chapter 1

It had been many years Optimus had finally destroyed Megatron and Cybertron was now free and the former Decepticons were arrested. Optimus was happy because now he could bond with Elita-1 who he loved very much. They were so happy.

"Now Optimus we can be together forever," Elita-1 said.

"Yes Elita together forever." Optimus said.

The bonding ceremony was pretty big. Now what to do with the Decepticon prisoners. They started to rehabilitate them to make them better members of society. Starscream once again found peace an acceptance for it through science. He was being rehabilitated by Perceptor who made him feel like someone appreciated his smarts.

Starscream was the first one to be completely rehabilitated. "Thank you for the chance," Starscream told Optimus.

"Everyone deserves a chance Starscream," Optimus said. "So what are you going to do now?" he asked.

"I am planning on getting a degree in teaching and teach science to young students at one of the schools here on Cybertron where I know I can help them learn," Starscream said.

"Good luck Starscream," Optimus said.

"To you too, I hope you and Elita will be very happy together," Starscream said and left.

Many other Decepticons were rehabilitated. Soundwave was now working for a company with Blaster who he resolved differences with. All the Decepticons were now starting lead honest lives.

Life was turning out pretty good for everyone. Things were truly at peace. Many bots were talking they were concerned how trustworthy the rehabilitated cons were. But the Psychologists who worked with cons assured everyone that rehabilitation of all the cons was successful.

Prowl now saw his prison was now empty of cons. "I thought I would never see this day," Prowl said. "But I am glad it came, now I can hope to fill it with criminals who will also someday have the same chance to be brought back to society as honest bots again," he said.

"I hope so too Prowl," Jazz said.

Things were running smoothly. Now there wasn't much to do but help Cybertron recover from the war. The cities were being rebuilt and there were many bots bonding and starting to have families.

Optimus and Elita were thinking about starting a family themselves. But where and when to start is the question. It has been nearly 12 years since this all happened they had so much to think about. "What do you think Optimus should we start a family sometime soon?" Elita asked.

"I am not sure Elita," Optimus said. "I just have much on my mind," he said.

"I do too, I just hope we can have a child someday, you know," Elita said.

"I know, I hope so too," Optimus said. "I just hope it all goes well," he said.

"We just have to be patient and hope for the best Optimus," Elita said. "We also have to try our best so don't worry about anything," she said.

"I sure hope you are right Elita," Optimus said then hugged her.

Finally they decided to start a family. They were thinking about sparking their first child. But there were some many orphans from the war that needed a family to love them and call their own.

So they decided to adopt their first child.

They filled out papers so they can get approved for adoption. They were approved. "This is so exciting," Elita said.

"Yes it is," Optimus said.

They woke up on the morning they were going to go to the Iacon Orphanage to chose an orphan to adopt. Once there they were greeted by an Autobot. "Welcome to the Iacon Orphanage Optimus Prime and Elita-1. I am Lightblink," she said.

"Nice to meet you Lightblink we are here to adopt." Optimus said.

"Wonderful, the children are this way, they are use to adults coming in," Lightblink said.

They saw many young children from all parts of Cybertron. There were ground bots, fliers, and triple changers. They were all so sweet looking. They saw little seeker girl sitting by herself a young bot came up to her.

"You want to play?" he asked her.

"Okay," she said nervously and followed him.

Optimus and Elita saw the young girl was shy. She just looked so precious. "Who is the little seeker girl?" Optimus asked.

"Which one we have several young fliers including seekers," Lightblink said.

"The one with the orange, red, and white details," Elita said.

"Oh the Starshine, she's new here, she lost her parents after the great war in a spaceship crash and she has no other family. She's also very shy, she's still hasn't settled yet,"Lightblink said.

"She looks like a sweetheart," Optimus said.

"She is a sweetheart," Lightblink said.

Optimus and Elita came up to Starshine. "Hello Starshine," Optimus said.

"Hi," Starshine said.

"I am Optimus Prime and this is my spark-mate Elita one," Optimus said.

"Nice to meet you," Starshine said.

"Would you like to come home with us?" Elita asked.

"You want to take me home?" Starshine asked.

"Yes we do," Optimus said.

"Yes go get your stuff," Elita said.

They went to Lightblink who gave them the paperwork. Optimus and Elita signed it and now it was official Starshine was now their daughter. Starshine was very excited.

"Bye Starshine!" the kids said waving as she left orphanage.

Starshine was so excited to be going to her new home.

To be continued.