Chapter 5:

*Kai's POV*

We all sat down on different couches as commanded by Kori and she started her presentation.

"We went to our previous datas and there is no record about those two new enemies. So Dick hacked H.I.V.E's computer to get information about them but surprisingly they also don't have much information. I'm shocked that there is no data or information about them." Kori said seriously.

"But we found out that these two new enemies were commanded by Sports master to join H.I.V.E and destroy us. They are getting well paid too for this. The girl with bunny mask is new and there is not much information given about her to H.I. , but her name is Rosalin" Dick continued.

Rosalin... But wait they didn't said her surname and there are many people having that name so it really cannot be her.

"We didn't find any information about that man. His information is fully secured and it's difficult but we are still trying to get his information. Now you all may go and rest." Kori said.

I got up and went towards the direction of my room. I saw Ben and thought to thank him. I ran towards him and stopped him.

"Kai... Is something wrong or do you want to say anything?" Ben asked, concerned a little bit.

"No I just... uhm you know... I just wanted to thank you for today. If it weren't for you I would have already been dead maybe, I guess." I said awkwardly.

"Oh that, it's alright I'll always protect you... Sorry I didn't mean like that it's just-" "I understood" I said to stop his embarassment. He was still scratching his neck with a little bit pink tint on his cheeks. Pfft, he's cute. Wait what I'm thinking, No Kai stop thinking such things you have bigger problems than all this.

"I'll be taking my leave" I said coldly and left him. I reached my room and lied down on my fluffy bed and slowly I fell asleep.

"Kai... R-Run"

"Stay strong my Kai"

"Nooo... Leave her alone"

I woke up by someone shaking me continuously. I opened my eyes and saw Kori.

"Kai are you alright? Garfield came running to me and said that he heard you groaning and screaming in your room." Kori asked worriedly.

I looked around and saw everyone was there standing and looking at me with concern. I pushed her hand away and sat up on my bed.

"I'm alright. Just another nightmare, you all can go." I said. I was sweating a lot at my forehead and didn't observed that my wound have opened up until Jaime mentioned it and approached me.

"Kai... Your wound." Jaime said. "Donna bring the first aid kit. Garfield bring a wet towel." Kori ordered others and both of them left quickly. "I can treat myself, you don't need to worry-" Kori putted her finger over my lips and stopped me from saying anything. "Your wound is a little deep so it'll be good if I treat it." Kori said and then Garfield and Donna, both came back with first aid kit and wet towel. Kori quickly took it and said, "Everyone give her some space, you all can go I'll stay and treat her wound." Most of them left because they know there is no time for argument and understood Kai's situation but some were still there.

"I said leave" Kori said in a stern voice. Others also left and now me and Kori are alone. She was treating my wound carefully and when I look at her she reminds me of my mom. The way she is treating my wound, my mom used to do the same way with same expression... Expression on concern and worry. I teared up a little bit by the sight and turned away closing my eyes.

"Are you okay now?" Kori asked me.

"Y-yeah" I stuttered, tears still in my eyes because of the memories that keep coming back. "Kai your nightmares are getting worse. And same nightmares everytime, is everything really okay? You can tell me." She said looking into my eyes.

"I-It's okay I can handle them, they are just some mere dreams. No need to be w-worried." I said not looking into her eyes.

She looked at me for a minute before saying, "I get it if you don't wanna talk about it, everyone here hesitated at first to reveal about their past." Kori said comforting me. If she stayed here one more minute and continued behaving like this, I may break down.

"It's really nothing. I need some time alone" I said and Kori nodded. She exited my room. I stood up because there is no way I'm gonna sleep again because those memories will come back again so I will just read some random books.

*End of Kai's POV*

"I'm worried about her. Something is really bothering her." Kori said looking towards Dick. "Don't worry babe, she will open up herself when she feels like. You know it's hard to tell such things and also she used to rarely join our team previously and now she is staying here so when she feel comfortable, she will tell everything." Dick comforted her. "You're right, let her take some time. From the time she started to stay here permanently, she really warmed up a lot and took us as her own family. Past is not something you can say casually." Kori said with a bitter smile.

*Ester's POV*

Is Kai really alright? She looked very sad when we woke her up from her nightmare. After today's incident she looked worried about something, I was observing her. Maybe I should start talking with her and for Ben I understood if he wouldn't have went on time and saved her then that man would have killed her so I stayed silent for most of the time today.

But that girl Rosalin, something about her is not right. When I was fighting with her today, most of the time she was looking at Kai. Weird.

It's already night time and I cannot sleep so I guess I'll just take a walk in the garden.

*End of Ester's POV*

"They were still not able to collect much information about you two and they'll never be able too so don't worry." A man said over his bluetooth.

"For now they weren't able to collect much information but I guess they'll be able to collect it in future. And I know how, better keep an eye on them." The person from other side hung up after saying that.

"What did he mean by saying that? He is really weird. Whatever I'll continue my job." The man said and continued keeping an eye on them.

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