A young girl named Aurora named from the dawn was with her parents and her little baby brother. She is only six years old at the time. They have survived a dreadful shipwreck.

The ship was on fire, the mother, little girl and baby boy were brought to safety on a rowboat while the father was about to lower them down, but the father, was knocked down by something that was part of the ship.

The rowboat landed in the sea and the mother looked around worriedly for her husband. She saw someone in the ocean and he swam to the boat and the mother helped him into the boat.

She then smiled when she saw that her husband made it out alive. She then hugged him and Aurora smiled and said in a whisper, "Oh Daddy." Then they looked at the baby boy who smiled at the father.

Lighting stroke, the three people looked at where the thunder and lighting stroke and they made it to shore while their ship sank into the sea, leaving them stranded. Morning fell and the family walked into the jungle looking for a sign.

Then the baby cooed and Aurora looked at her baby brother and wondered what he is trying to say. Then the parents and little girl looked into where the baby boy was looking at.

They smiled at the tiny baby boy. Then they made a treehouse and it seemed perfect till something terrible happened, a leopard came out of nowhere and killed the parents. Before that though, the mother told Aurora to hide and gave her the necklace that she was supposed to give to her when she is older.

Poor Aurora, she and her baby brother are orphans now. Aurora prayed that some animal who is kind will take care of them and raise them as their own.

She heard her baby brother cry and wondered what will happen to her and her baby brother now. What she didn't know is that there is a certain animal that will take care of her and her baby brother.