Her brow flinched when a stray sun ray reached her eyes. A small groan managed to escape her lips as she slowly rose up, rubbing her sore eyes before she was greeted by the sight of an unfamiliar ceiling.

It took Lucina no more than a second to recall the memories of the previous day, and the voice of a familiar thief reached her ears.

"Slept well?" Ren asked gently.

The blue-haired princess blinked in confusion before her face flushed red and quickly pushed the mattress up to cover her body. She wasn't naked per say—she was still wearing her under-clothes—but it was still embarrassing nonetheless.

The fact that she spent the night in the same room as a member of the opposite sex was hardly what she would call proper lady behavior. The reminder that this was someone else's room didn't do much to sooth her troubling mind, and seeing the look of amusement decorating the young thief's face did little to make her feel any better either; the man certainly knew how to tease.

"Y-yes, I…" Lucina cleared her throat, pushing her embarrassment aside. "...I did."

To tell the true, this was the first time in years that she was able to rest this soundly without being disturbed. She never realized until now, but it was surprising just how much a proper night of sleep could make her feel so much better.

"You're leaving already?" Lucina asked after seeing Ren already fully dressed.

Almost done putting on his uniform, he arranged the end of his collar before turning to address her. "Gotta go to school," he answered. "But don't worry, Mona will stay here. If anything happens, he'll know what to do."

"Yep, you can count on me," Morgana broke into the conversation as he sat down next to her.

Lucina was still having a hard time accepting the fact that Mona could talk—let alone fight—but she was slowly starting to adjust to the idea. Even so, it was still a little bit concerning to know that only a select few could understand him, and that made her question the state of her own sanity at least twice.

The blue-haired princess glanced at the smaller thief. "I'll be under you care then," she said with a smile before her eyes turned back to Ren. "But wouldn't it cause you any problems if I stay here more than I should? The owner of this place doesn't even know I'm here, does he?"

"I can't say that there won't be any risks for sure, but everything should be fine as long as you don't make too much noise." Ren gestured to a small table where a plate rested. "Also, I woke up earlier and made you a small breakfast. I know it isn't much, but I'm sure you won't get hungry at least until I get back. Hopefully the Boss won't miss a few eggs."

A heavy smell assaulted her nostrils instantly, and Lucina could do nothing to prevent her own stomach from releasing a painful grunt at the mere sight of a decent meal.

A smirk plastered across Ren's face. "Hungry?"

Once again, she found herself at the receiving end of the same teasing smile, though she still went ahead to respond with a short nod. She knew that there was no point in trying to conceal her own embarrassment, but she still tried.

She did remember however—as much as it pains her to admit it—showing a pretty good appetite during last night's meal. That was probably the reason why he decided to go out of his way to prepare her a lighter yet fulfilling morning dish.

After eating last night, letting her stomach rest was probably for the best—a couple of eggs seemed like a good choice and she appreciated it. No matter how one may look at it, despite all the teasing, it was quite a considerate gesture on Ren's part.

"Go ahead then." Ren chuckled as he handed her the plate and a fork. "I'll be back in a few hours, so don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"Of course," she said with a slight frown, though her attention was mostly focused on the plate.

Back home it was rare to have two meals in such a short amount of time. Food was scarce and sometimes she would spend days without eating. Rations were kept to a minimum for soldiers and civilians alike, so it was only fair that she too would follow those same rules just like everyone else did, regardless of her status as royalty.

So, for her to be able to enjoy a meal like this was nothing short of a blessing on its own right. To waste even a single piece of it would be nothing short of insulting to not only the people of Ylisse who died of starvation, but also to the valiant soldiers who fought to keep the Fell Dragon's forces at bay.

At this point, her only regret was that she was the only one who's able to enjoy it.

Memories of her fallen comrades struck her, and her thoughts once again drifted to the reminder of her missing friends. Concern clouded her eyes and a dreadful sense of unease clutched the inside of her chest.

A hand suddenly landed on her shoulder, surprising her as she turned to meet Ren's dark eyes. "You're being too harsh on yourself," he reassured her. "I told you that we're going to help you find them, didn't we?"

Lucina wasn't surprised that Ren was able to figure out what was bothering her—she wasn't exactly being subtle—but seeing the look of concern reflect over his face was still unexpected.

"Yes, I haven't forgotten." Taking a deep breath, Lucina brushed a few loose strands from her forehead. "You're right. Blaming myself for what happened won't help solve anything."

"That's all I wanted to hear." Ren nodded satisfied. "Now eat before it gets cold. I'll be in serious trouble if the Boss comes up here wondering what's taking me so long."

She nodded back while her hands grasped the plate. "Do be safe out there," she told him, though his response came in the form of a teasing smile.

"Are you worried about me?"

Lucina tilted her head to the side. "Is there a reason why I shouldn't be? As far as I'm concerned, we are allies now. It's only natural that I make sure that you aren't getting into any trouble."

"If that's the case, then I have to admit." He paused as he arranged his bag over his shoulder. "I find it comforting that there's a cute girl with a sharp sword watching over my back."

Her cheeks immediately flushed red, though her expression was angry. "You find that comforting?" Lucina asked with an incredulous look. "I'd honestly be more concerned with the way you decided to phrase that. A-and cease with the teasing, I'm not in the mood for such folly."

The fact that he was bold enough to say that with a straight look was unbelievable. Whatever the case, it was already hard enough trying to fight the blush on her face.

Mona of course was well aware of this, and let out a short laugh. "You sure have a way with words. Don't you, Joker?"

The black-haired thief shrugged, though his smirk never left his face.

Chapter 3: Unexpected Turn of Events

Lucina sat cross-legged on the empty bed, cleansing Falchion's blade while making sure that not even a single spot was left unattended. Meanwhile, Mona's tail swayed behind him back-and-forth as he watched Lucina repeat the same process over and over.

"You sure take care of that sword a lot, huh?"

Putting away a piece of cloth that she was using, she rested Falchion in her lap as she looked away from what she was doing. "A sword needs a lot of care," she answered. "The constant use can wear out a weapon, so keeping it clean is a must if you wish to prolong its lifespan."

"Hmm, I never really thought about that." Mona considered before adding, "I guess it's probably because we never carry our stuff around whenever we come out of the Metaverse, so it never crossed my mind."

Lucina nodded and said, "You should definitely give it a try though. I may not know much about how your weapons work, but I'm sure that a proper maintenance should help you increase their efficiency during battle."

The feline thief gave her words some thought. "I must admit, that does sound useful. I should definitely bring that up to Joker once he gets back."

If something as simple as keeping their weapons clean before an infiltration can help them improve their performance as a team, then it was definitely worth the try. Then again, Lucina does give the impression that she has a lot of experience on that field, so she may have some pointers.

"You know, I normally use a scimitar to fight," Mona explained eagerly. "Do you have any advice on how to take better care of it?"

She took a moment to think, holding her chin in thought. "Hmm, perhaps if you apply some oil, it should help you keep it at peak condition." Her gaze drifted to her sword. "I actually could use some about now."

"Ren usually works with his infiltration tools at the workbench over there. He should probably still have some of that stuff left."

She looked around the empty room—which was more of storage to be honest—and looks over at the wooden table Mona was referring to. "Is it alright for me to use it?" Lucina asked. "I do not wish to intrude with his personal belongings."

Mona chuckled. "You're way too kind, but there's nothing to worry. I'm pretty sure that he won't mind."

Lucina responded with a grateful nod before heading for the workbench. She looked over the surface and mumbled, "Now, where can I find that oil?" before she located a small vase with a familiar substance inside—though she wasn't expecting the glass to be so slippery. "Ehh…?!"

Her eyes went wide and a silent gasp escaped her lips the moment the bottle slipped from her grasp. She tried to grab it, but it was for naught as it crashed against the wooden floor loudly, shattering upon contact.

Morgana's ears twitched in alarm at the suddenness of the loud noise. His tail stood straight up almost instantly, looking around in fright before his eyes landed on the now broken bottle. Uh-oh. Morgana thought. Th-this isn't good.

"I'm... I'm terribly sorry. It slipped from my fingers and I…" Lucina tried to explain, but she was quickly interrupted.

"D-don't mind that now!" Morgana nearly choke on his own words. "You have to hide, quickly!"

Take Your Time

"There have been a lot more of those damn accidents popping up lately," Sojiro said with a silent grunt. Turning over to the next page, he looked at today's newspaper as he read with little to no interest.

Having read enough for one day, he put down the newspaper and looked over at the empty seats with a tired expression. Barely a couple of hours have gone by since the boy left for school, and the shop has been as empty as ever. Not like he minds the silence though—on a rainy day like this, it was actually quite relaxing.

The TV was on, but he barely paid any attention to it. From what little he heard, they were talking about a high school detective of some sorts that was becoming quite popular lately, but he didn't really bother to listen to most of it.

"Looks like today is going to be a slow day," he said with a quiet sigh. It wasn't like he didn't enjoyed calm days like this every once in a while, but it won't do his business any good if customers suddenly stopped coming. "Well, not like I can do anything about it."

He was just about to light up a cigar when he heard a loud noise come from upstairs.

"What the…" Sojiro raised a brow at the sound of something banging against the floor above him. For a moment he thought that it was perhaps the cat playing around or something, but quickly brushed that idea off. "Just what the hell is making all that racket over there?"

Heading to the stairs, he climbed all the way up just to see nothing but an empty room.

Scratching the back of his head, he looked around in confusion. "Am I getting senile or something?" Just as he was about to head back, he spotted a strange object lying next to the table.

Curious, he took a closer look and as he suspected, there was definitely something wrong. A small bottle could be seen broken on the floor. Fortunately, the mess wasn't too big, but that still left the question as to what exactly happened.

Looking around, he caught sight of a pair of odd-looking blue boots lying under the bed—they have definitely seen better days. They were all worn out and could use some serious fixing.

Unless this was one of those fashion-related trends that youngsters like nowadays, he couldn't imagine anyone wanting to wear this sort of thing.

As he's inspecting the boots, he caught a glimpse of a large bulge sticking out from under the mattress like a sore thumb. Sojiro frowned in suspicion. "You must be kidding me right now," he grumbled before pulling the cover off.

Much to his own surprise, under the blanket was none other than a girl with long blue hair and odd clothes. Her eyes went wide as she stared back at Sojiro in complete shock—and next to her of course was a certain cat.

Sojiro's brow furrowed as he stood imposingly with crossed arms. "I don't know who you are or what you're doing in here, so you better start explaining before I decide to call the police."

Take Your Time

It was still mid-period and Ren was only half-listening to Kawakami's lecture.

Dazing off during class was hardly the smartest thing to do, but his train of thought was too distant for him to focus on anything but the ongoing situation that he and the rest of the thieves were facing at the moment.

He was still mulling over what the master of the Velvet Room told him during his last visit—he wanted to know more about the meaning behind Igor's words, but the man won't straight-out answer him even if he were to ask him nicely. It was obvious that this was nothing more than a game to him.

Whatever that man was playing at, he wanted no part on it—though he had a feeling that he probably won't have much of a choice either way. It was the same thing with Jose and the anomalies that now started to appear across Mementos.

The mental-image of those horrific creatures was still fresh his mind. He couldn't stop himself from remembering the rotten smell of those decaying walking corpses. Their memory alone was enough to remind him of their howls and dreadful thirst for blood.

There was also the matter regarding Lucina's missing friends. He had every intention of helping her, but he had yet to come up with a solid plan to find possible leads that could help locate them. He had an idea, but he will have to consult with the rest of the team first before making a decision.

He felt sudden vibration coming from his pocket, though it was subtle. Looking down the desk, Ren saw the screen of his cellphone flash a message from Ryuji.

Ryuji: Hey man, how did everythin' go? The Boss didn't suspect anythin,' did he?

Reading the message, he replied not long after.

Me: I don't think so. I made sure he was gone before letting Lucina in, so everything should be fine for now.

Ann: Well, I'm seriously glad to hear that.

Ryuji: Yeah, no joke. I can't imagine what it'll be like to sneak a person inside your own room.

In all honesty, he intended to say more than just that. There were a lot of things that he wanted to talk to them about regarding their next move, but perhaps it was better to discuss those once they were all reunited.

Ann: How is she doing by the way?

Ann: You didn't do anything weird to her, did you Ren?

Ryuji: Hehe, I bet you two probably had a lot of fun last night.

Ann: R-Ryuji!

Ryuji: What? You were probably thinking the same thing as I did.

Ann: Well, yeah. But being that straight forward makes you sound like a perv!

Ren couldn't help but smile at the screen, rolling his eyes yet grateful to see that they were all in high spirits. It was good to know that everyone was taking the events from yesterday much better than what he was hoping for.

Me: Nothing of that sort happened. I left her with Mona, so they should be fine.

Morgana hasn't failed him until now, and he was confident that he could trust the little guy to keep an eye on her. The small cat always boasted about being a master thief, so now was the time for him to put those claims to the test.

Take Your Time

"I told you to be careful when the Chief was around!"

"I... I never intended for this to happen," Lucina said with an embarrassed look.

The blue-haired princess fidgeted as she sat on a stool, her eyes avoiding the elderly man's severe look. Sojiro—as she heard his name was—grumbled under his breath. She couldn't hear the man's words, but it was easy to tell that he wasn't happy.

With a hand over her chest, Lucina took a deep breath. "Please, do not blame Ren, he was only trying to help me. If anyone needs to be punished, then let that be me."

The man furrowed his eyebrows, perhaps contemplating her words before he let out a sigh. His frown did not vanish, but at least it seemed to lessen into something more akin to annoyance rather than anger.

"I swear, I don't know whether I should congratulate the boy, or beat some sense into him." Under his breath, Sojiro preceded to ask, "Was he at least nice to you?"

Lucina didn't know how to respond to that at first, returning the man a puzzled look. It took her a moment to understand the implications of what he was asking before her face flushed red.

"N-no, oh Naga. We didn't do anything if that sort!" Lucina blurted out, trying but failing to maintain her composure. "I mean, Ren has been nothing but a gentleman, I mean…he hasn't done anything indecent! I... I swear by my father's name that he was only letting me spend the night here!"

"Is that so?" Sojiro was skeptical, not sounding fully convinced. "So, you two are just friends?

Lucina straightened upright again, the blush in her cheeks still present as she nodded. "That would be the most appropriate way of putting it, yes."

Sojiro's gaze lingered on her for a couple of seconds before his shoulders suddenly dropped. "I see," she heard him say, his voice turning into a whisper. "Have you eaten anything yet?"

Her eyes blinked in surprise. "I beg your pardon?"

"I'm asking if you already ate," Sojiro repeated with a furrowed brow. "It's almost evening, and I can't have a young girl starve only because that boy decided to hide you this whole time. Don't get me wrong, I'm still not happy with being lied to, but even I can't be that cruel."

Lucina didn't seemed sure on what to do. Her eyes moved back-and-forth from Morgana—who was just as confused as her and merely shrugged—to Sojiro's impassive gaze.

"I appreciate your kind offer," Lucina spoke up, though with slight hesitation. "But I intruded into your property without your permission. I just cannot accept such kindness after I myself committed such a disrespectful display myself. It won't be right to–"

A sudden growl interrupted her words.

Sojiro raised an eyebrow at this, while Lucina froze in place in complete shock. Her face gaining a healthy tone of red as she looked down at her own stomach. "I… I didn't…."

"It's alright," Sojiro said with a knowing smile. "I can see that you're well educated, but there's no need to act so polite. Just give me a few minutes, I'll feed you."

Not knowing what else to do, Lucina did as she was told. She watched silently as Sojiro got to work, skillfully moving behind the bar as he prepared a large pot and got to work.

It was just a few minutes later that he presented a dish to which the likes Lucina has never seen before. She eyed the plate with a look akin to wonder while Sojiro remained silent as he chose to merely observe.

"Well, go on," he said with an expectant look. "Give it a shot."

Lucina hesitated at first. Picking up her fork, she took a moment to appreciate the delicious smell that came out of it. It was strangely fulfilling, yet it opened her appetite in an instant.

Without wasting any time, she dug in. The taste was even more flavorful than what she was expecting. It was all kinds of sweet, savory, and spicy, but it all synchronized perfectly with each other without overwhelming one or the other.

Her eyes snapped open in delight. "Th-this… This is really good."

Sojiro smiled proudly at the compliment. "Well, I sure am glad to hear that. Not everyone can appreciate good curry nowadays." He didn't say anything else, opting to instead to let her enjoy the plate in silence.

As she ate, a thought that she previously had crossed her mind. "If you don't mind me asking, there's something I wish to know." There was slight hesitation in her voice before she continued, "I know it isn't my place to ask, but ever since yesterday I couldn't help but wonder about Ren's current living conditions, and I… I just have to know." Taking another deep breath, she turned back to Sojiro. "Ren doesn't really live here, does he?"

"What gave you that impression?" Sojiro asked. "Was it the attic? Or perhaps the fact that he lives inside a coffee shop?"

"I thought those were odd at first, yes," Lucina replied with a nod. "But it was last night when he said that this place was the closest thing to a home, I could tell that he didn't actually mean it. I… I could see that in his eyes. I didn't ask him about it because I didn't want to intrude on his personal life, but now I feel like I should at least know what's bothering him."

Sojiro gave her a hard look and sighed, "I guess there's no point in lying, so let me be straight here and say 'yes,' the boy isn't really from around here. He has actually only been living here for little more than a month."

His response got Lucina curious. "Why is that?"

He rubbed the back of his head, clearly debating whether it was alright to answer. "Look, it really isn't my place say it, but the kid stuck his nose in some nasty business that he shouldn't have gotten himself into and a lot of things happened. After that, well, let's just say that he won't be going back to his old hometown any time soon."

"And what about his family?" Lucina couldn't stop herself from asking. "What did they say about it?"

Sojiro raised an eyebrow. "His parents? What else could they do but get rid of him after he became a nuisance. They threw a bunch of cash my way just so I could take care of him, and that's about it. There really isn't much else worth mentioning about them."

Lucina's face adopted a look of disbelief. "Get rid of him? Didn't they try to help him with whatever problem he was dealing with?"

At this point Sojiro had to suppress an exasperated sigh. "Look, I do not have the full details. If you're really that interested to know more about what happened, then you're going to have better luck by asking him yourself once he gets back."

The petite princess nodded in understanding, though she could still not believe what she just heard and struggled to accept it. Whatever problem Ren may had, did his family really turned their backs on him? The idea that one's own flesh-and-blood would dare going as far as to consider doing such a despicable act was inconceivable.

The very thought of that even happening brought a new-found sense of utter disgust that she couldn't even come close to describe.

They were nothing like her father—the man who once stood as the very example of honor and loyalty to not only his subjects, but to his own family. And her mother—the most loving and caring person that she has ever known, a woman who would go to any lengths to help those in need.

The little she could remember about her parents was nothing but bits and pieces of vague memories, but there was no doubt in her heart that they would have stopped at nothing to help her, no matter the circumstances.

Lucina couldn't help but clench her fist, nearly breaking the fork she was holding. Morgana quickly caught on to this and tried to calm her down. "H-hey, c'mon. No need to get all worked up. I'm sure Ren will explain everything once you ask him."

Lucina knew that Mona was right, though that did little to make her feel any better.

Her thoughts drifted away when a cup of coffee landed in front of her. "Here," Sojiro said. "This should probably help you out."

Lucina blinked in surprise. She was too agitated that she didn't registered Sojiro preparing the coffee in the first place. The hot drink's enticing scent could be seen flying away in an cloud of vapor above the cup.

Hesitant at first, Lucina released a heavy sigh before thanking Sojiro. She took hold of the small cup and brought it close to her soft lips.

A blissful look overtook her features as the taste of the drink took her by surprise. The flavor was familiar yet different—no, perhaps it was even better than the last one she had.

Her reaction must have been pretty obvious, as Sojiro smirked. "I take it that you liked it?"

"Y-yes. Yes, I do," Lucina responded with a sweet smile. "It reminds me a lot to the one Ren made, yet the taste feels so different." The thief's words from last night then came to mind. "You're the one who taught him, aren't you?"

The shop owner nodded with what resembled a proud smile. "Yeah, I've been teaching him some of the stuff I know," he admitted. "He may still have much to learn, but I gotta say, he sure has a lot of potential."

"I see." Lucina took another sip out of her drink. "But in all honestly, I'm baffled by how heavenly the taste is. I can say without a doubt that this is probably the best coffee I ever had."

"Hey, come now." Sojiro rubbed his head sheepishly. "You're just trying to make me blush."

The petite princess shook her head. "Not at all. I assure you that I speak nothing but the true."

"Well, I'm flattered to hear that. It's always nice to have my work be praised and all but… Sorry, I don't think I ever got your name."

She smiled gently and answered, "Lucina. My name is Lucina."

"Hmm, I can't say that I've heard a name like that before," Sojiro mumbled. "And you certainly don't look like you're from around here either. Are you a foreigner or something?"

She briefly hesitated, but was quick to reply, "I-I guess you could say that, yes."

Take Your Time

"I should probably start exercising a little bit more," Ren mumbled while rubbing the back of his neck.

After spending the last couple of hours running laps with Ryuji, he could feel the soreness of his muscles starting to take effect. He tried to shake off the feeling, but he only managed to lessen the numbness.

He initially intended to go to Leblanc once school was over and see how Lucina and Mona were doing, but the blond wanted to hang out shortly after the last class was done. He saw no reason to decline, so he put on his PE uniform and the two went along together to do a few laps around the school.

Running around a Palace sure feels a lot different to doing it in the real world, doesn't it? Ren thought with slight humor.

It was still hard to believe just how much their physical prowess seems to improve whenever they went into the Metaverse. It may have something to do with their ability to use a Persona, but honestly it was hard to tell if that was really the case, or perhaps it was something else.

He was almost at the shop, so perhaps he should ask Morgana about it—the smaller thief has been able to use a Persona for far longer than the rest of them, so he might know something.

Entertaining the thought, he went inside Leblanc only to freeze in place went he saw Sojiro seating on one of the stool with a frown across his face. It didn't take a genius to see that the man has been waiting for him.

It wasn't that rare of a sight. However, what shocked him the most wasn't Sojiro nor his glare, but the sight of Lucina of all people sitting at one of the tables as if nothing was wrong. She was drinking a cup of coffee with an air of finesse and elegance.

Had it not been for the fact that Sojiro was there, he would have thought she looked like royalty.

Her eyes brightened the moment she saw him enter the shop. "Welcome back, Ren," Lucina greeted with such normality that it stunt him. "How does your day find you?"

Just what the hell happened while I was gone?

Morgana stood next to Lucina with an apologetic look. He had a lot of questions, but at the moment only one thing mattered; whatever happened here, they have been found.

Turning to face Sojiro, he spoke up, "I can explain…"

"Save it. I don't want to hear it," Sojiro interrupted. He was clearly not in the mood for any arguing. "I can't believe you actually went through with this and thought that you could get away with it. Hell, I should probably kick you out for trying to pull a stunt like that."

He was able to keep his facial expression as passive as possible, but not too much so he wouldn't look disrespectful. However, even with that level of control, he still couldn't help but flinch under Sojiro's harsh tone. He even caught a glimpse of Lucina sending him a concerned look.

Sojiro massaged his temple. "Seriously, what in the world possessed you to even consider doing such a reckless thing?" He asked. "What part of don't get in any trouble didn't you understand?"

"I understand that it was irresponsible on my part, but she had nowhere else to go," he explained. "I couldn't simply just leave her to fend for herself."

Sojiro crossed his arms. "Yeah, she already explained that to me. Look kid, I understand that you were just trying to help out a friend, but doing this sort of stuff behind my back isn't going to cut it. You got that? You could have just asked me, you know?"

Ren was surprised to hear that, and from the corner of his eye he could see Lucina smiling.

"Anyway, she told me about her situation and well…" There was a slight pause before he continued. "...I'll let her stay at my place for the time being. I have a spare room that she can take, so it shouldn't be much trouble. It won't be for free of course. She will be helping around the shop, so you better lend her a hand whenever she needs it, you got that?"

At this point, he could do nothing but unconsciously nod, still not sure what to make of what he just heard. "I guess that solves one problem," he murmured to himself.

Take Your Time

"Be sure to remove your boots before you come in," Sojiro told her as he headed up the stairs. "Follow me this way. I'll show you where you'll be staying at."

Lucina nodded and did as she was instructed. "Of course. Do lead the way."

Walking behind Sojiro, she climbed the stairs while careful not to trip. The place was quite small, yet comfortable in a sense. It was surprising to know that it wasn't that far away from the shop either.

"Again, I must express my gratitude for letting me stay here."

Sojiro waved his hand dismissively. "Don't mention it. Just be sure to give me a heads-up if the kid ever tries to do anything like that again."

"If I may ask, why didn't you allowed Ren stay here before?"

He regarded her with an annoyed look. "It's a totally different thing to have a young girl with no home compared to a delinquent in probation. That considered, I didn't know what type of person he was back then, so I was keeping my distance in case he was a no-good brat."

Lucina tilted her head. "Probation?"

"I'll explain the details later. Right now it's already late, so you should go get some rest."

As she followed Sojiro to the next floor, her question did reminded her that she has yet to ask Ren about his circumstances. She wanted to ask him when they were at the coffee shop, but seeing how agitated he was, she opted to wait until tomorrow.

While her mind was preoccupied with those concerns, her thoughts came to an abrupt halt when her gaze landed on a curious-looking door. It had a strange pattern of yellow lines with words that she couldn't read. While she didn't know what it said, it was painfully clear that they were meant to keep people away.

"What is this room for?" Lucina asked out loud without even realizing.

Sojiro's eyes widened when he saw what she was referring to. "That's my daughter's room. It would be best that you leave her alone, so try not to bother her."

Her eyes lingered on the doorframe for a moment longer before following after Sojiro.

Chapter End

Confidant: Lucina

Arcana: Aeon

Rank 2

A time-traveler from a far land seeking to change the future. She and her companions traveled through time by unknown means and got separated.

A warrior from another time. You're currently helping her search for her missing allies. She is aware of your identity as a Phantom Thief and seems to trust you. She's staying at the Sakura residence.

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