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Chapter 1: Written for a Chance

Surrounded with clutter all around her old home, Megan just sat on the pile of papers needed to be sorted. She looked at them with exasperation and simply did an eye roll to the heavens.

"Goodness, why don't we throw anything." She muttered to herself as she rummages through the random papers for something she can salvage and be of use for scratch. To her surprise, she stumbled upon old scripts. Oh such treasures and history! Her lips voluntarily curled into a fervent smile as memories flooded her mind. She saw her old scripts of Anne of Green Gables.

"Well hello there, carrots." She chuckled lightly and reminisced the good old days in the set with Colleen Dewhurst and Jonathan Crombie. She read the scripts silently and tried to hold her tears from falling. She wished she could still talk to them. They felt like a family that cradled her in significant moments of her life. Now, they are just gone and she just misses them especially in the onset of the pandemic and its consequences.

"Oh watch over us, Marilla, Gilbert. These trying times can either get the best or worst in us. I'm hoping to be better amidst everything and I hope I can still make you proud wherever you both are." She held the scripts close to her heart as she closed her eyes and hoped they could hear her. She carefully placed them under her phone on the nearest table and reminded herself to frame the fragment of that script. She continued with the task of sorting old scripts when a familiar scribbled in red ink on a wrinkled paper among a stapled set caught her eye among the pile.

You look lovely with your hair down, my Queen.

I just want to say that I'm really honored to be your husband (at least in this story)

I feel like you truly bring out the best in me, professionally and personally.

I truly appreciate you, Megan. Thank you for today.

–Your Henry (or Alan)

Either way, I'm yours :)

A smile followed by a light chuckle escaped Megan's mouth at another discovered treasure from the pile. She turned the stapled set and revealed what she expected. It is a script for a Reign episode. The show ended 3 years ago and just like her other old scripts, Reign scripts were brought to her childhood home for scratch paper purposes for her mum. Just seeing the print Catherine made her heart skipped a beat. The show was dear to her heart and soul. Not only did the show give her the delicious Queen Catherine de Medici that became her big break since Anne Shirley, but she gained a royal family of brilliant, beautiful, crazy talents. She was indeed the oldest woman in the cast, but she was truly beholden that her age was never a hindrance in achieving the great potential and beauty of Catherine de Medici as a character based on a historical figure. Her character's potential possesses the charm, wit, and surprisingly, sensual passion that encompasses Megan's self. The writers discovered that too and enjoyed writing anything under the sun for Catherine.

Queen Catherine's overall presence in the show was very well received by the youthful demographics of the series, which never ceased to amaze Megan. She had more young fans loving her than she could have ever imagined. Not that she doesn't appreciate the attention. She loves her fans all over the world and sees to it that she can respond in any way she can to their endearments and heartwarming efforts. But sometimes it could be overwhelming since she was not used to the access of technology taking quite an effect on her early and long career, especially her personal life. Not necessarily a bad effect, but an acknowledged presence nonetheless.

Lost in her grateful thoughts for the show while holding the script, her mind betrayed her by letting 2 words get stuck in her consciousness.

Attention. Overwhelming. Subconsciously, she turned the set again on the side that trapped her to these thoughts and transfixed her eyes on the scribbled name. Alan.

–Your Henry (or Alan)

Either way, I'm yours :)

What a flirt. She thought to herself but smiling at the statement. It amazed her why she hadn't berated Alan's initial interaction with her. He's always been the sociable kind and she was not the open kind to certain advances, she guessed. But she just didn't expect the level of familiarity Alan showed her very early on in their friendship or work relations and how she reacted to that.

And then it hit her, again. His attention was quite overwhelming sometimes.

Maybe it has something to do with their undeniable chemistry in front of the camera. She truly can't explain how they do it or how they just have it. They just basically work and everything felt so natural. They are so natural that sometimes it scared her a little. And with that little spark of fear, any attention from any man, especially a man like Alan, overwhelms her. She blames her last encounter in love. The last relationship she had was so traumatic that it leads her to believe that no man can ever give her the respect and love she truly deserved except her dad and brother.

But the attention she got from Alan was different. Yes, it is flirtation in nature. Yes, it can be overwhelming sometimes but something about him sets him apart from the others. Something just pulls her to him. God knows she tries her best to push away. But just keeps on going back to him. The others will flirt with her but they won't push through. Perhaps it's her status? Her talent? Was she that intimidating? Was she that closeminded to them? She wondered. But with him, with Alan, all inhibitions tend to be out of the window. He makes her feel comfortable with the thought of being appreciated. His flirting ways were uncalled for but wholesome and funny. His presence gives her giddiness and worries simultaneously. His care is so endearing but with lingering uncertainty.

Goodness, Alan. She closed her eyes and tried to calm herself with her realization. But she can't wrap around her head what she is truly realizing. Do I miss him? Of course, she misses him. Yes, just like the rest of the cast. But she was sort of lying to herself. But not as much as I miss him. She just gave in to the unspoken truth. With a heavy sigh, she stroke the words he wrote on this paper. Touching in feathery lightness and as if touching something poisonous, she intently digested her longing feelings for Alan.

"Seriously, are you really mine?" She let the weight of her words slip her mouth. She was even surprised to have said it out loud. She hates feeling vulnerable and the thought that a tiny scribble can cause the onslaught of emotions leaves her wanting to escape. But at the same time, she wants to stay. She wants to stay to know the answer to her question.

She closed her eyes. This is silly. Her mind just shouted at her. As if the universe heard her request, her phone sounded a notification. She opened her eyes to return to reality and place the script on the table and picked up her phone.

-Poor Alan-

Hey my queen, you'll never guess what I found today...

"Speaking of the devil". She was amazed at how the timing happened. Seeing his name in her phone always brought a smile but not always welcomed as she mentally noted that fact. Alan changed his name ever since they got together for the LMSR convention in Paris almost a year ago. That was their very first convention together. And a lot has happened on that trip and between them ever since.

Lightly shaking her head before she entertains any memory, she opened the message.

Hey my queen, you'll never guess what I found today...

But rather I like to show it to you. Oh you'll like it

Let's facetime? If your available now that is.

These times make me miss a lot of people.

Especially you... love to hear from you soon *

Megan's eyes widened. "Oh Alan. What are you up to?" sighing heavily she started typing. She started with Hey... then adorably wrinkled her face with doubts. Nope. She thought and quickly pressed on backspace. Maybe with a hi? Hi Alan...? Her fingers worked on it while she pouted unknowingly. Then she squinted her eyes to focus on what she typed as she thought of what to type next. Damnit. I can't think straight. She closed her eyes to concentrate but immediately opened them when she heard a loud sound of what seems to be a vase breakage followed by a dog's bark coming from the other room.

"Oh no, Charlie!" She left her phone on the table and just dashed to the other room. What she didn't realize, she had accidentally clicked send as she placed her phone facing down the table.

Well he wasn't the impatient type on text messaging. But this is Megan that he just texted so he wanted to know if she was available at the moment. It's been so long since they last talked. He wanted to hear her voice and see her beautiful face. Oh how I miss your face. He thought while holding a paper and read its contents.


(Cutting her off, as she eyes him.)


I was in love with you. Could you not have trusted me?

He smiled. Memories poured in as if it was just yesterday. This scene they did in Reign season 1 was his favorite scene taken with her. He mentioned that in the LMSR convention in their panel last year. Oh last year was special. His mind and senses are raising with the time they spent on their first convention together. He loved every eye contact they made, every chance she let him assist her in any way, every laugh and story they shared, every touch they manage to sneak in between talks, every smile she threw his way. Her sweet radiant smile. A smile that can make my heart skip a beat belongs to my Queen. He breathed out a heavy air while closing his eyes, trying to calm his heart while tapping his chest lightly.

"Oh my coquette, what are you doing to me?" Saying it out loud makes him giddy. He gave that nickname to Megan last year and everything just changed. They just grew closer. He knows that what they have is beyond friendship. But he does not dare place it in pure romance as their flirtation seems to be becoming a routine that both can't simply escape. They tend to be stuck in a loop now and then. He sighed.

"Are we just like them?" He was looking at the script again. The moment Henry admitted he has always loved Catherine was such a revelation for Alan, a revelation on their character development and his personal feelings towards his on-screen partner.

As Megan let down her hair, everything felt like slow motion. He remembered questioning himself what was happening. He has always been so professional but at that moment, there were no other women more beautiful than Megan Follows. Not her character Catherine but Megan herself.

I'm yours. I've always been yours. His mind was playing tricks on him. He was not sure if that was Henry or Alan talking with his eyes, pierced on this beautiful creature in front of him. He knew what to do next but not because it was dictated in the script but it was what he wanted to do. He closed the distance between them and their lips met with a fervor.

At that moment, he knew that Megan is special and he will do whatever it takes for her to know that. After the take, Megan went for lunch and left some stuff on her chair, including her script. Without another thought, Alan borrowed a pen from a crew.

"Oh, a pen? I only have red ink though. Is that okay?" With a questioning look, the crew gave the pen to the actor.

"Thanks, man. I owe you big time." With a smile, he quickly wrote on Megan's script whatever is taking over his mind at the moment.

She needed to know. Contented with what he wrote, he felt fulfilled and hoped for the best moving forward.

"Yup, definitely like them" He sadly uttered to himself. He resigned with that fact because, after that scene, things just went back and forth between them with no certainty to hold on to. All he knows now is that he misses her terribly and just wants to talk to her. That is his unspoken truth.

I hope she will be happy with what I'll show her. Hopeful with that insight, the universe heeded to his request. He heard a notification on his phone.

"Finally" He was excited in seeing her name on his phone. But realized something was odd or missing with the message preview.

-Megan the Coquette-

Hi Alan

He thought probably there will be more words once he opens the message. So he did open it and find the message as it is.

"Hi Alan? That's it?"

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