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Chapter 8: Knockin' on Our Door

"That was quite a night." Megan finally spoke after a long pause from their talk. They didn't have to detail the last night in Paris for they knew how much they craved for each other's touch. They didn't want to ignite their longing any further. They just let the memory run in their minds like wildfire.

"Yeah, quite a night." Alan reciprocated. He was truly grateful they went all the way, even just once. The whole night was a turning point in their relationship. It taught them that should they decide to be together, it is worth every try. It showed them that their passion for each other will never fade despite the years apart. It made them grasp their strength

at their own time as they let whatever comes after transpire.

She smiled at him on the screen then earnestly looked at her necklace, a compass that bears his initial 'A'. He looked back at her as his hand spontaneously played with the copper beads on his black leather bracelet, engraved with 'Coquette'. "If this was a normal date, this is the time we go out of this restaurant and take you home." He ceased their reverie.

"Which home?" She just loved joshing him. "Where do you prefer?" He was not backing down. "Wherever you are." And that's how she won him over. Her seductive, witty, sense of humor was one of the many characteristics that kept him wanting to be with her all the time.

"You don't know when to stop, do you?" Alan was starting to clean up his table. "To stop what?" Megan was doing the same. "Being so insanely alluring without even trying. Do you even know what you're doing to me?" She just shrugged her shoulders at him.

He paused and looked straight to the camera. "When the right opportunity to completely together come, I'm going to ravish you and make you forget your name." His words brought icy chills to her spine. Her state of shock registered to him as an invitation to go further. "And in case you might fall asleep due to our activities, I will wake you up the way I woke you up in Paris."

That completely halted her from whatever she was doing. A lump in her throat instantly formed that made her swallow hard before addressing his enticing plans. "Oh, I would very like that."

"I know. That's why I opened it up so you could dream about it tonight." He winked at her as he finished clearing his table. "Wow, so that's your plan? Leave me hanging with my thoughts?" He laughed at her dismay. "Why? Are your thoughts that dangerous?"

It's her turn now to look at the camera. "What do you think?" The most tempting smile followed. Alan widely grinned at her but simply said "I think we should call it a night? Food coma is kicking in." He let out an exalted yawn.

Megan got so confused. What? Aren't we just getting started? Is this how our virtual date will end? But she simply surrendered. "Oh okay, I understand. I had fun tonight, my love. Thank you. I love you, Alan." She gave out a half-confused, half-endearing smile.

"I had a lot of fun too, babe. We should have more of this. I love you so much, my beautiful Megan. Goodnight!" He sent a flying kiss before pressing 'End Call'.

Megan was looking lost at her laptop. "That's it? How anticlimactic was that?" She couldn't hide her frustration. She wasn't expecting that kind of ending to that seemingly wonderful date. She disappointingly cleaned the leftovers of that dinner. When she returned to her room, she laid down on her bed, blankly staring at the ceiling with an unexplainable exasperation.

We were just starting to have a nice flirtatious conversation. How did it derailed to this emptiness I feel? I wanted more of you, Alan. Why leave me hanging like this? Her heavy sigh could probably bore a hole in that ceiling.

But of course, Alan already pictured that scenario. Whatever was happening to her that moment, he provoked it to happen. He sat at the edge of the bed and was looking at a picture of her on his phone. I know you. You must be frustrated. One of the things you hate the most is being unsatisfied. He was now waiting for her to call. True enough, his phone rang. He chuckled to his victory

"Babe? You miss me already?" His smile was from ear to ear. "Uhmm, well, you could probably say that." She didn't know why she suddenly called, why she wanted more of him that instant.

"I miss you too, my love. I guess our dinner date was not enough, I assume?" She incessantly nodded at him even if he didn't see her. "Yes, it was cut short. But you said you're already sleepy so I just called to say goodnight while you lay in bed. You are in bed already, right? Were you about to sleep? Oh no, I'm sorry if I interrupted. I guess I should hang up on this call. I'm..."

He let out an adorable giggle that made her stop her sentence "Oh wow, babe. When will you tell me you're a rapper?" Now, they both laughed in the call. But before she could answer, he continued. "My love, you will never be an interruption. Now tell me, what's the real reason why you called? By the tone of that rap, you don't just want to say goodnight."

He knew why she called. But he wanted to hear what he made her feel. "Coming from what we were talking about before we hung up our FaceTime, I wanted more of you…" Her last sentence was a very faint whisper but he heard it all. "Oh, what made you feel that?" He tried his best not to laugh at his ridiculous question. He likes teasing her beyond comprehension would permit.

She sat upright and rested her body on the headboard of her bed as he did the same at his end. "Here you are with your silly questions. After you let me entertain the thought that you will wake me up the way you did in Paris, what do you expect I'll feel?" She was not mad but her voice was not playing around either.

He was not fazed and goaded her further. "What did I expect? Hmmm, let me see… Oh, I expected you'll react that way 'cause I left you hanging. I expect that you will want to act on your frustration as I anticipated your call. I expected that you would want me as much as I want you now." His voice was deep and sexy as hell.

She managed to make a quiet gasp and a "Wow" over the phone. "So you did push through with your plan and this to happen? How sure were you that I would call you after that?" She was so amused. He knows her very well.

"Because you are unsatisfied after that conversation. I know you, my Queen. You hate undesirable endings. So let this King be of service to you. What is it that you truly want?"

With those words in the sexiest voice he could muster, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She inhaled to take in the memory of how he woke her up in Paris. Her hand from the side of her neck slithered down in between her breasts, then her stomach, and finally at the hem of her dress. "I want you here with me…" was like a purr to his ear.

Still, with closed eyes, she gathered the hem in her hand and lifted it. In a split second, her hand slipped in her bottom lingerie. She was wet already and the most tantalizing moan came out of her mouth. And that's all it took for his member to stand in attention on the other end of the line.

"Where, my love? Take me where you are now." He was undoing his pants frantically as he heard another moan coming from her. His hand finally stroked his throbbing anticipation as her hand did the same on herself.

"I'm in our little heaven, between the legs you love so much." Oh my, those legs are my stairway to heaven and your center is the pure zenith. It was his time to moan with her words. His strokes were gentle and her fingers were delicate. They played with themselves, embraced by the moment of that Parisian morning, and the prospect of doing it again.

"I love how your body wriggles with my every touch. I love how I shower your glorious form with warm kisses. I love it when you buck up to me perfectly as my mouth arrives at its destination. Oh, how much I love to eat you and wake you up in the best way possible." His every sentence was rewarded with her moan from the sensations their hands had created for their bodies.

It was such a good idea that both of them were in AirPods before being immersed in that sexual call. Her free hand was roaming around her marvelous physique as his other hand was holding tightly on his sheets.

"Oh, I love how your tongue masterfully plays with my center. With your every lick, I go over the moon. With every suck, I go to my wits' end. With every enter of those fingers, I go to the edge of no return." Oh yes, that tongue is everything. She enacted on her words, made her fingers his tongue.

She was a poet of decadence. She was her muse in their poem. He always loved the way she owned her sexuality. He would love to see her now but her voice and her words are more than enough for him.

He stroked a little faster now as her words made his mind crazy and couldn't help but tell her what he'll do to her. "Oh, you'd be so wet and I will not stop eating you until you come in my mouth. I will swallow your sweet juices and suck you like there's no tomorrow. Then with your eyes locked to mine, I will enter you and make you feel euphoric within your walls. I will adore your neck and kiss those lips endlessly as I plunge into you in our rhythm."

"Yes please…" was her plea as her fingers did exactly what he would do to her. "Oh, my love…" was his promise to fulfill all that he said as his hand grasped himself tighter. Frantically, they felt themselves unraveling with their movements as the image of his intentions played in their minds over and over again. Their moans filled their rooms while wishing their mouths covered each other to quiet down a bit.

But heaven was so near and no one could stop them now. Though far apart, they felt each other's energy and lust coming through the phone line. "I'm so near, my love." She was gasping for air as she vigorously flicked her lovebud. "I'm so close too, babe. Please come with me." He was becoming breathless as his pumps became more intense. Almost at the edge of glory, their bodies bucked up. Finally, as they reach their climax, their words become one. "Yes, yes, YES!… I love you... so much…"

They both opened their eyes and entertained the hazy vision. They were panting as their mind was blown with their sex-scent-filled rooms. With their elated smiles, they stared at their ceilings as they regulated their breathing to normal. They were still in the call but he broke their moment of after-sex peace.

"Oh, how lovely it will be to see you right now." His wishful thinking preceded him but the sudden notification of a dropped call made him sit up straight. But to his relief, it was replaced by an incoming FaceTime.

"Your wish is my command, my King." Her flushed face and euphoric smile welcomed his very much the same state. "You looked flushed, babe." She snickered a bit. "Yes, flushed and highly satisfied. Thank you for indulging me."

He widely grinned at her. "Anything for you, my Queen. But you should give yourself credit as well. I mean, that hand deserves applause for fulfilling its duties. Your voice and words were the carriages of this King to heaven. So well done, your Majesty." He tilted his head to a bow. She giggled at his antics and accepted his praise. Suddenly, he moved close to his camera.

"Hmm, but it seems you're fully clothed. Too excited for the action and not removed that dress?" He still teased her. "Well, I might be fully clothed up here, but I wouldn't say the same down there." She winked at her man.

His amused reaction was life to her. "Always a coquette, aren't you?" She enticed him further. "With a good looking specimen like you, I can't help but be one."

Alan smiled at her fondly. "That's good to know. Don't ever change, my love. Keep doing you. Not for me, not for anyone. But simply, just for you. I love every bit of you, Megan."

"And the same goes to you, babe. Never stop believing in yourself. Be the soft riot that you are and be unapologetic about it. I love that about you, Alan." Megan's care exudes on the screen.

He nodded and gave themselves time to appreciate the blessings on their phones at that moment. She finally spoke after a few seconds. "I think it is a perfect time now to bid goodnight. We still need a shower." She sat up by the edge of the bed.

"Yeah, and I hope to take a shower with you soon," as he sat up as well and grabbed the nearest towel. "We'll all have that and more when the opportunity comes. For now, it's great to be satisfied with your love in all means possible." Her comforting words made him eager and patient at the same time.

"You truly bring out the best in me, Megan. I love you so much. Hope to be with you soon." An exaggerated smooch sound followed. She giggled before saying goodnight. "I love you too, Alan. Goodnight, my love." She copied his antics before ending the call. With contented hearts, they both went for a shower, happily hummed as they cleaned their satiated bodies.

The pandemic still loomed around as the months passed by. But even if that's the case, their relationship just became stronger than ever.

Their virtual dates were always interesting and phenomenal to do. Their grocery shopping dates were still as romantic as their first one. Their daily lives were quite adjusted to the new normal.

The Van Sprangs virtually joined the Follows in some online yoga and dancing sessions. Their mums even became online buddies because of this. Alan was having dessert classes with Megan and Logan still laughed at his dad. Megan's children had virtual drinking sessions with the couple. They fully embraced everything new that transpired.

As for their work, they were both lucky to still book jobs online as they participate in virtual conventions. They both loved talking to their fans. But they were being discreet to the public about their relationship.

Except for this one time. Alan was smitten with his babe that sometimes without him noticing, she is all he would talk about. She laughed at him while she was watching that convention and reminded him of discretion when she had a chance to call him. Megan was doing a better job than he was.

Now, the news was out that their country is finally opening up again as Canada slowly flattens the curve. This was the topic of the couple's video call at that moment.

"Since the country is opening up, my manager called in for a job. She made sure that I was negative for the virus before accepting the audition schedule. Now, I wonder how our work situation will be." Alan was fixing his clothes while talking to his love. Megan was grateful that he is healthy and was charmed by his apparent domesticated image.

"Oh my love, that's good to hear. But I have to confess, you look cute folding those clothes. Stay-at-home Alan suits you. Could you fold my clothes next?" She jokingly remarked. "My services come at a hefty price. Are you willing to pay?" He tittered at her.

"Sure. Your timing is fantastic. I also got a call to direct a movie. I'll pay you with that paycheck." They both laughed. Then her attention went back to the paper she was holding.

"I'm anticipating the level of difficulty this pandemic has brought on our jobs. But I do hope we'll still be safe working in the new normal." He nodded in her hope and considerately looked at her reading.

"Is that the movie script?" He had to ask. "Yes. They sent it to me this morning." Alan was mesmerized by her focus and dedication on her work. "You know, I'm one of the unfortunate ones who have not been directed by the amazing Megan Follows." His smile was timid as he put his head down and continued his task. Megan was touched by his admiration of her craft.

"At least not yet, my love. For sure, the future will give us that treasured project. It will be an honor to direct a talented actor like you." He blushed at her statement. "I hope that day will come soon. If the movie offered to me will need my-wife role, please audition. I just want to get married to you again."

Her cheeks were tinted at the prospects that made her imagination run wild. "Why not just marry me in real life? You know I hate auditions." Megan made it seem she was talking to herself as her eyes were glued on the script while she uttered the question. But Alan heard it all.

Woah. Was that an afterthought or did I just get permission to marry you? His heart was raised with his idea. "Oh. Well… You know what, I think I just might." He chuckled to mask that he meant every single word. He doesn't want to scare her into marriage even if they were just goofing around.

"Then do that. You know I'll say yes if the ring fits." She chuckled back to mask that she wanted to be with him in marriage. A part of her may be scared since her past marriage didn't end well. But as her mother pointed out, he is different. He is worth the chance for her to be happy again. She was melded in her reverie.

"Again, if you agree on an open marriage, I'd gladly ask for your hand. You don't have to divorce yourself. You've been through that and I won't let you get through that ever again." If smiles could hug, that was what he gave her. His intentions were security blankets she never thought she needed.

Megan was in awe of their love that all she could do at that moment was declare it some more. "I love you so much. I'm going crazy for you." Alan's precious pearls showed up in no time. "Just now you're going crazy? I think you're a little behind. I've been crazy for you for years. Keep up, Megan." Ridiculous connotations followed by their laughter kept their relationship alive. "But don't worry, my love. I'd still love you even if you're a late bloomer." And endearing promises were bridges to forever bliss.

An alarm clicked off that interrupted their call. "Oh, that reminds me. I have a surprise for you. But you will get it later. Oh, look at the time. I was baking something. I'll call you later okay? Love you."

Alan quirked at the camera. "I will get it later? Oh. Okay." He gave out a questioning smile. Then, she waved bye and ended the call.

Hmmm, a surprise? For what? He suddenly looked at the date on his phone. WAIT A SECOND. His mind suddenly panicked upon realizing the date. He rapidly finished his task. Afterward, he immediately picked up his guitar and went looking for copper wire.

Now that people could freely go out and about with safety protocols observance, Megan decided to surprise Alan with a visit. And the timing was just the best since that day was their eighth month as a couple. They don't celebrate monthly but having the opportunity that they could freely be together by choice and not over obligation, coinciding a milestone in their relationship, was something to celebrate about.

She prepared the blueberry pie that she baked, together with disposable utensils and plates, and placed it in the box. She wore her red padded jacket with matching red long sleeves fingerless gloved top since it was quite chilly outside. She folded her lab result and placed it in her pocket. She looked at the mirror and combed a little.

"I'm so excited to be with you." She talked to the mirror that reflected the teddy bear he won for her from the arcade years ago. Her heart was full of happiness and content that her smile beamed out of her mask.

Megan said her goodbyes to her family and went on her way. She was just going to walk to his house. All these months couped up in their houses and were not allowed to go out freely made a five-minute-walking distance into miles and miles away.

Now, she could hang out with him without any guilt as she also tested negative for the virus. The cold afternoon breeze tickled on her skin as she grew closer to his porch. Upon appearing by his door, she suddenly became nervous.

Why do I feel like seeing you again for the first time? These jitters are so misplaced and feel so elementary. How do you always make me feel this way? She stood still by his door. Before she could move another inch, his singing voice filled her ears along with fantastic guitar playing.

Oh wow. Here I thought I'm the one to surprise you. She became giddier behind her mask. As much as she doesn't want to interrupt him singing, she wanted to be with him now. She picked up her phone and called him.

She heard him stopped. "Hello, babe. I've been waiting for your surprise. Did you send it through delivery?" She did her best to suppress her laugh. "Yes. I already sent it. I believe it's already there."

Alan looked at his phone. There was something different with the sound output of her call. There must be an echo or something. "Uhmm, but I haven't heard any door…"

To finish his sentence, she finally rang his doorbell. "Oh, there's someone at the door. Your timing is impeccable. How did you..." Still, on his phone, he was walking towards the door when he talked. As he opened the door, he lost his words and she was there to rescue him.

She took off her mask. "Get here? I walked. Hi babe. Surprise!" His open-mouthed, reddened face was the reaction that she was expecting. "Megan? Babe! You're here!" Alan's voice was so excited that he immediately moved two steps forward without thinking. Although, Megan was more alert and stepped two steps behind.

"Yes, my love. I'm here and you need to calm down. Breathe. Take this dessert to the kitchen then come back and spray me that disinfectant so I could get in. You got that?" His mind was fogged because he was just overjoyed by her visit. Nevertheless, he nodded and took the dessert. He immediately went back and sprayed her hands then disinfected her shoes. She removed them and finally went inside.

Megan maintained their distance as Alan admired her presence. Their eyes sparkled like twinkling stars. And before she forgot, Megan handed her lab results. "I got that today. That's my third surprise." He opened the paper and relief was painted across his face. "You also tested negative. Oh, babe, this is good news! That means we could hug and kiss?"

Megan downheartedly smiled at him. "Yes, in a rational sense, we could. But we shouldn't. It's still too risky to be doing that. But at least now, we could 'social distancingly' hangout in person and not just in the grocery anymore." She gave out her best answer. His eyes couldn't hide the pang of longing for her. He craved her everything but she got a point. Her presence was enough for him to go crazy already. "Oh well, at least now I can cherish your beautiful face in person. I'm already grateful for that."

They started to move towards his kitchen. "But you almost made my heart stop. A heads up would have been nice. I look so unprepared for you." They sat separately on each end of his counter. "But that wouldn't be a surprise, would it?" Megan was already preparing the pie as Alan placed disposable cups for their drinks. "And besides, you look gorgeous in that white tee. Don't sell yourself short." She encouraged him to start eating.

"Fine. You got me. Thank you so much for coming over. I miss and love you so much." He pouted before taking a bite. Before she could reply, the flavors of her pie exploded in his mouth. "Damn. This is the best pie I have ever tasted. But why blueberry, babe?" He literally devoured the dessert. "'Cause you burned yours on our first virtual date. I just wanted you to taste what an edible pie should taste like" She mocked him endlessly.

"Wow, the humility is out of the door. But if that is what all it takes for me to eat perfection coming from you, by all means, your mocking is very much welcomed." He said as he took the last bite. Megan let out her last surprise before taking her last bite. "Happy eighth month, babe. I'm glad you love my humble pie."

Oh, how he wanted to kiss her right there on that counter. God knows what kind of restraints he had placed in himself that very moment. "I'm glad you acknowledged it even if we don't have monthly celebrations. Happy eighth month, my love. Here's to more months and more moments together." They let their cups clinked and it felt good to at least see without a screen between them.

After a few talks and laughs, he led them to the living room. They sat on the couch, still maintaining the proper distance even if they were the only ones around. They are in love. But they are also responsible beings. No one could question those facts.

And to add a little more romance within protocols, he gave her a disposable glove so that they could still hold hands at arms' length. Their fingers danced around and intertwined playfully as they engaged in an in-depth conversation about their relationship.

They naturally landed on whatever happened on their time from Paris up to the moment they found their respective scripts of Reign in quarantine. In their eight months together, they have never addressed that period.

"I think we never discussed it fully 'cause we both know it was better to talk about it in person. I mean, it was such a confusing time." Alan looked at her fingers. Megan looked at him.

"I guess we had a terrible misunderstanding. I told you in Paris that I will help you heal…" She started.

"...and you did. You healed me in Paris and the moment you let me be yours finally." He finished that sentence.

"I know. I'm sorry for the gap that transpired. Because once we got home from LMSR, I thought the best way for you to find yourself was…" She was looking for the right words.

"...to let communications die out?" His look at her was very telling.

She reiterated her next statement. "No. It was not my intention. But unfortunately, that still happened. I was hoping you'll have a self-discovery..." Their conversation was starting to get heated because it was such a vague era coming from what happened in Paris.

"...and distanced yourself from me?" Alan kept filling up her long pauses. "For some reason, we just stopped talking. I wish I could say that our schedules were the only ones to blame. But it felt like you didn't want to talk to me anymore. I thought you got tired of me and gave up on me altogether. What happened there, love?" Alan drew hurt all over his face as he reminisced on those moments of isolation but held on to her hand tighter to encourage her to talk.

Megan never wanted to hurt him. He was not alone in that journey. She felt that she was slipping away from the strength she built around him in Paris the moment they landed back in Canada. As she shared with her mother from months ago, she was scared of everything they have together. But what she didn't disclose was her fear of letting him know that she already loves him.

"I will never get tired of you. I hid the truth 'cause I got scared. I was afraid I'd scare you off with my love like what I think I did to them. That's why I said those words while you were asleep and just hoped that you'd come back to me even if I messed up." She deeply sighed and continued.

"That's why you only heard me say it for the first time with that Ed Sheeran song and virtually. I only let you hear that I love you know I could finally live up to my words. You deserve at least that. I'm sorry that my fear hurt you in any way." Her apologetic look left his heart in shambles.

"Wait, what? You've told me you love in my sleep? In Paris?" His voice was in disbelief. All she could do was nod and look at their intertwined hands.

Oh, Megan. You have shared with me this fear but never did you explain where it was coming from. Now, I understand. If I could just hug you right now and assure you that I'm the right choice.

"Oh, my love. Don't be sorry about your fear. We all go through that. And now that vague gap is clearer and makes sense." He shook his head in her revelation.

"And please, you didn't scare them with your love. They were simply not worthy of the love you could give. Never second guess your heart. It is never wrong. Can I prove that to you? Let me show you." His words assured her she made the right choice. She nodded and he let her hand go. He removed his glove and picked up his guitar.

Without further ado, he immediately plucked the intro and started singing More Than Words by Extreme

~Saying I love you

Is not the words I want to hear from you

It's not that I want you

Not to say, but if you only knew~

He searched for her soul.

~How easy it would be to show me how you feel

More than words is all you have to do to make it real. Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me

'Cause I'd already know~

He found her heart.

~What would you do if my heart was torn in two

More than words to show you feel

That your love for me is real

What would you say if I took those words away

Then you couldn't make things new

Just by saying I love you~

Her tears were already welling within her lids. He smiled but he was not done. He placed his guitar down and wore his gloves. Then he continued singing while holding her hand.

~Now I've tried to talk to you and make you understand

All you have to do is close your eyes

And just reach out your hands and touch me

Hold me close don't ever let me go

More than words is all I ever needed you to show

Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me

'Cause I'd already know~

Her tears finally made their way out of her eyes. He tried to hold back. But seeing her that way, his strength betrayed him. The overwhelming love in the room was embracing their vulnerability. At eight months into a relationship, they've been loving each other beyond that duration.

She was more than enough for him. He sniffled while he confessed everything his heart wanted to declare.

"Your love… is everything I needed to find myself. You are not obliged to say you love me. In your way, you healed me and made me feel loved. Even if I did feel left out at a point, I had something to hold on to. I have you in my heart. Not even circumstances or a pandemic can take that from me. We belong to each other. We could get lost multiple times but we always find our way back to each other."

He moved to get a box of tissue for them and took out something from his pocket. Megan's eyes widened upon seeing a ring on his hand.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to propose. At least not yet," She sniffled and sniggered to his sentiment. He finally showed her what he made. "But I will promise you one thing asides marriage."

He pointed at her necklace. "That compass will always lead you to me. Whenever you feel lost, you will find me." Now, he held a copper wire ring he made with the infinity symbol. "And this is just number '8' on a ring for our eighth-month mark." He tried his best to hide his laughter but he cracked then she joined him.

"Wow, I thought that meant something deeper. Thanks?" She remarked within her giggles that made the after-cry stuffy nose worse. When their laughter settled down, he finally told her what that meant. "I'm just joshing you, my love. This infinity ring is my promise you will always have me forever, no matter what happens in our romantic relationship. You will never lose me."

Alan sprayed alcohol on the ring before handing it to her. Megan widely grinned at him and placed the ring on her finger. "Did you make this? The craftsmanship is commendable."

"I did. It's quite last minute but it looks like years of hard work and patience, just like us." He looked at her dotingly. She was proud of him. "I love you so much, Alan. I'm so excited for what our future holds."

"I love you with all my heart, Megan. I told you, this pandemic got nothing on us." They looked at each other and their mind was shouting to break the protocol. Their hands were still in place but their bodies were slowly shifting closer to each other.

"Mumzy?!" Logan exclaimed at the other end of the room. The couple drew a deep sigh. Thank goodness was their minds' unified thought. She was internally thankful they did not break protocol. He was internally thankful his son didn't catch them in a compromised situation.

Megan stayed for dinner and loved every minute she spent with his family. They all observed social distancing and proper hygiene. She was glad to see his mum happily chatting about her mum and how they bonded online over yoga and Algan. If the Algan fandom has presidents, that would be their mums.

"We never thought that our children's love affair will make us younger than ever. Thank you so much, Megan, for making my son the happiest man in quarantine." Alan turned red with his mum's insights. Megan and Logan laughed at him. "And perhaps make him happier for the rest of his life? Oh, I would love to officiate at your wedding!"

Alan was thankful that his sweetheart was a good sport so he did his best to divert the attention from the topic. "Woah, mum. Take a chill pill." He mouthed 'sorry' to his girlfriend. Megan was quite amused by his mum and happily acknowledged her plans. "Don't worry, Maxine. We'll get there when we get there," and she smiled at the Van Sprangs.

The rest of the evening went on smoothly until it was time to say goodbye. Alan insisted that he will walk Megan home. She said her goodbyes to his mum and son and waited on the front porch.

The door was made of glass that perfectly framed Megan as a vision in the red outside. Alan did not waste his chance to capture it. He tapped on the glass for her to look his way for a selfie. She laughed at first but made a quirky pose. Alan lovingly looked at her direction through the lens and clicked on capture.

They both wore their masks and gloves and went on their way. He held her hand securely while maintaining a proper distance. The whole walk was silent but no words could express the joy their hearts felt. When they finally arrived at her house, she faced him and held on to both his hands.

"Eight months and a hell lot of complications in, you're still in love with me? What did I do to deserve you?" She asked.

"You made me yours. You allowed yourself to be loved. You let me love you without your doubts clouding your beautiful mind." He answered willingly.

They rested on each other's forehead. "Eight months in and you are still with me. What did I do to have your love?" It's his time to ask the question.

"You made me love you, my sweet riot. You lost and found yourself by giving your trust to me. You made me live and love myself by letting me choose you as my happiness. I love you, Alan, because you deserve my love and so much more." Her words music to his ears.

Then their eyes were locked with each other as they held their hands tighter. Alan knew exactly what to do. With their mask still intact, he maintained the distance between their bodies except for their faces. His mask kissed her mask. It was a brief moment but they felt their love in that unique kiss.

"I love you so much Megan," His soul was piercing hers and promised what they both wanted for the future. His mind finished his sentence. I love you and we belong to each other. Now, I am certain. My forever is wherever you are. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I hope you say yes.

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