Yet another idea! Also, cursing.

"What is this bullshit?!"

All of the girls turned their heads to see Anne storming in, phone in hand. She seemed pretty pissed and she stomped directly to Catherine. Jane and Anna tensed, ready to stop a fight.

Anne shoved her phone directly into Catherine's face.

"What. Is. This?"

Catherine took the phone out of Anne's hand so she could actually looked at it and read for two seconds before putting it back in Anne's outstretched palm.

"No big deal is what it is."

"Who wrote it?" Anne was full on demanding now, stomping her foot like a child about to throw a tantrum.

"What is going on?" Catie had appeared from the office now, followed by Kat. Clearly they had heard the ruckus. Anne huffed and began reading aloud from her phone.

"Was refused seating, will never come again. Store is run by a bunch of stuck up feminist bitches and they refused me seating because I am a man. I wanted tea and because of management, I didn't get any and my kids couldn't sit down after a long day. And that's just the first paragraph!"

"What the hell?!"

"Who wrote that?!"

"We'll show him stuck up! Stuck right up his ass!"

"Girls! Calm down," Catherine suddenly shouted. "Man came in and demanded to be seated so that he and his kids and dad could eat their food from Taco Bell. The man said he wanted to buy a tea only after I told them to leave. You know my policy, our seats are for customers only."

The girls were silent.

"It's no big deal really, he can say whatever he wants. I know the truth and I know our loyal customers will too," Catherine reasoned as she made her way back to the office. Catie looked over Anne's shoulder to read the review, not wanting to just let this slip by. She smirked as she read the bits of the review Anne didn't read.

"He called you old," Catie spoke up.

Catherine stopped dead in her tracks. Every one of them knew that Catherine's age was a sore spot for her. She wasn't the oldest but she looked it after running the store for eight years. Any time she found a gray hair or the beginnings of a wrinkle, she was in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

"He said what," she muttered quietly, not turning around.

"The old lady scared my kids."

The phone was snatched out of Anne's hands in a second, Catherine reading the line and then beginning to furiously type.

She tossed it back to Anne, mumbling angrily as she stalked back to the office. All the girls gathered around to read what she had written.

If your penis is so small that you have to use your children as an excuse to complain about your bitch problems, take it to your cheating wife, not us. - The Owner

"Uh oh."

The shop was bustling, customers were enjoying their drinks and food, chatting among themselves, everyone was having a good time. Anne had just finished the last food order and she went to the back of the kitchen area to talk to Catherine and Kat who were cooking and doing dishes.

"Tips look pretty good," Anne told them. Kat beamed.

"Good, I need a little extra to buy a gorgeous bathing suit for the weekend!"

"What's this weekend?"

"Beach Party! It's Jane's first weekend without her son cause he's going back to school and the weather is perfect for the ocean! We're taking Catie's RV to the beach."

"Oh I totally forgot! It's August already?"

"Hey! I need to speak to the owner!"

The girls all startled, shocked by the loud scream coming from the front of the store. They all poked their heads out to see a man standing at the counter, hunched over like a gorilla ready to storm at someone.


"Who's that?"

"Brian M."

The girls went silent as did the people in the shop. Catherine walked up to the counter, face to face with the seemingly rabid man.

"I'm the owner, how can I help you?"

"I demand to know what this is about!"

He held up his phone and Catherine didn't have to look to know what it is.

"What do you mean? I responded to your review."

"With this crap?!"

"Well sir, your review is crap," Anne and Kat were shocked at the steadiness and seriousness of her voice. She didn't stutter or move an inch besides her mouth. "The only thing that you wrote that was true was the fact that I denied you seating. Everything else was the whine of a sad man who did not get his way. I did not scare your children, you were not here to buy a drink, in fact you demanded seating so you could eat your food from Taco Bell. My policy is that seats are for customers only and why would you be the exception to the rule?"

The man was bright red, clearly embarrassed that he had been called out in front of so many people.

"Now sir, I must ask you to leave."

One person in the dining area let out a loud "woo" and others laughed. The man lunged across the counter and grabbed Catherine by her shirt collar, hoisting her up looking as if he were ready to hit her. The crowd yelled in shock and anger and Kat and Anne moved to do something. No one could do anything before the man was clocked in the side of the face by a new person.

It was Anna coming back from her break. The man turned to look at her but couldn't do anything before Anna grabbed him by the shoulders and kneed him right between the legs. He crouched over in pain.

"Get your fucking hands off my bitch."

"What do you mean your bitch?!"

Anna turned calmly towards Catherine.

"You girls are all my bitches."

"Ugh fine whatever," Catherine groaned, too tired to complain. "Anne call the police, I want this guy out of here."

The man stood up quickly.

"No need, I'll be off," he exclaimed nervously before running out. Whoops and cheers erupted in the little shop as people clapped for the hero of the day, Anna.

As everyone patted her on the shoulder, Catherine caught her attention, pulling her aside to tell her something.

"Just one thing, Anna."


"Never say fuck in front of customers again."