'Being a Titan is not easy, and only we titans can tell how and why?'

The sun have risen up and like usual, every titan is going through their daily mourning routine. But today is something different gonna happen and only Kori (Starfire) Dick (Nightwing) knows why.

Garfield (Beast boy) and Jaime (Blue Beetle) are competing each other in a video games in the living room after having their breakfast. Raven is meditating on the rooftop, Damian (Robin) is practicing in the training room, Donna (Wonder girl) and Conner (Superboy) are playing jenga, and Kai is on rooftop enjoying the morning breeze. While enjoying the breeze she started to think about her life and 'Ben'. She don't know why she is thinking about him, it is not like she ever developed some sort of feelings for him. 'I wonder what will happen if others know about me being a titan and that also from very young age. It's not like being a Titan is a bad thing but still what will be their reactions. Only my Grandpa Wes know about this and I don't know but I feel like he may have told about this to Ben's grandpa as they both are very close. Plus my past…'She thought to herself and then sighed. She was about to call her Grandpa for asking this but then she saw a Limo entering the gates of Titan's Tower. Before she could think about anything Kori told everyone to arrive downstairs quickly. Kai immediately went downstairs but when she was going downstairs she was getting a very Intense feeling about all this.

When everyone reached down Kori announced, "Titans we are getting a special visit from some important people and these people are gonna stay with us for a while. They are like us only, they also save the world so I think its good opportunity for us and also for them as we can learn something new from each other." She smiled after saying this and looked at dick.

"Well this visit will be more exciting if they are gonna have some amazing powers… I mean something cool." Garfield said in his exciting tone.

"Something cool? Listen dude you turn into animals and like you always say you are the whole animal kingdom or whatever." Jaime answered.

"Well its Garfield what will you expect." Donna mentioned with a smirk.

"Oh common I'm the entire animal kingdom, crammed into a single magnificent specimen!" Garfield answered in his playful tone.

"You are something crammed into something" said Raven.

"Well it's a good opportunity for us to get more familiar with each other especially with the new members and also Kai because she rarely join us but now she is gonna stay with us only." Kori said while smiling.

"How much more familiar we can get with each other we have already seen Garfield like himself." Superboy said playfully.

"As a dog?" asked Damian

"I wish" Kai replied

"Woah! Kai you can speak?" Garfield replied while pretending to be shocked

"Unfortunately… yes" answered Kai with a laugh.

When all titans were busy in teasing each other, they didn't noticed that all of the guests were out of the limo and watching them silently until one of them said, "Don't worry we have cool powers"

'That voice…' it struck to Kai.