see you try." Gwen says.

(Sam starts screaming and begins attacking them)

"Take this you sons of bitches." Sam says.

"Logan untie Kendall." Cat says.

"On it." Logan said.

"Yeah you like that?!" Sam yells.

(Logan unties Kendall)

"Is that Sam from iCarly?" Kendall asked.

"Yeah. They showed up asking where you were because they're fans then she found out who kidnapped you." Logan said.

"Man she's really kicking their butts." James said.

"Well they shouldn't have called her a blondie slut bitch." Cat said.

(Sam knocks out Gwen and Ruby)

"Sam don't you dare..." Griffin goes down.

"I'm warning you Sam Puckett if you get near me, I will..." Nora faints.

"Who's the slut now?!" Sam yells.

"I am so in love with her right now." Logan says.

"What?" Carlos asked.

"Nothing." Logan said.

(The cops arrive and they arrest Gwen, Ruby, Nora, and Griffin)

"Ha look who's going to jail." Kendall said.

"We'll be back!" Nora yells.

"No you won't. You four are getting deported." Officer Vega says.

"What?!" Nora, Griffin, Gwen, and Ruby say.

"Did he stutter?" Sam yells.

"Let's go." Officer Vega.

"This isn't the last you'll hear of us." Nora said.

"We'll be back." Griffin said.

"Ready for revenge." Gwen said.

"Just you wait." Ruby said.

"Alright let's get to our concert." Kendall says.

"You girls want a ride?" Logan asked.

"Yeah." Cat said.

"Sure." Sam said.

"Thanks for saving me you guys." Kendall said.

"No problem." Carlos, James, Logan, Sam, and Cat said at the same time.

(We now cut to the concert. Big Time Rush is singing Na Na Na)

"I love you Big Time Rush!" Cat says.

"This is the best concert I've ever been to." Sam said.

(They finish their song)

"Goodnight Los Angeles." Kendall says.