This is going to be a series of one shots that come as I think of them. Enjoy!

Catherine Aragon was just peacefully doing paperwork in the back office of the coffee shop that she co-owned when she heard a loud squeal. She burst out of the office and ran to the kitchen as quickly as she could.

"What's going on?!"

Her co-owner and four employees were all huddled around something.

"Catie! What's going on?!"

Her co-owner, Catherine Parr separated herself from the group, tears in her eyes.

"It's just," the girls separated to reveal Anne Boleyn, the youngest of the employees, holding one of their plastic measuring cups, a crack going down the side, "he broke."

Anne was red in the face, it was clear she was the one that squealed.

"Cathy...he can still work right? We...we don't have to replace him!"

Katherine Howard stepped up, putting a hand on Anne's shoulder.

"She's right! Maybe he still works. The crack isn't that big," Kat said. All the girls nodded in agreement.

"Girls, you know we can't keep broken supplies around the shop," Cathy said.

"But," Anna spoke up, "if it still holds liquids, then we can keep it! It technically isn't broken then!"

Cathy sighed.

"Someone rev up the espresso machine."

The way the girls frantically scrambled and rushed to get a single shot of espresso was insane. They were like a herd of elephants running from a mouse or something. Catie made a single shot and all of the girls held their breath as she slowly poured it into the measuring cup. It held. Barely. Cathy could see little drops coming out and she knew the other girls could too.

"Please, Cathy," they all said at once.

"Ugh, fine. I don't understand why though. It's just a measuring cup!"

"You don't understand, Cathy," Anne said, "this little guy has been so reliable! He's like a part of the team!"

"She's right," Catie agreed, "he's been here since we got the place."

"He even has a name," Anna finished.

"Sir Measurington!"

Cathy never realized that the measuring cup was so important. That's what she got for staying in the office.

"You can keep him. But if I find measuring cups on sale, he's getting replaced."

"Guys! The delivery man is here!"

For some reason, Anne always looked forward to getting deliveries. She would always hold the door open for the man or woman carting in boxes of cups, straws, and whatever else they might need. Anne stopped dead when she saw the smallest box on the very top.

"Kat," she said, grabbing the other woman's long pink sleeve. "Hide Sir Measurington!"

Kat caught sight of the box and nodded, whispering to Anna the message.

Anne guided the delivery woman to the spot by the window where all packages were placed. Once the woman was out the door and in her truck, Anne grabbed the top box and began speed walking toward the back trashcan.

"What have you got there, Anne?"

The small black haired girl turned, large puppy eyes pointed at Cathy.

"How could you?! How could you betray Sir Measurington like this?! And Catie?! He trusted you!"

Catie stepped forward slowly, trying to take the box of measuring cups from Anne's hands.

"Measurington is old. He barely holds liquids anymore. It's time to lay the old man to rest."

"He still holds liquids," Kat exclaimed from behind Cathy and Catie. "I used him not even ten minutes ago to make a salted caramel mocha!"

"Look at your hands," Cathy urged. "You have coffee stains on you from the shots that spilled out of the cup!"

It was undeniable. There was coffee on her creamy skin.

"I...I don't believe you," Kat said.

"Let's test him again, see if he holds liquid."

The girls all held their breath as Catie prepared a shot of espresso. Kat, Anne and Anna all held hands, sweat and tears very present on their faces.

Catie poured the shot into the measuring cup spilled everywhere.

"Nooooooooooooooo," Anne cried out!

Kat was the last one to come in to work before opening. All of the girls were wearing black. They all gathered around the trashcan in the kitchen, Sir Measurington pressed into Anne's chest.

"Dearly beloved," Catie began, "we have gathered here this morning to mourn the loss of Sir Measurington the measuring cup. We all have love in our hearts for Measurington but none as much as Anne. His best friend. And now we lay him down to rest in peace among the coffee grounds and cups that he loved so much."

Anne plopped the measuring cup into the trash can and they all went their separate ways to get the shop ready for opening.

Cathy put the new measuring cup on top of the espresso machine.

"So what should we call it," Anna asked.

"How about a girls name," Cathy suggested. "I'm so done with boys."

"Us too," all of the girls said from their spots in the stores.

"How about Measurina," Anna asked.

They all seemed to like that.